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     2016 Episodes 
  • The highlight of Wheel of the Worst #10: Exploding Varmints, Part 1.
    • When the first two videos turn out to be duds, Rich and Jack proceed to rig the wheel with Exploding Varmints as the only possible video left to pick.
    • The priceless reactions to the video, due to the video using the necessary job of varmint extermination as an excuse to shamelessly show off constant (and gory) eradication of prairie dogs using excessively overpowered ammunition.
    • Part of their discussion of Exploding Varmints is explaining why they're not horrible people for laughing at the video of exploding varmints.
    • When it was time to pick Best of the Worst, Mike asks "Jay, what's your excuse?"
    • Rich Evans saying that Larry Lonic from the Motherlode video may be on the autistic spectrum. Mike says he can't say that, because everyone freaked out the last time he did.
      Rich: I don't give a shit. He's autistic. ["#autistic-shaming" appears over Rich] If people freak out, I don't know, grow a fucking backbone. ["#scoliosis-shaming"] Learn to take a comment you don't like and not freak out. Get laid! ["#infrequent-intercourse-shaming"] I'm Rich Evans. I've gotten laid, you can do it.
      Mike: Eww. I'd rather watch the Motherlode video again than think about that.
    • "I looked [Larry] up online. Thank God he's dead."
    • During the psychologist skit in Motherlode:
      Rich (as Psychologist): You know, I normally wouldn't advise this, but I think you should kill yourself. I'm writing you a prescription for a rope.
    • The kicker is the end of said skit, where it ends on a cliffhanger after Larry puts a blindfold on his psychologist.
      [As Larry takes out a blindfold from his pocket.]
      Mike: Oh my God. Aww jeez! I thought was gonna take his c*bleep*k out.
    • Jack mentions how small niche subcultures can be. Rich points out how they themselves are part of a niche of people who enjoy watching bad movies, and how the audiences can also intersect.
      Rich: Our audience likes AIDS and 9/11... and Star Wars. Star Wars, AIDS, and 9/11.
    • "What's our next tape Rich?" "HIV/AAAAAAAAIIIIDS and Older Americans".
      • When they speculate that the video is about older americans treating AIDS patients.
        Rich: (in old person voice) I got you some soup. Chicken soup will cure everything, except AAAAAAAAIIIIDS.
      • Just as a cherry on top, the video was made in September 2001.
        Mike: "I'm finally gonna help people with AIDS with this vid—oh, no!"
    • Mike's reaction to the cover of Babyvision:
      Mike: Five percent of the profits from the sale of Babyvision will be donated to the Guild for Infant Survival of SIDS. How does an infant survive SIDS? It's called 'suddent infant death syndrome'. You don't survive SIDS.
  • Mike's Troperiffic pre-typed Long List of the different elements crammed into Order of the Black Eagle that, in his words, "make it amazing that it's not the best movie we've ever seen."note 
    • Also in Order of the Black Eagle, they bring up a scene where a character runs over a mook's head with an ATV, in a way that looks like the actor ran over the stuntman by accident. Mike said it reminded them of the really well-done stunt in High Voltage, which they watched on their first Battle of The Genres. Jay says "That stunt was so good, you could watch it 20 times. Cue the clip being played 19 times. Rich points out the discrepancy, and when Mike says "one more time", they play it 20 more times.
    • On the first scene that introduces the baboon at a dinner party:
      Jay: They're all thinking it. "Is he fucking that baboon?"
    • During the discussion of Wired to Kill, Mike goes on a bizarre tangent, claiming that the wheelchair-bound protagonist was crippled by his sledgehammer-wielding, romantically-obsessed grandmother.
      Jay: You are writing your own fanfiction! You wrote Wired to Kill fanfiction as we were watching the movie!
      Rich: And he's shipping the son and the grandmother!
  • Best of the Worst's first Plinketto episode has an overly long gag of Rich Evans introducing the Plinketto machine, getting a ladder, climbing the ladder, realizing he doesn't have a puck, climbing down the ladder, moving the ladder, finding a puck, moving the ladder, back, climbing the ladder again then finally landing on a movie: Double Dragon.
    • The stereotypical "game show host" voice Mike and Jack put on when introducing Rich and Jay.
      Jay: Why is this board making everyone talk like a weirdo?
    • Dr. Butcher is such a tiring movie the discussion keeps getting derailed by other subjects. Since the movie is about people going to an island of cannibals, Rich Evans tells the audience "If you go on an expedition, and you're the only fat guy, don't get on the boat." The crew then start to discuss what kind of person would be the tastiest to eat. Eventually, they settle on Shaq as being pretty tasty. Mike then prods Rich Evans into saying "I want that juicy Shaq meat" for the express purpose of making a meme out of it. Just when it seems like Josh gets the discussion back to the movie, Rich Evans grabs his mic and says "I want that juicy Shaq meat" directly into it.
      • As a follow-up, Mike tries to get Rich to say "I want that bloody Magic Johnson meat."
        Rich: Look, we are only having Magic Johnson well done.
    • After Rich flubs a joke about the mailman thug in Double Dragon committing suicide, Mike encourages him to try again, only to interrupt him when he actually tries.
      Mike: The moment's passed, Rich.
      Rich: Y'know what? Go fuck yourself. What am I, Charlie Brown trying to kick a football?
      Mike: Nonono. You guys be quiet. Do another take of it. I'll even drink while you do it.
      Josh: [setting up the joke] Leave an exclamation point, not a question mark.
      Rich: ...Well, if he fell from higher, he would've left a lot of—
      Mike: Our next film is called Deathstalker.
    • When it comes time to pick the Best of the Worst, Josh picks Double Dragon, Mike picks "none", Jack picks the beer he's holding, and Rich picks Kazaam, because "it has a genie and I wish I never saw these movies".
      Josh: Am I seriously going to be the only person who fucking votes?
      Mike: He doesn't have to pick one if he doesn't want to.
      Josh: Since when?!
      Rich: Oh, wait, let me get out the "Best of the Worst" rulebook.
    • Near the end of the episode, when Mike threatens to destroy everything on the table, Josh takes Double Dragon and leaves.
    • The final words of the episode:
      Mike: Well, that concludes another episode of Best of the Worst.
      Josh: [raises his glass to the audience] Thank you. We'll never be back.
  • Wheel of the Worst #11 makes Rich Evans into one big Butt-Monkey again and again.
    • One of the video tapes involving Henry Winkler and children and he's giving a double thumbs up. Mike tries to goad and trick Rich into appearing as some kind of dirty minded pervert.
    • When describing a tape called How Can I Make Real Friends?, Mike says "Now, Rich, I know you know nothing about how to make real friends, but...", which makes Rich turn and walk away in silence.
      • Mike somehow misread How Can I Make Real Friends? as How Can I Get Naked Real Fast?
    • The Running Gag of Rich Evans throwing the Revenge tape on the floor whenever a joke is made about it at his expense.
    • At the end of the creepy How to Seduce Women Through Hypnosis Mike begins to tell a story how Rich used hypnotism to put him in a compromising position. Rich just sits sullenly and is implied to want revenge.
    • Everyone gives Rich crap and laugh for a long time when he calls a whoopie cushion a "fart bag."
    • When "detective" Quinn Vickers in the video makes a malaproper.
      Vickers: I have this client, whose best friend came to him, and talked him into investing in a real eskate scam.
      Mike and Jay: "Real eskate scam?"
      Rich: "Real eskate scam"...Dad?
    • When everyone's joking about the things they did to the "detective", Mike adds "And Rich put a bunch of (bleep) on your (bleep)!". Whatever he saidnote  caused Rich to go "For fuck's sake!" and throw the tape off the table again.
    • Mike knows how to get his revenge after watching "How To Get Revenge"
      Mike: Jack, it's time for you to spin the wheel, and you better land on something good. Cause I've learned plenty of ways to get revenge on you. I'm going to hypnotize and rape you... 'cause I really didn't learn anything from that last tape.
    • At one point, Jack correctly guesses that the next revenge plot will involve making people think that one of their sexual partners has syphilis, causing a very drunk Mike to flip over the ottoman and to lift one end of the couch, knocking Rich's drink onto the floor in the process.
      Mike: (screaming and laughing) FUCKING SYPHILIS! FUCK YOU, JACK! FUCKING SYPHILIS!
      Rich: I had a drink on there! It's all over the floor now!
    • Jack revealing that he's actually a woman and Rich disgustedly proclaiming that he had sex with him.
  • In Episode 41, Pocket Ninjas, Cyclone and Dangerous Men.
    • When reading the video box for Dangerous Men stating that it's full of "what the fuckery", they express doubt — followed by a hard cut to the reaction of the film's ending, with Jay screaming "WAIT, NO! WHAT??!?!?!" and Rich tossing cushions at the screen.
    • Pocket Ninjas had so many stupid and frustrating moments, that whenever there was a dumb scene, Rich took a random pillow in the room and lightly threw it at the TV.
    • Jack reached his breaking point near the end of the same movie, and threw everything, setting the bar higher for Rich, who decided he would out-throw Jack later with Dangerous Men.
      Youngest Ninja: Wow! Where'd you learn to fight like that?
    • By the time Pocket Ninjas starts its sixth training montage, all Rich can muster is to say "I have so much hate".
    • Rich Evans starts the discussion by taking a Five Hour Energy so that he can stay awake. He says it tastes "like burning". He takes advantage of leading the conversation to introduce the movies, just so he doesn't have to talk about any of them.
    • Jack is delighted to be given Pocket Ninjas to describe.
      Jay: (to Josh) You know what this means? It means that you or I have to talk about Dangerous Men.
    • Jay's sincere "Oh, fuck" when he realizes he's going to have to describe Dangerous Men.
    • The second scene of Cyclone are a closeup of breasts. Jack laughs, "Oh, Fred Olen Ray." Jay remarks that it's actually Foreshadowing, saying that that scene had a purpose, to remind the viewer breasts exist, and there's a place you can hide an important MacGuffin.
      Rich: (holds one imaginary boob) Setup. (holds the other imaginary boob) Setup. (bounces both) Payoff.
    • The crew point out how the female lead in Cyclone doesn't really do much in the movie, and it leads to this:
      Rich: The man shows up on a computer screen, tells her to go to another man who can handle the situation. And then, when the other man gets shot, she has to run away.
      Jay: And then wait for a tougher woman...
      Jack: ...who is clearly a lesbian — so, basically, a man — to save her.
      [everyone starts laughing and facepalming]
      Jack: Wow, that's... [looks to camera] Send your complaints to ""!
    • Dangerous Men was a baffling movie, but it was only when the movie ends on a freeze frame of two characters that have had barely any screen time and a woman that had just been introduced that it set off another Rich Evans rampage.
      Jay: (baffled) So...this movie took 26 years, not to finish, but to just stop being made.
    • During the whole episode, Rich is wearing a shirt, sent in by a fan, that says "Rich Wants That Juicy Shaq Meat", complete with a picture of Shaq's face covering the entire back.
      • With Josh's disdain for how the last episode went, Rich tries to reassure him by saying that the're going to actually talk about the movies they watch. The first movie? Steel, starring Shaq. Josh's response? Taking the DVD, leaving the building, and throwing the DVD into Lake Michigan.note 
  • Wheel of the Worst #12:
    • Rosanne, the woman performing the ventriloquism with Ms. Udderly, is able to throw her voice, but not without making faces, which makes her look like a nutcase whenever the puppet talks. At one point, she seems to look offscreen and shake her head with a look of contempt as she tries to teach Ms. Udderly about the letter P.
    • Rich wondering what a Vulcan children program would be like:
      Rich: (monotone) This is just a puppet. It is not an actual cow. These are the letters you are required to learn: A... B... C... D... There will be a quiz.
  • Plinketto #2:
    • Rich Evans calling out the YouTube comments for the number of "Is X replacing Y?" jokes.
    • The Running Gag of Rich Evans doing a Totally Radical "WHOOOOOOOA" during every scene with a skateboard trick. During the scene where the skateboard flies, he does one that lasts 10 seconds.
    • Since Wilford Brimley is one of the main characters in Mutant Species, they wonder if Dan Haggerty and Dom DeLuise had diabetes.
      Jack: [Dom] had...Dom DeLubetes?
      Rich: That's where you need insulin and Burt Reynolds to get by in life.
    • After bringing up that the love interest for the main character in Skateboard Kid is technically his step sister by the end of the movie, Mike says "it's like The Brady Bunch but with more fucking". Rich Evans laments that "no one fucked Dom De Luise".
      • This sets off an entire discussion over how Dom DeLuise could accidentally get someone pregnant, and how he himself could get pregnant. Squick, Crosses the Line Twice, and Funny galore.
      • The high point was probably when Jay, after all of the candid and ridiculous sex jokes at Dom DeLuise's expense, simply had to correct a grievous falsehood that had taken root in their discussion: Dom DeLuise doesn't play racketball.
    • When Mike landed on "Player's Choice", he picked the one that starred Denise Crosby (Lt. Tasha Yar from Star Trek: The Next Generation). When it was voted as the tape to be destroyed, Rich Evans proposed that it should be killed by a tar monster. The final scene of the episode is the VHS box for the movie edited into Tasha Yar's death scene.
  • Parole Violators features a scene in an auto shop where the characters have to yell at each other to be heard over the noise... despite the fact that the noise isn't very loud. Colin then says "What?"note , obviously to mock the poor audio mixing. The very next thing out of a character's mouth is a genuine "What?". Colin somehow managed not to do a Spit Take.
    • When Colin is reading the back of the case for Parole Violators, the description mentions the antagonist being a convicted child molester on parole. Rich Evans immediately puts his head in his hand and walks away, shouting from off-camera "I'm through with rape!".
    • Mike: I think I'm traumatised by all these movies. I think I just know what's gonna happen. It's like... the minutes leading up to an execution...
      Jim: [with utmost enthusiasm] Future Force!
      Mike: [laughs]
    • After watching Future Force, they talk about how David Carradine and Cameron Mitchell are very similar, in that they were both action movie stars before becoming alcoholics. Rich Evans says that the two should have starred in a movie together about two washed up alcoholic detectives. Colin says that they should use that de-aging CGI to make a virtual David Carradine.
      Colin: My God, his eyes look so lifeless... It's perfect!
    • In Geteven, they mention that John DeHart has terrible stage presence, and that his wide-eyed stare while singing on stage makes him look like a Deer in the Headlights, or that someone is pointing a gun at him from off-camera.
    • "Geteven" is such a Gary Stu wish fulfillment of writer/star/co-director John DeHart in which he is a "talented" action hero, country singer, and comedian. Despite his terrible stage presence, the entire club is dancing and cheering him on. A waiter he continually tells bad jokes praises his wit. Women find him irresistible.
    • There is an excruciating sex scene in which the topless Playboy Playmate Pamela Jean Bryant slowly bobs up and down in DeHart's lap as one of his terrible songs plays. The guys begin substituting their own lyrics: "Do you want to ruin your life?"
    • Since each movie got at least one vote from the panel, they didn't want to destroy any of them. Rich Evans proposes that, since each of the movies had their entertaining parts, they should "destroy" them by combining them into one superior movie, titled Parole Force Violators; Even. They do just that by ending the episode with a montage of clips from all three movies, somewhat connected to each other, all set to "Shimmy and Slide" by John DeHart.
  • The 2016 Halloween Special:
    • When Mike looks at the cover for Scary or Die, Corbin Bleu's name is partially obscured by a sticker, so he says that the movie stars "Bill Oberst Jr. and a Cordon Bleu chicken".
    • Rich Evans seems to be doing a hand chopping gesture every time he is emphasizing how the production on the movies feels rushed, so a karate chop sound effect is edited in every time he does it.
    • Introducing the second movie of the night, Jack admits that he has completely forgotten what it was. Jay kicks himself for revealing the title himself instead of just handing the discussion straight over to Jack and letting him freeze up trying to remember.
      Jack: They didn't tell me I was gonna be on the panel, so I got drunk.
      Josh: Oddly enough, I wanted to be on the panel, so I got drunk.
    • Jay mishears Rich, and thinks he says that the robots in Chopping Mall will "hump down" the adults instead of "hunt them down". Jay interprets this as the robots' motivation being just to get laid.
      Rich: (in robot voice) Trump-bots! Grab them by the pussy!
    • Discussing Exorcist II: The Heretic, Jack does an admirable job trying to explain Pazuzu's motivation, only to screw it up at the last minute by confusing Linda Blair with Linda Hamilton.
    • Jay says he feels like he's in a bizarro world because Rich and Jack are defending the weirdness of Exorcist II, while he and Josh, who usually like the artsy movies with symbolism, are saying it's bullshit.
    • At the end of the episode, Chopping Mall is unanimously picked as Best of the Worst over Exorcist II. Since all of them picked a straightforward B movie over a high-budget lofty movie, Rich Evans points and looks to the camera and says "Suck on that, metaphors!"
    • While the crew were discussing which movie to destroy, a Malaproper from Rich brings us this tidbit.
      Jay: So what film do we want to destroy, if any?
      Rich: [really fast] Scare or Die.
      Jay: Skate or Die!?
      Rich: [slowly] Scare or Die.
      Jay: The video game? I remember Skate or Die!
      Rich: [in a Totally Radical tone] Let's trash Scare or Die!
      Jack: [as a picture of beer bottles fades in] We should destroy Scare or Die with a sweet skateboard move like grinded on a rail with a-
      Jay: So, Josh. Is there any film that you wanna destroy?
      Josh: Oh, I'd love to destroy Scary or
    • At the end, Rich pointing out that the set for the Halloween episode is for some reason a random backyard instead of anything actually related to Halloween. Jack then begins digging through the fake grass to expose the studio floor underneath it.
  • In Wheel of the Worst #13, their attempt to watch a third tape that wasn't incredibly boring led to them watching (at least some of) every single tape on the wheel. That is why all eight tapes are lined up on the table during the discussion. Josh described it as an episode that truly went Off the Rails.
    • When Jack starts talking about the main molester, he calls him the "Slow Burn" Molester. Cue a freeze frame title card of the guy, complete with a guitar riff.
    • "I wanna molest that kid!
    • Mike theorizes that the reason why Corny, the alien protagonist of the Stranger Danger video, attracts so many paedophiles and child molesters is because his species have four buttholes. Jack theorizes that Corny emits a pheromone that attracts older people to him, and Josh thinks that's it's simply because the molesters have gotten bored of the human kids that they're going after him.
      Jay: They're looking for something exotic.
    • The Running Gag of accusing Rich Evans of having a Beanie Baby collection.
    • Mike really wanted to land on Bear Attacks at the start, so he and the panel were disappointed to have the tape be mostly talking about bear attacks than showing them.
      Man in Denim: It's our heartfelt desire, not only to help learn more about the bear, but to help you avoid a bear attack, and even stop one.
      Mike: What if we don't want to stop one?
      Narrator: The subject of bear attacks has the potential to lead the public into thinking that every bear is a killer. That is simply not true.
      Mike: Hahaha, no it is.
      Rich: Why don't you go up to them and find out?
    • The group realizes the similarity in setup between their show and the How to Spot Counterfeit Beanie Babies tape. They then extrapolate from that.
      Josh: We are on public access, right?
      Mike: Somewhere, Becky, Becky, and Vicky are watching us, going "These weirdos are talking about weird video tapes"
      Jay: "Why would they waste their time on such an inconsequential thing?"
    • The group all agreed that Safe Crossing: An Egg-celent Idea looks like it was made by Wes Anderson. Jack called it "unintentional artistry".
  • For their 2016 Christmas special, the theme for the episode was "Christmas or Crocodile" (Each wrapped gift was either a Christmas movie or a movie with a crocodile/alligator in it). When Jack asks whose idea it was, the camera pans over to Rich Evans. Since Rich is holding the other camera, he rotates it to face himself.
    • The group were looking for a reason as to why Repligator was made, and came to the conclusion that the creator of the movie was a pervert who suffered a back injury and made and sold a "movie" to pay for the medical bills, and scammed his insurance by having an "on-set accident". (They are genuinely impressed by the violent stunt, calling him a "hero" for tumbling over his desk and awkwardly crashing into the ground, the office chair toppling over him.)
    • When Mike unwraps Johnson Family Christmas Dinner as the second movie, he acts surprised at Rich's pick to put under the tree. Rich grabs his lapel mic, and directly says "He's a fucking asshole. He's been wanting to watch this for months. He's been looking forward to it."
      • Johnson Family Christmas Dinner gets the loudest "WHAT?!?!" ever on the show with its No Ending, louder even than Dangerous Men.
      • Jay and Rich pick Johnson Family Christmas Dinner for Best of The Worst, not just for the unintentional humor, but for ending earlier than they expected, seemingly in the middle of the last scene. Mike compares it to getting out of jury duty, and Jay said that that was the most abrupt ending he'd seen since Dangerous Men.
      • They lose it during Johnson Family Christmas Dinner when the alcoholic brother dramatically says he's just gonna enjoy his wine, then takes a sip so shallow the wine in the glass very clearly doesn't even get close to his mouth.
      • When the whole family goes to bed apparently without actually eating dinner and the shots of them sleeping are very clearly shot during broad daylight, they joke the the entire family are actually all vampires, only to be caught off guard to see one of them sleeping standing up in the corner of the bedroom with his arms folded like a vampire in a coffin.
      • When the pot-smoking teenage son character finishes smoking in the bathroom and somebody goes to use it, he tells her he just "smelled it up" and that she should "use the master bedroom" instead. They know he probably meant to use the bathroom in the bedroom, but they spun off an entire subplot where she just shits on the bed and everyone is now wondering who did it, which they say would've completely saved the movie if they had actually done that.
      • Their confusion with the movie's subplot about two family members having car trouble and being unable to make it to the dinner, since at first the characters said the problem was with the oil because they bought it from "an Arab dude that made his own oil" only to then later say they just ran out of gas. They spun another entire sequel off of this where the two are kidnapped and the family need to go to the middle east to save them, Johnson Family Invade Iraq and Johnson Family Desert Storm.
    • Rich unwraps Gator Face as the third movie to watch, but when he sees that's a family comedy, he says he's just going to pretend to accidentally drop it on the ground. He does just that, including stepping on it and trying to fix it by breaking it in half, claiming it was a horrible accident.
    • While watching Alligator, the movie they ended up watching instead, Rich lets out a bored sigh, and Jay tells him to re-spool the Gator Face tape. The episode ends with Rich apologizing to Gator Face post-mortem, and avenging it by destroying every present they didn't open.
    • When they're talking about the little girl character in Alligator calling out the mustached man because he just wants to "suck mommy's breasts", Jay looks to camera and says "I'd just like to remind people that this is our Christmas episode."
    • When asked for his Best of the Worst, Jack says that he doesn't feel like any of the movies truly represented him, and chose not to vote.
      Rich: So you're saying you're okay with all of them being Best of The Worst?
      Jack: What I'm saying is I'm comfortable with any of them being Best of the Worst because I don't want to choose one of them.
      Mike: No vote is still a vote for Trump...You negated my vote! Thanks, democracy!
      • The end of the same bit basically drops the small amount of subtlety.
        Rich: Thanks, Jack. Now we're stuck with the Johnson Family Christmas Dinner.
        Jay: The movie that no one really wants, but now here it is, it's Best of the Worst...
        Rich: It doesn't even want to go to the daily security briefings!
        Mike: And it's picking the worst people for its cabinet!
     2017 Episodes 
  • Mike's Cold Open introduction for the Plinketto board for Plinketto #3:
    Mike: Hey, everyone! It's back! Tall, wide, and filled with nonsense...why it's Josh! And also the Plinketto board!
    • Rich Evans constantly riffing during Josh's attempted explanation of The Survivor, including:
      • Suddenly SHOUTING! "Oh my God, this is so fucking boring!" while Josh is talking
      • Wondering if the audience is just bewildered while watching
      • Grabbing his lapel mic and saying "No one gives a shit" directly into it.
      • Asking Mike if YouTube keeps track of when people stop watching a video.
        Mike: Yes, they do. And it's right about now. [to audience] Goodbye!
        Rich: Have a nice night, everybody!
        Mike: Just check out now. Wait for the second ad break, then check out.
    • In a complete clash with what they were expecting, the buddy cop movie starring famous comedic actors they were anticipating to be good (Keaton's Cop) ends up being terrible, and the family sci-fi movie they were dreading (Space Raiders) becomes their unanimous pick for Best of the Worst.
    • Rich Evans pretending to smother himself with a pillow while watching Keaton's Cop.
    • The discussion of Keaton's Cop leads to them talking about old people fucking.
      Rich: There's probably some kind of old folks home porn out there somewhere.
      Josh: Rich, I'm gonna tell ya, I'm gonna say this on camera right now; I've had friends who have worked at old folks homes, they masturbate so much.
      Mike: ...Your friends who work at the old folks homes?
      Josh: The old folks.
      Mike: Oh. I thought you were ratting out your friends.
      Josh: Well they might, too. They might, too, I'm not judging that, I'm not judging any of it. But old people, they're just jacking and jilling all day long.
    • There's a touching moment in Space Raiders where Peter revives Han Solo-expy Hawk, except it looks tremendously wrong...
      Rich: This movie is rated very highly amongst pedophiles...
    • The episode ends in a "YEAH!" Shot... for everyone except Josh, who continues to explain why Space Raiders was a good movie, all the way until the credits.
      Mike: Space go, girl!
  • From Episode 49, Rich's explanation of Future Zone, the sequel to Future Force:
    Rich: David Carradine — who was the star of the previous installment — in the early 90's he made a follow-up where he teams up with his son and then they go on, like, cop dramas. And then when Kung Fu: The Legend Continues failed as a series, he made Future Zone.
    • The panel agrees that the reason Roger Corman is successful is because of his smooth, calm, and enunciative voice. Rich Evans immediately says "I'm doomed!"
    • Everyone agrees that Skateboard Kid 2 ranks much lower than the original on the "Woah-o-meter"
    • When Jack laughs at a joke Rich makes during Skateboard Kid 2, it cuts to George McFly laughing the exact same way.
    • The group talks about how Ted Prior should go back in time and save Carradine from his death by auto-erotic asphyxiation, and how awkward that rescue would be.
    • When John Tucker screams, "I'M GONNA GET DRUNK!", Rich laughs louder and harder than he ever has on the show since the Jesus take from the S.O.S. video. The others suspect that the line wasn't scripted.
    • For Carnosaur 2, they continually remark on how the film ripped off Aliens, calling the child character "Nnnnnnooo-Newt", "Newt Conner", and so on with remarks like "Not-Ripley", "Not-Newt", "Not-Bill Paxton".
  • For their 50th episode, Freddie Williams returns as part of the new "Selection Series", where one person picks all three tapes. Freddie's criteria for his picks? How cool the box art looked. Mike said he was literally judging the tapes by their covers.
    • Their confused reaction to the Ooh, Me Accent's Slipping moments when the British cast of Slaughter High lose their American "High School" accents.
    • Mike makes two spot-on predictions, one of which was just a joke, while watching two of the movies. Since Rich tends to make accurate predictions, Mike says that he's Rich's padawan learner. Rich says he's using his own power to hold Mike back.
    • Rich repeats the word "unconscious" to get the pronunciation right, but unintentionally draws attention to it by repeating it. Rich's explanation just makes it more awkward.
      Mike: Don't worry, Rich. I'll edit all this out.
      Rich: You mean in, repeatedly?
    • At one point during Kill Point, they say the movie took them to such a dark place that they found themselves actively rooting for Cameron Mitchell to murder a woman and her baby for making too much noise.
