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Greetings Tropers. I'm Captain Chaos and i'll be your designated zombie killer for today. I'm on Useful Notes/Steam under the same handle.

I have been lurking about on TV Tropes for some time, and find it a most enjoyable way to spend time. I now find myself spotting tropes in my favorite works, and I find myself approaching these works from a critical standpoint I did not before. That said, I do hang around on here sometimes when I ought to be working or suchlike. I decided to start contributing when I noticed that the page for one of my favorite Gameboy Games, Scurge: Hive, had nothing on it save the "Describe X here" template. I hope the information I inputted about the game is satisfactory to any tropers who might have been trying to find the game. I created the page for Interstate '76 a while back, but soon found it mysteriously vanished, forcing me to begin it almost from scratch. I back up my page edits nowadays. Look down this page a bit to see the pages I've worked on.


As an avid PC and console gamer, most of my contributions are to pages for video games that have no page to speak of or are otherwise sparse.

I am attempting to find my place as a content creator online. You can check out my stuff at the following links:


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