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Peace Through Power. Prosperity Through Vigilance.

Knights Of The Blade is a setting created by Captain Chaos, which consists of a vast array of background information and a few interconnected vignettes but has not yet taken form in the public eye. It is the story of one man on a mission- not to mention the massive army backing him up.Said army is called the Sons of the Dagger (It's a dumb name, I know. Maybe the Knights of Haven)?.


What would happen if Occupy Wall Street turned violent? Following an armed revolt against the corporate overlords, a revolutionary faction took root. People from all walks of life signed up for a chance to reshape the world in the image of the common folk, and the faction became a multi-national, incredibly well-equipped, highly-trained, fiercely determined, and all-around Badass Army dedicated to defending humankind and its holdings from threats both foreign and domestic, and generally try to prevent The End of the World as We Know It. They are led by an exceptional warrior colloquially known as the King of Blades, the aforementioned man on a mission, who would lead his followers to the stars on a quest for adventure, discovery and a new home.

When you get the Call to Adventure, it'll be from these guys. It's a tough job, but you get flexible hours and a great benefits package: Through the power of LEGO Genetics, every member of this group, known amongst themselves as The Order, is gifted with superhuman abilities of strength, intelligence, toughness, agility, immunity to disease, and biological immortality. They can be killed, though it takes a herculean effort. Red Shirt Army? Please. We've got no time for such nonsense. If you are a member of the , you are by admittance a badass and have a good chance of being Crazy Awesome, or at the very least Crazy-Prepared. You've got Powered Armor, big guns, big swords, and if you like, both at once. Or perhaps you prefer two swords? Maybe you've got An Axe to Grind or want to Drop the Hammer? Maybe you're more the two gun type? Trust me, you're not compensating for anything. Anyone who says otherwise is a Jerkass.


Maybe you're not a fighter. It's cool, we won't judge. Every army needs support staff. Help fight evil by healing the troops, fixing their gear or making science happen. Whatever you do, you're gonna do it damn well, because that's how The Order rolls.

Perhaps these guys sound like a bunch of Mary Sues to you. Maybe. *sniff* Maybe. But when half the galaxy, including Killer Robots, The Reptilians, a Horde of Alien Locusts, Doomsday Cultists, anti-superhuman terrorists, a zombie plague and the Gods-know-what-else is out for your bacon, suddenly those boring Invincible Heroes aren't so dull anymore.

You are about to embark upon the great crusade. This is humanity's struggle for survival writ large, but make no mistake, it's going to be awesome. If War Is Hell, then you need hellish soldiers to fight it. The Rule of Cool is your greatest weapon. Space Is an Ocean, and you're The Captain of the Starship Bad Ass. Forget The War on Terror, we've got trained counter-terrorism operatives! Forget the Zombie Apocalypse, we've got flamethrowers and chainsaws! Forget Perpetual Poverty, we've got lots of cash! That Horde of Alien Locusts? We'll we'll roll right over 'em! Forget Chaste Heroes, it's the Free-Love Future! Forget about grim darkness and evil space communists too! This is war, in color! This is an army of superheroes versus everybody! And humanity always wins!


Welcome to the future. You're going to need more ammo.

This... game? movie? book? Who knows. (There's a concept for an Action MMORPG) Whatever it is, it has a Character Sheet.

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