  • Wheel of the Worst #14:
    • As they discuss what films are on the Wheel this time, the existence of "Casual Slipcovers" (a VHS concerning making furniture slipcovers) is noted, causing Rich and Mike to pause in awkward silence. Rich then slowly turns the Wheel to the next tape, prompting Mike to call him out for taking his time as if Mike wanted to stay on it.
    • Mike calls out Rich for mispronouncing Joy Cowley's name as Joe Cowley when reading... only for Rich to then promptly mispronounce "meet":
    • Hospital Clowning has the host make so many amateur mistakes that it adds to the pure-hearted charm of the video.
    • An educational tape called Wormania is the last thing you'd expect to have an undercurrent of sexuality. But not only does it go over how worms reproduce in highly explicit detail (such as how they're hermaphrodites, providing visual aids on the mechanics, and songs that include the word "sperm" several times), it all hits a high point when, completely unprompted, the teenage boy actor responds to the worm lady asking him to fill a balloon with water by saying "Gladly" in the most sexually provocative way he can muster. Absolutely none of the guys were able to wrap their brains around that one.
    • Mike and Josh's worm song:
      Mike: I got a worm in my [bleep] / I got a worm in my [bleep] / My worm's gonna go in the [bleep] / My worm's gonna go in the [bleep] / Rich Evans wants my worm in his [bleep] / He's always asking for my worm in his [bleep] / It gets unconformable when he asks me for, uh, these questions / It gets unconformable when he asks me these questions. [Entire table but Rich breaks down laughing.]
    • "I do not think we're gonna see a cartoon octopus smoking eight cigarattes." Cue footage from the tape of a smoking cartoon octopus. To take it even further, during the discussion, Mike somehow got it in his head that he had predicted that there would be a smoking cartoon octopus. The editor (Jay) made sure that this error was not lost on the audience.
    • Mike's incredibly excited reaction to Octopuff in Kumquat, which results in the Wheel of the Worst being knocked over and split in half, necessitating a whole new wheel to be built. Even better, Octopuff in Kumquat ends up being a total disappointment.
    • Right off the bat, Jay gives a glowing review of "A Day Full of Joy".
      Jay: [W]e're gonna talk about "A Day Full of Joy", with Joy Cowley, who I think I might hate more than anyone ever. This is an ego project, for Joy Cowley. She's a Kiwi, she's from New Zealand-
      Rich: (quietly) You racist.
      Jay: And this video is all about how amazing she is, how interesting she is, how great her children's books are, which are the worst fucking things ever...
    • None of the guys are impressed by Joy Cowley's children's books.
      [After reading "The Meanies Came To School"]
      Joy Cowley: Did you like that story?
      Jay, Rich, and Josh: Nooooooooooooo!
      Joy: Would you like to be a meanie?
      Rich and Josh: Yessssssssss!
    • When Joy is talking about her farm, she pets one of her sheep... which makes a chicken noise.
      Jay: The fuck is this?!
      • As the video progresses and Joy prattles on and on about herself, you can tell that out of everyone in the room, Jay was the most annoyed.
      • Though Rich wasn't too pleased either.
    • The video ends with the group once again mourning the death of the Wheel, with Josh in particular ranting about how this definitely means "Wheel of the Worst" is dead, since it's not like one of them, Rich in particular, built the Wheel and can easily either repair it again or, failing that, just outright build a new one.
      Josh: It just appeared one day, there's no way we're getting this thing back!
      • "It went out like a bitch. It just fell over. The Wheel of the Worst was done in by the American Lung Association..."
  • Len Kabasinski returns for Episode 52, and meets Jay eye-to-eye in height in the Cold Open. The camera pans down to show that Jay is standing on a box. Another easy to miss joke; the video Jay is checking out is called Aids.
  • In a first for the show, Mike, Rich, and Jay do a single-film review, and of Hollywood Cop. Although the case they show on the table is for Hollywood Homicide, the flopped 2004 Harrison Ford action movie.
    • When they mention Cameron Mitchell's Tums rant, Jay points out his favorite line of the rant, "Every day ends with a Tums festival!" Rich says that that line was in Samurai Cop, not Hollywood Cop. Jay looks at Rich like he's crazy, and Rich vehemently defends himself. Meanwhile, the edited episode clearly shows that the Tums line was in Hollywood Cop. And every time Rich tries to say he's right, the clip of the line is edited in, multiple times.
      • Mike, knowing full well that Rich is wrong, says he doesn't remember the line either, both egging Rich on and making Jay think he's going insane.
      • The credits play over Rich googling "Tums Festival", with text at the bottom pointing out how ridiculous that is.
      • Knowing how the edit humiliates Rich for being wrong, it makes sense to see "Edited by Jay Bauman" in the credits.
  • Wheel of the Worst #15 opens with Rich heavily duct-taping the Wheel in order to do the video when Jim and Colin show up. Without a moment's hesitation, they proceed to shove the Wheel over to break it... only for Rich to clarify that they're going to be using the new Wheel (of Misfortune).
    • The video features several explanations of jokes so that millenials will understand them.
      Jim: And part Mark David Chapman.
      A little help... for millenials: Mark David Chapman shot and killed John Lennon in December of 1980. John Lennon was one of The Beatles. The Beatles were a very popular band. Their influence in music can still be heard today!
    • Jim and Colin spin the wheel together, but try to spin it in opposite directions, causing Rich to laugh. This then leads to an explanation to millenials about what clockwise means, and what a clock is.
      • Several commenters noted how appropriate it was that the inaugural spin of the new Wheel was a complete failure.
    • Golden Road, about why old people shouldn't drive. It begins with a woman recounting a story of her mother getting into the car and plowing into the building in front of her. Mike demands they do a dramatic reenactment.
    • Their discovery that automotive engineers have specially designed suits that simulate being an old person driving a car.
    • Hangin' with Leo advertises on the box that it has footage of Leonardo Dicaprio at the beach. It's just one shot, filmed through a hole by the stalker. And they even point out in the video that Leo has a bit of a gut.
    • The segue into the last tape, Telepathic Communication with Animals.
      Jim: Penelope Smith is a telepathic communicator with animals.
      Rich: (laughs)
      Jim: Of all kinds...she, uh, she helps people communicate, um... with horses, ducks...
      Rich: (laughs)
    • Rich bluntly asks Mike if he believes in telepathic animal communication since he also believes in ghosts.
      Rich: Okay, Mike? You believe in ghosts. Do you also believe in this crazy thing?
      Colin: (laughs)
      Mike: I find the paranormal fascinating. That doesn't mean I believe in ghosts. No! This video is crackpot central.
    • Rich mentions efforts by Josef Stalin to create an ape-man hybrid super soldier.
      Rich: That's why Stalin had to counter that with his hybrid ape-human program.
      Colin: What, was that real!?
      Rich: That's a real thing.
      Colin: Whaaaat!?
      Rich: Supposedly... it's a real thing I heard, I don't know if it's actually true, but I have heard that Stalin tried... to... force—
      (Mike covers his mouth in order to prevent a Spit Take; it doesn't work; everyone laughs)
    • Rich's idea to prove Penelope Smith is a fraud; Have her do a psychic reading on Koko, the famous gorilla who knows sign language, and then have Koko explain that Penelope is wrong.
    • When talking about Penelope acting as a polygraph test for dogs, Mike comes out with this.
      Mike: Pollywannacrackergraph?...A test for a parrot?
      Rich: (laughs)
      Mike: "Do you not want a cracker?" (screech)
      Rich: Mike, that is so dumb it's funny! (laughs)
      Mike: "You're lying, you do want a cracker!" (screech)
    • When discussing how they should destroy Hangin' With Leo, Rich just takes the tape and starts smashing it against the edge of the table. After doing significant damage, he removes the cover.
      Rich: Thunder Cats? This is the wrong tape!
  • In Best of the Worst: The Sweeper, Empire of the Dark, and Mad Foxes, the guys have a strange fascination with baseball jokes, instituting a counter for how many pop up. The final count is 5... unfortunately, they counted 4 twice, so it should be 6.note 
    • Rich is unenthusiastic at the prospect of yet another new series.
      Josh: This is the Remote Selection series, where we watch movies that someone picked who's not even here.
      Rich: ...W-we need a new series for that? Can't we just watch the movies? As if it were a normal episode? Why does everything have to be a fucking gimmick?! We can't just a normal fucking episode?! Wheel, Plinketto, Selection, Premium ser- just read the fucking box like it's a normal goddamn episode!
      Jack: Fine, read it, fine, fine.
      Rich: [calmly] ...The Sweeper.
    • The crew compares The Sweeper's car chase across a boardwalk to the mall sequence in The Blues Brothers, and briefly dubbing the Brothers' theme song into the former as bystanders bounce off the bad guy's windshield and fall into the ocean.
    • Mike describes the main character in Empire of the Dark as "a tax accountant by day, and a badass ninja fighter by day-for-night". He quickly declares it "Joke of the Show".
    • The guys come up with a theory that there is a psychological need for pathetic, schlubby men who decide to star in self-funded action movies purely to stroke their own ego to wear black tank tops in said movies. They cite as evidence, not only the movie they're discussing, Empire of the Dark, but also Geteven and legend of Best of the Worst cinema Double Down. note 
    • Their amazed reaction to Joe Pilato of Day of the Dead (1985) with his hair sprayed gray and a stilted old man walk playing a meek old professor in Empire of the Dark.
      • They are even further amazed to see him saving the protagonist in the climax by somehow finding his way to hell with a shotgun, only to get ripped in half by the demon. After their collective Big "WHAT?!", Rich in particular is so shocked that his voice goes up more than a few octaves.
        Everyone: WHAT!?
        Jay: Oh my God, Joe Pilato!
        Rich: JOE PILATO!? HOW IS HE HERE NOW!?...WHAT!?
        Jay: What a twist!
        Mike: 'Cause they—they killed his daughter, remember?
        Jay: Sure, but—
    • Rich reading the back of the Mad Foxes box, largely because the box is written entirely in German. Given the number of replays poking fun at Rich's flubbed lines normally, some people joked that Rich is actually more fluent in German than he is in English.
    • Their discussion of Mad Foxes and how it manages to mix together a Random Events Plot with copious amounts of Fetish Retardant, including two characters having sex in what they call a "piss tub" and a scene of them making love outside as the camera zooms in on the man's unwashed anus.
      Jay: Well, while they were riding on the horses, that's when I was worried that we were gonna get some sort of weird bestiality scene.
      Rich: (in Spanish accent) "I have idea for great scene! Woman get licked out by horse!"
      (Jay breaks down laughing.)
    • Rich's perfectly timed and delivered Precision F-Strike during the transition to the Mad Foxes discussion.
    • The Running Gag of Rich chowing down on an ever increasing number of Tums, both as a reference to his now infamous "Tums festival" incident during the Hollywood Cop episode and his version of I Need a Freaking Drink. It very quickly leads into a discussion about using greasy, spicy food to counter the side effects of eating too many Tums and Rich being cloned to fight Xenomorphs.
  • The second spotlight episode features The Last Vampire on Earth by Vitaliy Versace, a shameless knock-off of Twilight, but with a few... surprises.
    Mike: Well, um, let's get to the elephant in the room, and that's AIDS.
    • The set-up for the video: Mike has set up a collection of Colin's favorite bad films, and he gets to pick the topic of the video. Cut to a shelf filled with "Nukie" VHSes... from which Colin pulls out "The Last Vampire on Earth" upon closing his eyes to pick randomly.
    • They theorize that the director, Vitaly Versace, is actually a Sacha Baron Cohen invention.
    • They compare the movie's lead actor to Shrek, and how he's still treated as if he was as handsome and mysterious as Robert Pattinson.
      Jay: But the movie treats it as if he's the Robert Pattinson. That's the weirdest kind of juxtaposition. They treat him like he's brooding, sexy vampire man.
      Colin: No he's not. He looks like a serial killer.
      Mike: Yeah, they cast this guy. And I could see wh— There's two things, like, he's really handsome and looks like Robert Pattinson, but can't act, or he can act really well and looks like Shrek. But this guy has the worst of both qualities. And it's amazing.
      Jay: It feels almost like this movie was made as a practical joke on that lead actor. Like just to embarrass him.
      Rich: (Laughs as his face turns red)
    • The movie included interviews with the director and actors. The only nice thing Vitaliy Versace can say about Not-Robert-Pattinson is that he showed up on time.note  There's also a part where he asks Not-Kristen-Stewart what her favorite scene was, which is followed by a long, awkward pause.
    • Mike brings up the he, Rich and Jay created a cartoon character named Sergio many years ago, who was a Funny Foreigner who wants to move to America to become a film director, but is Giftedly Bad. He points out that Vitaliy Versace embodies that character. Later, Rich accuses Mike of actually creating Versace just to troll RedLetterMedia. Mike just chuckles.
    • In order to fully rip off Twilight, the people behind the movie went out of their way to write and publish a book version of the movie before making the movie, just so they could say that the movie was based on a book like Twilight is. The book is 99 pages long, with large-print font and "illustrations" that are either stock images ripped off Google or pictures of the actors. And then they discover that the Versace Entertainment logo is on the back, but the T is cut off.
      Colin: "Versace Entertainment".
      Jay: But the T is cut off! Everything is wrong!
      Colin: Oh yeah, that's right!
      Rich: The T is cut off!?
      Colin: Yeah, look at this, "Versace Entertainmen".
      Rich: (laughs with silly music)
    • Not-Kristen-Stewart's family is shown eating a wholesome dinner after church, but the director clearly just bought some KFC and tried to pass if off as if they made it.
    • They ponder why a 3000-year-old vampire is going to community college.
      Rich: Look, he's gonna fucking ace the Dracula course, alright? It's a fucking easy A for a vampire.
      Colin: Every time you say "A" I thought you were gonna—
    • Not-Kristen-Stewart's little brother discovers that Not-Robert-Pattinson is a vampire when he overhears them talking. When he goes to tell his mom, she just tells him that they're rehearsing for the Dracula play at school. When he says that he heard Not-Robert-Pattinson saying food makes him sick, she suddenly believes him.
      Rich: (laughs) Well that's the final piece to the puzzle! Obviously my daughter's friend is a vampire!
      Colin: There's no way KFC can be making you sick.
    • When Not-Kristen-Stewart pulls a gun on the angry mob to try and save Not-Robert-Pattinson, a gun that she found just lying around in a cabinet full of food, the crew notices that the actress doesn't even have her finger on the trigger.
    • Jay compares Not-Kristen-Stewart's brother to a Garbage Pail Kid. Rich corrects him and calls him a Cabbage Patch Kid.
    • They point out that Not-Robert-Pattinson is shown to have super speed, which he uses to play ping pong by himself, and despite this, he ends up being captured by "a fried chicken lady and her fat son."
  • Plinketto #4: Rich Evans is Unimpressed
    • Jack's Bait-and-Switch Comparison for Little Bigfoot.
      Jay: Little Bigfoot, starring a hideous monster.
      Jack: And someone in a Bigfoot costume.
      Jay: (laughs)
    • Jay notices Gerald Okamura from Samurai Cop as a chef in Little Bigfoot.
      Jay: Why would you cast him in a movie where he's not doing, like, karate stuff?
      Rich: You fucking racist.
      Jack: (laughs)
      Mike: Oh my god! Yeah, Jay! Only Asian people can—
      Jay: I'm talking about all of his other other films.
      Mike: When Rich is calling you a racist, that's a problem!
    • Mike predicts that the Big Bad of Little Bigfoot is going to be an "old, bald, white corporate guy from a company that wants to deforest the area that Little Bigfoot lives with his family for corporate profit." He's 100% right.
    • They misname the protagonist of Turbulence 3, Slade Kraven, as Slade Wilson, Kraven the Hunter, and Sammy Hagar.
    • After finding out that a satanist terrorist hijacked a plane where a Death Metal concert is playing so that he can fly it over Eastern Kansas, which is apparently the seventh circle of Hell, they marvel at how Turbulence 3 keeps getting dumber.
      Woman: A church in Kansas is the seventh gateway to hell?
      Hacker: "Even the Pope, in his visit to Colorado in 1996, would not fly over Eastern Kansas."
      Rich and Jay: (laughs)
      Mike: They're gonna fly into the gateway to hell!
      Jay: This really does just keep getting dumber!
      Woman: This is getting weirder.
      Rich and Jay: (laughs)
      Jack: Thank you!
      Mike: I was just gonna say it's getting weirder. Not dumber.
    • They say that the dumbest thing that could possibly happen in the movie is if the hacker character hacks into the plane in order to land it...and that's precisely what happens, prompting them all to freak out.
      Mike: What's the dumbest thing that could happen?
      Rich: The hacker actually takes control of the plane.
      Jay: Yeah, that would be the dumbest if he literally hacks the plane.
      Woman: Who's gonna land the plane?
      Hacker: (Exhales, and looks over at a joystick controller)
      Mike: The dumbest thing happened!
      Hacker: Well it's simple, some kids grew up playing Nintendo, for me it was flight simulators.
      Mike: Fuck you!
      • Jack is so amazed by the above scene that he gets up and does a victory lap through another room, screaming the whole time.
    • There's a shot where Little Bigfoot looks like he's having A Date with Rosie Palms because he keeps thrusting forward, with an odd expression on his face, with his hands below frame, and making weird noises. They like to think that's what was really happening, since Little Bigfoot is obviously being played by a dwarf actor who's just in it for the paycheck.
    • There's a scene where the boy suddenly begins yelling at Little Bigfoot about how much he hates him and never wants to see him again, which plays out like the type of scene where he's only pretending to hate him to drive him off because he's in danger if he stays with them and they're too attached to each other for it to leave on its own. The problem is, he and Little Bigfoot had only met each other very shortly before this scene with no indication they had any attachment to each other to break, so it comes out of nowhere and comes off like he really does hate him.
      Mike: (Discussing the movie's lack of emotional resonance) They need the scene where Mom says, "I'm going into town", they let Little Bigfoot into the house...
      Jay: They bond...
      Jack: He does wacky things.
      Mike: "This is TV, Little Bigfoot!" "Ooooh, TV!" And then they have bonding moments — "let me show you my baseball cards!", "let's play baseball in the backyard!" And Mom's comin' home, let's hide Little Bigfoot! (Imitates light-hearted "wacky" music) Y'know? None of that shit happens. (Barely holding it together) Little Bigfoot... is a lecherous wild animal. It's a midget in a costume that just wants — wants to masturbate.
    • The scene where Little Bigfoot's injured parent rests on a log, only for the log to break, causing the entire crew to roar with laughter.
    • The movie has a character who is an environmentalist veterinarian, and Little Bigfoot's parent is injured. The two never meet, and the movie ends with the parent Bigfoot going through an Unexplained Recovery. Mike theorizes that this is because the actress playing the veterinarian quit due to sexual harassment from one of the loggers, which he thinks felt out of place in the movie and might have been real, so the scene where she helps Bigfoot was never filmed.
      Rich: It's like blue balls! It's Little Bigfoot Blue Balls!
  • The Best of the Worst 2017 Halloween Special featured Mike and Jack competing for being the most drunk.
    • Mike's attempt to riff on the synopsis of Vampire Assassin falls flat because he wasn't paying attention:
      Jack: "Seeking out the help of one of the last vampire hunters, Master Cao, Washington begins his training, determined to hunt the ultimate killer."
      Mike: Have they said anything about vampires yet?
      Jack: Yeah.
      Mike: Oh...
      [offscreen, Rich cracks up laughing]
    • Jay says that the name of the director for Hack-o-Lantern sounds like the name of a disease.
      Jay: I have to take pills to keep my Jag Mundhra under control.
      Rich: Did you catch that from Harvey Weinstein, too?
    • When Rich reads the description for Hack-o-Lantern, he turns nearly every sentence into a Double Entendre.
      Rich: "When Tommy was a boy, he saw his grandpa (Hy Pyke), the leader of a satanic cult, murder his father on Halloween night. Now Tommy (Gregory Scott Cummings)"—hashtag Harvey Weinstein—"is eighteen..."
      Jay: I'm not convinced that any of these are real people.
      Rich: "...and his grandpa is ready to indoctrinate him in the ways of the black arts."—hashtag Harvey Weinstein—"But as night approaches, someone dressed like a member of the cult, whose face is hidden behind a devil mask,"—hashtag Harvey Weinstein—"begins stalking and killing people connected to Tommy. Could it be grandpa, Tommy himself, or someone even more sinister"—hashtag Harvey Weinstein—"behind these increasingly brutal murders?"[...]"Massacre Video brings us this distinctly sleazy"—hashtag Harvey Weinstein—"80s classic in a brand new restoration from its original 35mm camera negative, and featuring revealing interviews with its producers and stars."
      Jay: What're they gonna reveal? Information about Harvey Weinstein?
      Rich: That's too much. That's one too many, hashtag Harvey Weinstein.
    • As Rich reads the above description, the camera starts shaking and there's muffled snickering, indicating that even the person manning the camera can barely keep it together.
    • Cathy's Curse features a shot of Cathy's face with a spotlight over her eyes to look scary. But Rich immediately says "Whoa, it's Captain Kirk!"
    • During the discussion, Jay calls Vampire Assassin "Dull Blade", and everyone on the panel congratulates Jay for such an amazing joke that he absolutely didn't steal from Rich when he made it while they were watching the movie.
    • When talking about Vampire Assassin, Jack nicknames the reporter character (and love interest) "Siri" because of how she speaks in a Machine Monotone. They then edit in the actual Siri reading the character's lines to compare.
      • The real kicker? Siri is the better actress of the two.
    • Most of the shots of Gerald Okamura in Vampire Assassin are from the waist up, so Mike jokes that he's still wearing his speedo from Samurai Cop.
    • Mike points out that the hero's swords have handles made from hollow copper tubing, and at one point the handles clearly broke off, forcing him to grip them in an awkward, unnatural way.
      Rich: His fingers are on top- His fingers are next to the blade! On top of the guard!
      Jack: He's holding the guard down because it's not glued on properly.
    • Rudy Ray Moore also makes a cameo in Vampire Assassin. Based on the set he is in, they assume his character was a kind of computer repairman.
      Jay: (cracks up laughing) Can you imagine going into Best Buy, going up to the Geek Squad counter, and Rudy Ray Moore is there? "What's wrong with your computer?"
      Mike: "Oh, I got some virus on my computer."
      Josh (as Dolemite): "Virus?!"
      Jack (also as Dolemite): "What has your computer had?!"[...]I would love that tech support. I would pay extra for that.
      Jay: We were talking about Siri, I wish there was a Rudy Ray Moore option for Siri.
      Jack: "Motherfucker, turn right!"
    • Hack-o-Lantern seems to send Rich to his "Happy Place".
      Jay: [after a weird death scene] That was odd.
      Rich: It's all fine... Everything's fine...
      Jack: ...Is it?
      Mike: Have you cracked, Rich?
      Jack: Rich is done.
    • The repeated use of "Your mother's a bitch!" throughout the discussion of Cathy's Curse.
      • Minutes later in the same movie, the car the man who said the line is driving crashes because of a bunny in the road. Two guys in the group both say "That bunny was a bitch!"
    • Jack breaks off from the discussion of Cathy's Curse to ask Rich to bring him another beer, and the others take the opportunity to top up their own drinks. Cue an extended Drunken Montage as they fool around with their bottles and completely forget about the film.
      Jack: Now, I have a serious question... What were we talking about?
    • A drunken Mike and Jack have an argument about whether or not the possession in Cathy's Curse can be considered "demonic" like it says on the box, with Mike repeatedly shouting "There ain't no demon in this film!" at Jack.
      Mike: (points to Jack) That bitch, right there, said "demonic"!
      Jack: A little girl can be a demon, yo!
    • Mike picks Vampire Assassin as his Best of the Worst, which draws the ire of everyone else at the panel.
      Jay: I cannot fucking believe you.
      Mike: Vampire Assassin had some great moments in it.
      Jack: What!?
      Mike: Great fight scenes.
      Jack: What the fuck are you talking about!?
      Jay: NO! NO!
      Mike: I love—!
      Jack: What are you talking about!?
      Mike: Listen, I grew up on Len Kabasinski films.
      (Josh, Jay and Jack all burst into laughter)
      Mike: I enjoy a good bad kung-fu B-movie and—
      (30 Minutes Earlier)
      Mike: What a giant... giant... pile of shit.
    • When the panel decides to destroy Vampire Assassin, Mike tries to defend it using the same tactic that Jay used to prevent Feeders from being destroyed in the last episode; Trying to paint it as a movie with historical significance. It doesn't work.
      Mike: But Jay, can I say one thing? This film... comes from a period of time—
      Jay: (laughs)
      Mike: —in the late 90's. When the little guy—
      Jay: This film is not a pioneer of anything!
      Mike: When the little guy could make a ripoff of Blade with his own video camera.
      Jay and Jack: (laughs)
      Josh: Are you saying the little guy couldn't make a ripoff of Blade right now?
    • Mike allows them to destroy Vampire Assassin because they have two copies of it, so even if they destroy it, he'll still have one. Smash Cut to Jay saying they're going to destroy both copies of Vampire Assassin. Then, after they destroy it in a Satanic fire ritual, it cuts back to Mike, now sitting alone, as he asks the audience to send more copies of Vampire Assassin.
  • Suburban Sasquatch is so bad that it had them speculating that it was put together by high school students, since a high school is used as a backdrop in some scenes, but to their surprise, it was put together by an adult man who was completely serious in making it.
    • Jay compares the director's behind-the-scenes videos to the confession tape a serial killer would make.
      Jack: Just off-camera is a lamp made from a face.
      Mike: He just set up the camera, the top his head's cut off and he's like "I wanna talk about why I did what I did".
    • Throughout the whole review, Rich mocks the director's intent for the movie to have some kind of deep Man vs. Nature theme to it.
      Rich: This Sasquatch is a force of nature, and mankind, the suburbs, are now encroaching upon nature.
      Mike: That's a big theme, it's man's overdevelopment, destruction of nature.
      Rich: And then our Native American, who represents nature, has to fight nature, to stop nature from fighting the suburbs...wait...
    • There are so many things to talk about in the movie, that the video is split into chapters. It has so many that Mike loses count and the caption has to say "Chapter 5 or 7 or Whatever" near the end.
    • The panel points out how the first five minutes of the movie is very telling of how the rest of the movie is going to go. Since him, Jay, and Rich have made movies for years, Mike compares it to their own movies, where their most basic setups were better than Suburban Sasquatch.
      Mike: Do you remember when we filmed The Recovered, Jay?
      Jay: Oh, yeah. I built a little rig.
      Mike: Jay took two pieces of wood, and made a V shape, we drilled the camera to it, and braced it to the window. Done.
      Jay: It's completely smooth. It's the best part of the movie.
      Mike: But so his idea is "Drive at one mile an hour and I'll walk along the car, and somehow that will simulate driving".
    • Instead of buying cop uniforms from a Halloween store, they put some brown tape on the shoulders and chest pockets of tan shirts, got some black cop hats that don't match the rest of their "uniforms", and since they don't have holsters, the cops just carry their guns in hand all the time and hang their handcuffs from the belt loops of their pants. Mike once again makes a Call-Back, this time to their most recent film, Space Cop
      Mike: I don't want to talk about our movies, I will again though, because...our movies are terrible. When it came time to have cops in Space Cop, we went online, ordered some police shirts, got a belt at the army surplus store, found Milwaukee Police badges through eBay, just basic steps that are common sense. Like how could you screw up police costumes so badly unless it was intentional? Like here is a picture of what a cop looks like (shows Eric Estrada from CHiPs). Even those little radios that cops talk into, you could buy those!
      Rich: No, you just turn around and talk to your fax machine.
