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This WMG page is for theories pertaining specifically to Battle Tendency. For theories regarding the series as a whole, click here. For theories for other parts, visit one of the following pages:

Lisa Lisa uses the Ripple to preserve her youth, similar to Tsunade from Naruto
That's how she can look as great as she does, even though she's 50 in Part 2.
  • I thought this was canon, if not at least outright implied, considering several Ripple users used it to become Older Than They Look. In fact, it was the cause of Straizo's Face–Heel Turn.
    • But Straizo couldn't use the Ripple after using the Stone Mask. In fact, that's how he died: intentionally loading his vampiric body with the Ripple. Straizo's youth is likely from the fact that vampires are immortal and could live forever by feeding on blood and not getting hit with Ripples.
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    • That's what I meant. Straizo realized that even the youth-enhancing power of the Ripple had limits, and he was not happy. So he did a Face–Heel Turn and became a vampire so he could live forever. :)

The Stone of Aja can amplify the power and abilities of Stands
The Stone Mask Fragments and the Arrowheads made from them all have the capability to instill Stands in various subjects, and the Stone of Aja can amplify the abilities of characters such as Wamuu, Esidisi, and Kars, as well as amplifying Ripple abilities and turning Sunlight into something like a laser beam, focusing and amplifying it. If so, what's stopping it from doing the same thing to Stand powers? and would they then be called Amp-Stands because they would be Amplified Stands?

If Kars hadn't been launched into space, he'd have gained an overwhelmingly Game Breaking Stand
Because that's just how Araki rolls.
  • Actually, it's more likely that if Kars hadn't been launched into space, he would've been used as The Worf Effect for one of the first stand users in the franchise - after all, we saw some very metaphysical stands that were introduced in part 4 alone, and not every stand user who had abilities was shown in that part. DIO probably could've taken him eventually by using The World to force Kars into a volcano (of course, this would require DIO to stop time a large number of times), or Gold Experience Requiem could've dealt with Kars easily.

Rudolph von Stroheim's death
He's mentioned as dying in Stalingrad. Normally, his Nigh-Invulnerability protected him from whatever the story threw at him. HOWEVER, his head is not completely cybernetic. The Battle of Stalingrad was also the place where a certain Hyper-Lethal sniper of the Red Army was stationed. Vasily Zaytsev made 242 confirmed kills between October 1942 and January 1943, but the real number is probably closer to 500. What does this mean? Simple. Rudolph von Stroheim was dispatched with a shot to the head.

Joseph wasn't born with the Ripple
Before Lisa Lisa left, she activated his Hamon breathing. This should explain why no one else is "born" with it.

Pillar Men weapons are not normal weapons.
There's been a lot of speculation on why, if they possess even a fraction of the power they're supposed to, why the Pillar Men not affiliated with Kars were shown using simple spears. The reason is that the Pillar Men have ways of fighting one another that simply don't come up when dealing with humans. For example the actual damage of the spear may not be from the stab, but perhaps a layer of the wielder's cells covering the tip, which then rush into the opponent to attack their vital organs. There simply was never any opportunity or reason to go into their tactics when fighting one another.

Where Rudolf von Stroheim's and Joseph Joestar's prostheses came from
Edward Elric couldn't leave Germany in time after it became a Nazi dictatorship and was forced to assist the SS in making military automail for their war effort. After Stroheim was severely injured during his fight against Santana, he was outfitted with the newest automail technology. After the war, the Americans got hold of the blueprints, automails and Edward Elric himself and he proceeded to make automails for military and civilian use. After Joseph Joestar lost his arm in the fight against Kars, he got himself one of Edward's automail arms as a replacement.

Kars started the legend about the Red Stone of Aja himself.
Knowing that somebody crazy like Joseph might decide to just hit it with a hammer, he instigated this myth so that the Hamon tribe would not only leave it alone, but outright try to protect it for him. That it it technically turned out true anyway was just him getting screwed over by bad luck on his part. Making up a rumor himself just seems like something he'd do.

The reason Wamuu disliked people stepping in his shadow

Wamuu lives the lifestyle of a proud warrior, and the reason he hates when people step in his shadow is that he hates the idea of being taken down by someone who fought dishonorably by hiding in the shadows.


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