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Steam/Cattle Punk Speculative Fiction epic chronicling the wanderings of Azurine Blanche, reluctant gunslinger and her ally-of-uncertain-terms, the incubus Irulan Terse in their mutual quest for revenge upon the godly and decreasingly sane priest Micheal Crowe. Set in a post-Civil War United States of divergent evolution, the focus is not as much on the traditional shoot 'em up conventions of the setting, as the implications of purity, truth and love as they are expected of upstanding Ladies and Gentlemen.



Molly Alana Fairchilde / Azurine Blanche:

Irulan Kaname Terse:

Gene Anthony Blanche:

Fletcher Harris

Antonia Dawn Blanche


Micheal Crowe:

Irrylath Sieaiah

Bride and Undertaker provides examples of:


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