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This WMG page is for theories pertaining specifically to Diamond Is Unbreakable. For theories regarding the series as a whole, click here. For theories for other parts, visit one of the following pages:

Diamond is Unbreakable Opening Predictions
Seeing as how a possible new opening for Part 4 has been leaked on to the Internet, there is a possibility of an opening change occurring soon. This might be how the openings will play out for the rest of the Diamond is Unbreakable anime.
  • Going off of the prediction above, each opening will begin with the silhouette sequence from the first opening. In the sound version of each opening the silhouettes of characters that have been introduced thus far will be fully colored (ex. Josuke, Okuyasu and Jotaro in the first OP).
  • The sound version of the first opening will play during the Red Hot Chilli-Pepper mini-arc. In addition to the sound effects Red Hot Chilli Pepper will appear in various parts of the opening such as the part with Okuyasu looking at Keicho's shadow, alluding to Otoishi using RHCP to kill Keicho and Okuyasu with The Hand foreshadowing RHCP nearly killing Okuyasu in the battle.
  • There will be a second opening after the Red Hot Chilli Pepper or Achtung Baby mini-arc. The second opening will have the theme that was leaked. However it will only be a longer version of the first opening with a different song, a few small edits (Echoes Act 2, some silhouettes being fully colored), a few scenes added for Rohan, and some small hints foreshadowing the appearance of Kira. The sound version of this opening will play during the Sheer Heart Attack mini-arc and like the first sound opening it will have Sheer Heart Attack appear in parts of the opening and the sound version will formally introduce Kira as the antagonist.
  • The third and final opening will appear starting at the Atom Heart Father mini-arc but will be a different opening entirely except the silhouette sequence. Like the second Stardust Crusaders opening it will build up the final battle and similar to the Egyptian God Stand user sequence in the SC opening, there will be a sequence showcasing the enemy Stand users in the final part of Di U. The most noticeable difference however will be that during the silhouette sequence Kira's silhouette will disappear but Kawajiri's will remain. In the sound version all of the silhouettes will be fully colored, there will be hints at Rohan and Okuyasu's deaths at the hands of Another Bites the Dust, and at the end of the opening the entire opening will rewind and even rewind through the previous opening ending on the first frame of that opening.

Toshikazu Hazamada suffered a similar fate to The Twits
Think about it: the first time we saw him, Toshikazu was about as tall as Josuke. The next time we saw him he was only slightly taller than Koichi, and then after that we never saw him again. The reason for this could be that he's been steadily shrinking, until finally he got so small he winked out of existence. A possible explanation as to why Toshikazu shrunk is that one of the street punks who beat him up had a Stand power, similar to that of Little Feet.
  • I distinctly remember him among the gathering of Stand Users at the close of "Diamond is Invincible".
    • Not only he reappeared several times (usually, in group gatherings), he also shares the same fate as "The Lock" guy. They're just two big bullies who get put in their place and stop looking as threatening as they did before (especially to the short and impressionable Koichi).
  • "One of the street punks"? No, my friend, everything that was needed was a visit from Josuke to the hospital. One that ended with him getting very pissed off at Toshikazu and "fixing" him up good.

Okuyasu is a Time Lord
Despite having an incredibly strong Stand, along with powers of space manipulation (logically making him only slightly less powerful than Dio), Okuyasu doesn't win a single fight in the whole series. This leads one to believe that he may be a pacifist of some sort, and always allows his opponent to defeat him purposely so they can feel good about themselves. It also explains how he managed to essentially return from the dead during the final battle against Yoshikage Kira.
  • I can't picture anyone from such an arrogant race of pretentious jerks allowing themselves the kind of humiliation Okuyasu goes through.

When Kira was defeated he was dragged into the Jojolion verse

If you consider Dead Man’s Questions to be canon, then this is jossed since Kira is currently a ghost assassin.


Mikitaka is an alien, sort of
He could easily be a separated piece of Kars, or have been created through Kars' ability to create living things. Kars was last seen floating around space. This would explain his power to shape-shift even though he isn't a Stand user (maybe, because he didn't seem to see any Stands when he should have if he were a user).