    • Mike pictures what the director/writer thought the scenes would look like while he was writing them, with how it was probably written in the script, and then cutting to how they actually ended up looking.
    • Jack's Punny Name for the Native American woman, based on the fact that she's played by a Mexican; El Pollohontas.
      • His ending joke, "After honing his craft, I think he might get an Ooscar" earns him Joke of the Show.
    • The song they use for the episode's end credits is the song the movie uses, and it's so ridiculous that they have to include a disclaimer that it is the song used in Suburban Sasquatch.
  • Wheel of the Worst #16
    • Mike and Josh explain each film on the Wheel and come to a returned "Young People Ask: How Can I Make *REAL* Friends?"
      Josh: Pay attention, internet.
      Mike: It should be called "People Who Play Video Games: How Can I Make *REAL* Friends?"
    • Mike reads the title of High Impact: Forklift Safety as Fucklift Safely.
    • Mike makes fun of Rich's Pac-Man shirt.
      Rich: This Pac-Man shirt is fucking awesome and you can't handle it.
      Mike: Let me just say this; If I had that shirt, I would be so ashamed. Now, why don't you tell me all about manners, and who needs 'em!?
      Rich: I would say that you need manners, Mike.
    • Manners: Who Needs Them? features one of the most awkward raps ever put on film, and considering the era of the video, that's saying a lot. A pasty white man dressed as George Washington in a pair of Cool Shades, rapping about table manners and plate setting.
      George Washington: Check it out, this is how the table's set. Knife's on the right, fork's on the left—
      Jay: How embarrassing.
      George Washington: Plate's in the middle, and the glass is to the right. Utensils are used from outside in, remember this—
      Rich: Can we find and embarrass this man?
      George Washington: Don't slurp your soup, don't reach and grab, when you butter your bread just take a little dab—
      Rich: I know what song is ending this video!
    • They talk about Rich arriving at the funeral of the guy who played George Washington and completely ruining the ceremony. Which starts off with Mike insulting Rich's Pac-Man shirt again.
      Mike: He was probably twenty when he did this video. And now he's forty five with a job, a wife and children in high school. No one knows he did it. Now some slobs from Milwaukee know about it. Well now he's dead, his wife and two daughters are grieving at his funeral and you're there in your Pac-Man shirt.
      Mike: Hopefully it's an open casket so you can throw some MC Hammer plates on it. On his corpse.
      Jay: Some styrofoam silverware? Comically oversized styrofoam forks?
      Mike: Yup, and then just say "This is your husband's legacy. This is your husband's, and your father's" as you look to his children. "This is his legacy. It's an embarrassing rap video, now part of Best of the Worst Episode 128." Or whatever episode. And then as they're lowering the casket into the Earth, you take a giant dump on it! While wearing your Pac-Man shirt, but no pants. And then you say to his daughters...
      Jay: "Manners; Who needs them!?"
    • Top Slots- Spotting the Best consists entirely of an extremely hyperactive man named Jimmy "The Scot" Jordon reading aloud whatever information is written on the fronts of slot machines. He has no actual insider information on what slot machines put out the most jackpots, as demonstrated by the fact that he never wins a single time, and by the end of the video, he's clearly out of money.
      Jimmy: Now I'm not here to fool you on these machines, I'm gonna play 'em, and I'm gonna play 'em once, and I'm not gonna play 'em again and again and again. It might take too long to become a winner, and production costs are exorbitant, so I'm trying to keep the cost of this tape down, you're buying this tape for the instructional value only, not for its production—
      Rich: What!? What!?
      Mike: He said he's out of money! I was just joking about that!
      Rich: Just play some more slots, Jimmy!
      Josh: He said that the production costs are enormous! ENORMOUS!
      Jay: So he's just gonna talk about them now!
      Mike: Because he's run out of money! The master at beating the slot machines...has run out of money!
      Josh: And he's going to continue this informational tape! God bless him, against all odds, he's gonna finish this goddamn tape!
    • Top Slots — Spotting the Best's opening scene is not very promising. No one is into Jimmy's annoying habit of pointing out everything on the slot machine to read. He then gives it a spin and turns the humor on.
      Jimmy: CHERRY!
      Rich: (bursts into laughter)
    • When Jay describes the video as a coked out lunatic describing slot machines to the audience.
      Mike: Coked out lunatic? This man is a U.S. senator now! (everyone laughs) Be careful what you say!
    • Surviving Edged Weapons has been declared the single greatest tape ever showcased on Best of the Worst. It is filled to the brim with insane dramatic reenactments of police attacks with knives and other sharp weapons, is actually informative, and to the delight of the entire panel, was filmed in Milwaukee, with nearly everyone having comically over-the-top Wisconsin accents.
    • Among the dramatic reenactments include a stabbing in caveman times, a man getting stabbed by a medieval sword while trying to arrest a man at his house, a cocaine deal going on in a bar, a cop getting a meat cleaver to the head, a cop getting shot at by a man with a crossbow, a biker stabbing a cop with a knife hidden in his gas cap, a machete wielding maniac charging at a cop in her car, a psych ward patient using the glass of a broken window to cut off his own finger and throw it at a cop as a distraction, and a SATANIC RITUAL.
      Rich: And that was when you thought the video couldn't get any crazier. You thought we had reached maximum crazy with the cocaine deal scene.
      Josh: No.
      Jay: And then Satan. Satanism.
    • The video contains several reenacted dick stabbings, and then autopsy photos of an actual dick stabbing. Jay asks Rich if he looked, which he did, saying he had to. Jay says that he didn't look. Cut to video of Jay clearly looking at it.
    • Mike ends the video pretty drunk and spaced out.
      Jay: Should we start a Best of the Worst Hall of Fame? Should this be the first entry in the Best of the Worst Hall of Fame?
      Rich: Uh, yes. Yes. Surviving Edged Weapons and Cameron Mitchell portrait.
      Mike: Yeah, it goes— it goes in the Hall of Best of— Uh, it goes in the Hall of...What did you say?
      Jay: Hall of Fame!
      Mike: Oh. It goes in the Hall of Fame! As one of the Best of the Worst Hall of Fame inductees.
      Jay: The first entry.
      Mike: It's the first inductee in the Best of the Worst Wheel of the Worst Hall of Fame. Rich, what is your pick for Best of the Worst?
      Rich: W-we just did that. I already picked Surviving Edged Weapons.
  • Merry Kick-mas begins with Rich standing with a Thousand-Yard Stare holding a giant candy cane. He then attempts to choke himself to death with the candy cane. All while a jolly instrumental version of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Raindeer" plays in the background.
    • There is a very noticeable pause after Jay explains the two types of films they will be picking this year.
      Jay: [I]t's either Christmas movies, or movies that have someone kicking on the cover. (awkward pause)
      (cut to Rich looking astounded as the music cuts out)
      (cut to Rich)
      Rich: ...okay.
    • After watching Karate Cop, featuring David Carradine...
      Mike: Boy oh boy, that movie sure was a hoot. It's a shame about all those autoerotic asphyxiation jokes, though. I really think we did them in excess.
      (The opening riff of "Need You Tonight" plays)
      Rich: If you got that joke, please comment on this video.
    • Jack opening his gift with a knife, making Mike extremely nervous and giving him flashbacks to ''Surviving Edged Weapons''.
    • Rich's inability to say "breasts".
      Jack: This feels like it was created from an algorithm of awesome stuff, like "Cops are cool, karate's awesome, Karate Cop."
      Jay: Post-apocalypse, uh, Indiana Jones.
      Rich: Breast.
      Jay: (Laughs) Just one?
      Rich: Huge, bouncing breast.
      Mike: Why are you saying it singular?
      Rich: Breasts! I'm saying it plural!
    • They continue to make jokes about David Carradine's death.
      Jay: He's the worst actor, Ron Marchini, which is exemplified the most in the one scene with David Carradine, who we all remember from- from dying...while masturbating.
      Mike: He did some other things in life, but mainly we remember him for choking himself to death while jerking off. That's what he'll be known for. He did some film work.
      Jay: Forever and always.
      Rich: Wait, wait, David Carradine died via autoerotic asphyxiation? Wow, that's horribly embarrassing. Like, if that happened, that'd be the only thing people would remember about you.
      Jay: I know, you'll never live it down...
      Rich: Well he certainly won't live it down, because he died via autoerotic asphyxiation.
    • Rich pointing out that he's the only one they make fun of whenever he flubs a word, and everyone else gets to redo it.
      Jay: Well the point is that subversing your expectations, in and of itself-
      Mike: Subverting.
      Jay: The point is that subverting your expectations, in and of itself-
      Rich: So when he does it, he gets to take it again, when I do it, it's "Fuck you."
      Mike: I corrected Jack, too. I just don't correct you, cause then we use it in the video.
      • Then Mike flubs a line.
      Jay: Wildly inconsistent.
      Mike: Wildly incons- inconsin- sin- consistent.
      Jay: In The Simpsons? What? Wildly The Simpsons.
      Rich: Do you wanna take that again?
      • Then finally, Rich's point is proven right when he flubs a line.
      Jack: But he's doing the fancy nunchuk stuff, but then the nunchucks are actually gunchucks.
      Rich: Gun Chunks (TM), RedLetterMedia.
      Jay: (Laughing) Gun Chunks?
      Mike: He said chunks.
      Jack: Little pieces of guns. (Everyone laughs) Tossed in a stew.
      Rich: Fuck my life.
      Mike: You know what? Rich needs a t-shirt that says "That's stayin' in!"
    • Their suggestion that Carel Struycken, who is 7 feet tall, was actually one of the Munchkins in The Wizard of Oz, they just filmed him with a special lens to make him seem smaller.
    • The Bad-Guy Bar in Night of the Kickfighters was clearly just the only bar they could get permission to film in. As they point out, it's actually a very nice looking bar, and their only attempt to make the place look seedy was to put a stripper way in the background, dancing in front of a red curtain on a stage no bigger than their table.
    • Their assumption that Night of the Kickfighters ended just because they ran out of film. The woman whose accent keeps changing rides off in a speedboat, only for it to be blown up by a Star Wars explosion. Not even a second into the explosion, the shot fades to a wedding. The main protagonist is not in attendance because he's mourning the loss of the team's hacker woman, who he has had no interaction with in the entire movie. Then it just ends.
    • They pick Karate Cop as the worst, and prepare to destroy it by kicking really high. Cue a Smash Cut to the "Emergency Groin Surgery" wing of the hospital.
     2018 Episodes 
  • Plinketto #5 gets this:
    • One gets the idea that Rich was running late for filming, since the episode starts with Mike nonchalantly saying he died, only for him to show up during the "Deathstalker II" viewing, claiming it was faked for insurance reasons.
    • One of the films on the board that they don't watch is A Gnome Named Gnorm. Mike then pulls out the French version of the movie, where the title has been changed to Space Cop.
    • Mike makes several jokes about the various Hollywood sex scandals.
      Mike: I haven't even seen the first [Deathstalker], I dunno why II is here, what the fuck!?
      Jack: I'll do a quick recap if we land on it.
      Mike: Okay.
      Jack: Everyone gets raped.
      Mike:'s a film about Hollywood?
      (Victorious music plays)
      Jack: Next is Metalbeast: DNA Overload! Oh, I'm sorry, Project Metalbeast DNA Overload!
      Mike: Wait, DNA Overload, isn't that the Louis C.K. story?
      Jack: Hey-yo!
      Mike: Oh yeah, what's Metalbeast: DNA Overload about? Probably a monster, right?
      Jack: Probably.
      Mike: So a film about Harvey Weinstein.
      Jack: Hey-yo! The hits! Keep! On! Comin'! Take that, Hollywood elite!
    • Mike's joke about the movie Vibrations Crosses the Line Twice.
      Mike: The next film is called Vibrations. Starring Michael J. Fox.
      Jack: Awwwwww...
      Mike: No, cause he's in the film! Cause he's listed on the box.
      Jack: I don't- I don't see that.
      Mike: Oh, wait, sorry, it says "James Marshall". I don't have my glasses on. I wasn't making a joke about a deadly disease. What do you think I'm some kind of fuckin' asshole?
    • Jack finally getting to drop the ball, and it lands on Princess Warrior. Cue everyone else on set getting pissed, Jay flat out saying it was the worst film on the board.
      Mike: (offscreen) You're supposed to land on something else, not that!
    • When Mike reads the box for Nail Gun Massacre, the description brags about Gratuitous Rape content, causing Mike to mutter, "Oh, for fuck's sake!" disgustedly.
    • When Deathstalker II: Duel of the Titans is selected, all they can remember from the previous film was the whimsical Gratuitous Rape. Mike even says outright he never saw the first movie, only to cut to the first movie's viewing showing Mike was there.
    • When watching Princess Warrior, they come across a scene where they're in some kind of futuristic alien teleportation tube, which only work if they're naked. The sudden cut to them naked in the tube almost causes Mike to do a Spit Take.
    • One of the central focuses of Princess Warrior ends up being a wet t-shirt contest that, when they time it, somehow takes up 37 minutes of the movie's runtime. This despite the fact that the fanservice a wet t-shirt contest is normally held for doesn't even work because none of the women's shirts get wet enough to be seen through anyway.
  • Best of the Worst: Black Spine Edition and Spotlight Episode on Partners (2009).
    • Jack's pull from the shelf? Something called "Blackstreet Boys"... which causes Rich to loudly state "I'M DONE.", hand the camera to Mike, and leave.
    • Rich's pull is a customerization seminar by Don Beveridge, which causes Rich to break down, put his head into his arm, and begin pleading to the audience.
      Rich: We almost watched "Cryptz" today! We could've been watching "Cryptz" right now!
    • Everything about Don Beveridge, a Motor Mouth business speaker, who gives a "Customerization Seminar", and a very disjointed and unfocused one at that.
      Don Beveridge: You CANNOT sustain a competitive advantage in product or price, and the businesses that fail, and the people that fail-
      Rich: Is like a doctor gonna walk in front of the screen and start talking about the symptoms of some kind of cognitive disorder? "These are the signs."
      Don Beveridge: -some new benefit and some new bagel and some new ice cream-
      Mike: Don Beveridge's Disease?
      Rich: (Laughs)
      Jay: I wonder if this is like a social experiment where they get these people in to watch this seminar, and then they just have this guy rant about nonsense to see how long it takes them to figure it out.
      Jack: But for the past 30 years no one has figured it out that they're faking his advice, so they're just making notes still.
      Mike: And he's somehow become the world's leading business expert.
      • A large amount of the seminar seems to consist of him yelling about food items like bagels, donuts, and ice cream.
      Don Beveridge: Rule #1: How. Does the customer. See. You? And my friend, if the answer is ICE CREAM-!note 
      • He goes on a tangent about Superman stopping a bank robbery (after somebody calls Clark Kent to get a hold of him) and his main point was apparently that Superman creates lazy cops.note 
      • Since his seminar is at the Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey, there's an unintentional Visual Pun of a crazed Motor Mouth talking about nonsense with the word "SHOWBOAT" in the background.
      • "And by the way, I'll never forget J- Uhhhhhhhhh, Manny Garcia!"
    • The ending to their screening of The Plymouth International Ice Spectacular.
      Announcer: As the Ice Spectacular continues to grow, it attracts nationally and internationally renowned ice sculptors. You can be a part of what has become an international event. We are now, officially, the Plymouth International Ice Spectacular. (triumphant closing music sting)
      Mike: (Looking at his phone) It says it was cancelled a year later.
      Jay: (Laughs)
    • After trying to introduce The Plymouth International Ice Spectacular, Mike decides to throw all three black spine VHS tapes away and dedicate the rest of the video to Partners (2009).
      • Rich attempts to explain the plot of the movie after Jay couldn't due it being a combination of a Kudzu Plot and a Random Events Plot. After five minutes of trying to explain a Gambit Roulette that happened, Mike stops him and says that they shouldn't even bother.
      • At one point, during a discussion of a scene, Jack interjects to stop them from leaving the scene just yet. Mike has to remind him that the scene they are talking about is the first scene of the movie.
        Jack: But- actually, before you go too far in this...
        (Rich breaks)
      • "[T]hey go to the 'police station', aka. 'my dentist's office'."
      • The drive-by shooting toward the beginning. The two cops exit the "bar" (which is clearly just somebody's house) onto the porch to talk to the lounge singer whose boyfriend's murder they're investigating. Before the door is even shut one of the cops pulls out his gun and starts shooting at the street before the audience ever sees the car shooting at them. Once the car drives off, all three of them just brush themselves off and carry on the conversation as if the drive-by never happened.
      • The original director of photography and his crew walked out on the film. He posted on YouTube and Reddit:
        I can't believe you guys reviewed "Partners." I actually was hired as the original DP on this film and my oh my do I have stories. (Writing this as I watch so it may be a bit disjointed) In a nut shell, I walked off that production and took my crew with me after 3 days of shooting because it was such a shitshow. That's one of the reasons why the director's name appears in the credits for almost every position. With regards to the badge being upside down, Pete did that intentionally because it was a real badge on a fake cop. His logic was that no one would know it was real if it was upside down (because it would be "unreadable"). I shot the opening scene, the bar scene and one other (I believe I still have the raw footage) after that Pete took over and the rest is history. The drive-by scene was when I decided to split for good. There was no safety prep, no permits, no nothing. As a matter of fact a blank did actually fire out of the Uzi and scared the shit out of the crew. We were filming on Staten Island and a Swarm of NYPD rolled up on us after reports of gun shots in the area. Overall your assumptions about how the crew changed constantly is 100% correct. Anyway if you want some more info on the horror that was this production or the joke it became aftward, hit me up. I think I still even have the original script, complete with typos. Hopefully you guys see this :-)
      • The scene in the chief's office attempts a Shot Reverse Shot, but the camera is focused on the guy's neck in the foreground and not the chief's face for no particular reason.
      • The unintentional Funny Background Events such as shirtless neighbors watching the film shoot on camera, and the script girl getting caught on screen as well.
      • The "Assassination Scene", where it looks like a mobster somehow shoots himself in the chest as opposed to the assassin he's firing at.
        Mike: [The assassin] shoots one of the mobsters, the gun stops, one of the assassination targets takes out his gun, fires it, and then shoots himself in the chest. And then they never show the other guy shooting again.
        Jack: The gunman is done shooting at that point and has started running away!
        Mike: He fires his gun, and then shoots himself. And whether or not that was a really unfortunate ricochet, or he just- or just terrible editing.
        Rich: He bought those Australian bullets.
        Mike: ...(Laughs) Boomerang! Ah, you did it! You did it! You made a successful joke.
      • The "Corkboard Scene", where two characters are supposed to be standing in front of a corkboard talking to a crowd. The only indication of there being a crowd is the fake crowd chatter added in post-production. The only thing on the corkboard is a piece of paper with the layout of a building on it that says "Department of Buildings". The camera cuts between two characters talking in front of this same piece of paper, somehow occupying the same space at the same time. The crew loved this scene so much that a corkboard with a replica of the "Department of Buildings" paper appears in the background of Space Cop.
      • The news report scene that seemed to have been filmed by somebody that didn't know how TV cameras worked, because if was actually broadcast the way the frame indicates, the reporter's entire head above her chin would be cut out.
  • Best of the Worst: Hologram Man, Faust: Love of the Damned, and Blood Street
    • Knowing how much Rich loves gimmick episodes, Jay introduces a new gimmick: "Absolutely no gimmicks!" Rich doesn't quite trust this "new" direction:
      Jay: Well, Rich, on beautiful VHS, we have Hologram Man!
      Rich: ...And we're going to spin a giant roulette wheel to determine whether or not we watch that?
      Jay: We're just gonna watch it! Just watch it!
      [Rich looks around as if he's waiting for someone to reveal the catch]
    • When Rich reads the back of the box for Hologram Man, the first words out of his mouth are "Slash Gallagher", the name of the main villain, immediately causing Jay to laugh.
      Rich: "He is a mad psycho terrorist."
      Jay: And what is his name?
      Rich: Slash Gallagher. So... he smashes watermelons, with a machete.
      • Mike later says that Slash Gallagher smashes watermelons with a guitar.
    • Hologram Man has so many lapses in Fridge Logic that at one point, Jay asks how the now-holographic protagonist can type on a keyboard, only to resign mid-sentence.
    • Jay attempts to make a joke about the Hologram Man director's name, Richard Pepin, by saying he was the guy from Battlefield Earth, Barry Pepper. Mike points out that the names aren't even remotely similar enough for that to be funny. Then Jack tries to connect the name to "Charlotte Hornets player" Scottie Pippen. Everyone questions why he referred to him as a Charlotte Hornets player, when he's much more well-known as a Chicago Bulls player. After grilling Jack, Mike turns to Rich.
      Mike: Rich, I'm very happy to say, we're sitting on the non-embarrassing side of the table.
      Rich: (Laughs) And you're sitting next to Rich Evans.
    • Mike says that the cops should know to hide behind cover so that they don't get shot by the lunatic with a submachine gun, but they stand out in the open anyway. Rich jokes that they went into the Tactical Get Mowed Down Formation.
    • Mike criticizes how Hologram Man was written in a way that a few changes could have saved it from being a bad movie:
      Mike: There's numerous ways to improve this script. It's like watching a two-year-old draw something. "You're trying to draw the sun. It's a fucking circle!"
    • Mike and Rich both think of Total Recall (1990) when they talk about a character disguising themselves as another character.
      Mike: This side of the table thinks alike. Is that the expression?
      Jack: I don't like this...
      Rich: Stay on your side of the table.
      Jay: We're gonna build a wall.
      Rich: We're gonna build a wall and Jay is gonna pay for it.
    • Jay points out that he and Rich had almost opposite reactions to Faust. Every time Rich looks horrified, Jay looks amazed or even, as Mike jokes, weirdly into it.
    • Faust's opening scene is very melancholic, about the protagonist seeing his wife murdered and being very depressed about it. But when the title is presented, the heavy metal music and flashy opening credits start.
      Jack: "Wake up, dickheads, it's time for Faust!"
    • Rich guesses that the "M" who gives the main character his powers in Faust is Mephistopheles, but he mispronounces it. Mike asks him to try to say it again, and he gets it right.
      Jack: Take that, Mike!
      Rich: Are you gonna put a caption of me saying it right?
      • Rich then imagines a scoreboard between him and Mike, with hundreds of points for Mike, and Rich getting his first point.
    • Jack is both utterly horrified and fascinated at the visual of Claire being gruesomely transformed into what he calls "a tit puddle". Jay and Mike theorize they shot the scene when it was meant to be an extreme NC-17 horror film instead of a more palatable R-rated demonic superhero movie, and they only kept it in because there was no way they were not going to use such an expensive and memorable practical effect.
    • An edit points out that a scene where a woman breaks down sobbing after remembering when she was raped as a child by her father and a scene where a demon man fights a giant snake with a laser eye are in the same movie.
    • The Running Gag involving the damage to a woman's uterus in Faust, which includes a Black Comedy Rape joke and Mike casually correcting Rich on the sequence of events that led to said woman's uterus being damaged.
      Jay: Get your uterus destruction facts straight, Rich.
    • Blood Street has a much Darker and Edgier Leo Fong a.k.a. "Low Blow", whose Cowboy Cop antics include casually murdering people in fights he gets into and torturing people for information in broad daylight. One scene in particular has Leo Fong throw a dart into the forehead of a random guy in a bar, when it seems like that guy did absolutely nothing wrong.
      Jay: Oh my god!
      Jack: Stop murdering people!
      Jay: He keeps killing!
      Mike: That guy didn't even do anything.
      Jay: That guy was just playing darts!
      (As Leo Fong is smashing a guy's head against a pool table)
      Jack: No, Leo! Stop! He's already dead!
      Jay: He's a madman!
      Mike: He has some kind of hidden rage.
    • A lot of the Random Events Plot is just masked henchmen barging into a scene, shooting up the place, and randomly leaving off-screen with a Jump Cut to a seemingly unrelated scene. All of that thoroughly confused the crew to the point that Rich left the task of explaining the plot to Jack, who was able to explain the similarly inexplicable Tammy and the T-Rex.
    • In a random flashback, Leo's character's daughter apparently gets beaten to death. Her corpse, however, has no blood or bruises on it, her clothes are perfectly fine, and her arms are spread apart, hands open. Jay likens her pose to the act of planking.
    • Leo Fong's Dull Surprise to a mook shooting up his office, which is compounded by him shooting the mook with a Sawed-Off Shotgun and the mook's partner leaving with a similar reaction.
  • Plinketto #6:
    • When Jay meets special guest Simon Barrett.
      Jay: Oh hey, Simon Barrett! You wrote The VVitch! I fucking love that movie! It's so visual and full of subtext, probably the most haunting horror film I've ever seen.
      (Mike whispers into Jay's ear)
      Jay: Oh. Blair Witch.
      (Slide whistle)
    • They become very interested in one of the films on the board, Rollergator. The back of the box promises a rappin' purple baby alligator trying to escape from a ninja on a skateboard. They don't end up landing on it, and there's a failed attempt to retcon the third result into being it when it winds up being Mankillers.
    • Rocktober Blood actually got a crowdfunding campaign for a sequel, where $50 donations (plus $10 shipping) promised people HD Blu-Ray transfers of the original film. The crew watched one of these alleged transfers, and it's actually a poor-quality VHS rip. Simon also brings up a rumor that they used the money to open a barbecue restaurant rather than make the sequel.
      Simon: It was suggested many times on many forums that what had happened was that they were actually running a barbecue restaurant in Florida, and they just used the money to open this barbecue restaurant.
      Jay: This is all allegedly.
      Simon: This is all allegedly, yes.
      Mike: We wouldn't wanna imply fraud.
      Simon: We're only saying-
      Rich: We just wanna demonstrate it.
      Mike: We're just talking about extreme fraud. Criminal fraud, we're just talking about it.
      • After the film ends, a video starts up showing the now elderly creators, Ferb and Beverly Sebastian, and they answer questions about what they've been up to since the film. Given the controversy over the alleged barbecue restaurant scam, the video raises a lot of questions, as Beverly somehow got people boycotting her for a greyhound rescue, with no answers as to why that happened.
      Simon: So we don't know what happened, but then she starts a charity, which the entire segment is basically just shilling for this charity, which may or may not be a wonderful, positive charity.
      Rich: They need to open up a new barbecue restaurant.
      Mike: Oh god... (Jay starts to crack) is that where the greyhounds went?
      Rich: (Laughs) These ribs taste awfully weird.
      Simon: And then you just see them chasing the dog in the parking lot. They're like "I thought, this food, you said it'd be out quickly." And they're like "No no no, it came from something that was very fast."
    • The Pit is described by Jay as being a bizarre contemporary reimagining of Dennis the Menace.
      Jay: Iris zoom out. (Begins singing the Looney Tunes theme)
      • During the discussion, Simon brings up two obscure movies, Pin and The Reflecting Skin. The references are lost on both Mike and Rich, but Jay knows exactly what he's talking about.
      Simon: Have you seen The Reflecting Skin?
      Jay: Oh, I like that movie.
      Mike: Of course! Of course! He says some weird shit and you say "Of course!"
    • Mankillers is summed up by Rich as being two dozen boobs running around the woods with guns. They also include that even though the film has no real nudity (aside from one scene where one of the actress' breasts pops out of her tank top), it's somehow even sleazier than if it did.
      • They destroy Mankillers by going to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, where The Pit was originally filmed. After trying and failing to find where the actual pit in the movie was, they throw Mankillers into a dumpster, with the same Looney Tunes-esque music sting as before.
    • Naturally Mike has to give Rich grief over his pick for Best of the Worst.
      Rich: The Pit. By a mile. By a fuckin' mile! Pit's one of the most interesting screenings I've had on Best of the Worst.
