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Guesses about minor and background characters. If you have a guess about something else, then

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     Ponyville Citizens 
The Mayor is a former convict
This WMG is a product of going on Valjean/Javert slash reading spree and then going to look at pony tumblr ask blogs.
The Mayor of Don't Do Anything? I don't think so.
She is powerful, just not in a way that's entertaining to watch.

Ponyville is almost as much an Everytown, America as it's a Quirky Town. A small town that has a one-room school, and no visible dedicated village police nor guard (so far), but somehow always has many ponies wandering through it or stopping to watch the latest distraction somepony has set up. We have also seen the ponies have to care directly for nature, so being far from it would create long commutes for a society that seems to lack either internal combustion engines or a surrogate.My guess is that Ponyville was incorporated as a town in the middle of large areas of farmland and wildland (Applejack's orchard and Fluttershy's meadow aren't alone); although they have a bakery, dress shop, and other non-agricultural specialty stores, it's main function is as a central place where they can come in and get supplies, or sell what they have at market without having to go all the way to Trottingham.

In this situation "Mayor" becomes a title that means "elected administrator". Need a permit? Go directly to the Mayor. Need to pay a fee? Go to the Mayor. Need to turn in your census of how many bunnies were born this year? The Mayor. Need to talk to someone about that fine you've been given? Mayor.

She doesn't have a town council she has to work with, and you had better be on her good side and able to state your case intelligently, because she has the ability to say "NO," and if she does you could still wind up going all the way to Trottingham to get her decision overturned.

For all that, she still works in a two-room city hall, and her desk shares one of them with a wall full of filing cabinets and a large safe (the other room contains a meeting table, but sees more use as storage). If she has any help, it's part-time, and she might work only part-time, herself.

She wasn't seen in "Dragonshy" simply because Twilight Sparkle was given orders directly from the top, Princess Celestia herself. In "Winter Wrap Up" she gave a speech about the deadline, but didn't give direction on how to make it, because her job is to apply guidelines, assign fines, shuffle paperwork, and file records; she doesn't really have any direct means to require anypony to do her bidding beyond that role.

The most powerful political figure in Ponyville is a bureaucrat, and although she bows to the Princess as quickly as anypony else, she still "outranks" her favorite student. Just don't expect to ever see an episode explaining that because it's a children's show, and it would be boring as hell to watch twenty minutes of government at work.

  • Twilight may not have been given a title of nobility or any official court position as of yet, which would thus make her junior to the Mayor politically. While Celestia went straight to Twi to deal with the dragon, it may have been a test for her student rather than any official duty.
    • Given the coronation of Twilight Sparkle and her ascension to Princess, this is pretty much a given.
  • In "A Bird in the Hoof," Princess Celestia excuses herself from the party early, explaining that the Mayor needs to speak with her. If the Mayor didn't do anything and was just a figurehead, it's strange that she wouldn't just go to the party herself and meet the Princess there, instead of requesting a separate audience.
  • In "The Last Roundup" it's explained/confirmed that the large, three-story building at the center of Ponyville (where everypony gathered to greet Princess Celestia in the very first two episodes of Season 1) is actually the Town Hall. Since that is where her office would naturally be located (and it has a basement as well), the part of this guess describing where The Mayor's office is located is way off. However, as this guess is mostly about her role in Ponyville's government, it isn't jossed yet.
  • The exact nature of Mayor vs Princess might actually get explored, with Twilight apparently staying in Ponyville, and the Mayor appearing in the opening credits crowd scene along with the Mane 6 and others.
  • So is this guess confirmed yet? In "On Your Marks" during the Cutie Mark Crusaders' search for problems to solve, we see her very clearly being a central figure, standing in an office while other ponies walk up to her with documents that she reviews and signs before they leave.
  • On the other hoof, she's probably not the only figure in Ponyville's government. Along with the other ponies mentioned in the example above from the show itself, the comics also give her a council and a small army of bureaucrats she has to manage.

