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  • Yesterday's Children is a Based on a True Story film about reincarnation, as well as the first novel in David Gerrold's Star Wolf series.
  • The Beatles have one album called Yellow Submarine and another called Yellow Submarine Songtrack, both of course based off the same film. Despite being very different albums (the Songtrack lacks the George Martin instrumentals, replacing them with various tracks from other albums, and "Only a Northern Song" is mono on the original but stereo on the Songtrack), Amazon conflates them; "CD Album" refers to the original and "Audio CD" to the Songtrack, and "MP3 Download" is also the original, so if you want the stereo mix of "Only a Northern Song", you have to buy the entire album (which is probably full of tracks you otherwise already have on other albums) just for that one track.

  • There are now two movies named Zapped! (one from 1982 and the other from 2014)
  • Zero Hour! is a DC Comics Crisis Crossover. "Zero Hour" in the Star Wars universe is either the Rebels Season 3 finale, or the second Blade Squadron story. There's also Zero Hour!!, the 1957 airplane drama that was remade into the comedy Airplane!, and Zero Hour!, the short-lived 2013 TV Conspiracy Thriller.
  • Zero Tolerance is the title of a 3D shooter for the Sega Genesis, three different action movies, a rap album by Pastor Troy, and a death metal compilation album by Chuck Schuldiner.
  • Zookeeper is an arcade platformer released by Taito in 1982. A different Zoo Keeper game, initially developed by Robot Communications and later ported to GBA, PS2 and the Nintendo DS, is a Match-Three Game with an animal motif. Neither has anything to do with the 2011 movie Zookeeper.
  • The Japanese Nintendo 64 game titled Zool: Majuu Tsukai Densetsu is not at all related to Zool, Gremlin Graphics' series of platformers involving an extraterrestrial ninja.
  • Zoom is either an old show on PBS, a low-rated movie starring Tim Allen, or a puzzle video game.


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