      Mike: Interesting is not the most entertaining. The rules say most entertaining-
      Rich: -For any reason. Then that's The Pit.
      Mike: (Acidly) Fine...
      Jay: (Laughs)
  • Best of the Worst: Kill Squad, Ryan's Babe, and Demonwarp
    • Jack asks Josh if he's seen Solo, and Josh says he has, proclaiming it as an amazing movie, and saying it's one of his favorite Mario van Peebles movies.
    • Just like the Running Gag of how Jack never got to drop the ball for the longest time on Plinketto, Jay points out that Jack never got to be the host for the table discussion. Jack states that he has beforenote , but then stops himself and wonders if he actually had. This was meant to cue Jack to start the discussion, but he "takes too long" and Jay takes over.
    • Kill Squad for its first half hour (to the minute) runs on a strict pattern of someone getting into trouble, getting into a fight with whoever happens to be around (even random bystanders), and then they get recruited by the titular Kill Squad. The crew theorizes that the universe of the film is enforcing this pattern. If something happens that would logically cause events to deviate from the pattern, the universe corrects itself and the pattern is continued.
      • The film's second half hour (again, to the minute) has a different, but similarly strict pattern: go to place to interrogate someone, that person attempts to run away, fight breaks out between Kill Squad and whoever is in the general vicinity, mysterious sniper kills one of the Kill Squad members.
        Rich: Confront, run, kick, snipe, confront, run, kick, snipe, confront, run, kick, snipe.
    • Ryan's Babe ended up being one of the most insane and bizarre screenings to ever happen on the show. It has a cover that doesn't really fit anything besides a raunchy Sex Comedy, but the Random Events Plot is Played for Drama instead, leaving them immensely confused, on top of how bizarre and disconnected the story's direction is. Before the discussion starts, there is a super-cut of every Flat "What" and Big "WHAT?!" moment during the screening, rivaling their reaction to Dangerous Men (verbally, anyway — there's no cushion tossing.)
      • Rich's explanation of the plot takes so long that it's edited on top of itself. Yes, it approaches Double Down-levels of breaking Rich. At one point he gives up and angrily hands it over to Josh.
        Rich: And then he drives some more and he meets somebody else and something wacky happens. And then he gets kidnapped by somebody and then he goes somewhere else. And then he gets a job and then three months have gone by. And then he meets a woman and then the woman drugs him and rapes him. And then he's an exotic dancer. And then he goes somewhere else. Then he has lunch. And then he goes somewhere else. Then his stalker has lunch with his mother. And then he goes somewhere else. But at the meantime, he's at the Grand Canyon. And then he goes somewhere else. Aaaaaannd... And then the movie ends.
      • At one point, Josh tries to explain the movie in the sense of acts (specifically, that it felt like the film started in the middle of Act 2), with Rich not only trying to talk him out of it, but then trying to pass the film off to him.
        Rich: Fuck it, you're in charge, man, (picks up DVD; plants it in front of Josh) you-you, fuck it, you deal with it. You deal with that shit, (begins pointing at the DVD) I don't need this in my goddamn life! (Jay and Jack begin breaking) You think I need "Ryan's Babe" in my fucking life?!
        Josh: I do, Rich! You wouldn't shut up about it.
        Rich: You think I wanna explain the Inception flashback within a flashback within a flashback?! (camera zooms in on Rich) YOU THINK I WANNA TALK ABOUT THAT?!
      • The crew give special commendation to whoever did the dubbed voice for the stalker girl's father, managing to combine Hong Kong Dub and Same Language Dub. Jack asks "Is there an Oscar for ADR?"
      • At one point, the ADR is so bad that one characters says another character's line and the responding line in the same scene.
        Jim: I'll have another one, Jim! No more today, Bill! Please escort this gentleman through the door!
        Jay: Wait!
        Josh: Woah!
        Jay: What!?
        Jack: What!?
        Jay: He just said two peoples lines!
        Josh: He did.
        (close-up of Rich's look of shock)
      • The group claim that the movie's director, Ray Ramayya (Ph.D), is actually an alien who comes from the same planet as Tommy Wiseau and Neil Breen.
      • When describing one sequence of eventsnote , Rich interrupts it to point out (with the screen tinting red as he does) "THIS ALL HAPPENED IN THE SPACE OF A MINUTE!"
      • The crew makes a note, both during their viewing and discussion, that at no point does the movie give the titular Ryan a destination in this road trip movie.
        Jack: It would be great if he was trying to accomplish something while all this wacky stuff happened to him.
        Jay: Yeah. There's no-
        Rich: "I've got to get here."
        Jay: Right, and then all these wacky complications get in the way, like every road trip movie ever.
        Jack: That's all, you need one line!
        Rich: "I've got to get to my sister's weeeeeeeeedding."
        Jack: He's working at a restaurant!
      • The group's reaction to learning what the title Ryan's Babe is referring to, Ryan's crazy Stalker with a Crush.
        Jack: She's Ryan's "babe"?!
        Rich: Of course she's Ryan's "babe" because this movie is BATSHIT CRAZY!!
      • Rich decides at one point to leave the room, and see if something insane will happen as a result. As soon as he does, a pointless police chase starts.
    • Rich comes to the conclusion that Ryan's Babe was made by NASA; they took about 20 different movies and vacu-sealed them, compressing the stories into a single DVD for use in outer space. And if they just add water, it will expand back into 20 complete movies. He then proceeds to pour Josh's drink on the DVD.
    Josh: My booze...
    • Jay compares watching Demonwarp after Ryan's Babe to the Hobbits returning to the shire after the events of Return of the King.
      Jay: Nobody around us will understand. We're changed. Some wounds will never heal. [Ryan's Babe] is Mt. Doom, and [Demonwarp] is going back to the little Hobbit community.
    • Josh speculates, because of what Jay said, that the show is reaching a peak.
      Josh: I really feel like, after this and Surviving Edged Weapons, we're really winding down the shows.
      Jay: So what you're saying is this is the last episode of Half in the Bag that we'll ever do...or Best of the Worst, whatever show this is.
      (everyone starts laughing)
      Jack: This is the last episode of Half in the Bag.
      Josh: I'll say it, this is the last episode of Half in the Bag I'm ever gonna be on. I'm done, I quit. note 
    • When talking about Demonwarp, Rich asks if they've been ruined on Bigfoot movies because of Suburban Sasquatch. Jay pulls his mic in to give a Big "YES!".
      • At one point, the camera pans to the right, and a crew member is in the background of the shot. They're also impossible to ignore, since the background is a dark cave, and the crew member is wearing all white.
      • Jack points out the movie's odd decision to show the lousy zombie costumes in brightly lit close-ups, and Jay contrasts it with Army of Darkness putting their cheapest puppets in the background and the best ones in the foreground.
        Rich: Was there a really good-looking mask in the background? Did they get it completely wrong?
        Jack: "Oh, I was supposed to be up fro-? No one told me! I was in makeup for eight hours!"
  • Wheel of the Worst #17
    • One of the tapes on the wheel is "S&M Sweat and Muscle", a dominatrix style workout tape. They immediately laugh when they find out one of the hosts is named Dick the Gimp.
    • "Celebration of Age" turns out to be a new-age hippie video that they end up comparing to "The Dance of Birth".
      • The crew utterly loses it when Rich comments that one of the old women looks like Babe Ruth.
      • The tape begins with a list of influential women from ancient history, which makes the tape resemble some kind of attempt at witchcraft.
      • One of the women is playing the piano, and the music reminds Jim of a Suspiciously Similar Song.
        Jim: (singing) Maybe I'm amazed at the way you love me!
        Mike: That's Paul McCartney on the piano.
        Colin: (Liverpool accent) I'm doin' a new song about witchcraft.
        Jim: (Liverpool accent) It's called "Croning".
      • They end up making a load of Star Wars jokes because one of the old ladies reminds them of Kathleen Kennedy and one of the Ireland postcards is of Skellig Michael.
        Rich: Solo was the croning achievement of her career.
        Colin: (laughs) The Crone Wars?
        Mike: The Crone Wars! Dammit!
        Rich: Ooooooh!
        Colin: (Yoda voice) "Begun the Crone Wars has." (laughs) (Obi-Wan voice) "He's got an army of Crones!"
        Mike: Did Paul McCartney say that?
        Colin: No!
        Mike: Oh, was that Obi-Wan Kenobi?
        Colin: That's a bad Obi-Wan.
        Mike: So we have the planet where Luke is hiding and Kathleen Kennedy both in "Celebration of Age".
        Rich: Star Wars: Celebration of Age.
        Mike: (laughs) $185 a ticket for a weekend pass.
        Rich: (laughs) We get to pay to go to Kathleen Kennedy's croning ceremony.
    • "Hug a Tree and Survive Canada" begins with a Magical Native American talking to a group of kids around a campfire.
      Native American: A tree is a safe place to be. And if you're ever lost in the woods, a tree can be your best friend. So, hug a tree.
      Rich: "Give me firewater if you want to hear the end of story." (laughs)
      Jim: (laughs) That's terrible! Can any of this be used?
      Mike: Oh if Rich says it, I'll use it.
      • The boy putting himself in an orange plastic bag with a hole for his face to stick out of.
      • The acting from the parents of the lost boy is so wooden that the crew theorizes that their plan the whole time was to ditch their kid in the woods so they could go to swinger parties.
    • When they land on "Mr. Wiggles Sessions" tape when they were hoping for "World Wide Web of Deceit", it cuts to them watching Mr. Wiggles popping and locking, before cutting back to the wheel and moving it over an inch to land on the desired tape.
    • In "World Wide Web of Deceit", Mike is able to immediately tell that James Robinson is a Christian pastor just by hearing him talk. Sure enough, the entire tape turns out to be a Christian effort to protect people from websites that promote pornography and homosexuality.
      • The crew theorizes that James Robinson's "special guest", Steve Lane, is only pretending to be a former pornography pusher turned Christian minister, because he talks with the exact same cadence as the host, and that his knowledge of sites pushing teen pornography actually comes from him being a stereotypical Pedophile Priest.
      • Steve Lane repeatedly mentions beastiality, particularly dwelling on Beauty with the Beast and Pocahontas and the raccoon, leading the crew to suspect that's his kink. Hilariously, every time Lane mentions beastiality, a terrified horse whinny is dubbed in.
      • James Robinson is speculated by the crew to be a Covert Pervert, since when Steve Lane shows him some pornographic websites, his eyes remain firmly locked on the computer screen, and he comments that the woman doesn't look like a back-alley prostitute, but an attractive actress.
      • Colin mocks the video's warnings about "the gay lifestyle" as vigilance against "homosinuality". Mike, in his typical gadfly fashion, pretends to agree with the video creators and seems to genuinely rile Colin.note 
  • Best of the Worst: Night of the Lepus, Zombie 3, Silk
    • The episode is done with an interesting gimmick: All of the movies they watched were HD remasters of older movies, and the episode itself (the intro, viewing, and panel) was shot on 30-year-old videotape camcorders, making it look like it was shot in the 80s. That is until they try to talk about Silk, in which the quality returns so they can properly discuss Neil Breen's Pass Thru. The footage of the viewing is still shot on videotape, though.
    • The first lines of the discussion:
      Jay: ...Well, we tried.
      Rich: Fuck it, I'm just gonna take charge, then...Mike, just because Dr. McCoy is in it, tell us about Night of the Lepus.
      • The panel has an aside of how underutilized the death rattle of a rabbit is in Night of the Lepus:
      Mike: Look, all you people that live in LA and New York! Us midwesterners--
      Jay: We know the death rattle of bunnies!
      Mike: Every now and then, you hear the death rattle of a bunny, when it gets killed by a coyote. Bunnies don't make a sound their whole life, until a coyote gets them, and then they go..."AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH", and it's the worst sound you've ever heard in your whole life.
      Josh: Oh god, you're gonna have to cut a real one in here, it's gonna be so awful.
      Mike: I didn't know a bunny could speak!
    • Mike gets impatient hearing Jay talk about Zombie 3, and says "Can we just condense all this talking into three words: Nonsensical Italian Movie."
      • The group are briefly confused about a scene in Zombie 3 of a family driving around in a station wagon, which seems to have nothing to do with the story... then they realize that all four of them were thinking of Night of the Lepus.
      Jay: That was collective dementia! That was all four of us forgetting what movie this happened in! Oh nooo...
    • When they try to discuss Silk, it cuts to a montage of them watching the movie, bored out of their minds, complete with Spinning Clock Hands. At one point Rich just goes around the room looking for alternate tapes to watch, including Wheel of the Worst material like David Carradine's tai chi videos. They end up doing what they've been meaning to do for the last two years: Watching Neil Breen's Pass Thru
      • The movie's DVD itself, in its clear jewel case, was sitting behind a glass case on the wall, before Rich breaks it with a hammer.
      • Jay calls the movie the 60-year-old equivalent of a teacher finding a teenager's weird letter in their locker.
        Josh: This movie will send you to the counselor's office.
      • Josh calling the movie's message "problematically vague", to the point where they're not sure if the movie itself is a manifesto.
      • Rich points out that one of the only takeaways from the movie is that Neil Breen bought a drone, what with all of the obvious drone shots.
      • What they consider to be the best and worst effect of the movie is when it superimposes Breen over a tiger, and it looks fine...until the camera recording of the tiger moved, but he doesn't move and the lighting on him doesn't change.
      • Mike and Josh laboriously pointing out just how ridiculous it is to have multiple scenes showing rich people blatantly talk about the corrupt things they do, followed by Breen pointing out that it's corrupt, and to have said rich people nonchalantly wonder who he is.
        Mike: Literally, rich people, or bad people, have cocktail parties in the same two houses with the same stock footage background. They literally just say what they do that's bad.
        Josh: My favorite thing about that is that the rich people just go like "Who the fuck was that?"
        Mike: After they spilled their guts! They're like "Who was that cracker? Who was that elderly real-estate agent from Las Vegas? He's in our house!"
        Josh: It feels like this is supposed to be like the comeuppance montage where it's just like, "Oh right, that is a bad thing to do to people." None of those people do. They're just like, "Who was that guy?"
        Mike: "Wasn't that the balding elderly real estate agent in Las Vegas who sold me my house last year?"
      • Mike and Josh stressing the point that Breen's character commits genocide by killing 300 million people he doesn't like, including two innocent news anchors that tried to call security on him just so he can broadcast his convoluted manifesto.
      • Mike makes the case that Breen's movies promote less of a specific political ideology and more a form of anarchy, to the point that they worry that he's going to do some serious damage, and jokingly saying that if the president is ever in Las Vegas, the Secret Service should have "eyes on Breen".
        Rich: It's funny now.
    • Since Silk was the first movie they ever stopped watching partway through on Best of the Worstnote , they decide to destroy it in "the most passive way possible", namely by lazily stepping on it and weakly bending it until it broke.
  • For their spotlight episode on the Special Effect Failure spectacular Lycan Colony, the panel frequently speculates that the wolf costumes used in the movie were for an existing furry costume the writer/director already had.
    • Mike starts off the episode by pouring himself a glass from a bottle of a craft beer, but the label is blurred out because Mike says it smells and tastes like a port-a-john at a rock concert
    • Rich takes it further, and theorizes that the only reason the movie was made in the first place was because the director's wife found his furry costume, and made it up on the spot.
    • Jack says that the perfect example for the director not knowing how to adapt their vision is a scene where the mom character is meant to look through the keyhole, but since the room had a modern door, instead she puts her eye to the doorknob and looks through a hole that doesn't exist.
    • Josh takes umbrage with one special effect, where instead of giving the actor a temporary tattoo, they superimpose an image of the tattoo on the back of his neck, barely moving when he moves. Jack says that at that point it's just nitpicking.
      • They do the same thing with an inscription on a gold watch. The watch is established to be missing, and the crew immediately thinks that the watch is going to be found later in the movie as a plot point. The watch is then found immediately after it's established when the guy serving them accidentally drops it on the table.
    • Rich says that, out of all of the examples of bad film making to learn from this movie, the one that hits hardest is to never film in day-for-night.
      Rich: If you watch RedLetterMedia for filmmaking tips and advice, that's the one lesson you come away from with this episode; Don't. Shoot. Day-for-night. Ever. Ever.
      Jack: It won't look good and you can't do it.
      Mike: Worst case scenario, get a light, plug it in and shoot it in the woods, turn on your smoke machine, it'll look like garbage, as we've known from all of our films, but it's better than doing day-for-night.
      Rich: They shoot- They shoot interiors here...they're still doing day-for-night!
      Josh: I know.
      • Rich says that he wouldn't put it past this movie to try and pull off night-for-day. Cut to an edited scene from the movie that was actually shot at night, but then given a yellow filter over everything and a drawing of the sun pasted in the corner.
    • The heroine of the movie is named Russ because the role was originally meant for a man. The man never showed up, and the role was given to a woman, but they didn't feel like editing the script at all, resulting in her having a man's name.
    • At one point, Dr. Dan yells "awesome" so loud that the audio clips and he's cut off, resulting in him yelling "AWESO-" with a mouth full of steak.
    • Then there's the server's Narm Charm bellowing of "misss-TAKE!"
    • Mike's attempt at a Hurricane of Puns revolving around bears that don't work since they're watching a movie about werewolves.
      Josh: No, it's barely a movie.
      Mike: It's...wolfly a movie?
      Jack: Oh, cause bear?
      Mike: Yeah, I, eh...
      Rich: You just pick anything that lives in the woods and you think that's gonna be a pun?
      Mike: I'm scraping at the bottom of the barrel.
      Jack: The wolfrel?
      Mike: The rolfrrrrrel!
      Jack: (laughs)
      Mike: The puns that are in my brain, it was operated on by Dr. Dan!
      Josh: Ah, there it is!
      Rich: If only this were a bear movie. You'd be fine, you'd be golden.
      Mike: All my puns would be unbearablllllllllllle.
      Jack: Mike, let me paws you for a second.
      Mike: Paws!?
      Jack: So we can continue talking about the wolf movie! I thought that was a better one.
      Rich: At least that one was appropriate.
      Jack: Yeah, y'know. It took me a while to think of it while Mike was blathering.
      Mike: Lycan Colon-y? Cause it's shitty!?
      (Rich laughs, while Jack nearly does a Spit Take)
      Josh: Oh, you got him with that one! Wow!
      Mike: I always got a secret weapon up my sleeve.
      Rich: That one worked! ...I give that pun a canine out of ten!
      (Mike nearly does a Spit Take)
    • At one point in the movie, the actors are reading their lines off of cue cards that are visible to the audience, and the lines aren't even read right, with gems such as "Why can't us?" and saying small doses of silver have "municipal purposes".
      Josh: This is when all the exposition happens, in an off-camera cue card way, which we can actually see.
      Rich: With some hilarious mispronunciations.
      Mike: Yes, there are several of those.
      Rich: And I'm Rich Evans.
    • Jack lays bare the director's motivation:
      Jack: This is where we learn all about the werewolf lore; this is where the director and the writer Rob Roy was just really stroking it, having a great time. [Rich face-palms; everyone else looks at Jack funny] They come from an ancient, uh... Are you telling me he wasn't?
    • During the film's climax, the background switches to a greenscreened day-for-night forest, and the greenscreen has a very obvious hole in it.
    • Near the end of the review, an actual cricket finds its way into the room and begins chirping after one of their jokes.
  • The 2018 Halloween Special (Carnivore, Hauntedween and Black Roses) continues the tradition of Halloween being the episode where everyone drinks... a lot.
    • The house in Carnivore is referred to as the Romero house, prompting some eyerolling from the crew.
      Jay: Tip to low-budget horror film makers; Don't do that.
      Mike: Never, ever do that.
      Rich: You have to explain that.
      Mike: They're paying homage to 17th century Mexican artist José Romero.
      Jay: Oh. Is that what it is?
      Mike: Yeah. What did you guys think it was?
      Jack: Very subtle.
      Rich: It's right next to the Savini house.
      Mike: Yeah, right.
      Rich: The 17th century French impressionist painter.
      Jay: (Laughs)
      Mike: So many references we mistakenly interpret as horror nods.
    • When discussing how to cut down the extensive Padding in Carnivore, Mike states that the only way to make the movie good is to cut every scene.
      • The panel somehow gets into an impassioned argument about what is the best wall in the haunted house: the simple and obviously fake wall with a cheap exposed brick decal or the higher production wall with lights shining through the boards. The discussion goes on for a good 5 minutes.
      Jack: This is classic Team Brick-Wall gaslighting! You're just steamrolling over the important facts to support your narrative!
      • The group's sheer joy at the realization that the female FBI agent was clearly not on set for a number of scenes and was replaced by someone in a wig, necessitating the character to pointedly face away from the camera or even fall asleep in the middle of a scene. Rich speculates it was because the actress was in a Crest toothpaste commercial and was thus too big a star for the film to afford.
      • The group extensive attempt to figure out if the secret laboratory was built beneath an existing haunted house or just bought one to put on top... which then leads to the logistical question of why they would build a lab there in the first place.
    • The gang has two other lengthy discussions on the name of HauntedWeen's villain, Eddie Berber. Mike suggests several more appropriate businesses for the Berber name than "haunted house" - "Berber PVC Piping", "Berber Autoglass", etc. He eventually settles on "Berber Family Air Conditioning and Ductwork", becuase of the unusual amount of air vents in the family's rural house.
    • After their discussion of Carnivore ends, Jay pours everyone but Rich shots. Cut to 30 minutes later, everyone but Rich is completely wasted and for some reason Mike starts talking about Jay murdering cats.
      Rich: (talking into his mic) This was a bad idea. A very bad idea.
      Mike: Remember when you murdered cats? Goodnight, sweet cats!
      Rich: (talking into his mic) Who-who brought the fucking shotglasses?
      (an arrow points to Jay)
      Jay: I thought this would be funny, it turns out it's a terrible idea! I never murdered cats, Mike.
      Jack: You grew up on a farm, you get a lot of cats, sometimes the cats gotta go down.
      Jay: Why are you doing this to me?!
      Mike: Goodnight, sweet cats...
      Jay: All you're doing is making this harder and harder!
      Mike: Meow, meo-aaaaagh!
      Jay: (breaks down laughing)
      Mike: When Jay dies and he reaches the Pearly Gates, there's thousands and thousands of cats...
      Jack: Cats don't have souls, that's not a problem...
      Mike: Yes, they do! And they have worms coming out their ears...
      Jay: (keeps laughing)
      Jack: That's dogs, and they don't—
      Mike: Meow, welcome Jay!
      • Jay and Mike are very noticeably drunk during this brief segment. Both keep slurring their words, Mike especially, Jay reacts too strongly to what's around him while he's struggling to keep the discussion on track, and Mike decides to randomly lay down on the floor at one point.
        (As Rich cracks up at the drunken antics of the rest of the crew.)
        Jay: What the fuck is happening?! Why is Rich freaking out?!
        Josh: He's not.
      • While the discussion was derailing, Jay invites Josh to replace Mike in attempt to bring back any semblance of order. It doesn't work.
      • This leads to a first for the show, where the panelists (except Rich) became too drunk to continue, and came back two days later to finish their discussion. After the "2 Days Later" card, the panel is shown drinking nothing but bottled water.
      • As several Youtube comments point out, Rich has shaved his beard in the interim, as if to deliberately thwart any attempt to fix things in editing.
    • Jay says that Hauntedween was filmed in Kentucky, Tennessee.
      Jay: "Filmed in Kentucky, Tennessee."
      Mike: Ohh...wait. Kentucky is a state, and so is Tennessee.
      Jay: But there could be a Kentucky in Tennessee. Oh no, wait. "Filmed in Kentucky, Tennessee, and at Western Kentucky University."
      Mike: ...Well that's staying in.
      Jay and Rich: (Laughs)
      Mike: Jay failed geography in grade school.
      Jay: I just read the thing!
    • When reading the description for Black Roses, Mike compares the rockstar on the back to Slade Kraven.
      Jay: What was the rock guy from Trick or Treat? Sammi Curr!
      Mike: Wow. Have you got like a photographic memory or something?
      Jay: Only when it comes to shitty heavy metal horror films.
      Mike: Right. Cause you don't remember what our states are. But you remember Sammi Curr.
      Jay: (laughs) The important things.
      • Mike notes that the Idiot Plot of Black Roses depends on no word travelling of this popular rock band creating zombies and destroying every town they visit, but jokes that it might work if it was set in the 1890s and the band was racing the Pony Express to get ahead of the news.
      • The Dawson Casting of the movie's teens leads Rich to speculate that one of the classrooms is just a PTA meeting where the parents are roleplaying to try to feel young.
  • The second Black Spine Edition has friend of RLM Tim Higgins as a guest. While Jay says they'll be doing a normal episode with three movies, Rich, dressed as and acting like a butler, calls them into the adjacent room. Inside, Mike, dressed up as a magician and putting on a theatrical voice, pulls back a curtain to reveal an entire wall of black spine tapes.
  • Plinketto #7: Prototype X29A, Quigley, and Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House, featuring special guest Macaulay Culkin.
    • The Plinketto board was stacked with films they knew would be funny to watch, but Prototype X29A was an extra film they weren't sure about put on by Mike. After they ended up landing on it, Mike shifts the blame to Rich since he's the one who dropped the ball.
      • The protagonist in Prototype X29A is named Hawkins Coselow, which they mock for sounding way too close to "coleslaw".
      • The titular Prototype robot uses a rifle, but because the robot suit is so bulky and constrictive, he can't fire it straight. He can neither turn his head nor aim the gun in front of him, leading to him firing it sideways while still looking forward. Jay ends up comparing it to the suit in the early Batman films where he couldn't actually move his neck.
    • The crew is perplexed by the idea of Quigley, a Christian children's film about a man turned into a Pomeranian... starring Gary Busey.
      Rich: This is a family film.
      Jay: It is a film about family, as we discover.
      Rich: Starring Gary Busey, for some reason.
      Jay: Look, the kids, Rich, the kids love Gary Busey.
      Macaulay Culkin: Kids love Gary Busey.
      Jay: There's Mr. Rogers, and Gary Busey.
      Mike: They call him Scary Busey.
      Jay: (Laughs) "Why's that man keep having seizures? What's he doing?"
      Mike: "He's drunk like daddy!"
      Macaulay Culkin: "He looks like how daddy smells!"
      • There is a scene in which the Pomeranian is meant to be pushing a chair, but at the edge of the frame, you can see that it's being pulled by a crew member. Not only is his hand visible, but you can even see his reflection on a wall.
      • The crew comes up with a lot of theories on the filming of this movie, including that the entire premise of Gary Busey being a dog was retconned in because Gary was filming all of his scenes on all-fours, which he wasn't supposed to do, that Gary Busey wasn't aware this was a Talking Animal movie and that him saying "Am I a talking dog?" in the movie was his genuine reaction, and they also theorize that most of the film's budget went into people helping Gary Busey out of bushes he falls into and generally trying to contain his insanity.
        Rich: "Gary, if we don't put you back in [the cage], you wander away and we can't find you."
        (Macaulay Culkin begins digging at the table)
        Rich: "Are you trying to dig your way out? Gary, it's concrete."
        Mike: (Laughs) Are you the production assistant girl with the clipboard? "Gary?"
        Rich: "Mr. Busey, that's concrete, you can't dig out."
        Macaulay Culkin: "Shut up! Wait, I'm a dog!"
        Mike: Like half the credits were "assistant to Mr. Busey"? Like thousands of people, like the end of a Marvel Avengers movie.
        Jay: Yeah, all the special effects people, except it's just people pulling Gary Busey out of bushes.
