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This WMG page is for theories pertaining specifically to Jojolion. For theories regarding the series as a whole, click here. For theories for other parts, visit one of the following pages:

There will be a Rush-related Stand in Jojolion
So far, all of the Higashikata's Stands have the word king in them, right? The main antagonist will have a somewhat corrupted version of this. Way back when, Rush came out with an album called, of all things, "Farewell to Kings".

Soft & Wet refers to two Stands that have merged.
It stands to reason. Josuke from Jojolion seems to be a combination of Kira and someone else. So it's entirely plausible that the Stand that he has right now is actually two Stands merged to one. It might reveal other powers that Josuke didn't realize he had before.
  • Since we see one of them looks like Killer Queen, the other may be Crazy Diamond. It should be noted Killer Queen's abilities in this universe seems to be bubbles that explode, which is similar to the original. Crazy Diamond's ability lets him restore things. When you put those two together you get the ability to take something (Killer Queen) and make it part of yourself or put it under your control (Crazy Diamond)
  • Soft & Wet is definitely a combination of two Stands. This universe's Killer Queen had soap-like bubbles as a key component of its power; bubbles are made of liquid, so they are therefore 'wet' and make things 'wet' when they pop against said things. The other Stand it merged with must've had the ability to soften things or used soft things as a part of its power.
    • So... Trish Una's Stand Spice Girl. Makes sense, between the fabulous~~ men in Part V that Trish hung around and Josuke's style of dress, any feminine touch that would normally be present from being half-Trish would be redundant and impossible to detect.
  • Confirmed!
Josuke is a merge of Kira and Jobin
He's the only other character who's yet to appear. And he has the whole Jobin going on, so it's possible.
  • Hmmm... But that would require him to be missing since Kira's death/Josuke's creation, and it's been stated multiple times that anyone missing that long would have had their loved ones on the warpath looking for them. It's possible that the Higashikatas are purposefully not causing a fuss because they already know what happened to Jobin; it's clear they have some sort of dark secret. Still, Jobin's wife and child at least would probably have said something by now if he had been missing for a significant amount of time.
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  • Jossed, now that Jobin's appeared.

Josuke (Gappy) Higashikata may never get his memories back.
Can also be considered a Tear Jerker. We know that he is part-Kira and part-someone else. As with the lemon and tangerine, Kira and another person switched some qualities, probably ranging from age to memories to looks. Jo2uke is, what, 19? He looks really young, basically. He's a bit of a Cloud Cuckoolander, but he's very intelligent. He does not have his memories, though. It has been established that the Wall Eyes switch, transfer, exchange qualities, probably not even equally.

The Yoshikage Kira figure is pretty much dead. When we saw his corpse, he looked a bit older than 29, his chronological age before he died. There's a chance that both the memories of Kira and the other person are still with Kira, who's... you know. What I'm saying is that, if he is not an amnesiac by external trauma, his memories are already kaput. Maybe Josuke wouldn't want to know those memories in the first place. At least he can create new ones, with his new friends (well, Yasuho mostly). Awwwww!!!!

  • My guess is the Wham Line of Part 8 will be Josuke saying something along the lines of this: "All this time, all this time I've been questioning who I am, where I came from, and who truly knew me. But now I realize that my past, my identity, is irrelevant. I am neither Yoshikage Kira nor Josefumi Kujo. I am Josuke Higashikata."
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  • Confirmed! Josuke seems to have come to terms that he will never get his memories back.

