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This WMG page is for theories pertaining specifically to Steel Ball Run. For theories regarding the series as a whole, click here. For theories for other parts, visit one of the following pages:

Gyro's not long for this world

Let's face it, the Zeppeli bloodline is not well-known for their long lifespans once they encounter a Joestar. Also, in Chapter 2 Johnny notes that Gyro was a mystery "from beginning to end". It could translate either as the end of Part 7, or the end of his life. First time I read through I translated it as end of his life, given the track record of the Zeppeli family.

  • Sadly, confirmed.

Assuming the Jesus foreshadowing is a red herring, then the corpse parts belong to either Santana or Kars
This is also assuming SBR is the world after Stairway to Heaven went off in part 6. The process tore one of them, likely Kars, apart. Being an immortal being, Kars still survived somewhat. The way the corpse parts merge with humans is reminiscent of how the Pillar Men could eat humans. That SBR is an alternate Part 1 would match Kars reunification being an alternate Part 2.
  • Mirroring the end of Part 1, Johnny will lose his body to either Dio or the Saint.
  • Also, now that there has been an apparent immaculate conception in Lucy Steel, this could lead to the birth of Kars.
    • Now with Magenta Magenta's "death", This troper is less willing to believe Kars has anything to do with this immaculate conception.
  • All Jossed as of the end of Part 7.

Alternate Diego Brando's The World isn't as physically powerful as Dio Brando's The World
Not only does it not look as physically imposing as the original The World, Diego never takes advantage of the original The World's Super Speed and Super Strength even when it would be the obvious combination to kill Johnny without having to sacrifice his own leg.
  • It could be due to the Original DIO being a vampire in addition to having his Stand. Since Diego lacks that boost in power he very well could be weaker.

Sandman and Soundman are not the same character.
  • The villainous Soundman first appears to attack Diego from underneath a door that was just lying on the ground, in the same way Funny Valentine appears to attack others from time to time, so it is not impossible to assume that Soundman is from an alternate dimension that was brought in to the base world to attack Diego and the others. This would explain why the sudden personality change, and explain the plothole created by saying his real name in his language is 'Soundman', even tho every other native calls him 'Sandman' at the beginning of the story.

The existence of the Saint's corpse indicates the existence of Mormonism in the SBR timeline
According to the Mormon religion, Jesus visited the Americas after He was resurrected to pay visits to the Native Americans, whom Mormonism holds to be a lost tribe of Israel. Considering that the Saint's corpse is all but explicitly stated to be the corpse of Jesus Christ, how else do you explain what Jesus was doing in the Americas?

Gregorio Zeppeli, Gyro's father, never made close friends because he knew about the Zeppeli curse
of guiding a friend to make him stronger, and then dying in the process. He probably couldn't bear leaving his family.

National Treasure takes place within the SBR Universe
The Saint's Corpse is buried in Trinity Church in New York City at the end of SBR, and the main characters of National Treasure have to go past a corpse in order to get to the treasures below. Besides, a secret society writing a map on the back of the Declaration of Independence doesn't seem all that out of place in JJBA, nor would someone with Nicholas Cage's

Sandman and Soundman are different people from different universes
Based on a theory stated in this video. It suggests that the Sandman we see fighting Johnny and Gyro is actually an alternate universe Sandman, brought to the main universe by Valentine. The reasoning? First, he comes up from a gap, which is the activation requirement for D4C, Dio never notices him despite his heightened sense of smell thanks to Scary Monsters, and the fact that every member of Sandman's tribe refers to him as Sandman, not as Soundman, despite Sandman being the only one of the tribe to speak in the white man's tongue, which he says changed his name from Soundman to Sandman.

David Production will bring back "Roundabout" when they cover Steel Ball Run.
This is to reflect the heavy homages to Parts 1 and 2. Doesn't have to be the credits theme, or it could even be a remix (if one exists), as Steel Ball Run is a remix of the first two parts, so to speak.

The ending theme for the Steel Ball Run anime will be "Free Bird".
Much like Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency, Steel Ball Run takes place in a time before modern music. This eliminates the possibility of the ending theme being a song from the time as seen in the anime adaptations for Stardust Crusaders and Diamond is Unbreakable. "
Free Bird" is a good choice for Steel Ball Run since it takes place in an American setting with country influences and the lyrics of the song are about a traveler while Steel Ball Run is about Johnny and Gyro's adventure through the United States. Much like "Roundabout" since "Free Bird" is a nine-minute long song every few episodes the credits will play a different part of the song.

Steel Ball Run's Point of Divergence is the 1888 election.
Funny Valentine is stated to be the 23rd President, which was held by Benjamin Harrison in reality, and when the series takes place is 1895 during the second term of Grover Cleveland. In the SBR universe, Cleveland won re-election in the already close election, allowing Valentine to be number 23 in the 1892 election. If he was Republican, they probably picked him for the sake of a younger candidate compared to the older Harrison. Assuming Like Reality Unless Noted, William McKinley was Valentine's vice president and stuck around to win the 1896 election like usual(though the numbering would be off by one from then on), which would've also made him first president to have more than two terms.

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