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This WMG page is for theories pertaining specifically to Stone Ocean. For theories regarding the series as a whole, click here. For theories for other parts, visit one of the following pages:

At the end of Stone Ocean...
Irene has a jar of plankton given to her by her father that she takes care of as pets. They are the AU version of Foo Fighters, thus ensuring that the whole group is still together even after Made in Heaven.

Araki wrote Stone Ocean as an attempt to get out of Shonen Jump
Parts 7 and 8 are published in a seinen magazine, and are on a monthly schedule, with better art, less monster-of the week fights, and more tightly written stories. I think it's possible Araki wrote all sorts of very not-for-kids content into part 6 just to get out of a Shonen magazine. For example, the arc starts with the main character talking about a guard seeing her masturbating.
  • Jokes about sexuality aren't as shocking to Japanese audiences as they are to American ones. Compare part 6 to something like Platinum End, which runs under Shonen Jump's shonen label, and it seems very unlikely that Araki was trying to run any Springtime for Hitler shenanigans.

Jolyne's last name is spelled Cujoh instead of Kujo due to immigration.
Since she's American and Jotaro is Japanese when the move to America occurred, the name was changed. As many immigrant families know, immigration sometimes alters names either purposely or through mistake. So while Jolyne's last name was supposed to be Kujo, immigration messed up and it became Cujoh.
  • Confirmed

Jolyne's mom was a Zeppeli.
Jotaro was said to marry an Italian-American woman, and true to Zeppeli family tradition, Jolyne gave her own life to rescue her only remaining friend from danger.

Part 6 was set in 2012 for a reason.
The now inaccurate Mayan calendar reset itself in 2012. Much of the same can be said to what happens at the end of Part 6.
  • Part 6 takes place in 2011, and the Mayan calendar just stops in 2012.

In the anime adaptation, one of the ending songs will be "To the Moon and Back" by Savage Garden.
  • Listen to the song and tell me it doesn't make you think of Jolyne. To go more into detail, some of the lyrics kind of fit Stone Ocean's story.
    • "She's taking her time" - Song is about a girl, "time" could be referring to time in prison
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    • "Momma never loved her much and daddy never keeps in touch" - Jolyne's estranged relationship with her parents. (Moreso with Jotaro though.)
    • "Somewhere in a private place" - Burning Down the House.
    • "She packs her bags for outer space" - Part 6's space themes, such as Planet Waves, the Kennedy Space Center, or...C-Moon and Made in Heaven, maybe Jolyne during the final fight with Pucci knows he's unbeatable and just desires Suicide by Cop from him.
    • "Waiting for the right kind of pilot to come" - Could be referring to Weather or Annasui, two men who show some affection for her. Could also refer to the Pucci statement above.
    • "Got a ticket for a world where we all belong" - This would could be either outside the prison...Or the new universe at the end of Part 6.
    • "All her friends, well they've been trialed for treason and crimes that were never defined" - Hermes, Annasui, Weather, F.F., and just the other prisoners in general.
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    • "And send a signal she's hanging all her hopes on the stars" - Could refer to two things: 1. Her "I want the see the starlight" line, and/or 2: The signal could refer to the carrier pigeon (ironically named Savage Garden), and "hanging her hopes on the stars" could mean she's basically putting faith in her Joestar bloodline.

Enrico Pucci will be whitewashed in the Stone Ocean anime

Manga with dark skinned or canonically "Black" character tend to end up with a lighter skin tone when presented to an anime audience. Japan stigmatizes darker skin tones. Given he is only half black by his father, and advertised as Italian through his mother (unlike Avdol and Smokey who are 100% "Black"), there's a possibility his blackness will never be expressed. Jolyne was even considered full Japanese in canon despite only being 2/8 Asian with a white mom.

  • Given that his race is expressly connected to a plot point (the KKK attack on Weather Report for seeing a white girl), and the fact that the anime has previously shown no propensity for whitewashing, this seems doubtful.
    • Pucci is NOT half black, his father is also white, Weather Report's adoptive stepfather was black, and the KKK member who saw him dating a white girl didn't know that Weather was adopted.

There will be numerous references in the Stone Ocean anime to reflect modern day occurrences, including 2012 internet culture
It may fly over our heads and only reference Japanese internet trends as opposed to American ones (unless David Productions does their research). If they research Western internet culture, they may get lazy and simply reference modern-day meme culture.Possibilities include:

In addition, Michael Jackson's death will be alluded to by Pucci (who previously said he hoped to attend one of his concerts in the manga) and there will be a scene involving a Barack Obama expy (since he was US President during 2012). A potential dub might take this a step further and shoehorn some Vine-, Twitter-, or Instagram-style meme culture since they'd have more knowledge of it (i.e "This bitch empty. YEET!").

Samuel L. Jackson will be a voice in the Part 6 dub
He could voice Pucci's Stand: Whitesnake or a different Stand C-Moon or Made In Heaven.
  • Viz dubs have the users share actors with stands, and this theory seems to be based on the misconception that Puuci is black, which he clearly isn't as it would have changed the backstory.

Guesses for the voice cast for Stone Ocean

Giorno and Rohan will both appear in the Stone Ocean anime
Giorno is confirmed to be in Florida during the events of Part 6 due to Pucci summoning all the children of DIO. He does not physically appear in the manga nor does he fight Jolyne and co. but the anime might add a special scene with him traveling through Florida.
  • One possibility that might happen: Giorno will arrive at Florida and try to figure out what's happening. Once Made In Heaven starts to activate he and Gold Experience Requiem will understand. GER will explain that Made In Heaven is too powerful and Giorno should save himself, but he realizes Jolyne and co. are the good guys and in trouble. So he uses GER to create a group of dolphins to save them. In the manga, a group of dolphins are what allowed Jolyne to escape from Pucci for the moment.
As for Rohan, while Made In Heaven accelerated time, an American radio says that Rohan Kishibe is the only comic book and manga artist to meet deadlines, publishing over 20 pages worth of work in an hour's time without food or sleep. A scene in the anime might show this.

Anasui is transgender or gender-fluid, and used Diver Down to give himself a masculine body between his first and second appearances
In his first appearance, Anasui appears to be female, however, he is later retconned into a man. Given how Diver Down is shown to be able to rearrange a person's body structure from the inside, it's possible that he used it to reshape his body into a male one. If he's gender-fluid, he could do this every time his gender identity changes; alternatively, his identity is constantly male and he just never thought of doing that before.

The entire plot about achieving heaven was inspired by the song "Heaven Is A Place On Earth"

Giorno was killed while he was in Florida.
He was killed by no one other than THE mouse. Think about it: Mickey escaped, and with the powers of Cartoon Physics it would be very easy to kill a real person with said physics, and a cartoon character would be able to defeat GER or Golden Experience (or even any Stand, really) if "it was funny". Also, this wouldn't be the first time a Joestar was defeated by a rat.

The reason why Pucci's Stand is named Whitesnake...
...isn't because it's colored white. Rather, it's a reference to the song "Here I Go Again", without the need to use a gaudy title. A compilation album that the titular song is included on is called Saints & Sinners, which could very well be an allusion to Pucci being a priest and his desire to achieve Heaven. Meanwhile, the song itself could be a subtle foreshadow to what the Heaven Plan entails: resetting the universe so that everybody is fully aware of their unchangeable destiny. In essence, they're going down the only road they've ever known, so here they go again.

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