Guesses on the Big Bad of Part 8?
  • A selfish yet strangely moral cad who, in spite of his/her greedy goals, follows ethical codes he/she considers to be extremely important. He/she would make a good Foil to the last Big Bad, a fanatic patriot who wanted his country safe from harm by any means necessary.
  • Norisuke Higashikata IV, as speculated on the character page. He appears to know more about Josuke's lost memories than he lets on, and seems to be planning on using him in malicious ways.
    • Jossed. Norisuke is on Josuke's side.
  • A very normal, down to earth and well adjusted (maybe even likeable) family man with no real villainous tendencies, probably middle class with no real resources and merely a newly discovered penchant for chessmastery (and great Stand power) that he doesn't particularly care about. He becomes the big bad due to a very personal and simple desire (maybe to protect his family from something or as a desperate attempt to get out of some sort of debt, maybe from Norisuke, for instance) that sort of balloons out of proportion requiring his machinations to become more and more complex and competent. This would be great contrast for the very eccentric and deviant Yoshikage Kira, who inserted himself into a family he has no affection for and had a great talent for reacting to threats but not really planning for them; Kira's entire ambition was to keep anonymous to continue as a serial killer, which approached humility from the other side compared to this theoretical Big Bad. By the whole "opposites" logic, the new Big Bad is trying to intimidate others to let him live his inoffensive life normally but screwing it up royally.
  • Kaato is a definite candidate. Her mysterious background and incarceration does bring a few questions onto the table.
    • Kaato was incarcerated for killing a bully in order to save Jobin from the rock disease.

Joshu is the only one in the family that didn't develop a Stand naturally.
Which is why he is locked out of the loop.
  • Counterpoint: Daiya is also implied to have gotten her Stand from the Wall Eyes. It’s more likely that the Higashikata family doesn't talk about their Stands very often.

Someone will have a Stand similar to Crazy Diamond.
Crazy Diamond could fuse things together if Josuke was careless enough, and Jojolion's protagonist appears to be a combination of Yoshikage Kira and someone else. Considering the parallels between Soft & Wet and Aqua Necklace detailed above, this could be interestingly ironic if the Stand user was an antagonist.
  • My guess is that it's Joshu. If Nut King Call's screws can take something apart, maybe it can put things back together as well.
  • Josefumi's Stand, the original Soft & Wet, is probably the closest, as it is capable of fusion.

When Part 4 Kira was defeated he was dragged into the SB Rverse

If you consider Dead Man's Questions to be canon, then this is jossed since Kira is currently a ghost assassin.

Jojolion is an AU version of Dead Man's Questions; everybody is already dead.
Everybody died during the earthquake, making this the first Jojo part to play completely in some form of afterlife.

Part 8 Kira has a power similar to Rohan's.
Forcing someone to eat their own hand. What else can do that!
  • Jossed. Kira still has Killer Queen, albeit with a slightly altered ability (explosive bubbles that affect the environment and multiple Sheer Heart Attacks).

Nijimura and her Stand's name change
So, Nijimura's Stand was originally named "Going Underground" after the Jam song. It was later retconned into "Born this Way" after the Lady Gaga song (or album). When the same thing happened with Pucci's Made in Heaven, the newer name had more relevant lyrics. Therefore, an analysis of the song lyrics will give some clues about Nijimura:

  • "Going Underground" is about disillusionment with people in power (specifically, about the preference for weapons and war over caring for the people—this'd be very relevant to President Valentine from the previous part) and the singer decides to just get away from it all. This is already pretty relevant to Nijimura, who seems to dislike the powerful Higashikata family and whose Stand is able to escape and disappear whenever it wants. Therefore, it stands to reason that the new namesake for the Stand is even more relevant.
  • "Born This Way" is more simple and generally about acceptance of one's personal identity, with LGBT and racial themes. The "Born This Way" album also has the song "Judas", which is about betrayal by a lover and accepting your demons stemming from that. "Edge of Glory" is a tribute to Gaga's deceased grandfather. The rest of the album is mostly about empowerment, feminism, and is full of religious references.

Pure speculation time, based on the songs present in the album "Born This Way":

  1. The song "Born This Way" indicates that Nijimura was NOT in fact born the way she is. Instead, at some point she was physically altered (possibly against her will) by the wall-eyes and thus had a part of her identity stripped away. For extra points, she was originally born a man before having her mind fused with a woman's body.
  2. "Judas" refers to a past betrayal by someone Nijimura loved. The most obvious culprit is her brother, Kira. The pre-reboot Kira was a serial killer who targeted women, so maybe this Kira also murdered women/a woman and at some point for some reason buried her and Nijimura under the wall-eyes, leading to point #1 above. This is why Nijimura was trying to stop Josuke, who she regarded as Kira, from reaching Holly.
  3. "Edge of Glory" might be a reference to feelings of honor for either her so-far-unseen father, Yoshiteru Kira, or perhaps all the way back to Johnny Joestar.
  4. The religious references throughout the album foreshadow the return of previous elements such as the Corpse Parts. Perhaps Nijimura will become a new host to the parts?

