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All spoilers will be unmarked ahead.

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     2022 Episodes 
  • The first episode of 2022 has Rich, Jay, and Jack pick videos from the wall while blindfolded. The first few minutes of the video are Rich knocking the majority of the videos down and falling to the ground himself.
  • In Wheel of the Worst #23, since one of the videos is in Japanese without subtitles, they make up their own story for it.
    • They eventually put enough context together to realize that it's a video about AAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIDDDDDDDDDDSSSSSSSSS.
      • An alert commenter provides the context that Japanese speakers had for this tape: the title translates to "A Message From the Future - What We Want You to Know About AIDS".
      • Rich's legendary cry of "AAAAAAAAIIIIIIIDDDDDDDSSSSSSS" lasts for a full 20 seconds, is treated with reverb, and is backed with thumping house music. There's a noticeable cut near the beginning, too, implying that the actual audio lasted far longer.
      • After Rich finishes his sustained yell of "AIDS", Mike recycles a joke from The Nerd Crew. Jay states they can get away with repeating a joke twice if the comments section can recycle the same five jokes over and over again.
        Mike: Wow, Rich, you held on to that AIDS longer than Magic Johnson!
  • From "Plinketto #10" with Special Guest Jack Quaid:
    • Mike casually spoiling when he introduces Jack that he was the Ghostface Killer in Scream (2022) clearly throws Jack for a loop, and he seems to expect that it will be cut in editing. (When it wasn't, Jack put a spoiler disclaimer in his link to the episode on his Twitter.)
    • Jack's credentials for bringing his own bad movie choices to the RLM studio? He was the president of his high school Bad Movies Club.
    • Jack's "youthful energy" throughout (he is the youngest guest the show has ever had, and is over a decade younger than the rest of the gang) is constantly played for laughs. Mike exploits this when forcing him to hold a running pose (with one foot off the ground) as he reads the painfully long blurb on the back of the box for Stone Cold (deliberately stopping a few times just to screw with him).
    • The Running Gag involving Jack heading off to shoot Oppenheimer with Christopher Nolan — from the setup at the beginning, to the beats with each of the main three handing Jack a script, culminating in a perfectly executed punchline with (the other) Jack at the end.
    • Quaid guessing out loud that the weird made-up drug in Stone Cold was in the script because "they didn't have the rights to crack."
    • "It's okay. The glass ceiling and the 50-foot drop broke his fall!" - Rich Evans, 2022
    • A couple of moments from Bog had the gang almost crying, such as one character asking what kind of creature has a "hypodemic nerdle" for a mouth, or another seriously wondering if the monster could be "some kind of Dracula." This leads Jack on a tangent about a Norm Macdonald bit where he also refers to vampires as "Draculas" and winds up doing a pretty good impression of him.
    • An incredible amount of Bog is spent in a lab with the lead scientist and the town sheriff trying to figure out what the monster is and how it can be stopped with a lot of attention being given to its unnatural biology and eating habits. In the end they deal with it by just ramming it with a car.
  • From the Spotlight episode on Clash in the College:
    • The episode begins with a disclaimer explaining that none of the clips were edited by RLM and that they were all exactly as they were seen in the movie.
    • Throughout the movie there are shots where people, they think possibly the other actors, are visible in scenes they're not supposed to be in, including a scene in a car where there's clearly somebody laying in the back seat trying to stay off camera, and the scene in a KFC where the director is clearly seen milling about in the background.
    • At one point Mike is waving his hands around while talking and he knocks an open beer all over their Gremlin's prop to the panic of the three.
    • The majority of the movie takes place inside a hotel pretending to be other buildings despite obviously being a hotel. One of these scenes is supposed to take place in a doctor's office which has a framed picture of Marie Curie propped up against the wall on the table the characters are sitting at instead of hung on the wall, which they realize was because the hotel probably wouldn't have allowed them to hang anything up.
    • They crack up when the conservative student turns down a date with a girl by telling her, "sorry, I'm gonna be listening to Rush Limbaugh at that time." Jay comments that it's the exact moment when he should've realistically blown his chances with her.
    • Our main character stopping by the professor's house one night is for some reason depicted as a first-person walk through a dark house using night vision, which they say makes it look like he's ghost hunting.
  • Black Spine Junka 3.
    • One of the videos, Power Aging is about the elderly. Mike starts laughing to the point of tears at an elderly woman simply talking about COPD, prompting the others to question what is wrong with him.
      Woman on tape: And I was suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder.
      Mike: (covering his mouth with one hand to hide his laughter)
      Jay: That's just a lady.
