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Gilligan Cuts in Live-Action TV.

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  • In 30 Rock:
    • Liz Lemon gets paranoid about an apartment she's bid on, and makes increasingly angry and paranoid drunken-ex calls to the co-op board, culminating with:
      Liz: (sobbing on the bathroom floor) I AM GOING TO THE HOSPITAL! AND I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY!
      (cut to:)
      Liz: (annoyedly opening another bottle of wine) I'm just confused, it seems weird to me that you would still be advertising the apartment after you accepted my offer...
    • Played straight in season 3, episode 21:
      Kenneth: [showing several guests of Jack's around] And this is the backstage area.
      Jack: Kenneth, I'd like to speak with Mr. Green for a moment.
      Kenneth: And as head of this tour, I'm going to deny your request.
      [Smash Cut, almost before Kenneth even finishes the word "request", to Jack's office where he's sitting with Milton Green]
  • 60 Second Sitcoms were minute-long sitcom parodies (complete with opening and ending titles) that TV Land used to show between programs. One called Spin and Cutter was a parody of this trope.
    [Spin and Cutter trudge into the living room]
    Spin: Well, there's one good thing...
    Cutter: Yep...
    Both together: At least YOU grabbed the report.
    [they both look at each other as we cut to... both of them in a two-man horse costume]
    Cutter: Hey, this isn't a security guard outfit!
    [cut to the two of them in security guard uniforms breaking into an office]
    Cutter: Hey, someone's coming!
    Spin: Quick, let's hide on the ledge!
    Cutter: Are you Crazy? We'll get killed! It's fourteen stories!
    Spin: Fifteen, but do you want to explain to Mr. Lodge what we're doing in his daughter's office?
    [cut to Spin and Cutter as angels]
    Cutter: Let's hide on the ledge he says.
    Spin: Could be worse.
    Cutter: Spin, old buddy, for once I Gotta agree with ya.

  • Done in the Doctor Who bio-documentary special An Adventure in Space and Time, when Verity is trying to sell William Hartnell on the idea of the series. When she describes the "state of the art facilities", we cut to the Lime Grove studio in disrepair and when she talks about how the sound effects are created with the latest technology, we cut to FX wizard Delia Derbyshire scraping metal keys across piano strings to create the signature TARDIS sound effect.
  • In the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode "Heavy is the Head", Skye believes there's something wrong with Coulson, only for May to insist there isn't. Cut to her telling him "What is wrong with you?" in reference to choosing to go into the field.
  • Subverted in A.N.T. Farm. Chyna insists that she won't do Hippo's "String Cheese" video and the scene cuts to Cameron doing the video instead while wearing Chyna's "String Cheese" costume. His face was covered to invoke this trope.
  • In the property episode of The Apprentice UK Series Nine, the teams both find that they have no customers left to sell property to, and Scott comments that "you can't just go out on the street for stuff like this". Cut to the other team going out on the street to sell property.
  • Austin & Ally: A staple of the comedy on the show. They happen repeatedly and often back to back in the same scene. Sometimes they don't even do a cut, they just have the person wander into the shot doing the Gilligan action. An example from "My Tab & My Pet" where the group have to wait in line for a new computer tablet:
    Ally: I wish I didn't have to work today, I need to be in that line.
    Trish: Relax, it's not like Dez is there by himself, Austin is with him and Austin would never leave the line.
    Austin: [enters Sonic Boom] Hey guys. I left the line.
    Ally: Why?
    Austin: I needed a break.
    Ally: You left Dez there by himself?
    Austin: It's only been 5 minutes, do you think Dez is just gonna let people go in front of him?
    [cut to Dez letting people in front of him]

  • Babylon 5: Londo and G'Kar are on Centauri Prime just when yet another conflict between the Centauri and the Narns starts, and a Centauri official demands G'Kar to be imprisoned as a security liability until the crisis is over. Londo responds "Where he goes, I go", and turns to G'Kar to comment that even one as arrogant as him wouldn't dare to imprison his own Prime Minister. Scene cut, and they're both standing in a cell, and Londo shouts "Shut up!" to G'Kar before he can say anything.
  • In a segment of Beakman's World on magic, Phoebe complains how they're gonna make her the bubble-brained assistant just because she's a girl. Beak says, "If anyone around here is going to be humiliated, it certainly won't be you." Everyone agrees, including Lester... until he realizes what that means. A half second later, Whip Pan to the stage, and Lester as the bubble-brained assistant, complete with costume.
  • Variation both in the original series and The Movie of The Beverly Hillbillies: Granny loudly declares her opposition to leaving, stating that they won't get her out of her rockin' chair. The next scene shows the truck packed and loaded, including Granny's rocker. Granny's still in it.
  • Big Time Rush:
    • From the episode "Big Time Demos":
      Kelly: What are you gonna do, chimp-nap Lolo and train him to like Big Time Rush?
      [cut to the studio where Lolo is across from them]
    • Subverted in "Big Time Wedding", when Mrs. Knight says that she absolutely refuses to marry Buddha Bob. Cut to the two at the Palm Woods pool in wedding clothes, where a "sermon" is reciting a passage and asks Mrs. Knight if she's sure about this...and she refuses.
    • In the pilot, a Gilligan Cut without the cut. Gustavo yells at Kendall, saying that he absolutely refuses to take James, Carlos, and Logan with him to Los Angeles. Kendall says, "So... we have a deal." And Gustavo agrees.
    • In "Big Time Pranks" Gustavo and Kelly just pranked each other, Gustavo suggested that they should call it even and shook hands. "Ten minutes later" Kelly's hair is messed up, Gustavo is ducked taped to a chair, and the room is trashed.
    • In "Big Time Superheroes", after an officer bails the boys and Gustavo out of jail, he warns them to stay away from Hawk Records. Gustavo promises to do so... then we cut to Rocque Records, where Gustavo asks how they're gonna get back into Hawk Records.
  • In Black Sails, the crew of the Walrus has to get the ship ready to hunt for the biggest prize of their lives, and Billy Bones is trying to manage them through this. During the meeting, they keep going on about having a "fuck tent", and he dodges questions until finally they start chanting "Fuck tent, fuck tent, fuck tent," and he appeals to their spirit of cooperation, pointing out that they have a big job to do in a limited amount of time.
    Billy: I was hoping we could all, just this once, agree to forego the fuck tent.
    [The pirates stare at him for several seconds, then Gilligan Cut to the tent being put up while several prostitutes stand by.]
  • Blake's 7. In "Dawn of the Gods", the crew want Vila to put on a spacesuit and take a look outside the spaceship.
    Vila: Oh no. Not me. Not a space suit. Well, it wasn't my idea. I never did trust those things. Nothing, absolutely nothing in the whole galaxy can or will persuade me to wear one. Not a chance.
    [cut to the airlock where Vila is wearing a spacesuit]
  • In the Boardwalk Empire episode "Family Limitations", Margaret asks Eddie whether Nucky is a nice man, which Eddie confirms he is. Then we cut to Nucky in his office insulting Luciano.
  • In the BBC adaptation of The Body in the Library, Colonel Bantry's "I am not going downstairs to ask if there is a body in my library" is instantly disproved.
  • On Boy Meets World, Cory wants to dress up as a girl as part of a "Chick Like Me" plot, but when he tries it out he looks very unconvincing. He and Topanga then suggest that Shawn do it instead, to which Shawn refuses. Cut to school the next day where Shawn is dressed as a girl.
  • On Breaking Bad:
    • In "Phoenix": Jessie and Jane receive 500 000 $ and decide to move to New Zeland and start a new life, but first they agree that they must go clean and flush all the drugs they have... And of course the next scene they're both out cold.
    • 'Half Measure': Marie is giving a sponge bath to Hank, while he's recuperating from surgery after being shot. He's reluctant to leave the hospital, while Marie wants him home, so Marie strikes up a deal:
      Marie Schrader: I tell you what: if I can get the groundhog to see his shadownote -
      Hank Schrader: That’s not gonna happen. I’m sorry.
      Marie Schrader: I’m betting it will. And if he does, you check out of here.
      Hank Schrader: [laughs bitterly] I’m not gonna bet "when" on whether or not I can get a boner! There’s no bet, no bet here! No bet!
      Marie Schrader: You afraid you’ll lose?
      Hank Schrader: You know what? You’re just—you’re just being foolish, you know? Come on. What’s the point?
      Marie Schrader: The point is you’re not completely hopeless. We have a bet?
      Hank Schrader: You know what? If it’ll get you outta here quicker. You’ve got one minute.
      Marie Schrader: One minute? Alright. That’s a cakewalk. [starts stroking Hank's junk]
      Hank Schrader: Yeah. This is just, this is just sad... I mean, I really feel sorry for you, Marie, you know, I really do. It’s just, uh... it’s pathetic.
      Marie Schrader: That’s good, keep talking. Protest. Struggle.
      Hank Schrader: Marie, give up. I mean, seriously. It’s... not...gonna happen.
      [Cuts to an annoyed Hank being wheeled out of the hospital, followed by a smirking Marie]
    • In "Face Off": Hank is in protective custody at his house due to Gus making a threat on his life. Gomez tells him that Hector Salamanca is at the DEA office and wants to talk to Hank, and only Hank.
      Steven Gomez: If you did want to talk to this guy, there's no safer place than the office.
      Skyler White: I don't think this sounds like a good idea.
      Walter White, Jr.: Yeah, I agree, Uncle Hank.
      Marie Schrader: It is a ridiculous idea, and there is no way you are going to do it, end of story.
      [Cuts to Hank at the DEA office]
      George Merkert: Hank, thanks for coming down.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel made frequent use of these.
    • "School Hard":
      Spike: So. How 'bout this Slayer? Is she tough?
      [cut to Buffy brushing her hair]
      Buffy: Ow!
    • "Bad Eggs":
      Willow: Maybe you could get Angel to help you find the Gorches.
      Giles: Good idea. Strength in numbers.
      Xander: Oh yeah. I see a lot of hunting getting done in that scenario.
      Buffy: Please. Like Angel and I are just helpless slaves to passion. Grow up!
      [cut to Buffy and Angel making out in the cemetery]
      Buffy: You know, this isn't hunting in the classical sense...
    • "First Date":
      Xander: [captured by a demon he'd been dating after his tendency to date dangerous demons was pointed out once again] I knew it. See? I knew it.
    • "I Will Remember You":
      Doyle: You don't know what Buffy and Angel are doing down there.
      Cordelia: They've got the forbidden love of all time. They've been apart for months. Now he's suddenly human. I'm sure they're down there just having tea and crackers.
      [cut to Angel pouring himself some tea while Buffy munches on some crackers]
      • Plus, there's the scene that references the title of the episode. Buffy is in tears, and swear she will never forget that day. Then, the Elders press the Reset Button, and Buffy (along with everybody else except Angel) has forgotten everything that happened that day.
    • "Over the Rainbow":
      [Angel and the gang get into a fight]
      Wesley: I think we're winning!
      [cut to them tied up in the town square]
    • "The Puppet Show":
      Snyder: From now on, you're going to see a very different Sunnydale High; a tight ship. Clean, orderly... and quiet.
      [cut to girl discovering the corpse of a girl who has had her organs harvested, and screaming]
    • From "I Robot, You Jane":
      Buffy: Follow Dave? What, in dark glasses and a trench coat? Please. I can work this out myself.
      [cut to Buffy dressed in a Conspicuous Trenchcoat and sunglasses, lurking behind Dave]
    • In "All the Way", Dawn's friend Janice didn't want her and her friends to go into the creepy old man's house. Sure enough...
    • A flashback in "A Hole in the World" shows Fred packing up and moving to L.A., against the wishes of her parents. Fred promises them she'll live a boring life — cut to the present day where Fred is screaming while incinerating wall-hugging demon eggs in a sewer with a backpack flamethrower.

