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Cobra Kai Never Dies, indeed.

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    Season 1 

  • Johnny saving Miguel from Kyler and his crew while hardly breaking a sweat. It doesn't matter that the cops dogpiled him afterwards, he's still got it.
  • Daniel finally having enough of Tom Cole's bullshit and spin-kicking his drink right out of his hand. Even if it is inadvisable in Real Life.
  • Sam fighting off Kyler in a Call-Back to Alli's punching Johnny in the first film.
  • The lunchroom fight. Not only does Miguel open with a Pre Ass Kicking One Liner ("It's not lame ass karate. It's Cobra Kai!"), demolish the bullies so thoroughly that Kyler flees at the sight of Miguel ever after, and win Sam's admiration, but the fight also goes viral on social media, causing droves of Miguel's classmates to sign up for Cobra Kai lessons and ending his sensei's financial problems. In a single scene, Cobra Kai was truly reborn.
    • Although it crosses over into Tear Jerker and Nightmare Fuel territory, Miguel's overall transformation from a bullied and sickly high school kid into a formidable practitioner of Cobra Kai Karate is awesome to see.
  • Wax On, Wax Off, naturally.
  • The canyon party has its fair share:
    • An interesting one for Kyler; he spots Miguel and immediately decides to leave. He may be an asshole, but at least he's not a stupid one:
      Yasmine: Kyler, go tell these losers to get out of here.
      Kyler (spotting Miguel in the crowd): You know what? Let’s just find another spot or go home or whatever, you know?
    • And then everyone but Moon promptly deserts Yasmine, suggesting that even after Kyler got curb-stomped by Miguel in front of everyone (including their own posse), their group still likes/respects Kyler more than they do Yasmine.
    • Honorable mention to Aisha: the party is her reinterpretation of "Strike First."
  • After Daniel visits Mr. Miyagi's grave in search of balance, he comes home and clears out his old training room. The simple imagery of him donning the gi and headband once more while performing Miyagi's kata is enough to give any fan goosebumps.
  • Eli's transformation into Hawk. At first, Eli walks out after Johnny makes fun of his appearance one time too many, and you would be forgiven for thinking — as with all the other walkouts — that's the last you'll see of him. But in the next class, Eli walks back in, barely recognizable with a mohawk and a punk outfit, and tells everyone he decided to "flip the script". Even Johnny is impressed and instantly gives him his new nickname.
    • His transformation being the real deal is pretty awesome. A lot of modern programs would have had a comedic pratfall to show that Eli is still the lovable, pathetic loser we knew before but Hawk quickly proves to be a a savage fighting machine inside and out. His combination of brutality and skill bring him all the way to the semi finals and his fight with Robby is even enough that he might have been able to win legitimately if his temper hadn't gotten the better of him.
  • Johnny tying up lose ends with Sid by giving him back all the money he ever lent him, and then cutting him off for good. The only evidence of Johnny's improved financial status has been a new flatscreen TV we see later in his apartment, meaning that dealing with Sid was clearly a priority of his for a long time.
    "I never needed your money; it was just the only thing you had to give. Goodbye, Sid."
    • But he did put that check to excellent use to get Cobra Kai back up and running.
  • Johnny and Daniel in the latter's backyard, both totally pissed off and ready to kill each other... until Amanda intervenes with some epic Deadpan Snarkery:
    Amanda LaRusso: Yeah, you two seem to have this pretty well in hand. Just a normal Saturday afternoon and a couple of grown men about to kick each other into a pool. You know, as much as I would love to watch you and your childhood karate rival duke it out, I kinda don't want to get any blood on the patio. So what do you say we try to resolve this over some breakfast instead?
    Daniel LaRusso: (To Johnny) Wanna go inside?
    Johnny Lawrence: I could eat.
  • Johnny actually getting Daniel to agree to a "friendly" rematch a la Rocky III. It doesn't matter that Robby ruined the moment almost immediately afterwards — given the history between these two, the notion is still about the most bromantic thing ever.
  • Aisha introducing Yasmine to the Melvin: "NO MERCY, BITCH!" That Yasmine's humiliation went viral on social media and later gave Sam an opening to reconcile with Aisha is just icing on the cake.