      Rich: Yes, Mike. That's a woman.
      (moments later, after a list of health problems the woman on tape has overcome)
      Mike: (uncontrollable cackling)
      Jay: What are you even laughing at? The background?
      Mike: (through tears) No, the things that are wrong with her!
    • "Black balls! Mmm, my favorite!"
    • The group fails to be impressed with Mark Lowry's Mouth in Motion routine:
      • The little shot of Tim wincing when Lowry launches into a song about plastic surgery.
      • The admission that they stopped watching the tape after about ten minutes.
        Mike: He's the Bill Cosby of Christian comedians... He puts us all to sleep.
    • The crew finds quite a few things about the third tape, Power Pack: Take a Stand, an anti-bullying seminar for kids, to be rather questionable. Rich and Jay in particular graudually become outright antipathic towards the contents and Sherryll, the psychologist teaching the class.
      • Jay and Rich are quickly convinced that Sherryll's insistence on "demonstrating" examples of bullying, by making the kids roleplay the situations in front of the class, is really an excuse to bully children, both directly and vicariously.
        Sherryll: (while throwing crumbled paper balls at a kid) You're stupid! I hate you! You're never gonna get out of this class!
        Jay: (cracks up) There's some real aggression in that!
      • Jay considers the part where Sherryll calls Michael, the designated "fat kid" in the class, up front to participate in a "demonstration".
        Sherryll: Has anyone ever called you fat?
        Michael: (nonplussed) Mm-hm.
        Mike: (shocked) Aw, damn!
        Jay: Jesus Christ, lady!
        Sherryll: Yeah, okay? Do you have a choice about that?
        Michael: (still nonplussed) Uh-huh.
        Sherryll: So let's find out: Michael, you're fat!
        Mike: (covers his mouth with his hand in shock)
        Jay: Goddammit! This lady is the worst!
        Sherryll: Is that true about you?
        Jay: "Yeah?"
        Sherryll: No, it's not. You're not fat, you're big... But you're not fat.
        Michael: (visibly unsure how to respond)
        Sherryll: And are you ugly and disgusting?
        Mike: This is getting awkward.
        Jay: This is really awkward.
      • Rich becomes downright upset at some of the advice the video gives.
        Sherryll: How about "That's not nice"?
        Chloe: That's not nice.
        Rich: (making no attempt to hide his sarcasm) Oh, yeah, that'll work!
        (the rest of the crew applauds him)
        Rich: (genuinely incensed) YEAH, THAT'LL FUCKING WORK! (throws his can of soda at the TV)
      • At the conclusion, Rich calls the advice given by the video completely useless at best.
        Rich: "But-but, miss! Last week I took your advice and told my bully 'that didn't feel very good.' And then he said 'good!', and he started hitting me harder!"
        Mike: "I-I don't know what to do! My PhD! It didn't cover the bully not accepting your apology!"
    • The crew having quite a bit of fun with the host of Target Panic, Len Cardinale's choice of words in explaining the experience of being nervous while practicing archery, makes it sound like he is describing erectile dysfunction and hypersensitivity in men.
      Jay: (to Mike) I'm just picturing you editing this, and putting "splat" sound effects everywhere.
      ("splat" sound effect plays)
      Jay: ...And "boing" sound effects.
      ("boing" sound effect plays)
      Rich: And sometimes put the word "archery" in quotes.
    • After having watched several Too Smart for Strangers videos featuring goofy mascots clumsily and awkwardly deliver sugarcoated advice about avoiding child predators, the crew finds Street Smart: Straight Talk for Kids, Teens, and Parents with Detective J.J. Bittenbinder more upfront approach rather refreshing, especially as he gets increasingly blunt as the video goes on:
      Jay: Early on, he is like: "Don't let them touch you in your bathing suit area!" By the end, he's just like "They're gonna rape you!"

      Mike: In the middle, he's like: "When you love your boyfriend, and your boyfriend loves you, you guys go in your bedroom and you have 'love time'. But when a man comes along, who is not boyfriend, and says 'have special love time with a man who—' Ah, fuck it! When you get sucked into a gang and a guy tries to pimp you out as a prostitute, you gotta fuck men for money while watching the Bears."
      • J.J. Bittenbinder's advice on preventing date rape? Tell the girl to bite the guy's lip off:
        Mike: The mother says: "What do I do when my teenage daughter is in a compromising position with her boyfriend, who's a little too handsy?" And he is like: "Well, tell her to bite his fucking lip off! And spit it out!"
        Tim: (imitating Bittenbinder) Fuckin' punch in his crane-fuckin' eyes, I tell you that much.
