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  • Sharon in the first half of "Return to Sender." We almost always see her behind a desk. Now we see her run (barefoot!) down eight flights of stairs and then break down a door with a fire extinguisher to save Rusty from the person who's been threatening them.
  • Provenza in "Return to Sender, Part 2." Rusty's stalker has gun to a kid's head, using him as a Human Shield. It's Provenza who takes him down wit a perfect Boom, Headshot!.
    • Also, the way the LAPD shut down traffic, trapping Rusty's stalker, was truly awesome.
  • Rusty has one while testifying in "Return to Sender, Part 2." The letters his stalker sent him were initially ruled inadmissible, and Rusty and Rios were instructed by the judge not to speak of them further. Later, Rusty tells Stroh's lawyer that his psych evaluation was related to a lie that he'd told Sharon but he can't tell her what the lie is when she asks. The judge commands him to answer. The lie? The letters. Which means that they are now evidence.
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  • Rusty's response to his sickeningly manipulative addict mother when she tries to guilt him into doing her favors. She has the gall to blame him being gay for her appalling treatment of him, and when she tries to play that card again (trying to get Rusty to pick her up from a bar she got drunk at immediately after leaving rehab, he finally tells her off: "Your addiction is not my fault. Go back to rehab, start over." And he hangs up on her and refuses to answer any more calls from her.
  • Fritz returns just in time to get one for his handling of a diplomat. The diplomat keeps invoking his right to immunity to circumvent any kind law-breaking, with the team helpless to stop him. Fritz in particular spends most of the episode trying to keep the peace and not upset the diplomat. But when said diplomat takes immunity as far as assualting his own daughter in the middle of the squad room, with a group of officers to witness, Fritz finally takes the man out in a satisfyingly violent way. And when the diplomat threatens repercussions, Fritz counters with deportment for committing a terrorist act inside an American Police Station.
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  • And then Fritz tops himself in "Two Options" when he leads a rescue of two kidnapped children, including a beautiful point blank headshot of the kidnapper. And pretty much secures his job offer as Deputy Chief of Special Operations Bureau.
  • In "Jane Doe #38B" Sharon gives Jack a choice between adopting Rusty with her or divorce. The whole scene is pretty much an Awesome Moment for Sharon, but in particular her response to Jack threatening to take half her savings and half her pension in a divorce:
    Sharon: So you're ready to pay me all of the back child support you owe me for the family you deserted?
    Jack: We were never divorced! Why do you think I owe you?
    Sharon: Would you like to experience firsthand what the court thinks of child abandonment? Go for it.
  • Sharon for the last five minutes of "Zoo Story". After Sharon sees the video of Rusty's mother asking her son to prostitute himself for bail money. Sharon calmly goes down to talk with her. Despite Rusty's mother pulling the sweet and happy act hoping that she is going to go to rehab and out of jail, Sharon joyfully tells her that her deal is to stay in prison for one solid year and if she uses even once she is getting all six years tacked right onto her sentence. Again trying to play the caring card she asks how Rusty would feel about this but Sharon will not have any of it leading her to curse at her and trying to guilt trip her. Sharon reminds her that "you are the one in a blue jumpsuit surrounded by guards, and I am getting up to go home". Sharon then just walks out of there as Rusty's mother has what could be akin to a Villainous Breakdown.
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  • At an arraignment, a member of a Neo-Nazi group snaps at Sharon about her chances against his team. He points to Taylor (who is in uniform as usual) and says that "by the time you figure that out he'll be in charge." Taylor flatly tells the punk "I already am."
  • After shooting a Neo-Nazi who was going on a rampage in a courthouse and had fatally shot Taylor, Sharon tells Provenza that "I took a man's life today and I have yet to find a single shred of regret at that."

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