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"You wanna finish this?" "Bring it on."
"We do whatever it takes to keep our heads above water. We do whatever it takes to keep moving forward! We do whatever it takes to win! Remember who you are: You're badass! You don't give a shit! Kick ass! You're Cobra Kai!"
Johnny Lawrence

Like The Karate Kid brand overall, Cobra Kai is never without its ups and downs. They'll get knocked down, but they'll get up again. When they do, watch out!

All spoilers on this page are left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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    Season 1 
"Ace Degenerate" (1x01)"Cobra Kai Never Dies" (1x04)
  • Daniel finally having enough of Tom Cole's bullshit and spin-kicking his boba tea right out of his hand. It's an extremely potent display of precise, controlled force. Cole is left unscathed, but Daniel makes the point that his "karate thing" is more than just bragging rights, and if he wanted to, he could have really put the hurt on Cole. An excellent display of physical and emotional discipline, kicking the drink and only the drink, and not getting so pissed off he went off and really assaulted essentially a defenseless middle-aged man. It also serves as a Call-Back when Mr. Miyagi chopped through beer bottles in the first film.
  • Sam fighting off Kyler in a Call-Back to Ali's punching Johnny in the first film. She's not been practicing karate for a while, but she still remembers the moves on instinct.
"Counterbalance" (1x05)
  • The lunchroom fight. Not only does Miguel open with a Pre Ass Kicking One Liner ("It's not lame ass karate. It's Cobra Kai!"), demolish the bullies so thoroughly that Kyler flees at the sight of Miguel ever after, earned him Johnny's old gi, and win Sam's admiration, but the fight also goes viral on social media, causing droves of Miguel's classmates to sign up for Cobra Kai lessons and ending his sensei's financial problems. In a single scene, Cobra Kai was truly reborn.
    • Although it crosses over into Tear Jerker and Nightmare Fuel territory, Miguel's overall transformation from a bullied and sickly high school kid into a formidable practitioner of Cobra Kai Karate is awesome to see.
  • After Daniel visits Mr. Miyagi's grave in search of balance, he comes home and clears out his old training room. The simple imagery of him donning the gi and headband once more while performing Miyagi's kata is enough to give any fan goosebumps.
"Quiver" (1x06)
  • Eli's transformation into Hawk. At first, Eli walks out after Johnny makes fun of his appearance one time too many, and you would be forgiven for thinking — as with all the other walkouts — that's the last you'll see of him. But in the next class, Eli walks back in, barely recognizable with a mohawk and a punk outfit, and tells everyone he decided to "flip the script". Even Johnny is impressed and instantly gives him his new nickname.
    • His transformation being the real deal is pretty awesome. A lot of modern programs would have had a comedic pratfall to show that Eli is still the lovable, pathetic loser we knew before but Hawk quickly proves to be a savage fighting machine inside and out. His combination of brutality and skill bring him all the way to the semi finals and his fight with Robby is even enough that he might have been able to win legitimately if his temper hadn't gotten the better of him.
"All Valley" (1x07)
  • Remember the Wax On, Wax Off approach Miyagi used on Daniel? Daniel takes the exact same approach with Robby at his dealership. It's clear Daniel is loving being on the other side of the Trickster Mentor dynamic, and Robby is just as awestruck when he realizes what he's been learning all along as Daniel was at his age.
    Daniel: God, I love this part!
"Molting" (1x08)
  • Johnny tying up loose ends with Sid by giving him back all the money he ever lent him, and then cutting him off for good. The only evidence of Johnny's improved financial status has been a new flatscreen TV we see later in his apartment, meaning that dealing with Sid was clearly a priority of his for a long time.
    "I never needed your money; it was just the only thing you had to give. Goodbye, Sid."
"Different But Same" (1x09)
  • Johnny and Daniel in the latter's backyard, both totally pissed off and ready to kill each other... until Amanda intervenes with some epic Deadpan Snarkery:
    Amanda LaRusso: Yeah, you two seem to have this pretty well in hand. Just a normal Saturday afternoon and a couple of grown men about to kick each other into a pool. You know, as much as I would love to watch you and your childhood karate rival duke it out, I kinda don't want to get any blood on the patio. So what do you say we try to resolve this over some breakfast instead?
    Daniel LaRusso: (To Johnny) Wanna go inside?
    Johnny Lawrence: I could eat.
