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  • Some of the variants on Mr. Plinkett's Title Scream, particularly the one where he never finishes the title:
    "Half in the Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa—"*show starts*
  • Episode 9 starts with Jay and Mike watching "Sing Along With Frank Woehlre" (one particular lyric that is spotlighted is "You're a gay Santa Claus"). While Jay states that Woehlre has the voice of an angel, Mike abruptly pulls out the tape and smashes it with a hammer.
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  • Most videos start out with an introduction, or a set up for a joke. In the Transformers: Rise Of The Planet Of The Revenge Of The Moon review, it starts out with them sitting in awkward, uncomfortable, discontent silence, followed by a clip from the film, as if to say "yeah. We know."
  • Mike's description of The Devil Inside is one of the most cynically hilarious things he's ever done.
    Mike: The Devil Inside is the new scam by the director William Something Something. The movie stars actors, and was edited on a computer... somewhere. This film is the latest in a series of very low budget films designed to look like real movies, and be released in theaters to make a quick buck, via a horribly off kilter budget-to-profit ratio that the general public seems stupidly unaware of. These films used to be called "direct-to-video" but now they're called "first-run features". These films then vanish from theaters like a rapist leaving the scene of a crime.
  • At the end of their Red Tails review, they finally remember that they're supposed to be fixing Plinkett's VCR:
    Jay: Well, now that we've successfully ended racism, we should probably get back to work on the VCR.
    Mike: Oh yeah! That's a wonderful idea!
    Jay: You know more about this model than I do, I'll let you get to work on that.
    Mike: Well, the first thing we have to do is this.
    (tosses the VCR aside with a loud crash)
    Mike: ... You racist.
    Jay: ... (laughs)
    • Most of the Red Tails review is pretty funny, really...
      Mike: Seen any good movies lately?
      Jay: No!
  • The 2-part Jack and Jill review ends with Plinkett's craaazzzy twin sister coming to stay. And lots of Product Placement. Mike's expression when tentatively nibbling the Dunkin' Donuts is particularly priceless.
    • Funny Background Event: Plinkett cursing out his sister is funny if you pay attention to their arguing.
    • Mike and Jay's dialogue right before they talk about Jack and Jill's ridiculously inflated budget:
      Mike: Our lawyers would like us to read this statement before we proceed... (reads) "Adam Sandler is a hack fraud con man."
      Jay: Oh, no, no, that's the wrong note.
      Mike: Oh, it's the other note from the lawyer?
      Jay: (hands note) This is the one we're supposed to read. I'll cut that part out.
      Mike: Okay. (reads) "Adam Sandler is a horrible con man..."
      Jay: Oh, no, that's the wrong one too.
      Mike: How many wrong notes are there?
      Jay: I don't know how these all got mixed up in here, but... Let me see... Try this one. I think this is it. (hands note)
      Mike: (reads) "We, Jay and Mike of Half in the Bag, are not accusing Adam Sandler or any of his cohorts..." Wait. (erases word) "... or his associates of any criminal wrongdoing. These are merely the opinions of Mike and Jay." Okay! Um... Oh, he stole all the money and embezzled it to all of his friends.
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    • "Fuck. Fuck. Shit. Whatever. And then someone farts."
  • The Transformers review ending. There is no Vomit Discretion Shot.
  • On Melancholia: "I would like to put my Duntz in Kirsten's kuntz." (Record Needle Scratch)
  • In the Skyfall review:
    Jay: The funny thing is, for a number of years - after seeing Zardoz - I thought that was a James Bond movie. So going into this one, it was horribly disorienting to not see Daniel Craig in a diaper.
    Mike: Yeah, "Where's the giant, floating stone head vomiting up guns?"
    Jay: I thought that was Q!
  • Mike, Jay and Rich's reaction to the big fight scene from Resident Evil: Afterlife - three straight minutes of non-stop hysterical laughter.
    Jay: [sheer disbelief] WHAT?!!
    Rich: I'm gonna die laughing...
  • The review of The Last Stand:
    Mike: So, Jay, would you recommend X-Men: The Last Stand?
    Jay: No!
    Mike: Would you recommend The Last Stand?
    Jay: I... I would.
  • The pre-review skit for Independence Day: Resurgence, after Plinkett recounts his abduction by space aliens:
    Jay: "Hey Mike, didn't you go missing for a few days last week? And you have been complaining about how much your ass hurts."
  • Mike summarizing the plot of John Carter. The best part? It's actually fairly accurate.
