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  • A lot of Disney's animated shows had theme songs dedicated to explaining the series' premise.
    • DuckTales (1987): "Every day they're out there making duck tales! Woo-oo!"
    • Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers: "Sometimes some crimes/Are slipping through the cracks/But these two gumshoes/Are picking up the slack"
    • Darkwing Duck: "Darkwing Duck! When there's trouble, you call DW! Darkwing Duck! Let's Get Dangerous!!"
    • Bonkers,: "Once upon a time in Toontown/There was a cat that had it all/Fortune and fame, top of the game/Up until he hit the wall"
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    • Pepper Ann: "Who's that girl? What's her name? Is she cool? Is she lame? Oh, you're talkin' 'bout what's-her-name..."
    • Hercules: The Animated Series (which itself is a shortened rewrite of a song from the movie)
    • The Weekenders: I'm livin' for the weekend!
    • Teacher's Pet: "Born on the wrong end of the leash he was a dreamer, and a little schemer. A simple mutt living a dogs life, but when he heard the bell for school, he started to drool. One day he said: "I'll take a chance" (trade his leash for a pair of pants). In a glance, which becomes his favorite pastime. I have buried a bone for the last time. I wanna be a boy. He's all over just being rover. I gotta be a boy. This teachers pet's gonna be a boy"
    • Kim Possible: "I'm your basic, average girl/And I'm here to save the world..."
      • While the Kim Possible theme music is more about Kim herself than the show specifically, it does hit all the high points about the regular features such as Kim saving the world.
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    • Dave the Barbarian: "Dave the Barbarian/Huge but a wimp/His sisters Fang and Candy/Are a princess and a chimp..." "NOT A MONKEY!!"
    • Brandy & Mr. Whiskers: "Who's a little like water and oil?/Brandy and Mr. Whiskers/What's in the kettle and ready to boil?/Brandy and Mr. Whiskers"
    • American Dragon: Jake Long has one that is also a Boastful Rap. "He's gonna stop his enemies with his dragon power..."
    • The Replacements, although this is arguably necessary as the premise of the show isn't actually explained anywhere else.
    • Phineas and Ferb "As you can see, there's a whole lot of stuff to do before school starts this fall..."
    • Sofia the First: "I was a girl in the village doin' all right/Then I became a princess overnight/Now I gotta figure out how to do it right/So much to learn and see..."
    • Star vs. the Forces of Evil: "It's gonna get a little weird, gonna get a little wild / I ain't from 'round here, I'm from another dimension! / Gonna get a little weird, gonna have a good time!"
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    • Notably averted with Recess and Gravity Falls, which uses an Instrumental Theme Tune. That said, the actual visuals sum up the premise pretty well regardless.
  • Likewise, Warner Bros. Animation tended to do it a lot as well.
    • Tiny Toon Adventures: "At Acme Looniversity we earn our Toon degree!"
      • The Plucky Duck Show, the short-lived spin-off of Tiny Toon Adventures, likewise has a long tell-'em-everything theme song. "The writers ... are hackers/The artists all went crackers/The actors ... are yakkers/But don't complain — it's free!"
    • Animaniacs: "... But we break loose and then vamoose, and now you know the plot!"
    • "They're Pinky and the Brain! Yes, Pinky and the Brain! One is a genius, the other's insane! To prove their mouse-y worth, they'll overthrow the earth! They're dinky, they're Pinky and the Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain!"
    • "They're Mindy and the Brain, Mindy and the Brain. One's a small child, the other is... the Brain."'
    • Freakazoid!: "Check out Dexter Douglas / Nerd computer ace / Was surfing on the Internet / And got zapped to cyberspace / He turned into the Freakazoid..."
      • "The Huntsman" segments of Freakazoid! parodied this by having the theme tune take longer than the actual episodes.
    • Histeria!: "We're gonna make fun of history!"
    • "Duck Dodgers of the 24th and one-half century! Defending the powerless and the weak!"
  • "Thunder Cats are on the move!/ThunderCats are loose!/Feel the magic, hear the roar!/ThunderCats are loose!/THUNDER-THUNDER-THUNDER-ThunderCats!/THUNDER-THUNDER-THUNDER-ThunderCats!"
  • Felix the Cat.
  • Expository theme tunes are a staple of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise.
    "Leonardo, he's the leader in blue! Does everything it takes to get his ninjas through! Donatello is a fellow has a way with machines. Raphael's got the most attitude on the team! Michelangelo, he's one of a kind! And you know just where to find him when it's party time! Master Splinter taught them every single skill they need to be one lean mean green incredible team!"
  • Danny Phantom has a pretty great one, neatly saving the producers from having to force the audience to sit through a tedious getting-his-powers episode at all.
    (He's a phantom!)
    Young Danny Fenton he was just fourteen
    When his parents built a very strange machine
    it was designed to view a world unseen
    (He's gonna catch 'em all, 'cause he is Danny Phantom!)
    When it didn't quite work, his folks they just quit
    Then Danny took a look inside of it
    When he first woke up he realized
    He can walk through walls, dissapear and fly
    He's much more unique than the other guys
    (He's gonna catch 'em all, 'cause he is Danny Phantom!)
  • O'Grady: "Not easy to believe that this stuff is real/Sometimes it's kinda cool, but mostly just annoying/Paranormal world, I guess it's a weird place"
  • Clone High: "Way way back in the 1980s / secret government employees / Dug up famous guys and ladies / and made amusing genetic copies..."