The Mayor's real name is Emma Anne Alpha.
Regardless of whether we find out what she does all day or not (see the "Mayor of Don't Do Anything" guess, above), the show's love of meaningful names and pun-based names suggests she will have a name that confirms her status as Ponyville's elected head, so I'm guessing Emma Anne Alpha ("I'm an alpha"). The alpha female in a herd of horses will often be an old mare.
  • Someone wrote a fic where her name was "Mar" pronounced the same way as mare and Mayor... making her the Mayor mare, Mar.
  • Another possible name is Flitter Flutter, She resembles a white haired version of The G3.5 version right down to the cutie mark, apparently she is also the mayor in that version.
  • Call this one jossed. Hasbro is using the "Mayor Mare" name for its licenses.

The Mayor was dressed as John Wayne Gates-cy.
He killed over thirty stallions and colts and stuffed them into his barn before being caught.Of course, she doesn't explain it to the children.

The Mayor has a clown-phobia.
Would explain why she never seemed to realize trying to be scary in a clown costume wouldn't work. For her, it was the only thing that would.
  • If coulrophobia is anything like arachnophobia, the Mayor would be too freaked out to have even obtained the costume, much less dressed in it.
    • Depends on the severity of the fear. She could find them frightening, but not to the point of paralysis. Not all arachnophobes have to flee in terror from spiders, after all.

Mayor Mare is Flitter Flutter.
She seems like one big Shout-Out to her. Eyeglasses, both being the mayor, similar Cutie Marks...

The Mayor was in on the entire Mare-Do-Well scheme from the start.
That is why she recognized and named the new "hero" so quickly, and soon gave her her own day of appreciation as well without arranging one for Rainbow Dash. Twilight and the other ponies approached her with their idea and recruited her assistance to drive the lesson home.

The Mayor is the same age as the mane cast.
She dyes her mane to give the illusion of age, wisdom and respectability, but she went to school with Applejack and Rarity. Her special talent relates to her role as mayor, and her cutie mark was what landed her the job in the first place, even when she was too young to be able to handle it properly. That's why she seems so incompetent in some episodes - she's really inexperienced. The ponies next to her in the background of "Smile" are her parents.
  • The comic shows she's more Cheerilee's age, who is roughly equivalent to Shining Armor.
    • And the cartoon had Cheerilee as Rarity's age. The cartoon and comic don't seem to be keeping continuity with each other.

The Mayor is only in her first term in office, and was unprepared for how much trouble Ponyville would be.
She's clearly unprepared for all the weirdness of Ponyville, and even routine stuff, like Winter Wrap Up, still throws her off. Obviously, whoever her predecessor was didn't bother to fill her in.

The Mayor used to be the town librarian.
The post was empty when Twilight arrived, and the Mayor is not the best at organization. In the time between her taking office and Twilight's arrival, she was never able to get around to appointing a new librarian.

Each male (non background) character represents a certain aspect of the brony community.
  • Big Macintosh represents the maturity of the bronies.
  • Pipsqueak represents the bronies' favor of Luna over Celestia.
  • Fancy Pants represents the kindness of the bronies.
  • Snips and Snails represent the Fan Dumb portion of bronydom.
  • The royal guards represents the bronies' devotion to their fandom.
  • Discord represents the part of the fandom that is mostly in for the trolling.
  • King Sombra represents the agressive bronies, those who want to convert everyone they see by any means necessary.

Screwball runs a shop of a similar nature to Quills and Sofas
She sells nothing but screws and baseballs.
  • Or she's a Baseball pitcher, judging by how zany she is when discorded, we can surmise that she takes her role very seriously

The veterinarian is related to Fluttershy.
It's popular fan theory that Fluttershy has earth pony ancestry. The unnamed veterinarian from "Secret of My Excess" just happens to be an earth pony with a yellow coat. Coincidence, or a talent for working with animals running in the family? The two are related in some way, and given what "Baby Cakes" has shown us about pony crossbreeds, it could be any relationship at all, although the nameless vet is obviously older. Is she Fluttershy's aunt? A big sister? Or could she possibly be... Flutter Mom?!

The Town Hall was already in a terrible state of disrepair before Derpy flew into it.
It was only made worse by Derpy, but did anyone notice how Rainbow pushed the nail into the beam without a hammer? That doesn't seem like the kind of wood to use for a building. Perhaps it was infested with termites and it should have been condemned and torn down.

