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  • Jack refers to Dr. Shen as "Dr. Cargo Shorts."
    Jack: "I'm Dr. Cargo Shorts! I'm comfortable and I can carry many keys!"
  • While playing Space Quest in one of the streams, Jack turns off the chat so viewers won't spoil things for him or give him hints. He gets stuck at one point and decides to try typing in "eat plant''... just a second before a viewer named Eat_Plant subscribes to the stream, showing the name to Jack through the subscription alert.
  • Jack Skypes in roughly forty minutes into Rich's stream of Doom 3. However, the game won't allow Rich to Alt-Tab out of it, so he has to quit the game before he can answer, leaving the alert to chime for almost a full minute.
    • Jack's response when Rich answers may also count:
    Rich: Hello!
    Jack: Gaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
  • In Police Quest, Jack and Rich reach a crime scene near a river. Jack suggests that Rich type in "walk slowly to river and drown." Rich walked near the river, but they never expected that Sonny Bonds actually goes in the river and gets drowned by the current. Hilarity Ensues.
  • While doing the first four hours of SOMA, the guys look at each other knowingly when they see a Philip K. Dick quote in the beginning and how it was "superstitious" that Indians thought photographs stole your souls.
  • The controls in Mad Max are VERY important.
  • Their review of Mass Effect: Andromeda, released on April Fool's Day. After Jack tries to start things off by giving the introduction to the review as a newcomer to the series with the game, a morose Rich points out he didn't play the game and slams the game to the ground. What follows is a hilarious awkward silence between the two for the entire rest of the video as Rich gets a pair of wire-cutters and proceeds to destroy the Andromeda disk...then the disk for Mass Effect 3....then Mass Effect 2...and finally Mass Effect 1, tearing them and their boxes to bits piece by piece, all while maintaining an angry expression on his face while Jack just looks at him awkwardly through the entire video, neither of them uttering a single word. Depending on how you feel about the series, this could also count as a Crowning Moment of Awesome.

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