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  • Just when things look to be getting grim, each season will have at least one episode best described as "the annual Provenza and Flynn get into a ridiculous jam" and it's classic.
    • The whole saga of their part-time process server gig in Season 7's "To Serve With Love" is a thing to behold.
    • Better is Brenda's reaction to the pair's idiocy. In "To Serve," she cuts off any attempt at an explanation with "No!" Likewise, she spends the first moments of "Fool's Gold" dealing with how Provenza and Flynn literally let a pair of robbers (who had caused a clerk's death in a beating) not only slip by their noses but even helped them get the good away with calmly repeating "not yet" every time they try to speak up.
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    • Pope's reaction to the pair isn't much better.
    Brenda: Before you get angry, last night Provenza and Flynn...
    Pope: Yep, already angry.
    • "How is a job that's supposed to net us four grand end up costing us four grand? What do you call that, Provenza-nomics?!"
  • At the end of "To Serve," Brenda confronts the lawyer murderer.
    Lawyer: Oh, so I'm the bad guy here?
    Brenda: Well, sir, you did kill someone.
    Lawyer: An actor! Okay, I admit there is no excuse for killing the wrong person, that's like failing Murder 101...But everything I have done has been perfectly legal! You know, except for the murder.
    Brenda: I'm not just arresting you for murder, I'm arresting you so your clients can get better representation!
  • Season 3's "Saving Face". Every scene with Bridezilla is screamingly funny, as is Taylor's initial reaction.
  • "Tapped Out," the whole episode. From the screaming witness to 'Detective' Richard Tracy to the pick-up artistry to Chief Pope's attempts to be 'one of the guys', it's comedy gold from start to finish.
    • "He did this to eight women and he only got shot once?!"
  • "Chief, didn't you just get married?"
    • And the hilarious Funny Background Event of Tao and Sanchez betting on whether she'd call before saying "I do" or not.
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  • In "Make Over," to help with an old case, Provenza's former partner, George (Beau Bridges) comes in to help. Imagine Provenza's reaction to finding out George is now Georgette, a woman.
  • Also, when Flynn is in the hospital in Season 6's "Old Money", instead of a "Get Well" balloon, his reads "It's A Girl!".
    • From that same storyline, Pope and Brenda.
      Brenda: WHY WAS I NOT INFORMED —
      Pope: *raises hand* How's Lieutenant Flynn?
      Brenda: Home.
      Provenza: Resting.
      Pope: Good. Proceed with your outrage.
  • In a side-plot of "The Round File", Brenda finds out that the old widow who was going to sell her house to her and Fritz actually doesn't want to sell her house and pretends to do it only to have some people around to talk with. The top moment is when the lady buys Brenda's silence with two bags of cookies.
    • "Oh we are all going to Hell."
  • Provenza mimicking Brenda at a crime scene.
  • In the episode, "Fate Line" Claire, an intuitionist (psychic) and Brenda's future sister-in-law, tried to help Brenda find a killer with the help of a sketch artist. The resulting drawing ended up looking like Assistant Chief Pope.
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  • The beginning of "Junk in the Trunk" that had the car that the body is stuck in the trunk getting loose from the tow truck, going down hill from the street, hitting an electrical post, and having a transformer fall on top of the trunk starting a fire.
  • "Whaddya gonna do, lady? Shoot me?" Ask that question often enough,and eventually the answer is going to be "yes." (Relax, it was a beanbag shotgun. Although Raydor does stop and watch for a moment, to see if her target actually is unconscious.)
  • Sanchez' reaction after he discovered that the woman that he had been flirting with and kissing is in fact a man.
    Sanchez: Tell the chief that I'm going to therapy.
  • Brenda's reaction to Joel did not go quite as Fritz planned. She actually backs away from Joel and Fritz, terror warring with Cuteness Proximity... then her expression changes when she learns Fritz named him Joel. (Mind, Brenda named her last cat "Kitty".)
    Brenda: You named the cat Joel?
  • "Living Proof, Part 1." Captain Raydor's wrathful return from the airport, dragging her luggage with her, because she has to investigate a rights violation and use of force complaint on an LAPD officer. Said officer? Pope.
    Raydor: I have to make a report about a complaint on you, to you!"
    • All this while Pope and Taylor are chilling out and watching a football game in the conference room.
    • And earlier, there's Raydor's reaction to Brenda introducing her as "My friend Sharon" to her parents.
    • And then there's all the times Brenda and Raydor interacting, first trying to pass off the case to each other, then their negotiations to enlist each others' help, and Brenda's reaction when Raydor arrives to talk to her suspect (who's a minor, and the center of Pope's complaint above): "It's a Christmas miracle!"
    • The ensuing interview is also a thing of beauty. The young witness makes a transparent Police Brutality Gambit that Raydor doesn't quite fall for, but her foul mood at Pope means she is willing to play along with the young boy. Also hilarious is Pope's reaction to the blatantly false accusations.
    Pope: All those things crossed my mind.

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