    Mike: John Carter is based on a series of novels by author Edgar Rice Burroughs, and tells the tale of John Carter from Jasoom, who travels to Barsoom, meets Tharks, and is entangled in a war to stop Sab Than, the Jeddak of Zodongo. But Matai Shang, a Hekkador and leader of the Therns, is manipulating Sab Than into conquering the Heliums, and into marrying Dejah Thoris, a Jeddak Preddak Plag. But Tars Tarkas Sarkoja, Sola, and Woola the Calot are out to stop Sab Than and Matai Shang from crabdangoing the frango changs... plingo plango bopthorkis frango frang.
    Jay: ... What?
    Mike: Oh that was the plot.
    Jay: All that stuff you just said.
    Mike: Yeah, you saw the movie, didn't you?
  • The comments on the destruction Superman causes in Man of Steel
    Rich: The headlines the day after aren't going to be "Man of Steel Saves the City", the headlines are going to be "Creepy Alien Harbors the Doom of Us All"!
  • This line during the Jupiter Ascending review:
    Plinkett: I'm going to be the first man to ever have a Caesarian fart!
  • Their review of Grown Ups 2. It starts with the two of them praising the movie, then two minutes in, the blood starts coming.
    Mike: Fork in the brain. Fork in the brain. Fork in the brain.
  • Mike jovially recounting the plot of White House Down.
    In this movie, Magic Mike and Jamie Foxx pretend to be characters in a movie that is about as plausible as a Roll-and Emmerick film. Jamie Foxx plays President James Washington, the President of the United States. The White House gets blowed up, and Magic Mike protects him by shooting the bad guys with his gun. Also his little daughter is in daaangerrr, and he wants to prove that he's a good father. Has this plot been done before!? I don't think so! Thanks Roll-and Emmerick! I hope someone shoves a club up your ass! (quietly dies of laughter off camera)
  • During the Pain and Gain review Jay sums up Michael Bay's style as 'a high school jock trying to write a love poem' and gives an example.
  • Mike making fun of nerdy comic book fans complaining that the ending of Superman II was boring compared to Man of Steel, before going into a stream of consciousness rant about the Mandarin's reveal in Iron Man 3.
  • The conversation about the baby from Twilight, especially Mike's reaction to realizing that Jacob fell in love with the baby. His reaction is even funnier when you remember he said he had no idea what going on in the movie earlier.
    Mike: I'm hoping the reason was artistic, like we want the baby's face to look like the little girl's face, not we don't feel like having a baby on set. And we're just gonna get a rubber thing that looks like a baby and imprint a face on it. Because a baby means, I don't know, you have to...
    Jay: (nonchalantly) You have to have baby insurance.
    Mike: You have to have baby insurance, you know. What if someone drops the baby? The actor drops the baby, you know.
    Jay: Or maybe they couldn't find any parents that would allow their child to be featured in a film where Taylor Lautner wanted to fuck a baby.
    Mike: (spits out his beer) Was that what happened?!
    Jay: Um-hm. Taylor Lautner was in love with the little CGI baby face.
    Mike: Holy Shit! I love this movie!
  • Rich Evans, Mike, and Jay watch all three Transformers movies at the same time. Not only do they recycle similar scenes from the previous film, but they even happen around the exact same time.
    • At one point, there's a Seven Minute Lull at the same time in all three films. Jay invokes the trope by saying it's like when a noisy restaurant or bar suddenly gets silent.
      Mike: The description of these movies as a noisy bar is accurate. Except with robots.
    • Rich reactioning to Megatron appearing with a desert parka "to protect his head": "That's absurd! That's absurd!"
    • During the trio's watching of the first three Transformers films, Mike says at the ending of Transformers: Dark of the Moon: "Oh, this is where Optimus Prime just murders [Sentinel Prime]." Rich, who had started chuckling during the scene saying, "Oh, they have blood now?!", starts laughing uproariously after Optimus' Boom, Headshot! and doesn't stop. It's glorious.
      Jay: Is this real life?
      Mike: He was begging for help...
      Jay: And Optimus just shot him in the face!
      Mike: (imitating Sentinel) "No Optimus, Nooo!" (Mimes Optimus shooting him in the back of the head)
  • Plinkett announcing that in order to get North Korea to attack the submerged house to get it back to the surface (It Makes Sense in Context), he posted on his blog that "Kim Jong Un was a fat, cowardly, murderous pigfucker." Rich Evans' delivery of the insult makes it hilarious.
  • Near the end of the Chappie review, Mike and Jay both do terrible impressions of the title character's voice.
  • From the Avengers: Age of Ultron and Mad Max: Fury Road reviews, the "cartoon pig riding on a Twinkie". Mike ends up stealing it.
