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Lascivious Beauty Mark

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Because how else would we know Lucy the Slut Really Gets Around?

The beauty mark. While the reasons why this particular kind of facial mole has been deemed attractive are somewhat opaque, one thing for sure is that beauty marks have been seen as an appealing feature since at least the 18th century.note 

In more recent times, however, beauty marks have become more associated with a coquettish and sensual appeal than just mere beauty, the demure and subtle attractiveness of the beauty mark falling to the wayside in favor of a more explicitly lustful and sexual attractiveness. This has led to creators giving characters who are known for their sexual prowess, lustfulness, or those characterized as sex symbols in-universe beauty marks on their face.

Typically such beauty marks will be placed somewhere near the mouth, either above the corner of one's mouth or below. This is sometimes in homage to Marilyn Monroe, an American pin-up model and actress of the '50s and '60s widely known as a sex symbol because of her platinum blonde hair, sleepy, "bedroom" eyes, and hourglass figure, who also had a beauty mark in the same place. However, just as often this placement is for fanservice, Erotic Eating and Lecherous Licking used in addition to the mark for some sensual mouth and lips focus. Another popular spot is just below one's eye, though any facial beauty mark will do.

While any character who is seductive, sexually outgoing, or widely considered sexually attractive in the work can count, the following are those most likely to have beauty marks to emphasize their sexuality: The Tease, The Vamp, The Casanova, The Charmer, Femme Fatale, and the Chick Magnet. Characters renowned for their beauty may also qualify if that beauty is commented on in-universe and is specifically characterized as being sexy. In sum, this trope's for any character for which seduction or being seductive is central to their personality. Though many examples of this trope will be of women, male characters are not excluded and can also have beauty marks added to their faces for added sensuality, especially in genres where female love interests don't exist.

Again, a single instance of flirty or sexual behavior is not enough for this trope. Being flirtatious, sexually forward, and/or hyper-sexualized need to be prominent parts of a character's characterization to count. Examples that are just "this character is attractive and has a mole" is at best a Zero-Context Example or not an example of the trope at all. As this is a characterization trope, No Real Life Examples, Please!

Subtrope of Meaningful Appearance. See Distinguishing Mark for beauty marks that are considered uniquely shaped or placed in-universe and Charm Point for things that make a character attractive or interesting to others. Spotting the Thread covers instances when a mole reveals a character's true identity and Identical Twin ID Tag for when a beauty mark is the main distinguisher for otherwise identical twins.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You: The Absurdly Youthful Mother Hahari has a beauty mark under her left eye and is a Loveable Sex Maniac, frequently lusting after anyone she finds attractive, male and female alike, including the other girls in the harem, particularly the younger girls and even her own daughter Hakari. None of the girls, especially Hakari, are all that flattered.
  • Bleach: Rangiku Matsumoto, Vice Captain of Squad 10, has a beauty mark below the corner of her mouth and is in-universe dubbed the "sexiest woman of Sereitei" because of her flirtatious nature and her ample bosom that she takes pride in by showing it off liberally. She's shown a willingness to use her sex appeal to get her way and in omakes, she's flanderized into a Lovable Sex Maniac, whose favorite pastime is seducing men.
  • Boku Girl: There's a beauty mark below the corner of Mizuki's mouth. Originally a boy, Mizuki was so beautiful that men repeatedly asked him out and the goddess Loki turns him into a girl as a prank. Mizuki is shown partially or completely naked in almost every chapter, and attracts lots of attention from both genders throughout the series. Even Mizuki's own father is obsessed with Mizuki's beauty.
  • Cat's Eye: Rui Kisugi is the Heroic Seductress of the thieving trio and has a beauty mark under her mouth. Considered in-universe to be the most beautiful woman around, she uses her good looks and master manipulation skills to help her and her sisters navigate their way into even the most secured and guarded areas for their work. Off the clock, she's The Tease, flirting with Toshio just to get a rise out of Hitomi who has a thing for him.
  • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mitsuri, the Love Hashira, is a beautiful, busty, Genki Girl who wears a skimpified version of the typical demon slayer robe, complete with a miniskirt and a plunging neckline (though this outfit was more or less forced on her). She has two beauty marks on her face, one under each eye,note  and in an omake it is said that unbeknownst to her (who is on a quest to find a future husband), she is wildly popular with men.
  • Gintama: Sa-chan has a beauty mark under her right eye and is a masochistic Lovable Sex Maniac who is regularly lusting after Gintoki, often stalking him and begging him for an S&M session. Gintoki isn't pleased.
  • Haikyuu!!: Shimizu is universally considered to be a beautiful girl, with guys from other schools trying to catch a glimpse of Karasuno's famed beautiful manager. When she speaks to Yachi about potentially succeeding her as manager, Yachi is distracted by Shimizu's good looks and specifically points to the mole near Shimizu's mouth as sexy.
  • Hidoku Shinaide:
    • Naoya, who has a beauty mark under his left eye, is the sexually experienced pursuer of the handsome and aloof Akira. Akira once sought out Naoya for Sex for Solace after having his seemingly unrequited love rejected and Naoya's been interested ever since, casually flirting with Akira whenever possible only to be coldly rebuffed. When Akira finally caves and they start hooking up more regularly, Naoya is portrayed as having a possessive and insatiable desire for the comparatively much less experienced Akira, who is often overwhelmed by it.
    • Kutani has a small beauty mark under his left eye and is stunningly gorgeous behind his large Opaque Nerd Glasses. This is a hint at Kutani's Covert Pervert tendencies. While he is a perfect gentleman to Okino, his conversations with Okino make it clear that he has quite a bit of sexual experience and that if they were alone in a room together, he's not sure he could keep himself from making a move on him. He even wryly tells Okino to let him know if he feels like switching positions since he's fine giving and receiving. Shocked, Okino can only think "This man is so sexy!"
  • In the Clear Moonlit Dusk: Big Man on Campus Ichimura has a beauty mark near his mouth and is a known ladykiller in school; he hooks up with girls freely and doesn't stay tied down for long. His interest and pursuit of Yoi, his Bifauxnen and beautifully androgynous underclassman, has a clear More Experienced Chases the Innocent dynamic: he is overtly flirtatious and physically affectionate towards the chaste and inexperienced Yoi, who responds with Crush Blush and flustered responses. She even calls out his penchant for physical touch and he admits that up until now, he's thought romance just was sex and flirtation, so he doesn't know how else to show his feelings towards the person he likes.
  • Karin: Fumio has a mole under her right eye and her Head-Turning Beauty draws so much male attention that she can't keep a job because she faces sexual harassment everywhere she goes. Karin's family speculate Fumio has overactive pheromones that make even vampires find her irresistible and Karin's father considers Fumio's beauty mark to be a Charm Point.
  • Moriarty the Patriot: Irene Adler has a small beauty mark just under her right eye, which is played up when she's playing a flirt or undressing—but it's even more obvious when she transitions to he as James Bond, international British sex symbol, with the beauty mark being the most recognizable feature between the two brilliant, sexy characters.
  • The Prince of Tennis: Atobe Keigo has a "teardrop mole," i.e. a mole under his right eye. He's not only the absurdly wealthy and talented captain and star of his school's tennis team, he's also considered handsome and has hordes of fangirls. Lampshaded in-universe as one of his Image Songs, "Charm Point Wa Naki Bokuro", is about how his "gorgeous" "teardrop mole" is considered a Charm Point.
  • The eponymous Tomie has a mole underneath her left eye, and has the strange ability to cause numerous men (and a few women as well) to become self-destructively obsessed with her through sight alone. She additionally knows this, and regularly exploits her skin-deep beauty to get what she wants.

