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"I like to aim for significance over success because rarely can you be significant and also successful, but many people can be successful and not significant."

Alyson Stoner (born August 11, 1993 in Toledo, Ohio) is a screen actress and voice actress. She is best known for her roles in Phineas and Ferb, Camp Rock and its sequel, Cheaper by the Dozen (2003) and its sequel, Cheaper by the Dozen 2. She is also known for recurring roles in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and the Step Up series of movies.

She got her big break in 2001 when she became the co-host of the Disney Channel's, Mike's Super Short Show. Her role as Sarah in the Cheaper By The Dozen movies showed her ability for comedic acting. Her other more famous television roles were catered to the early teen audience.

She is a talented dancer with education in ballet, tap and jazz dance. Her dance abilities can be seen in the Step Up movies, where she was cast as Channing Tatum's younger sister, Camille. She was also a dancer in music videos for Missy Elliott and Eminem as well as a backing dancer for Will Smith and Outkast.


In a Teen Vogue article in April 2018, she came out stating she was "attracted to men, women and people who identify in other ways".

Notable Roles

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Tropes Associated With Her:

  • Actor-Shared Background: She and Sam from The Loud House are LGBT.
  • Armored Closet Gay: Admitted that before she realized she was bisexual, she internalized some of the harmful beliefs and misconceptions about LGBTQ people and identities.
  • The Cast Showoff: A few of her roles, like Sam and Isabella, allow her to show off her singing range.
  • Deadpan Snarker: She plays characters that are very sarcastic.
  • Endearingly Dorky: She has a tendency to play characters that are endearingly awkward and adorable.
  • Hiccup Hijinks: She occasionally gets hiccups when she's too nervous.
  • Hide Your Lesbians: In a bisexual variant, she has expressed attraction to both boys and girls, but felt unable to show her attraction for the latter until 2018 when she let her feelings out.
  • The Other Darrin: To Hayden Panettiere as Kairi in Kingdom Hearts (who later became her Other Darrin as Xion from the same franchisenote ) and Jill Talley as Sam in The Loud House. It's notable in Kairi's case because Stoner's Kairi has a higher-pitched voice than Panettiere's, making it obvious who did the voice work even if without checking the credits.
  • Queer Character, Queer Actor: Sam from The Loud House is Luna Loud's girlfriend, making her LGBT like Stoner.