Echoes ACT 4 could've been a thing.
  • Even as Act 3, Echoes still had a Developmental Potential of A (B in Koichi's brief appearance in Part 5), meaning that Koichi still has a lot to learn about his Stand. Not to mention by Part 5 its stats got one degree worse in all places save for precision, and only its destructive power went up to an A. Perhaps if Koichi was featured more in Part 5 or 6, we would've seen Echoes Act 4 come into fruition.

During the final episode, the silhouettes in the opening sequence will actually be fully shown renders of the characters.

When this part is inevitably dubbed, Josuke will be voiced by Justin Cook and Okuyasu will be voiced by Christopher Sabat
Why not? Part 4 already gets compared to Yu Yu Hakusho, and Sabat himself has said he'll work on making this happen.
  • Jossed. Billy Kametz and Jalen K. Cassell play Josuke and Okuyasu, respectively.

Tying into the above, the Dub will use the English versions of both versions of "Great Days"
They already have official English versions, and they were recorded alongside the original. So why not?
  • Jossed. The dub still uses the original Japan audio. Given how the JO☆UNITED version (played during the final episode) didn't have an English cover, it makes sense.

Mikitaka is a Changeling.
An alien shapeshifter that reverts to a gelatinous form when changing shape? Admittedly, his pale blue coloration doesn't match Founder orange, but it does match the color of the Infant Changeling from the episode 'The Begotten'. The changeling in that episode had changed color because it was sick, which fits with Mikitaka having just been knocked feverish and unconscious by the glancing blow from the Arrow. The exploratory nature that brought him to Morioh also fits with Mikitaka being one of the One Hundred.

Okuyasu knows exactly where the rift created by The Hand leads...
Which is precisely why he actively tries to NOT utilize it in combat. Even him being the idiot he is wouldn't fully explain his tendency to apparently completely ignore its effects, leading me to believe that rather then just erase the target from existence, The Hand actually does something much worse.

Shizuka's mother was one of Kira's victims.
Her mother is never found, and there's a woman-targeting serial killer in town with the ability to completely destroy any evidence. It's not a stretch to think that he killed Shizuka's mother and missed Shizuka due to her being invisible.
  • It's also reasonable to speculate that the stress of her running across the killer activated her Stand.

Rohan will be recasted in the English Dub
Given the controversy regarding Vic Mignogna it seems quite likely.
  • Jossed—Mignogna voices Rohan in all of his appearances.

Mikitaka is the same species as Odo.
They're both shapeshifters who appear to have a default appearance of white goo.

Rohan is able to use Heaven's Door on himself
This would explain why he is able to completely ink a page with no sketch, which is impossible for all mangakas.

The Wall Eyes are the Stand(s) of Duwa— I mean, Morioh Town
I mean, come on. It's perfectly plausible...

Yukako will appear the final battle in the anime
She is heavily featured in the third opening, posing next to Rohan and all, despite losing all focus after the Cinderella arc. Episode 28 has a slight change where she and Rohan snap and explode for a split second, foreshadowing mainly Rohan's death at the hands of Bite The Dust, and it's possible that Yukako will be subjected as well.
  • Jossed - she does get a scene in the epilogue, but she's nowhere to be found in the final battle.

Mikitaka is an alien Stand user.
He just can't see Stands belonging to people from other planets (it's possible that Stands are new to his race as well). The Stand Arrow swerved away from him because his species repels whatever was in the meteorite that brought them to Earth.

Joseph located baby Shizuka via unconscious use of Hermit Purple

What looked like Joseph wandering off in a moment of senility was actually Hermit Purple guiding Joseph to where Achtung Baby was crawling around just in time to save her from dog attack.

Shizuka was orphaned by Yoshikage Kira before Joseph and Josuke found her.
Remember that invisible baby Joseph adopts during part 4... Well, we know she turns herself invisible when frightened using her Stand. It could have been entirely possible that a certain serial killer in Morioh had decided to take her mother's hands. Frightened, Shizuka turns invisible and manages to slip away without Kira noticing her. In short: The disembodied hand seen at the end of Kira's drive once belonged to Shizuka's mother!

How Joseph killed Kira

Joseph took Shizuka, made her activate her Stand "Achtung Baby" that rendered her and him invisible and used Hermit Purple to manipulate the ambulance that killed Kira.

