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White Noise is a post-apocalyptic scifi webcomic by Melinda Timpone, aka madsniper. It follows the story of Wren, a genetically engineered experiment. Following an attack on his colony, Wren must leave the underground Deadlands and venture out into the world, seeking the truth of his origins. Although, with mysterious forces after him and those who would kill him for being a Deadlander, he may have enough of a challenge just surviving.

White Noise updates on Mondays (it had a few Schedule Slips but is on track again) and has full-color art. It's worth a look for fans of the superhero, scifi, or post-apocalyptic genres.

Now has a character sheet which could use some love.

Not to be confused with the postmodern novel by Don Delillo of the same name, nor the 2004 film starred by Michael Keaton.

Also not be confused with another webcomic of the same name

This webcomic provides examples of: