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Various staff members of the Officers Academy in Fódlan, who offer various teachings to students and offer assistance around the Garreg Mach Monastery.

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In General

    Tropes Associated with the Officers Academy Instructors and Staff 
  • Color-Coded Characters: Each character wears a specific color in different classes:
    • Manuela: Burgundy
    • Hannemann: Brown
    • Jeritza: Black
    • Cyril: Green
  • Gameplay and Story Integration: The various teachers of the Officers Academy teach specific courses to their students. Their in game stats and proficiencies reflect their teachings, with them being good at what they teach their students.
  • Geodesic Cast: Due to being part of the Church of Seiros, the instructors that are playable in Silver Snow, being the "fourth route" of the game, are also arranged accordingly, although there are a few outliers and role overlaps.
    • Manuela acts as a healer, mirroring Linhardt, Mercedes, and Marianne. Manuela is the appointed doctor of Garreg Mach.
    • Hanneman acts as the mage and has access to many Reason magic spells, mirroring Dorothea, Annette, and Lysithea.
    • Cyril is the cavalry with his default class (Wyvern Rider) being a mounted unit, mirroring Ferdinand/Petra, Sylvain/Ingrid, and Lorenz/Leonie.
  • Irony: Despite working in a monastery under the Archbishop, Manuela is the only named staff member who appears to be particularly religious. Hanneman is a scholar who gives little indication of being religious, Cyril is entirely devoted to Rhea and not her religion, and Jeritza and Tomas are working for the Flame Emperor and the Agarthans respectively, two factions that actively oppose the church. Additionally, Manuela, Hanneman, and Jeritza all side with the Empire if not recruited on other routes, and Edelgard is the only house leader Manuela and Hanneman can support with.
  • Oddly Small Organization: Garreg Mach is apparently organized with three primary teachers split between not only the eight playable students per class, but presumably the number of nameless NPC students that can be found around the monastary during exploration.


Manuela Casagranda

Class: Commoner → Priest → Assassin

Age: Secret (8/3) (actually ~36)

Voiced by: Sachiko Kojima (Japanese), Veronica Taylor (English)

"I'm Manuela. I'm a professor, a physician, a songstress, and available. It's nice to meet you."

A teacher and physician at the Officers Academy. She used to be a diva who performed for the Mittelfrank Opera Company as one of its stars. She often laments her inability to find a significant other.

Her personal ability, Infirmary Master, reduces the chance of adjacent allies receiving critical hits.

  • Age-Gap Romance: While her age is kept a secret in the game files, it is implied that she is 36 at the start of the game and 41 after the time-skip. Despite this, she can be romanced by and marry quite a few of her former students, who are of legal age after the time-skip. On the other side, she can also marry Hanneman, who is 15 years her senior, and Seteth, who is over a millennium older.
  • Ambiguously Bi: All of her many dates over the course of the game are with men. Some of her flirty dialog remains the same regardless of Byleth's sex, but her most explicit flirting is reserved for male Byleth, and she even laments that female Byleth isn't a guy that she could romance in their A-support. However, she does have two paired endings with bisexual women that raise the ambiguity.
    • Her paired ending with Dorothea, which states that the two "retire to a private life" full of "love and light" after leaving the opera, can be read as romantic. Their A-rank support is also filled with subtext.
    • Her supports with Edelgard are less romantic, but state that Edelgard became a significant source of emotional support and inspiration for her. In their epilogue, the two "both remained unmarried", but "became extremely close over the years".
  • Babies Ever After:
    • Her Crimson Flowers S-Support epilogue states that she and male Byleth had one child together, and all other routes indicate that they had multiple children. Either way, they were a very loving family.
    • In their paired ending, she has a child with Ferdinand.
  • Beauty Mark: She's quite attractive and has a mole under her left eye.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: She has several major noticeable character quirks, including being a slob, drinking too much, and flirting at every opportunity, but remains steadily employed at the Officers Academy due to being a passionate educator and a brilliant physician. She is also still renowned in-universe for her amazing singing voice from her previous job as an opera singer.
  • Buxom Is Better: Given her wardrobe, her man-searching ways, and the fact that she (according to game data) has even larger breasts than Female Byleth, she fits this trope.
  • Christmas Cake: Considers herself this and desperately tries and fails to find love despite numerous dates, to the point that she even briefly considers Sylvain as an option during their support chain despite their age difference. Said support chain only goes up to B level, as after overhearing him sweet-talking a girl (using essentially the exact same lines he had earlier used on her), she immediately changes her mind about pursuing a relationship with him.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Brown eyes and brunette hair.
  • Combat Medic: Starts out knowing the Heal and Nosferatu spells and one of her starting proficiencies is in swords, though she's a mediocre combat unit due to her low offensive stats.
  • Death from Above: She is one of three units that can learn Bolting, a powerful Reason spell that deals damage from across the map (the others being Hilda and Constance).
  • Desperately Craves Affection: Despite her constant flirting and even dating, she has yet to catch a man all her own, something that she can get quite depressed about.
  • Discard and Draw: If not recruited on the Azure Moon route, she drops using Faith magic completely in favor of fighting as an Assassin when she appears as an enemy.
  • Dub Name Change: Becomes Miguela in Latin America, but not Spain.
  • Establishing Character Moment: Has two. In Garreg Mach's introductory cutscene we see a shot of her bouncing breasts, followed by her gently chiding a distracted student. Then, when she is formally introduced to the characters, she immediately flirts first with Jeralt, then with Byleth.
  • Everyone Has Standards: Desperate as she may be for a lover, she doesn't pursue the issue further with Sylvain after overhearing some of his womanizing with another girl.
  • Face–Heel Turn: If not recruited on the Azure Moon route, she defects to the Empire during the timeskip. However, she is only encountered during Dimitri's optional paralogue at Arianrhod, and if she is not killed she will decide to abandon the Empire.
  • Foil : To Hanneman. They are both teachers from the Empire but have different origins, Manuela being a commoner and Hanneman a (former) noble. Besides, they also specialize in opposite schools of magic, with Manuela as a White Mage and Hanneman as a Black Mage. As for their physical strengths, Manuela has a proficiency in close-range swords while Hanneman is versed in long-distance bows. Moreover, Manuela is skilled in Flying while her colleague prefers Riding. They have very contrasting personalities, with the eccentric and passionate Manuela in opposition to the grounded and reasonable Hanneman. Finally, Hanneman is skilled at cleaning but is a Lethal Chef, while Manuela is a Supreme Chef, but her room is a mess. All of these differences are highlighted by the name of their paralogue "Oil and Water".
  • Fragile Speedster: Her Speed growth clocks in at 60% while her offenses and defenses are mediocre at best.
  • Functional Addict: She may be an easygoing drunk, but aside from Seteth criticizing her about students having to help her to her room outside of class hours when she's drunk, it's never shown to interfere with her primary duties an instructor.
  • Gainaxing: Downplayed, but in the cutscene where you first set foot in Garreg Mach, her breasts are shown to have a noticeable jiggle, causing one of her students to blush. Which prompts her to get his attention back to her lesson. Note that this shot is the very first thing you see of her.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: Despite being a physician and being familiar with the differences between healing magic and medical science, she has weak proficiency in Reason.
    • Her inability to learn the long-range healing spell Physic means that she's generally a poor choice for a primary healer, with each house's designated white mage (Mercedes, Marianne, and Linhardt) all being better healers than the school nurse. However she makes up with this with Rescue, a supremely useful skill both defensively and offensively, and Silence which is a rare skill that can completely shut down enemy casters. This overall makes her a very powerful choice as an offensive white mage. One can argue this makes sense she's also a teacher and needs to instruct her students on how to fight in addition to being the school nurse.
  • Hard-Drinking Party Girl: Some of it is implied to be Drowning My Sorrows over her constant failures to get a man, but she really does love her drink. Her lost item is misplaced hangover medicine.
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation:
    • In her support with Byleth, Manuela laments her various flaws, questioning if someone as flawed as her could ever find love. Subverted when it turns out she was trying to get Byleth to at least say she's not so flawed, and through some Insane Troll Logic interprets their responses to mean she hasn't found love because she isn't flawed enough.
    • In her support with Dorothea, a Manuela mired in a bad hangover laments her faults and the poor reputation that she's garnered even back with the Mittelfrank Opera Company. She goes so far as to declare that she should throw herself in the sea and drown; Dorothea comforts her, telling her that despite her faults, she still deeply respects her and sees her as an inspiration. Manuela thanks her, telling her that it means a lot.
  • Hidden Depths:
    • Though she's overly familiar with Byleth and the rest of the faculty, she's very attentive, encouraging, and mature in her supports with the students.
    • When Flayn goes missing in Chapter 6, she's the first person to put together a credible suspect without relying on merely vague rumors, and spends nearly the entire month unavailable for interaction because she is investigating her suspect. She ends up managing to figure out that something about Jeritza is off before most everyone else does, and confronts the perpetrator herself. This is notable because the other staff all just mostly guess and adjust to watch out for any suspicious activity, Manuela though goes above and beyond to find out the culprit. All and all, it shows she is genuinely serious about her job and protecting her students.
    • She's also surprisingly perceptive in other ways too; she's the only person to ever notice how fortuitous Garreg Mach's location turned out to be, given that it was constructed centuries before the Kingdom and Alliance fractured off from the Empire. She recognizes the location makes sense as it's incredibly defensible but it still ended up smack dab in the middle of the three nations of modern Fódlan before two of them even existed. Almost as though it was planned, though Manuela doesn't get that far. She's also the only one to note the oddities of the weapon used by "Monica" to kill Jeralt (namely that it was made of a material she'd never seen before), which becomes important on certain routes. And she notices said oddities without even seeing the weapon directly, being able to tell simply thanks to her knowledge of the body and the strange wound that the weapon left in it.
  • Home Nudist: When Byleth shows up unexpected at her door on one occasion, Manuela panics and spends several seconds wondering where her clothes are...including her underwear.
  • Hot Teacher: While at the time of the game's events she hasn't yet found a significant other, she is a teacher and an attractive one as well, and her clothing provides substantial cleavage. Her opening animation depicts said cleavage, complete with a slight bounce, which she displays while teaching, and a student blushes as he steals a glance at it. Sylvain admits he's ogled her a few times himself, counting her as one of the great beauties of the academy in the same league as Rhea and the most gorgeous students.
  • I Can't Believe a Guy Like You Would Notice Me: Double Subverted. Initially, she oozes confidence that men (including a male Byleth) would find her quite the catch. As the story progresses, though, she loses more and more of that confidence until she starts to believe that she's doomed to be single for the rest of her life. When male Byleth comes to her after the finale, she's convinced that it can only be for platonic reasons because there are far more eligible women he could court, and even if he pulls out an engagement ring and asks her to marry him, she assumes that he must be confused or taking pity on her. When she finally accepts that he's actually in love with her, she is so overjoyed that she doesn't know how to react.
  • It's Personal: Develops a grudge against the Death Knight after he shanks her in Chapter 6, and expresses a desire to repay him in blood. While she can do so on most routes, if you chose the Black Eagles and are on the Crimson Flower route, it puts a crimp in her plans when they start taking orders from the same person. He even politely apologizes to her offscreen, much to her exasperation.
  • Just Friends: One of her later conversations with male Byleth has her question why she can't meet any men who care about her on a personal level, then gradually come to the realization that Byleth is just that. However, she then dejectedly concludes that this must be because he only sees her as a friend. If you initiate her S-Support conversation, she assumes that since you're not off courting one of the younger girls, you must again be here to offer friendship before showing open-mouthed shock at Byleth's proposal.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: On the Azure Moon route, if she isn't recruited and the paralogue called The Silver Maiden is beaten without killing her, she will retreat rather than continue a doomed fight.
  • The Lad-ette: She's a bit of a slob, her room being so messy that men don't want to go in it, and she even eats food that fell on the floor. She also sometimes drinks to the point of collapse. This seems to be one reason why she's having a hard time finding a significant other. As she tends to drink more when a date has gone badly, in order to forget the sadness, it becomes something of a vicious cycle.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: She went after the person she suspected having kidnapped Flayn alone and got stabbed for her troubles. She meant well, but Manuela herself admits she as very foolhardy in this moment.
  • Like an Old Married Couple: She and Hanneman have a great deal of respect for each other, but their differences in personality frequently cause them to squabble. It becomes official in their paired ending.
  • Magic Knight: Her statline does not lean to either physical or magical strength. Additionally, she offers lessons in swords and faith magic, and her skills lean her towards hybrid classes.
  • Mentor Archetype: Not only as a teacher; she also advises her female students (Dorothea, Edelgard, and Flayn) on the ways of the world. She is Dorothea's career mentor, being a Retired Badass from the same profession, and with similar goals after leaving the field. She is the only professor who can support with Flayn, and her and Hanneman's supports with Edelgard are the only professor/house leader supports in the game.
  • Ms. Fanservice: An older example, but she clearly fits the trope given she has the largest breasts of all the playable characters (even bigger than Female Byleth) and due to her revealing wardrobe. She seems to revel in the role, readily flirting, teasing and flaunting with anyone who catches her interest (not that she wants a simple fling, she just believes in using her assets to help her find true romance).
  • Older Than They Look: Lampshaded when she proudly compares herself to Byleth in them both having not appeared to have aged in 5 years. Downplayed though in that she genuinely just looks good for her age, and she admits she won't look youthful forever.
  • Playing with Fire: She can learn Bolganone upon reaching C in Reason.
  • Pre-Asskicking One-Liner:
    "Let's take them out." (Pre-timeskip)
    "There's no stopping me." (Post-timeskip)
  • Pre-Mortem One-Liner:
    "This won't feel good!"
    "You let your guard down!"
    "How irritating!"
    "Just stop already!"
    "Time to say goodbye!"
    "Prepare to be dazzled!"
    "Taking life doesn't phase me!"
  • Renaissance Man: She introduces herself as "A professor, a physician, a songstress, (and available)." Furthermore her proficiency leans toward hybrid classes. She's even capable of becoming Edelgard's essential advisor or prime minister, in her endings with Edelgard and Ferdinand, respectively.
  • Retired Badass: As a singer. Her ending with Dorothea shows she's still capable of headlining.
  • Shock and Awe: She learns Thunder as her basic black magic and is one of two units that can learn Bolting, a long-ranged spell.
  • Sleeping Their Way to the Top: Implied in her support with Flayn where she admits she had to spend many nights buttering up nobles - a euphemism Dorothea uses as well - and outright describes them as shocking and humiliating, making it clear shey were sexual in nature.
  • Squishy Wizard: By default, she's a primarily magical attacker with fairly low physical defense, though she's got high HP and a slightly higher defense growth than the norm for mage-type units (at 30% rather than the usual 15% to 25%).
  • Statuesque Stunner: At 172 cm, she's one of the tallest playable female characters, and is in fact ties with Rhea for second-tallest female character with a measured height.
  • Stunned Silence: If male Byleth proposes to her, she will stand with slack-jawed silence for a moment as it hits home that she has finally gotten her life's desire.
  • Supreme Chef: In Hanneman and Manuela's A-rank support, Hanneman mentions that he's apt at cleaning, but he has no talent at cooking, while by contrast Manuela loathes cleaning, but she's an excellent chef. This even extends to the cooking activity where she's one of the best partners to use.
  • Trash of the Titans: Though never seen directly by the player, her room has apparently scared away more than one potential suitor.
  • Utility Party Member: Manuela's offensive stats are somewhat lackluster and she's outperformed by several units on the damage front, but she compensates through having immediate access to the Faith spells Warp, which teleports an allied unit to another square within range, Silence, which renders enemy mages unable to attack or counterattack for a turn, and Ward, which grants a substantial bonus to an allied unit's resistance for a turn.
  • Vague Age: Unlike the other playable characters, her age isn't revealed in her profile. Though Hanneman says he's barely 15 years older than her, which would make her 36 to his 51.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Hanneman. They can hardly let a single conversation pass without arguing, but they do still respect each other.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: If not recruited pre-timeskip, Manuela vanishes once the timeskip occurs on all routes but Azure Moon. No reason is given for why, but it's possible she simply chose not to fight in the conflict.
  • White Mage: She starts out as a Priest with access to Heal and several utility White Magic spells, and she runs the infirmary at the Officers Academy, healing those injured in battles and on missions.


Hanneman von Essar

Class: Noble → Mage → Warlock

Age: 51 (2/8)

Crest: Indech (Minor)

Voiced by: Kenji Hamada (Japanese), Dan Woren (credited as W.T. Falke) (English)

"Since you are now a professor here, I must insist you aid in my research."

