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All spoilers will be unmarked ahead.

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     2020 Episodes 
  • The crew gives credit to AGFA, the American Genre Film Archives, for preserving and reproducing Wicked World to be seen in the future. Mike asks if after watching it, the organization can now be legally classified as a terrorist group.
    • When the film ends on a text blurb detailing how the government is developing a computer chip to suppress violent behavior in people, it slowly dawns on the group that the message is actually pro-brain chip.
    Josh: It's a very Canadian spin on conspiracy theory.
  • Black Spine Junka 2
    • At one point Jay is in a motorized wheelchair for no reason and repeatedly runs it into the table pushing it back into the four commentators.
    • The music in Kelly Bear Teaches Respectfulness And Friendship Skills is so repetitive and derivative of existing songs that as it went on, the entire crew was temporarily driven insane and sang and danced along to the video.
      • One of the acronyms Kelly Bear teaches to the kids is S.T.F.A.: Stop. Think. Feel. Act.
        Rich: Oh my God!
        Jay: Shut The Fuck Up!
      • The low quality from the VHS tape unfortunately made the bears shown in the card demonstrating S.T.F.A. look like they have massive boners. This is not helped by the next card having a bear on all fours after supposedly falling over.
      • The crew couldn't help but notice that all the kids' answers to the host's questions are clearly scripted and assisted by the host mouthing the words they're supposed to say.
    • The father in The Gospel According To Saint Bernard is clearly dubbed over with a very professional American accent and is a Middle Eastern-looking man who looks nothing like his children. The crew remarks that he probably has a thick Middle Eastern accent that was hidden in ADR to make him look like the archetypical 90s middle-class dad.
    • During Rich's description of Fire Safety For Older Adults, every instance of him calling the host a "nagging bitch" is bleeped, which wouldn't be funny if Mike and Mac didn't crack up the first time he said it. The fact that Mike edited this episode is the cherry on top.
      • The reveal that when Rich infamously set fire to his grandmother's kitchen trying to make fries, he wasn't a child, he was 22.
    • The night's winning film, If You Love Me, Show Me, an absurd Christian animated film about the dangers of premarital sex with time travel as a primary plot device.
      • The crew refers to the Make-Out Point that Jenny's boyfriend drives her to as "Fuck-Butt Point" for the duration of the review. Anyone mistakenly calling it "Butt-Fuck Point" is harshly rebuked.
      • When Jenny realizes she's pregnant, her friend blocks her from getting an abortion; they instead go back in time to stop her from having sex. Rich openly wonders how this is any different from getting an abortion.
      • The aforementioned Fuck-Butt Point makes her pregnancy even funnier in hindsight.
      • Father Time spontaneously going into a Limbo Rock-parody musical number about abstinence.
        Jay: Do you think Father Time always knows exactly when to pull out?
  • In the intro for their episode on Showdown, Robot in the Family, and Bloodz vs. Wolvez, Rich stands frozen while Jack pretends to be talking to him. but Rich's attempt to sell it by falling backwards leads to him hitting the shelf too hard, knocking dozens of tapes and some of their props off of them. Cue Rich, Jack, Mike, and Jay attempting to rescue their Gremlin arm.
    Rich: (dropping the act) I THOUGHT the wall was a LOT CLOSER than it WAS -
    • Before they watched Robot in the Family, the crew intended on watching Max Magician and the Legend of the Rings, which Rich presented as "a truly original film", but the tape was just static, so they swapped it out.
      Jack: It's just you're just taking popular IPs out of a hat and going "Okay, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, go! Just fucking go"
    • In Showdown, the leader of the biker gang is played by Werner Hoetzinger, which the crew intentionally misreads as "Werner Herzog"
      Jay (as Herzog): "I look into the eyes of Leo Fong and I see notzing but darkness."
      • The town of Sanctuary is described as a retirement community for veteran gangsters. However, Mike says that they seem more like a town full of pacifists, since none of the townsfolk lift a finger to defend themselves against the invading bikers. As such, the movie seems to overstate the threat the bikers pose.
        Lead Girl: Well, they're like a well-organised army.
        Rich: No they're not! They're a scuzzy biker gang! Just shoot them and be done with it!
      • When the bikers hook up the main girl's father's truck with a bomb, the effect is so cheezy and bad, that when it does a Smash Cut to the girl's house, they thought it was a shot of where the truck used to be, and that the truck just vaporized.
        Old Man: The motorcycle gang...killed him today.
        Rich: "He vanished in an improbable explosion. The entire car was atomized."
        Jack: "Listen honey, it's called the Quantum Realm."
      • Mike goes into a tangent about how the town of Sanctuary should have teamed up with the town of Perfection, Nevada to deal with the bikers. And for some reason he descends into doing a Yooper accent while talking about said crossover.
      • Near the end of Showdown, a major drug deal is going down, but one of the guys organizing it words it strangely.
        Dealer: He's coming with 50 kilos of pure shit.
        Rich: (Laughs)
        Mike: They're fertilizing some crops.
        Jack: That's not how you describe good things.
        Rich: "There is no corn."
        Jay: This movie is 50 kilos of pure shit.
      • Rich has one of his longest laughing fits ever when it appears that Leo Fong stops chasing the biker gang leader, Kincade, to go around asking people where Kincade is, only to be told he's in the spot where he was previously chasing him.
    • Robot in the Family is considered such a bad movie that all of them felt like they were getting sick watching it because of how much of it is just constant visual and audio noise.
      • Rich asks for a time lapse of their faces when they were watching it, which an edit provides, to show just how their faces changed as they became more and more baffled at the movie.
        Mike: It's like you're on a roller coaster into your own grave.
      • The movie is almost nothing but chatter, particularly the robot.
        Jack: The robot is never not talking.
        Jay: It's like he was directed by Paul Feig.
        Mike: Ooooh!
        Rich: Oh ho ho, snap!
        Jay: "Just keep talking! Maybe it'll be funny, just talk!"
      • During one particularly loud and incomprehensible scene of the robot making breakfast for the kids, Mike turns to Rich holding his head in shock.
        Mike: Help me, Rich.
        Rich: No one can help you.
        Mike: Now I know how you feel when I make you do Picard videos.
        (Everyone laughs)
      • Their attempts to describe the robot's appearance.
        Mike: The robot looks like Max Headroom fucked a traffic light.
        Jay: (Laughs)
        Rich: It looks like Max Headroom fucked the Tin Man, in a light bulb factory.
        Mike: (Laughs)
        Jay: And he's wearing the colander helmet from Ghostbusters.
        Mike: Who fucked the guy who is Pizza the Hutt's assistant in Spaceballs.
        Jay: Oh yeah!
        Rich: Oh yeah! I was thinking of the electric guy from The Running Man.
        Jay: That too, yeah. A lot of influence on this film.
      • When Jack refers to John Rhys-Davies' character as Gimli, Mike asks if he could refer to him as Sallah instead.
        Jack: I know him as Gimli, he is Gimli, Son of Gloin. (To Rich and Mike) You can call him Sallah, I understand that reference, but he is Gimli
        Jay: I'm only calling him Sliders {everyone laughs}
        Jack: Not because of the show, he just likes tiny hamburgers.
        Sallah: In it is something man is not meant to disturb. Death has surrounded it.
        (cut to a montage of the robot maiming people)
    • Once again, the crew feels bad for Bloods vs. Wolvez, because like with Demonwarp after Ryan's Babe, they didn't expect Robot in the Family to be such a good-bad movie that it made whatever came next look tame in comparison.
    • The ending doubles as a teaser, because when Mike goes behind the Plinketto board to look for a sledgehammer, he looks horrified and turns it around to reveal a new Wheel of the Worst. Jay's response is to look absolutely mortified, then snap back to normal and calmly ask if they're still going to destroy the tape.
  • Bad Movie Scavenger Hunt has the guys mix things up by picking random descriptions of covers from a bucket, Rich has the first pick and pulls "Depiction of rape on the cover" and immediately accuses Mike of rigging it.
    • The makers of Computer Beach Party apparently believe that the lifeguard stations on a beach means people are not allowed on the beach.
    • Mike gets a brainfart while describing a scene in Mission: Killfast and says that a undercover cop was posing as a porno mag photography actress. note 
    • Rich admits they'd usually just skip a dull-looking movie like Mission: Killfast, but he's just thankful to have found a film that meets most of his criteria. Jay asserts that this proves the scavenger hunt's worth as a gimmick because it forces them to watch films they'd normally not watch.
    Rich: We don't watch them for a reason!
  • Wheel of the Worst #21 has the guys nostalgic for being able to go shopping without worrying about having to wear a mask or maintain social distancing.
    Josh: Remember shopping?
    • The crew are completely baffled by the advice not to touch kitty litter, not knowing that every pregnant woman is told to avoid kitty litter at all costs because toxoplasmosis can give severe birth defects. Even moving the litter around can cause it to be inhaled and damage the fetus.
    • The guys trying to figure out what the symbolism behind Turtle Dreams is supposed to mean. Except for Rich, who just dismisses it as a pretentious performance piece, which the others agree with. The whole Turtle Dreams section contains many great moments of the four's baffled reactions to the "singing".
    • The guys attempt to decipher meaning from Turtle Dreams by reading the description on the back of the box...which is just an exact summary of what happens in the video.
