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    Canonicity of Tina Minoru's previous appearance 

  • Everyone keeps talking about how she "previously appeared" in Doctor Strange (2016), but here's the thing: her scene was cut from the final movie. I was wondering why I didn't remember actually seeing her in the film. Does an appearance left on the cutting room floor still "count"? Yes there's the tie-in comic, but how closely do showrunners take those into consideration?
    • Any lines she had may have been cut. But she and, more significantly, the Staff of One are clearly present in the immediate background of a few scenes. I pointedly noticed them the next time I watched the movie after Runaways had started airing. So, if the two productions are at contrary intentions, it's going to be a good old-fashioned Continuity Snarl whichever way it's addressed.
    • Could it be that another sorceress with a staff that looks similiar was in Doctor Strange (2016) and Tina Minoru and the Staff of One have only appeared in this show?
    • She is listed as Tina Minoru in the actual credits of the film, but if the MCU heads do decide to retcon her out of it, this could be one way to do so.
    • Word of God is that they're just ignoring it, since it was such a minor cameo.
    • Her role in the movie was so small that you could probably smooth out any inconsistencies with a little bit of Fan Wank.
    • Basically, yeah. They're ignoring it because they couldn't get it to, THAT Tina Minoru is just a wizard with a staff. (Alternately? Dimensoinal analogue)


    Does the show take place in the MCU? 

  • Most MCU tv series will make some reference to other shows/movies to show that they're all connected, even if it's just the occasional throwaway line. Here however, there's no indication that the show is set in the same universe as the other Marvel properties. You'd think Victor would mention having some sort of friendship or rivalry with Tony Stark given that they're professional equals who both live in LA; Tina and the Staff of One's properties seem to contradict her earlier appearance in Doctor Strange where she's explicitly a sorceress; and when Darius describes the kids' powers to his girlfriend, she reacts as if she's never heard of such things before even though the existence of superhumans has been common knowledge ever since The Incident.
    • Word of God has confirmed it is in the MCU.
    • There are references, but they're mostly minor implications. The tech level is higher than the real world and we see a house AI like JARVIS, the kids aren't surprised about superpowers (though of course they are surprised that they have them), so on. Victor never mentioning Stark can be explained due to him being an egotistical asshole so everyone knows better than to mention his chief rival, Tina's appearance here is technically a retcon, and powers are still rare enough that no one expects to run into them at the street level, hence Darius' girlfriend being skeptical.
    • More connections would certainly be nice, but the MCU isn't really that good about connecting the tv stuff to the movies. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is the only tv show that makes an effort to reference both the films and the Netflix "universe."
    • Actually, part of the premise of Daredevil was how day-to-day New Yorkers reacted to the alien invasion, and the Big Bad of Luke Cage was an illegal arms dealer selling salvaged Chitauri tech. The biggest disconnect is that the movies don't reference the shows at all, but this is reasonable since the movies are made to appeal to more casual audiences who would have no idea who, say, Claire Temple is. But the other shows still make references to other properties whereas this makes none.
      • Well considering that Jeph Loeb said that none of the characters are concerned with the stuff the other heroes are doing in the MCU, makes sense this wont reference the other shows considering what Jeph said, plus it makes sense, i mean would these kids be concerned about what SHIELD and the royal family are up too and they dont live anywhere near The Defenders, so yeah.
    • There is Stan Lee's "Watcher" character...
      • Stan shows up in non-MCU Marvel productions all the time, so that doesn't count for anything.
    • There's also the parents' reactions to Jonah being an alien. They claim they've made "first contact," something they wouldn't do if it took place in MCU due to the Battle of New York and the well-known figure of Thor.
      • We later learn that Jonah's been on Earth for centuries & that the Pride started working for him many years ago, before Thor's visit to New Mexico.
    • A seemingly-gratuitous Roxxon banner in season 2 helps connect the show.
    • Season 2 also has Alex mention Wakanda.
    Why Alex Didn't take the gun. 
  • Some people wonder why Alex didn't take the gun in episode 9, speculating that he is indeed a mole. However there is another reason: The teens think the parents are still in the dark (they don't learn Frank betrayed them until the next episode) and it's possible that he was worried they might check the drawer with the gun. The card was needed, or at least he believed it was, and if they were lucky he could replace it before it was missed but even if it was then Geoffrey could assume it had just been lost, it's a small card it happens, if he learns that the gun is gone he'd be more suspicious, and the missing card would be a key clue. Therefore it wasn't his effort to sabotage the crew, but to avoid exposing their activities.
  • Not to mention, Geoffrey states that the drawer with the gun in it was locked, which makes sense he would lock it after seeing Alex took it from the drawer before. That means Alex may not have been able to find the key to unlock it. And he chose to take the card because he felt it might be more useful.

    Who texted Jonah? 
  • In the finale Jonah received a text saying "mission accomplished" directly after the kids rescue Karolina. The obvious theory is that it reveals a mole in the Runaways, whether Alex or one of the others, but what if it isn't, My theory is that it's the cop on the payroll of PRIDE. Hear me out. We know the corrupt cop was responsible for framing the kids, the editing implies it's Geoffrey who orders it but earlier in the episode PRIDE ruled out going to the cops, and they are worried about the kids' safety, so why frame them for murder? Furthermore all but Frank and Victor turned on Jonah, and have no animosity, on their side at least, so they wouldn't want to antagonize them, but to Jonah they are in his way, and we all know what happened to Amy.
    • Season 2 confirms it was Karolina, but then the mole ends up being nobody. All 5 of the older kids end up contacting their parents at some point, but none of them betray the group. Even when Chase moves back in with his parents & agrees to help PRIDE, he still doesn't give up the location of the Hostel, nor does take any action to hurt or capture the others.
    • Could it possibly be Frank Dean who texted Jonah? I ask because he ends up meeting Jonah in the next scene. Also, it makes sense that Jonah would have him listed as Unknown because he and Jonah only started working together in the episode before that, as it was Dean who gave up the kids knowing the truth about how their parents, as well as their location at the dig site. Maybe Frank had been watching Leslie, and Jonah had sent him to watch her because he had suspicions that she was going to betray him. And since we find out Leslie had Vaungh help the kids escape from the church, it could be Frank sending the confirmation of Jonah's suspicions.

Also it'd take maybe 24 hours to confirm evidence implicating a group of teenagers in a murder, not long enough for Geoffrey's call to have got that result (it takes 48 hours to confirm someone's missing, one call and the cops are after some kids? I don't think so.) however between the rescue and the ending it's at least one night. After all they already use the "Alex is a mole in the comics" thing to bait and switch us elsewhere in the finale, when he calls Darius and we're supposed to think it's his dad. "Mission accomplished" could mean he'd planted the evidence. Who do you think sent the text, and why?(Also someone move this if it belongs in WMG)

  • The Pride owns Flores; they can get him to do anything he has the legal authority for.

     How does nobody notice Leslie's pregnancy 
  • By the time she's announced it, shes clearly pretty well along and has a bump. I get that people were busy, but seriously, NOBODY noticed?

    Why not just send Victor to the hospital? 
  • The only reason criminals avoid hospitals is because they have to contact the police. However, PRIDE has the police under their control so they don't have to worry about that.


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