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force is a subversion of this: the hip-hop style Theme Tune introduces the main characters, but doesn't match the theme of the show, nor do the lyrics accurately describe them.
  • James Bond Jr. (abysmal cartoon about Bond's nephew): "... he learned the game from his uncle James..."
  • Jane and the Dragon includes a theme song that helpfully explains that the show will be about Jane. And a dragon.
  • George of the Jungle, one of the most addictive of these tunes. The song served for both the animated series and the movies.
    George, George, George of the Jungle!
    Strong as he can be! (AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!)
    Watch Out for That Tree!!
    George, George, George of the Jungle!
    Lives a life that's free! (AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!)
    Watch out for that tree!
    When he gets in a scrape
    He makes his escape
    With the help of his friend
    An ape named Ape
    Then away he'll schlep
    On his elephant Shep
    While Fella and Ursula stay in step
    George, George, George of the Jungle!
    Friend to you and me! (AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!)
    Watch out for that tree!
    Watch out for that (AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!) tree!
    George, George, George of the Jungle!
    Friend to you and me!
    • The other segments in the show had 'em too — complete with catch phrases — for Tom Slick and Super Chicken.
  • Teen Titans: "When there's trouble you know who to call/Teen Titans!"
    • According to the first season DVD bonus features, Glen Murakami lamented the fact that "cartoons don't have theme songs nowadays" like "The Brady Bunch or The Partridge Family" and actually set out to make sure Teen Titans would. So there you go.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants
    Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
    SpongeBob SquarePants!
    Absorbent and yellow and porous is he!
    SpongeBob SquarePants!...
  • One fine day with a woof and a purr/A baby was born and it caused a little stir/No blue buzzard, no three-eyed frog/Just a feline, canine, little CatDog.
    • This one is hilarious for suggesting that CatDog themselves use it in-universe: "Gotta rise above it/Gotta try to get along/Gotta walk together/Gotta sing this song."
  • Galaxy High has an expository theme tune... but the words can hardly be heard through the vocoder.
    Doyle was a high school star
    everybody thought he'd go real far
    but he didn't care a thing about the classes he took
    you know he just wasn't interested in his books
    Aimee was the smartest girl in school\\Not very popular, not very cool
    Two kids will be chosen from Earth to go to school at Galaxy High...
  • The theme song of the animated Space Western Bravestarr is a rhymed, spoken narration that explains the show's premise ("In a distant time and faraway place/The planet New Texas floats deep in space...")
  • "Into these worlds of unknown danger they ride / They're the Galaxy Rangers, heroes in the sky / No guts, no glory!..."
  • "Now he's got superpowers, he's no ordinary kid, he's Ben 10!"
  • Billy the Cat
    Now he lives on the street...
    Billy the Cat, in trouble every day
    Billy the Cat, not just another stray...
  • Stargate Infinity: "Built by Ancients so long ago, the Stargate lay till we broke the code..."
  • Sonic Underground: "Triplets born, the throne awaits/A seer warns of a deadly fate..."
  • Spider-Man got a really memorable one in the 1960s show:
    Spider-Man, Spider-Man!
    Does whatever a spider can!
    Spins a web, any size!
    Catches thieves, just like flies!
    Look out! Here comes the Spider-Man!
    Is he strong? Listen, bud:
    He's got radioactive blood!
    Can he swing, from a thread?
    Take a look, overhead!
    Hey there, there goes the Spider-Man!
    In the chiiiill of the night
    At the scene of a crime
    Like a streeeeeaaaaak of light
    He arrives, just in time!
    Spider-Man, Spider-Man!
    Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man
    Wealth and fame, he's ignored
    Action is his reward!
    To him...
    Life is a great big bang up!
    Whenever there's a hang up
    You'll find the Spider-Maaaaaaan!
  • The Spectacular Spider-Man got a particularly awesome one:
    Livin' on the edge
    Fighting crime
    Spinning webs
    Swinging from the highest ledge
    He can leap above our heads
    Villains on the rise
    And the city's victimised
    Lookin' up with no surprise
    Arrivin' in the speed of time.
  • The barely-animated The Marvel Super Heroes of 1966 had Expository Theme Tunes for each of its heroes.
    • "Tony Stark makes you feel/He's a cool exec with a heart of steel..."
    • "Doc Bruce Banner/Pelted by Gamma Rays/ changes to the Hulk/Ain't he unglamorous?" They actually manage to ALMOST make "Gamma" rhyme with "Banner", while making "unglamorous" rhyme with "Gamma Rays" at the same time.
      • Then they top it with "Wrecking the town with the power of a bull / he's no monster clown, ain't he unlovable?"
    • "When Captain America throws his mighty shield/All those who chose to oppose his shield must yield!"
    • "'Cross the rainbow bridge of Asgard/Where the booming heavens roar/You'll behold in breathless wonder/The God of Thunder, Miiiiighty Thor!"
  • Iron Man: Armored Adventures features this.
    He's a man on a mission, in armour of high tech ammunition. Trapped on the edge of an endless game, his teenage life will never be the same, in a dangerous world he does all he can he's Iron Maaaaaaan! Iron Maaaan!
  • The Adventures of T Rex: "Across Rep City, Big Boss and his crew has dinosaurs reaching for the stars/the boys pay their respect and put the Corporation back behind bars."
  • Hammerman describes the entire premise of the show in painstaking detail.
    • Hammerman, Hammerman, does whatever a hammer can...
  • A sub-trope of this would be the verse reserved for the villain(s) to exposit their role(s) in the show. Many '80s cartoons had this.