  • In the pilot episode of Californication, when Hank and Mia met in the bookstore she said this "Well, now I'm definitely, for sure, absolutely not going to sleep with you." One cut later...
  • One episode of Cheers had Sam and Robin competing in a series of contests. One of these is who can make the better billiard shot. Robin suggests wagering a dollar on the shot. Sam agrees, but comments "I don't see the big deal over a dollar." They make their shots. Cut to Sam holding the dollar up while he and the gang dance out of the back room chanting "Kiss Him Goodbye".
  • Chernobyl: While in Pripyat's hotel, a tourist couple (actually a pair of KGB agents) asks Legasov if there is any reason they should be worried. He says "no" to not spread a panic and they are relieved. The show then cuts to a dead deer in the forest while the containment helicopters fly overhead.
  • Cobra Kai: Miguel attempts to defend Lawrence to his mother with the phrase "Lawrence-sensei is a great man". Cut to Lawrence, passed out face down on the floor, surrounded by empty Coors cans.
  • Stephen Colbert does this right before the interview with his first-act "mini guests". First, he furiously rails against something or someone in the intro, and then he cuts straight to welcoming that person to his show. "[...] I will never, in a million years, ever understand what Jake Tapper was thinking! Here to tell me what Jake Tapper was thinking, please welcome the host of 'This Week', Jake Tapper."
  • Cold Case: In "Saving Sammy", Valens and Vera go to interview a witness who is autistic. Valens tells Vera to take his yellow tie as the witness does not like the colour yellow. Vera refuses. The next shot has them walking into the autistic boy's room. Vera is not wearing his tie.
  • In an episode of Community, Troy informs Abed that he's getting Britta's attention by faking a childhood trauma. After Abed tells him nothing good can come of it, Troy agrees and says he's looking for a way to defuse the situation. Immediate cut to him wailing about his fake trauma once more.

  • Daredevil: In "Rabbit in a Snowstorm", hitman John Healy goes to a bowling alley to carry out a hit on a rival of the Ranskahovs' so that Wilson Fisk can gain the brothers' support. After overpowering the rival's bodyguards, he pulls out a gun to shoot his target. As he prepares to pull the trigger, the scene abruptly cuts back to 36 hours earlier when Healy is buying the gun from his arms dealer:
    Turk Barrett: [smells the pistol] Mmmm. Love that smell. Metal and oil. Fresh, never been fired. Take a whiff. [Healy picks up the gun and holds it in a firing stance]
    John Healy: I'd like a good revolver better. No chance of jamming up.
    Turk Barrett: Man, look at this! [racks the slide] This is top of the line. I guarantee, this baby will not jam, or my name ain't Turk Barrett.
    [cuts to Healy pulling the trigger in the bowling alley, and it jams on him, forcing him to engage in an all out brawl to defeat his target]
  • Dexter has one of these when the title character goes after a new killer who poses as a car salesman. He's duped quite well in a funny moment.
    Dexter: I go in there to hunt a serial killer, I come out with a new car. How the hell did that happen?
    • In his defence, it was a great car for his purposes (transporting his victims).
  • Doctor Who:
    • One with a tiny, although cryptic bit of lead-in happens in "Robot". Harry blocks the door and orders the Doctor to go back to sickbay and sleep because he isn't going to leave this room. The Doctor looks around in obvious distress, trying to prove he isn't sick, then finds a skipping rope and starts skipping while counting a rhyme. Cut to Sarah and the Brigadier discovering Harry banging on the inside of the cupboard in which the Doctor had tied him up with the skipping rope and hung him upside down before leaving in the TARDIS.
    • "Boom Town" plays the trope for drama, with the reveal that a thought-dead enemy of the Doctor's is still alive.
      The Doctor: Cardiff, early 21st century and the wind's coming from the... east. Trust me, safest place in the universe.
      [cut to...]
      Margaret Blaine/Blon fel Fotch Passemer Day Slitheen: This nuclear power station right in the heart of Cardiff City will bring jobs for all!
    • "Rise of the Cybermen" The Doctor and Rose are on a hillside outside the Tyler estate, looking for a way to get inside.
    The Doctor: [watching a limo drive by] They've got visitors.
    Rose Tyler: February the 1st. Mum's birthday. Even in a parallel universe, she still loves a party.
    The Doctor: Well, given Pete Tyler's guest list, I wouldn't mind a look. And there is one guaranteed way of getting inside. [flips his psychic paper]
    Rose Tyler: Psychic paper!
    The Doctor: Who do you want to be?
    [cuts to the Doctor and Rose, dressed as waiters, carrying trays out of the kitchen with the rest of the wait staff]
    Rose Tyler: [annoyed] We could have been anyone.
    The Doctor: It got us in, didn't it?
    Rose Tyler: You're in charge of the psychic paper. We could have been guests, celebrities, "Sir Doctor, Dame Rose". We end up serving! I did enough of this back home.
    The Doctor: If you want to know what's going on, work in the kitchen.
    • "The Runaway Bride": The Doctor and Donna have finally managed to get a cab, only to realize that neither of them has any money to pay for it. One cut later, they've been kicked out, and Donna is yelling insults at the driver as he leaves.
    • "Partners in Crime": When they get into the window washers' cart, the Doctor tells Donna that he's locked the controls with a "sonic cage", so Miss Foster can't undo it unless she has a sonic device of her own, which he deems "very unlikely". Cut immediately to Miss Foster producing a sonic pen.
    • "Turn Left": Wilf says that everything will be better soon because America is sending aid money to help the UK. Cut to a news report about 60 million Americans having been converted into Adipose.
    • "Cold War": The Doctor tells Clara that there is absolutely no way she is going into the room to negotiate with the Ice Warrior. The next scene has Clara entering the room.