  • Comic Book Writer Rich's rant at the end of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 review about his comic Horse Ninja, and how the film will star Scarlett Johansson in a role named "Love Interest" and how she's going to fuck a horse in it.
  • The Jurassic World review has "Sensitive Joss Whedon".
    "That's a little clunky, maybe we should use an acronym!"
  • In the American Ultra review, there's a bit early on when they laugh themselves to drunken oblivion making really bad puns based on Nima Nourizadeh's name about his floundering talent/career. Best, though, was Mike positing the idea of a movie about a gay secret agent ("I would see C.I.Gay," says Jay) and Mike saying, "He's got a gun, and he says 'How do I use it? I'm a homosexual!'"
  • During the Pixels review, Mike says that no woman is needed where Q*bert is involved.
    Jack: (leaning forward) Describe Q*Bert fellatio some more. I think this is important.
    • Plinkett shooting Rich to death:
      Plinkett: Bonzadaliavich, ya son of a bitch! (plants a Boom, Headshot! on Rich)
    • Plinkett's hilarious Motive Rant while he's stabbing Jack to death.
      Plinkett: Die, Jay! ...Or, uh, Mike. Or whichever one of you I'm currently stabbing.
      (Jack screams in pain)
      Plinkett: You didn't fix my VCR! Why didn't you fix my VCR?! I just wanted to watch Night Court and you tried to freeze me to death!
  • During the Star Wars: The Force Awakens review:
    Jay: (watching on TV) "Heroes on both sides"?! Oh, no, we got the wrong movie!
    • Rich accidentally "spoils" the plot point that Kylo Ren is after the pirate's gold.
    • When talking about Kylo Ren's unique lightsaber.
      Rich: The important thing is he didn't have a fancy lightsaber in place of a personality.
      (A picture of Darth Maul appears accompanied by silly music, and the text "Image unrelated to discussion")
  • The extended Plot Hole/Fridge Logic discussion of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice includes Batman somehow finding out about Lex Luthor looking up other superheroes on his computer, and IM'ing Wonder Woman on AIM.
    BATMAN72: Hey, U Up?
    WWOMAN85: Yeah, polishing my shield... and my nails.
    BATMAN72: Found some crazy shit on Lex's computer...
    WWOMAN85: no way. pics or it didn't happen.
    • Mike's obsession with milking Mr. Plinkett (then Rich Evans) for man milk is just so bizarrely strange.
    • "Martha's his mommy's name!"
    • "Murderman versus Captain Hypocrite"
    • Jay reading a Batman trivia book:
      Jay: (to Mike) Did you know Bruce Wayne is Batman?
    • Rich mentions he wants to see Zack Snyder's version of Ant-Man
      "Ant-Man, do you bleed tiny blood?"
      "We've always imagined God as big... but your God is small."
    • They end up in a side discussion about Superman stopping Zod from throwing a bus at civilians, then decide that in the Zack Snyder version, Superman would be the one throwing the bus.
      Zod: NO, SUPERMAN! The bus is full of children! *WHAM*
  • Their 2012 Merch video is really hilarious in a drab, deadpan kind of waynote , where Mike and Jay don't even bother trying to enthusiastically sell their merch, due to them thinking they're selling out. Some hilarious parts include:
    • Mike naming off all the things they have on sale, like pint glasses, posters, DVD's,... sticker, and button. In singular form.
    • Right after:
      Jay: When is the next Plinkett Review?
      Mike: That's right, Jay.
    • Mike on the value pack:
      Mike: What a value! (holds hands up in air as the word "VALUE!!!" appears in a green-colored, local commercial font accompanied by a stock harp sound)
      Jay: Kill me! (does same thing as Mike, but the words "KILL ME!!!" in a dark red color pop up)
    • However, things take a dramatic turn when Rich Evans appears and Jay begins firing at Rich with a revolver, recreating an overly long and overly campy death scene, with Rich being accompanied by a Sam Elliot-esque mustache.
  • The whole idea of the Paranormal Activity theme park haunted house ride, which involves nothing but riding a cart through a well-furbished suburban house and occasionally hearing knocking, complete with a clip of Mike listlessly riding a bumper car through somebody's posh kitchen.
    Mike: Oh, that's a nice kitchen... (bangs the table) Oh shit. What was that?
  • The "Electro-Voice Phenomena" Running Gag in their review of Ghostbusters (2016), and Mike's increasingly extreme inebriation over the course of the review.
    • The cold open:
      Jay: Hey, didn't you [Rich] died?
      Rich: Almost, you see, I was floating on that giant bouncy castle way up high in the sky, and there I was, riddled with bullets, my body was slowly bleeding to death, I was about to breathe my last breath, when suddenly—
      Jay: Whatever he says is gonna be really stupid.