    • From the Jem theme song: "But we're the Misfits/Our songs are better/We are the Misfits, the Misfits/And we're gonna get 'er!"
    • From the theme song to (The All-New) Pound Puppies: "You Pound Puppies!/I hate them, yes I do/Eww, Pound Puppies!/They're yuckity, ickity-poo!/I'll capture every pup/then I'll lock 'em all up/You Pound Puppies! Your rebel days are through!"
    • Also shows up in the theme song to Channel Umptee-3: "The world belongs in a box!"
    • The theme song of the Stunt Dawgs introduced all characters, heroes and villains: "We are the Stunt Scabs and this is our show/We are the Stunt Scabs, oh no!"
    • Since it's actually named after the villains, the Green Aesop-filled The Smoggies takes the unusual step of giving them the first verse, relegating the heroes, the Suntots, to the second.
  • To a certain extent, The Transformers: "Transformers, more than meets the eye/Transformers, robots in disguise..."
    • "Autobots wage their battles to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons" also kind of sums up part of the plot.
    • The 1986 Transformers animated movie also has an extended version of theme, which uses the TV theme as the chorus, played over the end credits that largely sums up the plot of the movie.
    • While the Transformers Animated had something of a more generic intro that used a remix of the original song, the Japanese version went all out and included a song written by JAM Project about how they would take up arms and beat back the bad guys.
      • Included was a theme explaining how truly powerful evil was and an anthem that praised the Decepticons.
    • Transformers: Rescue Bots, on the other hand, has a very straightforward example: "A routine patrol with four bots in stasis/years later awoke in the strangest of places/Earth was their home now and in addition/Optimus Prime gave them this mission..."
  • Blinky Bill had a theme tune which informed viewers of the show's premise. Given that the series had long story arcs in its second and third seasons, this was a very good idea. In the first season, however, it was a recap of the 1992 movie that set up the season’s story:
    But then one dark and gloomy night, when all the bush was still,
    Some bandits came and stole the trees, to feed their woodchip mill!
    And when at last the morning came, the timber trucks moved on,
    And where their Greenpatch used to be, the little town was gone!
  • The Fairly OddParents: "Timmy is an average kid, that no-one understands/Mom and Dad and Vicky always giving him commands..."
  • The creepy opening theme to Count Duckula.
  • "Your backyard friends, The Backyardigans..." In this case, the main characters sing the song themselves.
  • Huntik: Secrets & Seekers: "...There's a secret lost in time. There's an ancient story. One for all and all for one. Fighting for the glory..."
  • Cow and Chicken: "Momma had a chicken / Momma had a cow / Papa was proud! He didn't care how!"
  • Mighty Magiswords: Quite catchy, too:
    Warriors for hire are here, Mighty Magiswords!
    It's their name and carrer, Mighty Magiswords!
    Sleuthing siblings who quest, Mighty Magiswords!
    Which is what they do best, Mighty Magiswords!
    They have special tools for which they are fools,
    These guys lose their mind when they collect and find,
    The Mighty Magi-
    Grup: Swords.
    Announcer: Mighty MAGISWORDS!
  • Mummies Alive! had a memorable one:
    A little boy named Presley found a secret out this year
    That he was once a Pharaoh when Egyptians ruled the world
    And now some sorcerer named Scarab tries to get him day and night
    But Presley has four guardians to protect his very life!
    He has the Mummies! From 1525 BC!
    He has the Mummies! Protection for the new Rapses!
    He has the Mummies! They're hanging by the 'Frisco Bay!
    He has the Mummies! Protectors of the world today!
    He has the Mummies! From 1525 BC!
    He has the Mummies! Protection for the Pharaoh teen!
    He has the Mummies! They're hanging by the Western Gate!
    He has the Mummies
    'They're gonna save the world today
    The Egyptian way
    They're Mummies Alive!
  • I Am Weasel also had one.
  • Dexter's Laboratory (closing credits): "In Dexter's laboratory / Lives the smartest boy you've ever seen/But Dee Dee blows his experiments to smithereens..."
    • Unique in that this is actually the song they play at the end. The beginning theme song is just an instrumental version of this.
  • Captain Planet and the Planeteers had an expository ending theme tune.
    "Captain Planet, he's our hero, gonna take pollution down to zero!/He's our powers, magnified/And he's fighting for the planet's side!/Captain Planet, he's our hero, gonna take pollution down to zero!/Gonna help us, put asunder, bad guys who like to/Loot and plunder!"
    "You'll pay for this, Captain Planet!"
  • The Simpsons:
  • Carl Squared: "One night I was in my room,/Surfin' online like I always do/Found a way to be so much more,/With a drop of DNA my clone was born!/I'm stuck with myself again, my clone is my new best friend. Carl squared/Freaks of a feather, now and forever. Carl squared./He may walk and talk like me but don't believe everything you see!/Nanananana Nanananana./He's my clone, CARL squared!"
  • Around the World with Willy Fog, an Animated Adaptation with animals of Around the World in 80 Days: "Fog, I'm the one who made the bet, and I know we'll be exactly right on time... Round, all around the world, round, all around the world."
  • Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!, complete with an Introdump of the titular Monkey Team including Chiro.
  • "Earthworm Jim! Through the soil he did crawl! Earthworm Jim! A super suit did fall!"
  • Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot: "...Clobbering evil entities, with Rusty at his heel, The boy robot lives his dream, To be a legend in history, The Big Guy and Rusty!"
