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Recap / Runaways (2017)

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    Season 1
"They're teenagers. The last thing they're interested in is what their parents are up to."
"We do some P.I. work and let cooler heads prevail. Hopefully in a couple hours we know that our parents are just weird, and not killers."
Alex Wilder

  1. "Reunion"
  2. "Rewind"
  3. "Destiny"
  4. "Fifteen"
  5. "Kingdom"
  6. "Metamorphosis"
  7. "Refraction"
  8. "Tsunami"
  9. "Doomsday"
  10. "Hostile"

    Season 2
Nico: They're our parents. How can they be such monsters?
Karolina: Hey. We're not them. We're better. We can fix the world that they broke.

  1. "Gimmie Shelter"
  2. "Radio On"
  3. "Double Zeros"
  4. "Old School"
  5. "Rock Bottom"
  6. "Bury Another"
  7. "Last Rites"
  8. "Past Life"
  9. "Big Shot"
  10. "Hostile Takeover"
  11. "Last Waltz"
  12. "Earth Angel"
  13. "Split Up"

    Season 3
"You don't want to lose Nico to the darkness. But the thing is, she's been mine for a long time."
Morgan le Fay


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