  • The canyon party has its fair share:
    • The party itself is one for Aisha, as her reinterpretation of "Strike First". She ruins Yasmine's birthday plans by throwing an awesome party that does wonders for Cobra Kai's popularity and makes Yasmine look like an idiot in the process.
    • An interesting one for Kyler; he spots Miguel and immediately decides to leave. He may be an asshole, but at least he's not a stupid one:
      Yasmine: Kyler, go tell these losers to get out of here.
      Kyler (spotting Miguel in the crowd): You know what? Let’s just find another spot or go home or whatever, you know?
    • Everyone but Moon promptly deserting Yasmine, suggesting that even after Kyler got curb-stomped by Miguel in front of everyone (including their own posse), their group still likes/respects Kyler more than they do Yasmine.
    • Proving that his transformation is more than skin-deep, Hawk catches the eye of Moon, one of the most popular girls in school, and the two are kissing by the end of the party. He's a far cry from the Shrinking Violet who was too scared to ask a girl to dance at the Halloween Dance.
    • Aisha's introduction of Yasmine to the Melvin is a pretty epic Shut Up, Hannibal! moment after Yasmine continues to insult Aisha to her face: "NO MERCY, BITCH!" That Yasmine's humiliation went viral on social media and later gave Sam an opening to reconcile with Aisha is just icing on the cake. It gets even better when Season 3 reveals that this moment actually gave Yasmine a Heel Realization as she finally understood what it felt like to be on the receiving end of the sort of humiliation she used to dole out to other kids.
    • Moon having the humility to apologize to Aisha for bullying her and try to convince Yasmine to do the same.
  • Johnny actually getting Daniel to agree to a "friendly" rematch a la Apollo and Rocky. It doesn't matter that Robby ruined the moment almost immediately afterwards — given the history between these two, the notion is still about the most bromantic thing ever.
"Mercy" (1x10)
  • The tournament featured its own string of Crowning Moments:
    • At the start, the different karate dojos file onto the mat with some applause from their respective fans, but the Cobra Kai? They come in chanting their own name, wearing the iconic black sleeveless gi for the first time, and looking ready to just slaughter everyone. Even the tournament announcer openly gushes over it: "Now that's what I call an entrance! And a badass name for a dojo!"
    • Miguel's overall Simple, yet Awesome approach. He fights exceptionally well throughout the tournament itself, fighting with well applied movesets combined with brutal ferocity. He strikes first, strikes hard, and fights without mercy. In this tournament, he is Cobra Kai incarnate.
    • Similarly, Robby epitomizes the calm, balanced style of Miyagi-Do. He fights so impressively that Daniel, who's still angry at him for lying about his relationship with Johnny, can't help but jump out of his seat to cheer for him.
    • Hawk takes down one of his early opponents with a leaping punch to the face. It looks Awesome, but Impractical, but he manages to make it work and get the win.
    • Aisha makes it to the quarterfinals and takes the reigning champion, Xander Stone, to the deciding point.
    • Even Bert, the smallest Cobra Kai member, gets his own awesome moment. Despite being completely outclassed by an opponent who can do flips over his head, he unflinchingly faces him head on and stands his ground. He never stood a chance of winning but his bravery is very admirable.
    • Johnny having Miguel open his first match with the famous Crane Kick as a Take That! to Daniel — and Daniel is visibly piqued by it.
    • Xander has a pretty impressive flying flip as he's introduced.
    • After Xander tries everyone's patience with a touchy-feely speech and a slacktivist moment of silence, Johnny — ever the Politically Incorrect Hero — gives Miguel exactly the right orders: "Kick that pansy bitch in the face." And Miguel does.
    • It would have been incredibly easy for Xander to get all pissy about the kick. Instead, he simply takes it in stride and is nothing less than completely cordial throughout. Which is in sharp contrast to his mother the Karate Mom (Amanda's description).
    • Hawk tries intimidating Robby with a Badass Boast. Instead, Robby just points out the ridiculousness of Hawk's entire Testosterone Poisoning act.
      Hawk: That was a lucky point. It's gonna be your last.
      Robby: Why? Leaving early to fix that stupid haircut?
      • Credit to Hawk, his response may have been petty but the damage it did proved that he could back up his talk.
    • The final showdown between Miguel and Robby has many:
      • It starts with the announcement that Robby will no longer be fighting unaffiliated — he's representing Miyagi-Do Karate, with Daniel as his sensei! Daniel and Johnny get in a quick staredown as they renew their rivalry through their students.
