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This WMG page is for theories pertaining specifically to Phantom Blood. For theories regarding the series as a whole, click here. For theories for other parts, visit one of the following pages:

The scene where Speedwagon shares his body heat to save Zeppeli's frostbitten arm was originally supposed to be a lot more gruesome.

During this scene, Speedwagon talks about how, in the Arctic, they treat frostbite by cutting open dead seals and sticking the affected limb in. This, combined with how Zeppeli acts like Speedwagon is really putting his life on the line, makes me think that Araki actually intended for Speedwagon to cut open his own belly in order to save Zeppeli's arm, changed his mind for whatever reason, but elected to keep a modified version of the scene in.

Bruford was a Stand User.
His Dance Macabre is the same type of Stand as Yukako's Love Deluxe.

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