    • In spite of having picked three videos to watch, Mike insisted on everyone watching Massaging The Elderly and taking obvious glee in the fact that everyone sitting next to him is miserable because of it. Rich even just takes off his mic and leaves in the middle of the discussion.
      Rich: Mike, you do realize someday, someday VERY SOON, karma is gonna hit you like a freight train.
      • Many noted the Hilarious in Hindsight of Rich's threat when not too long afterwards this episode was posted, RedLetterMedia and its fandom got caught up in an online spat with William Shatner, which clearly hurt hardcore Trekkie Mike a little inside.
    • The ending segment, where Rich is inserted into Turtle Dreams.
  • In their Spotlight Episode of Diamond Cobra vs. White Fox, Mike and Jay gave Rich a dedicated reaction cam during their viewing, because they had already seen it, and knew it was worth capturing Rich's bewilderment throughout the movie.
    • During a scene where a little girl sings a song in a "church", that's barely tied in to the movie, Rich can only offer this to say to Mike:
      Rich: I have...all the questions. Where, who, when, why, and what?
    • In an attempt to structure the review, Mike gives the three of them a challenge to keep naming characters from the movie, and while they could, they could remember almost none of their actual names. So the names they give are things like "Green Haired Lady", "CIA brother", and "Friend!"
    • At least twice, when showing clips from the movie, a caption has to include that they are showing the actual editing of the movie.
    • Jay points out that the cinematographer for the movie scenes was the writer/director/star's mother, and it shows.
      Jay: It would be like if I gave a camera to one of my relatives. "Is the camera in focus? Is it pointed at me?" "It looks good, the shot looks good!", where they have no idea what they're doing.
    • The episode ends with a Fake-Out Fade-Out because Mike forgot to bring up the scene that was clearly shot at an Olive Garden, where the character played by the creator's mother isn't wearing her eyepatch or talking loudly because she didn't want to look stupid or be rude.
  • Best of the Worst: Twin Dragon Encounter, American Rickshaw, and Infested
    • The discussion opens with the panel questioning whether one of the studio lights will last through the episode, as its bulb is looking dim. They all agree that, if it goes out before they finish, they will simply call the episode there and go home.
    • The guys theorize that the twin brothers from Twin Dragon Encounter are such egotists that they're in love with each other because it'd be like loving themselves. Mike even describes it as being literal homosexual.
      • The scene where the twins find out their girlfriends have been kidnapped, but the reveal that the kidnappers also stole the poster for their karate school gets a more dramatic musical sting causes everyone to lose it. That and the whole movie revolving around how cool and manly the twins are leads to them calling it maybe the most naked Vanity Project they've ever screened on the show.
    • It turns out Mike has no idea what a rickshaw is and gets it confused with a hoverboat and (jokingly) guesses a bunch of other things they see in the movies later that night, including deciding the main protagonist's name in American Rickshaw was "Rick Shaw" since they couldn't remember his actual name.
    • The panel theorise that Infested was the result of an attempt by the director and cast to make a movie over the space of a single weekend, in order to win a bet. This is their explanantion for why the entire movie takes place in broad daylight, as well as the terrible CGI; they thought they could leave the special effects until the last minute because they didn't realise how difficult and expensive it would be.
      • The cast of Infested features some relatively well-known actors, so the panel assume that the movie was a quick cash-grab with some recognisable names to put on a DVD cover. Rich is absolutely flabbergasted to see that the cover doesn't feature any names or even faces; the movie is sold entirely on the monster bugs.
    • A stinger set in Toronto shows Colin watching Twin Dragon Encounter and becoming inspired to get fit. He puts on a karate gi and heads to the McNamara brothers' own Twin Dragon Kung Fu Club... only to find that it is no longer in business and end up back on the couch eating junk food.
  • Best of the Worst: Shock Em Dead, Hollow Gate, and The Satan Killer
    • In Hollow Gate, the panel get much amusement from the fact that the villain's attack dogs are golden retrievers, a breed known more for friendliness than ferocity. This leads Mike to pitch a horror movie about a pack of killer Pomeranians, titled "A Thousand Pomeranians".
      Mike: "One Pomeranian is cute, but a thousand...?"
    • Much of the wrap-up is spent dunking on the photo on the IMDb page of Stephen Calamari, director of The Satan Killer, with Jack comparing it to a combination between a mugshot and a school portrait.
      Mike: Is anyone's IMDb picture a mugshot?
      Rich: Harvey Weinstein!
      Mike: [hysterical laughter]
  • Best of the Worst: Ben & Arthur
    • Throughout the entire episode, a 1:1 scale Gremlin sits where the fourth panel member usually does. No one acknowledges it until the very end.
    • When recapping the beginning of the plot, Mike, Rich and Jay keep mixing up the protagonists names. Mike trying to come up with a system of telling them apart gets confusing to say the least and it goes on for several minutes. Eventually he settles on A as in Alopecia for Arthur... and B as in Bald as in Not Bald for Ben.
      Mike: I've only seen that in Summer School with Marc Summers.
      Jay: Mark Harmon.
      Mike: Mark Harmon, Marc Summers is the Double Dare guy.
      Jay: That's the Double Dare guy.
      Rich: Marc Summers wasn't in Summer School, so that's how you know Marc Summers was the Double Dare guy.
      Jay: (laughs)
      Mike: You watch it! I've got my own methods and it's been working...30% of the time! Okay? I still get Ben and Arthur confused.
    • Since the filmmakers didn't care what airplanes they showed flying by for their "travelling by plane" shots, Jay points out that they apparently go from Los Angeles to Vermont on Alaska Airlines, but come home through FedEx, implying that they stowed away in some boxes.
    • Much of the discussion is spent dissecting the many pitfalls this film falls into when it comes to set design, culminating in a step-by-step guide to committing fraud at your local Goodwill.
  • Best of the Worst: Christmas 2020
    • Right at the outset, Rich shows up as Santa and, after talking about how long they've known each other and all the memories they share, gives Mike a present to show him how much he means to him. And that present? A black spine tape.
      Mike: (scared) No... (looks towards a table full of presents)
      Rich: (demonically) ...they're all black spines...
    • Tim immediately intros the discussion, having cottoned on to the fact that the one leading the discussion doesn't have to talk about the tapes... only for Mike to point out there's eight tapes, and four of them.
    • "It Ain't Worth It!" nearly gives Mike an aneurysm when Barry Sanders of the Detroit Lions is introduced holding a basketball and wearing a blue basketball jersey. Darrell Green, Washington Redskins cornerback? Also introduced on a basketball court. Rich speculates that they only prepared for A.C. Green, an NBA star, and couldn't get appropriate props in time.
      • Mike expresses a little uncertainty that the tape is faith-based, interspersed with clips of all the athletes (Sanders, A.C. Green, David Robinson, Darrell Green) and Wikipedia summaries confirming that, yes, they are all devout born-again Christians. Rich makes the very salient point that Christian-produced abstinence videos for secular classrooms can't talk about "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus", or else they wouldn't be shown, and instead have to rely on "drugs, or AIDS, or whatever".
      • Equally mind-melting (and hilarious) is the tape's fast-and-loose approach to statistics, most of which involve 50-50 stakes for some reason.
        Mike: And then the girl brought out a quarter, and said, 'Watch me flip this quarter', and said, heads or tails. Tails? You got gonorrhea. Heads, you got gonorrhea... [And] if you get the JFK side up, you've got all the STDs.
        [Rich Evans demurs, ultimately giving a respectful golf clap]
      • Mike pitches a companion video, "It Was Worth It!", featuring sexually active teens talking about how fantastic and consequence-free casual hook-ups are.
        Tim: (Singing) It's all worth it, look at me, I'm doing fine!
        Rich: Memories to last a lifeti~me!
        Tim: "I'm havin' sex right now, and it feels great!"
        Mike: Y'all all suckas~!
    • Second Chance vs. Magnum Force proves to be the most bonkers self-defense tape the gang has seen since the legendary Surviving Edged Weapons, in large part because the host, Richard Davis, bears an uncanny vocal (and more than a slight physical) resemblance to Roger Ebert, which makes Davis's over-the-top displays of machismo weirdly surreal.
      • Despite being made to promote Richard Davis's line of Second Chance Kevlar body armor, the video has just as much filler — Davis shooting up cars for the hell of it, bad comedy sketches starring Davis and his non-actor friends, segments made to showcase Davis being a man's man — as it does actual info and testimonials.note  The guys, going into it blind, have no idea what to make of the tape at first.
      • In one of the segments, Davis lifts "350" pounds over his head; in a caption, he admits it's really 175, but claims he could've also done twice the reps if he wanted to. Whether or not this was meant to be a joke, Davis is then left genuinely out of breath for a good while, cracking Jay up.
        Tim: He's fuckin' winded! "I'm stronger than most!"
      • The sketch depicting police officers "as seen by... those whining leftest pinkos !" delights everyone for the novelty of seeing an army of cops roll up on a children's play fort and blow it to smithereens with shotguns after the kids stole some comic books.
      • Due to the tape's considerable length of two hours, they could only watch the first half that night. Rich, thinking about the "leftest pinkos" skit, is quick to mention that he doesn't want to praise the tape too much, in the off chance that Davis's politics just kept getting more prominent and radical through the runtime.
        Rich: I'm afraid, like, the next skit's going to be "how the Jews view police officers"! [...] So if he starts endorsing, like, white-genocide ideas near the end of this, WE DON'T KNOW!
        Tim: We don't know!
