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Gabriel will die in season 7.
It's been established that not everyone will survive to the end of the series. Sanchez is the show's go-to punching bag and it would be excessive to kill him off, Flynn survived a stabbing in season 6, Provenza and Tao are in the dangerous situations slightly less often. This season will shake up the entire chain of command (even more after Chief Delk had a stroke), and Gabriel has been built up as Brenda's successor— yet it's Captain Raydor who's getting a spin-off.
  • Given that he might possibly have leaked something about the Baylor case he might just be fired. Or Redemption Equals Death
  • He's not returning in the spin-off. Shit, this is going to get ugly.
Shall we open the guessing on the Mole source of the leak?
It's hard to believe that any of our lovely main characters could leak information to the enemy. Let's start guessing who's gonna get derailed! Of course, there are tons of reasons why our True Companions would never sell each other out, but here are the basic reasons why we don't think each person could do it . . .
  • Too frickin' loyal: Gabriel's devoted to his chief though the betrayal of her "favorite" would provide maximum angst, he's not returning in the spin-off, and the above WMG presents a likely case, and Sanchez has his whole "street justice, no ratting" code. Fritz goes without saying, not to mention Pope. Even if Raydor was willing to sell out Brenda, she's too devoted to her job—on top of which, she's discussed the leak in private with Goldman, which would be pointless if she were the leak.
    • May seem like a "easy way out", but Gabriel has been sharing how much exactly with his lawyer girlfriend?
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    • Easy way out, yes . . . but this is it. Note that this still causes significant angst.
  • Don't know enough: Buzz and Morales find out things too slowly/not at all to be an effective Mole.
  • Provenza and Flynn: Loyal to the badge, abide by the thin blue line . . . pick your euphemism, these two are cops through and through.
  • Tao: C'mon, Tao? Levelheaded, friendly nice guy? No way.
  • Taylor: Loves his job too much to pull something like this.
  • In short, there's really no way this Mole arc is going to end well . . .

Endgame Scenarios
As it is, with only a couple episodes to go we have two scenarios:

Happy Ending: Pope isn't gonna be full police chief, Brenda is getting the job.

  • J.K. Simmons is not (yet?) listed as part of Major Crimes
  • Fritz Howard will be a recurring Character.
  • Assuming no breakup or separation this means Brenda will be in the area, maybe just as The Ghost aside from season finales or something like it.
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  • Alternatively: Brenda gets to be Assistant Chief. Might just be an editing choice, but Taylor is still credited as "Commander" on The Other Wiki.
Downer Ending: Brenda quits. No ideas for more than the fact that her father is probably dying and it all going downward from there.
  • May be done to hype the "What after this?!" for the spinoff.
  • Oh dear. It now seems her father was a Red Herring—her mother is now dead.

The events of Revolution left the cast of this show without a job.
The cast first had to survive the chaos of the blackout. Then they had to figure out what they were going to do with the situation. A number of them could have decided to become sheriffs of several towns across the USA.

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