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Cobra Kai is a comedy-drama web series acting as a sequel to The Karate Kid trilogy, revolving around former rival to Daniel LaRusso, Johnny Lawrence, as his reopening of the eponymous karate dojo reignites the rivalry (and the issues) that started the franchise. The show ran on YouTube Premium from 2018 to 2019, and is currently being released on Netflix from 2021 onwards.

Unmarked spoilers are present throughout the subpages as well as some of the synopses below. Read at your own risk.


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    Season 1
"I'm not just gonna teach you how to conquer your fears. I'm gonna teach you how to awaken the snake within you. And once you do that, you'll be the one who's feared. You'll build strength. You'll learn discipline. And when the time is right, you'll strike back."
Johnny Lawrence

Johnny Lawrence, a down-on-his-luck man in his 50s and former star of the Cobra Kai dojo, is struggling to make ends meet as a handyman down in Reseda, Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Daniel LaRusso, former disciple of the late Nariyoshi Miyagi and Johnny's ex-rival, is enjoying his success as a car dealership owner, but is struggling to maintain balance in his life without his mentor to guide him personally.

After saving his neighbor, Miguel Diaz, from a group of bullies, Johnny rediscovers his talent for karate, and decides to reopen the Cobra Kai dojo in a quest for redemption, taking up Miguel as his first student. Cobra Kai's revival quickly attracts Daniel's attention, pitting the two dojos' former stars against each other once more.

  1. "Ace Degenerate"
  2. "Strike First"
  3. "Esqueleto"
  4. "Cobra Kai Never Dies"
  5. "Counterbalance"
  6. "Quiver"
  7. "All Valley"
  8. "Molting"
  9. "Different but Same"
  10. "Mercy"

    Season 2
"Did you really think you can attack Cobra Kai and there wouldn't be any consequences? You better hope that your students are ready. Because I promise you, ours will be."
John Kreese

Cobra Kai's recent victory in the 2018 All-Valley Tournament attracts the attention of Vietnam veteran and Cobra Kai's former sensei John Kreese, who visits Johnny personally to congratulate him on said victory and restoring Cobra Kai to its former '80s glory. Though initially distrustful of Kreese, Johnny eventually allows his former sensei back into Cobra Kai, unaware that Kreese has ulterior motives of his own concerning the dojo.

Meanwhile, Daniel opens the Miyagi-Do dojo, keeping Robby Keene, Johnny's estranged son, under his wing. Daniel's daughter, Samantha LaRusso, also decides to join, since her spark for karate has reignited after the previous All Valley Karate Tournament. The intention for Miyagi-Do karate is to combat Cobra Kai's influence over the Valley, but without Miyagi to guide Daniel, is he really a match for Kreese?

  1. "Mercy Part II"
  2. "Back in Black"
  3. "Fire and Ice"
  4. "The Moment of Truth"
  5. "All In"
  6. "Take a Right"
  7. "Lull"
  8. "Glory of Love"
  9. "Pulpo"
  10. "No Mercy"

    Season 3
"The whole reason these kids got into trouble is because of us. We can’t let them suffer because of our issues. The only way to end this is by working together. So... what do you say?"
Daniel LaRusso

Things have changed in the wake of the catastrophic brawl at West Valley High — and most certainly not for the better. Miguel’s in a coma and possibly won’t walk again. Samantha is reeling from the consequences and her personal beat-down. Robby is on the run. However, nobody has suffered the brunt of it more than Johnny and Daniel. The former has become a broken man after losing his students and dojo to Kreese, and the fight tarnished the latter’s car dealership, along with Miyagi-Do from its closure.

Their futures having never been grimmer, Johnny and Daniel discover that they have no choice but to work as allies. But between their grudge towards each other remaining, old friends and enemies coming to the fray, and the rivalry between the Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do students reigniting, setting things right will be easier said than done.

  1. "Aftermath"
  2. "Nature Vs. Nurture"
  3. "Now You're Gonna Pay"
  4. "The Right Path"
  5. "Miyagi-Do"
  6. "King Cobra"
  7. "Obstáculos"
  8. "The Good, The Bad, and the Badass"
  9. "Feel the Night"
  10. "December 19"

    Season 4 


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