Coconut was never inclined to try acrobatics.
That's why Discord made him walk upside-down and sideways on air.
  • Alternately, he never bothered to mess around with the fourth wall because he couldn't interact with it and didn't know about it. That's what Discord inverted to make him walk on the edges of the screen.

The Mayor purposely dyes her hair gray because of Pinkie Pie.
Or rather, she doesn't want to be that closely associated with Pinkie and her ilk. She probably thinks that no one would take her seriously if she had a crazy hair color. It is basically her greatest fear. Hence the clown costume on Nightmare Night.
  • Or maybe she's even related to Pinkie Pie, and doesn't want people to know.
    • Which might explain Pinkie's choosing to settle in Ponyville in the first place, if she has known kin there.

Coconut, Big Macintosh, Granny Smith, Screwball, and the three buffalo all have the potential to wield some Element of Harmony.
Therefore, learning from his mistake a thousand years earlier, Discord Mind Raped them preemptively.

Bulk Biceps has a substantial collection of the Smarty Pants line.
Real Stallions Like Smarty Pants, after all.
  • He did wear that frilly pink dress in Rainbow Falls.

Lyra Heartstrings is not, in fact, obsessed with humans or minotaurs.
She was simply preparing to portray Megan on the stage, and needed to train her musculoskeletal system to cooperate.

By the time of the last Season 2 episode chronologically, Jesús Pezuña was: 1, gelded; and 2, in the Canterlot Penitentiary.
Remember, he's based off a pedo.

Ponyvillians aren't as nice as they like to think they are.
They start harassing Twilight in Ticket Master, ostracize Zecora in Bridal Gossip, treat Fluttershy like crap in Putting Your Hoof Down, apparently stalk Trixie halfway across Eqeustria and vandalize her cart stopping only because they lost track of her on the rock farm in Magic Duel, and act like massive jerks once Pinkie's not available to cheer everyone up. Sure, they can be very nice, but they can be very cruel.

Bulk Biceps abuses performance enhancing magic.
That's why his performance in Rainbow Falls suffered so much compared to Hurricane Fluttershy and Wonderbolt Academy. He wanted to be clean for the competition, but that cost him his flying abilities.
  • Wouldn't he have to stop doping to get into the Academy?
    • There are two explanations: One: Wonderbolt Academy is notoriously incompetent. Two: He's not abusing it, he's got a medical prescription that lets him, and Wonderbolt Academy allows for guys like that to participate in non-competitive performances.

Bulk Biceps has a Twin Brother
While he is a poor flier his Brother Snowflake is a far better flier and even makes it to the Wonderbolts

Bulk Biceps has a severe butterfly allergy.
That's why he's so afraid of butterflies, but doesn't get weirded out hanging around Fluttershy.

Berry Punch isn't an alchoholic.
She sells fruit juices and fruit juice related products.

Screw Loose...
... was completely normal until Discord's return. He turned her into a dog. She did not recover.

Toe-Tapper was a foundling adopted by griffons.
And his name comes from a recently-deceased relative of one of his adoptive parents.

Filthy and Spoiled Rich's marriage is already on the rocks.
Compare and contrast the two. Filthy Rich cares about others, but Spoiled is a Witch with a Capital B, and encourages Diamond to be the same way.

Strawberry Sunrise has had a lot of dental work done...
...on account of getting a lot of hoof sandwiches over the years.

Several background ponies will not be returning for Season 8...
...on account of their having died during the events of the movie. The fact of their decease won't be mentioned, but they will be absent. (Naturally, the well-known ones will be back.)

     Colts and Fillies 
Snips and Snails will get a puppy dog named Tails.
Just because they need to complete the expression, "What are little boys made of?"
  • And they will meet two fillies named Sugar, Spice, and a kitten named Nice.
    • And then someone will give them superpowers with Chemical X.
      • You made my day.
    • No no no. A pair named Sugar and Spice, unless a pony named Tails shows up.
    • "Tails" could be the nickname of another pony, much like how Pinkie is short for "Pinkamena". OR he could be the homonym "Tales" whose special talent is story-telling. He will be Trixie's brother, in fact. Also, I think if Sugar and Spice are Tomboy and Girly Girl, Spice should be the girly girl and Sugar the tomboy as a neat subversion. AND they will be colour-coded like the Powerpuff Girls (Spice will be green, Sugar is pink, and Nice is blue)
    • And then they'll meet three tigers named Dragonflies, Katydids, and Chewed-Up Little Kids.
    • Or instead of a cat, to contrast the puppy dog, Tails, Nice will more directly reference the rhyme by being a Mix-and-Match Critter with a little bit of "everything".
  • Or, rather than a puppy, they'll adopt a baby dragon like Spike, thus making their trio "Snips, Snails and Dragon Tails".