    Comic Strips 
  • Nancy: Parodied in an early strip which sees Nancy reading a magazine with beauty tips that states having a mole increases a woman's attractiveness by 10%. So she starts marking her face with dots until she's full of them.

    Film — Animated 

    Film — Live-Action 
  • Child's Play: Tiffany Valentine is a Femme Fatale sadistic serial killer, who wears sexy and dark outfits with heavy makeup. Though while she isn't above flirting and seducing people to get what she wants, she refuses to actually sleep with people she doesn't genuinely love. In both her doll and human forms, she has a mole above her lip, to complete her very obvious Marilyn Monroe inspired look.
  • Hot Shots! Part Deux parodies the trope. Michelle is The Mole with a literal mole on her cheek and she is the most sexually active character in the movie: she makes out with Topper in a limo and later they have sex. When she goes to the monk village to find Topper after he went on a sabbatical, the monks in the background all stop and stare at her, to amusing results.
  • That Night in Varennes: Casanova—yep, Giacomo Casanova, the Trope Namer of The Casanova for his infamous sexual appetite and prowess—is by the time of this film an old man well past his glory days as a seducer, but he's still painting a beauty spot on his cheek. The whole scene, in which he's touching up his makeup and adjusting the old-timey wig that hides his balding head, emphasizes his vanity.

  • Ascendance of a Bookworm: Arno, who has a Aren't You Going to Ravish Me? attitude towards Sister Margaret, the deceased blue shrine maiden he once served, remembers a beauty mark among the factors that made her attractive. In addition to this, one of the few things known about Margaret is that she raped one of her underage attendants on a regular basis (Arno views the whole thing as someone else getting the attention he was craving at the time).
  • Anti Magic Academy The 35th Test Platoon: Ikaruga has two beauty marks (one under her left eye and one on her chin) and is the most sexually forward of Takeru's potential love interests, being more than happy to let him see her in lingerie or completely naked. She also has overtly tried to have sex with him and when she gets interrupted, she contents herself with kissing him while pressing her naked breasts against him. She also likes to comment on her female friends' sex appeal and grope Usagi's large breasts.
  • Black Bullet: Miori Shiba has a beauty mark under her left eye, to further denote how aggressively flirtatious and handsy she is, often invading Rentaro's personal space by brushing her chest against him, grabbing his arm, or making circles on his body with her fingers.
  • Fate/Zero: Diarmuid Ua Duibhne is a good-looking man based on the Celtic demigod of love and creativity of the same name. In the original Celtic mythos, this god has a mythical 'love spot' under his eye that makes him irresistible to women, making those who stare at him fall in love with him. Fate Zero's version of Diarmuid renders the love spot as a mole beneath his eye.
  • Goblin Slayer: The Witch wears a outfit showing off both her ample chest and her long legs, and is considered attractive enough for both male soldiers to gawk at and for aspiring female adventurers to have a crush on. These traits are bolstered by the presence of a beauty mark underneath her left eye.
  • My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!: Rufus Brode, a.k.a. Sora Smith, is a laidback and seductive man with a beauty mark below his eye and a Dark and Troubled Past that involves him being The Casanova. In the fourth episode of the second season of the anime adaptation in which Catarina starts to grow closer to Rufus, he pins her to a wall while telling her about his Dark and Troubled Past and she muses to herself that he's attractive up close, even lampshading this trope. (He acknowledges this fact himself, too.)
    Catarina: [thinking] He even has the mole under his eye that sexy characters always have!