A teacher and scholar studying the power of the Crests, which happens to be a subject he gets pretty enthusiastic about. He is particularly interested in the Crest Byleth bears and seeks to research it. He does not get along well with his fellow teacher Manuela.

His personal ability, Crest Scholar, allows him to Rally an ally's Magic. He bears the Minor Crest of Indech, which gives him a chance to strike twice with a weapon.

  • Accidental Pervert: After Byleth fuses with Sothis he asks that they strip so he can conduct an examination to check how they changed. If Byleth is female, he pauses and realizes that he should have Manuela do it instead.
  • Age-Gap Romance: He has the biggest age-gap between him and his potential partners, all of whom are in their 20's after the time-skip while he is 56. The only exception to this is Manuela, who would be in her 40's after the time-skip based on educated guesses.
  • Accidental Proposal: His supports with Dorothea and Manuela end with this, as he makes it seem as though he's ready to hand them a ring by the end of the conversation. While he flubs it on both counts, they do eventually get married in their paired endings.
  • Anger Born of Worry: While he often chews Manuela out (and vice versa), in their paralogue he does it because he was worried about her putting herself in danger. Even Manuela concedes and apologizes for making him worry.
  • As Long as There Is One Man: Invokes an interesting variation if he fights Byleth in Dimitri's paralogue, stating how crest research will live on regardless of what happens to him.
    "In the end, I may not have gleaned your secret. Yet, even if I die, someone will follow my work, and another after that. Such is the way of scholarship."
  • The Atoner: His supports with Edelgard reveal that his Crest research is the result of his hope of developing a way to give everyone Crests to eliminate the power of the nobility and the notion of Crest-driven marriages. He sees this as a way to atone for his failure to save his dear sister from a brutal Arranged Marriage with an implied Marital Rape License.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: His Crest of Indech and proficiency with bows means it's entirely possible for him to wield the Inexhaustible, but due to the bow not synergizing well with his stats, it's better off on another archer unless you manage to overcome his low Strength stat.
  • Badass Longcoat: Wears a flowing trenchcoat everywhere he goes.
  • Big Brother Instinct: In his support chain with Edelgard, Hanneman directly states that she reminds him of his own younger sister and that he desires to protect her.
  • Black Mage: He starts out as a Mage with the purely offensive spells Wind, Fire, Sagittae, and Thoron at his disposal.
  • Bond One-Liner:
    "I'll dirty my hands if I must." (post timeskip)
    "Ignorance is deadly." (post timeskip)
  • Cool Old Guy: He's middle-aged, but an enthusiastic Crest researcher, a kindly professor, and a powerful mage.
  • Death from Above: He is one of two units that can learn Meteor, a long-ranged spell that can deal damage to the target and deal map damage to adjacent enemies (the other being Dorothea).
  • Defector from Decadence: He was once a noble in the Adestrian Empire, but renounced his titles to become a professor at the Officers Academy. He tells Edelgard that this was because Garreg Mach had access to special artifacts that he must study to advance his research. Part of this is also fueled by his disgust in the nobility for what they did to his sister and Edelgard. This is also why he defaults to siding with the Adestrian Empire when the war breaks out, as he wants to do away with the nobility to prevent the tragedy that happened to his sister from happening again.
  • Explain, Explain... Oh, Crap!: On the non-Crimson Flower routes, when Byleth talks to him after the Holy Tomb mission, he will wonder why the Empire invaded the Holy Tomb. He will then point out that the Holy Tomb contained a lot of crest stones, then he'll mention Miklan getting turned into a demonic beast, and the incident in the abandoned chapel. This makes him put two and two together, and realize that they were after the crest stones to make more demonic beasts.
  • Face–Heel Turn: If not recruited on the Azure Moon route, he defects to the Empire during the timeskip. However, he is only encountered during Dimitri's optional paralogue at Arianrhod, and if he is not killed he will decide to abandon the Empire.
  • Foil : To Manuela. They are both teachers from the Empire but have different origins, Manuela being a commoner and Hanneman a (former) noble. Besides, they also specialize in opposite schools of magic, with Manuela as a White Mage and Hanneman as a Black Mage. As for their physical strengths, Manuela has a proficiency in close-range swords while Hanneman is versed in long-distance bows. Moreover, Manuela is skilled in Flying while her colleague prefers Riding. They have very contrasting personalities, with the eccentric and passionate Manuela in opposition to the grounded and reasonable Hanneman. Finally, Hanneman is skilled at cleaning but is a Lethal Chef, while Manuela is a Supreme Chef, but her room is a mess. All of these differences are highlighted by the name of their paralogue "Oil and Water".
  • Gameplay and Story Integration: Unlike the Knights of Seiros, who are elite knights, and the students, who are training to be combatants, Hanneman is a scholar first and foremost with little interest in fighting. Suitibly, his low speed makes him a poor offensive unit, and it's reccomended that he play a support role rather than a dedicated blaster.
  • High-Class Glass: A former noble and esteemed researcher who wears a spiffy monocle.
  • Innocently Insensitive:
    • He has a tendency to pick up on the flaws of others and present them as honest criticism, whether the recipient likes it or not. These unintentional Backhanded Compliments form the bulk of his conflict with Manuela.
    • In his exuberance for his research, he can be pushy and insensitive in regards to his subjects. He treats and talks to Byleth like an experiment rather than a person at times before remembering to be courteous. He even tells Byleth to take their clothes off before catching himself, with considerable embarrassment if he's talking to a female Byleth.
    • In his supports with Lysithea, he constantly comments about how her Crests are fueling her development as a mage. Eventually, she gets sick of this and snaps at him, revealing that her Crests have drastically reduced her lifespan. Hanneman is horrified and is left in Stunned Silence as she walks out.
  • Irony: When the teachers are picking a house to teach, Hanneman will always pick the Blue Lions unless the player does first, in which case he chooses the Golden Deer. After the timeskip on Azure Moon, an unrecruited Hanneman becomes an enemy, fighting for the Empire.
  • Jerkass to One: The only person he's intentionally a dick to is Manuela, whereas with everyone else he's only Innocently Insensitive at worst.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: On the Azure Moon route, if he isn't recruited and the paralogue called The Silver Maiden is beaten without killing him, he will retreat rather than continue a doomed fight.
  • Lethal Chef:
    • If Byleth does cooking duty with Hanneman, Hanneman will state that he's the worst person to choose, saying his cooking skills are abysmal. After a while, he decides to just watch, fearing he will burn the water.
    • In his A-rank support with Manuela, he mentions this as one difference between himself and Manuela—he can't cook, while she can't clean.
  • Long-Range Fighter: Hanneman has a few options for attacking foes from several squares away, from his Thoron spell to his bow proficiencies and skills, and with his low defense he's better off keeping his distance.
  • Mage Marksman: Hanneman's lectures are archery and reason, and he also teaches Riding. His second starting proficiency outside of Reason is in bows, though with his low strength, he isn't adept at using them outside of the Magic Bow, which uses his far better Magic stat for damage.
  • May–December Romance: Because he's in fifties when most of the playable characters are in their twenties, half of his paired endings have him marry women who are much younger than him, two of which are even his former students.
  • Men Can't Keep House: Subverted. Hanneman's office and classroom is spick and span and he tells Manuela that he takes great pride in his ability to clean. However, he admits he has no talent for cookery.
  • Mentor Archetype: A wise wizard type, that teaches magic and, oddly enough, archery. In several of his supports with those younger than him, he offers them advice and assists them in solving their problems.
    • He seems to have a preference for the Black Eagles' students, partly due to being from the Empire. the majority of his supports with students are with Black Eagles students, Linhardt take after him professionally, he was friends with Hubert's father, and he can support with Edelgard.
  • My Greatest Failure: Being unable to prevent his sister from being married off to an abusive husband which ultimately led to her death. It's what drove him to research Crests.
  • Nice Guy: Professor Hanneman is a kindly and caring man, his Innocently Insensitive nature and Vitriolic Best Buds relationship with Manuela aside.
  • No Place for Me There: Feels this way regarding Enbarr, stating that he swore to never return there, and being rather amused about the fact he would be returning to invade it if recruited on non-Edelgard routes.
  • Pre-Asskicking One-Liner:
    "My turn?"
  • Pre-Mortem One-Liner:
    "Aha, a weak point!"
    "Pay attention!"
    "Research most fruitful!"
    "You're in my sight!"
  • Right Under Their Noses: Not Prof. Hanneman himself, but what he is doing, after having seen his sister suffer and vowing to negate the impact of crests on society, decides to go into service of the church, working directly under Rhea's nose and using the church's resources to dismantle the Crest system, the very same system that she and the church are consciously upholding and led to the death of Hanneman's sister. Downplayed in that he does not inherently see the church or Rhea as his enemies, rather he sees the excessive desire for Crests as a problem and even notes in his support with Edelgard that undoing the church's influence will not remove the influence of Crests. His goal is to make the powers of Crests available to anyone who wants them, but admits that Edelgard's desire to remove Crests entirely would have a similar end result.
  • Recurring Element: As the Wendell Archetype, he is the older mentor mage to the younger mages in the houses. Unlike many, he is a Silver Fox and can undergo a Face–Heel Turn.
  • Silver Fox: He's sprightly and good-looking for a man his age. He even has several paired endings where he marries women decades younger than him, though he wins them over more with his compassion than his looks.
  • Squishy Wizard: His starting stats focus on a high Magic and Resistance, but his physical stats are very low by comparison. His proficiencies also include Reason magic and Horses, making him tailored made to be a Dark Knight.
  • Stalker Without a Crush: An easy to miss inspection of his Crest analyzer during one of the early chapters reveals that he stole some of Byleth's hair For Science!. The usually-stoic Byleth is visibly shocked.
  • Tarot Motifs: Through his Crest of Indech, he represents Temperance, which when upright, represents moderation. Hanneman normally represents a calm demeanor and tries to find reason in everything.
  • Trap Master: On the Azure Moon route, if not recruited pre-timeskip, he sides with Edelgard and the Adrestian Empire, overseeing the trap mechanisms of Arianrhod. With him at the reins, none of the usual deactivation mechanisms work, forcing Dimitri's forces to take him out first in order to retake the city.
  • Verbal Backspace: He briefly refers to Byleth as a specimen before correcting himself and saying they're a fellow professor.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Manuela. They can hardly let a single conversation pass without arguing, but they do still respect each other. When Manuela foolishly charges toward a dangerous enemy during their paralogue, he is beside himself with worry.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: If not recruited pre-timeskip, Hanneman vanishes once the timeskip occurs on all routes but Azure Moon. No reason is given for why, as the only discussion of him post-timeskip is made by Linhardt on the Crimson Flower route, and even then his comment is him saying he's taken over his old office.
  • We Used to Be Friends: He was on friendly terms with many of the Empire's nobility back when he was one of them, including Hubert's father. When he threw it away to come to the Officers Academy, however, he effectively burned all those bridges.
  • You Could Have Used Your Powers for Good: Discussed. If recruited in the Azure Moon route, he laments during Chapter 19 how a brilliant scholar as Cornelia ultimately fell to depravity.
  • You Remind Me of X: He says that Edelgard is a victim of the world she lives in, much like his sister. Both of them were subject to incredible pain and anguish because of Crests and nobility, which spurs Hanneman to dismantle the nobility.