      Rich: My floating bouncy castle bumped into a UFO!
      Jay: What he said was really stupid.
    • Crystal Head Vodka; "This is the best thing Dan Aykroyd's produced in twenty years"... "I think it almost killed Larry King".
    • The Papa John's commercial with John Schnatter in costume, carrying a load of pizzas, is cut together with footage of Leslie Jones' character running toward the camera, followed by a look of terror on John's face.
    • During the follow-up analysis, Scientist Man breaks character to a smile and suppress laughter when Rich Evans goes into an over the top parody of a fanboy.
    • After spending the entire review giving the "gender flipped reboot" aspect of the film serious analysis, we suddenly get this at the very end.
      Mike: Hey Jay, you know what I hated most about the new Ghostbusters movie? It's the fact that they're all women!
      (Smash Cut to credits, played over an 8-bit version of the Ghostbusters theme)
  • The fake reaction videos for Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, inter-cutting scenes from the trailer with reaction videos for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
    • The way they keep slurring the title down until it's just "PaulBlarMarBlarp."
  • At the start of their Star Trek Beyond review, they find out that new VCRs are no longer being built, and decide that that means customers will be in need of repairs more than ever. After the review is finished, they both sit back and wait for customers to start rolling in. Jay plays with his phone and reads a magazine, Mike sits around and eventually starts eating pieces of a Star Trek board game, and they barely say a word. This goes on for nearly thirty minutes, in real time. Then, the phone rings, Mike picks it up and responds with a few uh-huhs and yeps, and then says it was a wrong number. Smash Cut to credits.
  • A certain Overly Long Gag.
    Mike: "I tell ya Jay, this new Suicide Squad (2016) movie makes me wanna grab some rope, get a chair, go up into my attic, and commit to learning all the nautical rope knots. You know, like anchor bend. Bowline. Bowline on a bite. Bunt line hitch. Butterfly knot. Carrick bend. Heaving line knot. Icicle hitch. Midshipman's hitch. Mooring hitch. Rolling hitch. Running bowline. Sailor's coil. Stevedore stopper knot. Trucker's hi-" (cuts to the trailer).note 
    • Careless archaeology: "They pick up that shit very carefully Jay!"
  • The terrible dullness of Shut In (and so many other boring cheap thrillers with two-word titles that only take place inside a house) inspires Mike and Jay to pitch "The Inside", a Strictly Formula horror movie about a mother and her young son moving into town, the creepy neighbor/crossing guard next door literally named Red Herring, and an old rat-eating lady living inside the walls with her husband's bones. The music, sound effects and camera filters they add really sell it.
    • During their later review of The Bye Bye Man, they stress repeatedly that it's somehow even worse than the thing they came up with in five minutes as a joke.
  • In the Doctor Strange (2016) review, Jay makes the following comment on the Token Romance in the film summary. What especially sells it is Jay audibly Corpsing near the end of his reading of the line (this also strongly hints that it was probably Mike who wrote the summary).
    "Oh, and I guess he was in love with Rachel McAdams, 'cause if he was just doing magic with a bunch of dudes, he'd be Doctor Queer, not Doctor Strange."
  • At the very end of their 2016 Wrap-Up, Mike mentions that they both saw Mr. Right, which was written by (former) friend of the channel Max Landis. Their "discussion" of the movie is them looking to camera and each other while saying nothing, followed by a Smash Cut to the credits.
  • During Mike, Jay, and Rich's over-the-top fanboying gag at the start of their Rogue One review, Mike shouts "IT BROKE NEW GROUND!" over the lack of an Opening Crawl, with a ridiculous, strained voice that causes him and Jay to crack up and Rich to completely lose it off screen.
    Rich: Star Destroyers! I'm gonna cum!
    • "AT-STs! AT-STs!!" If you listen closely, you can still hear Rich yelling this over and over in the background while Mike and Jay continue to nerdgasm.
    • They corpse again when The Clone Wars version of Grand Moff Tarkin is inserted into the trailer, mocking the CGI Tarkin in the film.
    • Mike giving the names of the cast and characters, which gets increasingly more ridiculous and Star Wars-y.
      Mike: Felicity Jones stars as Jyn Erso. Diego Luna stars as Calrissian Andorian. Moblon Morpon stars as Goovon Dupan. Plegnon Femvon stars as Blam Supplbutt. Jun Quinn Blobbo stars as Zorgla Fam Blacken.
      Jay: (laughs)
  • In Mike and Jay's "Fuck You, It's January" video for 2017, Jay calls xXx: Return of Xander Cage "the most anticipated movie of 2004!"