        Rich: Half of them are, like, "Doctor".
    • There's a Running Gag that since Macaulay Culkin chose Home Alone 4 (despite it not being on the board), he finds it incredibly good, to the point of chastising Rich for not liking it
      (Rich loudly groans at a slapstick gag, causing everyone to laugh)
      Josh: You're ready for the rest of the movie, Rich!
      Mike: It's just starting...
      Macaulay Culkin: (gets up and points at Rich) You better start laughing! This is comedy fucking gold! (points to screen) This is fucking gold right here! John Hughes created these characters, alright?! You're disrespecting Mr. John Hughes! Every time there's a joke I'm going to look at you! I'm going to look right at you and point!
      (another slapstick gag happens; Culkin stares intensely at Rich)
      Rich: (forced) Ah, haaaaa, haaaaa, ah, haaaa...
    • The observation that Kevin didn't call the cops, even though he really had every opportunity to, leads the crew to psychoanalyse Kevin and Marv:
      Rich: You know what? Kevin didn't call the cops because he's really just out for blood.
      Macaulay Culkin: Yeah.
      Rich: He's really a sadist.
      Mike: Yeah, he's out for revenge.
      Rich: No, I really think he just likes hurting people.
      Mike: Oh! Okay.
      (cut to a scene of Kevin tormenting Marv and his girlfriend, and laughing manically at it)
      Jay: It's a... symbiotic relationship, right?
      Mike: Yes.
      Culkin: Mm-hm.
      Jay: He needs Marv, and Marv needs him.
      Culkin: Mm-hm.
      Rich: You see, Marv is secretly into masochism.
      Jay: Okay. Alright. He loves getting his genitals mutilated.
      Culkin: (laughs) Yeah.
      Rich: He does! That's why he keeps coming back for more.
      Mike: He loves the grappling hook to the balls.
      Jay: Is it just pain in general or specifically to his groin?
      Rich: (laughs) Pain in general, but—
      Culkin: I think the answer to both of those are "Yes!"
      Rich: Yes!
      Mike: I think the scary part is that it is pain inflicted by a nine-year-old boy.
      Jay: Oh! That's an important factor! It's not just pain.
      Mike: Just a detail that helps.
      Rich: That's vital! That's vital!
      Culkin (as Marv): We need each other!
      Jay: A nine-year-old that a year prior was a ten-year-old. He keeps de-aging.
      Mike: Yeah, he's got Benjamin Button syndrome. [...] Eventually, he will be, like, an infant.
      (everyone laughs)
      Mike (as Marv): (groans) Kevin! Hurt me!
      Jay: He'll be smacking Marv in the dick with, like, a rattle!
      (everyone laughs)
      Mike (as Marv): Throw your bottle at my crotch! (groans)
    • Finally, the time comes to pick the Best of the Worst:
      Rich: It has to be Quigley!
      (awkward silence; Macaulay Culkin gives Rich a Death Glare)
      Rich: (nervously) Home... Alone? (cautiously places his hand on the tape)
      (Macaulay Culkin holds the stare a little while longer, then smiles and nods)
      Mike: Home Alone? Good choice.
      Jay: Yeah. I was gonna say Quigley...
      (Culkin gives Jay a death glare)
      Jay: ...Not for Best of the Worst! I was gonna go with Home Alone: Taking Back the House. Of course. Yeah.
      Culkin: (smiles warmly) That's a really good choice! You have good taste.
      Jay: Thank you.
      Culkin: Mike?
      Mike: My choice is... (looks at Culkin) I'm sorry, Prototype X29A.
      Rich: Oh, fuck you! (laughs)
      (Culkin stares at Mike and takes a deep breath)
      Mike: Ummm...
      Culkin: No, okay. Fine. You can live with that... I'm picking Quigley. That shit's hilarious!
      (everyone laughs)
      Rich: This episode is a SHAM!
  • Best of the Worst: Christmas or Cats, featuring Two Front Teeth, Uninvited and Christy.
    • The actor playing Santa in Two Front Teeth is clearly far too young.
      Rich: They needed to find the old man who looks just like a real life Santa Claus.
      (Mike points at Christy)
      Josh: He was busy.
    • Mike speculates that the ninja nuns in Two Front Teeth were played by porn stars, but the rest of the crew takes issue with this since the movie was filmed in Maryland.
      Mike: I'm speculating, they may not have been porn stars.
      Josh: Is there regional Maryland porn?
      Jay: (Laughs)
      Rich: "She's big in the Maryland porn scene!"
      Jay: I'd just like to hear the accents when they're goin' at it.
      Josh: (Laughs)
      Rich: "I got this one hot movie where she covered her breasts in clam chowder!"
    • Jay tries to have Mike cover Uninvited, but passes it over to Rich.
      Jay: So the next film that we watched was Uninvited, this was the only cat film. And, Mike?
      Mike: I was gonna hand it off to Rich. One, cause he loves cats. And-
      Rich: You know, I don't want to talk about Christy. Just, y'know, fuck it.
      Jay: Hey, what is this!? What is this!?
      Rich: Mutiny! Mutiny!
      Jay: What is this mutiny!? What is happening here?
      Rich: You know what I'm gonna say about Christy? It was awful and confusing. That's all I'm gonna say.
      Josh: If you've got more to say-
      Rich: Because Uninvited is delightful.
      Mike: And Rich, you're very familiar with the term "uninvited". (Rimshot)
      Jay: (Laughs)
      Josh: This is why he wanted to do this. This is why he's doing the other video.
      Jay: Was it for that one joke?
      Mike: YES!
      Jay: Well, I'm gonna say it was worth it.
      Mike: Thank you!
    • The sound design in the movie is hilariously repetitive. The cat meows constantly with the same meow sound effects over and over again, and at one point when a truck tumbles over a cliff, it plays the same glass breaking sound effect over and over again, sometimes interrupting itself.
    • The sheer incompetence of Christy is shown on the front cover. Not only is the image of the reindeer horribly blurry, but the text of the title is too, which, as Mike explains, is really hard to mess up.
      Mike: Text is usually vector-based, which means you can blow it up or shrink it without losing resolution, and when they screw text up, it usually means they had an image of text, and then blew that up, which means they had no idea what they're doing.
    • The various examples of Special Effect Failure in the film. Their attempt at an aerial shot of Santa's village was to haphazardly place some miniature cottages into the snow and film that. Also, instead of using a greenscreen or a bluescreen, they used a white background, and since Santa wears a white-trimmed outfit, he's always partially transparent.
      Rich: This would have wowed them in, like 1908. In the era where people were afraid the train would hit them, these effects would have killed.
    • At one point in Christy, Mike just starts laughing for no reason and can't stop.
      Rich: You were laughing that it was that inept.
      Mike: No. I was just laughing like a person in a straightjacket would laugh. There was no context, I was just like "Aaaah, my brain stopped working."
    • Jay makes a point to mention that the songs in Christy were done by Frank Woehrle, who had appeared in Red Letter Media years prior via footage from "Sing Along With Frank Woehlre" in episode 9 of Half in the Bag, with Jay in particular referencing how Mike had smashed the tape with a hammer. It's also worth mentioning that all these years later, they still had that tape.
    • Christy is so weird and incomprehensible that Rich asks if it aired on [adult swim] at 4 AM.

     2019 Episodes 
  • Best of the Worst: Cybernator, Panther Squad and Project: Metalbeast, featuring guest star Freddie Williams.
    • Freddie opts to read the back of the box for Project: Metalbeast. It's one sentence long, and Freddie abruptly leaves after reading it, leaving Rich to stand by himself for a few seconds before he realizes he should leave too.
    • Cybernator has two scenes that the group compares; one in a "strip club" with an erotic dancer, and another with a Big Beautiful Woman Belly Dancer in an alley. They comment that the latter actually looked like they put effort into it, and they theorize that it was the first scene they shot, and the rest of the movie was just them giving up after deciding making a movie was too hard.
      • They call the lead actor of Cybernator one of the worst they've seen due to him being a Large Ham who does a lot of over-acting with his face, bringing a lot of attention to his Big Ol' Eyebrows.
        Rich: It's like Me Underwears Guy from The Room starred in a movie.
      • The cyborg make-up mainly consists of pasting silver plastic onto people's faces.
      • The army colonel (who has an uncanny resemblance to a young Donald Trump) and scientist in the film mainly conduct their business in what appears to be an old lady's room. This leads Rich to wonder why these low budget movies filming at "grandma's house" is a Running Gag on their show.
        Rich: Why is it always grandma's house? Doesn't anybody have, like, an uncle that will let them film? "We'll film at Uncle George's house. That way, our macho hero's house doesn't have doilies everywhere."
        Mike: Here's my answer. In Los Angeles, when you're like a low-budget filmmaker, grandma's house is the mansion, because grandma's house costs 6.8 million dollars in Los Angeles real estate.
        (Cut to a website offering Los Angeles real estate for $6,860,000 that only covers 407 sq. ft of land.)
        Mike: And [a] mega-millionaire mansion, which is what they want to use, is way out of their production budget. They live in the one-bedroom, or studio, apartment where the bedroom is right by the front door, and there's like a college refrigerator and the bathroom is in the living room. That's where the filmmaker lives. Grandma's house is the lavish estate that he wrote in his screenplay.
      • The end of the Cybernator segment sees Freddie praise the cover art, before bluntly stating that that statement was a joke. Rich cracks that Freddie almost ended his career with that stunt.
    • The Panther Squad starts with Mike doing the Bait-and-Switch of seemingly wanting Rich to do the discussion, only for Jay to do it, which Jay calls him out on for not even being subtle about it this time. Mike then has Rich do it, and Rich proceeds to explain that the movie is Belgian, but is actually Italian in spirit. When Rich refuses to explain any more past that, Mike abruptly resets the discussion and asks Jay to explain the film, whereupon the first thing Jay says is the exact same analogy.
    • After many years of having the film, Project: Metalbeast is finally spotlighted, and it turns out to be a giant disappointment that causes Mike to hypothesize that 98.6% of their film collection is just shit.
      Jay: We learned a valuable lesson, never look forward to anything...
      • When discussing the scene of Daniel Craig injecting himself with werewolf blood in the bathroom, Freddie deconstructs the thematic reasoning for the bathroom mirror being pre-broken, only for Rich to flat out state he's full of shit.
      • The crew notices that there's a Love Triangle where two men, a handsome man and a short, balding man, are trying to impress a female scientist by doing heroic things. The handsome man stalls the villain and gets shot in the shoulder for his efforts and the short man decides to stab the Metalbeast in the eye with a needle while the handsome guy and the woman keep a good distance away.
        Mike: Ehhhhhh... One says love more than the other. "I'm gonna stall this guy..."
        Jay: One says love, one says desperation.
        Mike: That's on his Tinder profile. "I'd stab a werewolf in the eye with a needle for you." Ehh, swipe.
      • When complaining about how the Metalbeast never leaves the science facility, Rich puts forth his idea for a better film concept: Metalbeast attacking a furry convention. Of note is Mike painting the image of the military showing up to take the Metalbeast down, but they legitimately can't tell him apart from the furries, and just opening fire into the crowd randomly.
      • Mike makes fun of Jay's fashion sense, even though he borrowed his sweatshirt from Mike.
        Mike: Why would you wear that in public?
        Jay: I wouldn't, actually. You told me to not wear my black hoodie 'cause we're all wearing black.
        Mike: What are you, some kinda stoner or something? What is that?
        Jay: You're trying to insult me because of your shirt!
    • After the group arbitrarily picks Cybernator as the winner for being "charmingly pathetic" and decides that Project Metalbeast isn't worth destroying, Rich caps off the episode by saying that collectively, this was the most pathetic night of Best of the Worst.
      Rich: Everything was pitiable, but nothing was disgusting.
  • Wheel of the Worst #18: Law Enforcement Guide to Satanic Cults, Preventing Disaster at the Crossing, and Creating Rem Lezar
    • Mike and Josh are made massively uncomfortable by a film on the wheel called Orgasmic Birth.
    • Another tape on the wheel is called How to Sell Thousands of Dollars Worth of Plants from Home, Even if Your House is Surrounded by Huge Discount Stores and Home Improvement Stores. The title takes up more than two-thirds of the cover, and also has a black-and-white picture of a guy sitting next to a couch with a load of money.
    • Mike and Josh look at How to Have Fun with Billy Bob Teeth.
      Mike: "Best selling tape"...oh, I was gonna say "Best selling tape in West Virginia".
      Josh: Oh. They don't have VCR's there.
      Mike: (Laughs) And they already know how to have fun with Billy Bob teeth.
      Josh: That's just daily life.
      Mike: "I don't need to watch no video about that!"
      Josh: I feel like if we watch this video, we're all going to be looking like this lady on the front cover, with the caption that says "??? Next ???"
      Mike: "Plus Billy Bob Boogie music video".
      Josh: Oh, that's not gonna go well.
      Mike: AKA Time filler. "Three thumbs up"?
      Rich: (Off-screen) They're very inbred in West Virginia.
    • The cover of How to Play to Win Blackjack, which is also cluttered with loads of gambling terms, advertises that the cover layout was done by someone who works for Sierra Design named A. Burden.
      Josh: That's what it actually says, and I can tell, it was a burden.
      Mike: (Points at the plant selling video) I mean, they could have had him do it, because at least his is like black text on a white background, you can clearly read it, this is a burden to read.
      Josh: It was a burden to make and a burden to read, thanks a lot.
    • Law Enforcement Guide to Satanic Cults casually mentions that Satan worshippers and homosexuals go hand-in-hand with nothing to back it up, leaving the crew dumbfounded.
      Josh: So they have to go outside to do their rituals, and also homosexuals.
      Jay: (Laughs)
      Josh: What!? What!? Woah, what!?
      Jay: Just that minor little mention to connect Satanists and homosexuals in your brain.
      Rich: Can you say "agenda"?
      • Much of the video is spent walking around a park where Satanic activity definitely took place and totally wasn't set up by the makers of the video. Signs include Satanic symbols spray painted on trees, including a pentagram that is upside-down from how Satanists normally draw them, a discarded bloody noose, and an empty bottle of xylocaine.
        Josh: No, it is definitely not happenstance that the second this man walks into this park, there is a pentagram on a tree, and it's not even the right way up for Satanists. It's upside-down.
        Jay: Well, he points that out, and we're like "Oh, when they went to film this, they drew that on the tree and they fucked up." Someone got fired over that blunder.
      • When Mike says the thought Rem Lezar was more real than the priest in the video.
        Josh: What is this "more real"!?
        Mike: Uh, Rem Lezar was more real—
        Josh: Rem Lezar is real!
        Mike: Oh, oh! Does he cum on you in your dreams— I mean, come to you in your dreams too?
        Rich: (laughs) Mike, we're getting there, we're getting there, don't worry about it. Rem Lezar is coming!
        Jay: I just wanna point out that—
        Rich: Rem Lezar is coming, Mike!
        Jay: Rem Lezar is coming!
        Rich: Prepare yourself!
        Mike: When I was seven, Rem Lezar came on me— I mean, came to me in my dreams as well.
        (everyone laughs)
      • Jay points out that, according to the video, Satanists love anal, and apparently have a calendar for when anal is okay. They then show a supercut of every time the video says "anal".
    • Preventing Disaster at the Crossing is a video for school bus drivers on how to avoid getting hit by a train. When the video talks about the kids running out of the bus into the safe area, they say that it would make sense for them to keep running as far away from the collision as possible, until they run into the woods where they meet Rem Lezar and a group of cops setting up a fake Satanic crime scene.
      • The gang points out that the target audience of bus drivers at risk of getting hit by a train is fairly narrow, and the primary thrust of the video seems fairly obvious.
        Mike: And really, they're like "Shit. We gotta tell bus drivers to watch out for trains!"
        Jay: Yeah, apparently that was not common sense at the time.
        (Later, after footage of a train barreling into a schoolbus)
        Mike: And they're like "Everybody, a train weighs six millions tons, it's this giant hunk of steel that cannot be stopped! IT'S A TRAAAAAAAAIIIIN!!!"
        Josh: Especially by a bus.
        Mike: "Look out!"
        Jay: Who would've thought?
        Josh: Get the fuck out of the bus.
        Mike: "This thing weighs fifty thousand tons, if it hits your car it's gonna obliterate it! It's a traiiiin! Look out!"
    • Creating Rem Lezar ended up being so funny that they were filled with joy after having to watch a video about children dying in a bus-train collision.
      • Mike's horrified reaction when Rem Lezar begins appearing out of nowhere and singing. Rich flat-out compares the video to Don't Hug Me I'm Scared.
      • Since Rem Lezar is an Imaginary Friend who somehow appears to two separate children in their dreams, the group ends up comparing him to Freddy Kreuger.
      • When the boy, Zack, is sent to the principals office (for, as the others summarize, having an imagination), he asks the principal if he has any kids, and the principal says he thinks of all the kids in the school as his own. The principal clearly has a picture of his kids on his desk. Rich and Mike then simultaneously make the same joke that his kids were killed in a bus accident.
      • Zack and Ashlee put together a mannequin of Rem Lezar that comes to life, but they need a medallion to keep him alive. They get a lot of mileage out of the words "come" and "cum".
        Rich: But there's a problem, he comes to life, magically he comes to life, but he doesn't have his magic medallion that will bring him to life... (stops and looks puzzled) In order to, I guess, make him come more
        Jay: Oh god!
        Rich: —magically to life— (laughs)
        Josh: Come on!
        Jay: What do they have to do in order to make him cum more, Rich?
        Rich: In order to make him come more to life, they need to find the Kee-ho-ticnote  Medallion.
        Mike: Quixotic.
        Rich: They need to find the Quixotic Medallion, but unfortunately—
        Mike: Wait, that makes him cum more?
        Rich: That makes him come more to life, yes. Because he's already come to life. If they don't find that medallion before sunset, Rem Lezar will never cum again!
        (everyone laughs)
      • The villain Vorock says that the medallion is hidden somewhere high, and Rich jokes that it's at the top of the World Trade Center.note  Little do they know...
        Rich: "The highest place you can imagine is at the top of the World Trade Center. The Quixotic Medallion will be there on September 1st of 2001."
        Mike: September 10th. The morning of September 11th.
        Rich: "You have to be there to get the medallion!"
        (5 minutes later)
        Zack: That's not it, that's the Empire State Building.
        Ashlee: It's really tall!
        Mike: (gasps)
        Rem Lezar: It certainly is.
        Zack: But the building my dad showed me is much taller, and there are two of them!
        Mike: OH GOD!
        Jay and Rich: OH MY GOD!
        Rich: (laughs)
        Jay: Holy shit! How the fuck did you call that!? It was so random!
      • Vorock screams "WHAT!?" in a way that sounds almost exactly like Rich, causing Jay to laugh and say he didn't know Rich was in the movie.
      • The crew is completely stumped as for why this film was made, with theories being tossed around as either it being a failed pilot (it could be split into two episodes, factoring in commercial breaks) or a failed Christian film (as they kept expecting the Christianity bent to show up... and it never does).
      • At the end, Zack sings about the adventure they had with Rem Lezar... which Rich points out was them going to a park and getting lost.
      • They try desperately to find out where the name "Rem Lezar" comes from, and end up with a load of theories involving anagrams, acronyms, symbolism involving foreign words, 9/11 and Area 51. Mike gets so frantic and confused, he straight up punches the tape off of the table.
    • Mike tries to vote for Preventing Disaster at the Crossing as his Best of the Worst, going against the grain and leading everyone else to call him a contrarian for not picking Creating Rem Lezar.
  • In the "Our VHS Collection" video, Mike reads off the title of every single movie they have on VHS in his Plinkett voice. There are over 1000 tapes and the video is over half an hour in length.
    • Over the years, they have collected 67 copies of Nukie, and Mike lists every copy, getting more unhinged after naming each one.
      • The last copy of Nukie is a French version called Nukie et Miko, but features the characters from Mac and Me on the cover. Understandably, Mike is completely confused.
    • Nearly every time a sequel comes up, Mike follows up naming the title with "It happened again?"
      • "Zombie 6. It happened that many times!?"
      • "Witchcraft XI? It happened that few times?"
    • "Fifty Fifty? I wonder what the odds of me seeing this are...Zero.
    • "Hobo-Goblins—Hobgoblins!" (Jay laughs)
    • The cover of their copy of Alice, Sweet Alice is almost completely destroyed. "Uh...Brooke Shields in something."
    • He reads Crime Zone as Space Cop because of the similar appearance of the main character, causing Jay to laugh again.
    • For The Lost Idol, "Erik Estrada is...a failed actor."
    • Black Mask 2: City of Masks becomes "Black Mask Mask 2: City of Masks of Masks."
      • And when it pops up again "Oh god, Black Mask-sk 2: Masks of Cities of Masks."
    • Mike can't read the title Dangerous Orphans without him, Jay and Rich all laughing.
    • "Peter Coyote and Danny Glover in Deadly Drifter. I'll never watch that."
    • "Little Mad Guy". (Jay laughs)
    • "Charlie Sheen in Fast and Fun", where the movie was actually called Terminal Velocity and "Fast and Fun" was the review quote.
    • The last action movies listed are ones with very samey titles with generic action film buzzwords that flow into each other beautifully.
      "Death Before Dishonor, Messenger of Death, Death Wish 4, Death Sentence, Death Fight, Death Kick, Death Force, A Force of One, Deadly Force, Outlaw Force, Outlaw Force, Avenging Force, Lethal Force, Night Force, Invasion Force, Black Force, American Commandos, Born American, American Justice, American Ninja 2, American Tiger, American Tigers, Gen-X Cops, Karate Cop, Karate Cops, Rent-a-Cop, Cop Game, Family of Cops, Violent Cop, Karate Cop, Omega Cop, hey, Frank Zagarino, Trained to Kill, Intent to Kill, Forced to Kill, Hired to Kill, Rage to Kill, Kill Crazy, Kill Crazier, Mission Kills, Midnight Angels, Black Belt Angels, Avenging Angel, Angel Fist, Angel of Fury, Angel of Heat, Angel of Destruction, The Final Executioner, The Final Sanction, Final Mission, Final Mission, another Final Mission, Fantasy Mission Force, Mission Manila, Mission of Justice, Laser Mission, Ninja Mission, The Ninja Mission, Enter the Ninja, Lethal Ninja, Ninja Turf, Master Ninja 2, Super Ninja, Challenge of the Lady Ninja, Ninja Wars and Ninja Terminator, Deadly Life of a Ninja, Deadly Life of a Ninja, Ninja Nightmare, Ninja Champion, Screaming Ninja, American Ninja 2, Zombie vs. Ninja, Cobra vs. Ninja, Ninja Heat, Ninja Destroyer with Stewart Smith, Ninja Hunt, another Ninja Hunt, and Cryptz."
  • Best of the Worst: Spookies, Action USA and Alien Private Eye
    • The episode begins with Rich trying and failing to tell Jay why he shouldn't vaccinate his kids.
    • Rich breaks down and starts calling the first film Spoopies. The rest of the crew run with it.
    • The episode marks the return of the "Battle of the Genres" series... which, they note, is now largely redundant, since most episodes now follow the "multiple genres" theme, and all it adds is a brief discussion at the end that usually gets edited down for time anyway.
      • And as if to act as the final nail in the coffin, at the end of the video, everyone abuptly remembers that this isn't "Best of the Worst", and have to awkwardly swap rules on the fly.note 
        Rich: So now, we're at the part of the night where we have to figure out which of these movies is the- (stalls)
        Jay: ... Oh, shit.
      • They ultimately conclude that, via the "Battle of the Genres" rules, "Action USA" and "Spookies" tie, meaning "Alien Private Eye" needs to be destroyed. Cue a last second arguement from Jay that "Action USA" and "Spookies" actually cancel each other out, thus granting "Alien Private Eye" the win.
    • The back of the cover for Spookies boasts about all of the monsters in it, including "lust-crazed muck men", which causes Jay to wonder why that wasn't the title of the movie. When they get to the actual muck men in the movie, them being "lust-crazed" is far less noticeable than the fact that they keep farting every few seconds and without explanation. Rich speculates that this was an inept sound editor's idea of what a fitting "squishy" noise would be for muck men.
      • Much like with Black Roses, the (sort of) main hero of this movie is clearly much older than the group of teenagers he's hanging out with, to the point that they initially assumed he was a chaperone at the party they were introduced coming from.
      • A Wolfman kills a boy by pushing him into an open grave and burying him alive. The group gets some mileage from the fact that the boy doesn't appear to be struggling to get out of the grave at all.
      • The main job of the Wolfman in the movie seems to be to close doors, causing the group to say he's actually Cameron Mitchell's henchman, referencing how in Terror in Beverly Hills he was constantly screaming to "Close the fuckin' doors!"
      • Three members of the group find themselves locked in a room with the Grim Reaper by the Wolf Man. The crew lose it when the main hero's solution to this problem is to just dive through the door head-first.
      • The Grim Reaper gets thrown over a railing and explodes for no reason. Rich says that this is because he was originally meant to appear in Action USA.
    • The boyfriend of the protagonist of Action USA drives a Cool Car while wearing Cool Shades, drinking beer, feeling up a girl and carrying a gun in his pants, which immediately raises suspicion for the group that he's Compensating for Something.
      Jack: His dick is so small. Oh, I fuckin' love it.
      Jay: I was gonna say, is this the movie equivalent of the guy who has the nice car? Is this the filmmakers overcompensating?
      • The opening of the movie is filled with so many things that show how stereotypically American and manly it is that Mike remarks that the only thing missing is the boyfriend eating a steak, preferably from under his girl's skirt.
      • The crew is exasperated at how the protagonist is not worried at all about the hitmen that are after her and is Too Dumb to Live. This comes to a head where she goes to a country bar and sings on stage for everyone to see.
        Tim: You deserve to get killed. Someone kill this woman.
        Mike: Ah, fuck you.
      • The heroesnote  end up plowing their car through the house of a random (clearly low-income) family. After a very disingenuous "Sorry about the house, buddy", they drive off and the house explodes for no reason. Rich says the grim reaper was using their bathroom.
      • Rich was literally jumping for joy when Jay told him that Cameron Mitchell is in the movie, only to find out he's in it for less than five minutes.
      • They're baffled by a car chase scene where the heroes drive their car under the trailer of a truck, and instead of the villains chasing them crashing into the trailer and it exploding, the trailer explodes on its own for no reason before the villains hit it and the suddenly-airborne villains fly into the explosion.
    • Alien Private Eye was written, directed and edited by a guy who just goes by Viktor, who also happens to be behind the show Early Edition. Weirdly enough, those are his only two credits. Jay points out how weird it is that the only two things he made are this obscure film called Alien Private Eye and then followed that up with a network television series that ran for several seasons.
      • The back of the box inspires little confidence in the film.
        Rich: "Non-stop action, gang wars, car chases and sexy love scenes are just some of the fun leading up to the final knockdown drag-em-out confrontation, where Lemro's true powers are revealed. But enuf' said, rent the tape and find out for yourself."
        Jay: Is that what it says?
        Rich: It says "enuf' said", well, it spells "enough" wrong, but it doesn't do "nuff" like Stan Lee, it throws an "e" in front of it, but it's still not spelled like "enough".
        Jay: But it does say "rent the tape and find out for yourself"?
        Rich: It says "enuf' said. Rent the tape and find out for yourself."
        Jay: So they didn't even have enough confidence in this film that anyone would ever wanna buy it. Like it's gonna end up on some shelf, "Just rent it, please!"
      • The villain of the movie has a picture of Adolf Hitler hanging in his office, who he apparently worships as a deity, calling upon him for help as if praying to a god. Jack points out that even though the villain worships Hitler, he still acknowledges that he's in hell.