    • As is the collective response of the other attendants of the party. Which happened outside the jurisdiction of the school board. Lots of luck trying to explain this one away, Yasmine.
  • The tournament featured its own string of Crowning Moments:
    • At the start, the different karate dojos file onto the mat with some applause from their respective fans, but the Cobra Kai? They come in chanting their own name, wearing the iconic black sleeveless gi for the first time, and looking ready to just slaughter everyone. Even the tournament announcer openly gushes over it: "Now that's what I call an entrance! And a badass name for a dojo!"
      • The Cobra Kai Dojo's performance was awesome as well, even if it veered into Nightmare Fuel.
      • Miguel with his Simple, yet Awesome approach. He fights exceptionally well throughout the tournament itself, fighting with well applied movesets combined with brutal ferocity. He strikes first, strikes hard, and fights without mercy. In this tournament, he is Cobra Kai incarnate.
    • Johnny having Miguel open his first match with the famous Crane Kick as a Take That! to Daniel — and Daniel is visibly piqued by it.
    • After the reigning All-Loving Hero champion tries everyone's patience with a touchy-feely speech and a slacktivist moment of silence, Johnny — ever the Politically Incorrect Hero — gives Miguel exactly the right orders: "Kick that pansy bitch in the face." And Miguel does.
    • It would have been incredibly easy for Xander Stone to get all pissy about the kick. Instead, he simply takes it in stride and is nothing less than completely cordial throughout. Which is in sharp contrast to his mother the Karate Mom (Amanda's description).
      • Speaking of awesome entrances, can we take a minute to appreciate Xander's flying flip as he's introduced? He and his mom might be annoying but he's damned impressive to watch.
    • Hawk tries intimidating Robby with a Badass Boast. Instead, Robby just points out the ridiculousness of Hawk's entire Testosterone Poisoning act.
      Hawk: That was a lucky point. It's gonna be your last.
      Robby: Why? Leaving early to fix that stupid haircut?
      • Credit to Hawk, his response may have been petty but the damage it did proved that he could back up his talk.
    • The new Miyagi-Do signature move — the one-handed handstand double-leg kick. Daniel spent his entire life trying to do it and not getting there, but Robby? The boy nails the Cobra Kai's prize student with it despite a handicap. Of course, there was the fact that doing a one-handed handstand is something that skaters tend to know already.
    • Speaking of when Robby nailed Miguel with the double-leg kick, what about right afterwards, when Robby offers a hand to help Miguel up? Despite all the reasons he has in that moment to despise Miguel and the Cobra Kai — Miguel being his romantic rival for Sam, Miguel's teammate gimping him and putting him in immense pain with an illegal attack, and the sensei of Team Cobra Kai being his own hated father — Robby still found the heart to make that gesture of sportsmanship. Too damn bad Miguel seizes the opportunity to show that his degeneration into Kreese-level jerkassery is complete.
    • Robby, his left shoulder dislocated and useless, centers himself using Miyagi-Do technique and for a few glorious seconds fends off Miguel's barrage of punches and kicks with one arm. (And then Reality Ensues, leading to the deciding point.)
  • Remember the Wax On, Wax Off approach Miyagi used on Daniel? Daniel takes the exact same approach with Robby at his dealership. It's safe to say many more scene parallels, along with a Master-Apprentice Chain, are in the works.

    Season 2 
  • Johnny and Kreese, picking up where Season 1 left off, duke it out. It is brutal and painful, with neither going easy on the other. Both men manage to "go the distance", as the fight ends with the two of them exhausted on the floor.
  • In the first class after the tournament, Johnny gives Miguel and Hawk a severe dressing down for what they did to Robby in the tournament, making it clear that cheating will not be tolerated from this point on, and demotes everyone to white belts so they can start over and learn the right way to fight.
    • It's also slick how Johnny's analogy explains how their reprehensible actions were actually in violation of Cobra Kai's mindset:
      Johnny: Miss Robinson?
      Aisha: Yes, sensei?
      Johnny: Two cobras in the jungle. One kills the strongest lion, the other kills a crippled monkey. Which Cobra do you want to be?
      Aisha: The one that kills the lion, sensei.
      Johnny: And why is that?