  • In one commentary on Father Ted, Graham Linehan called this trope the "bicycle joke", giving an example that begins with the line "You'll never get me on that bicycle".
    Dougal: If you're a solicitor, then I'm Boy George!
    [cut to Dougal sitting in a crypt, rocking in a traumatized fashion]
    Dougal: Karma karma karma karma karma chameleon...
  • The first episode of Frasier has Frasier closing a scene by refusing to let Eddie, his father's dog, move in with them. The very next scene opens with Eddie staring at Frasier on the couch.
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Series star Will Smith is hosting a behind-the-scenes episode that starts with him arriving at NBC Studios. He mentions that he forgot his pass, but shrugs it off, "I'm like royalty around here." Cut to him being roughed up by three security guards.
  • Friends:
    • In "The One With The Evil Orthodonist", Rachel starts going out again with her jilted fiancé Barry. The rest of the gang disapproves because he broke her heart before and is now enaged to Minday, Rachel's ex-best friend and maid of honor at the cancelled wedding. Rachel seems to agree with them and tells them that she will go to his office tomorrow to break up with him. Cut to Barry and Rachel having sex on the dentist chair.
    • In "The One Where Rachel Quits", Rachel is fed up with working as a waitress at the Central Perk and lands a new job as an assistant in the fashion industry. One her last day of work at the Central Perk, she triumphantly states she will never have to make coffee again. Cut to her new job, where a man tells her how her superior wants his coffee.
    • Whilst Monica and Rachel are planning Phoebe's baby shower, they quickly realize that the traditional baby gifts won't work since Phoebe is really a surrogate for her brother. Monica instead suggests they give gifts that Phoebe can use after she is done being pregnant (such as jeans) and says that Phoebe will love the gifts. Cut to Phoebe being angry at the gifts at her baby shower.
    • In "The One With the Tea Leaves", after Rachel lies to Joey about her boss wanting to buy her baby, she thanks Monica for the advice and says that everything will be okay. Cut to Joey confronting her boss at Ralph Lauren for wanting to buy her baby.
  • Frontier Circus: In "Journey From Hannibal", Casey tells Bertha that there is no way the conductor is going to throw him, her and the elephant off the train. The next shot is off Casey, Bertha and the elephant standing beside the tracks as the train pulls away.
  • Full House has this in "Stephanie's Wild Ride" within the subplot of the whole family's addiction to Michelle's video game, much to her own (and DJ's) dismay. When DJ calls them in for dinner, Jesse suggests they take a short break so that they can have a nice leisurely meal, only for the scene to cut to them rapidly devouring their food so they can quickly get back to the game.

  • Game of Thrones: Played for Drama when the ironborn garrison of Moat Cailin are pleased by the prospect of safe conduct home, then we cut to their flayed corpses.
  • Gavin & Stacey:
    Bryn: There is no way you are getting me out clubbing in Cardiff tonight!
    Bryn: I never thought you'd get me out clubbing in Cardiff tonight!
  • Used for an extremely rare dramatic effect in the HBO Miniseries Generation Kill. The Marines of First Recon is stopped in the middle of the night at the edge of the Euphrates River, preparing to launch an assault into Nasiriya.
    Lt. Nathaniel Fick: I promise you, we will move out under cover of darkness.
    [cut to a nervous-looking Cpl. Harold James Trombley as 2nd Platoon's Humvees drive over the bridge into Nasiriya in broad daylight]
  • The trope namer, Gilligan's Island, has a number of these. The best known is probably in "Gilligan The Goddess", where a group of natives — who presumably have contact with civilization — visit the island searching for a "White Goddess" to Appease the Volcano God. Mrs. Howell volunteers, but the Goddess must be a maiden. Ginger and Mary Ann simply refuse to take part. The men decide that one of them should dress up in drag allowing the castaways to follow the procession and look for possible visiting ships. When it becomes apparent that the task will fall to Gilligan, he immediately protests, "I'm not gonna dress up like a girl, and you can't make me!". Immediate cut to Gilligan dressed as a woman (and still saying "You can't make me, you can't make me!"). This scene was used in promos for the syndicated show for years.
  • In the third season finale of The Good Place, Eleanor's attempt to break Michael out of his Heroic BSoD backfires:
    Eleanor: ...You are smart, and capable, and you're a fearless leader. And you are gonna take a deep breath, stand up, open that door, and say "Hi John. I'm Michael. I'm the architect. Come on in." Got it?
    [cut to outside the room]
    Eleanor: Hi John. I'm Eleanor. I'm the architect. Come on in.

  • Played with in Arthur Mathews' Hippies, which uses a Flash Forward to the Gilligan Cut before returning to the original conversation:
    Ray:' I really don't think I'm going to have to go to prison, Alex.
    [flashforward to prison cell]
    Alex: Do you remember, Ray, when you said...
    Ray: Yes, yes yes, yes!
  • Hogan's Heroes. In "Everyone loves a Snowman", Hogan and his men are trying to hide a recently downed bomber crew and the Gestapo finds and needs to fill a false tunnel in the barracks. Hogan tells the airmen not to worry, "There are twenty barracks on this base and we have tunnels to all but one, barracks 4." Cut to the men standing in front of Barracks #4.
  • From one episode of Home and Away:
    Cassie: I am not getting in Brad's car with you! [cut] I don't know how you talked me into this.
    • And Jules doesn't know either.
  • House: One episode has Taub struggling to practice for an exam to renew his medical license. He tries to call someone for a copy of the test so that he can cheat, but Foreman convinces him that he can do it, promising that they will continue until he gets it right. The scene then cuts to Taub getting the copy.
  • How I Met Your Mother uses this from time to time.
    • Subverted in Season 2: the gang sits on a bench and Lily says "I'm sure we won't be waiting long." Dissolve to a group of five elderly people (of the corresponding genders) in exactly the same positions. Of course, the old people had simply taken their place when the group had taken a trip to the vending machine.
    • In the episode where Ted and Barney drunkenly talk about getting Robin back:
      Barney: I should probably leave... before I do something I regret...
      [cut to Barney on the street outside Robin's apartment]
      Barney: ROBIN... ROBIN, I LOVE YOU!
    • Another example is in early season 6. Barney needs help moving, and asks for help. The gang point out that not even he, the master manipulator, can get them to help him move. Barney smiles, loosens his tie, cricks his neck, flexes his knuckles, takes a breath and...
      [cut to the gang in Barney's mother's house, packing boxes]
      Lily: How the hell did he do that?
    • In the second episode of Season 7:
      Marshall: I wanna be the kind of man my child can look up to. So, sweeping declaration, I am never getting drunk again as long as I live. [the rest of the gang laughs] I'm serious! [scene briefly stops so Future Ted can narrate]
      Future Ted: Kids, it's not that your Uncle Marshall had a drinking problem. But whenever he made a sweeping declaration like that, you pretty much knew...
      [the next day, Marshall walks in drunk]
      Marshall: I DID IT AGAIN!
      Future Ted: But I'm getting ahead of myself.
    • In the Season 7 episode "The Broath", Barney swears Ted to secrecy that he is going to move in with Quinn, a stripper who had just taken him for over $700 and "whatever my Rolex is worth". Cue...
      Ted: [to the gang at McLaren's] Barney's moving in with a stripper who's going to take all his money!!
  • Hustle: In "Picasso Finger Painting", we cut from Sean protesting there is no way he is going back to Mad Dolly's to Sean at Mad Dolly's, still protesting.

