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  • One for the show itself, with Harold Perrineau's portrayal of Desna's autistic brother Dean. His character is portrayed incredibly realistically, and is never used for laughs or treated as anything negative.
  • Desna rescuing Virginia from Roller and attempting to drown him. Of course, this is slightly mitigated by coming after she, Polly, Jennifer and Quiet Ann all attacked Virginia earlier in the episode for going behind her back and sleeping with Roller in the first place...
    • And Virginia pays her right back by shooting and apparently killing Roller when he gets the upper hand on her.
  • Polly threatening Virginia and saying that if she gets Desna in trouble, she will personally skin Virginia alive... all while offering her a cupcake.
    Polly: You know, it wouldn’t take but a minute to peel a bitty thing like you. Now, take a seat like a lady. I hope you like vanilla frosting. It’s organic.

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