        Mike: (imitating Bittenbinder) Spit his bloody lip out and say "Packers suck!" (imitating shocked mother) Oh, oh, oooh! (imitating Bittenbinder) I've given up with metaphors and any kind of nonsense. Fuck it. Fuck it!
        Tim: (imitating Bittenbinder) No more nonsense from dis here guy!
        Mike: (imitating Bittenbinder) When I'm talking about your "bathing suit area", I'm talkin' about (bleep)! He wants to come after it, this fuckin' sicko from Milwaukee! He wants to fuck you in your (bleep) in the back of a van!
        Rich: (imitating Bittenbinder) He's a fuckin' Packers fan.
        Mike: (imitating Bittenbinder) He's probably a Packers fan and he wants to fuck your kids! (imitating shocked mother) Oooh! Oh, Detective Bittenbinder! What did we sign up for?
      • Rich's description of how Bittenbinder would do an anti-bullying seminar for kids:
        Jay: He doesn't tell a kid to call a single other kid "fat".
        Mike: He doesn't. He would tell them to shoot the other kid.
        Rich: (taking the Chicago accent for a spin) Look, if they call you "fat", you pull out a Glock and you just start pluggin' that kid.
        Jay: It's tough, but that's just life on da streets.
        Rich: (laughs) He's not goin' to ease up on you. You get some friends, and you all have baseball bats. You find where he lives. And you go over there — now, make sure you got alibis — then you knock his fuckin' door down, and beat his brains in.
    • From the It's a Steal! segment:
      • The segment starts off with Mike asking Tim to do the introduction, he then turns to Rich, sighs and Stage Whispers that he "can't do this any more."
      • The crew remarks quite a few time that the various kids featured in the video have a tendency to stare directly into camera while smiling just a bit too brightly comes, which across as somewhat unnerving.
        Adam: I want to thank the Lord for loving me. Even when I'm bad. Thanks Lord!
        (Scare Chord plays as the video slow down, making Adam's facial expression come across as an Empty Eyes and Slasher Smile combo)
    • The final exchange of the episode after Mike says Rich can't drink with J.J. Bittenbinder.
      Rich: I can't wait to shoot you in the face.
      Mike: (sighs) I can't wait to let you.
    • The episode ends with a reprisal of the upbeat credit music (the theme song "Shine") from Circle Square, and a Long List Theme Tune Roll Call, featuring (in order):
      • Mike
      • Jay
      • "Michelle Obama" ("Marcy" from Circle Square)note 
      • "Jason Bateman" ("Jayson" from Circle Square)
      • Rich Evans
      • "Tay Zonday" ("Martin" from Circle Square)
      • "Barbara" (the old woman Mike was laughing hysterically at in Power Aging)
      • Tim
      • "Child Bully" (Dr. Sherryll Krazier from Power Play)
      • Mark Lowry
      • "Hairstyle Lady"
      • "Tim Heidecker" ("John" from Circle Square)
      • "Fraulein Sausageball" from Power Aging
      • "Bubble Man"
      • "Dracula's Dance Partner"
      • Len "The Skewer" Cardinale
      • "Child COVID Victim"
      • And J.J. Bittenbinder (perhaps the first time in any RLM video where Rich Evans does not get the "And Starring" credit)
  • Bad Movie Scavenger Hunt Too has Tim, Jack and Jay picking two options out of the bucket. Then Mike decides to make Jay pick one more, just because.
    • Mike clearly ends up wishing he was participating too, as he keeps shouting suggestions to all three guys.
    • Jack finally finds one that fits the time limit of less than 80 minutes, and it's Silk 2, the sequel to the first movie they abandoned during a viewing.note 
    • During one of the movies they complain how almost all the story is told as exposition so when a baby is found they joke that the baby will tell its backstory. Cue a character going into an exposition speech about the baby's "backstory", which is to say, its conception.
    • When time comes for Mike to select his Best Of The Worst tape, Jack asks everyone else to guess which he'll pick beforehand and show the numbers they guessed as Mike says it out loud. Everyone assumed he'd play the contrarian and pick Ultra Warrior.
    • After Mike notices the title screen for Ultra Warrior looks like a feminine hygiene product logo, the discussion quickly turns into wordplay involving every movie's title as though it were such a product. And after one of Mike's jokes doesn't land as intended, Jack drops this gem:
      Jack: You don't always hit with your jokes but we can count on you at least once a month.
  • Halloween 2022
    • After the main character of Night Killer receives a phone call threatening to rape her, the camera cuts to an overweight man walking out of a telephone booth across the street from her house, causing Mike to remark that he looks like Mr. Plinkett.