  • The iCarly special "iQuit iCarly" had this:
    [cut to Spencer and Gibby being thrown into a garbage dumpster]
    Spencer: ...They have our boat.
  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia loves to play with this trope with the episode title cards. For example:
    Mac: You guys have nothing outside this bar.
    Dennis Reynolds: Don't worry, Mac. We'll be just fine.
    [cut to title card: "Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare"]
    • Or:
      Mac: There's no way [my dad killed that guy.] He's innocent, and I'm not gonna let the state kill him.
      Mac: I'm gonna save my dad's life.
      [cut to title card: "Mac Kills His Dad"]
    • Or:
      Maureen: I love you.
      Dennis: I love you too, Maureen.
      [cut to title card: "Dennis Gets Divorced"]
    • Or:
      Charlie: Look, let's not worry or panic. This is... this is a lot of drugs, but, like, what's the worst that could happen?
      [cut to title card: "The Gang Gets Whacked"]
    • Or:
      Dee: I made all the contacts, I pushed that little monkey out, and now, I'm going to be claiming him as a dependent and getting tax breaks for the next 18 years. You talk about a scheme? How's that for a long-term scheme, bitches? You guys all better eat a dick, because Sweet Dee beat the system!
      [cut to title card: "Sweet Dee Gets Audited"]
    • Or:
      Mac: You won't see us getting scammed.
      Dennis: No way!
      [cut to title card: "Mac and Dennis Buy a Timeshare"]
    • Or:
      Frank: How's anybody gonna get hurt?
      [cut to title card: "Frank Sets Sweet Dee on Fire"]
    • Or even more bluntly:
      Dee Reynolds: There's no way I'm dating a retarded person.
      [cut to title card: "Sweet Dee's Dating a Retarded Person"]

  • Occurs many times on Jessie:
    • First seen in "Glue: Hoodunnit" when Mrs. Chesterfield's hair gel is switched with glue getting her hands stuck to her head and believes the Ross kids committed the prank.
      Jessie: Look, Mrs. Chesterfield. I trust my kids. If they say they didn't do it, then they didn't do it.
      [cut to the penthouse where Jessie is seen interrogating the kids about the prank]
      Jessie: Okay, which one of you did it?
    • Happens again in "Caught Purple Handed", the kids throw a Wild Teen Party on the roof courtesy of Zuri sending a fake email that a famous celebrity attending and need to make an excuse for the celeb not appearing.
      Zuri: Wait! I have an idea!
      Luke: Whatever it is, leave me out of it! [cut to Luke wearing a mop on his head to impersonate the celebrity] And I'm in it.
    • Also in "Quitting Cold Koala" when Jessie tries to help Luke get over his obsession with his stuffed animal, Kenny the Koala, by confiscating it for three days. Luke has a nightmare about missing his beloved stuffed animal, but then tries to calm himself down.
      Luke: It's okay. I can do this. I can do this [cut to Luke banging on Jessie's bedroom to get Kenny back] I can't do this!!!! I can't do this!!!!
  • In an episode of Jonas, the gang tries to figure out a way to get rid of Joe's Stalker with a Crush. They agree to start a new rumor about Joe dating a mystery girl. They all look at Stella to use her as the mistress, leading Stella to protest "Oh no! No! No!" (Cut to Stella playing Joe's mistress in a fake photo shoot by Macy.)
  • Justified: Arlo to Raylan: "You're not gonna arrest me!" Cut to Raylan dragging him off in handcuffs.

  • Episode 4 of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight has Maya tell her friend she will not get coffee for anyone. The next scene has her getting coffee for the woman she is working with.
  • Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire has an episode where Matt Lucas's character says to his girlfriend (who has just contracted a serious illness) that he is not going to let her die. The next scene has him crying over her grave.
  • Kolchak: The Night Stalker, episode "The Zombie". Vincenzo tries to convince Kolchak to take his niece along on a police SWAT raid against a Syndicate operation. Kolchak quite rightly refuses, as she would be in great danger. Vincenzo continues trying to convince him and Kolchak repeatedly refuses. Cut to Kolchak and the niece in a car traveling to the scene of the raid.

  • Days after Donald Trump's first address to Congress, Late Night with Seth Meyers had a case of this:
    Seth Meyers: Obviously, Donald Trump got off to a rough start as president, but he finally had what many pundits considered a good day on Tuesday with his first address to Congress. The speech got glowing reviews from the media and Trump was finally able to reset the narrative of his presidency. And you know what? I have been hard on him, but I think it's only fair that we take a minute to celebrate. In fact, I got some balloons right here and I'm going to start blowing them up to celebrate the fact that Trump finally has everything under control.
    [As he starts blowing up the balloon, the camera cuts to news clips about reports that attorney general Jeff Sessions had met with the Russian ambassador to the U.S. but failed to disclose that in his confirmation hearings. When the camera cuts back to Seth, he's dejectedly letting all the air escape from the balloon]
    Seth Meyers: And we had [bleep] fireworks, too!
  • In the Crossover episode between Law & Order: Trial by Jury and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit:
    Elliot Stabler: We've got the guy for murdering one woman and raping another, so just tell us, please, there's no chance of him walking out of here tonight.
    Tracey Kibre: I'd be shocked if he made bail.
    cut to Branch's office
    Arthur Branch: Of course he made bail!
    Tracey Kibre: It was two million dollars!
  • Law & Order: UK: DS Ronnie Brooks is musing over the possible location of evidence in an assault case. His gaze turns towards a Dumpster. Following his gaze and realizing what he's thinking, his partner DS Matt Devlin yelps, "NO! No way, Ron!" Sure enough, the next scene is of the two of them at the garbage dump, sifting through the trash, with Matt griping and complaining the entire time while Ronnie gleefully teases him.
    • In another episode, the detectives want to review evidence from an old case and realize that they need to discuss things with the CPS. Their superior mentions that CP Alesha Phillips was the prosecutor on the case, at which point, she and Brooks give Devlin a look, to which he gives a very startled Double Take. The next scene is of Devlin trying to sweet-talk Alesha into giving them the necessary files. (To be fair, we never see him refusing to do this, but he's clearly not thrilled about having to use their mutual attraction to garner information from her).
  • Lost has a couple of darkly humorous examples:
    Abaddon: Everything relies on you getting them in, getting them out, and preventing anyone from getting killed. Think you can do that?
    Naomi: Sure. Why not?
    [Cut to Naomi's corpse.]
    • And:
      Miles: If Faraday said get people off the Island... I'd do it.
      Dr. Chang: Well, then let's hope he knows what he's doing.
      [Cut to Faraday's corpse.]