  • "Do you ever stop watching Star Trek?"
    Mike: No.
    • A youtube comment sums up Mike's love of Star Trek best:
      Mike's girlfriend: You wanna do it?
      Mike: This reminds me of the Star Trek episode where...
  • Jay and Mike do a sequel of sorts to their Prometheus "WHY?" segment with one of Alien: Covenant, again pointing out all of the Fridge Logic and Plot Holes.
    Jay: I guess the Alien vs. Predator films aren't canon anymore.
    Mike: I wouldn't worry about it, Jay. All these films feel like Cannon now.
  • Their review of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 features a discussion about how terrible classical art would be if it were subject to market research and committee-driven creative brainstorming, leading to this line:
    Michelangelo: You want to-a replace God with a Coke can?!
  • The review of Transformers: The Last Knight. Saying anything would ruin it.
    • For those who don't want to watch it, the video has two completely different people posing as Mike and Jay (Jim and Colin, from previous videos on the channel) have a brief conversation about the film and its Rotten Tomatoes score. The two then awkwardly drink beer as sound effects from the film, as well as the occasional original transformation sound, play in the background. Cue credits and 18 minutes of a black screen.
    • Two days later, a re:View episode on the film was released. Shortly after the intro, Jim says "Fuck this," and the video proceeds exactly like the Half in the Bag episode, complete with most of the video being a black screen.
    • Then comes a Plinkett review of The Last Knight, which consists of Plinkett describing the film as a mess that is catered towards "weird, confused Chinese people." Then he declares that he's not gonna bother and promptly ends the video... leaving about 57 minutes of a black screen.
  • The Annabelle: Creation review:
    • After oversleeping for four weeks, Mike and Jay rush to the movie theater and watches all the latest releases and gives their consensus:
      • War for the Planet of the Apes: "It was alright."
      • Atomic Blonde: "Eh, it was okay."
      • Dunkirk: "Eh, it was alright."
      • The Dark Tower: "It was only 90 minutes."
      • The Emoji Movie: "Oh my god, The Emoji Movie looked so terrible that I willingly gave Sony my money so I can exaggerate my outrage in a Youtube video. Click here for the review!"
      • Not to mention that the thumbnail that shows up when he says this makes it absolutely clear that they're mocking Chris Stuckmann. A point that is further underlined when, while displaying the anomalous collection of early positive reviews for Annabelle: Creation, they slowly zoom in on one in particular. Chris Stuckmann's.
    • Jay mentions that a fan on Twitter named David F. Sandberg had asked him about a "Half in the Bag" review for Lights Out (2016), to which Jay gave his opinion that he thought the movie was "boring as fuck" because it over-explained things. He only put it together after the fact that the fan in question was the director of the film. Well, at least the poor guy got his review.
    • To promote the movie, New Line Cinema held a short film contest, inviting any aspiring filmmakers to make their own movie within the Conjuring universe, with the grand prize being a paid trip to Los Angeles to meet with Sandberg and New Line. Unfortunately, Mike happened to Read the Fine Print. Jay spit-takes when he learns the studio can option the exclusive film rights to the winning submission for up to three years for only $50, and again when he learns they can buy the full rights for another fifty. And on top of that, the winner isn't even guaranteed to meet Sandberg, or anyone at Warner Brothers higher up than an intern.
  • Jay and Mike spend much of the It (2017) review complaining that the movie wasn't subtle enough to actually be scary, but were glad it didn't end with a cliche shot of the monster coming back and jumping at the audience before smashing to the credits. Then one of the clips from the movie is edited to be just that, accompanied by the Lyrical Cold Open of "Down with the Sickness". Afterward, Jay and Mike realize they left before seeing a possible post-credits sequence of just that, but decide the start of the credits are good enough for them.
  • Jay and Mike in their mother! review make fun of the fact that Darren Aronofsky is a pretentious douchebag despite the fact that he sounds like a Brooklyn cab driver. Mike's impersonation of Aronofsky causes Jay to crack up.
    Darren Aronofsky: "Yeah yeah I-uh I thought about makin' a movie about the earth or something, I put some religious shit in there. There's this thing called The Bible and it's got a bunch of stories in there. Uh, your fare's $22!"
    • The two insisting that the movie is for everyone and encouraging parents to take their kids to it. They also express excitement over the upcoming cinematic universe the film is obviously setting up.
  • Jay describes the plot of Blade Runner 2049 as a dark conspiracy surrounding Ponyville which the Mane Six have to investigate.
    • The face Jay makes when Mike says he wants to bring up Star Trek yet again.
