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Tear Jerker / Cloak & Dagger (2018)

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Season 1:

    Episode 1 
  • The respective deaths of Tandy's father and Tyrone's brother. Both of their deaths unravel their families' lives in irrevocable ways.

    Episode 2 

    Episode 3 
  • Ultimately, what Tyrone wants most is just to have his brother back.
  • Tandy choosing to stay and try and fight for herself just as the investigation into her attempted rape gets shut down. Watching O'Reilly tell her this is what's saddest about this moment.
  • During the journey through their minds, we get a look at what Tandy and Tyrone really think of themselves, represented by younger versions of themselves. Tyrone is given endless checks but he keeps crying because he doesn't feel like he deserves any of it and every good thing just makes him feel more guilty. Tandy gives out drugs to people, steadily killing them while they smile at her, representing her self-image of dealing out death and pain to everyone around her.

    Episode 4 
  • In the final scenes watching Tandy desperately sorting pills and clamping headphones down over her ears, just trying to block out the feelings after watching Greg die and hearing her mother trying to call him despite breaking up with him.
    "I was scared. And stupid."

    Episode 6 
  • Tyrone weeping over Duane and Tandy unable to comfort him.
    • Making it sadder is that Duane was one of Tyrone’s few connections to his brother Billy.

    Episode 7 
  • Tandy hearing her Dad's voice on the phone. It makes her cry as well as the audience.
  • Tyrone admitting that he's forgotten the sound of his brother's voice.
    • Later, him and Tandy listening to an old recording of the two of them. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • The question and response that proves to Tandy that what she's experiencing isn't real:
    Tandy: Who's in the back seat of your car?
    Fake!Nathan: Nobody.

    Episode 8 
  • Tandy going through her mother's memory and finding out that her father, rather than being an innocent family man, was actually a Domestic Abuser who hit and terrorized her mother over minor things and who her mother had to shield her from.
  • The night Billy died, Tyrone was so terrified that he slept at the end of his parents' bed, afraid that he'd lose them too.

    Episode 10 
  • The fate of all previous Divine Pairings, with one dying each time. The most tragic is the first recorded, before New Orleans was even conceived: a little girl no older than ten drowning herself to save her people.
  • Even though the ending is happy overall, Tyrone is still on the run and blamed for Fuchs' murder. His mother gets some consolation out of the fact that he's safe, at least. But when Otis first finds him and tells him to run as far away as he can, you can just see how all their Adult Fear has come to the surface.

Season 2:

    Episode 1 

    Episode 2 

    Episode 3 
  • Seeing what was left of the girls inside even after being taken by the gang slavers. Just fear and a small girl curled up and crying where hope should be.


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