        Johnny: You're gonna regret this when it's over.
        Daniel: Yeah, right. Like this'll ever be over.
      • Miguel starts the fight unbalanced due to his anger at his breakup with Sam, and loses the opening point. However, he rallies and wins the next two using the same combination of Simple, yet Awesome strikes and ruthless Combat Pragmatism that took him to the final.
      • The new Miyagi-Do signature move — the one-handed handstand double-leg kick. Daniel spent his entire life trying to do it and not getting there, but Robby? The boy nails the Cobra Kai's prize student with it despite a handicap. Of course, there was the fact that doing a one-handed handstand is something that skaters tend to know already.
      • The small moment of sportmanship when Robby offers a hand to help Miguel up. Despite all the reasons he has in that moment to despise Miguel and the Cobra Kai — Miguel being his romantic rival for Sam, Miguel's teammate gimping him and putting him in immense pain with an illegal attack, and the sensei of Team Cobra Kai being his own hated father — Robby still found the heart to make that gesture. Too bad Miguel seizes the opportunity to further injure Robby's shoulder.
      • Robby, his left shoulder dislocated and useless, centers himself using Miyagi-Do technique and for a few glorious seconds fends off Miguel's barrage of punches and kicks with one arm. Unfortunately, it's not enough as Reality Ensues and Miguel takes the win.
  • Daniel decides to open his own dojo to rival Cobra Kai and bases it out of Mr. Miyagi's old house.
  • Sam gets her own She's Back moment when she steps into the LaRusso's home dojo and starts her kata.
  • The return of John Kreese, cutting a very sinister figure as he steps out of the shadows and declares "the real story's only just begun."

    Season 2 
"Mercy, Part II" (2x01)
  • Johnny and Kreese, picking up where Season 1 left off, duke it out. It is brutal and painful, with neither going easy on the other. Both men manage to "go the distance", as the fight ends with the two of them exhausted on the floor.
    • Johnny actually holds his own to the point where he has Kreese in a choke-hold. And did we mention that he was also drunk?
  • In the first class after the tournament, Johnny gives Miguel and Hawk a severe dressing down for what they did to Robby in the tournament, making it clear that cheating will not be tolerated from this point on, and demotes everyone to white belts so they can start over and learn the right way to fight.
    • It's also slick how Johnny's analogy explains how their reprehensible actions were actually in violation of Cobra Kai's mindset:
      Johnny: Miss Robinson?
      Aisha: Yes, sensei?
      Johnny: Two cobras in the jungle. One kills the strongest lion, the other kills a crippled monkey. Which Cobra do you want to be?
      Aisha: The one that kills the lion, sensei.
      Johnny: And why is that?
      Aisha: Because it killed a stronger animal.
      Johnny: Correct! Cobra Kai is about being badass. And the baddest badass is the one that beats his opponent when he's at his strongest. (To Hawk) Not when his back is turned! (To Miguel) Not when he's injured!
    • Miguel and Hawk themselves immediately comply with the punishment Johnny hands down. Even after their Start of Darkness, they do not want to be on the bad side of their sensei.
"Back in Black" (2x02)
  • Johnny's cement test succeeds without any hassles, because Miguel and his friends actually crawl inside a cement truck, and use their bare hands and feet to get it spinning! It would take a lot of body strength to accomplish this.
  • When Daniel comes across Kreese and Johnny, Kreese quips that the original gang is back, except for Mr. Miyagi, mockingly offering his condolences. Daniel momentarily shuts down Kreese with two lines.
"Fire and Ice" (2x03)
  • Cobra Kai's demonstration at Valley Fest, with Aisha and Hawk breaking wooden boards with punches and kicks, topped off with Johnny punching through four bricks while they're on fire, all to the tune of Airbourne's "Back in the Game". No wonder they wound up overshadowing Miyagi-Do. As the next episode demonstrates, they succeeded in earning a ton of new business for the dojo.
"The Moment of Truth" (2x04)
  • Faced with a crop of new students after Cobra Kai's demonstration at the Valley Fest, Johnny decides to test them by asking if any of them have the balls to go up against Miguel. Tory reveals herself, accepting the challenge in a very cocky manner — and does well enough against Miguel to impress both Johnny and Kreese.