    • Despite pretty much playing this trope straight, the theme song also cleverly subverted it by leaving out a VERY important plot detail as to the true nature of one of the title characters.
  • Sushi Pack: "They're very, very strong, but only two inches long, the super hero sushis that are sitting on my plate!"
  • Even one-shot Merchandise-Driven pilots can have these. PJ Sparkles: "She closed her eyes and made a wish for people to love and care for, and in a beautiful blinding light, she got everything she asked for!"
  • G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero: "It's G.I. Joe against Cobra, the enemy, fighting to save the day!... GI Joe!/Real American hero, GI Joe is there!"
  • "Masked crusaders / working overtime, fighting crime! (fighting crime!) Secret raiders / who will neutralize, soon as they arrive at the sight! Trakker's gonna' lead the mission / and Spectrum's got such super vision! M.A.S.K., it's the mighty power that can save the day!"
  • Megas XLR: "Living here in Jersey/Fighting villains from afar/You gotta find first gear/In your giant robot car..." And then it becomes an anthem for giant robots.
    • Not only that, but they also parody it one episode, where Spud is daydreaming that he's on a sitcom with his crush, the cheerleader Stacy. Although the song is cut off in the middle, you still get a fairly good idea of what the 'show' would have been like: "She's perky/ He's quirky..."
  • Both the 1970s and 2000s version of Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings have one of these:
    • "Well you know my name is Simon/And the things I draw come true..."
    • "C'mon, my name is Simon and I'm inviting you/Into a world that's hard to believe but it's absolutely true/From my imagination, what I draw comes true."
  • "Fighting crime, trying to save the world, here they come just in time, The Powerpuff Girls..."
    • Like Dexter's Laboratory, this is the ending theme. The opening theme of The Powerpuff Girls is an instrumental preceded by a narrated origin story.
  • The first season of the 1994-1996 Fantastic Four series was hit-you-over-the-head with this, detailing the team's origin and each of the Four's powers. The second season, with the shift in appearance, switched to an upbeat, more dramatic instrumental theme.
    • "On an outer space adventure/They got hit by cosmic rays/And the Four were changed forever/In some most Fantastic ways/No need to fear they're here/Just call for four/Fantastic Four/Don't need no more/Reed Richards is elastic/Sue can fade from sight/Johnny is the Human Torch/The Thing just loves to fight..."
  • So many: The Funky Phantom was always one of the better ones. "We were cold and soaking wet, and lost out in a storm: we ran inside this spooky house just hoping to get warm - the dusty clock said half past six, we knew that it was wrong! But when we set the hands to twelve, the clock began to BONGG..."
  • "Five little monsters were riding through space / Their spaceship broke and they fell into this place..."
  • Cro, one of the few theme songs to admit, however euphemistically, that most of the characters had been dead since the Ice Age and were being remembered by a Talking Mammoth Popsicle.
    Cro was a smart boy.
    Had a lot on the ball.
    But the family that took him in was total Neanderthal.
    Cro, just a memory,
    of a mammoth friend named Phil
    Who was found by the scientist Doctor C,
    and Mike in the Arctic chill.
    Phil fell into a glacier.
    It was like a big deep freeze.
    But he was brought back to life to his surprise,
    in the twentieth century!
    So listen as Phil takes us back,
    to wonders of long ago
    And weaves a tale of Woolyville,
    and an Ice Age boy named Cro!
  • Conan the Adventurer, in between Badass Boasts about Conan's fearlessness and mightiness, explains that Conan's quest is to undo the "Spell of Living Stone" cast on his family by driving the Serpentmen back into the Abyss and defeating their leader, the Evil Sorcerer Wrath-amon.
  • WordGirl had a theme song about the characters of the show and such.
  • "He's a Superdog/He's a Superhero/He came to Earth from outer space/And his name is Krypto."
  • "Wings of silver, nerves of steel!/SilverHawks!/Partly metal, partly real!/SilverHawks!"
  • Emmy wished on a dragon scale/And that's what started Dragon Tales/Around the room the dragons flew/But Emmy and Max knew what to do/They climbed on the backs of their dragon friends/Now the adventures never end!
  • "Water, fire, earth and air, Guardians Unite!/We are, we are, we are, W.I.T.C.H.!/We are, we are, we are, W.I.T.C.H.!"
  • "BUCKY! Captain Bucky O' Hare! Mutants, and aliens, and toads beware!" It is so catchy!
  • "My name is Ziv Zulander ZZ for short, you know I fight the Corp I'm The Bots Master!..."
  • "FLINTSTONES!/Meet the Flintstones!/They're the modern stone age family!/From the town of Bedrock, they're a page right out of history!"
  • "Scooby-dooby-doo/Here are you!/You're ready and you're willing/If we can count on you, Scooby Doo/I know we'll catch that villain"
  • "I'm Popeye the Sailor Man/Popeye the Sailor Man/I'm strong to the finish/Cause I eat me spinach/I'm Popeye the Sailor Man!"
  • Potatoes and Dragons: "Long ago in Potato Land/There was a king noble and grand/Some revered him/Others did fear him/One there to jeer him/A dragon not a man!/Hey-ho away we go/Get the dragon..."
  • Braceface/My life is complicated/Boyfriend!/Don't wanna talk about it/Teenage!/I'll work it out in the end/Braceface!.
  • SuperTed: Quite abrasive. "This is a story about an ordinary Teddy Bear. When he was made, they found something wrong with him, and threw him away, like a piece of rubbish. Then, from outer space, a spotty man brought him to life with magic dust..." etc. Narrated by a former Dalek operator.