      • The group tries to work out how the alien drug soma works, but none of them really have a grasp on it,Explanation  and it's intercut with the scene where Lemro explains it to a woman, edited almost like a YTP.
        Lemro [edited]: Five times, you die. Five times-a couple hundred times, you die. One hundred percent, you die. After five times, you die. This drug feels almost as good as having die.
      • They also point out that the characters we actually see using the drug seem to be in absolute agony, and discuss the implications of what sex is like for Lemro.note 
      • During the sex scene between Lemro and his love interest, Renee, the former keeps his hat on during the act. When Renee takes the hat off, she reveals his pointy ears and becomes very uncomfortable as a result. The crew remarks that Lemro immediately climaxes just as this moment happens from how the scene is framed.
        Rich: (as Renee) "He's either an alien or a Trekkie and I don't like either of those things!"
      • The group is completely baffled by one of the villain's plans. Near the end of the film, they have Renee held hostage and at gunpoint in a standoff. Then a truck passes in front of them, which they were apparently anticipating, as they perform a hostage switching version of the Vehicle Vanish trope. They put Renee in their car and switch her out for a drug-addicted woman who looks similar, then shoot her, causing Lemro to think they shot Renee. Nobody is able to figure out why they didn't just shoot Renee, why they needed Renee alive, why they switched hostages, or how they were able to anticipate the truck that let them do this in the first place.
      • Right as Jay is describing the climactic fight between Lemro and Kilgore, Rich starts to space out as the sound gets muffled... and then, suddenly...
        Rich: (grabs head abruptly) OH MY GOD, WE FORGOT ABOUT THE PRIEST!
      • "The priest" in question is the one Kilgore encounters about halfway through the film, trying to get him to repent for his sins. This is the first and only time we see the priest, and we cut to this conversation mid-scene. And then Kilgore proceeds to spit acid onto the priest's face without warning from a skull tooth he has... which is the only reason why this scene is brought up, as Kilgore winds up swallowing it after Lemro punches him in the gut during the climax. To top it all off, as Jack says, Lemro never knew about the tooth, so as far he knows, he just killed Kilgore with one really hard punch.
  • Our DVD and Blu-ray Collection once again has Mike reading the titles in their collection in his Mr. Plinkett voice, often struggling or purposefully misnaming them.
    • Guru Mahaaguru becomes Gugu Maguguhagu.
    • "Ultimate Prey, where the green beret becomes the prey! Written by Dr. Seuss."
    • Due to a sticker blocking the title, Flight of Fury becomes Flight of Fuck.
    • Dragon Hunt becomes Dragon Cunt, causing Jay to laugh in the background.
    • "Ted Diabetes in Marine 2."
    • The Uncrucibles, due to the font, becomes The Unreadables.
    • "Richard Grieco in Final Paycheck."
    • "Rise of the Robots. A Herbert Midget film."
    • "2019: After the Fall of New York. Oh, thank God this isn't going to happen until next year, 2020: Texas Gladiators. Oh boy, we got a lot of time for this one, 2035."
    • "Barbie Star Light Adventure. Hey, it's sci-fi."
    • "Robot Overlords. Oh God, Ben Kingsley and Gillian Anderson? Did you have a couple weeks off or something!?"
    • "Legend of the Phantom Rider, starring Denise Crosby. Hey, I bet you're glad you left Star Trek: The Next Generation!"
    • When the cover for Dark Planet comes up, the title is completely obscured by stickers. "Um...yeah."
    • "The Sword of the Barbarians, hey, that's an axe, though."
    • "Freaky Farley. Look out, he'll show you his penis!"
    • Groupie has its title blocked by stickers. "Gro...Gro...Gr-...Groupon?"
    • "Head of the Family. Literally. That's great!"
    • Kingdom of the Spiders stars William Shatner, so he just reads it as Star Trek: The Original Series.
    • "Chupacabra vs. The Alamo. I wanna watch that! I'm sure it's shitty, but I wanna watch it."
    • "Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman. Fuck you." (Jay laughs)
    • "Hobgoblins. Hobogoblins!
    • "Demon Wind." (Fart)
    • "Satan's Black Wedding. Another Satan's Black Wedding. Guess he got a divorce."
    • "Day of the Animals. Grizzly! It's a Wurlem Gurgler fantastic fest!"
    • He reads aloud all copies of Pinata Survival Island as just Survival Island, realizes his mistake, and goes back and redoes the rest.
    • Alien 3000 becomes Andre 3000.
    • The cover of Mad Mutilator, made up of bits of torn up paper and the title written very small on one piece, just elicits an "Oh boy...", which is immediately followed by a film called Vidocq, which elicits another "Oh boy...", causing Mike and Jay to laugh. Darna Zaroori Hai shortly after gets an "Oh God."
    • Vampire Hunter Hank is presented by Taco Cart, which he reads as "Taco Bell", causing him and Jay to crack up.
    • "Destroyer and Anthony Perkins. Oh! Edge of Sanity.
    • Just like with Nukie last time, he reads out all 29 copies of Vampire Assassin.
    • "And lastly Booty Call."
  • Mike, Jay, and Rich do a Spotlight Episode on the Wisconsin-made movie Twister's Revenge. Mike says he wanted to call it a "Blacklight Episode" because they're exposing the film to the public, similar to how a blacklight exposes a stain in a seedy motel room.
    • They make fun of how they clearly shot the crowd of an actual monster truck show, then filmed the stands with 20 extras for a scene in the movie. And they're clearly not professionals, since people are clearly laughing at the scene itself, and a person that looks like a child starts smoking.
    • Jay explains what Wisconsin is to people not from around there:
      Jay: For anyone not familiar with Wisconsin, we should say that there's Milwaukee, there's Madison, and then there's the rest of Wisconsin, which is nothing but fields and farmhouses...
      Rich: Well, technically there's also a football stadium somewhere up north. note 
      Jay: That's true. In the middle of nowhere.
    • An edit shows the Tanglewood Bar as it looked in the film, and how it looks now from Google Maps, still standing but abandoned, with the caption "Everyone is dead..."
    • At about the two minute mark Twister's Revenge is a movie that got several of the guys into B-movies and they watched it very often way back when. This lead to a fantastic comment.
      Jay: Twister's Revenge is such an early B-movie that we watched that got us into B-movies.
      Youtube Comment: Translation: the BotW crew's relationship with 'Twister's Revenge' is kind of like Bruce Wayne's relationship with the mugger that shot his parents.
  • Wheel of the Worst #19 has Mac Culkin appearing yet again, claiming he's The Other Darrin for Rich Evans, who's been evicted from his home and is now sleeping on the floor like a homeless person. invoked
    Mike: Ohh. But that's where Rich sleeps. Did you kick him out?
    • One tape is from the mid-1980's called Massage With Siri, which instantly earns guffaws from Mike and Mac, noting that iPhone does have a vibrator app.
    • The panel calls the naturists in the "Naturist Lifestyle" video frauds, because a lot of them are either covering themselves, have the camera cut off below the shoulders, or are just wearing clothes.
      • Rich jokes that they tried to pull people in with the younger blonde woman that they clearly hired to strip and intro the video before showing that the vast majority of naturists are much older.
      • Mike says that he couldn't take the naturist video seriously, because to him he just sees all the nudist men as perverts wanting to ogle nude women.
      • The discussion somehow leads to Rich wondering what the Bat-Boy's genitals would look like; Mac suggests it'd be whatever a regular bat's looks like and says to Google "bat genitals." A moment later we hear Jack groaning from off camera in disgust, wondering why he actually looked it up.
    • Jack's Big "NO!" reaction to Orgasmic Birth, cringing in horror at the man breathing on a woman's neck as she gives birth, taking pleasure from it.
    • When they tried to watch another tape to compensate for not finishing Orgasmic Birth, they chose the workplace safety video that featured a crash test dummy puppet. Their discussion just turns into them listing all the ways the video dodged showing the dummy getting Amusing Injuries.
      • This leads Mike to do a segue into bringing up that when he and Rich made videos in high school, they would frequently have Rich beat up a doll Rich's nana gave him as a gift. The video ends with Rich making a new one of those videos, with the same kind of doll, trashing one of their sets in the process.
    • Mac's friend Shawn introduces himself, but right before he spins, Jack spins while flipping Shawn off. The spin lands, without cheating, on Hostage Officer Survival, the spiritual successor to Surviving Edged Weapons. Jack celebrates with a double Flipping the Bird while walking away.
      • The panel mentions that Hostage Officer Survival isn't as entertaining as Surviving Edged Weapons, mostly because hostage situations aren't as fun to watch as random stabbings. Rich theorizes that since the video gets more insane part of the way through, that it was the makers of the video fucking around with the remainder of their budget after they shot the parts the police department wanted.
    • As The Stinger for the video, Mac cuddles up with Rich in their makeshift bed on the floor, with Mac first as the little, then as the big spoon.
  • Black Spine Edition #3 opens with Mike and Jay playing an extremely tense version of Jenga where the tower is made of VHS tapes. Rather than putting the tapes they pull out on top of the tower, they are placed in separate piles and one of their many copies of ''Nukie'' takes their place. This takes up 14 minutes of the video, and results in two massive piles on both sides.
    • Eventually, the tower comes down, and the group winds up having to sit through all 22 of Jay's tapes... of which five are picked on the grounds that they are able to actually talk about them. That doesn't mean they picked the good ones...
      Jay: (to the camera) And these- just a reminder, these are the winners!
    • The first tape they watch is a blank with pro sports bloopers on it, but it comes with Unfortunate Implications since one of the clips is just two little people walking around with tennis gear on and no actual bloopers happening.
      Jay: That's not a blooper, that's just little people. Are they saying that little people are God's bloopers?
      Rich: (Laughs)
      Jay: It was just a shot of them standing there!
      Mike: They were little twins, and they're playing tennis, Jay.
      Jack: Yes, that's not a blooper!
      Jay: That's just their lives!
    • Rich gets impatient with the potty training video.
      Rich: Oh my God, I just wanna see a kid take a shit!
    • The group's reactions to California Big Hunks during the montage of Jay's stack of videos. Jack is aghast, Rich is unamused yet curious, Mike is completely stonefaced, and Jay seemes to almost be into it.
    • Venison Processing: The E-Z Way immediately begins with camcorder footage of a guy sticking a knife up the asshole of a deer carcass. They shut it off immediately.
      • This winds up becoming a Brick Joke during the Best of the Worst selection at the end: Rich attempts to make a case for Venison Processing, despite the fact that the tape isn't on the table.
    • The first tape deemed interesting enough for the table discussion is Chairobics, which is about a group of elderly people doing aerobics while sitting in chairs. It's handed off to Mike since he loves making fun of the elderly so much.
      Mike: When you teach the elderly to exercise, it's basically telling them to slightly move.
      Jack: And remember, when you're old, you can't move too much, because your bones are brittle and your muscles are deteriorating and your body is falling apart before your very eyes.
      Jay: And that's where the hilarity comes in.
      Rich: (Laughs)
      • The on-site doctor giving medical advice in the video is wearing a lab coat over what appears to be a black-and-white striped prison jumpsuit, leading to claims that she isn't a real doctor.
      • Rich says that Mike is someday going to pay for all of his elderly jokes, leading them to theorize that the man in the video with the oxygen tank is actually future Mike, since his oxygen tank look like a Gonk droid.
    • Riding Mower Safety begins as a pretty standard safety instructional video, but it takes a strange turn when a love ballad about lawnmowers starts playing.
    • Jack forces Jay to introduce California Big Hunks - and in the process, acknowledges the latter's fervent female following:
      Jack: I mean, I hate to play to stereotypes, but the people want it. Jay, can you please tell us about California Big Hunks?
      Jay: What's the stereotype? That I'm a California Big Hunk?
      Jack: That you like talking about buff guys in California —
      Mike: Talk about California Big Hunks!!
      Jack: TALK ABOUT MEN!!!
    • California Big Hunks is various male exotic dancers doing stripteases to music that Rich describes as "fart noises on a synthesizer", with each dancer getting more and more strange.
      • The first dancer is a California Highway Patrol officer, who apparently fantasizes about himself doing a striptease inside a bedroom.
      • The second dancer, Reno, is supposed to be a fisherman, but is wearing an outfit so strange they can't even tell what California stereotype he's supposed to be. The outfit include a torn up shirt with an image of a muscular torso on it, brown pants and furry boots, and he dances in the middle of a swamp, and wipes himself off with a dirty blanket after he's done.
      • The third dancer starts off as a normal cowboy, but then once his striptease starts, he looks like a figure skater wearing a cowboy themed outfit, and he dances in what looks like an empty hotel room.
      • The fourth dancer, Donny, is a graffiti artist who sees a picture of Michael Jackson hanging on a wall, then fantasizes about himself in a Michael Jackson style military suit stripping in what looks like the ruins of a 17th century castle. Cue Mike and Jack impersonating the hypothetical Corrupt Corporate Executive who coerced the poor dancer into being in such a bizarre segment.
      • After the Michael Jackson dancer was a Prince knock-off, which they fast-forwarded through. Rich admits that seeing them dance in fast motion is pretty funny.
      • The final dancer is a man who was stood up on a date with a woman, leading to him doing a striptease inside a locker room. This leads the group to question whether the fancy restaurant and the locker room are part of the same building.
        Rich: Maybe she didn't show up because he was taking her out to the gym cafeteria.
    • Yello Dyno: Can't Fool Me! is an anti stranger danger video starring a yellow dinosaur that sounds like Chris Rock.
      • The video has a song called "Tricky People", which Jay points out is essentially an upbeat song about perverts and child abduction.
      • It tries to both inform kids about the dangers of child molesters, but also be wacky and entertaining. The result is a serious case of Mood Whiplash that must be seen to be believed.
        Jay: The child predator is, like, peeking and the window and WHOOP, he slips in the garbage, and it's like they're trying to make it funny to appeal to kids, but it's still a child molester.
        Rich: Y'know, it's a video about, like, tell the kids "Be careful about the creepy adults who are going to take photos of you sexualized." And they do that by taking an actual girl and they film her sexualized in this fucking tape.
        Jay: They kept it tame enough. But the problem comes when you start adding, like, cartoon sound effects.
        Jack: Yes!
        Jay: Boing! Like, don't do that!
    • At the end of the video, Jay announces that it's time to pick the Best of the Worst. Out of everyone at the table, Jack is the most dumbfounded that they are doing this.
    • They unanimously decide to destroy both versions of Yello Dyno. Cut to Rich and Jay standing in front of a table, and Jay says they need to think of a clever way to destroy them. Before he can even finish his sentence, Rich drops a cinder block on both tapes and flips the table.
  • Best of the Worst: Hawk Jones, Winterbeast, and Roar
    • Macaulay Culkin is back, and during the opening description of the movies he's walking around without nobody noticing.
    • Rich and Mike both call him "Mr. MacCulkin".
    • Hawk Jones is a Buddy Cop Show parody where the entire cast consists of children.
      Shawn: It wasn't well acted, and it didn't look pretty-
      Rich: Well they were five!
      Mac: Child actors can be excellent!
      Rich: (Laughs) You know what? You know what, I had forgotten. It slipped my mind that I'm sitting next to a famous child actor.
      • Things get uncomfortable when the movie decides to parody The Chanteuse character...using a little girl in an Age-Inappropriate Dress.
        Jay: I mean I know you're doing the cliches, but...let's pull back on this.
      • Mike realizes that the film's Da Chief is almost an exact copy of the one from Space Cop, and compare three scenes.
      • Rich, Mike and Mack all start talking about Star Trek. They're all in sync with each other and Shawn clearly bored and out of the loop.
        Rich: I wanna see a prequel that's like a science-fiction movie where a science experiment turns everyone into children. That'll explain how this world came to be. It's like that episode of Star Trek.
        Mac: Rascals!
        Mike: Rascals.
        Mac: I beat you to it.
        Shawn: Is Q responsible for that?
        Rich, Mike and Mac: No, it was a transporter accident.
    • Mike passes Winterbeast over to Rich, who could not follow the movie at all, so he struggles to give the most basic synopsis of what happened in it.
      Mike: Does he not retain any information?
      • The main villain's raspy New England-meets-Harvey Fierstein voice makes him instantly loveable to the crew.
        Mike: (to others while watching) I just want him to yell at me.
      • Various stop-motion monsters attack people in the movie, one of which looks similar to Groot.
      • One plot point in the movie is that there is a monster tooth that is kept in a box next to what appears to be a dildo.note  The dildo is never addressed by the characters. They discuss the tooth while sitting at a table with a woman who seems to be completely unrelated to the story.
        Policeman: It could just be the tooth from any large animal...
        Rich: No, what about the giant dick that's next to it!?
        Mac: He's like "Oh, you cared about that, too?"
        Mike: "Oh yeah, that's unrelated."
        Mac: "That's not supposed to be in there. Give me that back."
        Shawn: And he's like "I'm showing you the tooth. This is my father's dick."
      • Shawn saying that his one critique of the film was that he couldn't tell that the characters were meant to be fighting a giant at the end.
        Shawn: My one critique of the film...
        Mac: Your one critique!?
        Rich: My one critique of the film is that I couldn't hear or understand anything that was happening.
      • Mike spills beer on his crotch, causing the entire discussion to halt as he asks Jay to edit it out and not zoom in on it and slow it down.
      • The poor quality of the movie in general causes them to envision a scenario in which the Massachusetts-based filmmakers all mock someone working on the production who knows what they're doing, all with comically over the top accents.
        Mike: There's that one scene where the power goes out, and it's like the most basic thing ever, they just Jump Cut from lit scene to blue, and they could have just filmed a light bulb just turning off. Boom, done, that's your bridge-
        Mac: "Woah, woah woah, slow down, cowboy."
        Mike: "Slow down, Orson Welles! What are you doing?"
        Shawn: "Look at fancy Mr. Hollywood here! "Turn out the light bulb", he says!"
        Mac: "Oh, Mr. Tarantino, tell me more!"
        Shawn: "Shoot your movie with "cameras" or whatever!"
        Mac: "Oh, lights and things, Jesus Christ! What do you know!?"
        Mike: "I got so many ideas!"
        Rich: "You and your fancy ideas! You get outta Massachewsus! Here is Massajujish, we put the camera down, and it stays there, goddammit!"
        Mac: "This is not how we do it in the Berkshires, alright!? Get the fuck outta here, asshole!"
        Rich: "Microphone!? MICROPHONE!? "Oh, I'm from LA, I got a microphone!"
        Mac: "Oh, Mr. Winterbeast guy, what the fuck!"
        Shawn: "Light the shots, sure!"
        Mac: "GO SOX!"
        Shawn: "Like I'm some kinda god, can just snap lights on an off or somethin', the sun's gonna rise out my ass! Now get over into that field and let's finish shooting this movie!"
        Rich: "It's why your kids have poor ears! They gotta- They gotta- They don't- They don't- They don't have to listen like we do in Massachewsus! Our kids have to filter out the 70% static before they can hear what somebody's sayin' in our movies, makes their ears better!"
        Mike: Rich, do you hate all those scummy people from the east coast?
      • Mike tells Rich that he needs to start paying attention to the movies or he's off the show. Rich leaves and is replaced by Josh for their discussion of Roar. However, during the viewing of the film, when the lions storm the cabin like a zombie apocalypse, Rich laughs with a mixture of amazement and fear, and keeps screaming, "IT JUST WON'T STOP! IT JUST WON'T STOP!!!"
      • Rich returns for the final summation and voting...right after Josh spills his drink across the table, making it feel like he was banished for doing so.
      • Mac and Shawn muse that Michelle Pfeiffer can easily one-up Mac's child star bragging with the fact she had plastic surgery on her face after getting mauled by a lion.
  • Plinketto #8: Demon Cop, Alien Force, Game of Survival
    • The video starts with Mike and Jay waiting in annoyance for their celebrity guest, who turns out to be "Ellen Show" celebrity Rich Evans. He then walks over to the Plinketto board, admist cheering from the audience, in order to explain to Patton Oswalt how Plinketto works.
    • One particular film on the board this time catches Rich's attention...
      Rich: Well, you should be familiar with this one, It's... Ratatouille!
      Patton: (stares dead-eyed at the camera; shakes head)
      Rich: Oh, wait... Ratatou-ing
      (awkward pause)
      Rich: The dollar-store knock-off of Ratatouille!
      Patton: (deadpan) ...I hope I don't get sued for this.
      • They wind up landing on it for their second film... but when we cut to them watching one particular scene, we see Patton call Brad Bird.
        Patton: (on the phone) Yeah, um... Listen, Brad... Uh... (quietly) I'm kinda doin' this internet show, and they're d— and we're watching, uh... Watching Ratatoing... And, I'm-I'm making fun of it, I'm making— Yeah, I know. Okay. Wh— Y— T— what, th-th— we're gonna...'ll sue the skin off of them. Yes, I'll-I'll say that verbatim, I'll let them know that verbatim. Okay. No, we're gonna-we're shutting that off. We're— (to the room) uh, guys?
        (cut to the Plinketto board)
        Patton: (about to drop the ball) Now I'm gonna try doing it this side, and see if this goes how we want...
    • At the beginning of the panel discussion, there’s an exchange that sets the tone of the rest of the episode:
      • Patton Oswalt then later breaks down into another rant on the subject:
        Patton: Can we pause? 'cause I'm gonna need another one of these. (holds up shotglass) I realize my soul is screaming at me right now.
        Rich: Do you regret this with every fiber of—?
        Patton: I really do. I could've— I have a gig tomorrow night, my last gig was on Sunday night. I could've flown home, been with my wife, and I fucking drove to Milwaukee and stayed here, for two fucking days.
        Mike: You got to see Alien Force though... I mean, come on.
        Patton: Not worth it. (moves to stand up) I'll be right back.
        Mike: You'd missed Alien Force...
        Patton: Please, include this in the thing. I want people to know! Any other— Any slumming celebrities, like, "I'm gonna be real! I'm gonna connect with the YouTube generation, and I'm gonna go on this fucking..." No! This is a fucking nightmare (long bleep) — holy — (long bleep) — doing this — (long bleep) — mount — (long bleep) — fuck!
      • For some reason, during Patton's rant, the rest of the panel all freeze in place.
    • When reading the Alien Force box, Rich discovers something that genuinely upsets Patton Oswalt:
    • On the final throw, Rich very clearly grabs the ball and drops it onto Game of Survival.
    • There's the crew's reaction to what may be the single dumbest line ever heard on Best of the Worst (and this is a show that regularly encounters Neil Breen movies) that perfectly encapsulate their respective personalities.
      "That explains common logic" (Rich bursts out with the highest-pitched cackle ever, Patton starts clapping, Mike puts his head in his hands, Jay looks at the screen then at the others in disbelief, and Jack has a D: face that just keeps getting wider)
    • Patton says that both Demon Cop and Game of Survival feature women with depressing apartment art in them. Mike then tries to make the pun "Depressing Art-partment", only he somehow forgets the word "apartment", even though Patton just said it.
      Patton: This movie and this movie feature women with very depressing apartment art. Like really grim late 80's, y'know, you just go buy it at Spencer's Gifts.
      Mike: Depressing art-...Depressing uh...
      Patton: Like the chessboard with the wineglass and the rose-
      Jay: (To Mike) What's happening? It's like your brain just stopped.
      Rich: What are you trying to think of?
      Jay: It's like you were about to make a joke and your brain just shut down.
      Mike: It's a depressing, uh, I wanna say-
      Patton: Wow, I'm watching a joke die in your frontal lobes.
      Mike: Depressing um...
      Jay: He'll get it out, just give him a minute. Just give him a second.
      Patton: (To the audience) Won't you please help? Folks, your donations will go so long-
      Rich: If you can find Mike's joke...
      Jay: Please mail it to us!
      Patton: -for the price of a cup of coffee, you can help Mike.
      Mike: Uh, what is the building everyone lives in? Apartment! Depressing art-partment!
      (Patton collapses on the table in laughter)
      Jay: "What is the building everyone lives in?"
      Rich: (Laughs) Earth! The building everyone lives in is Earth!
      Jay: What was the joke?
      Patton: What was the joke?
      Mike: I don't know. It's- It's like-
      Patton: It wasn't even a joke, oh my God, your brain shut down making an observation!
      Jay: That you already made!
      Mike: Oh, Lemro. What have you done to me?
    • It's especially hilarious because it is one of the rare moments on the show where Mike is the Butt-Monkey, and Rich gets to make fun of him.
    • Similar to the Night of the Lepus/Zombie 3 experience, Patton finds that the movies start to blend together in his mind.
      Patton: Game of Survival features a woman named Harley who could not be hit in the head more in the space of a film. She's punched, she's clobbered and shot in the head-
      Jay: Are we-? oh, we're back to Alien Force, yeah, yeah.
      Patton: No... wait a minute...
      Jay: Yeah, Alien Force!
      Patton: [shocked realization] OHMYGOD, that wasn't- Jesus Christ!
      Jay: See?! This is what these things do to you!
  • Best of the Worst #83: The Instructor, Through Dead Eyes and Twisted Pair
    • The Instructor stars a tiny karate instructor who the crew describes as looking like Burt Reynolds head on Joe Pesci's body, who they dub "Burt Pesci". They end up bursting into laughter every time he runs.
      • The opening fight scene of the movie mainly consists of Burt Pesci beating up weirdo mooks as they stand around him in a circle only attacking him one at a time.
      • One scene that baffles the crew consists of Burt Pesci having a boring phone call while leaning on a bookshelf while a woman does erotic karate poses in the background. Rich muses that it's supposed to be juxtaposition with Burt Pesci being Distracted by the Sexy.
      • Jay observes that the title Twisted Pair would have been a much better fit for this movie, from its humorously large number of Groin Attacks.
      • The movie is so '70s that Rich spends a few moments expressing his absolute disgust at the fashions and designs that are in the movie.
      • The back of the box says that the movie was filmed entirely in Los Angeles, which Jay says is a complete lie. Rich comes up with an explanation; The movie was shot in Ohio, put on a VHS tape, the crew flew to LA, popped the VHS tape into a VCR and then filmed the TV, which also explains why the film quality looks so terrible, and released that as the final product, just so they could say they filmed it in LA.
      • The chase scene in the movie ends with a very awkwardly edited scene of Burt Pesci kicking the bad guy off a cliff, who somehow manages to hang off of it while Burt Pesci tries to rescue him, only for the bad guy to let go and fall to his death. Colin and Jay joke that the actor actually died on set when they filmed the scene.
    • Through Dead Eyes stars James Doohan, who the box is eager to point played Scotty on Star Trek: The Original Series.
      Rich: "James Doohan (Scotty from Star Trek)", in case we forgot from the front of the box, "stars in this thrilling horror/murder mystery about an old unsolved string of murders and a psychic who can see how and when people will die! A police detective hunts a serial killer whose only victims are women. Turning to a psychic to help solve the crime, he discovers she is tortured by her power to see through people who will soon die. Together they are determined to catch the killer. He also seeks assistance from a retired detective (Doohan), who sits on a couch in one room and bangs out all of his scenes within five minutes."
      Colin: It doesn't say that!
      Rich: No, but it should.
      Colin: There is a picture on the back of him sitting in a couch.
      Rich: There is very specifically him sitting in a couch, and it's an action scene because he's holding a gun, but he's still sitting in his recliner!
      • Doohan plays a former detective who retired after he couldn't solve the murders. A newspaper is shown with the headline "Distinguished career ends in failure", with a picture of Doohan that was used for Star Trek.
