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Josefumi Kujo is the bastard son of the Joseph Joestar of the Jojolionverse
Because Mythology Gag.

The Rock Men are Pillar Men of SBR universe.

The differences we see from the PM and RM may be chalked up to at least three, if not all four, of the PM we saw used the Stone Mask to give themselves their elemental powers. The RM of SBR either found a way to survive sunlight, or for vanilla PM/RM sunlight made them more vulnerable but wasn't lethal to PM/RM who hadn't used the stone mask.


The lack of Hamon, so far, in the SBR universe might explain why SBR Kars never was set on the path to make the Stone Mask. Thus why PM/RM are still around.

It's all somehow Diego's fault.
Dio's actions in Part 1 influenced the Joestar bloodline in Part 2, and his actions in Part 3 influenced Parts 4-6. Thus, something Diego did in Part 7 is the root of all the problems in Part 8.

Kaato's stand is named...
Since we don't know what her stand is named, but we do know that it'll have "King" in its namenote , we might as well start guessing as to what it actually isnote :
  • Sun King (after the song by The Beatles)
  • Farewell to Kings (after the Rush song)
  • Kill the King (after the Rainbow song)
  • King of Rock (after the Run–D.M.C. song)
  • For All Kings (after the Anthrax song and album of the same name)

The main antagonist is...
...The alternate universe version of Rohan. The main characters of Part 4 are all represented in one way or another, except for Rohan. And unless Joshu is supposed to be the Rohan (Unlikely, seeing as their only similarity is a dislike of Josuke), then he's probably the main antagonist.
  • Signs point moreso to the Big Bad of Part 8 being Jobin, Kaato, or Satoru.

Kaato's Stand will NOT have King in its name.
This would emphasize her estrangement from the Higashikata family. Also, she married into the family, and wouldn't have been bound by the naming rule when she aquired her Stand (unless she got it after she married Norisuke, I guess).

If Kaato really is the main antagonist, Kyo will side with her.
Kyo despises the Higashikata family, and only works for them to uncover their dark secrets, possibly in order to overthrow them. She will probably realise that Kaato, being a now estranged member of the family, may have more dirt on the Higashikatas than anyone else, and finally reveal her true intentions to the family.

Mistuba lost her unborn child in the equivalent exchange.
Spoilers for Chapter 79: Mitsuba tells Yasuho that she's pregnant in Chapter 79, something she never told Jobin, Tsurugi, or any of the other Higashikatas. Considering that Yasuho witnessed her body undergoing the exchange, the Rokakaka that she's supposedly eaten could've preserved her "perfect body" at the cost of her unborn child's life. This leads into the next WMG...
  • Thankfully jossed. Mitsuba's unborn child is presumably safe and well, at the cost of her nose.

If Jobin is the main villain, Mitsuba will turn against him.
Because why aid your husband in a goal if it almost costed you your unborn child's life?

The Boss of the Rokakaka Trade is Diavolo's counterpart
Since every Stand User in the Higashikata family so far has had a royalty Theme Naming, King Crimson's user will be the Black Sheep of the family.

Where is Joseph Joestar?
This probably sounds really stupid, but in Stardust Crusaders, Joseph dropped everything for his daughter. Here, where she's suffering from a curse that gives to her the symptoms of Alzheimers, and he's nowhere to be seen. Did something happen to him? Is he too old to do anything? Is it something else entirely?

Norisuke Higashikata IV and Kyo Nijimura are dead.
As of chapter 83, Norisuke is seen being dragged out unconscious in a body bag and severely bleeding. As of how the plot is going, and Tsurugi's latest behaviors, he's dead. There are several candidates for his killer: Kaato, Jobin, or Satoru. As for Kyo, she's been erased out of the family picture, and we haven't seen her fully in a while. Perhaps whoever killed Norisuke wanted to get Kyo out of the picture as well.

Soft & Wet will gain Killer Queen's abilities
Since Josuke is
half of Kira, it wouldn't be that huge of an Ass Pull if he defeated the Big Bad by using Killer Queen's explosive capabilities.

Tooru is a Stand user.

Tooru and Akefu Satoru are the same person, a la Diavolo and Doppio.
Think about it, the recent chapters have had Josuke, Mamezuku, and Yasuho pursuing someone who has no trace of their person in any records and is effectively hidden, much like Diavolo. Upon trying to pursue him, Tooru has intervened twice. Not to mention, their names are somewhat similar; Tooru and Akefu Satoru.

The Rokakaka plant are in itself Stand users, and the "Equivalent Exchange" is their Stand ability.
Since they are plants and thus mindless, they all have the same "personality", and so they all develop the exact same set of Stand abilities, their Stand is capable of sensing the nature of desire behind the healing, and the Equivalent Exchange happens based on that, the skewered priority it has with the potential of damaging brain matter is a form of punishment for abusing its power for selfish reasons, but eating the Rokakaka for selfless reasons, such as Mitsuba attempting to save her unborn child, will take something harmless and at most aesthetic, as it was the case with her nose.

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