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Made for the Norwegian fantasy book series Phenomena.This page could use some Wiki Magic.

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    The Twins 

For both of them:

German design
Click to see baby Alk 
Alk is the main character and the wielder of Kheiko. He's usually calm and responsible.

In the comic:

German design
Click to see baby Ilke 
Ilke is the more curious of the two and easily gets herself in trouble. She often refuses to admit it when she's scared, even when she cries. Being Raised by Dudes without any real mother or big sister figure in her life, is she clearly a Tomboy. On their journey when they meet women she does pick up a few traits from them. Has a huge love for mothers, almost to the point of Les Yay, and really enjoys their scent and tone of voice.

She does not have much control of her powers in the beginning, causing her to hurt Alk badly once. But once she can control them does she mainly use them to help rather than to fight. She is the most fighting for Slave Liberation, seeing a slave causes her to free them. She can however be shy around strangers and then Alk has to talk for her. Got an invincibility cloak from the Air Prophets which she's really proud of.

In the comic:


    Closest Friends 

Tropes that fit all of them:

  • Dark and Troubled Past:
    • Sha-ra saw his mother die of an illness at a young age. His father then sent him and his brother away to a wizard who was turning crazy. Sha-ra bacame the favorite of the wizard, his brother got jealous and burned the castle to the ground with their teacher inside. He was then Happily Adopted by the Winter Bears, but it's implied much happened after that, which wasn't necisarily good.
    • Arol was going to visit Sha-ra with his brother and father, but on their way they were killed and skinned by the mortoks, happily Sha-ra saved Arol, but he still has Survivor Guilt and Hates Being Alone because of it.
    • Azur's is shown in his spin-off. He meets Ezau when he's swimming around and Ezau convinces him to come to a grotto they have been told is dangerous. When he enters Ezau makes sure he can't leave by normal means. Azur then searches for an exit in the dark being more and more frightned. After a long while he finds a omnious mace which Ezau tells him he wants. When he touches it, he can't let it go. When he leaves the Kraken follows him. When he returns to the village he gets banished until he can get rid of the mace as it's can be dangerous to the village. He goes to the surface and he's captured. The mace is forced from his hand and he's made a slave. The ship is destroyed by the kraken and another slave ship collects him and the others. He's freed by Ilke and escapes, his chains are broken by Ezau who has become a terraquz of his own free will. He only comes to a desert, his body dries up and sanity slips, and he's in a desperate state when Alk and Ilke meets him again.
    • Millian and her mother was left by their father who was going to protect them from her Evil Uncle. Her father was then killed by him (his own brother). Years later said uncle caught her and her mother. He beat up and abused her mother the same place he boasted about killing her father in. She was found almost dead in her mother's arms, and had King Veha come 1 minute later she probably would've been dead. Because of that she has no problem with killing.
  • Intergenerational Friendship: they're all much older than the twins in some way.

Sha-ra adoptive father and a great wizard. Carries Phenomena.

Arol is one of the princes of the winter lands, where winter bears trive. He, his brother, and his father, the king, was going to visit Aldra. His father and brother was killed and Arol barely managed to escape. As he escaped from the mortoks was he saved by Sha-ra, and the two has stayed close friends with ever since.

In the TV series:

Azur used to be a normal, if not bored, sea man. But was eventually captured. While in the slave tent, is he freed by Ilke. Due to being captured is he no longer allowed to return to the sea so he sets for the desert, where he slowly turns into a terraqus. Later he sees the other terraqusses capturing Alk and Ilke. He gives them the ability to breathe under sand and begs for their lives. After all 3 are safe is he given Ilke's sea bracelet, allowing him to once again turn into a sea man. Joins the twins for their adventure after that.

Millian beautiful girl from our world. She was adopted by Sir Thomas who saved her and lived with him ever since.

Joins the twins in their journey in book 3. She often uses Norwegian and English words that has no equivalent in Aldrian, which annoys Alk who has to translate. Growing up on Earth with fantasy books, games and movies is she Genre Savvy and surprises often the other characters with facts.


King Veha, aka. Sir. Thomas Malory, the Dark Knight

Click to see how he's stated to somewhat look. 
The King of Aldra who wrote the Phenomena.

Kheiko's Cool Sword

Jolsah and Ilke's Childhood Friend. They met when they where younger when he and his friends unknowingly stole the raft the twins built the year before. He gains some respect for them when Ilke saves one of his friends with her powers, but quickly loses it when he finds out that they're elves. Later after they have set out on their journey does he try to rob Sha-ra's castle, only to be found by Sha-ra himself who came there to get a remedy for Ilke. Sha-ra brought him along to keep him silent, and after a while he befriends the twins even though he acts like a jerk to Ilke. And only wants to go home to his father, the mortok cheftain. Later he realizes that he might have a crush on her, and tries to convince his father to set the elves free due to the friendships that now are dear to him.

    Minor Allies 

Harti & Khiri and Ilke's parents. They are slaves of the mortoks. Harti is a strong yet nervous man, while Khiri is braver. Even though they are important to the story are they not in the battle against Sherpa.

The Air Prophets: Zazasar, Naomin & Altaz

DranAkhos's child, adopted by Alk and Ilke after they saved Phantelom and she wanted them to raise him.



Alk and Ilke's friend. She's one year older than them. She's never described in much detail other that she's a girl and lives in the desert. According to the board game has her people dark skin but neither the game provides a picture even though it claims she teaches the player a combat tecnique.

Akai's introduced in the very first chapter of the 4th book. An adventurous young elf who escapes from the elf village, much to his parents chagrin. He's used to pain and has many scars. In his escape to be free is he badly hurt sereval times, and even caught by mortoks again. He's actually Harti and Khiri's second son and third child.


Tarkan (Mentor) one Phenomena says they are going to defeat on the Gredom Fields. Is matarized negative thoughts. Can transform into a black cloud he use to travel. Can control angry adults, but not children.

The crurrent Tarkan is Mentor, Sha-ra's jalous brother who didn't get anything. He also was the one who sat fire on the castle.

It is King Veha's heart he's holding there...
King of the country in the north.

Father Torquemada's uncle.

Ezau's older brother. Not much can be said about him other that he's a really bad person. He's also more or less responsible for their mother's death by making Azur follow him to Kraken's den. Is killed by Azur in the end.



Hisj winter spirit who gave Ilke her powers. His name is pronounced Hish. Not much is known about him other that he's power hungry and for some reason wants to fulfill the frost child part of the prophecy very much, even trying to make both kids frost children.

Amyrst's implied previous wife, being called "Tarkan's Woman" for most of the story.

In the comic:

Tectum mysterious girl living in the DranAkhos forest.


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