    Video Games 
  • Ace Attorney: Mia Fey, Nick's Sexy Mentor, has a noticeable mole off the side of her mouth. She's drawn in a fanservicey suit (a cleavage-baring top, form-fitting blazer, and miniskirt) and draws much male attention throughout the series. Her sister has even taken advantage of her sex appeal to get a witness to cooperate.
  • The eponymous kunoichi protagonist of The Ninja Legend - Ajisai has a beauty mark underneath her left eye. Considering that she's the main character of a H-Game, she is lusted over by both men and monsters, and practically every game over sequence involves them having their way with her.
  • Bayonetta: The eponymous Bayonetta has a beauty mark on the corner of her mouth and she is a Dark Action Girl, Hot Witch with dominatrix and BDSM-themed weapons and attacks. Her default look is a skintight, Sexy Backless Outfit made of her hair paired with Combat Stilettos. This goes along with her playfully flirtatious, The Tease-like behavior, which includes flirting with enemies and allies alike, Erotically Eating lollipops for fun and for power-ups, and occasionally licking her lips when excited. Her oversexed Ms. Fanservice characterization is deliberately done to the point of camp.
  • Final Fantasy X: Lady of Black Magic Lulu is a downplayed example. The dark to Yuna's light feminine, Lulu has a beauty mark underneath the left side of her mouth and wears a cleavage exposing all black outfit. While her Aloof Dark-Haired Girl personality keeps her from flirting, she is the most sexualized female character in the game, with her getting the most Male Gaze out of the main three girls. Her main victory pose has her lean over to show off her cleavage and in one cutscene binoculars-using Tidus stares directly at her chest.
  • Fire Emblem:
    • Fire Emblem: Three Houses: Manuela Casagranda, the shapely Garreg Mach professor who is a former opera diva but has since become something of an Old Maid, has a beauty mark just below her left eye. She wears a form-fitting outfit that displays her ample cleavage and if your character is male, the first time he pays her a visit she propositions him right there in her office. The rest of the time she frequently talks about her attempts with men, though they usually don't succeed.
    • Subverted with Ivy from Fire Emblem Engage: she wears a rather daring outfit showing off her back and accentuating her breasts, and gives off the impression with her poses of being shamelessly sexually liberated, complete with a beauty mark under the left side of her lip... and then it turns out that she's also a rather socially awkward dork who's afraid of ghosts and who's idea of revenge is serving the offender a plate of spicy food.
  • Guilty Gear: I-no has a beauty mark on her upper lip - much like her inspiration, the Japanese artist Shiina Ringo. And she is the biggest Ms. Fanservice in the entire series besides Dizzy. The mole also serves as an early clue to I-no's real identity: Observant players might have noticed that Axl Low's lost girlfriend Megumi also has a beauty mark in the same spot...
  • The King of Fighters XIV: Newcomer Luong's Form-Fitting Wardrobe, Femme Fatale / Heroic Seductress (she deliberately obfuscates and shifts her allegiances) mannerisms, and Kick Chick fighting style are extremely sexualized, and Gang-il is particularly smitten with her despite her being at least a decade younger than him. She also has two beauty marks underneath her right eye.
  • Onechanbara: Aya is a bikini-clad, buxom, fighter who is known In-Universe for 1) her stripperific and eccentric fashion sense and 2) her sex appeal, as she's a Dude Magnet, though we don't get to see much of the latter in-game. She has a beauty mark under her left eye.

    Web Animation 
  • Helluva Boss: Emphasizing her being an attractive Succubus popstar whose main job is to seduce humans with her heavily sexually charged singing into engaging in carnal acts of lust alongside the various sexy popstar outfits she often wears, Verosika Mayday has a heart-shaped beauty mark under her right eye which is retained even in her human disguise.

  • While Tawawa on Monday is no stranger to lewd women, the aptly nicknamed Hokuro-chan (Mole-chan) uses this trope as her initial gimmick. She originally was a straitlaced and nondescript girl in public, but she'd secretly post erotic pictures of herself online and a classmate discovered her secret because he noticed all her moles match the online persona's. When confronted, Hokuro-chan reveals herself to be a flirtatious tease, as she would sometimes tease the guy about the identity of more moles on her body.