    • Mike calling it "Blade Running Time: 2,049 minutes".
  • Thor: Ragnarok's review begins with Mr. Plinkett quizzing Mike and Jay over the previous two movies. They struggle to recall basic plot points. Rich Evans struggles to remain in character.
  • Justice League (2017)
    • The episode has Rich Evans playing as an ice sculptor for Jay and Mr. Plinkett's gay wedding. He brings in a large ice block to Plinkett's house so he can sculpt in front of Mike and Jay and just stops sculpting when the two want to discuss Justice League. Throughout the video, it cuts to closeups of the ice block melting and dripping water as the three talk.
    • As a Call-Back to an earlier joke in a Best of the Worst episode, Plinkett's room is covered with DVD cases of Vampire Assassin, with all the DVDs coming from fans in response to Mike's request for more copies of Vampire Assassin.
  • The Star Wars: The Last Jedi review:
    • The description of the film as "the cinematic equivalent of Homer's makeup shotgun" from The Simpsons.
      Marge: Homer, you had it set on "whore"!
    • They discuss the irony of Leia being the one to outlive Luke and Han.
      Rich: They gambled wrong there, didn't they?
      Jay: (Laughs)
      Mike: I mean it's such a shame. It's like someone shot John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison all in one night.
      Rich: (Laughs)
      Mike: Mark David Chapman had a machine gun.
    • Mike stating, backed with creepy music, he might be suffering dementia because after seeing the thong-dancing gnome from the Sherlock Gnomes trailer, he somehow remembered Yoda dancing in front of a fire wearing a thong. Jay and Rich agree he's ready for the old age home.
    • In a mixture of humor and exasperation, Mike struggling to figure out why Yoda is acting like "Crazy Yoda" from The Empire Strikes Back (when he was Obfuscating Insanity). Rich states that there will be standalone film about Yoda's college fraternity days that will explain everything.
      Rich: (as Yoda) Yoda want blue milk!
    • Mike predicts Episode IX will involve a spherical superweapon that destroys planets. Later, Rich states that Episode X will be how the offspring of the third trilogy repeat the same plots as previous films, and the new Death Star will be the size of Jupiter, with the Death Ray coming out of the Big Red Spot, destroying half the galaxy.
      Jay: Rich! Stop giving them ideas!
    • Jay pointing out that the Star Wars fandom is now a race to either say a new movie sucks or to be contrarian first.
    • Rich says that the film is the setup to the Saturday morning cartoon where every week the Resistance as to fight the evil Kylo Ren and the First Order.
      Mike: Well, that's great, because we're going to have a movie every week.
    • The Framing Device in which it's strongly implied Fandango screwed up their ticket preorders, using it as a faux sponsor, saying it's the best place to order tickets with a credit card, go to the theater and find out your order was never honored. At the end, they apologized their review was late (presumably because they had to go to a later showing because of the screwup.)
    • Rian Johnson has tweeted out that he is aware of them and their infamous Star Wars reviews...and fears them.
    • Whenever they start laughing real hard, their voices become distorted.
  • The way Part 1 of their 2017 Film Catch-Up open.
    Mike: Jay, I got a toy truck for Christmas, what did you get?
    Jay: Bronchitis.
    (The Price Is Right losing horn)
    • Also, the way it ends.
      Mike: Well, Jay, we certainly have a lot of movies to recap in 2017, and we've been talking for a very long time.
      Jay: Why don't we split it into two videos?
      Mike: We'll see you next time!
      Jay: Fuck you!
      Mike: (Starts laughing)
    • In Part 2, when talking about The Killing of a Sacred Deer and Gerald's Game.
      Mike: Well, Jay, uh, I have now two films to watch, Killing of a Sacred Deer and Gerald's Game, based on your recommendation.
      Jay: You should watch them back to back as a double feature and then hang yourself.
      Mike: Okay. And then...and then...Logan Jones will film me, or whatever the fuck that kid is.
      Jay: Logan Paul!
      Mike: Or whatever the fuck that little prick is.
      Jay: That stupid asshole! (Laughs)
  • The entirety of their video on Maze Runner: The Death Cure is the conclusion to the Jay marrying Plinkett arc, with literally the only acknowledgement of the movie being Mike having no real opinion on the movie due to not having seen the other films.
  • In the video for The Cloverfield Paradox and discussion of Netflix, Mike keeps referring to Room as The Room, leading to him calling The Room a great movie. Eventually he catches himself.
    Mike: "Jacob Tremblay, star of The Room!" I mean, The Room was a great film and...Room.
    Jay: (Laughs)
    Mike: Star of Room.