  • Australian cartoon series Arthur and the Square Knights of the Round Table:
    Arthur! The king of Camelot
    He's a ring-a-ding-a-ling of a king;
    Arthur! He likes to joust a lot
    And he really makes the kingdom swing.
    Dragons run from Arthur's lance
    And the Black Knight hasn't a chance;
    If you're in trouble send a cable
    To the hero of our fable
    That's just "Arthur of Camelot"!
    He took the sword from the stone and made a table round,
    He took the bravest knights and sat them around;
    Then all of Camelot knew they really had a king
    Who's a king of the people, not any old thing.
    Arthur! That's what the maidens call
    Whenever they're lost or in distress;
    If you're locked up in a tower
    He does rescues by the hour,
    He's our rip-a rayin', dragon slayin', armour-plated king;
    That's Arthur! Arthur! We know an Arthur!
    King of Camelot!
  • Muppet Babies, we make our dreams come true!/Muppet Babies, we'll do the same for you!/When your world looks kinda weird and you wish that you weren't there/Just close your eyes and make believe and you can be anywhere!
  • Super fighting robot!/Mega Man!/Super fighting robot!/Mega Man!
  • Street Sharks: They bite, they fight/They stand for everything right/They bite, they fight/Chewin' up evil with all of their might!
  • Spoofed on Family Guy with Peter's Stylistic Suck Show Within a Show "Handiquacks": One day, 3 Ducks were crossing the road/Goin' to get some soda/But they weren't looking where they were goin'/And the bus came along and hit them all./Now they're handicapped and. . No . . ./ that's pretty much it!/ Handi-Quacks!/And they never got their Sodaaaaaaaaa!
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius: A kid with a knack for invention/With a superpowered mind, a mechanical canine/Rescues the day from sure destruction/This is the theme song/for Jimmy Neutron
  • Here Comes the Grump:
    In a magic place
    There's a princess caught in a chase
    But no matter how fast she goes, right on her heels and toes
    Here comes the Grump! Here comes the Grump! Here comes the Grump!
    There's the Bip, her pet. And there's Terry, a boy she just met,
    And although he's from far away, he's gotta save the day,
    Here comes the Grump! Here comes the Grump! Here comes the Grump!
    Grump keeps naggin' his jolly green dragon but the dragon keeps laggin' behind!
    Now our friends agree, when you search for the magical key,
    You must always be at your best, you can't afford to rest,
    Here comes the Grump! Here comes the Grump! HERE COMES THE GRUMP!
  • Spliced
    On a tiny little island in the ocean called Pacific
    There's a mixed-up group of creatures who are really quite horrific
    Stitched together with whatever crap was found or could be grabbed
    Re-invented in the bowels of a lab
    Spliced! They have all been spliced
    Half baked and diced
    And regurgitated
    By some crazy doctor
    Who went vamoose
    And now you'll pay the price — They evolved
    Bits of hippo, chunks of llama
    Swap the hind legs for an udder
    Splice a parakeet with donkey feet
    And season it with butter
    It's no ordinary island; do we have to say it twice?
    It's no ordinary island 'cause they're spliced, spliced, spliced!
  • Spiral Zone: Darkness has fallen on the victims of the zone./Our world calls for courage/Peace and freedom we must own.
  • From the Animated Adaptation of Anne Of Green Gables: "Once upon an orphanage, my life was in near tragic state/I longed to find a brighter place, somewhere full of love and grace/I dreamed of fields with a cool ocean breeze, a home for my own family/When I got my wish, I pinched myself to make sure this home was real."
  • The Oblongs:
    Oblongs, Ooooblongs
    Down in the Valley where the chemical spill
    Came from a family living up on a hill
    There's a family by a landfill with hazardous foam
    In their happy glowing home!
  • Do fake products count? If so, an in-universe example comes from The Ren & Stimpy Show: ''It's lo~og/ lo~og/ It's big, it's heavy it's wood....
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot
    Five o'clock, get a call to go blading at the skate park down by the mall
    But my mom says I got to prevent hostile aliens from annihilating us all
    With the strength of a million and seventy men I guess I really shouldn't complain
    Still I wish I could go for a walk without rusting in the rain.
  • The added bridge from the show's close and the second verse from the theme of King Leonardo and His Short Subjects are expository:
    You'll see the funniest things
    Happening on the show,
    The kingly cartoon with the kingly buffoon
    Who has his share of woe

    Good King Leonardo has his enemies,
    Biggy with his pistols, and Itchy with his fleas!
    They plot against the kingdom to overthrow the king,
    Looks like Leonardo has had his royal fling
    But Odie-o Cologne steps in to change the play
    That loyal skunk with skill and spunk comes through to save the day!
  • The opening to the theme of the Punky Brewster cartoon:
    I went to the end of a rainbow's eye,
    There wasn't any pot of gold,
    And there I found a new friend who's two feet tall
    One hundred and four years old,
    Glomer is an orphan, he was left behind
    And a lot like Punky, he's one of a kind.
  • Not only did the Australian series adaptation of Around the World in 80 Days have the opening title explain the premise without singing ("So, Phileas Fogg, you want to marry me niece Belinda?... Then prove yerself worthy! Travel around the world in eighty days!") but they had it in the lyrics of the theme song:
    Around the world in eighty days (Passepartout)
    So Fogg may marry Belinda Maze (Passepartout)!