  • After only a few hints of Daniel's badassery in season 1, we finally get to see him jump into action and unleash his inner Miyagi when Trey and Cruz return to settle the score with Robby. The two thugs and their bigger, stronger buddy (who ambushed Robby with an oar) are all laid out in less than a minute.
"All In" (2x05)
  • Sam and Robby defending Demetri by executing the wheel technique against Eli and the other Cobras, in a 5 vs "2 and a half" match. Not only do Robby and Sam triumph decisively over Hawk's gang, but they upheld Demetri's request to watch over his food.
    Sam: (To Demetri) We saved your chicken!
    • Additionally, Robby takes full advantage of the opportunity to get back at Hawk for cheap shotting him in the All-Valley Tournament by landing a back kick right across his jaw as he goes for an overhead strike, knocking Hawk clear out of the air and leaving him on the ground in pain.
"Take a Right" (2x06)
  • While hanging out with his old Cobra Kai buddies, Johnny and his friends get a chance to show off their karate training against some punks at a pool table and prove they've Still Got It despite being much older than when they last trained in competition-level Cobra Kai (see the page image).
    • When the lead jerkass refers to Tommy as "The ugliest Make-a-Wish kid" he's ever seen, Johnny quickly makes an example of him... and starts off the ass-kicking by grabbing his ear gauge and bloodily tearing it out. The opponent does respond later by pinning Johnny against the edge of a bar counter; then the waitress said jerkass had harassed earlier slides over a glass mug for Johnny to grab and smash over his head.
    • The storyline leading up to this makes it all Heartwarming as well as Awesome. Tommy was getting to spend his final day on Earth riding with his old Cobra Kai brothers (revealing to the viewer on the way that all of them have grown far from the bullies that they were in the first film) — and now he got to see them kick some ass one last time!
    • Not only does Tommy get to watch, he gets to participate and manages to kick his own douchebag ass despite being terminally ill.
"Lull" (2x07)
  • The Coyote Creek challenge is full of awesome moments for Cobra Kai's students:
    • Hawk is a One-Man Army throughout the exercise, quickly racking up 5 "kills" and taking out Mitch in seconds with an ambush by leaping from a tree. He also gets an implied Offscreen Moment of Awesome in defeating Tory.
    • Miguel and Tory's showdown with Mikey is such a Curb-Stomp Battle that they can exchange playful banter and pass him around between them while beating him up. It's clear from the Oh, Crap! look on his face when he saw them that he knew he didn't stand a chance.
    • Miguel vs Hawk. Miguel calls out Hawk for stealing Mr. Miyagi's Medal of Honor, reclaiming his own honor in the process, and gives him a well-deserved beatdown before taking his headband and the medal.
    • Having been completely overlooked and belittled since joining Cobra Kai, Stingray takes the win for his team by hiding until the last second and ambushing Miguel when he thought he had already won.
  • Demetri finally managing to land a shot on Chris during Miyagi-Do's training session. After being arguably the biggest Butt-Monkey in the show for most of the first two seasons, it's very satisfying to see him making some (admittedly slow) progress in his learning. It's also an awesome moment for Daniel as a teacher, as he never gave up on Demetri when many others would have and found a way to play to his strengths.
  • After getting played by Kreese for most of the season, Johnny finally draws the line and throws Kreese out of his dojo. It sadly gets negated when Kreese steals the dojo from him in the finale, but it was good while it lasted.
"Glory of Love" (2x08)
  • Johnny beating the crap out of Carmen's Jerkass boyfriend after he overhears him bragging about how he's just using her for "a few bangs."
"Pulpo" (2x09)
  • Sam using a Miyagi-Do balance technique to help her win a drinking contest against Tory.
  • Carmen and Amanda sharing the Only Sane Woman role, deciding that they have had enough of Johnny and Daniel's petty rivalry and leaving the two men alone together at the restaurant to force them to talk through their issues like adults.
"No Mercy" (2x10)
  • Ready for that rematch between Daniel and Johnny? They indeed finally go at it this season, and it's anything but a friendly sparring session. Sadly (or maybe not), the fight is ultimately interrupted before either man goes down, but they both do well enough to whet the appetite for more.
  • The battle royale at the school is very impressively choreographed and filmed, using lengthy tracking shots that move seamlessly between several different fights all happening at the same time. The camerawork and choreography would not be out of place in a major Hollywood action film. Highlights include:
    • Gentle Giant Chris mashing Mitch with a textbook in one swift movement, proving that he's more than just a Stone Wall.