    Jay: I was gonna avoid correcting you, cause I wanted to keep having The Room poster pop up. I'm still gonna do it.
    Mike: Yeah, I caught myself.
    • Their reaction to the name of a particular actress.
      Jay: That actress' name, by the way, she has the most amazing name I've ever heard. The actress' name is Gugu Mbatha Raw.
      Mike: (Cracks up) Gugu!?
      Jay: Her name is Gugu.
      Mike: I love it.
      Jay: It's great.
      Mike: Mbatha-Raw. It sounds like a Star Wars character.
  • The Black Panther review opens with Best of the Worst entry Black Cougar, with its theme song, instead of the actual film.
  • The entirety of the Ready Player One review, due to a contract dispute sub-plot, features Rich pretending to be Jay, and being treated as such.
    • Mike talks about how he read the original book in preparation for the movie, and how he was so ashamed to be seen reading a YA novel that he put a slipcover of scat porn over it.
      Mike: It was called The Glass Toilet. It was like an avant-garde sex novel.
    • Rich at one point notes that the movie's plot is nearly a complete ripoff of an episode of Danny Phantom, specifically the episode "Teacher of the Year".
    • While discussing the character of Parzival himself:
      • Mike mentions that he's such a genius tactician Marty Stu in the books that it reminded him of the time travel pre-planning jokes in Bill & Ted.
      • They discuss the casting of Tye Sheridan as Parzival, who spends much of his on-screen time wearing his VR visor, and how he also played Cyclops in the newer X-Men movies. They then come to the conclusion that Sheridan is being typecast as a mouth and no eyes.
        Rich: I got some great exposure for you, you're gonna star in a Spielberg film! Nobody's gonna see your face!
        Mike: You're gonna go places!
        Rich: 90% of the movie you're gonna look like a digital elf!
        Mike: Your nose and lips are going places, kid!
    • Near the end they debate who exactly the film is targeted towards, as the plot is clearly intended for a younger audience, but the references were either aimed at people who lived during the 80's, or explicitly aimed at adult audiences. They bring up the famous elevator scene from The Shining as an example, with the following disclaimer:
      This scene was in Ready Player One. There were many little children watching in our theater.
    • They then joke about the MPAA as a group of cigar-chomping businessmen who will ban your movie for any hint of violence, while falling over themselves to give Spielberg all the blood he could ever want.
    • At the end of the review, Mike gets a phone call from Jay settling the contract dispute... and immediately starts berating Rich and yelling at him to get out and leave his things, while Rich is all but begging for work. He then sits back, says, "Time to log into the Oasis," and puts a phone receiver over his face.
  • From the Solo review.
    • The intro sees Mike eating his "brain medicine" to stop him from hallucinating; Jay asks him what his hallucinations are:
      Mike: The main thing I hallucinate is a fat middle-aged man who loves Star Wars.
      (Rich appears out of thin air)
      Rich: (confused) ...I don't love Star Wars.
      Mike: (gasps) Heaven's Gate! There he is!
      Jay: (nonchalant) Oh, I see him too. That's just Rich Evans.
      Mike: Oh! (to Rich) Why didn't you tell me you weren't a hallucination? You mean I took my pants off in front of you for nothing?
      Rich: (Aside Glance) Not for nothing...
      (Jay briefly corpses, then a quick cut)
      Jay: Let's talk about Solo: A Star Wars Story! (corpses again)
      • Mike's description of the film, which ends with him claiming that several people killed themselves over it.
        Mike: Check it out!
      • Rich says that he hates Star Wars. Cut to a zoomed-in shot of him wearing a Star Wars shirt.
      • At one point Mike spends a long period of time trying and failing to launch a toy Millennium Falcon's escape pod. The next episode reveals that he accidentally grabbed the wrong toy all along.
      • At the end of the review, Rich vanishes... then says, "Oh, I forgot my chair", reappears, grabs the chair and vanishes with it. Mike and Jay then announce the start of their Solo review.
  • Mike's summary for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
    Mike: In this fifth Jurassic Park installment, which is a sequel to the soft reboot of Jurassic Park called Jurassic World, Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom is a soft reboot itself of Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World. This film, which was not directed by Colin Trevorrow, reunites us with Bryce Dallas Howard's character, "Lady™", from the last movie and Chris Pratt's character, "Owen Thunderguns". In this film, the white cis male, his complicit, characterless female love interest, and two comic relief diversity hires go back to the island Isla Nublar in order to save some dinosaurs from an exploding volcano.
  • In the first part of the "2018 Recap" video, as Mike is about to talk about American Animals, Jay asks if that's the name of the new Winnie-the-Pooh movie. Cue a picture of Eeyore appearing next to Mike, both sporting the same unamused facial expression.
