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Recap / Cloak & Dagger (2018)

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    Season 1
♫ Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me... ♫
"Every time the city’s been struck with a catastrophe, it’s always come down to two people. My auntie calls them, 'The Divine Pairing'. It’s always two since the stories began."
Evita Fusilier

  1. "First Light"
  2. "Suicide Sprints"
  3. "Stained Glass"
  4. "Call/Response"
  5. "Princeton Offense"
  6. "Funhouse Mirrors"
  7. "Lotus Eaters"
  8. "Ghost Stories"
  9. "Back Breaker"
  10. "Colony Collapse"

    Season 2
"You have a wounded soul. All that you've been through. But if you let those wounds become scars, you're gonna look at yourself one day and not recognise what you see."
Evita Fusilier

  1. "Restless Energy"
  2. "White Lines"
  3. "Shadow Selves"
  4. "Rabbit Hold"
  5. "Alignment Chart"
  6. "B Sides"
  7. "Vikingtown Sound"
  8. "Two Player"
  9. "Blue Note"
  10. "Level Up"


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