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Season 1:

     Episode 2 
  • While Father Delgado is giving a sermon, all of the attending teens have their heads down and their hands close together, as if in prayer. When it shows the teens, it turns out that they are praying to the god of teenagers...their cellphones.

     Episode 3 
  • Tyrone needs a very specific set of herbs for a cleansing bath. He asks if he's meant to go forage in the woods for them and the priestess responds that there's a place where he can easily get all of them. Cut to Tyrone holding a Whole Foods bag.

    Episode 4 
  • When Tyrone and Tandy touch, they're blasted to opposite sides of the church. They have to yell at each other because, well, they're at opposite sides of the church.
  • Tandy describes the release of summoning her light daggers as like sex. She doesn't notice Tyrone's awkward silence.

    Episode 5 
  • During his championship game, Tyrone accidentally teleports the basketball into the middle of a Roxxon party Tandy is attending. Everyone on both sides is just as confused as you'd expect.
  • Tyrone's various descriptors for Tandy's abilties: "Knife-thingy", "hopey-touchy thing".

    Episode 6 
  • Tyrone and Tandy trying to corrupt each other.
  • Tandy: "Judge less or leave more."

    Episode 7 
  • Tyrone talking at Tandy when she tricks him into leaving Ivan's mind without her.
    Tyrone: Why are you such a good liar?
  • Tandy pulling a headshot on one of the hostile apparitions behind Tyrone. She makes no big deal of it and goes back to throwing cards in a hat, while Tyrone is utterly stunned.
  • Tyrone realizing just how ridiculous his life has become while explaining to Tandy she's stuck in a scientists' head.
    Tyrone: You're stuck in the mind of an insane catatonic mud man!
    Tandy: What's so bad about that?
    Tyrone: Everything! Everything I just said in that sentence is- is ridiculous!
    • Tandy's Motive Rant about staying in Ivan's mind so she can call her dad over and over is drama, but the way she puts it is a hilarious inversion of Bread Milk Eggs Squick
      Tandy: Here I have my stuff. I have my cards. I have my hat to throw 'em into. I have the monsters that stop by, and I have my phone, and once everything resets again I'll have my dad too.
  • Then everything resets again with Tyrone, Tandy, and Ivan in the office. Ivan immediately notices the pair glaring at each other and responds appropriately.
    Ivan: You know, maybe I better... [leaves the room]
    • During the next reset:
      Ivan: [sighs] I'm sensing some aggression between you two. [Tyrone and Tandy continue glaring at each other) You know what? Never mind. [walks out as the alarms sound off]
  • Tandy eventually gets so fed up with Tyrone's interference that she actually starts throwing daggers at him. Luckily, he keeps teleporting out of harm's way. At first he responds with:
    Tyrone: Are you kidding me right now!?

    Episode 8 
  • Tyrone is not happy when Tandy shows up at his house. She is dismissive.
    Tandy: Parents love me.
    Tyrone: [rolls eyes] Of course they do.
  • Tyrone tries to explain his plan to Fuchs and O'Reilly.
    Tyrone: Have neither of you read "Tell-Tale Heart"?
    Fuchs: Yeah. In high school... Okay, maybe it was the abridged version.
    Tyrone: It's a short story.

    Episode 10 
  • More of a meta example: After an entire season of half the fandom hating on Evita for standing in the way of Tyrone and Tandy getting together, Tandy herself comes out as a Shipper on Deck for Tyrone and Evita. One can only imagine Joe Pokaski is deliberately trolling the fandom.
  • Tandy's banter in the middle of a hostage situation.
    Tandy: Clever, your water delivery getup.
    Water Bottle Girl: Use what you can to survive, right?
    Tandy: Well, then I suggest you use those sensible shoes and get out of my mother's home.
    Water Bottle Girl: Read the room, princess. I kind of hold all the cards.
    Tandy: Maybe I have a few up my sleeves. [holds up hands] Scarborough didn't tell you about me, did he? That makes sense. He's a need-to-know kind of guy. And this, I'm assuming, is his need to clean up everyone who knows too much about that rig.
    Water Bottle Girl: Don't move, I'm serious!
    Tandy: About what? I'm unarmed.
  • Tyrone meeting his father while on the run:
    Otis: You looking for this?
    Tyrone: I— I already know what you're gonna say.
    Otis: You have no idea what I'm going to say. 'Cuz I have no idea.
  • Reference roulette:
    Tandy: What's so important down there?
    Peter Scarborough: Power. And with great power comes even more power. In this day and age, you need to keep up with the Joneses. As well as the Starks and the Rands.
  • Connors' reaction to seeing Tyrone and O'Reilly together:
    Detective Connors: Well! If it isn't the Gaslighting gang, all together again. [details plan taking place under cover of Mardi Gras] It's mayhem, O'Reilly.
  • With Tyrone doubting that he can control his powers without Billy's cloak, Tandy gives him a You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech where she calls him a "baller lady-killer". Considering that at the start of the season, Tyrone was painfully incapable of talking to women, Tyrone has either changed far more than shown during the season, or Tandy just gave the MCU's biggest Motivational Lie since Nick Fury used Phil Coulson's Captain America cards.
  • Connors corners Tyrone and Tandy.
    Tyrone: You really gonna try to shoot at me again?
    Connors: No, fool me thrice... Your little sidepiece though, [points gun at Tandy] I'm guessing she doesn't travel as light as you. [moments later, has Tandy's knife at his neck]
    Tandy: No, she doesn't.

Season 2:

     Episode 1 
     Episode 8 
  • In order to save Ty from death, Tandy has to play a game with Baron Samedi. Samedi's game of choice? A crappy retro beat-em-up where Ty and Tandy are two teens injected with "radioactive heroin" trying to chase after a guy named "D'Spayre". Tandy repeatedly lampshades how ridiculous the whole thing is.
    • Made funnier by the fact it's more or less recreating their original comics origin. Yes, including the "radioactive heroin".


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