  • The Halloween (2018) review starts with freakin' Macaulay Culkin showing up (playing Mike and Jay's boss, Tim)... who then futzes off into the corner doing absolutely nothing while Mike and Jay review the movie. At the end of the episode, he castigates them for not soaking Plinkett enough for money.
  • The review of Captain Marvel (2019) takes Mike and Jay's Dadaist comedy to unforeseen heights. The first six minutes of the video are entirely devoted to a discussion between Mike and Jay about the Milwaukee tourism industry, while a semi-oblivious Plinkett eats from a can of Spam off to the side.
    Plinkett: (flipping off the camera after Jay and Mike have left) Fuck you, Miami!
  • After watching Once Upon a Time in Hollywood they imagine Quentin Tarantino's Marvel-esque Phase 5 films, including "Pulp Fiction 2", "Untitled Obscure TV Show Homage" and "N-Word: The Movie".
    • Mike's impressions of QT; "I reject your hypothesis!"; "What is a Kelvin universe?!"; "J. J. Abrams is garbage his films are a garbage can!".
  • The entirety of the cold open for Terminator: Dark Fate is Mike attempting to explain the Terminator timeline to Mr. Plinkett, progressively confusing the old man with the series' constant Soft Reboots and cases of The Other Darrin until Plinkett gives up to take his brain medicine to recover. Meanwhile, Jay, who is listening in, is also becoming visibly confused about what's going on with the franchise as if he hadn't realized how much of a mess it was until now.
  • The Rise of Skywalker: Mike addresses the Elephant in the Room and sheepishly refutes but at the same time takes credit for J. J. Abrams taking the reins of the sequel trilogy (Mr. Plinkett had suggested that Abrams would be a good choice for a Star Wars film before The Force Awakens was announced). Before clarifying that's what the Elephant he was referring to was though, Jay assumes he's talking about the cynical nature towards Star Wars and half-sarcastically puts all the blame for any amount of hate the franchise got in the past decade on him.
  • Mike and Jay have fun listing off all the 2020 movies whose theatrical releases got canned.
    Jay: Mulan, cancelled due to coronavirus.
    Mike: Candyman, cancelled due to coronavirus.
    Jay: Wonder Woman 1984, cancelled due to coronavirus.
    Mike: A Quiet Place Part II, cancelled due to John Krasinski.
    Jay: The French Dispatch, directed by Wes Anderson, cancelled due to coronavirus. Just watch one of his other movies, they're all the same.
    Mike: Fast And Furious 9. [beat] Just watch a Wes Anderson film, they're all the same.
    Jay: Black Widow, cancelled due to coronavirus.
    Mike: Spiral... a new Saw movie starring Chris Rock?
    Jay: Venom 2, cancelled due to who cares.
    Mike: Antebellum... [shrug] I don't know what it is, but it's never coming out. Somebody made it, and it's never coming out.
  • Money Plane: In the film, a high-tech database holding $1 billion in cryptocurrency is represented by a stack of old consumer-grade audio-visual appliances. Both Mike and Jay call out the scene where a character crashes into the "database" and inadvertently causes a disc tray to eject from one appliance, revealing that it's just an old CD player. The frame then zooms in on the CD in the tray and identifies it as the 1998 Barenaked Ladies album Stunt.
    • From the same video, there's Mike and Jay's sheer befuddlement that the film's villain (played by Kelsey Grammer) is actually named Darius Emmanuel Grouch III. And that he introduces himself as "the Rumble."
    • The general crumminess of the movie is consistently amusing; the Target-grade gaming chips, the stock footage that is clearly a major international airport (thus making no sense for an underground illegal operation), the cockpit shots avoiding the instrument panel (as it's probably an old plane stripped for parts), and the character introducing himself as the 'concierse' and there being no retake for the flubbed line.
  • Their review of Wonder Woman 1984 abruptly ends when their light just shuts off on its own.
    Jay (laughing): Well, I guess that's the end!
    [Smash Cut to credits]
  • They end their review on Black Widow (2021) by asking their viewers to dislike the video, just for shits and giggles and to confuse people who don't watch the whole thing. The RedLetterMedia fanbase obliged, making the video the most disliked video on the channel by a large margin. Sadly, the effect is now lost due to YouTube disabling public dislike counts.
  • In their review of Halloween Kills, Mike talks about how he would have done the movie, with Michael Myers escaping from the burned down house during a storm and making his way to the hospital Laurie Strode was taken to. Jay asks Mike when he last saw Halloween II (1981), since he basically described the plot of Halloween II (1981) (with the addition of the rain storm).