  • MacGyver (1985): "The Gauntlet", when the Girl of the Week declares she's not going to eat the lizard MacGyver is cooking for dinner.
  • Mad Men
    • So fast you might miss it: a flashback features a younger Don Draper offering to buy Roger Sterling a drink and listen to anything he had to say. Roger Sterling snidely retorts "It's 10 a.m.!" Cut to him enjoying a drink with Don.
    • English ex-pat Lane is dragged by his wife to an immigrant pub where they can watch an English football game. Lane, who never liked his home country, promises grudgingly that for her sake he'll to pretend to enjoy it. Cut to Lane belting "God Save the Queen" with total sincerity as England win the World Cup.
  • Mama's Family pulls this move in season 1 episode 2. Vint declares to his mother that nothing can make him stop seeing (his mother's mortal enemy & neighbor) Naomi Oates. Immediate cut has Vint doing the very thing. They're married by episode 4.
  • The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis was the first American TV show to use this extensively. In fact it could be argued that it deserves to be called a Dobie Cut, since almost all of them happened as a reaction to something said while addressing the audience.
  • Done constantly in Married... with Children, usually after Al says something to tempt fate.
    • In one instance, Marcy was telling him he needed to see a dentist due to his bad teeth, but Al reassures her that his teeth do not hurt and never have. Gilligan Cut to later in the night as Al screams "Now my teeth hurt!"
    • In the episode "Oldies but Young 'Uns", Al becomes obsessed with finding an old song. When he eventually sees it in a record store, the cashier says that it costs 60 dollars:
      Peggy: 60 dollars?! For a record? Hey, look. You must look at my husband, and mistake crazy for stupid. He's not paying sixty dollars for a record, and if he does, I'll kiss your
      [cut to Al and Peggy entering their house, Al with the record in his hand, and Peggy wiping her mouth]
    • One episode had the subplot of the Bundys playing a social board game with the D'Arcys. The end of the show featured Bud, who in the main plot was doing all kinds of dangerous things to impress a girl, topped off by skydiving, returns home dejected and defeated, with his father Al laughing and mockingly declaring "There's NOTHING that'd make me jump out of an airplane!" Cue Peggy announcing that Al's game piece has landed on the "kiss the neighbor" space, swiftly followed by a horrified look on Al's face. The very next scene is Al on the same plane Bud jumped out of, only a Laughing Mad Al simply jumps out of the plane without even bothering to put on a parachute.
  • On M*A*S*H, in the episode "The Trial Of Henry Blake". When Frank tells Hawkeye and Trapper that they're under arrest (to keep them from trying to save Col. Blake from a court-martial), they laugh hysterically - until we cut to the next scene, where they are not only under arrest, but have been relieved of their uniforms as well (presumably to make it harder should they try to escape).
    • Several seasons later, in the episode "Comrades in Arms", thanks to a combination of bad communication and bad timing, Margaret and Hawkeye are caught on the road during an air strike, and are forced to take shelter in an abandoned hut. Meanwhile, their friends back at the 4077th are frantic with worry.
      BJ: They must be going through hell out there!
      (cut to Hawkeye and Margaret locked in a passionate embrace)
  • Matlock: Matlock, about to go on a fishing trip, gets a letter calling him in for jury duty. Matlock remarks, that as a prominent defense attorney, there's a snowball's chance in hell he'd be selected. Cut to Matlock sitting in the jury box. An example of Artistic License – Law, as in most of the United States and all Canadian provinces lawyers are ineligible for jury duty.
  • Men Behaving Badly writer Simon Nye has declared his hatred for this trope, considering it a sitcom cliché, and managed to get away with only using it once in the entire run of MBB (Ken has taken over the pub; Gary declares that he and Tony will not set foot in there again until Les is restored as barman — Gilligan Cut to him and Tony convivially sharing a drink with Ken inside the pub).
  • The Mentalist: When Jane suggests to Lisbon that she should blackmail Ardiles in the fifth season, she asks how would she do that, since she has nothing on him. Jane then recommends her to turn to the most gossipy person she knows in search for a rumor that could get her leverage on Ardiles. Cue Gilligan Cut to Lisbon talking with Brenda.
  • From Merlin (2008) in the episode "To Kill the King", Morgana challenges Uther.
    Uther: Take care child, or I'll have you restrained.
    Morgana: You just try.
    [scene cuts to Morgan being dragged into a cell by the guards and chained to a wall]
    • From "The Gates of Avalon" come two slightly more humorous examples:
      Uther: If this were a time of war, I would have you flogged.
      Merlin: [overeager grin] And as it's not, we'll forget it just this once?
      [cut to Merlin in the stocks]
      Merlin: I'd forgotten how much fun this is.
      [and then again, later]
      Merlin: You know, I think I'm starting to get the hang of this whole deception lark.
      [cut to Merlin in the stocks. Again.]
  • Subverted in The Mighty Boosh when Howard refuses to dress as a panda, saying no man should ever be forced to do that. Cut to Vince dressed as a panda instead.
  • Can happen thanks to Dash's precognitive abilities in Minority Report (2015). When asked if he's staying for dinner by Vega's mother, he confirms and claims they're having Chinese. Vega stops him, saying that she's cooking. Cut to a burnt lasagne and a beat, followed by Vega declaring that they're ordering Chinese.
  • Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, "Unnatural Habits": Mary escapes from an abusive Magdalene laundry while heavily pregnant to seek fairer work, but anxiously asks Phryne "Who'll hire someone in my condition?" Cut to Phryne's Grande Dame Aunt Prudence looking rather put-upon while Mary, now in a maid's outfit, serves her dessert.
  • Monk has a number of interesting Gilligan Cuts.
    • In "Mr. Monk and the Missing Granny", Monk and Sharona are seen at a homeless shelter. Monk asks if there is a more subtle disguise that will prevent them from standing out. Cuts to Monk and Sharona at the serving counter.
    • In "Mr. Monk Is on the Run Part Two", Stottlemeyer makes Natalie promise not to look for Monk after he fakes his death. Natalie promises to leave him as is. She promises and... the scene cuts to her hurriedly packing a suitcase.
    • In "Mr. Monk Buys a House", it happens twice in the same conversation between Monk and "Honest" Jake Phillips, when he announces he needs to repair some frayed wiring that's a fire hazard:
      "Honest" Jake Phillips: Adrian, I'm a surgeon. It's just gonna be like taking out an appendix - a little incision, snip, snip, snip, pop over with the wire, and the fixture, a little spackle, a little paint... [smiles while indicating "and then, good as new"]
      Adrian Monk: Is it going to be, you know, like [imitates the sound of a drill] messy?
      "Honest" Jake Phillips: Nah, no way. You won't even know I was here!
      [Cuts to Jake punching a large and very messy hole all the way through the wall with his hammer, sending debris flying everywhere while Monk wears a face protector and cringes with every swing of Jake's hammer. After a few swings, Jake stops]
      "Honest" Jake Phillips: Uh-oh.
      Adrian Monk: Uh-oh? Uh, again uh-oh? [Jake shakes his head vigorously]
      "Honest" Jake Phillips: I do not like the look of this. All right, we've got a little problerino. It's what we call a "glitch".
      Adrian Monk: Yeah, yeah, okay.
      "Honest" Jake Phillips: You see this pipe? [taps at the one in question with his hammer] Right there? That's your primary water line. It's corroded.
      Adrian Monk: Of course it is.
      "Honest" Jake Phillips: Almost all the way through. Could burst any time. [turns to Monk] I thought-I thought that you got this place inspected!
      Adrian Monk: I did! I did!
      "Honest" Jake Phillips: [incredulous] What, was the guy blind in both eyes? All right, listen to me, Adrian, I've gotta be honest with you, because I respect you very much: [points] this whole section has to go...
      Adrian Monk: Oh no!
      "Honest" Jake Phillips: ...right here, which means this wall, that wall, and this half of the floor.
      Adrian Monk: What about that half?
      "Honest" Jake Phillips: That's gonna have to come up, too. But I know a great plumber. His name is Ramone. They call him "Honest Ramone".
      Adrian Monk: Of course they do. [Cuts to Monk and Natalie sitting on the stairs, cringing as Jake and Ramone hack away at the wall]
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus. In one sketch, a man and a woman are hugging and kissing while lying on a public sidewalk. The woman asks the man if her father can come to live with them. The man agrees, but when she says that her father will be sleeping in the same bed with them he says "No. I'm not having that. " and "No! No! No!". This is followed by a quick cut to all three of them in bed together.
  • The Muppets openly lampshades this in the first episode with Gonzo talking of how it's an overused device to use one-on-one interviews and then cut to someone saying a totally different thing. Guess what comes next...
  • Murdoch Mysteries: In "Murdoch Au Naturel", Brackenreid and Murdoch have the bright idea to send in someone undercover at a nudist colony, and since the naturists have already met Murdoch, he and Brackenreid turn to Constable Crabtree, who objects. Cut to Crabtree entering the colony sans clothing.
  • My Hero season 1 episode 3 when George is trying to wash his super hero outfit.
    George: Tyler! Do you know how to work washing machines?
    Tyler: Do I know how to work washing machines?
    [cut to kitchen filled with bubbles]
    Tyler: No.
  • A rare dramatic Gilligan Cut occurs in the My So-Called Life episode "Life of Brian":
    Brian: [voiceover] I vow to never again show up at Angela's door with some lame excuse!
    [cut to Brian at Angela's door talking to her dad about something he supposedly borrowed from her]
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 loves to put this trope in the mouths of the victim-movie's characters.
    Character in Mitchell: I am not bringing that shipment in and that is final.
    Tom Servo: Doo-dle-oo-dle-oo-dle-oo, the shipment's in!
  • MythBusters:
    • Reversed in an episode where they tested bulletproof plexiglass, because Jamie said it was bulletproof. Jamie: "I never said it was bulletproof". Cut to an older episode, with Jamie gesturing to the substance and saying "It'll stop a bullet". Repeated for comic effect.
    • Also reversed on Adam during the American Graffiti myth with his prediction of the outcome, which led to him popularizing the now-famous "I Reject Your Reality and Substitute My Own" line.

  • In an episode of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, to cheer Ned up and get him to stop thinking about Susie, Cookie and company intend to take Ned to a part of the school devoid of girls and flowers: the gymnasium. Cut to them arriving at the gym doors and entering...only to find that the Garden Club is using the space to build an Arbor Day float. In short, the room is filled with flowers and populated by girls.
    • Later in the episode:
      Ned: Well then, I'm going to write Martin that tip. [cut] I can't think of one!
    • Done in the Grand Finale when Ned loses his clothes and Moze buys him a t-shirt and grass skirt from the gift shop since that's the only thing she could find.
      Ned: I'm supposed to meet Suzie for lunch! What am I gonna tell her? "I saw the Wild Boy skirt, and I just had to have it?!"
      Ned: Then I saw the Wild Boy skirt, and I said, "I just have to have it."
      [Cut to a wtf look from Suzie]
  • Dick from Newhart was in the station manager's office at the television station when a report came in that the host of a local children's show had taken ill and they needed a quick replacement. The manager turns to Dick who adamantly refuses. Cut to Dick filling in for the host.
  • In the No Ordinary Family episode "No Ordinary Quake", Jim & Stephanie are talking about how to test their son JJ for superpowers
    Jim: So what're you going to do, honey? You gonna tell your son you don't believe him and, what, ask him for his DNA?
    Stephanie: I think I can come up with a more subtle approach.
    (cut to Stephanie the next day, placing a cup on the table in front of JJ)
    JJ: You want me to pee in a cup?