      • The crew pull apart how poorly constructed the murder mystery is with the police suspecting that only a man could perform the murders since the victim's throats were crushed, the killer wearing an eyepatch to lead to the Red Herring in Doohans's character possibly being the killer, and the lack of any characters that could be suspected to be the killer. It predictably turns out to be a twist where the killer is the elderly wife of Doohan's character who is unnaturally strong for someone like her. Jim offhandedly but correctly predicts the reveal during the introduction of the wife.
      • The psychic woman falls in love with the abusive detective because when she touches him, she sees the two of them looking like they're peacefully sleeping together...completely forgetting how her own psychic powers work.
    • Twisted Pair, according to Rich Evans, is Neil Breen's most coherent movie to date, since he was only saying "What?" every 48 seconds.
      • Neil Breen's hair is so messy and wild that Jay jokes that a there's a plot point in the movie where Breen's characters had gorilla hair tranplanted on their heads at some point.
      • Most of the movie is filmed on what appears to be a newly built, really nice looking community college campus, but is constantly reused to represent different locations, including a restaurant, a government building, and an alleyway. Of particular note is that the only effort to make it look like a dirty alleyway is to have a bum sit against a railing, with a pair of obvious rubber rats sitting next to him.
      • Jay remarks that the movie is the most Lynchian one Breen has made so far, leading to Jim responding that David Lynch would say no to that.
        Neil Breen: [Pointing to his heart.] I'll be right here.
        David Lynch: Bullshit. Total. Fucking. Bullshit.
      • The villain, Cuzzx, is Neil Breen's bizarre interpretation of a crime boss, who has a deep voice that was obviously lowered in post, carries around a plate of plastic diamonds that he pets like an animal, and he has a set of sentient ceramic cats.
      • During an apparent struggle between Neil Breen and a woman, Jay puts out a perfectly timed question when he spots a random painting sitting on a couch as opposed to hanging from a wall.
        Jay: Why is that painting there?
        (The woman Neil Breen is attacking grabs the painting and smashes it over his head, with a comical glass shattering sound effect. Jay facepalms while everyone laughs.)
        Jim: This is like a scene from Three's Company.
        Mike: Is this real? Is this really happening?
      • The abusive relationship between the bad Neil Breen and his girlfriend is so poorly directed that a scene with the two of them ends with Breen just pushing the girl off a bed like it's a slapstick joke, eliciting laughter from the whole crew.
      • Neil Breen's superhero scenes are shamelessly filled with so many Stock Footage Failures and Special Effect Failures that Rich invokes Poe's Law at one point.
        Rich: He has to be self-aware at this point, right?
        Mike: That is a question that we all cannot answer.
        Rich: This is too much. He's overplayed his hand.
        Colin: No, I don't believe it.
        Mike: Rich, you underestimate crazy.
      • Rich jokes that the novelization of the movie would just consist of the words "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" repeated over and over. Jim extends that and says that the book would instead be filled with lorem ipsum, which leaves the rest of the crew hanging as they struggle to understand his joke.
  • Wheel of the Worst #20: Energy & Me, Christmas with Dennis, The Thing About Money and Shape Up America! with the Silver Foxes
    • While going through the selections on the wheel, Mike questions whether The Magic Video is a video about magic, or if the video itself is magic.
      Josh: You've seen The Muppet Movie?
      Mike: I have, yes.
      Josh: Is that movie a muppet?
      Mike: That's a fair point.
    • Energy & Me stars Billy B, who previously starred in Wormania, attempting to teach kids about energy through song. The problem is that his lyrics are often difficult to understand.
      • At one point, Mike picks up on a familiar sounding melody.
        Mike: What is this? He stole this melody. Dun dun dun-dun, oh fiesta...
        Josh: Oh, it's "La Isla Bonita"!
        Mike: "La Isla Bonita"!
        Josh: Jesus Christ.
        Mike: You fffffffucking thief!
      • When the video opens with people dancing primally.
      Jay: I thought this was the prequel to Midsommar.
      Mike: I hope this ends like Midsommar.
      • The video is 75 minutes long, which they didn't realize because the Velcro used to stick it to the wheel covered the running time. As they discuss who could have put the Velcro on there, the camera zooms in on Rich, who tries to defend himself by saying that The Shoji Tabuchi Show was also a long tape.
      • During the demonstrations on the dance moves, the camera keeps zooming in on one particular female dancer for no discernible reason, leading them to think that the cameraman had his mind on other things.
      • The video goes to black, leading them to think the tape is over. It hangs on the black for almost 20 seconds before moving on to the next dance instruction.
        Josh: ...Credits?...
        Rich: ...Really? I'll accept this...
        ("Water Cycle" Dance Instructional Video)
        Mike: We can't do it!
        Rich: NO, GOD, NO! NOOOOOO! NOOOOOO!
        Mike: We can't!
        Rich: It's like a horror movie when, like, you think the killer's dead, and it's like quiet for a moment, and then they walk up on the body and it pops back up!
    • Christmas with Dennis is nothing but a guy named Dennis playing Christmas music on an electric organ, which baffles the crew, since the video was made in The '80s but both the style of entertainment and Dennis himself look like they came right out of The '50s.
      • Partway through the video, Dennis' sister Dyanne, also an organist, takes over. The shot of her playing shows both her hand action and her playing the foot pedals, but since the two shots are laid on top of each other, it looks like she's playing the keys with her hands and feet, with her feet somehow coming from the top of the screen.
      • Among the "special guests" in the video is Santa Claus. It's actually just an animatronic Santa that moves in a strange way. The crew theorizes that he was originally supposed to be holding a naughty and nice list, and he would look at the list and then look to the left, but the list was taken away from him, so it results him him looking like he's pelvic thrusting.
      • At the end of the tape, the thrusting Santa starts glowing as he comes to life. He reappears in a chair a short distance away, now played by a guy in a Santa suit, who gives a very slow and disinterested wave to the camera, then turns back into a thrusting Santa.
      • Dennis puts on a top hat and suddenly turns into Frosty the Snowman, much to the crew's delight.
      • The crew start pitching a recreation of the video, with Benedict Cumberbatch in the role of Dennis, and directed by David Fincher, and suddenly get to speculating that Dennis might be either the Zodiac Killer or D.B. Cooper.
    • The Thing About Money opens with a girl saying that kids like her spend $93,000,000,000.
      Mike: How rich are you?
      • During one of the musical segments of the video, the two leads are shown dancing through the streets, and Mike spots a person in the background staring at them.
        Mike: "Crazy-ass white people..."
      • Rich says that they're going to gush over the video just because it was made in Wisconsin, to which Jay says that was the only notable thing about it.
    • Shape Up America! is an exercise video starring the elderly parents of celebrities, including Sylvester Stallone's (and Frank Stallone's) mom, Jackie Stallone, Robin Williams' mom, Lori Williams, Dustin Hoffman's dad, Harry Hoffman, and Al Pacino's dad, Sal Pacino. This results in a lot of hilarity due to some possible offscreen drama going on between these people.
      • The exercises are in general poorly coordinated, but at one point Sal Pacino starts dancing to himself while the others are doing their synchronized stretches.
      • Lori Williams and Jackie Stallone have some kind of feud going on that shows in the tape. When Jackie takes the lead, Lori doesn't follow her instructions, they spend most of the video as far away from each other as possible, and they make a number of catty comments at each other.
        Jackie: See how Sal's pulling his foot into his fanny?
        Lori: (offscreen) Well look at Harry.
        Jackie: He's stretching his- I'm not worried about Harry.
      • Within the tape are advertisements for various old people products. These include a foot scrubber (with an endorsement by Quentin Tarantino edited in) and a membership to the Silver Foxes Club, which gives a discount on travel, restaurants, cruises and hotel.
        Jay: You'll get discounts on hotel. Just the one. One hotel.
        Josh: You'll find it.
      • The narrator of the tape tells the viewer not to worry if they're not following the onscreen exercises exactly, which causes Rich to burst since none of the people onscreen are in sync with each other either.
      • Jackie Stallone is theorized to be something of an Attention Whore since she appears to be the ringleader behind this tape, and she's also affecting the signature Stallone lip her son has, even though Sylvester got his lip from complications during his birth, so there's no reason why she would have it. She's also the only one of the Silver Foxes to still be alive at the time of filmingnote , which Josh attributes to The Power of Hate.
  • Best of the Worst: Jack-O, Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare, and Shark Exorcist
    • Since Jack-O is Cameron Mitchell's last film, Jay and Jack take bets on what character he'll playing. They take it as a given that he'll be sitting at a desk, while Jay jokingly predicts that it will be the exact same desk he used in Demon Cop. When Mitchell finally appears, it turns out Jay was absolutely right - the movie uses recycled footage from Demon Cop.note 
      • Two of the characters appear to be an uppity conservative couple with a woman who has a weird Transatlantic accent. Mike correctly predicts that they believe that giving out candy for Halloween is a form of welfare.
    • The opening of Rock n' Roll Nightmare baffles them for how weirdly it was put together. The plot begins with shots cutting between the band driving to the house the movie takes place in and panning, exterior shots of the house itself. They call this exactly the type of footage that would be used for a movie's opening credits sequence...the problem being that this is after the movie's actual opening credits, which was instead played over footage that appeared to have been shot by strapping a camera to a cat. The result is several minutes of uninterrupted B-roll footage for no apparent reason.
      • The premise of the movie is presumably an American band driving up to a remote farmhouse in Canada to record, but the van they drive very confusingly has both a "USA 1" vanity plate and an ordinary Ontario plate. They're left unsure if the band is American and had to put Canadian plates on their van while up there, or if they're actually Canadian but are so embarrassed by that that they pretend to be American.
      • The movie ends with an absolutely ludicrous Shocking Swerve: None of the people the demons killed actually existed, Jon-Mikl Thor's character has actually been an angel the whole time, and he then proceeds to strip down to a male version of a Chainmail Bikini and have a hysterically awkward and embarrassing fight against Beelzebub, who appears as an incredibly stiff animatron who fights by throwing demonic starfish and runs away after just a few punches. This ends up being essentially the only real bright spot in the three movies they watched this episode and by itself was enough that they almost unanimously named it Best of the Worst.
      • Following the big reveal, they point out the hilarious Rewatch Bonus that the entire movie is actually Jon-Mikl Thor hanging out in a farmhouse by himself pretending there are other people there. They especially point out the awkward shower sex scene he had earlier in the movie would retroactively become him masturbating while tonguing the air, pretending he's with a girl.
    • During Shark Exorcist Jay starts to compliment the film, because he can't see the filmmaker or camera in the reflection on the car. Then the actress steps away and the camera is clearly visible.
    • When voting on Best of the Worst, Rock n' Roll Nightmare would have won unanimously had it not been for Mike playing Commander Contrarian and voting for Shark Exorcist instead, despite everyone present being disgusted and creeped out by it enough to name it one of the worst movies they've ever seen, and the viewer being directly warned not to watch it even as a joke by Mike himself.
      Mike: It was new to the palatte.
      Rich: Mike, what does dirty seizure porn taste like?
  • Best of the Worst: A Very Scary Christmas
    • Rich mixes up Michael Douglas with Kirk Douglas as the star of Falling Down, leading to the group to imagine Kirk Douglas (103 and still alive at the time of the episode's release) as the star of a Falling Down reboot which solely consists of him falling down the stairs, screaming.
    • Mike gets up to his usual schtick, voting for the hugely unpopular Santa Claws as the best film of the night (even though he had to look at the box just to remind himself of the title). This time, the rest of the panel call his bluff, changing their votes to make Santa Claws the unanimous winner. They then vote to destroy Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2, in spite of the praise they had previously heaped on it.
      Jay: This is the worst Christmas ever!

     2020 Episodes 
  • The crew gives credit to AGFA, the American Genre Film Archives, for preserving and reproducing Wicked World to be seen in the future. Mike asks if after watching it, the organization can now be legally classified as a terrorist group.
    • When the film ends on a text blurb detailing how the government is developing a computer chip to suppress violent behavior in people, it slowly dawns on the group that the message is actually pro-brain chip.
    Josh: It's a very Canadian spin on conspiracy theory.
  • Black Spine Junka 2
    • At one point Jay is in a motorized wheelchair for no reason and repeatedly runs it into the table pushing it back into the four commentators.
    • The music in Kelly Bear Teaches Respectfulness And Friendship Skills is so repetitive and derivative of existing songs that as it went on, the entire crew was temporarily driven insane and sang and danced along to the video.
      • One of the acronyms Kelly Bear teaches to the kids is S.T.F.A.: Stop. Think. Feel. Act.
        Rich: Oh my God!
        Jay: Shut The Fuck Up!
      • The low quality from the VHS tape unfortunately made the bears shown in the card demonstrating S.T.F.A. look like they have massive boners. This is not helped by the next card having a bear on all fours after supposedly falling over.
      • The crew couldn't help but notice that all the kids' answers to the host's questions are clearly scripted and assisted by the host mouthing the words they're supposed to say.
    • The father in The Gospel According To Saint Bernard is clearly dubbed over with a very professional American accent and is a Middle Eastern-looking man who looks nothing like his children. The crew remarks that he probably has a thick Middle Eastern accent that was hidden in ADR to make him look like the archetypical 90s middle-class dad.
    • During Rich's description of Fire Safety For Older Adults, every instance of him calling the host a "nagging bitch" is bleeped, which wouldn't be funny if Mike and Mac didn't crack up the first time he said it. The fact that Mike edited this episode is the cherry on top.
      • The reveal that when Rich infamously set fire to his grandmother's kitchen trying to make fries, he wasn't a child, he was 22.
    • The night's winning film, If You Love Me, Show Me, an absurd Christian animated film about the dangers of premarital sex with time travel as a primary plot device.
      • The crew refers to the Make-Out Point that Jenny's boyfriend drives her to as "Fuck-Butt Point" for the duration of the review. Anyone mistakenly calling it "Butt-Fuck Point" is harshly rebuked.
      • When Jenny realizes she's pregnant, her friend blocks her from getting an abortion; they instead go back in time to stop her from having sex. Rich openly wonders how this is any different from getting an abortion.
      • The aforementioned Fuck-Butt Point makes her pregnancy even funnier in hindsight.
      • Father Time spontaneously going into a Limbo Rock-parody musical number about abstinence.
        Jay: Do you think Father Time always knows exactly when to pull out?
  • In the intro for their episode on Showdown, Robot in the Family, and Bloodz vs. Wolvez, Rich stands frozen while Jack pretends to be talking to him. but Rich's attempt to sell it by falling backwards leads to him hitting the shelf too hard, knocking dozens of tapes and some of their props off of them.
    • Before they watched Robot in the Family, the crew intended on watching Max Magician and the Legend of the Rings, which Rich presented as "a truly original film", but the tape was just static, so they swapped it out.
      Jack: It's just you're just taking popular IPs out of a hat and going "Okay, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, go! Just fucking go"
    • In Showdown, the leader of the biker gang is played by Werner Hoetzinger, which the crew intentionally misreads as "Werner Herzog"
      Jay (as Herzog): "I look into the eyes of Leo Fong and I see notzing but darkness."
      • The town of Sanctuary is described as a retirement community for veteran gangsters. However, Mike says that they seem more like a town full of pacifists, since none of the townsfolk lift a finger to defend themselves against the invading bikers. As such, the movie seems to overstate the threat the bikers pose.
        Lead Girl: Well, they're like a well-organised army.
        Rich: No they're not! They're a scuzzy biker gang! Just shoot them and be done with it!
      • When the bikers hook up the main girl's father's truck with a bomb, the effect is so cheezy and bad, that when it does a Smash Cut to the girl's house, they thought it was a shot of where the truck used to be, and that the truck just vaporized.
        Old Man: The motorcycle gang...killed him today.
        Rich: "He vanished in an improbable explosion. The entire car was atomized."
        Jack: "Listen honey, it's called the Quantum Realm."
      • Mike goes into a tangent about how the town of Sanctuary should have teamed up with the town of Perfection, Nevada to deal with the bikers. And for some reason he descends into doing a Yooper accent while talking about said crossover.
      • Near the end of Showdown, a major drug deal is going down, but one of the guys organizing it words it strangely.
        Dealer: He's coming with 50 kilos of pure shit.
        Rich: (Laughs)
        Mike: They're fertilizing some crops.
        Jack: That's not how you describe good things.
        Rich: "There is no corn."
        Jay: This movie is 50 kilos of pure shit.
      • Rich has one of his longest laughing fits ever when it appears that Leo Fong stops chasing the biker gang leader, Kincade, to go around asking people where Kincade is, only to be told he's in the spot where he was previously chasing him.
    • Robot in the Family is considered such a bad movie that all of them felt like they were getting sick watching it because of how much of it is just constant visual and audio noise.
      • Rich asks for a time lapse of their faces when they were watching it, which an edit provides, to show just how their faces changed as they became more and more baffled at the movie.
        Mike: It's like you're on a roller coaster into your own grave.
      • The movie is almost nothing but chatter, particularly the robot.
        Jack: The robot is never not talking.
        Jay: It's like he was directed by Paul Feig.
        Mike: Ooooh!
        Rich: Oh ho ho, snap!
        Jay: "Just keep talking! Maybe it'll be funny, just talk!"
      • During one particularly loud and incomprehensible scene of the robot making breakfast for the kids, Mike turns to Rich holding his head in shock.
        Mike: Help me, Rich.
        Rich: No one can help you.
        Mike: Now I know how you feel when I make you do Picard videos.
        (Everyone laughs)
      • Their attempts to describe the robot's appearance.
        Mike: The robot looks like Max Headroom fucked a traffic light.
        Jay: (Laughs)
        Rich: It looks like Max Headroom fucked the Tin Man, in a light bulb factory.
        Mike: (Laughs)
        Jay: And he's wearing the colander helmet from Ghostbusters.
        Mike: Who fucked the guy who is Pizza the Hutt's assistant in Spaceballs.
        Jay: Oh yeah!
        Rich: Oh yeah! I was thinking of the electric guy from The Running Man.
        Jay: That too, yeah. A lot of influence on this film.
    • Once again, the crew feels bad for Bloods vs. Wolvez, because like with Demonwarp after Ryan's Babe, they didn't expect Robot in the Family to be such a good-bad movie that it made whatever came next look tame in comparison.
    • The ending doubles as a teaser, because when Mike goes behind the Plinketto board to look for a sledgehammer, he looks horrified and turns it around to reveal a new Wheel of the Worst. Jay's response is to look absolutely mortified, then snap back to normal and calmly ask if they're still going to destroy the tape.
  • Bad Movie Scavenger Hunt has the guys mix things up by picking random descriptions of covers from a bucket, Rich has the first pick and pulls "Depiction of rape on the cover" and immediately accuses Mike of rigging it.
  • Wheel of the Worst #21 has the guys nostalgic for being able to go shopping without worrying about having to wear a mask or maintain social distancing.
    Josh: Remember shopping?
    • The crew are completely baffled by the advice not to touch kitty litter, not knowing that every pregnant woman is told to avoid kitty litter at all costs because toxoplasmosis can give severe birth defects. Even moving the litter around can cause it to be inhaled and damage the fetus.
    • The guys trying to figure out what the symbolism behind Turtle Dreams is supposed to mean. Except for Rich, who just dismisses it as a pretentious performance piece, which the others agree with. The whole Turtle Dreams section contains many great moments of the four's baffled reactions to the "singing".
    • The guys attempt to decipher meaning from Turtle Dreams by reading the description on the back of the box...which is just an exact summary of what happens in the video.
    • In spite of having picked three videos to watch, Mike insisted on everyone watching Massaging The Elderly and taking obvious glee in the fact that everyone sitting next to him is miserable because of it. Rich even just takes off his mic and leaves in the middle of the discussion.
      Rich: Mike, you do realize someday, someday VERY SOON, karma is gonna hit you like a freight train.
      • Many noted the Hilarious in Hindsight of Rich's threat when not too long afterwards this episode was posted, RedLetterMedia and its fandom got caught up in an online spat with William Shatner, which clearly hurt hardcore Trekkie Mike a little inside.
    • The ending segment, where Rich is inserted into Turtle Dreams.
  • In their Spotlight Episode of Diamond Cobra vs. White Fox, Mike and Jay gave Rich a dedicated reaction cam during their viewing, because they had already seen it, and knew it was worth capturing Rich's bewilderment throughout the movie.
    • During a scene where a little girl sings a song in a "church", that's barely tied in to the movie, Rich can only offer this to say to Mike:
      Rich: I have...all the questions. Where, who, when, why, and what?
    • In an attempt to structure the review, Mike gives the three of them a challenge to keep naming characters from the movie, and while they could, they could remember almost none of their actual names. So the names they give are things like "Green Haired Lady", "CIA brother", and "Friend!"
    • At least twice, when showing clips from the movie, a caption has to include that they are showing the actual editing of the movie.
    • Jay points out that the cinematographer for the movie scenes was the writer/director/star's mother, and it shows.
      Jay: It would be like if I gave a camera to one of my relatives. "Is the camera in focus? Is it pointed at me?" "It looks good, the shot looks good!", where they have no idea what they're doing.
    • The episode ends with a Fake-Out Fade-Out because Mike forgot to bring up the scene that was clearly shot at an Olive Garden, where the character played by the creator's mother isn't wearing her eyepatch or talking loudly because she didn't want to look stupid or be rude.
  • Best of the Worst: Twin Dragon Encounter, American Rickshaw, and Infested
    • The discussion opens with the panel questioning whether one of the studio lights will last through the episode, as its bulb is looking dim. They all agree that, if it goes out before they finish, they will simply call the episode there and go home.
    • The guys theorize that the twin brothers from Twin Dragon Encounter are such egotists that they're in love with each other because it'd be like loving themselves. Mike even describes it as being literal homosexual.
      • The scene where the twins find out their girlfriends have been kidnapped, but the reveal that the kidnappers also stole the poster for their karate school gets a more dramatic musical sting causes everyone to lose it. That and the whole movie revolving around how cool and manly the twins are leads to them calling it maybe the most naked Vanity Project they've ever screened on the show.
    • It turns out Mike has no idea what a rickshaw is and gets it confused with a hoverboat and (jokingly) guesses a bunch of other things they see in the movies later that night, including deciding the main protagonist's name in American Rickshaw was "Rick Shaw" since they couldn't remember his actual name.
    • The panel theorise that Infested was the result of an attempt by the director and cast to make a movie over the space of a single weekend, in order to win a bet. This is their explanantion for why the entire movie takes place in broad daylight, as well as the terrible CGI; they thought they could leave the special effects until the last minute because they didn't realise how difficult and expensive it would be.
      • The cast of Infested features some relatively well-known actors, so the panel assume that the movie was a quick cash-grab with some recognisable names to put on a DVD cover. Rich is absolutely flabbergasted to see that the cover doesn't feature any names or even faces; the movie is sold entirely on the monster bugs.
    • A stinger set in Toronto shows Colin watching Twin Dragon Encounter and becoming inspired to get fit. He puts on a karate gi and heads to the McNamara brothers' own Twin Dragon Kung Fu Club... only to find that it is no longer in business and end up back on the couch eating junk food.
  • Best of the Worst: Shock Em Dead, Hollow Gate, and The Satan Killer
    • In Hollow Gate, the panel get much amusement from the fact that the villain's attack dogs are golden retrievers, a breed known more for friendliness than ferocity. This leads Mike to pitch a horror movie about a pack of killer Pomeranians, titled "A Thousand Pomeranians".
      Mike: "One Pomeranian is cute, but a thousand...?"
    • Much of the wrap-up is spent dunking on the photo on the IMDb page of Stephen Calamari, director of The Satan Killer, with Jack comparing it to a combination between a mugshot and a school portrait.
      Mike: Is anyone's IMDb picture a mugshot?
      Rich: Harvey Weinstein!
      Mike: [hysterical laughter]
  • Best of the Worst: Ben & Arthur
    • Throughout the entire episode, a 1:1 scale Gremlin sits where the fourth panel member usually does. No one acknowledges it until the very end.
    • When recapping the beginning of the plot, Mike, Rich and Jay keep mixing up the protagonists names. Mike trying to come up with a system of telling them apart gets confusing to say the least and it goes on for several minutes. Eventually he settles on A as in Alopecia for Arthur... and B as in Bald as in Not Bald for Ben.
      Mike: I've only seen that in Summer School with Marc Summers.
      Jay: Mark Harmon.
      Mike: Mark Harmon, Marc Summers is the Double Dare guy.
      Jay: That's the Double Dare guy.
      Rich: Marc Summers wasn't in Summer School, so that's how you know Marc Summers was the Double Dare guy.
      Jay: (laughs)
      Mike: You watch it! I've got my own methods and it's been working...30% of the time! Okay? I still get Ben and Arthur confused.
    • Since the filmmakers didn't care what airplanes they showed flying by for their "travelling by plane" shots, Jay points out that they apparently go from Los Angeles to Vermont on Alaska Airlines, but come home through FedEx, implying that they stowed away in some boxes.
    • Much of the discussion is spent dissecting the many pitfalls this film falls into when it comes to set design, culminating in a step-by-step guide to committing fraud at your local Goodwill.
  • Best of the Worst: Christmas 2020
    • Right at the outset, Rich shows up as Santa and, after talking about how long they've known each other and all the memories they share, gives Mike a present to show him how much he means to him. And that present? A black spine tape.
      Mike: (scared) No... (looks towards a table full of presents)
      Rich: (demonically) ...they're all black spines...
    • Tim immediately intros the discussion, having cottoned on to the fact that the one leading the discussion doesn't have to talk about the tapes... only for Mike to point out there's eight tapes, and four of them.
    • "It Ain't Worth It!" nearly gives Mike an aneurysm when Barry Sanders of the Detroit Lions is introduced holding a basketball and wearing a blue basketball jersey. Darrell Green, Washington Redskins cornerback? Also introduced on a basketball court. Rich speculates that they only prepared for A.C. Green, an NBA star, and couldn't get appropriate props in time.
      • Mike expresses a little uncertainty that the tape is faith-based, interspersed with clips of all the athletes (Sanders, A.C. Green, David Robinson, Darrell Green) and Wikipedia summaries confirming that, yes, they are all devout born-again Christians. Rich makes the very salient point that Christian-produced abstinence videos for secular classrooms can't talk about "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus", or else they wouldn't be shown, and instead have to rely on "drugs, or AIDS, or whatever".
      • Equally mind-melting (and hilarious) is the tape's fast-and-loose approach to statistics, most of which involve 50-50 stakes for some reason.
        Mike: And then the girl brought out a quarter, and said, 'Watch me flip this quarter', and said, heads or tails. Tails? You got gonorrhea. Heads, you got gonorrhea... [And] if you get the JFK side up, you get all the STDs.
        (Rich Evans demurs, ultimately giving a respectful golf clap)
      • Mike pitches a companion video, "It Was Worth It!", featuring sexually active teens talking about how fantastic and consequence-free casual hook-ups are.
        Tim: (Singing) It's all worth it, look at me, I'm doing fine!
        Rich: Memories to last a lifeti~me!
        Tim: "I'm havin' sex right now, and it feels great!"
        Mike: Y'all all suckas~!
    • Second Chance vs. Magnum Force proves to be the most bonkers self-defense tape the gang has seen since the legendary Surviving Edged Weapons, in large part because the host, Richard Davis, bears an uncanny vocal (and more than a slight physical) resemblance to Roger Ebert, which makes Davis's over-the-top displays of machismo weirdly surreal.
      • Despite being made to promote Richard Davis's line of Second Chance Kevlar body armor, the video has just as much filler — Davis shooting up cars for the hell of it, bad comedy sketches starring Davis and his non-actor friends, segments made to showcase Davis being a man's man — as it does actual info and testimonials.note  The guys, going into it blind, have no idea what to make of the tape at first.