      Aisha: Because it killed a stronger animal.
      Johnny: Correct! Cobra Kai is about being badass. And the baddest badass is the one that beats his opponent when he's at his strongest. *to Hawk* Not when his back is turned! *to Miguel* Not when he's injured!
    • And Miguel and Hawk themselves immediately comply with the punishment Johnny hands down. Even after their Start of Darkness, they do not want to be on the bad side of their sensei.
  • Faced with a crop of new students after Cobra Kai's demonstration at the Valley Fest, Johnny decides to test them by asking if any of them have the balls to go up against Miguel. Tory reveals herself, accepting the challenge in a very cocky manner — and does well enough against Miguel to impress both Johnny and Kreese.
  • After only a few hints of Daniel's badassery in season 1, we finally get to see him jump into action and unleash his inner Miyagi when Trey and Cruz return to settle the score with Robby. The two thugs and their bigger, stronger buddy (who ambushed Robby with an oar) are all laid out in less than a minute.
  • Sam and Robby defending Demetri by executing the wheel technique against Eli and the other Cobras, in a 5 vs "2 and a half" match. Not only do Robby and Sam triumph decisively over Hawk's gang, but they upheld Demetri's request to watch over his food.
    Sam: *to Demitri* "We saved your chicken!"
    • Additionally, Robby takes full advantage of the opportunity to get back at Hawk for cheap shotting him in the All-Valley Tournament by landing a back kick right across his jaw as he goes for an overhead strike, knocking Hawk clear out of the air and leaving him on the ground in pain.
  • Ready for that rematch between Daniel and Johnny? They indeed finally go at it this season, and it's anything but a friendly sparring session. Sadly (or maybe not), the fight is ultimately interrupted before either man goes down, but they both do well enough to whet the appetite for more.
  • While hanging out with his old Cobra Kai buddies, Johnny and his friends get a chance to show off their karate training against some punks at a pool table and prove they've Still Got It despite being much older than when they last trained in competition-level Cobra Kai (see the page image).
    • When the lead jerkass refers to Tommy as "The ugliest Make-a-Wish kid" he's ever seen, Johnny quickly makes an example of him... and starts off the ass-kicking by grabbing his ear gauge and bloodily tearing it out. The opponent does respond later by pinning Johnny against the edge of a bar counter; then the waitress said jerkass had harassed earlier slides over a glass mug for Johnny to grab and smash over his head.
    • And no one went flying out the window, either!
    • The storyline leading up to this makes it all Heartwarming as well as Awesome. Tommy was getting to spend his final day on Earth riding with his old Cobra Kai brothers (revealing to the viewer on the way that all of them have grown far from the bullies that they were in the first film) — and now he got to see them kick some ass one last time!
    • Not only does Tommy get to watch, he gets to participate and manages to kick his own douchebag ass despite being terminally ill.
  • After getting played by Kreese for most of the season, Johnny finally draws the line and throws Kreese out of his dojo. (Becomes negated in the season finale when he sees Kreese training the students in another section of the dojo.)
  • The battle royale at the school is very impressively choreographed and filmed, using lengthy tracking shots that move seamlessly between several different fights all happening at the same time. The camerawork and choreography would not be out of place in a major Hollywood action film. Individual fights featured during the sequence include:
    • Demetri's fight against Hawk. After a whole season of feebly trying to learn karate — and of getting bullied by Hawk — it's very satisfying to see Demetri fend off every single one of his attacks and finally put him through a glass case.
    • Sam defeats Tory, despite being wounded, smaller, feeling incredible guilt, and possibly even hungover.
    • Miguel and Robby have another showdown in the final fight, and Miguel manages to pin Robby to the ground without using cheap shots like he did in their last battle.
    • Gentle Giant Chris mashes Mitch with a textbook in one swift movement, a sign that he's more than just a Stone Wall.
    • And Nathaniel, having his glasses knocked off by one of Bert's shots, quickly takes Bert to the floor for some MMA-style "ground and pound".
  • The hospital scene between the Larussos, with Sam getting three lines of stitches in her arm. Having been patient with his shenanigans over the summer and citing not-too-different issues at the dealership than when Louie was there, Amanda lays down the law to Daniel in no uncertain terms.


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