  • Odd Squad:
    • In "Life of O'Brian", when Olive remembers her being in the Odd Squad Gym from 9AM-10AM, Oscar asks her if they can obtain footage from the Gym during that timeframe. Olive, being her usual smug and cocky self, assures him that Owen always helps her out in a pinch. Transition to the next scene, with Owen telling her that he can't help her out because he doesn't want O'Brian to get mad at him.
    • This tends to occur whenever agents have to go see Baby Genius. One example is in "The Odd Antidote", where Dr. O holds up a baby rattle to inform Olive and Otto that they have to see him, followed by them protesting. Transition to the two of them walking down the dark hallways of the Odd Squad Warehouse, where Baby Genius resides.
    • "Mystic Egg Pizza" has one with Tommy Twosie when Delivery Doug calls for everyone to go to his Eggmobile.
    Delivery Doug: To the Eggmobile!
    Tommy Twosie: Cool!
    [cut to everyone inside the car, with Tommy sandwiched in between Olive and Otto]
    Tommy Twosie: Not cool.
    • "Robert Plant": Olive believes that getting the antidote for the eponymous plant will be easy. One transition and an Orbital Shot view later, she's quickly proven otherwise.
    • "Trials and Tubulations": Olive and Otto are trapped in Sector 21, which is one of the most dangerous places in Odd Squad. The former calls Ms. O, who is casually trimming a plant, for help, and she assures her that O'Donnell, the on-duty tube operator, has everything under control. Cut to O'Donnell panicking and yelling at her boss that she does not have everything under control.
    • "Undercover Olive": Since one of the villains in the Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament is out sick, Olive is forced to go undercover as them. Ms. O hands her a purple slip that has the name of the sick villain, and upon opening it and reading it, Olive freaks out and adamantly refuses to do it, all while Ms. O looks on with a big grin on her face. Transition to the next scene, where Otto is training Olive, dressed up as the sick villain, how to act like said villain.
    • "Dr. O: Party Time, Excellent" has two Gilligan Cuts occur within less than a minute of each other. First, when Olympia goes to get Dr. O's goodbye party cake with the $2 she has to spend...
    Olympia: I can so get a cake for $2.
    [cut to the bakery]
    Baker: You can absolutely not get a cake for $2.
    • And then when the baker offers her a deal:
    Baker: Here's what I can do for you: for $2, I'll sell you the recipe and ingredients to bake your own cake.
    Olympia: Sold! I can absolutely bake my own cake.
    [cut to Olympia, back at Headquarters, holding an extremely lopsided and uneven-looking cake]
    Olympia: I absolutely cannot bake my own cake.
    • "Safe House in the Woods": When Owen and Ozlyn see the creature they're transporting start to grow agitated due to hunger, the former nervously tells the latter that he's sure it's no big deal as he calls Ocean. Whip Pan to Ocean telling them that it is a big deal.
    • Later on, in the same episode, this exchange occurs when Delivery Doug stops by the safe house and asks for shelter without getting permission from Ms. O.
    Owen: Doug, you can't work here.
    Delivery Doug: Just let me stay until the storm passes. You won't even notice I'm here!
    [transition to Doug singing off-key to his Leitmotif and making egg salad sandwiches while Owen and Ozlyn watch]
    Ozlyn: I'm noticing he's here.
  • Once Upon a Time:
    • In "The Cricket Game":
      Emma: There's only one name on that list who would resort to killing to get what they want.
      [cut to a delighted Mr. Gold opening a picnic basket from Belle]
    • A darker version in "The Outsider". At Archie's funeral, Gepetto says that he's "in a better place." Cut to Archie being held as a prisoner aboard Hook's ship.
  • One Foot in the Grave enjoys these. Example:
    Victor: I. Do. Not. Want. A Dog!
    [cut to Victor building a kennel]

  • Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation seems to have this happen a lot:
    • One episode sees him promise Leslie that he and his psychotic ex-wife Tammy are just going outside for a quiet talk. Cut to them making out through the bars of their holding cells the next morning.
    • Another episode (seen in the page quote) sees him lampshade it, as he just says he has no idea what happened and how he managed to be dragged to lunch with a colleague. See it here.
  • The Partridge Family: In "In 25 Words Or Less," Keith's Abhorrent Admirer tells him, "Oh, don't be silly! I would never ask you to take me to Muldoon's Point!" The next shot is of the two of them in a car, with her saying, "So this is Muldoon's Point!"
  • Not common in Peep Show, but there is an example in "The William Morris Years" involving a newly non-drinking Super Hans reluctantly agreeing to a little taste of beer. Just to wet the whistle. Cut to severe drunken antics. Read more.
  • An episode of Perfect Strangers had Larry being called to court because the police needed to talk to an informant on a story he'd done. However, he refuses to divulge the name of his source, citing journalistic integrity about protecting sources.
    Larry: They're not going to throw us in jail. They'll probably throw us a parade.
    [cut to Larry and Balki in a jail cell as the door is closed]
    Balki: Does this mean we're going to miss the parade?
  • In part two of the Power Rangers Dino Thunder/Ninja Storm crossover episode, Blake insists that there's absolutely no way he's going to follow Hunter and Cam into the Abyss of Evil to reclaim their powers. Cut to him wearing a helmet and rappelling gear, stating once more for the record that he thinks this is a bad idea before they begin climbing down.
  • Psych uses this sometimes.
    • One example from Season 5, episode 14, "The Polarizing Express" (and yes, it's a Christmas Episode), when Shawn and Gus are on a stakeout:
    Gus: Shawn, you need to try to take a nap. You look tired.
    Shawn: [scoffs] Gus. Don't be Keith Sweat now. I'm sharp as a tack.
    [scene fades to Shawn sleeping, with a superscript: "Exactly 7 minutes later"]
    • Shawn recklessly triggers a hostage situation on a ferry by cutting the mooring line for the raft some escaping prisoners are using to flee. When Lassiter accurately blames "that jackass Spencer" for the hostage situation, Juliet says that whatever Shawn did, he must not have had any other choice. The scene cuts to Gus going over "choice 17" and asking why Shawn didn't just hide a GPS in the raft.

  • Raising Hope features one of the darkest takes on this trope in the pilot episode, when Lucy, eight months pregnant and on Death Row, tells Jimmy, "There's no way they're gonna kill the mother of a six-month old baby!" Cut to the witness area, with Jimmy and the baby in attendance as she gets put in the electric chair.
  • In the fourth episode of Raven's Home, Raven is trying to bond with the twins after Devon moved away. They suggest riding the Wind Tickler in the amusement park and Raven agrees that it sounds like fun. Cut to them hanging on the Wind Tickler and Raven panicking "This is not fun! This is not fun!"
  • Reba
    • In an episode, Reba's son-in-law becomes a driver in a pizza joint while having no vehicle of his own, so he requests Reba to drive him for deliveries. Reba refuses and refuses...and cut! In the next, scene she is driving her son-in-law for deliveries, albeit reluctantly.
    • In an earlier episode, her ex-husband begs her to come with him to help him spread his father's ashes on a golf course. She declares, "Uh-uh! Those puppy-dog eyes aren't gonna work on me anymore!" Cut to the golf course, where she stands next to him holding a rake.
  • Red Dwarf uses this in the Tyrant Takes the Helm episode when Queeg forces everyone to work in order to get food.
    Queeg: From now on, everybody works.
    Cat: Nuh-uh, not this kitty!
    [cut to Lister and The Cat scrubbing floors]
    • From "White Hole", after the ship's power gets cut off:
      Lister: Look, they're only interior doors. They're only a light alloy. Maybe we could get through them if we use a battering ram. All we need is something, say, I dunno, six foot long, fairly sturdy, with a flat top.
      (everyone grins at Kryten)
      Kryten: 53 doors?! You can't be serious!
      [cut to them using Kryten to bash down the last of the doors.]
    • "Skipper", effectively uses this trope as a space-time phenomenon: the crew encounter an anomaly that affects the fabric of the universe, meaning that every time somebody makes a decision, the opposite of that decision immediately happens; so when the Cat refuses to make Lister a coffee, it immediately jumps to Cat offering Lister the coffee he's just made (Lister then proceeds to manipulate Cat into getting him biscuits, making him breakfast, tidying his bunk and polishing his boots), when Rimmer and Kryten decide not to warn the others about the anomaly it immediately jumps to Kryten making an announcement asking them to join them at once, and when Cat decides to take the lift he's immediately teleported to the stairs.
  • Rizzoli & Isles: In "Seventeen Ain't So Sweet", we cut from Jane telling Maura that there is no way she is going to her high school reunion, to Jane and Maura at Jane's high school reunion.
  • In the Rumpole of the Bailey episode "Rumpole at Sea", Hilda wants to take a Mediterranean cruise. Rumpole doesn't. He tells Hilda to get one thing clear: that he is not going on any cruise ship, no, no, NO...[ship's foghorn blows]