        Jay: We just thought it was funny when he got a pie in the face, okay?! Give us a break!
    • "How to Carve Great Faces for Halloween" has a lot of fun at the expense of poor Gordy Falk, both for how not-great and rushed his pumpkin faces are (his reputation as the "Pumpkin Man" was based on the quantity of his outdoor displays, not individual quality), and for the nonexistent production values of the video making it look exactly what it seemed like — that Falk filled his kitchen with pumpkins, drank a couple of beers, and turned the camera on.
      Falk: We gotta nice little five-pound pumpkin, here... aaaaand the first thing we have to do is get the top off.
      Mike: "So, WHY did your wife leave you?"
      Falk: [Pulling out a gigantic curved carving knife] ...And then you want a great, big, huge knife.
      Mike: "And HOW did she die?"
    • Mike spends a surprisingly long time—during their annual Christmas episode—talking about famous spouse murderers. This gets edited down to a couple of minutes in the YouTube cut, but according to Jay, this tangent was forty-five minutes long.
    • To finish the video, the crew decide to watch the rest of "Second Chance vs. Magnum Force", their pick for "Best of the Worst". Time-lapse footage of them watching the video plays during the credits and shows that they all left a couple minutes before the video ended and left the tape running until the VCR stopped itself.

     2021 Episodes 
  • For Plinketto #9, Mike tells Jack he can't recall the last time they did Plinketto, followed by a cut to Patton Oswalt's mostly censored rant from the last Plinketto, about how much doing the show sucked.
    • Jack gets a big laugh out of everyone else present when he goes behind the Plinketto board for the first time and comments "Oh, there's creepy things back here!"
    • Mike says "I know it's gonna have it all" about Spacejacked, which is followed by his words being put on the screen, complete with a slow zoom freeze frame, fade to black and white, and "Psycho" Strings.
    • When they talk about Ice Cream Man being on the board, Mike and Jack try to come up with a sensitive way to describe Clint Howard's head. Mike comes up with just saying that he as a "shaped head"
      Rich: Mike, I prefer the term "alternatively handsome"
      • Jack says he remembers doing an episode on Ice Cream Man, but the rest don't know what he's talking about. Cut to a clip from a years-old "episode" where him, Josh, him, and Josh talk over each other about the movie.
      • Unfortunately, Ice Cream Man is so dull, Mike whispers to Rich to cause a distraction so he can swap the tape for Spacejacked. Rich starts to do this, but then the premise gets abandoned and it just Smash Cuts back to them at the Plinketto board.
    • When Spacejacked gets introduced, it literally knocks the tape for Ice Cream Man out of its establishing shot for the episode.
      • Jack introduces Spacejacked as taking place on a luxury spaceship, prompting Mike to put Air Quotes on "luxury", and Jay to put them on "spaceship".
        Mike: Oh, this won an award: "Best Use of Cardboard"
      • A key part of the discussion for Spacejacked is talking about how cheap the set design is. It's so bad that at one point Mike jokes that the sequence of the ship "blowing up" was made because they happened to be filming while the set was falling apart.
      • The panel briefly talks about the most well known actor in Spacejacked being Corbin Bernsen, most known for L.A. Law, as the Ham and Cheese antagonist, and how he's clearly having the most fun with the role while not caring.
        Mike: I would say that he's Chewing the Scenery, but I know he doesn't like the taste of cardboard.
      • They also make fun of the film's soundtrack, and how it sounds like improvizational jazz. Mike points out that some parts sound like the instruments being tuned more than them being played.
        Jay: Corman was like "Cut, that was perfect!" and he said "oh I wasn't playing anything, I was just tuning my instrument"
        Jack (as Corman): "Oh that's great, then I don't have to pay you"
        Jay (as Corman): "It's already in the film, we're moving on. We have to score Carnosaur 3 this afternoon."
        Jack: "That is ten minutes of your service, here is your coupon to Subway."
    • From the brief description Rich reads of the back of the box for The Dungeonmaster, Jay is able to accurately guess that half of it will be in contremporary Los Angeles, will be shot in a forest for a fantasy land, and in the desert for the post-apocalypse.
      • Jay jokes that Richard Moll is so well known just for Night Court that he should just be credited as "Bull from Night Court"
      • The panel tries to come up with a better plot points and a better ending than what Dungeonmaster had.
        Mike: The guy who is a computer nerd, he should have been a game programmer...and then he makes a deal with Satan "for our escape you can challenge these mortals via these games" and all over the world people would be playing these games and it'll keep Satan busy for millenia.
        Jack: Yes, or like "I have a challenge for you, I made a game, you have to play my game", some kind of fun, clever twist.
        Mike: ...Instead, they punch each other. (everyone laughs)
      • Mike mentions how the main character should have been more of an aspirational nerd at the start than already successful, saying "he's not hideously ugly like most nerds", after which it zooms in on Jack and Rich.
    • It says a lot that the panel for this show considers the premise to The Suckling a "doozy".
      Jack: It's about an aborted fetus that turns into a mutant and kills people, so there's gonna be some abortion talks, a little bit of rape talk... content warning, Red Letter Media!
      Mike (to Jay): You wanna give the people a timecode to skip to?
      Jay: Oh, just shut the video off!
      • Mike calls one of the abortion clinic staff "Annie Potts", leading Rich to an impression of her to say "picking up or dropping off?"
      • The panel concludes that they just feel gross after watching the movie, but can't resist making some puns before moving on:
        Mike: I think we've dissected, rather I think we've pulled out as much as we could from this film.
        Rich: Let's kill this discussion early.
        Jack: You guys, I don't think this movie will work. Do we have a Plan B?... Oh, I feel terrible!
    • When picking a Best of the Worst, it's unanimously given to The Dungeonmaster, but Jack gives Spacejacked a special commendation for being a great "first movie of the night".
    • Spacejacked is "destroyed" the same way the villain killed off one of his henchmen: Telling it it's going to get "promoted" to being a better movie before being Thrown Out the Airlock.
    • During the credits sequence lingering on the open airlock, an ejected crewmate from Among Us can be seen floating by.
  • Jay points out that the Spolight Episode on Blood Shack (aka The Chooper) is being done as a precautionary episode that's quicker to film than the average episode, because of an impending snowstorm that would both snow them in and leave the studio unusable with how cold it would be.
    • Mike kicks off the episode by drinking the last Zima from their fridge, left there by Colin from Canada at least three years prior. Rich tries to do a bit with it.
      Jay: How is it?
      Mike: It's gross.
      Rich: It's not as good as you remember it?
      Mike: I think some of the carbonation has been lost.
      Jay: I think he missed what you were doing there, Rich.
      Rich: (laughs) It's okay. (to Mike) It's not as good as you remember it?
      (Mike looks at both of them confused, until Jay points to the DVD case on the table)
      Mike: Ohhhhh, you were talking about The Chooper (Rich laughs) Did you get a clean take of Rich saying that?
      Jay: Yeah.
      Mike: Well, speaking of not being as good as you remember it, we're here today to talk about—
      Jay: Oh, I'm not cutting out the part where you didn't get the joke.
      Mike: (groans)
      Rich: (laughs) Oh my god! You're going to do that to someone who's not Rich Evans?
    • When describing what year they think it was made, Mike struggles to say "roman numerals" multiple times, leading Rich to say "Mike, I'm suing you for copyright infringement."
    • The panel points out that, while Blood Shack was hilariously bad to them when they started bad movie night over a decade ago, since then they've discovered countless movies that are worse and funnier for it. Mike says it was like revisiting a hometown to realize how boring it was, Jay literally says You Can't Go Home Again, and Rich says that in the ocean of bad movies, Blood Shack was the movie they set sail from.
      • They mention some of the high-profile bad movies they've seen thanks to Best of the Worst to drive home the point. Rich brings up Miami Connection, Neil Breen, and Len Kabasinski. Mike tries to bring up Diamond Cobra vs. White Fox, only for Rich and Jay to say they don't remember doing that, and a screenshot showing "[Deleted video]" where the video used to be. note 
    • The panel makes fun of the sheer amount of exposition, which is delivered via voiceover over two people walking across the desert land multiple times.
    Rich: Is this the worst way to deliver expositional information?
    Jay: Not in terms of the filmmaking, cause that saves them a lot of time. So many scenes they just don't have to shoot!
    Rich: Like an opening text crawl would have been much better, right?
    Jay: Like a fantasy film? Like the beginning of Star Wars?
    • After Jay says that, they edit in an Opening Scroll parodying that of Star Wars, complete with starting with "A long time ago on a filthy mattress far away..."
    War! Two old-ass farmers are fighting over the own-
    ership of a filthy, dead plot of land in the middle of
    a disgusting Arizona desert. The two have decided to
    settle their dispute over a boring game of cards for
    some reason. The winner of the card game will take
    control of the disgusting worthless wasteland, which
    includes a run down house, a gross abandoned
    shack, and a water tower that is on the brink of faling [sic]
    over at any moment.
    • They sarcastically applaud the performance of the actor who played Daniel, editing his hilariously bad death scene into The Oscars, to raucous applause from various actors over the years and a sleepy Martin Scorsese.
    • Mike invokes an edit to compare one walking scene in The Chooper to the infamously long panning shot of the Golden Gate Bridge from The Room, and The Chooper beats it. Mike asks which was done to pad the runtime, and which was done out of incompetence, to which Jay responds "Yes".