    • Nathaniel, after having his glasses knocked off by one of Bert's shots, quickly takes Bert to the floor for some MMA-style "ground and pound".
    • Aisha at first tries to break up the fight between Sam and Tory, but becomes enraged when she's attacked by a Miyagi-Do student and beats the hell out of him.
    • Stingray, who managed to talk his way into an interview for a security guard position at the school, wades into the brawl on Cobra Kai's side and cleans house. He even has time to stop and give Hawk a high-five.
    • Cobra Kai student Rickenberger actually assaults a teacher who tries to break up the fight, shocking even Hawk.
    • Demetri's fight against Hawk. After a whole season of feebly trying to learn karate — and of getting bullied by Hawk — it's very satisfying to see Demetri fend off every single one of his attacks and finally put him through a glass case. Demetri also arguably manages to embody the spirit of Miyagi-Do karate better than anyone else in the dojo, as he tries to quell the violence by getting a teacher and running away, only resorting to defending himself when all other options had been exhausted.
    • Robby takes out Mikey and Rickenberger while barely breaking a sweat.
    • Sam defeats Tory, despite being wounded, smaller, feeling incredible guilt, and possibly even hungover.
    • Blink-and-you'll-miss-it, but Miguel breaks one of the metal stair railings with a kick. According to Xolo Maridueña, this wasn't scripted, he really just kicked the railing that hard.
    • Miguel defeats Robby in their rematch and pins him to the ground, without resorting to dirty tactics, and has the sense to remember Johnny's lessons and apologize. It's too bad this had to coincide with Robby's rage-fueled Tragic Mistake.
  • On a meta level, the fact the the entire aforementioned school fight sequence was filmed over only four days is a very impressive accomplishment for all the cast, crew and stunt performers.
    • To make this even better, Mary Mouser injured her hand and missed almost an entire day of filming, meaning the entire filming schedule had to be rearranged so that all of the sequences not involving Sam could be filmed in her absence and everything she was needed for would instead be filmed the following day, meaning the entire cast and crew were able to adjust at the last minute and film huge chunks of the fight with limited preparation. Also qualifies as a Heartwarming Moment, since Mary had initially wanted to fight through the pain and continue shooting, only for one of the directors to insist on giving her the rest of the day off so that she could go to the hospital and get it treated properly.
  • The hospital scene between the LaRussos. Having been patient with Daniel's shenanigans over the summer, Amanda lays down the law to him in no uncertain terms, calling him out on his Never My Fault attitude with regard to letting the rivalry with Cobra Kai get completely out of hand and making clear that it's over.
  • From Kreese's perspective, stealing the Cobra Kai dojo by making a deal with Zarkarian behind Johnny's back. He took advantage of Johnny's lack of business savvy and played him for a fool.

    Season 3 
"Aftermath" (3x01)"Nature Vs. Nurture" (3x02)
  • Kreese's flashbacks (before Vietnam) showed that he was at one point a decent, chivalrous young man who defended a girl named Betsy from her abusive Jerk Jock boyfriend and managed to fight off both him and his friend. Before he ever learned martial arts or even enlisted, Kreese had always been a badass.
  • Kreese gets a surprisingly chivalrous moment of awesome when he manhandles Tory's sexually predatory landlord, reducing the bastard to fearfully offering to do whatever Kreese wants (which turns out to simply be leaving Tory alone). For bonus points, Kreese even lets Tory return to training at Cobra Kai free of charge. Though all this was purely out of self interest (Tory is one of Kreese's best "soldiers"), it still echoes the time in his youth when he saved Betsy from her abusive boyfriend.
  • The Good Cop/Bad Cop time at the detention center, when Trey and Cruz are sent to face Johnny and Daniel in their search for Robby. They are not remotely impressed by Johnny, but remembering the confrontation at the beach last season, they immediately kowtow to Daniel. Johnny clobbers Cruz twice to get the message across, while Daniel finishes off by warning them that he will send him back by himself if he finds out they lied to them.
  • Daniel and Johnny's teamup at the Chop Shop. The full fight shows just how formidable the two are when they work together. They even take down their final opponent together, with Johnny sweeping his leg while Daniel kicks him in the head. Too bad that they have their seasonal blow-up because Johnny went a smidge too far but it was nice while it lasted.
