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"How long can you survive the fun?"

Once upon a time, in a great fun fair,
It was full of people here and there,
There were funny clowns and candies to eat,
There were ice cream, and cotton candy that were sweet,
There were fun rides everywhere and roller coasters to get on,
It was a very fun place in this very dawn...
However, this changed in that very day,
In that very day where the sky turned red and gray,
A mysterious creature appearing out of the blue,
Everyone glanced at the creature, including the animals of the zoo,
The Carnival Master was his name,
The very tall creature began to attack! As I exclaim...
Survivors came from left at right,
And they saw he fun fair in a very horrified sight,
The sky has become red and gray,
And now, the great fun fair became no more,
Carnage Carnival it is now, and you're now on your own...
Story of the attack at the carnival

Carnage Carnival, a carnival-themed Original Character Tournament. The story starts at a peaceful carnival, where a tall creature, the Carnival Master, appears out of the blue, killing victims and taking their souls and creating minions out of them. The people who ended up being killed indirectly met up with Grita the Reaper, while Others who survive end up meeting up with The Good Doctor, Arain "Shadowbolt" Grimm, or Kekila "Kiki" Famine, to work together to defeat the Carnival Master.


The tournament roster was released March 7, 2013. The tournament ended on November 9, 2014 and was won by ToxicFridge.

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