The man who saved Josuke as a child was intended to be Josuke himself.

The guy who saves kid Josuke and Tomoko looks like the spitting image of Josuke himself, and with Kira's ability to travel back in time once he's pierced with the Stand arrow, it seems like an earlier draft of the story (perhaps before Kira's Stand was written so that only he can time travel using it) would have involved Josuke getting thrown back in time and saving himself, creating a Stable Time Loop as he inspires himself to wear his trademark pompadour.

Mikitaka is indeed an alien and his species is the origin of Stands

he claims to be from space and that his "Stand" is in fact extraterrestrial in origin , except the Stand arrows are also extraterrestrial in origin as they were made from a meteor harboring an alien virus, as the Devils Palm form the saints corpse parts similarly grants Stands this would also mean Jesus was an alien in the jojo universe

Ghost Girl Alley is a Stand.

The only people who have seen it (or attest to having seen it) are Stand-users - Rohan, Koichi, Yoshikage and Yoshihiro Kira. Furthermore, it can physically interact with Stands - Cheap Trick and Killer Queen - which is a trait only heretofore seen with other Stands. Finally, it's implied (especially in the anime) that normal people don't even notice it. Koichi and Rohan are baffled by its existence because Koichi only recently became a Stand-user, and Rohan only recently moved back into Morioh.

Echoes's Egg Form has the ability to rewrite reality so that any person Koichi defeats and feels superior to becomes significantly shorter.
Notice that before Koichi beats Tamami Kobayashi and Toshikazu Hazamada, they are shown to be of normal height. Then after Koichi beats the two, they become significantly shorter since he no longer fears them and nobody else notices the difference. Remember that Echoes can go between forms at any time so the Egg Form could be something Koichi subconsciously activates when this ability happens. The reason this doesn't apply to Rohan, Yukako, and Kira is because he still holds some fear towards them even after they're defeated.

Joseph is just screwing with everyone in Part 4
While old age has certainly caught up to him, his frailty and senility is vastly overexaggerated by Joseph himself in order to avoid some of the heat from Suzy Q/Josuke over the whole cheating thing. For a supposedly dying man, he sure is capable of being surprisingly lucid when he absolutely has to. He then make a 'miraculous' recovery over the course of just one month and goes off to live for at least another twelve years.

Okuyasu isn't as dumb as people think.

More specifically, he knows full well the potential of his Stand to scrape away enemies. He just tries not to do so because of the same reason his brother didn't want him to use The Hand on their father; it's a cruel death and could easily be extremely painful. Okuyasu is a softy at heart and doesn't want to use his Stand's power to just kill people left and right, unlike Kira who abuses his power for his own interests.

Josuke was originally going to go back in time and save himself
  • The whole origin story of Josuke's hairdo (where it came from a mysterious stranger who saved him and his mother from freezing to death) leaves a few questions that are never answered. This, combined with the Killer Queen Bites The Dust ability to travel back in time, means that Josuke could've originally been intended to be thrown back in time during the final battle with Kira and end up saving himself and his mother, creating a Stable Time Loop.

Hayato had a Stand—it just never awakened.
As he was being attacked by Stray Cat, he popped the bubble that clung to his neck. After it was popped, it burst open to somehow close the window. The direction and angle of the bubble should be pretty much impossible, and should count as a Deus ex Machina. Afterwards, Hayato was the only one to had been able to identify the location of any air bubble, which leads me to believe that all of this is the work of his Stand, and would explain the Deus ex Machina.

Kosaku Kawajiri was trying to save his marriage.
Kira finds Kosaku and switches faces with him at the Cinderella salon, right? Well it's possible that Kosaku was at/near the salon in the first place because he planned to use Cinderella to become more attractive to his wife, Shinobu. As we know, their marriage seemed to be hanging by a thread. However, we also know that Shinobu's qualms with Kosaku extended beyond his appearance and were more about his personality, so it wouldn't have mattered anyways.
  • Kira does complain that Kosuke seems to have been desperate to climb up the corporate ladder, as it meant that he had to brown-nose to Kosuke's boss when he called to tell him he'd be late to work. It's possible he did this to earn a better living to please Shinobu.

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