All said and done, the "Born This Way" album's song lyrics and themes could fit very well into a Jojo storyline, especially if it's in the vein of SBR. I rate this one heavily suspicious.

An alternate and less fun interpretation is that he changed the name simply because Nijimura's mother resembles Lady Gaga and he wanted to connect the two.

  • A theory posted on the Jojo wiki's page for Born This Way (the Stand) is that the name change was simply because Born This Way (the Stand) takes the shape of a motorcycle, while Born This Way (the album) has a motorcycle on the cover.

Josefumi Kujo is the bastard son of the Joseph Joestar of the SB Rverse
Because Mythology Gag.
  • Partially Jossed: the family registry says his father is Sadafumi Kujo, who based on his name seems to be the counterpart of Sadao Kujo, Jotaro's father from the original universe. Interestingly, it could be argued that Josefumi is partially the Joseph of the SB Rverse, if only based on his name.

The Rock Humans are Pillar Men of SBR universe.

The differences we see from the PM and RM may be chalked up to at least three, if not all four, of the PM we saw used the Stone Mask to give themselves their elemental powers. The RM of SBR either found a way to survive sunlight, or for vanilla PM/RM sunlight made them more vulnerable but wasn't lethal to PM/RM who hadn't used the stone mask.

The lack of Hamon, so far, in the SBR universe might explain why SBR Kars never was set on the path to make the Stone Mask. Thus why PM/RM are still around.

  • Thus far the author's notes have given pretty extensive biological profiles of the Pillar Men that don't mention anything like the pillar-men abilities apart from the hibernation in stone aspect. That said, just because they don't need stone masks to live in the sun doesn't mean they aren't nods to the Pillar Men.

It's all somehow Diego's fault.
Dio's actions in Part 1 influenced the Joestar bloodline in Part 2, and his actions in Part 3 influenced Parts 4-6. Thus, something Diego did in Part 7 is the root of all the problems in Part 8.

Josuke's fusion... (Spoilers for JoJolion Chapter 50 are below)

...was probably the dying wish of Josefumi Kujo. He and Kira probably got buried under the rubble of the earthquake on their quest to steal the Locacaca branch from Aishou, and Josefumi, not wanting their quest to be in vain, used his Stand to fuse him and Kira together in an attempt to preserve Kira's life. Josefumi's Stand is not only able to remove a property from a thing (like when he dispelled the pepper from his ramen) but also to fuse something to something else, as seen with how he grafted a carved tree branch to a tree and let it live again. He probably remembered the branch and "grafted" as much of Kira onto him as possible, resulting in the both surviving in some way, that way being the new universe Josuke Higashikata. And to further that theory, the Wall Eyes were probably the result of their fusion, resulting in more fusions to come, such as the lemon and the tangerine.

Kaato's Stand is named...
Since we don't know what her stand is named, but we do know that it'll have "King" in its namenote , we might as well start guessing as to what it actually isnote :
  • Sun King (after the song by The Beatles)
  • Farewell to Kings (after the Rush song)
  • Kill the King (after the Rainbow song)
  • King of Rock (after the Run–D.M.C. song)
  • For All Kings (after the Anthrax song and album of the same name)

Norisuke will die from Damo's Stand in Chapter 55.
Jossed! Everyone attacked by Vitamin C ended up okay. (even Joshu)

The main antagonist is...
...The alternate universe version of Rohan. The main characters of Part 4 are all represented in one way or another, except for Rohan. And unless Joshu is supposed to be the Rohan (Unlikely, seeing as their only similarity is a dislike of Josuke), then he's probably the main antagonist.
  • Signs point more so to the Big Bad of Part 8 being Jobin, Kaato, or Satoru.
  • As of chapter 88, confirmed to be Jobin Higashikata.
  • And as of chapter 99, confirmed to be a Big Bad Ensemble of Jobin and Tooru.