Snips will be seen cutting somepony's hair before the series ends (but not during Season 2).
Because that's the calling indicated by his cutie mark. He's a natural barber. It will be a background action, and not important to the story itself.
  • I have no idea what Snails' calling happens to be.
    • A Malacologist (Someone who studies snails).
      • Snails will specialize in very slow, deep thoughts (My Little Philosopher?)
    • Like a snail, Snails' special talent seems to be eating plants. He'll probably be a farmer or a market gardener.

Snips got his cutie mark offscreen during Applejack's game from Adventures in Ponyville.
In the game's intro, Snips has no cutie mark, but in the game itself, his cutie mark is there. Rather than being an animation error, perhaps he discovered his special talent after fleeing from Applejack but before returning for more apples. And it wouldn't be a continuity error, since the game was Snips and Snails' first appearance.

Snips and Snails are brothers
And are cousins of Derpy.
  • Could be jossed, as Snips states that the two at least has two different mothers in "Ponyville Confidential". It's still possible for them to be half-brothers though.
  • Or....

The show will continue to show Snips and Snails as comic relief characters but then...
...suddenly, they'll cast a sympathetic light on the duo that makes people sorry they kept laughing at their expense. Eeyup.

Snails is FtM transsexual and going through puberty.
I noticed that he has what looks like eyelashes, and in some shots he almost appears to have slight breasts, his freckles also seem kind of girlish. The fact that s/he is going through puberty could also explain why s/he has such a long neck and large ears, because the grew first. This would also explain why Snips is so tiny still because girls start puberty on average about two years before boys. His Cutie Mark could reference the fact that s/he is a boy trapped in a girl's body.
  • Why would breasts be any indication of transsexuality in a pony? It'd be more likely the mark of a freaky mutant; nopony at all has boobs, and noticeable breasts when not nursing is a freaky human thing, not an equine thing.

Pipsqueak is one year old.
He comments that this is his first Nightmare Night Ever, and Terran Horses are able to walk minutes of birth. It's conceivable that Equestrian Ponies would be able to talk within months of birth.

Pipsqueak is an ancestor of Little Pip.
They both share the name Pip, Pipsqueak has probably moved to Ponyville putting him near Stable 2 and they both have brown manes. Faust has stated that the different ponies can interbreed. It would also explain Little Pip's inability to do anything but telekinetic magic. She's probably got more earth pony in her then unicorn.

Pip is really Celestia in disguise.
Basically, Celestia's plan to keep Luna from flattening Ponyville in a rage.

There's an in-universe reason for Pipsqueak's slipping accent.
He's moved from Trottingham to Ponyville some time ago. Less than a year ago, since it was his first Nightmare Night, but some time ago nonetheless. The accent of that region of Equestria has already started rubbing off on him.
  • Alternatively, we can combine this with the guess above: at some point Pipsqueak got replaced by a disguised Celestia, who either didn't know that he was supposed to speak with a different accent, or did not even bother with it.
    • Alter-alternatively, Pip was just faking an accent for his pirate costume, considering he had it for his introduction but lacked it in every other line. Though, being from Trottingham (Nottingham), I can understand the assumption that his accent was genuine.

Twist is In with the In Crowd now that she has her cutie mark.
She appears on stage next to Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon in "The Show Stoppers", and is one of the only three ponies shown who didn't win an award. So was she next to them...or with them?

When Pipsqueak grows up, he will become one of Luna's Royal Guards.
Heavily inspired by the Pony POV Series.Pip will keep his belief that Luna is "his favorite princess ever" throughout his life, and eventually, when he grows up, he will decide to spend his life in Luna's service. She will pour her essence into him, and he will become one of her Throne Guards. Maybe he will even gain leathery wings, like the guards that pull her carriage.