      • In one of the segments, Davis lifts "350" pounds over his head; he admits it's really 175 in a caption, but claiming he could've also done twice the reps if he wanted to. Whether or not this was meant to be a joke, Davis is then left genuinely out of breath for a good while, cracking Jay up.
        Tim: He's fuckin' winded! "I'm stronger than most!"
      • The sketch depicting police officers "as seen by... those whining leftest pinkos !" delights everyone for the novelty of seeing an army of cops roll up on a children's play fort and blow it to smithereens with shotguns after the kids stole some comic books.
      • Due to the tape's considerable length of two hours, they could only watch the first half that night. Rich, thinking about the "leftest pinkos" skit, is quick to mention that he doesn't want to praise the tape too much, in the off chance that Davis's politics just kept getting more prominent and radical through the runtime.
        Rich: I'm afraid, like, the next skit's going to be "how the Jews view police officers"! [...] So if he starts endorsing, like, white-genocide ideas near the end of this, WE DON'T KNOW!
        Tim: We don't know!
        Jay: We just thought it was funny when he got a pie in the face, okay?! Give us a break!
    • "How to Carve Great Faces for Halloween" has a lot of fun at the expense of poor Gordy Falk, both for how not-great and rushed his pumpkin faces are (his reputation as the "Pumpkin Man" was based on the quantity of his outdoor displays, not individual quality), and for the nonexistent production values of the video making it look exactly what it seemed like — that Falk filled his kitchen with pumpkins, drank a couple of beers, and turned the camera on.
      Falk: We gotta nice little five-pound pumpkin, here... aaaaand the first thing we have to do is get the top off.
      Mike: "So, WHY did your wife leave you?"
      Falk: [Pulling out a gigantic curved carving knife] ...And then you want a great, big, huge knife.
      Mike: "And HOW did she die?"
    • Mike spends a surprisingly long time—during their annual Christmas episode—talking about famous spouse murderers. This gets edited down to a couple of minutes in the YouTube cut, but according to Jay, this tangent was forty-five minutes long.
    • To finish the video, the crew decide to watch the rest of "Second Chance vs. Magnum Force", their pick for "Best of the Worst". Time-lapse footage of them watching the video plays during the credits and shows that they all left a couple minutes before the video ended and left the tape running until the VCR stopped itself.

     2021 Episodes 
  • For Plinketto #9, Mike tells Jack he can't recall the last time they did Plinketto, followed by a cut to Patton Oswalt's mostly censored rant from the last Plinketto, about how much doing the show sucked.
    • Mike says "I know it's gonna have it all" about Spacejacked, which is followed by his words being put on the screen, complete with a slow zoom freeze frame, fade to black and white, and "Psycho" Strings.
    • When they talk about Ice Cream Man being on the board, Mike and Jack try to come up with a sensitive way to describe Clint Howard's head. Mike comes up with just saying that he as a "shaped head"
      Rich: Mike, I prefer the term "alternatively handsome"
      • Jack says he remembers doing an episode on Ice Cream Man, but the rest don't know what he's talking about. Cut to a clip from a years-old "episode" where him, Josh, him, and Josh talk over each other about the movie.
      • Unfortunately, Ice Cream Man is so dull, Mike whispers to Rich to cause a distraction so he can swap the tape for Spacejacked. Rich starts to do this, but then the premise gets abandoned and it just Smash Cuts back to them at the Plinketto board.
    • When Spacejacked gets introduced, it literally knocks the tape for Ice Cream Man out of its establishing shot for the episode.
      • Jack introduces Spacejacked as taking place on a luxury spaceship, prompting Mike to put Air Quotes on "luxury", and Jay to put them on "spaceship".
        Mike: Oh, this won an award: "Best Use of Cardboard"
      • A key part of the discussion for Spacejacked is talking about how cheap the set design is. It's so bad that at one point Mike jokes that the sequence of the ship "blowing up" was made because they happened to be filming while the set was falling apart.
      • The panel briefly talks about the most well known actor in Spacejacked being Corbin Bernsen, most known for L.A. Law, as the Ham and Cheese antagonist, and how he's clearly having the most fun with the role while not caring.
        Mike: I would say that he's Chewing the Scenery, but I know he doesn't like the taste of cardboard.
      • They also make fun of the film's soundtrack, and how it sounds like improvizational jazz. Mike points out that some parts sound like the instruments being tuned more than them being played.
        Jay: Corman was like "Cut, that was perfect!" and he said "oh I wasn't playing anything, I was just tuning my instrument"
        Jack (as Corman): "Oh that's great, then I don't have to pay you"
        Jay (as Corman): "It's already in the film, we're moving on. We have to score Carnosaur 3 this afternoon."
        Jack: "That is ten minutes of your service, here is your coupon to Subway."
    • From the brief description Rich reads of the back of the box for The Dungeonmaster, Jay is able to accurately guess that half of it will be in contremporary Los Angeles, will be shot in a forest for a fantasy land, and in the desert for the post-apocalypse.
      • Jay jokes that Richard Moll is so well known just for Night Court that he should just be credited as "Bull from Night Court"
      • The panel tries to come up with a better plot points and a better ending than what Dungeonmaster had.
        Mike: The guy who is a computer nerd, he should have been a game programmer...and then he makes a deal with Satan "for our escape you can challenge these mortals via these games" and all over the world people would be playing these games and it'll keep Satan busy for millenia.
        Jack: Yes, or like "I have a challenge for you, I made a game, you have to play my game", some kind of fun, clever twist.
        Mike: ...Instead, they punch each other. (everyone laughs)
      • Mike mentions how the main character should have been more of an aspirational nerd at the start than already successful, saying "he's not hideously ugly like most nerds", after which it zooms in on Jack and Rich.
    • It says a lot that the panel for this show considers the premise to The Suckling a "doozy".
      Jack: It's about an aborted fetus that turns into a mutant and kills people, so there's gonna be some abortion talks, a little bit of rape talk... content warning, Red Letter Media!
      Mike (to Jay): You wanna give the people a timecode to skip to?
      Jay: Oh, just shut the video off!
      • Mike calls one of the abortion clinic staff "Annie Potts", leading Rich to an impression of her to say "picking up or dropping off?"
      • The panel concludes that they just feel gross after watching the movie, but can't resist making some puns before moving on:
        Mike: I think we've dissected, rather I think we've pulled out as much as we could from this film.
        Rich: Let's kill this discussion early.
        Jack: You guys, I don't think this movie will work. Do we have a Plan B?... Oh, I feel terrible!
    • When picking a Best of the Worst, it's unanimously given to The Dungeonmaster, but Jack gives Spacejacked a special commendation for being a great "first movie of the night".
    • Spacejacked is "destroyed" the same way the villain killed off one of his henchmen: Telling it it's going to get "promoted" to being a better movie before being Thrown Out the Airlock.
    • During the credits sequence lingering on the open airlock, an ejected crewmate from Among Us can be seen floating by.
  • Jay points out that the Spolight Episode on Blood Shack (aka The Chooper) is being done as a precautionary episode that's quicker to film than the average episode, because of an impending snowstorm that would both snow them in and leave the studio unusable with how cold it would be.
    • Mike kicks off the episode by drinking the last Zima from their fridge, left there by Colin from Canada at least three years prior. Rich tries to do a bit with it.
      Jay: How is it?
      Mike: It's gross.
      Rich: It's not as good as you remember it?
      Mike: I think some of the carbonation has been lost.
      Jay: I think he missed what you were doing there, Rich.
      Rich: (laughs) It's okay. (to Mike) It's not as good as you remember it?
      (Mike looks at both of them confused, until Jay points to the DVD case on the table)
      Mike: Ohhhhh, you were talking about The Chooper (Rich laughs) Did you get a clean take of Rich saying that?
      Jay: Yeah.
      Mike: Well, speaking of not being as good as you remember it, we're here today to talk about—
      Jay: Oh, I'm not cutting out the part where you didn't get the joke.
      Mike: (groans)
      Rich: (laughs) Oh my god! You're going to do that to someone who's not Rich Evans?
    • When describing what year they think it was made, Mike struggles to say "roman numerals" multiple times, leading Rich to say "Mike, I'm suing you for copyright infringement."
    • The panel points out that, while Blood Shack was hilariously bad to them when they started bad movie night over a decade ago, since then they've discovered countless movies that are worse and funnier for it. Mike says it was like revisiting a hometown to realize how boring it was, Jay literally says You Can't Go Home Again, and Rich says that in the ocean of bad movies, Blood Shack was the movie they set sail from.
      • They mention some of the high-profile bad movies they've seen thanks to Best of the Worst to drive home the point. Rich brings up Miami Connection, Neil Breen, and Len Kabasinski. Mike tries to bring up Diamond Cobra vs. White Fox, only for Rich and Jay to say they don't remember doing that, and a screenshot showing "[Deleted video]" where the video used to be. note 
    • The panel makes fun of the sheer amount of exposition, which is delivered via voiceover over two people walking across the desert land multiple times.
    Rich: Is this the worst way to deliver expositional information?
    Jay: Not in terms of the filmmaking, cause that saves them a lot of time. So many scenes they just don't have to shoot!
    Rich: Like an opening text crawl would have been much better, right?
    Jay: Like a fantasy film? Like the beginning of Star Wars?
    • After Jay says that, they edit in an Opening Scroll parodying that of Star Wars, complete with starting with "A long time ago on a filthy mattress far away..."
    War! Two old-ass farmers are fighting over the own-
    ership of a filthy, dead plot of land in the middle of
    a disgusting Arizona desert. The two have decided to
    settle their dispute over a boring game of cards for
    some reason. The winner of the card game will take
    control of the disgusting worthless wasteland, which
    includes a run down house, a gross abandoned
    shack, and a water tower that is on the brink of faling [sic]
    over at any moment.
    • They sarcastically applaud the performance of the actor who played Daniel, editing his hilariously bad death scene into The Oscars, to raucous applause from various actors over the years and a sleepy Martin Scorsese.
    • Mike invokes an edit to compare one walking scene in The Chooper to the infamously long panning shot of the Golden Gate Bridge from The Room, and The Chooper beats it. Mike asks which was done to pad the runtime, and which was done out of incompetence, to which Jay responds "Yes".
    • They talk about the fake tension The Chooper keeps trying to do by simply having characters hear sounds the audience can't, or playing tense music over the longer scenes.
      Jay: Tension is lingering on a shot for a very long time as a character in American flag pants walks across the desert. It goes on for a long time that means it's building tension.
      Rich: Will this shot ever end? I don't know!
      Jay: Hitchcock always said that tension is when there's a bomb under the table and the audience knows it's there but the characters don't. But Ray Dennis Steckler shows that tension is when nothing happens.
      Mike: Who is the horror master?
  • Tim returns for Episode 99, worried that he's going to be part of another episode with mystery tapes. Mike pulls a Bait-and-Switch on him to let him introduce the first movie, followed by a weird Happy Dance.
    • Much like how Spookies was re-titled Spoopies, the panel frequently re-titles L.A. Wars to La Wars
      • The protagonist's name is Jake Quinn, which the panel abbreviates to Jaquinn. Tim jokes the new title of the film is "La Wars with Jaquinn". They also call him Jaquinn Phoenix and Jack Quaid.
      • They point out how most of the main cast of L.A. Wars looks like different celebrities. One mob boss is nicknamed Jose Danson note , another mob boss is called "Not Martin Sheen", his daughter gets nicknamed "Aunt Becky", and a henchwoman is just called "My Big Fat Greek Wedding".
      • The older mob boss's henchman is quickly compared to Al Pacino. Tim says he looks like a younger Al Pacino, clarifying that he means "Godfather 1, Godfather 2 Al Pacino, not 'hoo-ah'"
      • They joke about how not-Pacino's new headquarters is just a warehouse, and how distracting it is from the serious scene that one of the boxes in the foreground was of a Little Tikes racecar bed.
    • Jay gives Unmasking The Idol to Rich to describe, leading to Rich profusely thanking Jay and Mike saying "I will never forgive you for this" for dooming him to have to describe Robowoman
      • Tim suggests that different ninjas in the association in the film focus on different kinds of metals, leading to the panel extrapolating from that premise:
        Rich: Duncan Jaxx, he's their top guy, he steals gold, second in command does silver, and rookies do tin.
        Tim: But then you've got the platinum ninjas...
        Mike: "You're on copper duty, 0014."
        Rich: "You're a soft boy, you're collecting aluminum. Get those cans!"
        Tim: "I feel disrespected!" "Oh, do you wanna be a talc ninja?"
        Mike: "You're going to Devil's Island 5 to get a stockpile of zinc!"
        Rich: "You better get your head on straight or we're gonna put you in the mercury division with those crazy bastards!"
      • When Duncan Jaxx says his usual bet of "00 and 7", Rich jokes that the writer was dumb enough to think it was a subtle reference.
      • Rich points out that the actor for Duncan Jaxx was only in this and Order of the Black Eagle, meaning the baboon playing his sidekick had more of an acting career note .
      • They end discussing the movie by saying that this was made by Kevin Feige to start a franchise, but the horrible accident where a stuntman got his head run over with an ATV killed the franchise, so Feige was told to move on to do that movie about an obscure superhero starring a washed up former teen actor.
    • The third movie they were originally going to watch was Ankle Biters, whose description was a Hurricane of Puns of short jokes.
      Tim: "A small town is overrun by anke-biting blood-sucking dwarf vampires."
      Mike: Shouldn't it be "a small town is underrun'?" (rimshot) It's the very first pun they could have done.
      Tim: "Things get complicated when the vertically challenged coffin-creepers get their itty-bitty hands on the sword with the blood of the last slain tall vampire... With this relic, they can create a super race of Shaq-sized Draculas out of any tall human" (starts Corpsing) (strained) I don't wanna watch this anymore. "There are no short fixes to this tall problem."
      Mike: Oh my god.
      Tim: Two and a half hours.
      Mike: No, no! If anything should have a short running time, it should be this.
      • Before they walk away, Mike notices the VHS tape is yellow, so Tim takes it out and realizes the tape isn't the movie, but a compilation of Spongebob Squarepants episodes.
    • Robowoman is panned by the group, but a contributing factor to its awfulness is how the lead actress is in her 60s, but has had a lot of plastic surgery done to try to look younger. Rich goes so far as to compare it to Sextette.
      Rich: This movie takes place in Egypt.. .on de Nile
      • Mike reaches his breaking point:
        Mike: (double facepalms; the exasperation in his voice is palpable) ...I can't believe we are watching this. (Jay bursts out laughing) This is one of the movies you don't watch. You just throw it in the trash. Right?
      • Rich reaches his breaking point:
        Rich: (throws up his hands in defeat) I can't do this.
        Jay: (bursts out laughing again) You have to, Rich!
        Rich: I can't do this.
        Jay: This is what you signed up for. You're stuck here. Forever!
        Tim: ...Can we make this "Black Spine"?
      • Mike spends most of his time that he's supposed to spend describing the plot of the movie trying to pawn it off to Rich or Jay. At one point Jay talks about the possible motivation for it getting made and Mike prompts him to continue, making everyone realize what he's doing.
        Mike: (loudly whispering to Rich) He's doing it for me.
        Rich: (to Mike) Mike, you're doing a great job on passing the buck.
        Tim: (to Jay) He's doing a great job of having you tell this.
      • Jay jokes that so many shots have the character in focus (sometimes even the one talking) facing away from the camera that the director might have a "back of the head" fetish.
  • Episode 100 is a combination episode: The first tape is taken from the Wheel of the Worst, the second tape is from Black Spine, and the third tape is from the Plinketto board.
    • This episode features the return of the original Wheel of the Worst, fixed by Rich Evans himself... and it only gets spun once, lands on How to Have Cybersex on the Internet, and is then immediately destroyed again.
      • The panel realizes over the course of the video that the tape's claim that the cybersex done really was live was true, when they see how many of the chats are either really awkward or get cut off.
      • Mike asks Rich to pretend he's a definite pervert and suggest how they could have adjusted the filming of the video to be more attractive.
        Rich: As a definite pervert, I would move the camera so it was over or closer behind the computer, so you could see the subjects of the video. So you could see their faces, their reactions are important...
        Jack: Oh, you think their faces were the most important part?
        Josh: Rich, in this situation, can I ask you a question? You know, treat me as one these ladies with the boobs. What angle should I be sitting, like this? [leans back in chair] How far back should I slouch?
      • When speculating on what purpose this tape has, since its claim to be an instructional tape was Blatant Lies, they conclude that this is for men to convince themselves that they really are talking to topless women over the internet.
    • As a way to incorporate all five of the panel despite only having four seats and mics, the episode has a "tag out" mechanic, where whoever's behind the camera has to swap with whoever tags out. Rich is the first one to do it when talking about the problem with making a video with live cybersex:
      Rich: They were trying to make a video, and the people they were talking to were just trying to get off. [Splurt sound effect, Mike mouths "ew"]...This was disgusting! This was absolutely disgusting!
      Mike: Rich, I just said "ew", because I know one of those people was you.
      Rich: [leans back in disbelief] I'm tagging out! That's it! Get your ass in here, Jay!
      [Flashy "TAG OUT!" graphic appears, airhorns play, Jay takes Rich's seat]
      Jay: So I was told I was supposed to come here to talk about how much of a pervert Rich Evans is?
    • Their attempts to get something salvageable from the Black Spine shelf leads them to grabbing four different tapes before they find one worth discussing. Jay was the last to pick a tape in the hopes of salvaging the segment. The result? Arranging A Funeral. They wind up bundling all the tapes together into one segment.
      • Jack is quick to tag out to swap with Rich so he doesn't have to be present during the Black Spine segment.
      • Four-line Conics was just a 10-minute video of animated representations of conics. They said it was visually appealing enough that you could play TRON: Legacy music over it, but they can't do that because they'd get a copyright claim, so they just edit in stock synth music. They also edit it so it looks like one of the women from the cybersex video is watching it on the computer.
      • When discussing Basic Computer Literacy, Mike says how much of A Rare Sentence it is to say "This computer training video does feel like The Shining".
      • Mike then tags out so Jack has to come back in to explain Monsters of Rock and Roar since he picked it. An edit shows that, as Jack explains, the tape is about monster trucks, to their immediate disappointment. Josh then says "ok, byeee" and taps out when Jack is one sentence in. When Mike takes Josh's place, they decide that the one sentence was enough before moving on.
      • When Mike pulled his tape, the title was simply "SCAIHS", to which Rich pointed out should be pronounced "SCAAAAAAAAAAAIHS". During the discussion, they look up what SCAIHS is note  and find out they claim to have no religious affiliation, despite the tape being of a Christian service. Jack shouts "You got cancelled, SCAIHS!" before doing a Dramatic Drop of the tape, which causes the tape to break.
        Rich [during viewing]: You know what? Let's pray away the SCAIHS.
      • Fittingly enough, as they're watching Arranging A Funeral, the video dies inside the VHS player, but not before getting increasingly warbly, losing the video, and the audio getting creepily slower. Rich said "we could have stopped it at any moment, but art, live art, was going on before our eyes, and we risked the life of our VCR to tell this tale".
      • Rich says this episode feels like a wake for VHS as a whole, and Jay agrees, saying they're all miserable just like a wake. Jack says they're committed to the preservation of art, before realizing he's holding the monster truck tape, tossing it over his shoulder and continuing about how they care about preservation.
    • Once they reach the Plinketto board, every single tape on the board is Nukie. Once the ball lands, they decide to watch Fateful Findings instead, represented by Rich Evans swiftly running over to the board, placing the Fateful Findings DVD in front of the tape the ball landed on, then leaving.
      • Rich says he's hoarse and losing his voice, so he says he can't spend time talking about the movie. After a "1 Minute Later" title card, he says "Here's the plot of the movie..."
      • Rich explains that Neil Breen's character and his love interest were both kids in a flashback, and then "never saw each other again for both 40 years and also 10 years". Jay jokes that the magic they found as kids aged them differently.
      • Rich spends a good five minutes trying to explain the plot of Fateful Findings, on par with his breaking down from trying to explain Double Down. He then freezes up and shuts down, complete with smoke and sparks coming out of him, leading to him tapping out to swap with Mike.
      • Jack asks what a writer needs with four separate laptops. They come up with research into "government, banks, business, truth, lies, and True Lies"
        Jack: "That's my True Lies computer. Oh wait this is my favorite part, Tom Arnold, he's hiding behind the thin pole, he didn't get shot once. Alright, back to work!"
      • Finally, they get to the last 10 minutes of the movie, which they declare as the best part. And they find a way to bring Rich back to talk about this part:
        Jack: And then all of the [sic] sudden, at the very end of the movie, after all the romance plot is concluded...he holds a press conference—
        [Match Cut to Rich in Jack's place]
        Rich: —And then everyone fucking kills themselves! It's brilliant, it's fucking brilliant!
      • The scene of various powerful people confessing to vague crimes, followed by them killing themselves in differing ways, has the panel laughing throughout. It being intercut with Neil Breen seemingly smiling as it happens, and an unexplained shot of a sniper getting shot in the head when he tries to shoot Breen seals the deal as it being their favorite Breen movie.
    • When it's time to pick a Best of the Worst, Rich and Josh instantly pick Fateful Findings, Mike picks How to Have Cybersex on the Internet to be a contrarian, and when he looks off-camera to Jack, Jack says "Are you asking me to have cybersex with you?". He then quickly comes back on set to say his pick is also Fateful Findings. Jay's pick? Nukie.
  • For Episode 101, Rich jokes that since they're just watching three movies with no gimmicks, the number is fitting since it's a "back to basics" episode
    • At the start of the episode, Josh tells an offscreen Rich that the CDC said he doesn't need to wear a mask indoors, and it pans over to a relieved Rich taking off his gorilla mask.
    • The first movie is simply titled A*P*E, which Rich can't resist reading as "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAPE". Him and Mike say it that way for the rest of the episode.
      • Rich reading what A*P*E stands for sets the tone for what quality of movie it will be: Attacking Primate monstEr.
      • The most famous person in the movie is Joanna Kerns, who would go on to play the mom in Growing Pains.
        Jay: I'm just sure, for the biggest time, the cast of growing Pains had a big laugh about how Joanna Kerns was involved with the most embarrassing thing that anyone on that show had ever done, and then Kirk Cameron [[made Saving Christmas.
      • They go on a tangent about how they confuse Growing Pains with Family Ties, and how a lot of 80s sitcoms blurred together.
        Mike: I often confuse Mr. Belvedere for ALF
        Josh: (labeled "Joke #1") Alf was actually physically incapable of sitting on his own balls. [Rimshot]
        Rich: ("Joke #2") They're both obnoxious creatures that move in with the family and won't stop eating. [Rimshot]
        Josh: ("Joke #3") But only one of them admits to eating cats. [Rimshot]
        Mike: ("Joke #4") I was gonna say one ate p[bleep]y and one stayed far away from it. [Rimshot]
      • Since Joanna Kerns's character gets married to her love interest at the end of the movie, Jay wonders if this is an untintentional prequel to Growing Pains. Rich asks if Alan Thicke's character was the ape.
        Rich: Like he shaved himself off, learned psychology, lost some weight.
        Mike: He knows about music and dancing.
        Josh: Oh yeah, he wrote the fuckin' theme song for The Facts of Life.
        Mike: [Singing] "You take the good, you take the bad, you take the ape and there you got the facts of life" [Cracks up].
        Jay: [Singing] Show me that ape agaaain.
        Rich: "Kirk Cameron doesn't believe in evolution, we can't have an ape on the show."
        Mike: "The ape was in Playboy! Kirk Cameron doesn't want him on set!"
    • Obviously thinking of Star Trek: Picard, Rich Evans describes Easy Kill as "it's like Alex Kurtzman wrote a noir thriller with three and a half characters", because of the multiple twists that don't make sense in hindsight and important details left out for the sake of being reveals later.
      • After Rich explains the plot of the movie, and how much of a Designated Hero Frank Stallone's character is, Mike says "Rich, you've just said 'Frank Stallone' more than any casting agent ever has". Jay adds "You've said it more than Sylvester has."
      • During the viewing, when it's revealed that Frank Stallone's character looks exactly like the love interest's husband, Rich speculates that it might be setting up a Fight Club style twist that he's both of them.
        Josh: Noooo, that's too much for this movie.
        Mike: We're rapidly heading towards a fork in the road to extremely stupid or pretty stupid.
      • Before the reveal, the woman's husband is presented as The Faceless, and is dubbed over with the voice of a guy who sounds like he does movie trailer voiceovers.
        Josh: "Thank you for having the cocaine. Please give me the cocaine."
        Jay: "We would like to make a drug deal now, Mister Herman."
      • The panel was downright excited when they realize Cameron Mitchell is in the movie, since the last time him and Frank Stallone were in a movie together was in the thoroughly entertaining (in a So Bad, It's Good way) Terror In Beverly Hills. When the husband character mentions meeting in "the old factory", they instantly remember "the old bean factory" and joke that the movie is part of an extended universe.
        Mike: [as the deep-voiced husband] "Close the fucking door." We know it's you, Cameron Mitchell! Only you want the door closed!
      • They joke that the only reason Cameron Mitchell is in the movie, playing a bartender, is because he was already at the bar they were shooting at and asked him if he wanted to be in the film.
      • Jay points out that the movie is hard to take seriously, because the plot point that the main character just so happens to look exactly like a career criminal, and gets used in an attempt to fake the criminal's death and take his identity, is ridiculous. To prove it, he points out that that's the same plot of Ernest Goes To Jail.
      • They build on this and speculate what comedic character would work best in a parody of the genre Easy Kill is a part of, and quickly settle on Mr. Bean. They come up with multiple ways to incorporate his style of comedy, like how the suitcases get swapped only because he forgets which is which, or how he's told he looks exactly like the criminal woman's husband, only to reveal the husband is played by Brad Pitt.
    • It quickly becomes apparent how much of a Vanity Project Honorable Men is, since the writer, director, and star is all the same man, who is told by one of his love interests he's "too much man" for them.
      • Any time the Unfortunate Implications of the romantic plot are talked about, the panel gets bleeped out whenever they go a bit too hard in their accusations.
        Jay: He [the director] decided to make a movie about what it's like to be a cop, and also a [Bleep].note 
        Rich: Jay, Jay, an honorable [Bleep]
        Mike: Listen, guys, I don't know why you keep using the word [Bleep], because it's just getting bleeped out and a box is getting put over your mouths.
      • Since they couldn't remember the main character's last name, they just call him "Ryan's Babe"
      • When there's a scene of a blond girl on the phone talking about how much he wants to bang the main character, while wearing revealing shorts tight enough that her entire lower half had to be blurred out in the edit, Jay is quick to point out to Josh that the man who wrote and shot the current scene also plays the man this character is heavily hitting on.
      • Rich sarcastically wonders what the director's type is, followed by a montage of scenes filled with blonde girls and brunettes.
      • Because a subplot seems to be girls in their late teens seducing an older man, it reminds them of the plot of Poison Ivy. And because that stars Drew Barrymore, Mike remembers to bring up not only that characters in Honorable Men go to see Never Been Kissed, but that him and Rich were actually extras in that film. Mike says he was on one of the rides for the boardwalk scene for two hours and nearly threw up ten feet away from Barrymore, while Rich was just a guy walking around with a balloon, which he later lost, as an edit is quick to point out.
      • It's revealed to Josh that the rest of the panel had seen the movie before, because the writer/director/star is the brother of the writer/director/star of The Satan Killer, which was featured in their last Halloween episode.
        Josh: So this is the product of a fucking dynasty, is what you're telling me.

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