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Nightmare Fuel / Cloak & Dagger (2018)

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Season 1:

    Episode 2 
  • Tyrone's vision of his mother's fears. First of all, the ambience, with the lights flickering and the supermarket just disappearing into nowhere, and then with his mother visibly trembling and terrified even when nothing seems to be wrong. Then Billy (shown as a young child), runs ahead and gets shot offscreen, followed by a young Ty as their mother pleads for them to come back but is powerless to do anything but flinch as they're killed. Then she runs the corner, and there's two fresh graves with her sons' names on them. This is definitely a Truth in Television moment for many black parents.

    Episode 3 
  • Being a journey through Tyrone's and Tandy's psyches, this episode is chock full of disturbing imagery. Little Tandy is nearly electrocuted. Tyrone kills Connors in several different ways, but each time is pursued by police at one point being hung by a mob wielding torches. Tandy's father is tied to a chair in a board meeting and then drowned by the other members while her mother watches on, and Tandy drowns in mud as she tries to flee. A cute little girl hands out pills for communion which the smiling church members take and then die from.

    Episode 5 
  • Scarborough's lovely bright dream about killing his employees and first responders, taking tons of money off their corpses, and smiling while he does it.

    Episode 6 
  • Invoked when Tyrone finally weaponizes his fear powers on a drug runner. The result looks like something straight out of a horror movie, and by the end of it the guy's a wreck.
    • Word of God actually makes things much worse. After the episode aired, Joe Pokaski was interviewed and said that thing in the mask and cloak wasn't just any old fear. It was the MCU's version Mister Jip! For those not familiar with the comics, Mister Jip is Cloak's Arch-Enemy, trying to take over his body to keep himself alive.

    Episode 7 
  • The reason the oil rig exploded wasn't because of a lack of safety features. It was because everyone except Ivan Hess was driven insane by exposure to whatever they were drilling for, almost certainly the Darkforce. Ivan theorizes that when exposed to the Darkforce, they were shown their greatest fears (one of Tyrone's powers), which turned them into homicidal maniacs.

    Episode 8 
  • Being a little kid and having to deal with the fact that people you loved and who loved you died right in front of you.
  • Coming home one day and finding the body of someone you love and knowing they died to get to you.

    Episode 9 
  • Tandy has discovered that while she's in someone else's dreams, she can take away the objects of their hope, and it gives her pleasure. Given that she is a drug addict, she naturally abuses the hell out of this ability.
  • Both Tyrone and Adina Johnson make valid points about the nature of fear. Adina's fear was always for Tyrone, which led to her and Otis looking the other way when they could have backed Tyrone up in his claims that Billy was murdered. Tyrone makes the same point that if that keeps being allowed and people just buckled under their own Nightmare Fuel the world will never get any better.
  • The reason Adina and Otis never backed up their Tyrone’s claim that Billy was murdered by a cop was because of the Adult Fear that if they did the police would just find some way to eliminate the other only known witness and it comes true when the NOPD pins officer Fuch's murder on him and try to arrest (or possibly even kill) him

    Episode 10 
  • While there's no question he thoroughly deserved it, Tyrone accidentally assimilating Connors into a shadow fear dimension is incredibly disturbing.
  • Another Asshole Victim: Tandy locks Scarborough inside his own head, recreating the catatonic state Ivan was in. Although Ivan was just reliving a moment in time, it's entirely possible that Tandy removed all of Scarborough's hopes as well.
  • The Stinger gives us the resurrected O'Reilly, staring right at the audience with eerie pale eyes.

Season 2:

    Episode 1 

    Episode 2 

    Episode 3 
  • The reality of modern day slave trafficking and what it does to the people caught up in it.

    Episode 5 
  • Connors' new nightmare after being in the Darkforce Dimension for a while - being stuck at the scene of Billy's death and trying to put handcuffs on himself, only for the handcuffs to break and fall at his feet. And the broken handcuffs don't disappear, they pile up. And there's a lot of them.
  • Tandy learns that Nia is the one who sent Mikayla off to be trafficked... just in time for Nia to tase her and load her into an ambulance...


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