When Pipsqueak grows up, he'll move back to Trottingham and become a real pirate.
He'll also be at least as big as Macintosh and keep his name for irony's sake.

Pips will join/has joined the CMC.
He doesn't seem to have a Cutie Mark, and he was hanging out with them while trick-or-treating with some other ponies with no Cutie Mark. Pips might be the first colt to join, and his joining will possibly get a few more ponies in and will have something to do with the Cutie Pox episode. He may be a potential love interest for one or more of the CMC original trio, specifically Apple Bloom or Sweetie Belle.
  • Since it is Hasbro's motto to sell toys, Dinky and another pegasus pony will join.
  • Then since their names match so much, Dinky Doo and Pipsqueak will become love interests for one another.
  • Then when The Movie comes out, it will show them in the future and part of Generation Xerox in that they will be the new wielders of the elements of harmony... HOLY CRAP! SOMEONE GET HASBRO TO DO THIS PLEASE!

Snips and Snails will get 'promoted' to important secondary characters.
Pretty much confirmed by Season Four's new intro, with both colts joining already well known, important secondary characters like Zecora and Applejack's family at the group photo.

Twist and Silver Spoon are cousins or are otherwise somehow related.
They both have pink eyes and poor eyesight/at least like to wear glasses. Hell, maybe they're even sisters.

The bellhop pony in "Sweet and Elite" and Snails are related.
Possibly a dad or uncle or something. Because honestly, am I the only one who sees a ton of "family resemblance"?
  • With the acne, I'd say a brother or cousin.

The bellhop pony in "Sweet and Elite" is the pony version of Spirou.
Aside the similarity to Snails mentioned above, his hairstyle and color are somewhat similar to that of Spirou.

Twist is the daughter of the flower trio.
Well, she was seen in a shop that Lily and Daisy were seen running in when Zecora came back into town with the curse mane six. Said shop is implied to be her home. However, Lily and Daisy are her adoptive mothers, while Roseluck is her birth mother(they do share a similar color scheme).

Snips is not really a pony, but a pig wearing a fake horn and trying to fit in with the ponies.
It's pretty obvious when you look at him.
  • I'm sorry to interject, but this made me laugh so hard, then think about how surprisingly plausible it is, then laugh even more.

Pipsqueak's Nightmare Fetishist is a psychological defense he's developed...
Against his everyday fear that a hard impact could kill him in a violent explosion. After all, he IS a Pinto.

Pipsqueak will spend his foalhood getting physically and mentally prepped for Luna's Royal Guards.
His exploits will be the stuff of legend, and his death will be one badass Heroic Sacrifice.

Snails will grow up to be their universes version of Gil Grissom.
His bug cutie mark is fortelling an encyclopedic knowledge of bugs that he will then use to solve crimes in Equestria's version of Las Vegas.

Pipsqueak's special talent will be taking care of foals.
Meaningful nomenclature. That's really the only reason I can think of.

Featherweight got the position of Head Editor by blackmailing Cheerilee.
And he still has blackmail photographs on most of Ponyville's residents.

Featherweight got the position of Head Editor by showing Cheerilee the photo of Diamond Tiara blackmailing the CMC.
You can see him taking a picture in that scene.

Featherweight is this universe's "Spider-Man".
Let's see now, he's Adorkable, a photographer, has brown hair, and is lightweight (as his name and cutie mark suggest) and a pegasus which means he's probably very agile. (Spiderman is known for being one of the more agile superheroes.) Although he probably goes by Spidercolt.

Pipsqueak's second Nightmare Night, he goes as a diamond dog.
Thus going from pirate to C-dog.

Pipsqueak is the reincarnation of Pip Purrip.
Pip never found acceptance in South Park so after Mecha-Streisand killed him, he got a second chance in Equestria as a pony. So far, so good.

Alula has a cousin in Canterlot.
She's an alicorn, and it's her Twilight saw in her Imagine Spot in Lesson Zero.

Screwball is the discorded form of Diamond Tiara
They're both pink bodied with purple white-striped manes, and they both wear a Nice Hat.

Discord turned that Derpy-like filly (the one from Baby Cakes) into a muffin in utero.
It fits his sense of cruel irony.

Ruby Pinch's magic is infrared.
It would explain why in "Smile, Smile, Smile" the jump-rope seems to be turning itself, but we see no magic aura.

