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Video Game / Touhou Bunkachou ~ Shoot the Bullet

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Alternative name: Touhou Snap.

Touhou Bunkachounote  ~ Shoot the Bullet is a video game created by Team Shanghai Alice for Windows computers in 2005. It's the 9.5th videogame installment in the Touhou Project franchise, released as a tie-in to the book Touhou Bunkachou ~ Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red.

For reasons known only to herself, the tengu Aya Shamameimaru has started travelling around taking photos of people and their Spell Cards.

A twist on Touhou's traditional Bullet Hell formula, Shoot the Bullet has you rematch bosses from previous Windows games, armed with new and more difficult attacks (and in the case of Suika and the PoFV cast, traditional attacks period). But rather than fighting back, you must take their pictures. The more interesting the photo, the more points it's worth.

A Sequel titled Double Spoiler ~ Touhou Bunkachou was released in 2010.

Has no relation to the Shoot the Bullet trope.

This game provides examples of:

  • Boss Game: Rather than conventional stages the game is divided into collections of "scenes", each featuring a different Spell Card.
  • Genre Mashup: Bullet Hell Shoot 'Em Up meets First-Person Snapshooter
  • Genre Shift: While still being a vertical shooter, this is the first installment that is a "Danmaku photography game".
  • Megamix Game: Brings together bosses from multiple previous games, reinterpreting them into Shoot 'Em Up format where necessary.
  • Mirror Match: Eiki's last spellcard Judgement "Cleansed Crystal Judgement -Aya Shameimaru-" has her turn into Aya using a literal Magic Mirror. It's implied to be some sort of test of character.
  • Smart Bomb: While Aya doesn't use a traditional bomb, she can destroy bullets by catching them in her photos.

Alternative Title(s): Shoot The Bullet