    Fogg may fail because of Fix,
    unless Fogg nixes Fix's tricks,
    around the world with Passepartout!
  • The theme tune for Watch My Chops is initially sung by Corneil the talking dog, expositing his intelligence ("I can talk, read and write/And surf the 'net all of the day and all of the night-") which point his dogsitter Bernie walks in, realizes Corneil can talk, and is promptly told to keep it a secret, thus setting up the premise of the show.
  • Double Dragon had a variant.
    To be a Dragon you've gotta be strong,
    Humble, never braggin'
    Always fight for right, battling wrong,
    With the power of the Dragon.
    Live the code, the code of the Dragon!
    Fight for right, the might of the Dragon!
    With the mark, the mark of the Dragon!
    Live the code, the code of the Dragon...
    'Never intentionally harm another. Do not battle if you can avoid it...Jimmy and Billy Lee are Dragon Masters now!'
    Dragon Master was born with a mark, of the Double Dragon...
    • They played it on every episode, even the first three when Jimmy was evil.
      • In the first couple of episodes the "Jimmy and Billy Lee" line was instead "You, Billy Lee, are a Dragon Master now!"
  • Garfield and Friends had this in its last season:
    He's fat and he's lazy,
    He sleeps and he's so crazy
    He's funky, he's groovy
    He's grumpy, he's moody!
    He's my main cat Garfield!
    (That's me!)
    Fuzzy little ears on the top of his head,
    Eyelids hanging down like he just got out of bed,
    A busting dialect, he's a cat and I know that,
    And even with the sounds (?) you can really get down!
    Playin' with Odie spells disaster,
    But Garfield's a cat and remains the master,
    Double-rabble-babble, he's a cat and I know that,
    And sticking on the fact that he can take you on back,
    He's so fat, he's so fat, and he loves his lasagna,
    Eating it whole with a piece of parmigiana!
    Garfield and Friends, here they come, here they come, here they come!
  • The Pet Alien theme song introduces all five of Tommy Cadel's pet alien pals.
  • In the Looney Tunes cartoon "Daffy Duck and Egghead", Daffy Duck sings one for himself midway through. An instrumental version of the song, "The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down", became the official Looney Tunes theme:
    "My name is Daffy Duck,
    I worked on a merry-go-round.
    The job was swell, I did quite well
    'Til The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down!"
  • YooHoo & Friends has a rather catchy one that speaks for itself:
    "Once Upon a Time, there were five executives, who destroyed the Earth for money
    Mother Nature got mad, said Father Time, 'hey dad'
    'You better stop 'em or you're sleeping on the couch, honey!'
    So Father Time zapped those five into fluffy, cuddly, sweetie pies
    To places they plunder, gemstones they must recover"
  • Ned's Newt: "There once was a boy who wanted a pet / When he got to the store a newt was all he could get / Brought it home but to his surprise / The newt just laid there, he was barely alive / The pet store owner knew what to do / He gave the boy a can of Zippo Newt Food! / Ned's Newt — he's so humongous / Ned's Newt — how very precocious / Ned's Newt — he's where the fun is, yeah!"
  • Mr. Bogus:
    "It's that awesome bodacious time of day
    'Cause it's time for Mr. Bogus to come out and play!
    He's wild! (Wild!) He's cool! (Cool!) He's Bogus!
    He's a tiny friend and he likes to play!
    It's that bodacious Bogus time of day!
    Mr. Bogus! Come on, Mr. Bogus!
    Mr. Bogus has come out to play!
    Mr. Bogus! Come on, Mr. Bogus!
    Mr. Bogus! Mr. Bogus! Mr. Bogus!
    [Cut to random claymation vignette.]
    [Second random vignette plays.]
    Mr. Bogus! Mr. Bogus! Mr. Bogus!"
  • Jamie And The Magic Torch: A late 1970s classic from Cosgrove Hall with a suitably rock inspired theme.
    Jamie! Jamie!
    Jamie and the Magic Torch.
    Down the helter skelter, faster and faster,
    Towards Cuckoo Land.

    Wordsworth! Wordsworth!
    Following hard behind.
    Ready for adventure, always there to lend a paw
    ...or hand!

    Mr Boo and all the others too,
    The strangest people you've ever seen.
    And the torch with its magical beam -
    If I hadn't really been there,
    I'd think that I was dreaming!

    Jamie! Jamie!
    No two nights are the same.
    Life is one long glorious game,
    with Jamie.
    Jamie and the Magic Torch!
  • Sanjay and Craig: "Looking for a pet one day / Sanjay found a talking snake / And a perfect match was made / Jumped into his arms to say / Dude / What's up?..."
  • T.U.F.F. Puppy: "Dudley Puppy was a plain old mutt! (Plain old mutt!) / He'd scratch, and dig, and then he'd chew his butt! (Chew his butt!) / But when bad guys got too rough / He went to work for T.U.F.F. / And now he's doin' secret agent stuff..."
  • SheZow tells you everything you need to know in just 60 seconds, Seriously, exactly 60 seconds of literal non-stop exposition (very catchy):
    One, two, three, four!
    Guy finds a ring, it does super things,
    Now he's secretly SheZow (SheZow!)
    Here to save the World, dressed like a girl,
    Sister has the know-how.
    His sidekick Maz cracks him up,
    Best friend a guy could ask for.
    Villains beware, SheZow's in his lair,
    Lookin' to settle the score.
    Hey! She-S-P, super strength and speed,
    Everything a superhero needs.
    Vanishing Cream, Laser lipstick too,
    His big weakness? A "messed-up" 'do!
