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Comic Book / The Wasp (Lev Gleason)

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The Wasp is a Superhero from The Golden Age of Comic Books, created by Art Pinajian and published by Lev Gleason in Silver Streak Comics #1-2.

Burton Slade is a reporter who's grown sick of crime running rampant. He put together a caped outfit to go fight crime in secret. Noticing his cape's resemblance to insect wings, Slade decided to go by the codename "the Wasp."

Not to be confused with the more famous Marvel hero.


This comic contains examples of:

  • Arch-Enemy: The Professor was clearly supposed to be theist the Wasp, what with being a Diabolical Mastermind who wants revenge for an offscreen prior defeat, and a blatant Sequel Hook indicating that he will return next issue, but the comic got cancelled after his debut.
  • Battle Cry: In a way. The Wasp likes to warn his enemies of his coming with an automated buzzing sound.
  • The Mole: The baddies of Silver Streak Comics #1 are a group of spies trying to steal a military plane's plans, who go so far as to found a pro-America social club to keep their cover.
  • Protagonist Title
  • Starter Villain: B-8, a foreign spy trying to steal the military's plans for a stealth plane. He's arrested by issue's end.