Jeritza von Hrym/Emile von Bartels

Class: Death Knight

Age: 21 (3/4)

Crest: Lamine (Minor)

Voiced by: Atsushi Imaruoka (Japanese), Patrick Seitz (English)
"Sorry, I don't like buddying up with others. If you don't have any particular business, leave."

A teacher at the Officers Academy. As the fencing instructor, his main duty is training students. He dislikes mingling with others, so much that he will reject people who try to start friendly conversation without hesitation. He is mysterious, but his skills are the real deal, as someone tasked with training students.

His personal ability, Murderous Intent, increases his Hit when initiating combat. He bears the Minor Crest of Lamine, which gives him a chance to conserve a use of recovery magic.

  • Ambiguous Ending: Should he S Support with Byleth, the two of them will take care of TWSITD, and then disappear from records. Considering Jeritza's talk of him and Byleth killing each other once their work is done, it may have slightly darker undertones than it would with other characters, but at the same time, Jeritza's line has him suggesting he feels romantic feelings for Byleth, making it unclear just what happened to them.
  • Ambiguous Disorder: Zig-Zagged. Initially, his aloof personality and difficulty expressing himself suggest something is off with him, which gets further supported when its revealed he's the Death Knight. Initially, this suggests he's a sociopath. However, his supports with Mercedes and Byleth outright avert this; he very clearly suffers from dissociative identity disorder, treating the Death Knight as a second person within himself.
  • Apologetic Attacker: If he's made to fight Mercedes on the Crimson Flower route, his last line before the battle is joined is "My dear sister... I am sorry."
  • Archnemesis Dad: How Jeritza views his late father, and for good reason. He reveals he wanted to kill his own father for some time. Once it came to light that his father intended to marry Mercedes since the two's mother was past the age to bear children, Jeritza snapped and murdered his own father and the rest of the House of Bartels, and when he came to, he had no recollection to what happened. To say his father had it coming is putting it rather mildly.
  • The Atoner: In his paired ending with Mercedes he becomes a willing prisoner in Enbarr to atone for the crimes committed by the Death Knight, and reunites with his sister and mother years later.
  • Badass Baritone: He has one of the deepest voices of the entire cast, and his slow and slightly creepy way of speaking only emphasizes the deepness. He's also an expert swordsman, and he's also the Death Knight.
  • Back-to-Back Badasses: Unlike the other S-Supports, his CG has him and Byleth in this pose as they cut down the Agarthans together.
  • Bishōnen: Jeritza has soft, feminine-looking facial features and long hair.
  • Big Brother Instinct: He appears to have this towards his elder half-sister, Mercedes. After his father planned to marry Mercedes to produce more Crest-bearing children, Jeritza snapped and murdered him, along with the rest of House Bartels.
  • Big Little Brother: At 193 centimeters (about 6'4") he's one of the tallest members of the cast and absolutely towers over his older sister Mercedes.
  • Big, Screwed-Up Family: His supports with Mercedes reveals that he hated his father and wanted to kill him. Mercedes even reveals that both her and their mother had no intention of leaving him behind and it was a spur of the moment, but he reveals to Mercedes that he told her to leave him. When she asks why Jeritza killed their father, he states that he wanted to because their father found out their mother was past the age to bear children and intends to marry Mercedes. He snapped and murdered his father in a blind rage. Next thing he knew, everyone was dead and he had no recollection on what happened. His earlier supports also indicate that he had other half-siblings who abused him because he had a Crest while they didn't.
  • Blessed with Suck: In an interesting case for this game, the suffering and abuse he faced for having a Crest also ties into gameplay as well. The Crest of Lamine is all but completely useless on him as he has a bane in Faith Magic and the matching Relic is unavailable on the one route you can even recruit him on: Crimson Flower. So unlike many other Crest-bearers in this game, who can at least reap some benefits from their Crests, he faced all of the negatives of having a Crest and none of the benefits.
  • Blood Knight: His interactions with you at the monastery mostly consist of asking you for a duel and lamenting why you won't fight him. In addition, he is usually found at or near the training grounds. This is magnified as the Death Knight, to the point that the only thing that can stop him from killing passerby is Mercedes.
    Jeritza: Battle is the only thing that puts blood in my veins.
  • But Now I Must Go: In his solo ending, after he helps defeat those who slither in the dark, he leaves Edelgard's service and vanishes without a trace. Byleth accompanies him in their paired ending.
  • Can't Catch Up: Averted. The developers made an effort to make sure he remains a strong unit despite joining in the shortest route, as not only he is given high growth rates, his Mastermind skill lets him master classes pretty quickly.
  • Casting a Shadow: He can learn Death Γ at B Reason, and is one of only five characters to learn Dark Magic Range +1 and Dark Tomefaire (the others being Edelgard, Hubert, Lysithea, and Hapi).
  • Char Clone: A light-haired, masked, incredibly skilled and handsome man who is also someone's Long Lost Sibling while also being on the opposite side during the war (on most routes, at least)? Yeah.
  • Childhood Friends: He was this with Constance, who is the only other person aside from Mercedes that still calls him Emile.
  • Childhood Friend Romance: He can marry Constance, which is his only paired ending beside Byleth's that is explicitly said to be romantic.
  • Closet Key: All of his potential partners that he has supports with are females (platonic with Mercedes and romantic with Constance or Bernadetta), except Byleth who can have an S-support with him regardless of their gender.
  • Convenient Replacement Character: Jeritza serves as the prepromoted powerhouse for players on the Crimson Flower route, considering that Seteth and Catherine are unavailable. Like Seteth, he's also got an affinity for lances.
  • Cool Mask: He dons a white mask when you first meet him. He stops wearing it on the Crimson Flower route, where he is recruited.
  • Daddy Had a Good Reason for Abandoning You: Or Mommy, in his case. Both he and his mother knew that if she took him with her and Mercedes when they absconded from House Bartels, his father would have hunted them down and killed both women in order to get his heir back, so Emile told his mother to leave him behind.
  • Death Seeker: In his supports with Byleth, he reveals that he fantasizes about fighting Byleth in a duel to the death and having their sword pierce his heart.
  • Depraved Bisexual: Downplayed as 1. the "depraved" part mostly comes from his Superpowered Evil Side, and 2. male Byleth seems to be a case of If It's You, It's Okay for him whereas the few other supports he has are with females, but he still really enjoys murdering people and gets giddy at the thought of Byleth ending him, regardless of gender. On Crimson Flower, he gets better, mostly shedding the "depraved" part.
  • Disc-One Nuke: More of a Disc 2 nuke really, but you automatically recruit him on the Crimson Flower path with absurdly high stats right off the bat. He can quickly become a staple of your army.
  • Downloadable Content: He became playable in DLC wave 3.
  • Eye Color Change: His eyes turn a creepy shade of purple when the Death Knight takes over.
  • Foreshadowing: There are some subtle hints to him being the Death Knight:
    • The fact that he has a Crest of Lamine, the same one as Mercedes, suggests that they are related in some way. At first this isn't significant, but as Mercedes' family originally came from the Adrestian Empire, it directly connects him to Empire, which he fights for after the timeskip.
    • He and Mercedes have something in common. They both tie their hair with black ribbons.
    • He often is said to be one of the most skilled fighters around, and is comparable to Jeralt at his peak. The Death Knight is one of the most skilled fighters in the pre-timeskip period, and various characters use similar descriptions to his strength as they do the Death Knight.
    • Jeritza is considered incredibly skilled with a sword, and one NPC mentions being taught by Jeritza. Despite using Lances as his primary weapon, the Death Knight's sword rank is B even though he never uses one during the fights against him and it isn't a requirement for the class based on it being similar to the Paladin class in role. His skill with a sword is even mentioned by Felix, who notes how Jeritza's fighting style shifted recently into more ruthless and powerful strikes, suggesting something is happening to him. Felix's claim is proven true.
    • He tends to go out at night and walk the streets, with various characters comment about how odd it is. This fact is used by Manuela as one of her primary pieces of evidence against him, and sure enough he is indeed the same Death Knight wandering the town late at night.
    • When Jeritza is first met, he is very disinterested in Byleth and basically refuses to talk to you. However, he rather suddenly takes an interest in Byleth and nearly demands that they go and spar to see how skilled they are. The timing of this seems random, but this occurs just after your first encounter with the Death Knight, where in he initially saw you as nothing more then a weakling. After getting the Sword of the Creator, he now sees you as a interesting foe.
  • Gameplay and Story Integration:
    • He makes it very clear on Crimson Flower that he does not truly care about Edelgard's cause, and only fights for her as a means to keep the Death Knight in check. He has no supports with any of the Black Eagles sans Bernadetta as a result of this (by comparison, Gilbert has supports with Dimitri, Dedue, Ashe, and his daughter Annette). It is for similar reasons that he is the only Crimson Flower-exclusive character who can be deployed on the "Legend of the Lake" paralogue, which involves Saint Indech and which Edelgard and Hubert cannot partake in due to their more personal disdain for the Church of Seiros.
    • Going back to supports, the fact that his only other supports are with Mercedes (his sister), Constance (a former member of Adrestian nobility who grew up with Jeritza and Mercedes), and Byleth (who has supports with everybody) also shows to reflect the sheer distance he keeps from others, even moreso than Edelgard.
    • While he is generally ill-suited for magic classes, he does pick up a single Dark Spell (Death Γ) and can learn Dark Magic Range +1 if he obtains an S-Rank in Reason. Units that have had some kind of contact with Those Who Slither tend to know Dark Magic, and in Jeritza's case, the gear he uses as the Death Knight (The Scythe of Sariel and the Death Knight's armor and mask), are custom-made Agarthan pieces, much like the Flame Emperor's armor/mask and Edelgard's Aymr axe.
    • His two growth penalties are in Faith Magic (a trait shared by a number of citizens of the Empire, including the very same Emperor who found him,gave him a new House to rule over, and the means to kill others) and in Authority, which, given his behavior both on and off the battlefield, is likely to be expected. The Authority penalty is partially offset by having a B-Rank at base when he joins you on Crimson Flower, but his Charm cap is still low.
    • When he's your enemy, entering his combat range will generally have him charge after you, and he's almost always guaranteed to land a hit on any one of your units. This is all neatly packaged into his Personal Skill, Murderous Intent: Whenever Jeritza enters combat on the Player Phase, he gets a flat +20 to his Hit Rate.
  • Gay Option: The second male character capable of entering into a relationship with a male Byleth.
  • I Am a Monster: When the Death Knight persona threatens to kill Mercedes, Jeritza panics and tries to flee the monastery out of fear of hurting her. It's because of his sister's love that he stays.
  • I'm Not Here to Make Friends: He's generally very disinterested in making friends with people. Fittingly, his only supports are with Byleth (who can befriend everyone) and Mercedes (his long-lost half sister). The version 1.2.0 update adds two new supports for him: Constance, and surprisingly, Bernadetta.
  • Interface Spoiler:
    • Prior to the version 1.1.0 update, he was the only teacher at the Academy who didn't have the option to train Byleth in any skills. And in chapter 6, he disappears from the school, and it's confirmed that he's the Death Knight on the Crimson Flower route.