    • They talk about the fake tension The Chooper keeps trying to do by simply having characters hear sounds the audience can't, or playing tense music over the longer scenes.
      Jay: Tension is lingering on a shot for a very long time as a character in American flag pants walks across the desert. It goes on for a long time that means it's building tension.
      Rich: Will this shot ever end? I don't know!
      Jay: Hitchcock always said that tension is when there's a bomb under the table and the audience knows it's there but the characters don't. But Ray Dennis Steckler shows that tension is when nothing happens.
      Mike: Who is the horror master?
  • Tim returns for Episode 99, worried that he's going to be part of another episode with mystery tapes. Mike pulls a Bait-and-Switch on him to let him introduce the first movie, followed by a weird Happy Dance.
    • Much like how Spookies was re-titled Spoopies, the panel frequently re-titles L.A. Wars to La Wars
      • The protagonist's name is Jake Quinn, which the panel abbreviates to Jaquinn. Tim jokes the new title of the film is "La Wars with Jaquinn". They also call him Jaquinn Phoenix and Jack Quaid.
      • They point out how most of the main cast of L.A. Wars looks like different celebrities. One mob boss is nicknamed Jose Danson note , another mob boss is called "Not Martin Sheen", his daughter gets nicknamed "Aunt Becky", and a henchwoman is just called "My Big Fat Greek Wedding".
      • The panel explains how shooting in Hollywood is not the same as shooting in L.A., because Hollywood is just full of trash, specifically the Walk of Fame - which they clarify is where bums sleep and urinate and defecate. And then Tim says this and the entire panel goes into hysterics.
        Tim: Some of those stars that people kiss, poop has been on.
      • The older mob boss's henchman is quickly compared to Al Pacino. Tim says he looks like a younger Al Pacino, clarifying that he means "Godfather 1, Godfather 2 Al Pacino, not 'hoo-ah'"
      • They joke about how not-Pacino's new headquarters is just a warehouse, and how distracting it is from the serious scene that one of the boxes in the foreground was of a Little Tikes racecar bed.
    • Jay gives Unmasking The Idol to Rich to describe, leading to Rich profusely thanking Jay and Mike saying "I will never forgive you for this" for dooming him to have to describe Robowoman
      • Tim suggests that different ninjas in the association in the film focus on different kinds of metals, leading to the panel extrapolating from that premise:
        Rich: Duncan Jaxx, he's their top guy, he steals gold, second in command does silver, and rookies do tin.
        Tim: But then you've got the platinum ninjas...
        Mike: "You're on copper duty, 0014."
        Rich: "You're a soft boy, you're collecting aluminum. Get those cans!"
        Tim: "I feel disrespected!" "Oh, do you wanna be a talc ninja?"
        Mike: "You're going to Devil's Island 5 to get a stockpile of zinc!"
        Rich: "You better get your head on straight or we're gonna put you in the mercury division with those crazy bastards!"
      • When Duncan Jaxx says his usual bet of "00 and 7", Rich jokes that the writer was dumb enough to think it was a subtle reference.
      • Rich points out that the actor for Duncan Jaxx was only in this and Order of the Black Eagle, meaning the baboon playing his sidekick had more of an acting career note .
      • They end discussing the movie by saying that this was made by Kevin Feige to start a franchise, but the horrible accident where a stuntman got his head run over with an ATV killed the franchise, so Feige was told to move on to do that movie about an obscure superhero starring a washed up former teen actor.
    • The third movie they were originally going to watch was Ankle Biters, whose description was a Hurricane of Puns of short jokes.
      Tim: "A small town is overrun by anke-biting blood-sucking dwarf vampires."
      Mike: Shouldn't it be "a small town is underrun'?" (rimshot) It's the very first pun they could have done.
      Tim: "Things get complicated when the vertically challenged coffin-creepers get their itty-bitty hands on the sword with the blood of the last slain tall vampire... With this relic, they can create a super race of Shaq-sized Draculas out of any tall human" (starts Corpsing) (strained) I don't wanna watch this anymore. "There are no short fixes to this tall problem."
      Mike: Oh my god.
      Tim: Two and a half hours.
      Mike: No, no! If anything should have a short running time, it should be this.
    • Robowoman is panned by the group, but a contributing factor to its awfulness is how the lead actress is in her 60s, but has had a lot of plastic surgery done to try to look younger. Rich goes so far as to compare it to Sextette.
      Rich: This movie takes place in Egypt... on de Nile.
      • Mike reaches his breaking point:
        Mike: (double facepalms; the exasperation in his voice is palpable) ...I can't believe we are watching this. (Jay bursts out laughing) This is one of the movies you don't watch. You just throw it in the trash. Right?
      • Rich reaches his breaking point:
        Rich: (throws up his hands in defeat) I can't do this.
        Jay: (bursts out laughing again) You have to, Rich!
        Rich: I can't do this.
        Jay: This is what you signed up for. You're stuck here. Forever!
        Tim: ...Can we make this "Black Spine"?
      • Mike spends most of his time that he's supposed to spend describing the plot of the movie trying to pawn it off to Rich or Jay. At one point Jay talks about the possible motivation for it getting made and Mike prompts him to continue, making everyone realize what he's doing.
        Mike: (loudly whispering to Rich) He's doing it for me.
        Rich: (to Mike) Mike, you're doing a great job on passing the buck.
        Tim: (to Jay) He's doing a great job of having you tell this.
      • Jay jokes that so many shots have the character in focus (sometimes even the one talking) facing away from the camera that the director might have a "back of the head" fetish.
  • Episode 100 is a combination episode: The first tape is taken from the Wheel of the Worst, the second tape is from Black Spine, and the third tape is from the Plinketto board.
    • This episode features the return of the original Wheel of the Worst, fixed by Rich Evans himself... and it only gets spun once, lands on How to Have Cybersex on the Internet, and is then immediately destroyed again.
      • The panel realizes over the course of the video that the tape's claim that the cybersex done really was live was true, when they see how many of the chats are either really awkward or get cut off.
      • Mike asks Rich to pretend he's a definite pervert and suggest how they could have adjusted the filming of the video to be more attractive.
        Rich: As a definite pervert, I would move the camera so it was over or closer behind the computer, so you could see the subjects of the video. So you could see their faces, their reactions are important...
        Jack: Oh, you think their faces were the most important part?
        Josh: Rich, in this situation, can I ask you a question? You know, treat me as one these ladies with the boobs. What angle should I be sitting, like this? [leans back in chair] How far back should I slouch?
      • When speculating on what purpose this tape has, since its claim to be an instructional tape was Blatant Lies, they conclude that this is for men to convince themselves that they really are talking to topless women over the internet.
    • As a way to incorporate all five of the panel despite only having four seats and mics, the episode has a "tag out" mechanic, where whoever's behind the camera has to swap with whoever tags out. Rich is the first one to do it when talking about the problem with making a video with live cybersex:
      Rich: They were trying to make a video, and the people they were talking to were just trying to get off. [Splurt sound effect, Mike mouths "ew"]...This was disgusting! This was absolutely disgusting!
      Mike: Rich, I just said "ew", because I know one of those people was you.
      Rich: [leans back in disbelief] I'm tagging out! That's it! Get your ass in here, Jay!
      [Flashy "TAG OUT!" graphic appears, airhorns play, Jay takes Rich's seat]
      Jay: So I was told I was supposed to come here to talk about how much of a pervert Rich Evans is?
    • Their attempts to get something salvageable from the Black Spine shelf leads them to grabbing four different tapes before they find one worth discussing. Jay was the last to pick a tape in the hopes of salvaging the segment. The result? Arranging A Funeral. They wind up bundling all the tapes together into one segment.
      • Jack is quick to tag out to swap with Rich so he doesn't have to be present during the Black Spine segment.
      • Four-line Conics was just a 10-minute video of animated representations of conics. They said it was visually appealing enough that you could play TRON: Legacy music over it, but they can't do that because they'd get a copyright claim, so they just edit in stock synth music. They also edit it so it looks like one of the women from the cybersex video is watching it on the computer.
      • When discussing Basic Computer Literacy, Mike says how much of A Rare Sentence it is to say "This computer training video does feel like The Shining".
      • Mike then tags out so Jack has to come back in to explain Monsters of Rock and Roar since he picked it. An edit shows that, as Jack explains, the tape is about monster trucks, to their immediate disappointment. Josh then says "ok, byeee" and taps out when Jack is one sentence in. When Mike takes Josh's place, they decide that the one sentence was enough before moving on.
      • When Mike pulled his tape, the title was simply "SCAIHS", to which Rich pointed out should be pronounced "SCAAAAAAAAAAAIHS". During the discussion, they look up what SCAIHS is note  and find out they claim to have no religious affiliation, despite the tape being of a Christian service. Jack shouts "You got cancelled, SCAIHS!" before doing a Dramatic Drop of the tape, which causes the tape to break.
        Rich [during viewing]: You know what? Let's pray away the SCAIHS.
      • Fittingly enough, as they're watching Arranging A Funeral, the video dies inside the VHS player, but not before getting increasingly warbly, losing the video, and the audio getting creepily slower. Rich said "we could have stopped it at any moment, but art, live art, was going on before our eyes, and we risked the life of our VCR to tell this tale".
