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  • Sharon Raydor's offhand assessment of her marriage to her husband, from whom she has been separated for twenty-five years:
    Sharon: It's all very Catholic.
  • "I, Witness" is pretty much nonstop funny at how the universe keeps laughing at Flynn, dashing every single Hope Spot he gets that the murder suspect, a witness in a major case, is innocent. Until the shocks are finally too much and he faints.
  • "Frozen Assets" features Johnathan Baird aka Dick Tracy's return as a overzealous security guard that had roped Flynn and Provenza into a murder investigation involving a poisoned dog, a frozen head, and 20 million dollars.
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  • In "Two Options", Commander McGinnis of Special Operations Bureau asks Raydor and Tao their opinions of Fritz, who's being evaluated as a potential Deputy Chief of SOB.
    Tao: FBI, but still. [thumbs up]
  • Charlie's Angels in "Pick your Poison".
  • The gang watch the video will of a rich lady who keeps changing it several times (she cuts off her son after finding out he "voted for a certain black President who shall remain nameless.") Sharon actually eats popcorn watching.
  • Provenza's continuing annoying of Flynn about the nature of his relationship with Raydor, and Flynn's constant correction of him — they're just friends.
    Flynn: My situation with the Captain is completely different from yours with Patrice.
    Provenza: So she's the Captain again, huh?
    Flynn: [massive eyeroll] Okay, I'll answer your stupid question! You don't stop dating someone because it's going well. And if Sharon and I were dating, which we're not
    Provenza: Which you are, but never mind.
  • "Turn Down" shows us a...unique method of unlocking a phone:
    Morales: Whoa, whoawhoawhoa. You want me to shock the corpse?
    Raydor: [completely nonchalant] Yes.
    Tao: Why not? He's not getting any deader.
    Morales: Okay. But nobody tweet about this!
    (It works, in case you're wondering.)
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  • Talking to a coed about the murder of a professor, Sharon asks the age of a man she saw. The coed replies "Older...maybe 30s?" as Sharon and Flynn exchange a "really?" look.
  • "Skin Deep" has plenty of funny from Buzz finding a floating corpse while following Flynn at the new house he wants to buy to Sharon's reaction when he jokes about the woman's chest being "floaty."
    • When asked why he jumped into the pool to grab the body, Buzz replies that if it had been Flynn or Provenza, "I'd be pulling two bodies out instead of one."
    • The team tracks an illegal plastic surgeon in a suburban home and among his waiting patients is comedienne Paula Poundstone. As she leaves, Poundstone calls Kathy Griffin to tell her to turn around.
    • The doctor is confronted mid-surgery, talking in broken English with a Korean accent. When the cops point out he was born and raised about a mile away, he pauses and shrugs in perfect English, in an American accent: "it helps with the job." Both the patient and the man's nurse give him stunned looks.
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    • The doctor's name is Yu, which naturally comes up when a patient starts claiming "you" ran a DNA test and the cops go back and forth on who in the LAPD did it.
  • In "Tourist Trap", Tao has been called out of an award dinner to a murder, without opportunity to change out of his tuxedo.
    Reporter: Do you always dress this way for work?
    Tao: What way?
    Sykes: [deadpan] This is a formal investigation.

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