    • Looking up Jeritza in the support log shows he's affiliated with the Adrestian Empire rather than the Church like most teachers. While he was recommended to Garreg Mach by Imperial nobility in-universe, this information raises major red flags once he's heavily suspected to be the Death Knight.
  • Jekyll & Hyde: He has this dynamic with the Death Knight.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He's standoffish and bloodthirsty, but his DLC shows him to be empathetic, kind, and devoted to his family.
  • Last of His Kind: He is apparently the last surviving member of House Bartels, owing to the fact that he killed the rest of the family after he discovered that his father planned to marry Mercedes in order to produce more Crest-bearing children. On non-Crimson Flower routes, House Bartels goes extinct when he dies, unless Constance and Mercedes pair up in their ending, where Mercedes has her nobility reinstated and leads House Bartels to glory alongside House Nuvelle. On the Crimson Flower route, in turn, he can become the last one, due to Mercedes along with most of the Blue Lions being not a Skippable Boss and therefore dying in the battle for Tailtean Plains, unless she was recruited.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Unique among the Crimson Flower team (other than Byleth themself), Jeritza's only real weakness is his Charm. His incredible bases all around and incredibly high growth rates in HP, Strength, Speed and Defense makes him a strong, fast and tanky powerhouse. Since he only joins after the timeskip, where most of your units will be much stronger thanks to a long period of growths, he needs the extra growths to keep up.
  • Long Lost Sibling: He is actually Emile, Mercedes' younger half-brother, who was separated from her years before the story begins.
  • Love Redeems: In his paired endings with Mercedes, Bernadetta and Constance, he manages to control his Death Knight persona and move beyond his blood-soaked past.
  • Magic Knight: When playable in the Death Knight class, he can use magic.
  • Mask of Sanity: Jeritza is outwardly calm and aloof. As the Death Knight, he's maniacal, bloodthirsty, and treats killing his own students like a game. This is a more complicated example, because the Death Knight is a split personality, and Jeritza is visibly struggling to keep him in check, in Mercedes' supports.
  • Master Swordsman: He's a masterful swordsman and takes up a position as a sword instructor at the Officer Academy.
  • The Mole: His true loyalty is to Church-hater Edelgard.
  • Momma's Boy: He speaks fondly of his mother in his supports with Mercedes and admits that he loved the desserts she used to make for him. He even begged her to leave him behind to protect her and Mercedes from House Bartels even though she wanted to take him with them. Mercedes reveals that this feeling is mutual, saying their mother would be delighted to hear from him again.
  • Monster Brother, Cutie Sister: His half-sister Mercedes is an all-loving, kindhearted healer, and Jeritza himself is aloof, stoic, terse, and gives off a slightly creepy vibe... and that's before knowing that he can turn into the bloodthirsty Death Knight.
  • Mood Ring Eyes: His irises shrink and change from blue to purple when the Death Knight personality is in control.
  • Morality Pet: Mercedes and Constance are this to him on the Crimson Flower route.
  • Murder Makes You Crazy: The trauma of being forced to kill his abusive father caused his mind to splinter and gave rise to the Death Knight.
  • Mutually Exclusive Party Members: Cannot fight alongside Dimitri, Claude, Catherine, Seteth, Cyril, Gilbert, Dedue, Hilda, or Flayn since he joins in the second half of the Crimson Flower route.
  • My Rules Are Not Your Rules: A variation that's in in the player's favor. In addition to innately having a version of the Mastermind skill (doubles skill and class experience in combat) that he can freely equip and unequip (It's Lysithea's Personal Skill, meaning she cannot unequip it), if the player unlocks his Hidden Talent in Flying, he can learn Darting Blow, which is a skill normally only learned by female units, as it is the Mastery skill for the Pegasus Knight class. This essentially makes him potentially one of only two male units who can learn Darting Blow.
  • Not in This for Your Revolution: Downplayed. After the timeskip, he makes quite clear that despite feeling a sense of debt towards Edelgard, he does not care about her cause and he's making use of the current circumstances to keep the Death Knight in check by sating his bloodlust. Though judging by his own backstory as an abused child of a noble family, his own dossier stating he hates nobility, and his lines in Heroes also referring to nobility as worthless, it's clear he despite his outward claim of not caring, he does share Edelgard's disdain towards corrupt nobility for what Count Bartels and the family did to him and his family.
  • Not So Different: Jeritza is very similar to Dimitri. His murders of others being born out of his compassion and love for those they care about. Notably, Mercedes is sympathetic to both and can support them (though on separate routes), knowing that their love for others is what guided their hand, and the regret they feel over doing it leads them down paths that wittle away at their mental health. They even share default weapon proficiencies — specifically, lances and swords.
  • Not So Stoic: If Mercedes isn't recruited in Crimson Flower, he visibly frowns at the idea of facing her, to the point of apologizing to her.
  • Patricide: For very good reason.
  • Pet the Dog: During Chapter 7, one NPC reminisces about learning swordsmanship from Jeritza, and seems to remember him fondly. His roster page also notes that he has a soft spot for cats.
  • Pre-Asskicking One-Liner:
  • Pre-Mortem One-Liner: All of his critical quotes also belong to the Death Knight.
    "Squirm for me!"
    "Your life ends!"
  • Promoted to Playable: He was finally made available on November 7, 2019 as part of the wave 3 DLC, and can be recruited on the Black Eagle Crimson Flower route.
  • Psycho Electro: Is equipped with the Thunder spell when he joins your party, additionally learning Thoron if you invest in his Reason skill. Fitting for possibly the most violent and unwell characters in the game.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: Jeritza is a violent Blood Knight who has dedicated himself to the sword. His three favorite things? Cats, sweets, and his sister. It's heavily lampshaded in his C-Support with Byleth, which opens with the latter staring flabbergasted as Jeritza devours some fancy ice cream.
  • Reluctant Psycho: He hates the Death Knight personality, and much of his standoffish personality is due to being afraid of it hurting those close to him.
  • Required Party Member: After version 1.1.0, Jeritza joins the party automatically at the start of the Crimson Flower route.
  • Self-Made Orphan: It's revealed reading documents in the library that several years before the start of the story House Bartels underwent a purge that left many of its members, including the head of the house, dead. The documents state the heir apparent Emile is the prime suspect who is now missing. Considering Jeritza is Emile, and that House Bartel abused his older half-sister Mercedes, it makes a lot of sense. His support with Mercedes confirms it and reveals why: His father had learned that Mercedes and her mother were staying in a church in Faerghus, and was considering bringing them back, but because Mercedes's mother was past childbearing age, he was going to make Mercedes his new wife, which led to Emile killing him and the entirety of House Bartels in a rage. While he doesn't regret killing his father, the whole incident traumatized him. Not that his father didn't deserve it or had it coming a mile away.
  • Sex Is Violence: In his A Support with Byleth, he gets a little too excited thinking about Byleth's sword piercing him -- or his lance piercing Byleth.
  • Shared Family Quirks: He has a hell of a sweet tooth, just like his sister Mercedes.
  • Shed the Family Name: He does this upon killing the rest of House Bartels. Part of it might be due to his being adopted by House Hrym.
  • Shock and Awe: He starts off with access to Thunder and can pick up Thoron if he trains further in Reason. His Counterattack skill, learned from mastering Death Knight, also manifests as a bolt of lightning.
  • Sibling Team: Can become one with Mercedes on the Crimson Flower route.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: Mercedes is outgoing and friendly, while Jeritza is stoic and aloof. Or rather, Mercedes is an empathetic Nice Girl while Jeritza struggles handling a separate identity that's an Ax-Crazy Blood Knight. It's even reflected by their magic proficiencies: Mercedes, as a pretty firm believer, has Faith magic as her main strength, whereas Jeritza, who is more skeptical of the Church, is better skilled in Reason — specifically, the dark magic — while having a weakness in Faith. Likewise with weapon proficiencies: Mercedes, as a Martial Pacifist, only has a hidden talent for bows and penalties in the main Weapon Triangle, while Jeritza, a major Blood Knight, is highly skilled with lances and swords and neutral towards other weapons.
  • Sixth Ranger: On the Crimson Flower route, he joins you in Chapter 13. He's the last character to join the party (unless you didn't recruit Lysithea in Part I and then spare her in Part II), and he's one of only two characters who must be recruited post-timeskip (the other being Azure Moon Gilbert).
  • Split Personality: There's Jeritza, who's typically stoic and distant and then there's the Death Knight, a violent, psychopathic persona implied to have been born when he murdered his father. Deconstructed as the strain of staying in control and not letting the Death Knight go on a killing spree is implied to have left a heavy mental burden on Jeritza.
  • The Stoic: Jeritza's expression never changes, and he remains cold, calm and aloof. As the Death Knight, he's bloodthirsty and eager to kill instead.
  • Sweet Tooth: Seriously, dude loves ice cream. Just like his sister. Apparently he loved his mother's sweets.
  • Tarot Motifs: Through his Crest of Lamine, he represents Judgement, which when upright, represents transitions, but when reversed, represents poor decisions. Jeritza's life changed when Mercedes and her mother left him, and when he learned that his father planned to forcefully marry Mercedes, Jeritza murdered him in rage, which resulted in the creation of the Death Knight persona and the near extinction of House Bartels.
  • The Teetotaler: Liquor is listed as one of his dislikes.
  • That Man Is Dead: Tells Mercedes that the brother she once loved is long gone. If you get their paired ending, he reunites with Mercedes and their mother after years of being in Emile.
  • Tsurime Eyes: His eyes have upward-slanted outer corners and reflect his aloof, arrogant, battle-eager personality, in contrast with the Tareme Eyes of his sister Mercedes, a kindhearted gentle amicable healer.
  • Undying Loyalty: To Edelgard, who he credits with saving him after he slaughtered House Bartels and giving him purpose in the world.
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid: According to Mercedes, he used to be a sweet little boy until they were separated when Mercedes and her mother were kicked out of House Bartels, with Emile staying behind to keep the house from going after them. And from there, things went From Bad to Worse for him, especially after his father considered forcing Mercedes to marry him...
  • Wacky Marriage Proposal: It doesn't get more wacky than proposing while in the middle of a heated battle with the remnants of TWSITD.
  • Walking Spoiler: It's impossible to fully talk about Jeritza without explaining that he's the Death Knight or his relationship with Mercedes.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: After chapter 6 and the implication he may be the Death Knight, he vanishes for the rest of the game and doesn't reappear. It's only in a paralogue after the timeskip that unlocks a picture in Azure Moon that almost certainly implies he's the Death Knight, but this is only unlocked if you have both Mercedes and Caspar, meaning unless you spent time recruiting you likely will never see it. Should you do the Crimson Flower route however, he wll reappear and become a playable unit in Part II.
  • What Is This Thing You Call "Love"?: In his S-Support with Byleth, he doesn't know how to articulate the feelings building up in his chest around them, asking if this sensation is called love.
  • When He Smiles: Jeritza only smiles twice throughout the entire game (during supports with Morality Pets Mercedes and Constance), and both times show it to be quite adorable when he does it.
  • Younger Than They Look: Jeritza's height, deep voice, and impressive combat skill belie the fact that he's Mercedes' younger half-brother, which would make him only a year or two older than his own students at the Academy.



