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  • After giving Dr. Leighton a dressing down for endangering a patient due to his instinct being wrong, Dr. Taylor tries to cheer him up by relaying one of his own mistakes: accidentally amputating the wrong testicle.
  • Leighton and Savetti have a mock sword fight with pieces of rebar they just removed from a patient's thigh.
  • During a particularly tense moment in the Pilot, Jesse takes a minute to give Malaya a pep talk and ends up serenading her with "Holding Out For A Hero".
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  • "Hail Mary" - NFL wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. (appearing As Himself) awkwardly holding a baby while an excited Jesse points him out to Leanne, who apparently has little interest in football and no idea who Odell Beckham Jr. is.
  • Also in "Hail Mary": Jesse, holding the baby, comes up to the counter looking for the baby's bottle while Christa and Malaya are discussing their case. Christa, whose mom instincts are apparently still strong, grabs the bottle and hands it to Jesse without breaking off her conversation with Malaya or even so much as looking in Jesse's direction.
  • In the Season 2 premier, "Second Year," Angus and Malaya recognize new first-year resident Charlotte as the actress who played "Jessamine" in the ''Artemis'' movie franchise. Their excited Squeeing puzzles Mario, who's never seen the movies and doesn't recognize Charlotte.
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  • Dr. Guthrie has to try and treat a man who tried to propose by putting the engagement ring on his penis. The humor comes from the fact that the man's fiancee is nearby berating the man for his stupidity.

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