    SheHicle revs with power supreme,
    Becomes a plane and a submarine.
    Super slap and a sonic scream,
    Guy's a kid who's livin' the dream!
    SheZow (SheZow), Guy is SheZow
    Was his aunt but he's SheZow now.
    SheZow (SheZow), Guy is SheZow,
    If Dad finds out he'll have a cow.
    Villains from sea and outer space,
    Are always gettin' in SheZow's face.
    Tara, Tattoozoola too,
    Watch out! SheZow's after you.
    SheZow (SheZow), Guy is SheZow
    Kelly and Sheila are runnin' the show.
    SheZow (SheZow), Guy is SheZow
    Boys kick it like bros.
    SheZow (SheZow), Guy is SheZow
    Never been a hero like him before.
    SheZow (SheZow), Guy is SheZow
    There's only one SheZow! (Ow!)
  • Higglytown Heroes had "Here In Higglytown" by They Might Be Giants.
  • The theme song for
  • The World Of Commander McBragg, loosely based on Baron Munchausen.
    This is the World of Commander McBragg
    Your hair will curl in the World of McBragg.
    He fights monsters galore
    And then asks for still more
    Or so says the brag of McBragg.

    When on the hill the marines plant a flag
    They may be led by Commander McBragg.
    With a cannon in hand
    He can beat any band
    Or so says the brag of McBragg.

    Fencing and fighting and round table knighting
    And slaying of dragons, too.
    Shipping and sailing and great harpoon whaling
    There's nothing McBragg can't do.
    Hunting and trapping and gold miner mapping
    And flying to Timbuktu.
    Roping and riding and Indian guiding
    Commander McBragg comes through.

    This is the World of Commander McBragg
    Your head will whirl in the World of McBragg.
    He can do anything
    In his world he's a king
    Or so says the brag of McBragg.
  • Thomas & Friends' "Roll Call" theme song talks about the main characters, their personalities, and where they work.
    "Who can you rely on when the chips are down?
    Call on Mumfie when you need defending,
    Braver than a bulldog, brighter than a clown,
    Here comes Mumfie with a happy ending!
    With his faithful friend, the Scarecrow,
    He's got dreams enough to share,
    So, if you want adventure, this is where to start,
    If you need a hero, who can play the part?
    The little pachyderm with a great big heart!"
  • Mike the Knight
    Mike the Knight, he's a brave young hero! He's a training knight, but does he show fear? No!
  • Bojack Horseman has an expository ending credits song about the title character.
    "Back in the 90's, I was in a very famous TV show.
    I'm Bojack the horse (Bojack) Bojack the horse, don't act like you don't know.
    And I'm trying to hold onto my past.
    It's been so long I don't think I'm gonna last.
    I guess I'll just try to make you understand.
    That I'm more horse than a man.
    Or I'm more man than a horse."
    Three little orphans: one, two, three
    Without a home or a family tree
    Until this horse said "Live with me"
    And now we've got a new family
    We're laughin' and learnin'
    And lovin' a lot
    Every new day is a dream
    We were lost and now we're found
    And we're - Horsin' Around
    [Horse neighing]
  • The first two verses of Tickety Toc's theme song serve as a short description of the premise of the show:
    In a very special shop, there's a very special clock
    And here's Tommy and Tallulah with their very special job
    No matter what they're doing, they must always find the time
    To be back inside and ready or the clock will never chime
    But when they're done, it's time for fun.
  • The theme song to Budgie the Little Helicopter. "Budgie is a little helicopter / He is a brave and little hero..."
  • Alias the Jester was a time traveller bold/By pure bad luck/His ship got stuck/In the Earth's magnetic hold./From the middle of space/To the middle ages...
  • Spacecats (a 1991 NBC show by ALF creator Paul Fusco):
    Somewhere out in outer space
    A clever but unhuman race
    Observed our planet was a mess.
    Working in the lab real late
    Until they found they did create
    The perfect answer to the quest.
    The Spacecats, from another planet on mission
    Fighting crime with feline intuition
    Spacecats are good
    Heroes, fight for justice, fight for freedom
    That's exactly why we need 'em
    Spacecats good
    They're furry, they're funny, they're housebroken!
  • Much of the theme song to Ella the Elephant covers Ella's disposition and the premise of the show.
    "I'm Ella, everyday is an adventure to me! I've got my magic hat on, Grandma gave it to me!"
  • Little Wizards spells out the entire plot of the series and the origin of its four protagonists in its theme tune.
  • Tiny Planets has a theme song explaining that our heroes, Bing and Bong, adventure every day from their home in space. To some extent this is necessary, since none of the characters speak intelligible English. (On the other hand, the visuals pretty much convey the same message by themselves apart from the heroes' names.)
  • The theme of Goldie & Bear outlines a bit of the traditional Goldilocks story and then explains that Goldie & Bear ended up becoming best friends and are now having lots of fun going on adventures.
  • Downplayed with the 3-2-1 Penguins! theme song. Part of it says " 'Bout a rocket ship and flightless birds", which gives the viewer a little idea of what the show is about.
  • Word Party: The theme tune pretty much nails the premise of the show:
    We're the babies/you're the big kid/teach use every word you know/ready, set, let's go!.
  • Steven Universe:
    "We... are the Crystal Gems, we'll always save the day,
    and if you think we can't, we'll always find a way!
    That's why the people of this world believe in
    Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl - AND STEVEN!"