The Stand ability of the main villain of Part 8...
On the fridge brilliance page, it is noted that Soft & Wet is in a certain way the polar opposite of Crazy Diamond. Therefore the main villain of Part 8 might have a power that is opposite of Killer Queen. Killer Queen's power is essentially to reduce something to nothing, so the new villain might have the power to create something out of nothing. Similarly, Bites the Dust had the ability to return to past (winding back the clock one hour), so the new villain might have the power to travel to the future.
  • Jossed. The main villain appears to be Tooru, whose Stand, Wonder of U uses Winds of Destiny, Change to prevent anyone from pursuing it. And if it's Jobin, his stand is Speed King, which is actually pretty close to how Killer Queen worked for Part 4's Kira.

Kaato's Stand will NOT have King in its name.
This would emphasize her estrangement from the Higashikata family. Also, she married into the family, and wouldn't have been bound by the naming rule when she acquired her Stand (unless she got it after she married Norisuke, I guess).

If Kaato really is the main antagonist, Kei will side with her.
Kei despises the Higashikata family, and only works for them to uncover their dark secrets, possibly in order to overthrow them. She will probably realise that Kaato, being a now estranged member of the family, may have more dirt on the Higashikatas than anyone else, and finally reveal her true intentions to the family.

Mistuba lost her unborn child in the equivalent exchange.
Spoilers for Chapter 79: Mitsuba tells Yasuho that she's pregnant in Chapter 79, something she never told Jobin, Tsurugi, or any of the other Higashikatas. Considering that Yasuho witnessed her body undergoing the exchange, the Locacaca that she's supposedly eaten could've preserved her "perfect body" at the cost of her unborn child's life. This leads into the next WMG...
  • Thankfully jossed. Mitsuba's unborn child is presumably safe and well, at the cost of her nose.

If Jobin is the main villain, Mitsuba will turn against him.
Because why aid your husband in a goal if it almost cost you your unborn child's life?

The Boss of the Locacaca Trade is Diavolo's counterpart
Since every Stand User in the Higashikata family so far has had a royalty Theme Naming, King Crimson's user will be the Black Sheep of the family.
  • Nope. Tamaki Damo is the boss of the smuggling group, and his stand is Vitamin C, which if anything is an Evil Counterpart to Trish's Spice Girl.

Josefumi Kujo is the illegitimate child of someone in the Joestar family tree.
This is the only way to explain why he has the Joestar birthmark in the first place. As far as we know, there hasn't been someone like Dio to steal a Joestar's body or blood and pass on the Joestar birthmark, nor are there other supernatural beings like Green Baby to make the birthmark magically appear on others. This should also explain why he isn't in Higashikata's records of the Joestar family tree.

In addition, Josefumi doesn't seem to mention having a father of any sort in the manga so far and is generally treated by his mother like a bastard back then would be, with little care.

  • I think the baby that appeared after Johnny died (and is probably a de-aged Johnny) started the Kujo family line.
  • Josefumi's father has been mentioned to be Sadafumi Kujo. However, it appears that Josefumi's mother was undergoing a divorce when Josefumi almost drowned so it's a bit nebulous if Sadafumi is actually his birth father.