  • The Sarah Jane Adventures episode "The Nightmare Man" features this exchange:
    Luke: Are you really gonna make scrambled egg? Remember what happened last time?
    Sarah Jane: I think I can manage.
    [cut to Clyde reading a text message from Luke]
    Clyde: "Mum just set the kitchen on fire again."
  • Scrubs: In the episode "My Porcelain God", the Janitor accuses J.D. of telling people about the roof toilet (after he had asked him not to earlier in the episode). J.D. responds, "first of all, why would I tell anyone? And secondly, no one has epiphanies on the john!" Cut to Dr. Cox having an epiphany on the roof toilet, presumably giving him the idea to put a patient in Dr. Kelso's office when there are no beds elsewhere.
    • In one episode, Elliot talks about how great her fiancee Keith is, saying he would walk through fire for her. A Gilligan Cut shows the Janitor trying to convince Keith to literally walk through fire to prove the his love for Elliot, though Keith refuses to.
    • When Eliot and Carla are discussing the problems they each have with JD and Turk respectively, Carla wonders if Turk and JD could help each other. Eliot replies that they are guys, who don't talk about their feelings. Cue Guy Love song.
    • Played for Drama in one episode where Dr. Kelso works on managing the budget and tries to figure out who to fire to bring it in line. Dr. Cox is disgusted to hear him say that and offers to work the budget himself.
      Cox: I won't even have to fire somebody.
      Cox: [regretfully] I have to fire somebody.
  • Done in reverse order in the Back to Front Seinfeld episode "The Betrayal":
    FDR: Are—are you dense? I said I wanted you to drop dead. Now... drop dead!
    [slams the door in Kramer's face]
    Kramer: I knew it... Stupid Jerry...
    [cut to Jerry's apartment, ten minutes earlier]
    Jerry: Kramer, I know what I'm talking about. There's no way FDR wants you to drop dead.
  • In Selfie, the episode "Untag My Heart", Henry is grilling Eliza on her "relationship" with coworker Freddy. There is a direct cut revealing Eliza's lies. "Do you two ever make advance plans" "Kind of" *Cut to Eliza in bed receiving a text of 'Sup?' from Freddie. She jumps out of bed to go meet him.* "Have you and Freddy ever been on an actual date?" *Cut to Eliza dancing at a club when she gets another "Sup?" text from Freddy. She rushes out of the club* "Eliza, have you and Freddy ever even been outside together?" "For the most part" *Cut to making out in his apartment* "Does his wraparound terrace count?"
  • In Shameless (US), Sheila gets upset when Frank asks her to make some phone calls for him without asking questions (It Makes Sense in Context). To make it right and get his way, Frank offers to disguise himself any way she likes, and there would be no safe word. Cut to Sheila happily making the phone calls after that.
  • In the Sherlock episode "The Reichenbach Fall", Sherlock is testifying in court against Moriarty, and launches into his typical lightning-fast deductions, stepping on the toes of almost everyone in the room. The judge finally calls him out on it, saying "Do you think you could go for just a few minutes WITHOUT SHOWING OFF?!" Sherlock opens his mouth to reply, and... the scene cuts to him being led into a cell.
  • From an episode of Sledge Hammer!, when it's suggested that the police hold a fund-raising telethon:
    Captain Trunk: That is the most preposterous thing that I have ever heard! We will have a telethon over my dead body!
    [cut to Trunk singing "Hava Nagila" at the telethon]
  • Sonny with a Chance:
    • In one episode, a Jerkass celebrity named Tray Brothers guest stars on So Random! and starts taking credit for the other castmates' work, such as Sonny's song, Nico's hat, Grady's jacket, and even Chad's bangs and fangs. Sonny suggests they report to Marshall about Tray's arrogant actions, despite Marshall being completely fond of Tray.
      Sonny: Once we tell Marshall what Tray did, there's no way he's gonna have to stand with him.
      [cut to the gang talking to Marshall backstage about Tray]
      Marshall: I'm gonna have to stand with him.
    • Happens again when Sonny suggests a camping trip for both So Random! and Mackenzie Falls to get along.
      Sonny: We can go camping!
      Both shows: NOOOOO!!!!!
      [cut to the cast of So Random! and Mackenzie Falls on a camping trip]
      Tawni: I could have sworn we all said no.
  • In the Spartacus: Blood and Sand episode "The Thing in the Pit", Spartacus is condemned to fight in the pits, as is Kerza.
    Kerza: I'm not dying in the pits. I'll show these cunts. My cock was forged in Vulcan's flames! I will fuck! Them! All!!
    [cut to Kerza in the Pit, getting beaten to death]
  • Stargate SG-1: "Window of Opportunity" has Jack insist to the team that he and Teal'c are caught in a "Groundhog Day" Loop. He says he doesn't know what's going on...
    Jack: ... but I do know for a fact that there's no point in having ol' Doc Fraiser examine us again!
    [Sam and Gen. Hammond share incredulous looks, then cut to Jack sitting in sickbay with Dr. Fraiser examining him]
  • In the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Visionary":
    Sisko: And Major, when you're with the Romulans, try to be... diplomatic.
    Kira: I'm always diplomatic!
    [cut to Major Kira meeting with Romulans]
    Kira: That is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard and I resent the implication!
    • In "Take Me Out to the Holosuite," Sisko has assembled his own baseball team to take on his Academy rival, Solok. When Cassidy asks him why he's taking it so seriously, he tells her about how Solok has spent his life flaunting his own superiority, and then makes her promise not to tell the team. One scene transition later, she's told the team everything.
    • A rare non-comedic example appears in "Improbable Cause". After an assassin who tried to kill Garak is himself assassinated, Odo deduces that the Romulans may be responsible. Sisko replies that he doubts the Romulans would be forthcoming in admitting such a connection. Cut to subspace communication of a Romulan operative freely admitting that they did indeed execute the assassin.
  • Played with, perhaps unintentionally, in the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Spectre of the Gun": the group decide they'll wait right here until 5:00, when they're scheduled for the shootout at the OK Corral (It Makes Sense in Context), but are instantly teleported there.
  • In the Star Trek: Discovery episode "The Butcher's Knife Cares Not For The Lamb's Cry", the crew of the titular starship is struggling to get their experimental spore drive operational when Admiral Cornwell contacts Captain Lorca to tell him that the dilithium mines on Corvan II are under attack. Lorca assures Cornwell that Discovery is ready to jump straight there; cut to Lieutenant Stamets telling Lorca that they are not at all ready to jump.
  • From Supernatural 6.07 "Family Matters", as Dean wants to get involved in the hunt on the Alpha Vampire:
    Dean: [to Samuel] Big Daddy bloodsucker? I ain't gonna miss that. But this is your deal, I get it. I'll follow your lead. I trust you.
    Dean: [outside] I don't trust him.
    • In 7.01, when Dean has been caught breaking into a house:
      Dr. Weiss: Don't move.
      Dean: Look, I don't want to hurt you.
      Dr. Weiss: [after a pause] I'm the one holding a shotgun, son.
      Dean: Yeah, I realize that.
    • Cut to Sam and Bobby coming in to find the doctor and his wife gagged and tied to chairs.
      Dean: Sam, Bobby, meet Dr. and Mrs. Weiss.