Class: Noble

Voiced by: Shinya Fukumatsu (Japanese), Joseph Whimms (English)

A man who has served as the Garreg Mach Monastery's librarian for more than 40 years. Not only is he knowledgeable about the books stored in the library, he knows much about the Monastery's affairs. He is also a faithful follower of the Church of Seiros.

  • Ascended Extra: He gets a bit more screentime on the Golden Deer route.
  • Curtains Match the Window: His hair and eyes are both sand-colored.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • During Chapter 6, the fact that he was asking around about Flayn is a double case of this. Not only does it signify that he was snooping around as a member of "those who slither in the dark," but when he makes a cover story about how he didn't know that Seteth had a sister the last time he was in the monastery, it hints that Seteth and Flayn aren't actually brother and sister.
    • In that same chapter, Byleth finds out that Tomas had been asking about them and Jeralt, which is also a double case. Not only "those who slither in the dark" kill Jeralt later to lure Byleth into a trap, his claim that Jeralt hasn't aged a day from when he last saw him also foreshadows one of the side effects of first generation crest bearers.
  • Impersonation-Exclusive Character: He's revealed to be an impostor, and the real Tomas is never seen and is implied to have been killed before the game's events.
  • Kill and Replace: Gilbert and later Seteth suspect the real Tomas was killed during his eight-year-long trip away and replaced by Solon, who remained undercover until he had no need to keep his disguise.
  • Scary Librarian: Inverted. He's a very kind and affable fellow, willing to share his knowledge to whoever who seeks him. It's implied the real Tomas was this way as well.
  • Stealth Hi/Bye: He appears out of nowhere in a scene if the Golden Deer house was chosen, startling Claude by answering a question he had when talking to Byleth. Claude lampshades that of course he would be in the library.
  • Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: His true identity is Solon, having killed the real Tomas during his trip one year before the start of the story and using the kindly guise of the librarian to infiltrate the Monastery.



Class: Commoner → Wyvern Rider → Wyvern Lord

Age: 14 (10/25)

Voiced by: Kengo Kawanishi (Japanese), Griffin Burns (English)
"I'm real busy, so could you please move along now? Thanks. OK now, what else did Lady Rhea need doing today?"

A young boy working as a servant for archbishop Rhea, whom he is deeply indebted to as she rescued him from a life as a war orphan. As such he takes his duties at the Monastery very seriously, so much that he is prone to seeming cold to others. He has Shamir teach him the basics of archery just so he could be of use to the archbishop.

His personal ability, Aptitude, greatly increases his growth rates.

