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Heartwarming / Runaways (2017)

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Season 1

     Episode 1 - Reunion 
  • By the end of the episode, the kids eventually reunite after Alex sent them their photo together with Amy.

     Episode 2 - Rewind 
  • Gert letting Molly into her bed while she sings her to sleep. Under the caustic words and insecurity is a good big sister.

     Episode 4 - Fifteen 
  • The different teens supporting one-another. There's Gert spending time with Karolina and supporting her as they dig into whether or not their parents are innocent and legitimately bonding over Karolina's religion after Gert had previously mocked it, Chase choosing to quit the lacrose team rather than brush aside his teammates' rape attempt and finally telling Karolina about it (who in turn, shows him her newly discovered powers), and Alex, after previously trying to talk her out of it, going out to support Nico at the police station even while he thinks its a bad idea to go to the police.

     Episode 5 - Kingdom 
  • The team finally all find out about each other's powers, and spend a while just gushing over how cool they all are, exactly like you'd expect from a group of teens.
    Karolina: I didn't want you guys to think I was a freak.
    Nico: I think we all score high on the Freak-O-Meter.

     Episode 6 - Metamorphosis 
  • Even with Frank Dean's Former Child Star status, mothers at Karolina's school still ask for his picture and autograph.

     Episode 8 - Tsunami 
  • When Jonah tries to sacrifice Janet to save Victor, Robert grabs a Fistigon and climbs into the box himself. Then Tina destroys the box to stop him.

     Episode 9 - Doomsday 
  • Doubling as a Moment of Awesome, Eiffel, after pretty much being the Alpha Bitch to everybody except for Chase, finally gets told off by Gert.
  • It's hard to say which is cuter: Molly kissing Old Lace on the nose, or Old Lace letting Molly kiss her.
  • After almost a whole season of watching Gert pine for Chase, thinking he didn't see her, it's super heartwarming when Chase tells her that he always saw her as they were about to make love.
  • Karolina works up the nerve to kiss Nico. Who kisses her back.

     Episode 10 - Hostile 
  • Nico helps Gert and Chase patch up their relationship by cutting through the bullshit and just telling them both how the other feels. Gert and Chase are later seen holding hands while asleep.
  • After Karolina is taken captive, Alex suggests leaving her behind, not thinking they're in any shape to mount a rescue. Nico refuses to give in on this, however, and ends up talking the group into breaking into the Church of Gibborim and rescuing her.
  • Seeing Karolina and Nico beginning to act like a couple of Sickeningly Sweethearts in a nervous-around-my-crush kind of way whenever they're together is just bursting with Awwwww!
  • Old Lace following the Runaways even after Gert shooed her away for her own safety. That dinosaur is as loyal as a dog.
    • Becomes even more heartwarming when Gert finds her hiding—her whole face just lights up with joy when she sees her.
  • Gert instinctively moving to grab Molly's hand and support her when the news broadcast at the bus station claims that she's been abducted and the other kids are responsible. Despite everything, they're a lot closer than they appear at first blush.

Season 2

     Episode 1 - Gimmie Shelter 
  • After Graciela's death, the runaways decide to have a funeral for her in the homeless encampment. Cue dozens of homeless people showing up to add things to the altar.
  • All of the runaways doing their best to take care of Molly after Graciela's death.
  • This exchange:
    Molly: Everything's been taken away from me. I have nothing.
    Nico: You have us.

    Episode 2 - Radio On 

  • Chase and Gert finally talk about what's been bothering her; she was worried that their fling at the dance was a one-time thing. Chase assures her it wasn't. And when she says she really can't handle sex right now due to all the stress and lack of her meds, he tells her it's fine.
  • After their fight earlier in the episode, Nico and Karolina make up at the end, and decide to share a room.



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