More Part 8 Big Bad guesses
  • To begin with something conservative: the Big Bad is the leader of the group that is dealing in the Locacaca Fruits (as in, the boss of Yotsuyu, Tamaki, Aisho and the A.Phex brothers). He or she has yet to appear, but will do so soon. That they haven't been alluded to yet is consistent with the fact that the main antagonists of Parts 4, 6 and 7 were given no mention until about halfway through their respective Parts. Their ultimate aim with regard to the Locacaca business is something much larger than a moneymaking enterprise, which the boss's lackeys are likely unaware of. They have some association with the Higashikata family, either as a rival or a member. If it is a character who has already been introduced, then Jobin is the most likely candidate, but all signs point towards him being involved peripherally as either a mole or a genuine villain who will seek redemption (possibly through death).
    • Bonus: this person is probably responsible for removing Holly's memories, and did so because she could have interfered with their plans in some way. Because they did this instead of simply killing her, the person could have some sort of code of ethics and distaste for murder. Perhaps (if it wasn't just a natural side-effect of what happened) they also removed Josuke's memories after finding him buried at the Wall Eyes, then left the scene. They may become more violent when Josuke discovers them, solely because their usual method of neutralizing threats did not work on him.
      • First is Jossed, second is indirectly confirmed. The Big Bad is the leader of an entirely different group of Rock Humans that were researching the Locacaca fruit. His group did cause Holly's memory loss by testing their imperfect medicines on her.
    • Double bonus: as a wildcard guess that probably isn't right, there's a possibility of it being Kei Nijimura. We are led to believe that she doesn't want Josuke going near her mother out of concern for her, but that might not be the real reason. She could just not want either of them interfering in her plans, but due to the fact that they are both related to her, she was soft on them in terms of the methods she used to neutralize them. It's perfectly possible that Kira suddenly realized her connection to the Locacaca nonsense during the fight on the boat, in a way he was unable to communicate to Josefumi before he died. Her Stand has been revealed, but it as it can attack when things are "opened", maybe it has a secondary effect when someone discovers a secret (which is often metaphorically compared to opening something—reopening a legal case on new evidence, "letting the cat out of the bag", etc). Alternatively, she used a lackey to remove their memories. Her fake name and job give her the opportunity to spy on the Higashikatas (who she admits to hating), and apparently enough time to run around doing other things outside the house without attracting suspicion. In Tamaki's arc, Nijimura is the first to supposedly be affected by his Stand, but it's possible he is completely unaware of his boss's identity, in a callback to Diavolo.

Kaato is the reason for Holly's memory loss.

It's implied Kaato is a fusion due to her split pupils and may have taken that from her through equivalent exchange. I'm also willing to bet that Kaato possibly combined with Josefumi's mother.

  • Jossed - the rock human doctors caused Holly’s memory loss.

Where is Joseph Joestar?
This probably sounds really stupid, but in Stardust Crusaders, Joseph dropped everything for his daughter. Here, where she's suffering from a curse that gives to her the symptoms of Alzheimer's, and he's nowhere to be seen. Did something happen to him? Is he too old to do anything? Is it something else entirely?

Norisuke Higashikata IV and Kei Nijimura are dead.
As of chapter 83, Norisuke is seen being dragged out unconscious in a body bag and severely bleeding. As of how the plot is going, and Tsurugi's latest behaviors, he's dead. There are several candidates for his killer: Kaato, Jobin, or Satoru. As for Kei, she's been erased out of the family picture, and we haven't seen her fully in a while. Perhaps whoever killed Norisuke wanted to get Kei out of the picture as well.
  • Norisuke is alive. Kei is unknown.

Soft & Wet will gain Killer Queen's abilities
Since Josuke is half of Kira, it wouldn't be that huge of an Ass Pull if he defeated the Big Bad by using Killer Queen's explosive capabilities.
  • If you look at Soft & Wet's abilities from a different angle, it already has KQ's abilities. Soft & Wet can blow things up with its bubbles.

Tooru is a Stand user.
  • Confirmed—Tooru's Stand is Satoru Akefu/Wonder of U.

Tooru and Satoru Akefu are the same person, a la Diavolo and Doppio.
Think about it: the recent chapters have had Josuke, Mamezuku, and Yasuho pursuing someone who has no trace of their person in any records and is effectively hidden, much like Diavolo. Upon trying to pursue him, Tooru has intervened twice. Not to mention, their names are somewhat similar; Tooru and Satoru Satoru.
  • This seems to continue to be supported in Chapter 90, where Tooru is sure that he has pictures on his phone of himself and Satoru together, but can't seem to find any of them; only photos of one or the other.
  • Ultimately Jossed—Satoru is actually the Stand of Tooru.