"Now You're Gonna Pay" (3x03)
  • Bobby laying out Johnny with a leg sweep when Johnny interrupts his sermon and makes a drunken ass of himself.
  • Sam standing up to Hawk when he antagonizes her for visiting Miguel in the hospital. She also organizes a car wash fundraiser to help pay for his surgery, showing how much more she cares about him than many of his fair weather friends in Cobra Kai who steal the money so they can take the credit without doing any work.
  • Johnny stealing a valuable artwork from Sid's house to help pay for Miguel's surgery. Obviously, stealing is wrong, but Sid's such a jerkass that most viewers would be happy to make an exception in the circumstances.
  • Sam taking up the command of Miyagi-Do in Daniel's absence. She may have inherited her father's hot headedness, but she's also got his spirit and moral conviction, and she's not going to take Cobra Kai brazenly assaulting Nathaniel lying down. She has grown a long way since Season 1 where she had Bystander Syndrome when Aisha was being bullied by Yasmine.
"The Right Path" (3x04)
  • After having Yasmine treat him like garbage in Season 1, Demetri genuinely impresses her with his Lego volcano experiment and she even looks offended when Hawk destroys it.
  • The soccer fight. Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do find increasingly creative ways to foul each other before the fed up gym teacher sends them all to Counselor Blatt's office. Highlights include Demetri proving he's no longer afraid of Hawk by running up to him, taunting him about how he blew it with Moon through the mall fight, and then brazenly tripping him, Hawk taking to heart Kreese's lesson to "fight smart" and making his headbutt of Demetri look like a genuine accident, and Sam abandoning all pretense of playing soccer and nailing Doug Rickenberger with a flying kick to the face.
"Miyagi-Do" (3x05)
  • Daniel and Chozen's sparring matches were great to see. Chozen finally gets his "payback" by beating Daniel consistently, but it's clear to see he's in a much better place emotionally. He even teaches Daniel a new Once a Season technique that comes in handy during the Season Finale.
  • Seeing Robby beat the shit out of the Juvie bullies. While the main one gave as good as he got (he's not as skilled as Robby, but his size and strength evened the playing field considerably), Robby was finally able to exact some retribution for all the hell they gave him and in the end even earned their respect for not ratting. And with his two goons out of commission and unable to gang up on Robby, the head bully was losing when the guards came to break up the fight.
    • With this fight, Robby doesn't even do it the Miyagi-Do way. The sheer number of acrobatics displayed in every one of his kicks is amazing to watch, and at one point, Robby runs up the wall and does a backflip over one of the bullies' heads! According to Jon Hurwitz, Tanner Buchanan performed that stunt himself with No Stunt Double.
  • Amanda has very little patience for Kreese's villainous bullshit. After yet another Cobra Kai/Miyagi-do fight, that ends with Demetri getting his arm broken and her daughter in tears, Amanda confronts Kreese to let him know that if he doesn't rein his students in, she's going to get the authorities involved. Kreese tries to break into one of his Smug Snake monologues and she cuts him off by giving him an Armor-Piercing Slap, before swearing with absolute conviction that she'll shut him down if it's the last thing she does.
"King Cobra" (3x06)
  • Hawk delivering a richly-deserved No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to Brucks and capping it off with a Death Glare that gets the message across to Kyler loud and clear: cross Hawk off your list of targets. Making this even more awesome was that it also unnerved Tory, of all people.
  • Kreese outsmarting the LaRussos by using the fact that Amanda slapped him to file a frivolous restraining order against her, confirming that he is much more than Dumb Muscle and they're not going to get rid of him that easily.
  • Miguel calling out Tory on her bullshit when they run into each other at the sushi restaurant. He flat out tells her that what her mom is going through is no excuse for starting the school brawl, she and Cobra Kai can't play the victim card when Miguel's the only one who actually got hurt in the fight, and wallowing in her self-pity instead of visiting him in the hospital (which even Hawk did) was not okay.
  • After a day of faking photos with Johnny to impress Ali, Miguel has the guts to angrily remind Johnny all the good he's done and how he can't just throw in the towel after one loss.
    Miguel: QUIET! You let Kreese take your dojo, you let Hawk and Tory and everyone else think you're weak!
    Johnny: Because it was a mistake to begin with! I should have never brought Cobra Kai to begin with! Look what happened.
    Miguel: What happened is that you helped a bunch of people and walked away like a pussy. You're a sensei. That's who you are. If you can't see that, you're blind.