    • The opening of Evil Toons sees David Carradine hang himself, which causes the gang to burst out in howls of laughter. Harsher in Hindsight has never been so hilarious.
  • Albert Pyun Double Feature, a heartwarming...ish tribute to the B-movie auteur who passed away from terminal cancer a few days after airing. Thankfully, the gang has lots of nice things to say about him. Also thankfully, the movies - Cyborg and Arcade - still have enough bad about them to make fun of.
    • Throughout the entire episode, Rich periodically covers his mic with his hand, audibly muffling the hell out of his audio. Every time, editor Jay posts a message on screen: "Production Tip: Never completely cover your microphone with your hand and arm". It happens so much one of the messages says "Seriously!"
    • The whole crew can't stop being amused at Jean-Claude Van Damme's character in Cyborg being named Gibson Rickenbacker. (For those unaware, those are two brands of guitars.)
  • A Very Cannon Christmas II, in which the three action-packed Cannon flicks the gang choose for Christmas 2022 are Avenging Force, The Barbarians, and...Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo.
    • The opening bit has Rich claim he spent the last few months screening a series of bad Christmas movies only for Mike to reveal they're watching Cannon movies.
    • Mike attempts to compare the child falling off a roof and then getting shot in Avenging Force to a character falling down a very long flight of stairs in Breakin 2, but gloriously fucks up trying to remember Turbo and Ozone's character names.
      Mike: He got more fucked up than...than...z...than Zoops.
      Jay: ...who is Zoops? What are you talking about?
      Mike: Electric Boogaloo! Gooba and Zoops. What were their true names?
    • Even though Breakin 2 is on a double feature disc with the first movie, the crew decides to just skip the first one. When it comes time to discuss, they make up their own plot for the first movie to explain the events of the sequel. This is topped off by a Best of the Worst Fun Fact informing the viewer that nothing they have described happens in the original.
      • It gets to the point Rich gets confused about whether or not the events they're talking about were made up or not.
    • The Reveal that Rich has already seen Breakin' 2. During its theatrical run. At a double feature drive-in movie with Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock where they showed Breakin' 2 first and Rich spent the whole movie wondering where Spock was.
      Rich: I thought, "thank god I'll never need to watch this again".
  • It's not a real episode, but it's part of RLM's Bot W playlist so it's going here: We Finally Watched Nukie: The VHS Grading Video, in which Mike, Rich, and Jay explore the VHS tape speculation market and attempt to corner it themselves.
    • Mike explains the VHS speculation market as "playing the lottery with worse odds".
    • Mike gives Rich a Therapy Plus roller for his birthday and explains that it could theoretically be worth something due to the story behind it. Rich then refutes this claim by saying the most important thing in collectibles being worth something is "rarity relative to the number of people who give a shit".
    • As Mike goes through RLM's collectibles, he reveals that they have autographed props from a Froggy Fresh music video. "Remember Froggy Fresh?!"note 
    • To test the VHS grading market, RLM sends off six tapes to be graded: Jurassic Park, Rocky IV, Conan the Barbarian, Death Ring, Tentakills (which is a fake movie sent to see if the company would catch it - which they do, to their credit), and...Nukie. Which, yes, they do finally watch - and hate.
      • The majority of Nukie clips are just Miko the alien shouting for Nukie.
      • Miko's eyes don't blink at the same time.
    • Mike explains that there are several criteria that makes their Nukie potentially worth something: it's notorious for being bad and it's famous for being in RLM's own videos. The last criteria is rarity, so RLM decides to make their graded tape even more putting every other copy of Nukie they own through a fucking wood chipper.
      • Mike's pure joy at seeing the first tape get shredded. "OH, FUCK ME!"
      • Rich sets up a Darth Vader model to fire some tape remnants at. The sheer force of the Nukies knocks it clean over.
      • At one point, they start playing Miko's cries of "Nukieeeee!" over every tape they shred.
      • The last tape to go is one they were sent just that morning with a very nice fan letter - which also goes through the chipper.
    • When they are done destroying all the tapes, who do they make clean up the mess all by himself? Why Rich of course!
    • After destroying their collection, RLM puts the graded Nukie on eBay and declares they're going to donate half of what they make to St. Jude's and half to the Wisconsin Humane Society, because Nukie features both animals and children.
      • This tape ended up selling for $80,600, breaking the $75k record set by a copy of Back to the Future that prompted this very video and setting a new record for the largest ever donation to the Wisconsin Humane Society.

     2023 Episodes