The Locacaca plant are in itself Stand users, and the "Equivalent Exchange" is their Stand ability.
Since they are plants and thus mindless, they all have the same "personality", and so they all develop the exact same set of Stand abilities, their Stand is capable of sensing the nature of desire behind the healing, and the Equivalent Exchange happens based on that, the skewered priority it has with the potential of damaging brain matter is a form of punishment for abusing its power for selfish reasons, but eating the Locacaca for selfless reasons, such as Mitsuba attempting to save her unborn child, will take something harmless and at most aesthetic, as it was the case with her nose.

Jo2uke's personality is going to DRASTICALLY change.

  • Well, since he knows his identity is Josefumi Kujo, there's gonna be a similar moment with what happened with Weather Report in Stone Ocean.
    • It's going to take a while to see that though, what with the Milagro Man arc and all.
    • Sort of confirmed? It's not so much that he's going down the same road Weather did, but quite the opposite. Jo2uke, now knowing his identity and the identity of the people he's made up of, he's become a little more willing to save Holly's life. Whether it's for information about his past or the fact he's partially her dead son is a mystery.

the final boss of part 8 is going to be Cameo
Admittedly this is a crack theory more than anything, but Judgement has several traits that match up with the Locacaca Fruits, granting wishes, making people out of dirt(or in this case turning them into stone) and general terrakinesis, and his habit of hiding underground gives him a good place to stay hidden under their noses. plus a stand with the power to grant wishes and alter reality seems like a good counterpart to Funny Valentine's ability to drag alternate versions of himself from other dimensions

Josuke will defeat the antagonist by unlocking the ability to use King Crimson.
All the members of the Higashikata family have Stands with the word "King" in them except for him.
  • Doubtful. Although the new timeline isn't averse to recycling stands (see The World from the previous part or Killer Queen from this part), the problem is that when a stand is recycled, so far it's been given to someone who was at least somewhat based on their original timeline counterparts, and so far, the only things Diavolo and Gappy have in common are the fact that they're Stand users.

Mitsuba's stand name comes from the song "Awaking the Centuries"
Why? Well, this is due to the word "Cen" matching up with "san", the japanese word for three, and "turies" matching up with leaves. The album Awaking the Centuries itself is about Nostradamus's experiences during the Black Plague, which would fit into Mitsuba's fight against Dr Wu.

Jesus may have created the Locacaca Fruit, & possibly the Rock Humans.
Most of the Rock Humans have spikes as a part of their design, & the fruit also has spikes. Jesus also has thorns embedded into his head, similar to the spikes the fruit & the Rock Humans have.