    • Which is then followed up by Miguel realizing he's finally regained the ability to stand. All the anger he and Johnny had moments ago is forgotten as they thank each other — Miguel for helping recover, and Johnny for helping realize that he can't give up teaching karate.
"Obstáculos" (3x07)"The Good, The Bad and The Badass" (3x08)
  • Demetri, previously one of the nerdiest, most unpopular kids in school, having gained enough confidence and charisma to draw the attention of Yasmine, who wouldn't have been caught dead talking to him in Season 1. It's even more impressive when contrasted with his rambling and incoherent attempts to hit on her at the canyon party. Good luck on finding someone who didn't squeal in delight when Sam and Miguel caught them kissing!
  • Miguel, with Sam's support, gives a Rousing Speech to sway the city council into letting the All Valley Tournament go on, succeeding where the three karate senseis failed. Even Kreese seems visibly impressed by Miguel's oratory skills, while this becomes the moment Daniel begins to recognize and accept Miguel as a true All-Valley champion.
    Miguel: My name is Miguel Diaz. I was in the school fight. I was the one who got kicked off the second floor. I know...I thought I was going to be paralyzed. I relearned how to stand. I relearned how to walk. And I want the tournament to continue.
    Councilperson Roberts: We are very happy for your recovery, young man. But I'm afraid you don't understand-
    Sam: [stands up] Yes, he does. We're the ones getting hurt. We're the ones fighting! [Sam joins Miguel at the podium] Our voices should matter the most. And we want a place where we can compete, fairly and safely.
    Miguel: When I first moved here, I was bullied. I realized that there’s no escaping it. There's always going to be some kid will want to steal your lunch money, or give you a wedgie, or give you a swirlie.
    Councilperson Roberts: A swirlie?
    Miguel: (To Johnny) Sensei! (To Councilperson Roberts) Instead of burying your heads in the sand and pretending that bullying doesn’t exist, or that you could get rid of it, what you need to do is to teach kids how to defend themselves.
    Sam: Physically and... mentally. Because... sometimes the scars you can't see are the ones that hurt the most..
    Miguel: Karate is about discipline. It’s about inner strength. it’s about confidence! Lessons that you could use the rest of your life! Look, I don’t know where I would be today or who I would be today if it wasn’t for my Sensei. Look, we don’t need this tournament to do cool kicks or to sell tickets. We need it to show the bullies of the world that we’re not afraid. it’s called the All Valley because it’s for everyone, to give everyone the chance to show what they can do, to fight, to become a champion. And we deserve that chance.
  • When Robby catches Sam and Miguel together and tries to attack Miguel in a jealous rage, Sam steps in front of Miguel to shove Robby back, knowing Miguel's in no condition for an actual fight.
"Feel The Night" (3x09)
  • In Sam and Miguel's relationship in Season 1, Sam did not understand the concept that sometimes you need to go against everyone else and fight for who or what you believe in. She hid Miguel from her dad because she wanted to protect her relationship. However, this time, Sam shows she has learned from this experience by standing up for Miguel with her dad and encouraging him to get to know him better, thoroughly defying Poor Communication Kills in the process.
  • Robby stealing the snake from the zoo. Sure, it's disappointing to see him slide back into his old criminal ways, but he shows he's braver than Hawk and smarter than Kyler by being able to pull it off. Unlike most of the other Cobra Kai members except Tory, who come from relatively well-off backgrounds, Robby has had to fend for himself his whole life, and he proves that he's a better delinquent than those posers will ever be.
"December 19" (3x10)
  • Seeing Ali Mills return and promptly succeed where absolutely everyone else failed: essentially end the Daniel / Johnny beef in the span of a day. All by being a truly Nice Girl as ever.
  • Just when it looks like Miguel and Sam's plan will fail, Demetri rightfully calls out everyone in Miyagi-do and Eagle Fang, particularly Mitch and Bert who were about to leave, on their stupidity when they refuse to form an alliance.
    Demetri: Hey, pussies! This is exactly what those assholes at Cobra Kai want. Since you were one of 'em, you're an asshole too! So were you. So was I. Well, at least I was trying to be one. But now, Cobra Kai is the worst collection of assholes in the Valley, run by the King of all Assholes. So if by merging with Eagle Fang — weird name by the way — can keep us all from getting shit on anymore, then we'd all be assholes not to do it!
