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(See here for Heartwarming Moments from the After Show.)

  • The Season 1 finale, where the entire squad, who previously hated her guts, threatened resignation when Captain Tanner lodged an Internal Affairs "conduct unbecoming" complaint against Brenda. The sweetest part was how she told them what the outcome was: in the first episode, they had all requested transfers out of her squad, and as she assigned them each duties for the case, she threw their requests in the trash. In the finale, she did the exact same thing. And then she offered to take them all out for drinks to celebrate. Say it with me: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.
  • Brenda's breathless "We found each other!" when she accepts Fritz's marriage proposal.
    • That entire scene was awesome. Here's the set up: Brenda has just been diagnosed with a form of early onset menopause and is understandably freaking and crying her eyes out. Fritz gets the ring out, gets down on bended knee and says,
    Fritz: I've arrived at that place where I can't imagine life without you. And let me just say I love you more than anything else in the world. Brenda, will you marry me? Please?
  • Gabriel offering to stay with the bomber if he lets all his friends go.
  • Raydor's concern for Brenda in "Fresh Pursuit" after she is nearly killed.
    • Later that same episode, Raydor giving Brenda the time she needs to help close her case, and being incredibly kind to Brenda when Brenda is a deep breath away from crying as she asks.
    • And when Brenda is cleared of all charges, Raydor is the first person Brenda looks to. The joy radiating off Sharon Raydor at that moment is insane... and their unlikely friendship has been firmly cemented by Brenda finally calling Raydor "Sharon" after three whole seasons of "Captain" and "Chief".
  • Brenda and Fritz have too many of these to count.
    Brenda: ...he is the most decent and wonderful man I've ever known.
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  • Brenda telling Sharon that the work she's doing in investigating Major Crimes is important and admirable, even if it's not fully appreciated by everyone.
  • The last line of the series. Just... the last line of the series.
    Brenda: It looks like love.
  • The end of "Fool's Gold" that had Provenza paying for his ex wife's dog medical bills, buying the ex's wedding ring, and then returning the wedding ring back to her showing that he at least cares for her.
  • Commander Taylor going ballistic on Brenda for sneaking into an apartment filled with bombs and nearly getting blown up just to get the victim's cell phone, laptop, and wallet. And her purse. After he calmed down, he confessed that he didn't want her to get blown up after "he was starting to get used to her.".
  • Provenza - jerkass politically incorrect old grump Provenza - comforting Sanchez after his brother was shot.
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  • The ending of "Living Proof, Part 2,", where the Major Crimes Division has Christmas Dinner in their murder room, along with Taylor, Pope, and Raydor.
  • The ending of "You Have the Right to Remain Jolly", in which Buzz finds a letter his sister wrote to Santa asking him to send Buzz a new bike.
  • The end of Fritz and Brenda's wedding episode. Just... oh, God, do those two ever love each other.
    Fritz: Hey! Hey. You feel any different yet?
    Brenda: Yes, I do. I feel like I know my limitations better and that you still don't have any.
    Fritz: C'mon. Why do you even think like that?
    Brenda: Because, Fritzy, I love you with all my heart, [in tears] but sometimes I think my heart is only this big.
    Fritz: That's because you can't see it. Your heart is large enough to carry me and the job, and then some. [Brenda smiles] Hey. I am fully aware of who I just married, so hurry up and change because I wanna dance with you. [cue passionate kiss]
  • In the season 7 episode "Fresh Pursuit," Brenda narrowly escapes being killed by a suspect who sneaked a gun into an interrogation room and shot himself instead. Raydor reviews the footage as part of her FID responsibilities, and the audience (and Brenda) is expecting her to read Brenda the riot act for not properly following protocol. But Raydor instead asks Brenda if she's all right, and gives her as much time as she can to continue her investigation.

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