Josuke from JoJolion is:
  • That universe's equivalent of Jotaro Kujo
    • His DNA match states he's the same person as the man who took Jotaro's place in the alternate timeline. A possible hint could be his hat. It has the same badge which has an open hand like of that Jotaro's.
      • Half-confirmed - albeit more because Yoshikage Kira is the part 8 counterpart of Jotaro.
  • A fusion of Yoshikage Kira and Okuyasu Nijimura.
    • Or his alternate timeline equivalent. While Kei already shares Okuyasu's family name, this might serve as foreshadowing to Josuke's true identity. The improbably reality-bending powers Josuke has using Soft & Wet are also vaguely similar to Okuyasu's The Hand.
  • A fusion of Yoshikage Kira and Johnny Joestar.
    • Supported by Jo2uke having the same Dark Will in his eyes like Johnny.
      • Jossed - Johnny died before the events of JojoLion began. The reason for Jo2uke having the same Dark Will in his eyes is because half of him is related to Johnny.
  • A fusion of Yoshikage Kira and the person who took out Holly's brain parts
    • Just a feeling. Soft & Wet can take out parts or attributes of people. Maybe the original stand of Josuke's other half can only take out the parts/attributes, but not restore them?
  • A fusion of Yoshikage Kira and the Holy Corpse parts.
    • The Corpse parts have been described to have "the power to remove" and Soft & Wet main power is to plunder properties from a thing. More evidence shows that when Johnny used the Corpse parts on Rina to take away her disease, the disease was passed on to his son, similar to Soft & Wet never permanently keeps the property of what it's stealing.
  • Fated to become a time-traveller.
    • The hero of part 8 (whoever he actually is) will, after adopting a pompadour hairstyle, travel to the first universe and save young Original Josuke's life, thus completing what at first seemed like an obvious time-travel plot that was dropped.
      • Mind. Blown.
  • Similar to the above, Jo2uke's DNA is a mix between Kira and the corpse of the man who saved Josuke's life in Part 4, or the AU equivalent.
  • A mix of Yoshikage Kira (who is already part Kira-part Jotaro) and the son of the Higashikatas whom we haven't seen yet, Jobin.
    • As argued a little bit above, Jobin's wife and son would probably not be acting so normal if Jobin had been gone that long.
      • Jobin ended up showing up, so Jossed hard.
  • A fusion of Yoshikage Kira and Katagiri Anjuro.
    • Note that Aqua Necklace and Soft & Wet are both liquid-based Stands that involve taking things away from people (AN can take away control of the body, Soft & Wet can take away many more attributes)
  • A fusion between Yoshikage Kira and Enrico Pucci.
    • Part 8 Killer Queen can create explosive bubbles. The original Whitesnake could steal Stands and memories. A possible result could be bubbles that can "steal" anything.
    • In All Star Battle, one of the alternate costumes for Josuke shows that his skin is "patched" in two different colors.
    • That would be holy shit levels of badass.
  • We have an answer - he's a fusion between Yoshikage Kira and Josefumi Kujo; the former is a much more benevolent version of the part 4 villain, and the latter the closest thing to a part 8 counterpart of part 4 Josuke. So with the exceptions of the first one (which is half-confirmed) and the "fated to become a time-traveller" one (which has yet to be confirmed or jossed), all the above ones are jossed.

One of the Higashikatas in Jojolion possesses some version of Diavolo's King Crimson
Because all their Stands include the word "King".

Gappy is actually not exactly the result of a Fusion Dance
It might be the translation, but the Wall Eyes are said to perform an equivalent exchange, not an outright fusion. You give them a tangerine and a lemon, and it gives you two fruits that are a fusion of tangerines and lemons, but aren't made from the same lemon and tangerine. Gappy's body is made from the exchanged parts of Kira and Josefumi, but he isn't really made from their actual body parts. His personality is entirely his own. Or, as the only one to not be shown in Stone Ocean's universe reset, his soul is FF's.

Soft & Wet's fusion was between alternate Killer Queen and some power related to the Holy Corpse
The bubbles are able to take something from a person or object and send it somewhere else, the same way the holy corpse redirected misfortune.

Joshu's going to reveal his Stand to the rest of his family eventually.
  • He'll expect them all to be wowed by it only to learn that literally everyone else in the room has a stand longer than him, Even Josuke. He'll probably throw a fit about it too.

Gappy is mostly non-Kira.
Yotsuyu said that without Kira Josuke would be dead, and while he has parts of Kira's body, Kira's corpse was mostly intact. In addition to that there didn't seem to be another body near the Wall Eyes. So the majority of Josuke is the other person.
  • Basically confirmed. It's implied that Josuke's body is mostly that of Josefumi's with parts of Kira fused onto him due to the equivalent exchange of the Wall Eyes.

Yotsuyu is actually a Higashikata
He apparently plans to have the Higashikata estate and wealth for himself. While this could be explained as possessiveness towards the buildings he designed, that "H" amulet might just stand for "Higashikata". In which case, he may be a Higashikata who never was dressed as a girl in his youth—and thus, somehow, fell prey to the curse, in this case making him something akin to a golem, or a Pillar Men-style ogre. In any case, his motive in this scenario actually distills down to believing that he's the rightful heir to the Higashikata fortune and prestige, and Norisuke IV is a usurper who must die.
  • Jossed. Yotsuyu is a rock human.
Before the reset, there was only one universe
& that was the universe parts 1-6 were set in. The Universal Reset did not just rebirth the old universe, it created many more. Furthermore, the SBR universe WAS the old universe, therefore the universe where every other universe was based on, & the one in which the corpse & D4C were unique to it.

