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Awesome / Runaways (2017)

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The most badass group of teens you'll ever meet. (Well, besides those other guys). Not shown: the dinosaur
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Season 1

    Episode 1 - Reunion 

  • Molly's first deliberate use of her Super Strength, to which she reacts with all the sheer joy you'd expect of a young teen who just discovered they have superpowers.
  • Chase rescues an unconscious Karolina from a pair of rapists at a party.

    Episode 4 - Fifteen 

  • Chase's response to when one of Karolina's would-be rapists remarks that Chase busted his rib? "Good thing you have twenty-three more!" followed by another beat down. At the school.
  • Old Lace pounces on Molly and knocks her to the floor. She responds by kicking the dinosaur that came completely out of nowhere right into the ceiling. She was ready to punch it in the face for good measure before Gert showed up.

    Episode 5 - Kingdom 

  • Molly, Karolina, Chase, and Nico all showing each other their powers for the first time while saving Alex.
    Gert: What is happening right now?
    Nico: I think we're kicking ass!
  • A meta-Moment of Awesome for Julian McMahon, who is finally able to play a good Marvel antagonist after a forgettable stint as Doctor Doom.

    Episode 6 - Metamorphosis 

  • The reveal that Karolina can fly. The whole thing ends up playing off as a Superman-esque scene, changing what was almost pure Nightmare Fuel for Chase into both of their awe and amazement at Karolina's new abilities.

    Episode 9 - Doomsday 

  • Eiffel was selling tickets to the school dance; when Alex lingered at the booth, she told him to leave because someone like him shouldn't go to dances; she tries to flirt with Chase by offering him a free ticket and a dance; she tells Karolina that if she goes to the dance, she could probably sleep with the water-polo team, slut-shaming her again for allegedly sleeping with multiple members of the lacrosse team (when in reality it was a rape attempt). The awesome part comes when Gert calls her a hateful bitch and tells her that they'll take five tickets. After this girl had been mean to everyone but Chase, really, it was great to see someone finally tell her off.
  • In her most impressive feat of strength to date, Molly pushes a semi truck into a huge hole in the ground.

    Episode 10 - Hostile 
  • You got to give it to the kids. Even when they realize that their parents outclass and even after getting knocked down by Jonah the Runaways stand their ground.


Season 2

    Episode 01 - Gimmie Shelter 

  • Graciela getting the drop on the Yorkses with a shotgun while they're planning to wipe her memory and sending them scurrying to hide behind the couch. Never Mess with Granny!
  • Gertrude summoning Old Lace to take down the thief who stole Chase's gauntlets.

    Episode 03 - Double Zeros 

  • Alex using his cell phone to alert his friends he's been taken by his dad. The rescue that follows is also a crowning moment of awesome for the gang as we see them growing more comfortable as a fighting unit.

    Episode 05 - Rock Bottom 

  • Robert getting Jonah at his mercy by flooding the room with a radiation that weakens him. Even more awesome is Robert coming up with this idea by studying the bracelet Karolina wore to figure out what could hurt Jonah. Too bad Jonah's minions were waiting outside to come to his rescue.

    Episode 07 - Last Rites 
  • Nico riding out of the digsite on a freaking hurricane!
  • The kids and parents work together to destroy Jonah's ship and seemingly kill him.

    Episode 10 - Hostile Takeover 

    Episode 11 - Earth Angel 
  • Karolina, Leslie, and Susan escaping the Crater. Frank tries to stop them, but Karolina simply reveals her powers to the the Church – all of whom do, unlike Frank, truly believe in the Light. Frank is powerless to stop them leaving.

    Episode 13 - Split Up 
  • Alex getting one over on his parents by planting a gun Darius had used in a previous crime on them. Even better when he calls them out on their previous actions, telling them that no one made them kill any of the people they had killed.
  • When her powers are negated by one of Tina's devices, Nico decides to engage her parents in close quarters combat. She doesn't win but lands a few hits.


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