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  • Dean telling Roller very matter-of-factly that Virginia is now his girlfriend.
    Dean: We had sex.
    Virginia: *Spit Take*
    Desna: What?!
    Dean: And - and she had an orgasm. She'd never had one before. With anyone.
  • Everyone's reaction to Virginia telling Desna that Dean needs to be "let off his leash" - Ann has to hold Desna back while Polly takes Virginia away, saying "Let's go outside and enjoy the sunshine on what may be your last day on earth!"
    • Interestingly enough, Desna learning to let Dean go and experience life with Virginia actually ends up doing him a world of good.
  • Jenn and Desna talking about Jenn's weight:
    Jenn: Y'all don't know what it's like to lose baby weight!
    Desna: Are you still on that? Girl, your "baby" is four!
    Jenn: ...that's hurtful.
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  • Virginia blurts that she's pregnant with Dean's child. The others immediately tell her "run, run now." Sure enough, we see Virgina racing around the parking lot as a furious Desna chases her.
  • The gang try to shoot a TV ad. Enter Polly dressed like a 1930s movie director, complete with cap and scarf. Desna just gives her a look and shakes her head to let her go on.
  • Ann is having a bad day when she joins her family for dinner out. She tokes up midway through it and blurts out her brother is gay. She's thrown when her parents say they don't care and rants on how they turned on her when she came out. Her mother snaps they "turned on her" when she went to jail and "who cares if he's gay? I'm gay! Your father is gay!" Ann and her brother just stare in shock as it turns out their parents have been each other's "beards" for years as a cover ("you really think Lucia is your aunt?")
  • Naturally, Polly treats her stay at a sanitarium like it's a resort, complete with telling nurses that she doesn't need "turn-down service."
    • Polly tries to escape by tying her bedsheets together to climb down and finds herself hanging twenty feet in the air. Finding her, a nurse rolls her eyes and reminds Polly this is a voluntary facility and she can just leave whenever she wants.
  • Polly confesses how she helped kill the governor while Desna blurts she's under orders to kill Melba.
    Polly: Wow, this murder thing is trending.

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