  • DePatie-Freleng cartoon Bailey's Comets has a theme song which introduces the premise, the MacGuffin, and all fifteen teams of roller skaters in just over 45 seconds. The song got a bit rushed at points.
  • Underdog:
    Speed of lightning, roar of thunder
    Fighting all who rob or plunder
    Underdog! Underdog!
  • Mighty Mouse:
    Yessir when there is a wrong to right
    Mighty Mouse will join the fight
    On the sea or on the land
    He gets the situation well in hand
  • PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol,
    —> We'll be there on the double!
    —> Whenever there's a problem
    —> 'Round Adventure Bay
    —> Ryder and his team of pups
    —> Will come and save the day...
  • "Flashing through the sky, he's a go-go guy! Stronger than a train with a so-so brain (Uh, you talkin' about me, Blue Falcon? Gosh!) He's fearless! Scareless! A little too careless... Dynomutt! He's a go-go dog person!note "
  • "Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman Pat, and his black and white cat. Early in the morning, just as day is dawning, he picks up all the postbags in his van!"
  • Ready Jet Go! has a particularly awesome and catchy one that explains the plot of the show in under one minute:
    Jet Propulsion, that's his name
    Jet Propulsion, he'll rocket to fame
    When he arrived he created a buzz, 'cause
    There was no house, and then there was...
  • Kitty Is Not a Cat has a rather catchy theme that sets up the show's premise and introduces some of the characters:
    There was a house full of musical cats
    Who lived without a a care in the world,
    Until a knock on the door changed it all forevermore —
    How will they ever take care of this little girl?

    Timmy the young one wants her to stay;
    He's so sure she'll be a cat one day!
    Look at King Tubby sitting on his throne,
    Pretending that he know just what's going on.
    Thorn's so cool, and as sharp as a tack,
    She's nobody's fool, you'd better watch your back!
    While The Nazz looks on, playing his song,
    Steering things right when it seems like they're going so wrong!

    And then there's Kitty, and all she wants to be is a cat!
    As if there'd ever be anything she'd wanna be more than that!
    And even though that Kitty is living with a house full of cats —
  • "Gotta get back, back to the past, Samurai Jack!"
  • Miraculous Ladybug, In the daytime, I'm Marinette, just a normal girl with a normal life. But there's something about me that no one knows yet, 'cause I have a secret."
  • The theme song to Dr. Zitbag's Transylvania Pet Shop has Dr. Zitbag inform the audience that his pet shop is the place to be if you desire a special monster pet. The theme song could very well be an in-universe jingle for the titular pet shop.
    Dr. Zitbag: If you want a zombie bunny or a pussycat mummy, a vampire froggy or a skeletony doggy. If you want to lease a weremouse or a yeti for your fear house. Do you crave a Frankensheep or a creature from the deep? Well, there's a place that you can go, you know, with all the crawly creepies on show!
    Exorsisters: Dr. Zitbag's...
    Dr. Zitbag: ...Transylvania...
    Horrifido: ...Pet Shop!
    Exorsisters: Dr. Zitbag's...
    Dr. Zitbag: ...Transylvania...
    Spider: ...Pet Shop!
    All: Dr. Zitbag's Transylvania Pet Shop!
  • Vampirina: We were normal vampires in Transylvania/Like the other monsters on every block/'Til we packed our things and we flapped our wings/And we got a case of human race culture shock!
  • The ZhuZhus has one that introduces the roles of each ZhuZhu Pet.
    Let me tell you 'bout my friends
    They're my best friends, the ZhuZhus
    They can talk, dance, and sing
    They can do 'bout anything!
    Pipsqueak, always plays it cool
    To Mr. Squiggles, science rules
    Num Nums looks before she leaps
    Chunk has style and loves to eat
    Frankie: And I'm Frankie!
    Frankie and the ZhuZhu Pets
    Our adventures are the very best
    Who knows what'll happen next?
    Livin' with the ZhuZhus
    Frankie and the ZhuZhu Pets!
  • The theme song to Staines Down Drains details Stanley and Mary-Jane finding the Drainlanders' world in their sink's drain and having to deal with Dr. Drain.
  • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983): The Spanish openning song's lyrics sang by Chilean rockstar Capitán Nemo pretty much explains the general plot.
  • The theme song to Monster Farm explains how Jack Haylee has inherited the farm and discovered that the place is inhabited by monster animals.
  • The theme song to the Australian animation Master Raindrop explains the back story of the show and the characters' names and elements they represent.
  • When Cartoon Planet was hosted by Space Ghost, Brak and Zorak, some episodes opened with a song which explained how the show came to be.
    Space Ghost: One day, I bumped into this big-shot TV guy I know
    He said: "I'm really desperate, would you like to host a show?"
    I says I'm kinda busy here, saving the world from crime
    But if the money's right, then, buddy, show me where to sign!
    Zorak: Show him where to sign!
    Space Ghost: I knew I'd need some co-hosts, or I would surely fail
    I remembered I had Brak and Zorak locked up in my jail
    Brak: Hello!
    Space Ghost: I told them all about the show, they were happy as can be
    Zorak: Yeah, right!
    Space Ghost: The show is Cartoon Planet and the rest is history!
    Brak: Ree ree ree ree ree!
    Space Ghost: Cartoon Planet, starring me!
    Brak: And me!
    Zorak: And me!
  • Bibleman: The theme song uses the lyrics to set up the show and explain what Bibleman's costume represents, since the episodes' length is shorter than in the original series and thus are too short to include the once-standard Transformation Sequence.


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