      • Rich says this episode feels like a wake for VHS as a whole, and Jay agrees, saying they're all miserable just like a wake. Jack says they're committed to the preservation of art, before realizing he's holding the monster truck tape, tossing it over his shoulder and continuing about how they care about preservation.
    • Once they reach the Plinketto board, every single tape on the board is Nukie. Once the ball lands, they decide to watch Fateful Findings instead, represented by Rich Evans swiftly running over to the board, placing the Fateful Findings DVD in front of the tape the ball landed on, then leaving.
      • Rich says he's hoarse and losing his voice, so he says he can't spend time talking about the movie. After a "1 Minute Later" title card, he says "Here's the plot of the movie..."
      • Rich explains that Neil Breen's character and his love interest were both kids in a flashback, and then "never saw each other again for both 40 years and also 10 years". Jay jokes that the magic they found as kids aged them differently.
      • Rich spends a good five minutes trying to explain the plot of Fateful Findings, on par with his breaking down from trying to explain Double Down. He then freezes up and shuts down, complete with smoke and sparks coming out of him, leading to him tapping out to swap with Mike.
      • Jack asks what a writer needs with four separate laptops. They come up with research into "government, banks, business, truth, lies, and True Lies"
        Jack: "That's my True Lies computer. Oh wait this is my favorite part, Tom Arnold, he's hiding behind the thin pole, he didn't get shot once. Alright, back to work!"
      • Finally, they get to the last 10 minutes of the movie, which they declare as the best part. And they find a way to bring Rich back to talk about this part:
        Jack: And then all of the [sic] sudden, at the very end of the movie, after all the romance plot is concluded...he holds a press conference—
        [Match Cut to Rich in Jack's place]
        Rich: —And then everyone fucking kills themselves! It's brilliant, it's fucking brilliant!
      • The scene of various powerful people confessing to vague crimes, followed by them killing themselves in differing ways, has the panel laughing throughout. It being intercut with Neil Breen seemingly smiling as it happens, and an unexplained shot of a sniper getting shot in the head when he tries to shoot Breen seals the deal as it being their favorite Breen movie.
    • When it's time to pick a Best of the Worst, Rich and Josh instantly pick Fateful Findings, Mike picks How to Have Cybersex on the Internet to be a contrarian, and when he looks off-camera to Jack, Jack says "Are you asking me to have cybersex with you?". He then quickly comes back on set to say his pick is also Fateful Findings. Jay's pick? Nukie.
  • For Episode 101, Rich jokes that since they're just watching three movies with no gimmicks, the number is fitting since it's a "back to basics" episode.
    • At the start of the episode, Josh tells an offscreen Rich that the CDC said he doesn't need to wear a mask indoors, and it pans over to a relieved Rich taking off his gorilla mask.
    • The first movie is simply titled A*P*E, which Rich can't resist reading as "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAPE". Him and Mike say it that way for the rest of the episode.
      • Rich reading what A*P*E stands for sets the tone for what quality of movie it will be: Attacking Primate monstEr.
      • The most famous person in the movie is Joanna Kerns, who would go on to play the mom in Growing Pains.
        Jay: I'm just sure, for the biggest time, the cast of Growing Pains had a big laugh about how Joanna Kerns was involved with the most embarrassing thing that anyone on that show had ever done, and then Kirk Cameron made Saving Christmas.
      • They go on a tangent about how they confuse Growing Pains with Family Ties, and how a lot of 80s sitcoms blurred together.
        Mike: I often confuse Mr. Belvedere for ALF.
        Josh: (labeled "Joke #1") Alf was actually physically incapable of sitting on his own balls. [Rimshot]
        Rich: ("Joke #2") They're both obnoxious creatures that move in with the family and won't stop eating. [Rimshot]
        Josh: ("Joke #3") But only one of them admits to eating cats. [Rimshot]
        Mike: ("Joke #4") I was gonna say one ate p[bleep]y and one stayed far away from it. [Rimshot]
      • Since Joanna Kerns's character gets married to her love interest at the end of the movie, Jay wonders if this is an untintentional prequel to Growing Pains. Rich asks if Alan Thicke's character was the ape.
        Rich: Like he shaved himself off, learned psychology, lost some weight.
        Mike: He knows about music and dancing.
        Josh: Oh yeah, he wrote the fuckin' theme song for The Facts of Life.
        Mike: [Singing] "You take the good, you take the bad, you take the ape and there you got the facts of life" [Cracks up].
        Jay: [Singing] Show me that ape agaaain.
        Rich: "Kirk Cameron doesn't believe in evolution, we can't have an ape on the show."
        Mike: "The ape was in Playboy! Kirk Cameron doesn't want him on set!"
    • Obviously thinking of Star Trek: Picard, Rich Evans describes Easy Kill as "it's like Alex Kurtzman wrote a noir thriller with three and a half characters", because of the multiple twists that don't make sense in hindsight and important details left out for the sake of being reveals later.
      • After Rich explains the plot of the movie, and how much of a Designated Hero Frank Stallone's character is, Mike says "Rich, you've just said 'Frank Stallone' more than any casting agent ever has". Jay adds "You've said it more than Sylvester has."
      • During the viewing, when it's revealed that Frank Stallone's character looks exactly like the love interest's husband, Rich speculates that it might be setting up a Fight Club style twist that he's both of them.
        Josh: Noooo, that's too much for this movie.
        Mike: We're rapidly heading towards a fork in the road to extremely stupid or pretty stupid.
      • Before the reveal, the woman's husband is presented as The Faceless, and is dubbed over with the voice of a guy who sounds like he does movie trailer voiceovers.
        Josh: "Thank you for having the cocaine. Please give me the cocaine."
        Jay: "We would like to make a drug deal now, Mister Herman."
      • The panel was downright excited when they realize Cameron Mitchell is in the movie, since the last time him and Frank Stallone were in a movie together was in the thoroughly entertaining (in a So Bad, It's Good way) Terror In Beverly Hills. When the husband character mentions meeting in "the old factory", they instantly remember "the old bean factory" and joke that the movie is part of an extended universe.
        Mike: [as the deep-voiced husband] "Close the fucking door." We know it's you, Cameron Mitchell! Only you want the door closed!
      • They joke that the only reason Cameron Mitchell is in the movie, playing a bartender, is because he was already at the bar they were shooting at and asked him if he wanted to be in the film.
      • Jay points out that the movie is hard to take seriously, because the plot point that the main character just so happens to look exactly like a career criminal, and gets used in an attempt to fake the criminal's death and take his identity, is ridiculous. To prove it, he points out that that's the same plot of Ernest Goes to Jail.
      • They build on this and speculate what comedic character would work best in a parody of the genre Easy Kill is a part of, and quickly settle on Mr. Bean. They come up with multiple ways to incorporate his style of comedy, like how the suitcases get swapped only because he forgets which is which, or how he's told he looks exactly like the criminal woman's husband, only to reveal the husband is played by Brad Pitt.
    • It quickly becomes apparent how much of a Vanity Project Honorable Men is, since the writer, director, and star is all the same man, who is told by one of his love interests he's "too much man" for them.
      • Any time the Unfortunate Implications of the romantic plot are talked about, the panel gets bleeped out whenever they go a bit too hard in their accusations.
        Jay: He [the director] decided to make a movie about what it's like to be a cop, and also a [Bleep].note 
        Rich: Jay, Jay, an honorable [Bleep].
        Mike: Listen, guys, I don't know why you keep using the word [Bleep], because it's just getting bleeped out and a box is getting put over your mouths.
      • Since they couldn't remember the main character's last name, they just call him "Ryan's Babe".
      • When there's a scene of a blond girl on the phone talking about how much she wants to bang the main character, while wearing revealing shorts tight enough that her entire lower half had to be blurred out in the edit, Jay is quick to point out to Josh that the man who wrote and shot the current scene also plays the man this character is heavily hitting on.
      • Rich sarcastically wonders what the director's type is, followed by a montage of scenes filled with blonde girls and brunettes.
      • Because a subplot seems to be girls in their late teens seducing an older man, it reminds them of the plot of Poison Ivy. And because that stars Drew Barrymore, Mike remembers to bring up not only that characters in Honorable Men go to see Never Been Kissed, but that him and Rich were actually extras in that film. Mike says he was on one of the rides for the boardwalk scene for two hours and nearly threw up ten feet away from Barrymore, while Rich was just a guy walking around with a balloon, which he later lost, as an edit is quick to point out.
      • It's revealed to Josh that the rest of the panel had seen the movie before, because the writer/director/star is the brother of the writer/director/star of The Satan Killer, which was featured in their last Halloween episode.
        Josh: So this is the product of a fucking dynasty, is what you're telling me.
  • Wheel of the Worst #22:
    • The first tape they land on is Tim Noah in "In Search of the Wow Wow Wibble Woggle Wazzie Woodle Woo", which when Tim sees it on the wheel, instantly comments "Also known as the clitoris".
      • The first shot we see of the viewing has all of them incredibly bored while the tape's upbeat music plays.
      • Mike speculates that Tim Noah was an aspirational kids entertainer that used his parent's money to film a stage show to show off his talents, and Rich later mentions that it alludes that this was supposed to lead to a TV show.
        Imagination: Alright then. If you won't do it for them, then do it for the fame! The fortune! The glory! You can have your own...TV series!
        Tim Noah: I'll do it!
        Rich: Oh...he did not get his own TV series.
