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Nightmare Fuel / Runaways (2017)

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Season 1

     Episode 1 - Reunion 

  • No matter how you slice it, the ending when the kids stumble on the human sacrifice ritual is played totally seriously and is completely horrifying, even more so without sound.
  • To anyone who has been in an abusive relationship, watching Victor interact with his family can make your blood run cold.
  • The runaway girl in the Cold Open is (seemingly) harassed by some Spanish-speaking men, who are then driven off by a van. A woman exits from the van and offers to help the girl. The girl accepts, she enters the van... and then we see exactly who the van belongs to. And of course, anyone who's read the comics beforehand knows exactly what's going to happen to that girl. Even worse? The men were trying to save her, heavily implying that this has happened before.
    Man: (subtitled) She would've been safer with us.

     Episode 2 - Rewind 

  • Just like in the first episode, the human sacrifice scene, except this time it's from the POV of Destiny, as we go through the last, utterly terrifying, moments of her life.

     Episode 4 - Fifteen 

  • Watching Dale and Stacey when they talk about not being able to find Old Lace really brings home the amount of mental baggage some of the adults are carrying as a result of their clandestine activities.
  • Made worse later when they're cut off from talking to Gert and Molly to see Tina, who they're both terrified of, who coldly and calmly warns them about how she knows of their plans to move away. Its clear that, even if they wanted out of the killing, they're too terrified of the Pride to resist.
  • After the failure of the last sacrifice, Victor resorts to whacking random people with a tire iron for a new one. Which everyone else (minus the absent Yorkes) seems perfectly fine with, putting the lie to their previous justification of giving a good last few months to people about to die anyway. Made even more disturbing is we see that Victor's first attempt was all in his head, showing just how unbalanced he is compared to the others.
  • Karolina getting the phone call about her mother being the one who picks the victims and most, if not all of them, coming from her church. Just after so much hope on her part that their parents were innocent, to have it dashed while watching her mother laugh happily by the pool with her father. And then during that call hear Alex's kidnapping, two adult fears shoved on her at once.

     Episode 6 - Metamorphosis 

  • Victor, the Domestic Abuser, continues to have at it by tapping his wife's phone and then going out of his way to cut her down and Robert in public. Janet's story here is that of an abused woman trying to escape and what plays out on the stage could easily be one of her worst nightmares.

     Episode 7 - Refraction 

  • Flashbacks prove that Victor has always been this for his son Chase. Imagine living in the kind of house where your father slams your head into a car window for the sin of mouthing off.
  • Victor just keeps ending up on this page by virtue of domestic abuse and all its wonderful sides. In this episode Chase and Janet experience one of the many honeymoon periods followed by Victor starting to slip near the end of the episode and culminating in him picking up the Fistgons and turning them on Chase for being disrespectful.

     Episode 8 - Tsunami 

  • Jonah shows just how ruthless he is when he tells PRIDE that if someone doesn't sacrifice themselves to revive Victor, then he'll kill all of them, and their children. After all this gets him is more arguing, Jonah makes the choice clear: either Janet will get in the box, or Chase will be put in the box.
    • PRIDE’s reaction to his threat. It manages to terrify even the most stoic members (Catherine, Tina, etc) of the group so much that they start yelling at each other, Catherine even orders Janet to get in the box and Dale pulls a gun on the group and attempts to force one of them to sacrifice themselves.
    • Nevermind how ruthless this makes him: who or what is Jonah? He said this straight to their faces and they react as though he really could kill them all on the spot. And considering what Tina is capable of with the Staff of One, there’s nothing that any of them could do to stop him.

     Episode 9 - Doomsday 

  • Tina's flashback of opening Amy's bedroom door and finding Jonah playing with her strikes Adult Fear in anyone who has an unstable friend or acquaintance that they don't want around their child.
  • Jonah stoically asking the parents if they know where their children are. Citing a time in the 60s when gang violence was so prevalent that the news would run the line "It's 10 pm, do you know where your children are?" The fact that Jonah might have lived through that is creepy in its own right.

     Episode 10 - Hostile 
  • Having to actively fight and try to hurt your own family, even in the face of their terrible actions and self-centered view of everything around them.
  • Simply being accused of something you didn't do is a horrifying thing on its own. It gets worse when you add in that ones own parents (who it should be noted are actually guilty) are the ones who made the accusations.
  • Leslie confesses to Tina and Robert that Amy was killed by Jonah for cracking into Wizard servers, and while she didn't know he would kill her, she covered up his actions once she added it up that he did. If Leslie didn't remind them that she's their leverage against Jonah, she would have been ripped apart by a very angry magician and her husband with their own bare hands.

Season 2

     Episode 11 - Last Waltz 
  • While it is probably the possession speaking out of her more than anything else, seeing Stacey so cold and uncaring is still pretty chilling. Particularly the way she announces her plan to let Old Lace lead her to her children and then kill her.


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