  • Action Initiative: He learns Point-Blank Volley at C+ Bows, which allows him two consecutive attacks with any bow weapon for the cost of some weapon durability, even if he was unable to double before. He's one of the only two characters to learn this art, the other being Leonie. He also notably learns any guaranteed double art earlier than any other character, as Leonie learns it at A Bows, while Ferdinand, Sylvain, and Seteth learn its lance counterpart (Swift Strikes) at A Lances.
  • Affectionate Nickname: He takes to calling Mercedes "Mercie" due to difficulty pronouncing her name at first, but by their B-support, Mercedes tells him that she's happy to hear him calling her that, and Cyril says that he sees her as a close older sister figure.
  • All Take and No Give: He has this relationship with Rhea, with the twist that it was Cyril's own idea. Because Rhea took him in, he fully intends to spend the rest of his life doing any task, no matter how menial, she requires or even might require in the future. His support conversations with Seteth feature the older man trying to convince him that Rhea would approve and support him having his own goals and desires.
  • Ambiguously Brown: He's noticeably darker than the rest of the characters, including Claude and Petra. It's because he's Almyran.
  • The Archer: Shamir taught him archery so he could be more useful to Rhea, and when he's recruited, bows are one of his starting proficiencies.
  • An Axe to Grind: One of his two starting proficiencies is in axes.
  • Blade on a Stick: He also has a strong proficiency in lances, despite starting with an E-Rank in the skill.
  • Blow You Away: He only learns wind magic, Wind and Cutting Gale, when learning in Reason.
  • Boomerang Bigot: In his supports with Hilda, he has a negative opinion of his own people, considering them a bunch of Proud Warrior Race fools. He's also critical of how their king does nothing to help orphans, despite their culture creating tons of them.
  • Brutal Honesty: If Cyril has criticism for someone, he'll make no effort to be delicate in his phrasing.
    • In his C-support with Manuela, a hysterical Manuela asks Cyril to be honest about the cause of her romantic troubles. Cyril obliges, completely deadpan:
      Manuela: Cyril, be honest. What's wrong with me?
      Cyril: You drink too much, blame others for your behavior, and you don't understand you gotta love yourself before someone else can love ya back.
    • He easily sees through Hilda's efforts to charm people into doing work for her, and when she tells him she doesn't have any topics to write about in her letters to her brother:
      Cyril: Write about your life, maybe. Ya know, stuff like, "I got real lazy again today." Or maybe, "Can you believe I still don't know where they put the water buckets?" [scowling] You're a lazy gal who gets people to do her work for her. I never knew anybody like that in Almyra.
    • In his C-support with Ignatz, Cyril doesn't hesitate to tell a meek, curious Ignatz how annoyed he is when Ignatz asks to help him with his work and takes to following him in an attempt to ask him about Almyra. He says that Ignatz's curiosity about and concern with him is "weird."
      Cyril: (angry) You wanna know what I wanna do?
      Ignatz: (smiling) Sure! Tell me.
      Cyril: (angry) I'd like to do my assigned work without you pestering me.
      Ignatz: (sad) Oh...OK.
  • Can't Catch Up:
    • Cyril's biggest weakness. While he is available to be recruited in non-Crimson Flower route at a decent Level 9, and is recruited the earliest out of the Church of Seiros allied units, his initial class as a Commoner means that his auto-level doesn't grow as exponential as the other units since they have default class choices that affect their stats from them. He becomes available for recruitment during chapter five as well, which has enemies countered around level fifteen, meaning he needs extra babysitting to be use properly to even catch up to your units levels. The Silver Snow route takes this Up to Eleven; he joins during Chapter 12, which is the last chapter before the timeskip. This means he has only really a few days to level up, and by then, he will be so far behind your other units that he'll be essentially unusable post timeskip unless one diverts much of their resources to him.
    • To add insult to injury, due to Late Character Syndrome, Cyril's specific niche on the team already gets overlapped by Seteth, who's already naturally classed as a Wyvern Rider and Ferdinand, who has a boon in both lances and axes and can also easily be rather easily trained into becoming one. The fact that they both get access to heroic relics as well is a further detriment to Cyril in this route.
  • Child Soldiers: Cyril is one of the youngest characters in the cast; pre-timeskip he's recruitable and can take to the battlefield at 14.
  • Compliment Backfire: Subverted in his B support with Claude. He compliments Claude by comparing him to Rhea, but Claude doesn't like the comparison because he thinks Rhea only helps people out of religious obligation. When Cyril explains that isn't the case, Claude's opinion of Rhea improves.
  • A Day in the Limelight: He has a noticeably larger role on the Verdant Wind route than the others. Likely due to being Almyran like Claude.
  • Death of a Thousand Cuts: Discussed by the end of his supports with Shamir. She tells him to find another mentor because his archery style differs from hers. While she likes to find a secluded position to pick off key targets, he weaves in and out of the front lines to harass his foes with arrows and whittle them down.
  • Don't You Dare Pity Me!: Cyril does not like to be offered help when it comes to his chores at the Monestary. It finally gets explained in his support with Ashe that part of it is out of his desire to repay Rhea for her kindess, and part of it is because he does not want anyone looking down on him.
  • Dragon Rider: His proficiency with axes and flying skills make him a good fit for the wyvern-riding classes. As an enemy on the Crimson Flower route, he is a Wyvern Rider pre-timeskip and a Wyvern Lord post-timeskip. Particularly meaningful as the class is mostly associated with Almyrans.
  • Establishing Character Moment: His first conversation with you when you arrive at the monastery has him curtly brush you off before wondering what the next task Rhea needs doing is. This quite succinctly tells you a major aspect to know about him.
  • Everyone's Baby Sister: Most of his supports with the students consist of them offering to help him or commending him for his hard work when he'd much rather be left alone. He eventually warms up to them towards the end.
  • Friendless Background:
    • Cyril hasn't made any friends, and his standoffish nature doesn't welcome people to approach him and talk. He starts befriending people through supports during the events of the game. When Ashe calls him a friend, the concept is new to him.
    • In his support with Mercedes, Mercedes expresses concern when Cyril tells her that he doesn't really have friends at the monastery, and Cyril explains that he keeps his distance from people to avoid being treated like an outsider. She assures him that the monastery denizens think of him as a friend.
  • Gameplay and Story Integration:
    • Cyril is noted in a few of his supports to do a lot of wood chopping as part of his many daily chores. His highest starting weapon stat is in axes at D+. His classes as an enemy unit are also both axe-wielding classes.
    • Cyril is illiterate, and fittingly one of his weaknesses is Reason (black magic) which is associated with knowledge. His disliked gifts are all books and his notes to the guidance counselor are drawings. In fact, if you pull his request out of the confession box, it's a very crudely drawn picture of a broken vase because he has no idea how to ask how to do this in written words.
    • In his support with Shamir, she says he should find another mentor in their A-Rank Support, as their fighting styles diverge significantly. While she prefers to be a Cold Sniper, Cyril gets into the thick of the fight to hold down his foes as a rapid-fire harrier. This is reflected in their Combat Arts. Shamir learns Heavy Draw to strike someone hard from a distance, while Cyril's Point-Blank Volley offers two guaranteed hits at close range.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: He has a scar on the right side of his forehead.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: Cyril has a potential paired ending with Ashe in which after the war Ashe ends up becoming the new head of House Gaspard, and Cyril ends up becoming his retainer and adviser.
  • Honorary True Companion: Despite not being enrolled at the Officers Academy, Cyril can be recruited to become an unofficial student of the Blue Lion or Golden Deer house as early as Chapter 5. This is a little more pronounced in the Verdant Wind route, as not only Cyril has the most supports with the Golden Deer Students (Claude in particular is the only House Leader he can support with), but also makes a few relevant appearances in that route's story during Part II.
  • Horse Archer: He has a proficiency for both riding and bows, letting him become a strong Bow Knight.
  • I Got Bigger: He ties with Lysithea as the shortest character pre-timeskip, but he has the biggest growth spurt of any character, growing a full twenty centimeters after the Time Skip, and having an athletic build. He does tie with Ignatz for the shortest male character after the timeskip, however.
  • Late Character Syndrome: On Silver Snow, he probably is the closest thing to an Est archetype, given the fact that he joins midway with low stats but has good growths, except that unlike Est, Cyril joins at an alarmingly high level for his join time, meaning that it's harder to level him up unless Byleth diverts enough statboosters for him to use, and his benefit of learning Point-Blank Volley may be rendered moot if his Strength isn't high enough.
  • Luminescent Blush: Sports one after he gives what is close to an Anguished Declaration of Love in response to Shamir trying to convince him she doesn't have anything left to teach him and so no reason to continue being her apprentice.
  • Magically Inept Fighter: He has weakness in both the Reason and Faith skills. Justified by him starting out as illiterate.
  • Magikarp Power: Zig-Zagged. Cyril is designed to be this games version of the "Village" archetype, as he starts off with a low level but has Aptitude as his personal skill to boost his overall growth rates, which gives him high stat growths and he has talents for lances, axes, bows, riding, and flying, making it easy for him to qualify for several master-level classes. However, Cyril joins around chapter five for non-Black Eagle playthroughs and starts as a Commoner, which means he has lower than average stats for when he's recruited due to the Commoner class giving no growth rate increases. As a result, he can either play this trope straight if the player invests in him, or he can avert it and become a case of Can't Catch Up. On the Silver Snow route, he's recruited so late into the story that he's virtually unusable even with his good growth rates because of this.
  • Maybe Ever After: His A support with Shamir (wherein she tries to convince him that he shouldn't be her apprentice any more) ends with him giving her what is very close to an Anguished Declaration of Love, and she is noticeably touched by it, thanking him for his feelings and saying they can forget the conversation about him having to leave her ever happened. Their paired ending doesn't actually say what their relationship status is, only that by all appearances they spent their lives together.
    Cyril: I'm fine with you and I don't want anyone else! I only want you, forever and ever!
  • Mutually Exclusive Party Members: Can't be recruited if you choose the Black Eagle house until and unless Edelgard and Hubert desert you, which occurs before you have the opportunity to recruit Jeritza, but can be recruited in the other routes. Notably, he’s the only character affiliated with the Church that can never fight alongside Edelgard or Hubert, as Flayn can fight with them before the timeskip and Seteth and Catherine can fight alongside them once each, in their respective paralogues.
  • Nay-Theist:
    • Reveals to Mercedes in their support that he isn't a believer in the Church of Seiros, and his service to the church stems from his gratitude to Rhea. Rhea is aware of this and quite supportive.
    • Although interestingly enough in his paired ending with Petra, Cyril grows up to become a Priest. Presumably the reformations the Church undergoes in non-Crimson Flower route spurred Cyril to become an actual legitimate believer in the Church.
  • Never Learned to Read: When Lysithea reads off his supply list in their support, he thanks her and reveals that he can't read, so her reading it was a big help to him.
  • Only One Name: Is one of very few characters in Three Houses to not have his last name revealed.
  • Parental Abandonment: His parents were killed in a war and he was left to fend for himself, as he reveals to Mercedes in their support that he often struggled to find food until Rhea took him in.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: He's one of the shortest characters in the game along with Lysithea pre-timeskip. However, his high strength growth and proficiency in axes allow him to wield them without much trouble, despite the fact that the axes he wields are almost as tall as he is.
  • Precocious Crush: He gets blushy and shy around Shamir pre-timeskip and he's a decade younger than her. The two also have special dining dialog where Cyril mentions he's happy and more than a bit nervous when he gets to share a meal with her, which she finds amusing. Their second special dialog has her noting his table manners are the one truly adult aspect of him, and Cyril will reply he hopes to get more aspects real soon. Post-timeskip, his ending with Shamir is ambiguous as to whether they are romantically involved.
  • Pre-Asskicking One-Liner:
    "Ready when you are!" (Pre-timeskip)
    "Let's go." (Post-timeskip)
  • Pre-Mortem One-Liner:
    "I'll handle this!"
    "I'll show you!"
    "You're in my way!"
    "I'm not just some kid!" (Pre-timeskip)
    "I'm not a kid anymore!" (Post-timeskip)
  • Recurring Element: He's Three Houses' answer to the Trainee units (Donnel, Amelia, Ross and Ewan) that start out young and weaker than other units, but can excel at most things if raised patiently. Unlike the previous Fire Emblem games, however, this is downplayed, as technically the entire student body plus Byleth are trainee units due to starting as a Noble or Commoner before promoting into the normal first-stage units like Soldier and Myrmidon. Cyril does have the 'Aptitude' talent that Donnel has, making him a reference to the units of old.
  • Required Party Member: On the Black Eagles route, Cyril will join the party automatically in Chapter 12 as long as Byleth sides with the church.
  • Undying Loyalty:
    • Cyril is extremely grateful to Rhea for taking him in, giving him a place to stay and regular meals, and declares that he'd challenge anyone who goes against her. On the Crimson Flower route, he stays by her side even in her true form, and fights to the death for her, even in her insanity as she torches the Kingdom's capital, enraged because his enemies 'hurt Lady Rhea'. When Rhea begins rampaging at the end of the Silver Snow, however, he will (in his own words) pay Byleth back by trying to stop her.
    • He may develop beyond serving Rhea and choose to follow Shamir or other character's paths in their paired endings.
  • Villain: Exit, Stage Left: While not exactly villainous, if you chose to side with Edelgard in the Black Eagles route, he retreats from battle when he's defeated in Chapter 12.
  • Workaholic: He's crazy about his work to the point where he appears standoffish, doing multiple jobs for Rhea with gusto (even if she doesn't ask him). He dislikes people offering to do his work for him or help him with it.

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