      • Mike mentions how the special doesn't seem to have a solid structure, and Jay critiques the ending reveal that the Wow Wow Wibble Woggle Wazzie Woodle Woo was just the power of imagination, since Tim Noah's character uses it throughout. Mike says "It's like if Luke blew up the Death Star multiple times".
      • The panel agrees that this comes across way more as a Vanity Project than someone who feels like a natural children's entertainer. Mike concludes "he's passionate about himself, in a way like David Carradine is."
    • Jay calls T-Bone's World of Clowning "the most sexually charged clown video I've ever seen."
      • When T-Bone is demonstrating the different types of clowns.
        T-Bone: First you have to decide what kind of clown you wanna be.
        Artie: You mean there are different kinds of clowns?
        Jay: Scary, or really scary!
        T-Bone: The first kind of clown is the White Face. The White Face is sophisticated-
      • They note that because of the shape of T-Bone's face, he looks unintentionally creepy. They compare him to the puppet from the Saw movies and Bagul. Mike notes for comparison that, because of how he looks, Iggy Pop would also make for a scary clown.
      • The group debates on whether the little girl in the tape was actually in a wheelchair or not, with Mike pointing out that the credits show they were provided with the wheelchair, rather than it being the girl's own. They then speculate that the girl's regular wheelchair wasn't good enough for T-Bone.
      • Because they interpret T-Bone talking to the janitor as hitting on him, they call it "the greatest clown love story ever told". When they try to think of another great clown love story, a brief clip of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis pops up on screen.
      • Their discussion of the homoerotic subtext leads to their discussion of the tape ending with a supercut of the Hurricane of Euphemisms throughout the video, such as T-bone emphasizing to "use two fingers", asking where they want their "clown mouth" to be, and the janitor repeatedly asking to "give it to me".
    • One of the tapes on the wheel, that they ended up landing on, was Spiral Fitness, a video of people using a curved rod as part of Tai Chi exercises, featuring David Carradine. Rich comments that based on how Carradine is holding the rod on the cover, "he really needs to choke up". An off-camera Mike comments "It begins!"
      • They point out that they only know anything about this video because Colin from Canada mentioned it on a previous episode "27 years ago". Mike mentions that Colin thought the green section of hose David Carradine uses in the video was a stand-in for the real product, but as the video shows, it wasn't.
      • As they notice during the viewing, David Carradine isn't really trying to be serious about the product, since he shrugs during the exercise, drops it at least once, trails off while talking about it, and taps himself with it on the head a few times.
      • As David Carradine is playing with the tube in his small backyard, Jay asks what would have happened if The Bride saw him doing this when she broke into his house. Mike said she would have just taken pity on him and left.
      • During the viewing, when one testimonial says that at first it feels like it doesn't work and "you get bit every time", Mike asks "Is that a tasteful way of saying he got hit in the dick with it?"
      • Mike takes the idea that the video is a scam Up to Eleven by claiming that the video was laundering drug money from Mexico for Pablo Escobar and that when he tried to take a cut, Carradine was killed and his death was made to look like an accidental autoerotic asphyxiation death in Thailand. Rich is quick to add "allegedly" to everything Mike says, but then builds on it by saying T-Bone actually did the deed and was also responsible for Cobain's death.
        Rich: Well, this is a new wrinkle in the RLM Cinematic Universe.
        Mike (on the testimonials): "Say something nice about the garden hose or else Pablo Escobar will have you executed"
    • When it came time to vote for Best of the Worst, Mike split his vote between Spiral Fitness and T-Bone's World of Clowning, but only until after everyone else voted so he could change his vote to force a tie.
    • The way they destroy the Tim Noah Wow Wow video is by having "Sensei Evans" play with a cut section of a hula hoop while babbling about spirals, only to accidentally knock the tape off of a pillar at the end.
      • What adds to it is that Rich actually makes more sense than most of the people in the video.
      • The Stinger for the credits shows that the stone pillar in the ending bit was made in Mexico.
  • Episode 103's gimmick is that all three movies are from hack directors previously covered on the show: Dragon Hunt by the McNamara brothers (Twin Dragon Encounter), Tartarus by David Wascavage (Suburban Sasquatch), and Born Into Mafia by Vitaliy Versace (The Last Vampire on Earth).
    • While reading the box for Dragon Hunt, Mike and Jack reminisce about how (unintentionally) homoerotic Twin Dragon Encounter was. Jack suggests that one of the twins will have a bazooka in Dragon Hunt; Mike turns it into an innuendo, then starts on a long-winded explanation of how "Bazooka Joe" was what Japanese prostitutes called American soldiers during WWII. The joke's punchline nearly falls flat until Rich's laugh saves it.
      Mike: Look it up on...Wackipedia. (amid Rich's laughter) The internet database for...perverts.
      Rich: (off screen) That was a long setup for a decent joke.
    • Everyone's thoughts are clear from the very beginning of the panel.
      Jay: This was an exciting gimmick.
      Mike: ...No.
      Jay: It was. Before we watched the movies.
    • The panel commends Dragon Hunt for having better action scenes than their first movie's, which they had to point out were all single takes of very brief fights slowed down to a fraction of their original speed to fill time.
      • Mike says that Dragon Hunt is identical to Twin Dragon Encounter. An edit points out that "no one made an "identical twin" joke after this comment".
      • The plot of Dragon Hunt involves the McNamaras being drugged by their girlfriends and put onto an island by their "old enemy", Soldier Jake, who has a human hunting game planned for them: different groups of people will chase after the brothers at different times to prevent them from grabbing a flag. The panel repeatedly finds this ridiculous, from the overly tight scheduling of each group to the fact that the game is basically just Capture the Flag.
      • The panel repeatedly finds the McNamara brothers at best uncharismatic and at worst not easy to root for, partly for killing a supposedly vicious attack dog.
        Jack: Oh, Mr. Fluffy!
        Rich: Our heroes have now killed a friendly, fluffy dog.
      • When Mike suggests scenes that could have played up the fact that the male leads are twins, Jack says that they're probably too vain to poke fun at themselves. The final edit shows the trailer for a Jackie Chan movie where he plays twin brothers from very different backgrounds that does make jokes about it, ironically named Twin Dragons.
      • Jay says that when the McNamaras see a bloody arrow embedded in a poster of them, any rational person would respond by "pulling a Lawrence Fishburne in Event Horizon and saying 'we're leaving'."
      • Mike suggests that the perfect sequel bait at the end would be for the twins to have been shot up, on the ground, and on the verge of losing, when another pair of McNamaras descend from a helicopter to save the day.
        Mike: (as a McNamara) We thought you died in 'Nam!
        Rich: (as another very Canadian McNamara) No, my death was faked, I was in the super-secret service.
    • Tartarus, by David Wascavage, gets defended a lot by Jack for the ideas it had, which the panel, even Jay, do not agree with. Jack would go on to say the film was "an A+ idea executed in a D- way"
      • The four of them go one by one to highlight each of the different ways the movie goes out of the way to show how much of an Asshole Victim John the protagonist is - from smoking crack to abusing prostitutes to scamming widows with a video tape about how the afterlife involves being tormented by aliens (which is, ironically, what's happening to John in the events of the film).
      • The panel has to remind Rich that the "best" of John's sins is when he's drunk driving and runs over a person in a wheelchair.
      • Rich and Jack both call the setting "Tartus", so a TARDIS appears every time they say it that way.
      • Rich promises to hear Jack out about why he likes the things the movie tried to do, but clearly loses interest just a minute in.
      • The panel is disturbed by one of John's torments: having some device attached to his genitals that supposedly sucks his blood out.
    • Mike has to assure Jack that the DVD cover of Born Into Mafia, by Vitaly Versace, was not photoshopped by him, not just because of the font and the picture, but because of the pull quote - "Best Crime Film" - being attributed to "People Online".
      • A clearly non-MPAA-approved "Restricted" rating is written on the box. Mike asks Rich if he's okay to watch it.
        Rich: Does it say who's restricted?
        Mike and Jack: No.
        Rich: Then I don't know!
        Jack: Well if you feel uncomfortable let us know.
        Mike: Do you have mob ties that might put you in danger for making fun of this movie?
        Rich: Nnnno?—[color bars]
      • One scene consists of nothing but a montage of main character Ivan (played by director Vitaliy Versace), in what looks like a public garden, sitting around and contemplating something. An "Actual Scene" caption is put up, and Mike jokes he's sad because he didn't get the role of a hobbit in The Lord of the Rings.
      • Versace's incredibly awkward line deliveries are enough to send the group into hysterics, among which are:
        Ivan: ...Because of you, Mom is dead - died - I don't have a mom!
        Ivan: Somebody called me from Moscow, one of my uncles, and said that my dad die - uh - got shot two days ago...
      • While the opening scene is supposed to take place in "the finest restaurant in Moscow", the panel immediately realizes it's some restaurant that got rented out for a wedding reception later that day, not only because of the white covers put on everything, but because later on in the same scene there are people in the background, which an edit assumes is people who showed up early to the reception. At one point the lighting system turns on, which the panel believes is the DJ having shown up to test out the lights while Versace was filming.
      • All of the scenes in the first act are supposed to take place in Russia, but when Ivan talks to his friend in a public library, everyone notices a magazine saying "Visit Sedona, Arizona" and multiple English books are very prominent in the shot.