  • Taxi. A Gilligan Cut without the cut: the gang is helping Jim out at his new bar. Jim hears that Alex plays piano and loudly introduces him as a performer. Alex adamantly states that he won't play — a gorgeous woman sidles up to him and purrs "I'd love to hear 'Ebb Tide'." Alex promptly launches into "Ebb Tide".
  • One episode of Teen Wolf starts with Jackson and Lydia sitting in Lydia's car outside a video rental store, Jackson trying and failing to convince Lydia to watch Hoosiers. Finally, he gets frustrated with her complete dismissal of his opinion, and this happens:
    Jackson I am not watching The Notebook again!
    [cut to Jackson inside the store]
    Jackson: Can somebody help me find The Notebook?
  • In the Season 8 premiere of That '70s Show, Kitty is recounting recent events on a tape to send to Eric. One flashback has the kids hanging out on the water tower with their new pal Charlie. Charlie falls off, but Kelso remarks that none of them ever got seriously hurt from falling off the water tower. Cut back to Kitty, who says that the water tower was renamed in Charlie's memory.
    • Earlier in Season 2, after his breakup with Jackie, Kelso declares that he is boldly going "where no man has gone before". Cut to him standing outside the Forman residence asking Kitty for Laurie.
  • A recurring bit in That Mitchell and Webb Look is "Get Me Hennimore!", an Affectionate Parody of seventies sitcoms, every sketch beginning with Hennimore's boss setting up an obvious opportunity for Hennimore to botch (such as showing a recovering alcoholic a set of antique golf clubs with an identical-looking novelty liquor cabinet nearby) and getting his assurance that he'll get it right this time, at which point the sketch immediately cuts to the "end of the episode," with the boss walking in on the extremely predictable disaster.
    • Doubly subverted with the final sketch, where a meeting with Russian diplomats involving state secrets goes fine... until the nuke goes off.
  • The Thundermans has an episode where Hank & Barb agree to let Chloe come back to sleep with them after she admits that she was afraid of sleeping in her own room alone. After Billy and Nora say that they enjoy sharing a room together, Hank says "Why do we need a five bedroom house? Let's all just sleep in the same room!" Cut to all five family members sharing a bed and Hank saying "I was kidding!"
  • Toast of London has Steven Toast in an interview and he comments "I hope you're not one of these journalists that gets their subjects sloshed so they spill the beans, 'cause that isn't gonna happen." Cut to a very drunk Toast.
    Toast: Seems odd that this is an interview 'cause it's just like chatting to an old friend.
  • Top Gear (UK)
    • In series 5, episode 2, there are two in rapid succession.
      James May: All you have to do [to enter the competition] is answer this very, very tricky automotive question: "Which Italian super car maker features a prancing horse on its logo?"
      [cut across the studio to Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond]
      Jeremy Clarkson: I have absolutely no idea...
      Jeremy Clarkson: Uh, anyway... Ferrari! A couple of years ago, they introduced this amazing new hyper car called the F60, and we've been trying ever since to get hold of one.
      [assorted talk about the trouble they had, getting their hands on one to drive]
      Jeremy Clarkson: And then, out of the blue, Nick Mason, who's the drummer with Pink Floyd, telephoned to say that he's got an F60 which we could borrow, if we promised to plug his new book. Well, we aren't really allowed to plug stuff on Top Gear, but I said to him, "Look, if we can have your F60, I'll slide a couple of references in, and I don't think any of the bigwigs'll notice...
      [cut to segment backed by the Pink Floyd track "Astronomy Domine"]
    • It should be noted the rest of the segment was packed full of Pink Floyd tracks, as well as numerous "The only thing as awesome as this car is this book I've been reading" lines.
    • From the Vietnam episode:
      [Hammond and May are sitting comfortably in a bar, drinking]
      Hammond: Do you think he's enjoying his first biking experience?
      [cut to Clarkson, riding a beat-up Vespa, decked out with a plethora of mirrors, most of which are reflecting the headlight directly into his eyes]
    • From the same episode:
      Clarkson: [voiceover] Still, at least I'd been assured it wouldn't rain.
      [fast cut to Clarkson, Hammond, and May riding their motorbikes in a teeming Vietnamese monsoon]
      Clarkson: Name an upside to this, mate! Name ONE upside!
      May: Well, you're not hot anymore, are you?
    • From the same episode:
      Clarkson [with his bike having broken down yet again] Still, at least my mates wouldn't leave me behind this time.
      [cut to Hammond and May driving away at top speed]
    • From series 16, episode 3, where they go to Albania:
      Clarkson: [after reading a letter requesting a car test for the Albanian Mafia] This caused one hell of a row in the office. The producers said, "We should go out to Albania and do the test," and we said, "No! We can't be seen to be helping the Mafia!" We were adamant. We said, "this is our line in the sand. We will, not, go."
      [cut to ferry from Corfu to Albania]

  • In the Victorious episode "The Wood":
    Beck: The producers took two separate phone conversations and cut them together!
    Jade: I want to hear that from them!
    [Tori holds her hands out in questioning; cut to the Black Box theater]
    Producer: Yeah, we took two separate phone calls and cut them together.

  • The West Wing: Josh has made a political deal that helps the White House but screws over Mandy, his old girlfriend:
    Mandy: You know what the worst part about this is?
    Lloyd Russell: Well, I think you dinged up your suspension pretty good.
    Mandy: No, Lloyd, it's the party they're having, right now, in the West Wing, at my expense.
    Russell: They're not having a party in the West Wing.
    Mandy: I've worked with these people for two and a half years. They like to win and they like to gloat.
    Russell: These people are professionals. A blow was struck against party unity today. No one is going to be gloating.
    [scene cut to Josh's office]
    Josh: Victory is mine, victory is mine. Great day in the morning, people, victory is mine!
    [everyone applauds as Josh dances and pounds on his chest]
    • The West Wing also had a variation with no actual cut. For example, when Joey is first introduced she repeatedly tells Josh she wants to meet the President, Josh tells her that absolutely will not happen, then the President walks in and introduces himself to Joey.
  • From Who Is America?, when Sacha Baron Cohen is undercover as "Israeli anti-terrorism expert Erran Morad" trying to get members of congress to express support for a program that would arm schoolchildren:
    Matt Gaetz: You want me to say on television that I support three- and four-year-olds with firearms? Is that what you're asking me to do?
    Erran Morad: Uh, yes.
    Matt Gaetz: Typically members of congress don't just hear a story about a program and then indicate whether they support it or not.
    Trent Lott: I support the "Kinderguardians" program.
  • Wings
    • In the episode "Death Becomes Him", Joe and Brian accidentally fly the wrong corpse in for a funeral. Brian suggests that Joe masquerade as the dead man until they have time to switch the bodies.
      Brian: Get in the box, Joe.
      Joe: No! There is no way I am getting in that box.
      [cut to Joe in the casket at the funeral]
      Joe: [thinking] I can't believe I got in the box!
    • Subverted in the episode "I've Got a Secret". Alex confides to Helen and Antonio that she once posed in Playboy. When Joe and Brian discover that Antonio knows a secret about Alex, they begin to badger him.
      Joe: Come on. Tell us what you know.
      Antonio: I can't. I won't. There is no way you're ever getting this out of me.
      [cut to Lowell walking into the office later that day with a large stack of magazines]
      Lowell Okay, this is the last of them. Every Playboy from '85 to '89.
    • However, the cut ends up being deceptive, as it was not Antonio who blabbed, but Helen.
  • From The Worst Witch when Mildred is having trouble with her part in the broomstick tableau:
    Maud: It'll be fine, you'll see. Everything will go click.
    [cut to Mildred crashing into the bins on her broomstick]
    Mildred: You call that "going click"?

  • Yes, Prime Minister does this in the episode "One of Us":
    Hacker: Don't discuss this with Arnold until I've spoken to him.
    Humphrey: [indignant] Of course not, Prime Minister, I wouldn't dream of it.
    [cut to a visibly-distraught Humphrey taking a sip of wine]
    Humphrey: So what do you think I should do, Arnold?
  • Partly Played for Drama in You're the Worst:
    Gretchen: Can you believe Becca and Vernon said we were Toxic?
    Jimmy: What a joke!
    [cut to a montage of everyone Jimmy and Gretchen interacted with during the episode, about to have their hearts broken/lives ruined]

  • A very early episode of Zoey 101 had this, when Zoey is telling Chase about how living with Quinn is giving her a hard time:
    Chase: You can't just look a girl in the face and say, "I don't want to live with you anymore."
    [cut to Quinn's room where she is looking at Zoey]
    Quinn: Zoey, I don't want to live with you anymore.


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