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  • The mid-surgery confrontation with the Anti-Villain doctor in "Heart Attack." In just one scene, he establishes himself as an underrated Magnificent Bastard by casually shooting down all of Brenda and co.'s attempts to arrest him before he's finished, and Shut Up, Kirk!-ing them whenever they try to Kirk Summation him for his Vigilante Man actions. And in the end, he surrenders with a sense of satisfaction, and the cops are forced to let his stolen organs be used exactly how he intended (i.e., to save innocent lives at the expense of Asshole Victim lives).
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  • In "The Big Picture", Brenda is told that the man responsible for the murder of two young women is a mob informant for the FBI and thus protected. In an interrogation, Brenda lets it known to the guy and his mob lawyer they know his connection. Realizing what will happen if his bosses find out, the guy tries to confess...only for his lawyer to give him an "air-tight alibi" that Brenda says is too convincing so they can't hold him. The lawyer drags the guy out as he practically begs Brenda to throw him in jail and the cops know the guy will "be dead when he leaves the building." When Pope asks Brenda if it was worth it, she just shows the picture of one of the victims as answer.
  • At the climax of "Good Housekeeping", a young man who murdered a little girl flees to Mexico and is arrested there. Brenda heads there, giving the guy a chance after chance to confess to the killing but he refuses. Sighing, Brenda then shows how the girl was born in Mexico, making her a Mexican citizen so the Federales have first crack at him. In other words, the guy is about to go to a Mexican prison as a known child molester which is akin to a death sentence.
    • It gets better. The perp is refusing every pressure to confess, then Brenda says that they will waive extradition from Mexico if he will just tell her what happened, so she can have some sort of closure. He does, figuring it won't matter since the can't bring him back to America to face prosecution. Once he is done, that's when she shows the documentation that he had murdered a Mexican citizen, to which he has just confessed in front of a room of Mexican police. He then begs for her to take him back to the States, to which she replies it is too late now.
    Brenda: It's too late Austin. We already agreed to everything.
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  • In "Death Warrant" we see just why Cpt. Raydor was appointed as Brenda's successor as, shotgun in hand, she confronts a fleeing perp. These (very glorious) events follow:
    Raydor: I got him!
    [the guy stops and turns around]
    Perp: What are you gonna do, lady? Shoot me?
    [Sharon nails him in the head with a beanbag round]
    Tao: HOLY CRAP! You got him right between the eyes!
    Raydor: Lucky shot. The recoil on these beanbag guns is awful.
    [Tao, Sanchez, and Gabriel stare at her with amazement as she saunters away]
  • Buzz, of all people, gets a passing one in "Fresh Pursuit". Yeah, Buzz, almost-never-seen-outside-of-the-viewing-room-Buzz. Unlike the multiple cops that searched the suspect, Buzz notices the gun that perp in the interview room pulls out . . . and is about to use it to kill Brenda. Without Buzz's quick warning, the guy may well have killed her instead of himself. Very subtle, very awesome.
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  • Early on, there's a scene where Brenda finds herself alone with the killer. After being hit repeatedly by a cattle prod, she still manages to shoot him—repeatedly. Then she grabs her recorder and tries to get a confession from the dying man. The bad guy grabs his prod again, and she ends up shooting him again—but still feels like she's failed for not "closing" the case. Wow.
  • "Go slack."

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