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  • The Ugly Truth is both a 2009 romantic comedy film and the fifth Diary of a Wimpy Kid book.
  • Ultraviolet and Ultraviolet are about vampires. However, one is a film, the other is a TV series, and they weren't even produced in the same country.
  • Undefeated is the 2011 Oscar winner for Best Documentary. THE Undefeated from the same year is a documentary praising Sarah Palin. You can't get further apart than that.
  • "Under Your Thumb" is the title of songs by Vaccine, Everyday Sunday and Godley & Creme.
  • Underdog is both the name of a Western Animation series and film adaptation about a heroic canine and a gritty Manga centered around a Deadly Game that depicts graphic scenes of sex and murder.
  • Underworld is an action/horror franchise about werewolves battling vampires, a 1996 comedy thriller starring Dennis Leary, and a Marvel Comics miniseries. Neither of them is related to the Sabreman game Underwurlde.
  • The Adventure Game Uninvited was released only a few years before a So Bad, It's Good movie of the same title about a killer mutant cat. The Uninvited is also the title of a classic 1944 haunted-house mystery film and a not-so-classic 2009 remake of the Korean thriller A Tale of Two Sisters.
    • Also, it's a 1998 hit for Alanis Morrisette.
  • Unknown somehow wound up being the title of two different psychological thrillers released just five years apart; the 2011 film is far better-known than the 2006 version, in part because it had Liam Neeson rather than Jim Caviezel as its lead.
  • Unleashed is a 2001 movie, a 2005 martial arts movie, and a 2016 comedy.
  • Unreal the demo by Future Crew, and Unreal the First-Person Shooter series by Epic Games (whom some Future Crew members worked with). Unrelated to the game UnReal World, or the 2015 TV series UnREAL.
  • Unreal Estate is either an online work of literature, an Australian lifestyle program, or a SpongeBob episode.
  • Up: a Right Said Fred album, a Peter Gabriel album or a Pixar movie?
    • Or, while we're at it, a Russ Meyer movie?
      • In fact, before the release of Pixar's movie, members of IMDB were confused as to why they would be remaking a sex comedy.
    • Not to mention an R.E.M. album.
    • And a Shania Twain album, although that was technically Up!.
      • Which, in turn, is not to be confused with the Volkswagen up!. Not the Up!, the Up, or the up. The up!.
    • "Up" is also the series title of a Granada TV documentary series covering the lives of a group of British children, one documentary every seven years. The first showed the children at age 7, and was thus called "7-Up" — which (probably not coincidentally) is also the name of a soft drink.



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