      • The panel riff on the fact that nearly every scene with Ivan in the first act consists of him telling someone that he doesn't want to be in the Russian mafia and wants to move to America. They point out the scene of Ivan and his father in the limo specifically because their "back and forth" is of the same two points they bring up over and over. It gets to the point that Jay shouts "GOT IIIIT" and Mike calls it "circular dialogue", and Rich says the driver must think they're doing multiple takes.
        Jack: Well, Ivan takes the position that he would really like to go to America, but his father is really insistent, and I think true to his character, that Ivan is the only one he can trust to continue running the mafia business.
        Rich: But then Ivan makes the point that he really, really wants to go to America.
        Mike: He doesn't wanna kill people. He wants to be a doctor a lawyer, and not kill people. Very specifically not kill people.
        Rich: But then his father follows up with, though, "It's the family business, I only trust you to run the family business."
        Mike: I think the important thing to recognize, though, is that Ivan responds with "I don't want to kill people and I would really like to go to America", and not be in the mob.
        Rich: And that's a fantastic counter-counter-counterpoint, but his dad brings up an interesting point, that he built up the business for his son, and that he only trusts his son to run his family business.
      • They almost forget about the scene where Ivan is sent to a shrink that works for the mob.
        Mike: And he doesn't wanna kill people.
        Jack: But Rich, the shrink, being the official mob shrink, takes a medical position that the father, who hired the shrink, really only trusts Ivan to run the family business.
      • Everyone comes up with potential ideas for conflicts after Ivan meets his love interest, like her also being from the mafia, or having to save her by using his mafia connections, or having any conflict with her whatsoever.
        Rich: "Oh my god, I spent the first 20 minutes talking about how I don't want to kill people, but now I might have to kill peopleeeee." It's almost like it writes itself, and Vitaliy Versace couldn't figure this shit out!
        Jay: He said "what about instead of things happening, nothing happens?"
        Mike: "Everything worked out perfect for Vitaliy. No problem!" What a great story for us to watch, Vitaliy.
      • When Rich comes up with an idea for "Born In2 Mafia", Mike says that the common thread of all three movies is "we're just salivating over ways to improve them".
    • After Tartarus wins Best of the Worst, they want to give Twin Dragon Encounter some retroactive praise. So they get Colin, who was given the tape after they destroyed it, to reconstruct the tape by having kept it in amniotic fluid and immersing it in the purest maple syrup. When it finally arrives in Wisconsin, it's still soaked in the maple syrup, and a disgusted Rich immediately throws it out.
  • In an attempt to make Black Spine into a different game, Mike uses a rolling drum used for raffles and has the guys pick a ball with a number corresponding to a tape. Rich immediately points out that the spines being blank meant picking a tape was already random, so this just makes it random in a different way.
    • When Rich tries to bypass the system by reaching for a tape, Mike takes the tape from Rich's hand, slams it on the ground, and shouts "pick a fucking ball!"
    • Mike tries to put on a showman persona to introduce the tapes, but it falls flat on the rest of the guys
      • When Mike pulls out The Self-Levitation Video, and jokes "Well that's one way to lose weight", Rich jokes "What are you, the Crypt Keeper?"
      • "Why hello...[reads Tim's shirt] NIN. I could have sworn his name was Tim."
      • Jay's entire interaction was that he doesn't spin the drum, pulls out a 12, throws it on the ground and leaves. He briefly comes back to see Mike's reaction (or because he forgot he left his coffee mug with Mike), barely stifling a laugh.
    • Rich jokes that since a video on a trick that takes a minute to learn is 20 minutes long, he wonders how long a video on the detached thumb trick would take
      • They joke that it would have been great if, at the end of the video, he showed the "real" way to do it, and it involved making a pact with a demon
    • The second video, a blank, ended up being about Therapy Plus, which was a metal roller that supposedly treated pain, but Jay describes the video as "old-ass Ronald Reagan wants to rub all over this girl in a tube top".
      • Rich did some light research on Therapy Plus, but before he can say what he found on his phone, Mike comments on his "elderly man wallet phone" case
        Mike: You got your grocery store card in there too? You got your library card in there too?
        Rich: The fuck is wrong with me being efficient?
        Mike: Oh, boy. Did that come out of your fanny pack? Tell us, grandma, what did you learn?
    • Jay says that the only entertaining part of Safety 4 Kids was hearing the thick New York accents from some of the kids and adults. They joke that in real life, the bus driver in the video is way more vulgar, and had to do the video for community service.
      • There's a brief segment where a kid interviews Mike Piazza of the New York Mets about safety. While talking about protective equipment, the edit slowly zooms in on his crotch. When the girl asks what other kind of protection, Rich, as Piazza, says "always wear a condom...who's this video for?"
    • The fourth video is "Armed Robbery: Is It Worth Your Life?", and as Rich points out, the obvious answer is "no".
      • The tape says to post a sign that says "This store keeps a limited amount of cash on hand", and Mike responds "Define 'limited', because I'm a crackhead that needs 20 bucks".
      • Since the tape talks about ways to de-escalate a situation with a robber and comply with them to get them arrested later, Mike says RoboCop would be dissapointed in someone following this advice.
    • After watching the four tapes, they decided to watch two more tapes they picked from what was left. They thought the first one was a new-age tape about meditation, but was actually a recruitment tape for the cult that was the subject of the documentary Wild Wild Country.
      • Mike questions if Osho, the cult's prophet, had ulterior motives for recruiting people.
        Mike: "When you arrive, they put you into one of two groups: 'White Women from California' or 'Other'"
    • The final tape was Milton Berle's Low Impact High Comedy Workout, which Rich is quick to point out that Mike insisted they watch.
      • The panel point out that the tape came about from whoever made it trying to find an old comedic actor that was alive and could still move around. They joke that it would have been funny to have Orson Welles direct the tape.
        Rich: "Orson Welles' Hypocritical Workout"
        Mike: He's just sitting in a chair—
        Jay: Just chugging bottles of wine.
        Tim (as Welles): "You call that moving?"
      • Tim happened to have a story about a friend that met Milton Berle, who supposedly confirmed a rumor about his size. Specifically that he compared sizes to Bruce Willis and "pulled out just enough to win".note 
        Tim: My friend is not...he doesn't fuck around. And he has the picture.
        Jay: It's a picture of Bruce Willis and Milton Berle with their dicks next to each other.
        Rich: Bruce Willis looks very upset in the photo.
        Jay: This would explain a lot about Bruce Willis. He doesn't give a shit anymore, do you think that maybe started when he saw Milton Berle's dick?
        Tim: Little did I know this show would get me to talk about big dicks so much.
      • They point out that one of the elderly people was a tall black man, and Jay jokes that, when Milton Berle dressed up as Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons, he vetoed Berle doing a bit as Billy Blanks.
        Jay: "It may take me 15 minutes to lean down and get on my knees, but it'll take me two seconds to murder Milton Berle."
     2022 Episodes 
  • The first episode of 2022 has Rich, Jay, and Jack pick videos from the wall while blindfolded. The first few minutes of the video are Rich knocking the majority of the videos down and falling to the ground himself.
  • In Wheel of the Worst #23, since one of the videos is in Japanese without subtitles, they make up their own story for it.
    • They eventually put enough context together to realize that it's a video about AAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIDDDDDDDDDDSSSSSSSSS.
      • An alert commenter provides the context that Japanese speakers had for this tape: the title translates to "A Message From the Future - What We Want You to Know About AIDS".
      • Rich's legendary cry of "AAAAAAAAIIIIIIIDDDDDDDSSSSSSS" lasts for a full 20 seconds, is treated with reverb, and is backed with thumping house music. There's a noticeable cut near the beginning, too, implying that the actual audio lasted far longer.
      • After Rich finishes his sustained yell of "AIDS", Mike recycles a joke from The Nerd Crew. Jay states they can get away with repeating a joke twice if the comments section can recycle the same five jokes over and over again.
        Mike: Wow, Rich, you held on to that AIDS longer than Magic Johnson!
  • From "Plinketto #10" with Special Guest Jack Quaid:
    • Mike casually spoiling when he introduces Jack that he was the Ghostface Killer in Scream (2022) clearly throws Jack for a loop, and he seems to expect that it will be cut in editing. (When it wasn't, Jack put a spoiler disclaimer in his link to the episode on his Twitter.)
    • Jack's credentials for bringing his own bad movie choices to the RLM studio? He was the president of his high school Bad Movies Club.
    • Jack's "youthful energy" throughout (he is the youngest guest the show has ever had, and is over a decade younger than the rest of the gang) is constantly played for laughs. Mike exploits this when forcing him to hold a running pose (with one foot off the ground) as he reads the painfully long blurb on the back of the box for Stone Cold (deliberately stopping a few times just to screw with him).
    • The Running Gag involving Jack heading off to shoot Oppenheimer with Christopher Nolan — from the setup at the beginning, to the beats with each of the main three handing Jack a script, culminating in a perfectly executed punchline with (the other) Jack at the end.
    • Quaid guessing out loud that the weird made-up drug in Stone Cold was in the script because "they didn't have the rights to crack."
    • "It's okay. The glass ceiling and the 50-foot drop broke his fall!" - Rich Evans, 2022
    • A couple of moments from Bog had the gang almost crying, such as one character asking what kind of creature has "a hypodemic nerdle for a mouth".
    • A character in the movie seriously wondering if the monster could be "some kind of Dracula" ended up being one of the highlights of the episode.