  • Miyagi-Do and the newly formed Eagle Fang teaming up to fend off Cobra Kai's assault at the end of the season which had a bunch of highlights, including another Oner just as impressive as the one in the Season 2 finale.
    • Chris and Mitch working together in a deleted scene, making up for their falling out last season.
    • Demetri spends the beginning of the fight helping and protecting Bert and Nathaniel, the smallest kids against Cobra Kai.
    • Miguel getting the last bit of motivation he needed from fighting Kyler to regain a majority of his strength in his legs. It implies that he had regained most of it earlier but still had some mental blocks to overcome with fighting. While he takes down Kyler a second time, it is not a Curb-Stomp Battle; indeed, Kyler makes him work for this win.
      • His takedown of Kyler is also a great bit of Character Development. After Robby paralyzed him the last time he showed mercy, it'd be understandable if he never tried it again. But instead, he shows practicality and restraint by knocking him out with a quick punch and then ending it there, not letting himself be taken advantage of but also making clear that his days as an overly brutal Cobra Kai are over.
      • Blink-and-you'll-miss it, but when Miguel gets his Heroic Second Wind one of the first moves he uses to beat Kyler is the Drum Technique. His only experience with the move was Sam using it on him once as a demo that served as foreplay for a makeout session, and he's still able to incorporate it into his arsenal.
    • Hawk has his Heel–Face Turn and saves Demetri from two of the Cobras instead of taking a free shot at him like they goaded him to do. He then forms up with Demetri for some Bash Brothers action which dispatches the majority of the CK forces.
      • Making Hawk's redemption better is that it initially looks like he might attack Demetri only to suddenly leap into a kick that frees him from his captors as a hawk screech plays over the soundtrack. This makes it clear that "The Hawk" has returned to his best self: badass but not a bully.
      • Impressively, the two manage to do something similar to Sam and Robbie's wheel technique, acting perfectly in-sync and fighting 'like 20 men' without any training except a few fights against each other. It shows the depth of their renewed friendship.
    • Sam finally overcomes her PTSD and, taking Miguel's advice that sometimes more offense is a good defense, takes up a bo staff to take on and defeat a nunchuck wielding Tory.
    • When Tory still refuses to back down after Sam disarms her, Miguel, Hawk, and Demetri prove they're a Power Trio once again when the three of them arrive at Daniel's practice room to give Sam backup and get Tory to back off:
      Hawk: Tory, the fight's over.
      Tory: It's not over. This will never be over, LaRusso, you hear me?!
      Sam: You know where to find me.
      Tory: (takes a long look at Miguel and Hawk) Traitors. (to Hawk) You better watch your back.
      Demetri: He won't have to. He's got friends watching it for him.
  • Both Daniel and Johnny take their turns essentially beating the crap out of Kreese. Kreese only puts Johnny down after the latter is distracted from Robby getting unintentionally knocked out. Daniel uses his new technique to disable Kreese, forcing him to Take a Third Option and use the next All Valley to decide the feud which should make sure that these mob beatings stop for the next few months.
    • Daniel's Big Damn Heroes moment, showing up just in time to save Johnny when Kreese has him in a chokehold.
      Daniel: You sent them to my house?! You came after my daughter? You wanted a fight, you son of a bitch? Well, now you got one!
    • The fact that the sensei of Cobra Kai is taken down by the technique taught to Daniel by Chozen is pretty impressive. It perhaps also answers the fan question: Who would win a fight between Chozen and Kreese?
    • If it hadn't been for Robby, Sam and Miguel, it's possible that both Johnny and Daniel could've killed Kreese then and there. Hearing Sam's voice brought Daniel back to his senses by reminding him what Mr. Miyagi said about revenge: "If you go looking for revenge, you can start by digging two graves."
    • Johnny refusing to take any more of Kreese's bullshit during their final conversation, and making it clear both he and Daniel are taking him down:
      Daniel: You keep your Cobra Kais away from our kids!
      Kreese: It's a free country.
      Johnny: Not for you. Cobra Kai's gotta go. For good.
      Kreese: Why don't we settle this the old fashioned way. Tournament. If we lose, I go. If you lose-
      Johnny: We won't lose.
  • The final scene, seeing Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang Karate joining forces, Daniel and Johnny finally putting their feud fully aside to prepare for the battle for the soul of the Valley. And all set to The Protomen's cover of "In The Air Tonight."


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