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  • Sharon is speaking with Rusty's father about what happened at dinner. When he leaves he sees every single cop in the room glaring at him. He got the message. Remember, most of the team started off hating Rusty and now they're all protecting him.
  • Sharon telling Provenza that "Rusty is home" after thinking he had run away, only to find him hiding out in her apartment.
  • Sharon and Rusty's hug in "Cheaters Never Prosper".
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  • Everything Sharon does regarding Rusty in "Final Cut".
  • Sharon finds out about the threatening letters to Rusty. Rusty braces himself for anger.
    Sharon: Whatever happens next... know I love you.
  • In "Pick Your Poison," Taylor and Provenza try to convince Sharon to allow Rusty to let himself be used as bait to catch the person behind the threatening letters they've been receiving. She initially refuses, stating that her job as his mother is to keep him safe. The best part is that they don't correct her.
    • At the end of the episode, she relents and tells Rusty that he can help them on the condition that he see a therapist like she's been wanting him to do for months. He reluctantly agrees.
    Rusty: I'm only agreeing to do this because I love you. You know that, right?
    Sharon: I do.
  • "If Pick Your Poison" wasn't clear enough, here's what she has to say to Emma Rios in "All In": "I do not need your permission to seek medical attention for my son."
  • After a terrifying brush with his stalker, Rusty fervently apologizes to Sharon and promises to listen to her in the future. Then they hug and whisper "I love you" to each other.
  • "Return to Sender, Part 2." Provenza is helping Rusty with his necktie, gives him some last-minute advice and reassurance, and tops it off by saying: "As you walk through that door, remember: I am So Proud of You right now."
    • Also, Taylor sitting in on the trial, to keep an eye on Rusty for Raydor.
  • The final scene of season two, where Rusty tells Sharon he can't live with her anymore because he doesn't think she'll want him. When she asks why on Earth not, he breaks down in tears and comes out to her, saying that he's just like the men who came to him on the streets. He's terrified of rejection, and she hugs him.
    Rusty: I can't fix it, Sharon. I can't fix it. I'm just like them.
    Sharon: Rusty, what you are is who I love, and all of you is coming home.
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  • The moment in "Personal Day" when Sharon offers to go with Rusty to visit his mother in rehab to make things easier for him. He thanks her the offer and then says that he's put her through enough trouble over the last two years and he already doesn't know how he's going to pay her back.
    Sharon: Rusty, I've told you a hundred times.
    Rusty: I know, I know, graduate and go to college. But Sharon, there's got to be something in all this for you too.
    Sharon: *smiles at him like he's the light of her life* There is.
  • In "Flight Risk", Sharon is going to make the death notification to the mother of two young children who were killed. She's known this for about a day, but held off because she believed the woman to be a suspect. And now she goes to tell her the bad news... except that Flynn tries to do it for her.
    Flynn: Sharon, listen. You've been a good friend to me over the last year, what with my daughter's wedding and everything. You don't have to do this. Let me do it.
    Sharon: She deserves to hear it from me, mother to mother.
    Flynn: I understand. I'll wait. In case you need me.
    Sharon: *a soft, sad and grateful smile*
  • Rusty coming out to the Major Crimes team about being gay, and their acceptance of him. (Note that everyone knows Rusty is gay, they're just waiting for him to come out.) Provenza says it best:
    Rusty: Would it bother any of you, w-would any of you think differently if I said I was gay?
    Provenza: The answer is, if you told us you were gay, we would trust you more, and we would think that you trusted us more.
    • Although it weirds him out, Provenza assures Rusty that nothing has changed between them.
  • After "Letting It Go", the following was on Rusty's twitter:
    There's only room for one Sharon in my life, and that's @Sharon Raydor.
    • And then there was Sharon's reply:
    Honey, I am always here for you.
  • At the close of "Jane Doe #38", Major Crimes still hasn't learned who Alice Herrera really is, and Flynn goes to attend the funeral service before her body's placed in storage. Every single member of the Major Crimes team, including Doctor Morales, is wearing funeral attire and going to the service.
    Flynn: Listen, you guys don't need to come along. I'm only going because I hate the thought of locking her up in the burrito room without anyone being there to say goodbye.
    Provenza: We all hate it, Flynn. That's why we're going.
    • And then, at the funeral, Raydor and Flynn are standing side by side. And then slowly, deliberately, Sharon steps closer to Andy and bumps shoulders. And he looks at her and they share a small, grateful smile.
    • This continues (subtly) into the following episodes. Look closely whenever the camera pans over the whiteboard—they still have Alice's picture up.
  • At the end of "Two Options", Rusty agrees to let Sharon adopt him.
    Rusty If I ever end up in a box like this, I'd like to know there's at least one person out there who'd go look for me.
    Sharon: Oh, I would look for you. And I'd find you.
  • Sharon officially adopting Rusty at the end of "Down the Drain", witnessed by all the Major Crimes detectives.
  • A meta moment that's also a callback to The Closer: a concerned fan tweeted James Duff (the showrunner) when Fritz took over the Special Operations Bureau, concerned that a storyline might develop with Ann McGinnis which threatened his relationship with Brenda. Duff's response? "Fritz and Brenda are married forever. It's not a relationship I want to end." Brenda really does seem to have gotten her happy ending, or at least the best part of it.
  • Throughout Season 4, Rusty is now calling Sharon "Mom" and referring to her as his mother.
  • When Flynn is in the hospital, facing a risky surgery, he asks Provenza to help him tell Sharon he loves her, in case he dies on the table. Provenza drops his grumpiness and shows complete understanding to his friend... and then tells Flynn to write it down like a proper confession and maybe he'll get it back once he's out of surgery.
  • Dr. Morales surprises everyone by coming to a crime scene with his father, a retired cop from Uruguay. Morales confesses to Provenza that's he been exaggerating how closely he works with the team, including an authority figure. The team go along with it as they act like Morales is mostly in charge while his father talks in broken English. At the end of the episode, the man (speaking perfect English) tells Sharon and Provenza that he knew all along the truth but he was so happy his son had friends willing to do this that he played along. He asks them not to let Morales know he figured it out as he knows how his respect is so important to his son, although he's truly proud of Morales no matter what.
  • Andy, with Rusty's help, proposes to Sharon on the balcony. At first Sharon looks horrified, but then she sees the diamond and her jaw drops in disbelief.

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