    • An incredible amount of Bog is spent in a lab with the lead scientist and the town sheriff trying to figure out what the monster is and how it can be stopped with a lot of attention being given to its unnatural biology and eating habits. In the end they deal with it by just ramming it with a car.
  • From the Spotlight episode on Clash in the College:
    • The episode begins with a disclaimer explaining that none of the clips were edited by RLM and that they were all exactly as they were seen in the movie.
    • Throughout the movie there are shots where people, they think possibly the other actors, are visible in scenes they're not supposed to be in, including a scene in a car where there's clearly somebody laying in the back seat trying to stay off camera, and the scene in a KFC where the director is clearly seen milling about in the background.
    • At one point Mike is waving his hands around while talking and he knocks an open beer all over their Gremlin's prop to the panic of the three.
    • The majority of the movie takes place inside a hotel pretending to be other buildings despite obviously being a hotel. One of these scenes is supposed to take place in a doctor's office which has a framed picture of Marie Curie propped up against the wall on the table the characters are sitting at instead of hung on the wall, which they realize was because the hotel probably wouldn't have allowed them to hang anything up.
    • They crack up when the conservative student turns down a date with a girl by telling her, "sorry, I'm gonna be listening to Rush Limbaugh at that time." Jay comments that it's the exact moment when he should've realistically blown his chances with her.
    • Our main character stopping by the professor's house one night is for some reason depicted as a first-person walk through a dark house using night vision, which they say makes it look like he's ghost hunting.
  • Black Spine Junka 3.
    • One of the videos, Power Aging is about the elderly. Mike starts laughing to the point of tears at an elderly woman simply talking about COPD, prompting the others to question what is wrong with him.
      Woman on tape: And I was suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder.
      Mike: (covering his mouth with one hand to hide his laughter)
      Jay: That's just a lady.
      Rich: Yes, Mike. That's a woman.
      (moments later, after a list of health problems the woman on tape has overcome)
      Mike: (uncontrollable cackling)
      Jay: What are you even laughing at? The background?
      Mike: (through tears) No, the things that are wrong with her!
    • "Black balls! Mmm, my favorite!"
    • The group fails to be impressed with Mark Lowry's Mouth in Motion routine:
      • The little shot of Tim wincing when Lowry launches into a song about plastic surgery.
      • The admission that they stopped watching the tape after about ten minutes.
        Mike: He's the Bill Cosby of Christian comedians... He puts us all to sleep.
    • The crew finds quite a few things about the third tape, Power Pack: Take a Stand, an anti-bullying seminar for kids, to be rather questionable. Rich and Jay in particular graudually become outright antipathic towards the contents and Cheryl, the psychologist teaching the class.
      • Jay and Rich are quickly convinced that Cheryl's insistence on "demonstrating" examples of bullying, by making the kids roleplay the situations in front of the class, is really an excuse to bully children, both directly and vicariously.
        Cheryl: (while throwing crumbled paper balls at a kid) You're stupid! I hate you! You're never gonna get out of this class!
        Jay: (cracks up) There's some real aggression in that!
      • Jay considers the part where Cheryl calls Michael, the designated "fat kid" in the class, up front to participate in a "demonstration".
        Cheryl: Has anyone ever called you fat?
        Michael: (nonplussed) Mm-hm.
        Mike: (shocked) Aw, damn!
        Jay: Jesus Christ, lady!
        Cheryl: Yeah, okay? Do you have a choice about that?
        Michael: (still nonplussed) Uh-huh.
        Cheryl: So let's find out: Michael, you're fat!
        Mike: (covers his mouth with his hand in shock)
        Jay: Goddammit! This lady is the worst!
        Cheryl: Is that true about you?
        Jay: "Yeah?"
        Cheryl: No, it's not. You're not fat, you're big... But you're not fat.
        Michael: (visibly unsure how to respond)
        Cheryl: And are you ugly and disgusting?
        Mike: This is getting awkward.
        Jay: This is really awkward.
      • Rich becomes downright upset at some of the advice the video gives.
        Cheryl: How about "That's not nice"?
        Chloe: That's not nice.
        Rich: (making no attempt to hide his sarcasm) Oh, yeah, that'll work!
        (the rest of the crew applauds him)
        Rich: (genuinely incensed) YEAH, THAT'LL FUCKING WORK! (throws his can of soda at the TV)
      • At the conclusion, Rich calls the advice given by the video completely useless at best.
        Rich: "But-but, miss! Last week I took your advice and told my bully 'that didn't feel very good.' And then he said 'good!', and he started hitting me harder!"
        Mike: "I-I don't know what to do! My PhD! It didn't cover the bully not accepting your apology!"
    • The crew having quite a bit of fun with the host of Target Panic, Len Cardinale's choice of words in explaining the experience of being nervous while practicing archery, makes it sound like he is describing erectile dysfunction and hypersenstivity in men.
      Jay: (to Mike) I'm just picturing you editing this, and putting "splat" sound effects everywhere.
      ("splat" sound effect plays)
      Jay: ...And "boing" sound effects.
      ("boing" sound effect plays)
      Rich: And sometimes put the word "archery" in quotes.
    • After having watched several Too Smart for Strangers videos featuring goofy mascots clumsly and awkwardly deliver sugarcoated advice about avoiding child predators, the crew finds Street Smart: Straight Talk for Kids, Teens, and Parents with Detective J.J. Bittenbinder more upfront approach rather refreshing, especially as he gets increasingly blunt as the video goes on:
      Jay: Early on, he is like: "Don't let them touch you in your bathingsuit area!" By the end, he's just like "They're gonna rape you!"

      Mike: In the middle, he's like: "When you love your boyfriend, and your boyfriend loves you, you guys go in your bedroom and you have 'lovetime'. But when a man comes along, who is not boyfriend, and says 'have special lovetime with a man who—' Ah, fuck it! When you get sucked into a gang and a guy tries to pimp you out as a prostitude, you gotta fuck men for money while watching the Bears."
      • J.J. Bittenbinder's advice on preventing date rape? Tell the girl to bite the guy's lip off:
        Mike: The mother says: "What do I do when my teenage daughter is in a compromising position with her boyfriend, who's a little too handsy?" And he is like: "Well, tell her to bite his fucking lip off! And spit it out!"
        Tim: (imitating Bittenbinder) Fuckin' punch in his crane-fuckin' eyes, I tell you that much.
        Mike: (imitating Bittenbinder) Spit his bloody lip out and say "Packers suck!" (imitating shocked mother) Oh, oh, oooh! (imitating Bittenbinder) I've given up with metaphores and any kind of nonsense. Fuck it. Fuck it!
        Tim: (imitating Bittenbinder) No more nonsense from dis here gai!
        Mike: (imitating Bittenbinder) When I'm talking about your "bathingsuit area", I'm talkin' about (bleep)! He wants to come after it, this fuckin' sicko from Milwaukee! He wants to fuck you in your (bleep) in the back of a van!
        Rich: (imitating Bittenbinder) He's a fuckin' Packers fan.
        Mike: (imitating Bittenbinder) He's probably a Packers fan and he wants to fuck your kids! (imitating shocked mother) Oooh! Oh, Detective Bittenbinder! What did we sign up for?
      • Rich's description of how Bittenbinder would do an anti-bullying seminar for kids:
        Jay: He doesn't tell a kid to call a single other kid "fat".
        Mike: He doesn't. He would tell them to shoot the other kid.
        Rich: (taking the Chicago accent for a spin) Look, if they call you "fat", you pull out a clock and you just start pluggin' that kid.
        Jay: It's though, but that's just life on da streets.
        Rich: (laughs) He's not goin' to ease up on you. You get some friends, and you all have baseball bats. You find where he lives. And you go over there — now, make sure you got abilis — then you knock his fuckin' door down, and beat his brains in.
    • From the It's a Steal! segment:
      • The segment starts off with Mike asking Tim to do the introduction, he then turns to Rich, sighs and Stage Whispers that he "can't do this any more."
      • The crew remarks quite a few time that the various kids featured in the video have a tedency to stare directly into camera while smiling just a bit too brighty comes, which across as somewhat unnerving.
        Adam: I want to thank the Lord for loving me. Even when I'm bad. Thanks Lord!
        (Scare Chord plays as the video slow down, making Adam's facial expression come across as an Empty Eyes and Slasher Smile combo)
    • The final exchange of the episode after Mike says Rich can't drink with J.J. Bittenbinder.
      Rich: I can't wait to shoot you in the face.
      Mike: (sighs) I can't wait to let you.
    • The episode ends with a reprisal of the upbeat credit music (the theme song "Shine") from Circle Square, and a Long List Theme Tune Roll Call, featuring (in order):
      • Mike
      • Jay
      • "Michelle Obama" ("Marcy" from Circle Square)note 
      • "Jason Bateman" ("Jayson" from Circle Square)
      • Rich Evans
      • "Tay Zonday" ("Martin" from Circle Square)
      • "Barbara" (the old woman Mike was laughing hysterically at in Power Aging)
      • Tim
      • "Child Bully"
      • Mark Lowry
      • "Hairstyle Lady"
      • "Tim Heidecker" ("John" from Circle Square)
      • "Fraulein Sausageball" from Power Aging
      • "Bubble Man"
      • "Dracula's Dance Partner"
      • Len "The Skewer" Cardinale
      • "Child COVID Victim"
      • And J.J. Bittenbinder (perhaps the first time in any RLM video where Rich Evans does not get the "And Starring" credit)