Part 8 Josuke has a hidden Stand Ability like Part 4 Kira's Bites The Dust
By that I don't mean Josuke has an ability that's similar to Bites the Dust, but I mean that Josuke got an extra Stand ability when he was "born". When Yasuho discovers Josuke, there's a strange bite mark around the star-shaped birthmark on his back. It's implied that this bite mark has something to do with Stands, as Joshu is seen with it at the hospital and later he develops Nut King Call, and later Yasuho is shown with it just as she's unconsciously awakening to Paisley Park's abilities. But the two people who make up Josuke, Kira Yoshikage and Josefumi Kujo, both already possessed Stands. If the bite marks are how people obtain Stands, then essentially Josuke, who already had Soft & Wet as a fusion of Part 8 Kira's Killer Queen and Josefumi's original Soft & Wet, was struck by the thing that creates Stands when he already had a Stand. It's the same thing that happened with Part 4 Kira and the arrow.

We know what happens when the arrow strikes another Stand, but the only time we saw what happens when the arrow strikes a human who already has a Stand once, and that was with Part 4's Yoshikage Kira. At that time, Killer Queen didn't change, but it gained a new ability. However, we know that Soft & Wet's ability is just a fusion of the two Stands that make it up, so nothing Josuke has done indicates a special ability... yet. Eventually, however, Josuke will discover his new ability and use it to fight Part 8's Big Bad. Going by the naming conventions of the Higashikata family and seeing how Josuke has been adopted into them, it might be something like Prince Soft & Wet. This would be fitting, because Josuke is half of part 8's Kira Yoshikage.

  • It seems Josuke may be able to use the Spin to enhance Soft and Wet.

The plant appraiser from Part 8 will have the last name of "Kishibe".
Think about it, we have Higashikatas, Hiroses, and a Nijimura in Jojolion. It'd be expected to have at least one Kishibe show up or be mentioned.
  • Jossed. His name is Rai Mamezuku.

Norisuke won't make it to the end of Part 8.
He's going to be killed by Jobin, who will usurp his title and become Norisuke Higashikata V. However, he may pull a Zeppeli role and give Josuke the last fighting chance against the main villain.

Vampirism will be reintroduced into Part 8
The Plant Appraiser mentions that the Rock Humans are looking for immortality. Vampirism is pretty close and already has established rules.

If Jojolion's Joseph appears, his stand will be Eat It.
It's one of the bits of trivia that Jotaro uses to confirm that Joseph is in fact messing with him and that Dio did not revive.

Jojolion's Joseph is across the world trying to kill someone in order to save Holly
She's in the hospital due to an unknown disease, like how in Stardust Crusaders, she was suffering from her own Stand and no one knew how to treat it.

Jojolion's Kira was the one who damaged his mother's brain
Holly has parts of her brain completely missing. Killer Queen has been demonstrated to be used in a medicinal capacity before. Perhaps Holly had something wrong with her brain, and Kira tried to make a temporary fix with it?
  • Jossed - the Rock Human doctors caused Holly's brain to be damaged by experimenting on her with the Locacaca.

Holly of Jojolion has the stand Like a Surgeon
She is a doctor, after all, and her father and son from an alternate universe both referenced Weird Al.

Rai Mamezuku is the SBR Timeline version of Noriaki Kakyoin.
Both are the Jo Bros to versions of Jotaro Kujo and have stands that can use Combat Tentacles and specialize in Awesome by Analysis. It makes far too much sense.

Rai Mamezuku is the AU Counterpart of Rohan Kishibe.
Both have proper jobs, and introduced late in the series also have personal intent in defeating the main antagonist. Rohan joined Josuke 4 in searching Yoshikage Kira in order to make Reimi Sugimoto rest in peace and after Satoru Akefu revealed himself to be the one that responsible for killing Rai's father, Rai is having another reason to killing him

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Jojolion will be the Grand Finale to this continuity.

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