Dinky is going to Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns.
That is why we've seen nothing of her and little of Derpy.

Twist and Bon Bon are related
Seriously, no one has thought of this yet?
  • People have. They just haven't made it into a WMG.
  • They do have the same coat colour, and both have curly manes. Twist could be Bon Bon's kid sister.
    • Jossed, as Sweetie Drops would certainly not have settled anywhere anypony knew her.

Twist is Lauren Faust's REAL Author Avatar.
Think about it, both have red hair, both have worn glasses, both have pale skin, and both are slightly adorkable.

Future Careers for All of Them
Adding in previous WMGs:
  • Pipsqueak - One of Luna's Royal Guards, pirate, astronomer, storyteller - I could see him gathering little fillies and colts around the campfire and telling them the legend of Nightmare Moon
  • Button Mash - indie game developer, game reviewer
  • Snips - Barber
    • Or he and Snails will open up a scissors/bugs shop to compete with Quills and Sofas.
  • Snails - someone who studies snails, farmer, farmer who studies how to protect crops from pests
  • Twist - candy maker (Twist becoming the Willy Wonka of Ponyville omg)
  • Featherweight - photographer/Spiderman
  • Babs Seed - youth social worker in Manehattan
  • Truffle Shuffle - Chef, restaurant critic, cooking teacher
  • Rumble - weather pony in charge of thunder and lightning
  • Dinky/Fire Chief - mailmare like her mother, archer (she apparently had a bow and arrow cutie mark in Call of the Cutie?)

Snips and the antique dealer who sold Trixie the Alicorn Amulet are two disguises of the same being... the Makuta!!!
Think about it; all three roles are voiced by the same actor, Lee Tockar! It's no stretch of the imagination to think that Makuta could be using Equestria's magic to regenerate his power while he walks among the ponies in a clever disguise! After all, nopony would suspect a lowly antiques dealer or colt of being the lord of shadows, would they??? For thousands of years Makuta has been the one causing trouble for Equestria! It was he who unleashed the Windigos, he who forged the Alicorn Amulet from a piece of his Kanohi Mask, he who corrupted Sombra and brought about his insurrection of the Crystal Empire, he who corrupted Luna and turned her into Nightmare Moon, he who—with the help of the dimwitted Snails—unleashed an Ursa Minor on Ponyville knowing Trixie wouldn't be able to stop it, he who orchestrated the changeling invasion during the Canterlot wedding, and he who sold Trixie the Alicorn Amulet to try and corrupt her into his slave, all under the guise of a lowly antique dealer and a slightly dimwitted colt...

Claude the puppeteer is Truffle Shuffle's dad.
Truffle Shuffle and Claude have the same body type, and we know unicorns can have earth pony parents, so why can't a unicorn have an earth pony foal?
  • Possibly, but he'd make a better fit for Snips since they share body types too, are the same race, and share color schemes to boot.

Dinky will have an episode... which she is shown to have a deep-seated, quite understandable animosity towards Fizzlepop Berrytwist, alias Tempest Shadow.

Spitfire is Scootaloo's sister.
Unlikely. Scoot might be a bit thick sometimes, but if Spitfire, a Wonderbolt, were her sister she'd have bragged about this to Rainbow at the FIRST opportunity. There's no way that Scootaloo, being such a huge fan of Rainbow, wouldn't have learned that Rainbow herself is a fan of the Wonderbolts.
  • Perhaps Spitfire has a Secret Identity?
    • Spitfire IS the secret identity, ie. a stage name. Her real name? Firefly.

Spitfire will become The Mentor to Rainbow Dash.

Spitfire tried to pull a Batman Gambit on Rainbow Dash and Lightning Dust in Wonderbolt Academy.
Knowing from previous experience that RD is simultaneously driven to do her best but also loyal, and empathetic Spitfire pairs her with Lightning Dust to have Lightning Dust's ruthlessness humble Rainbow Dash. At the same time she expected that the outspoken RD would eventually call out LD on her ways. Of course what she didn't expect was for Rainbow Dash to quit the Wonderbolts after calling out Lightning Dust

Spitfire's & Soarin's cutie marks have nothing to do with flying.
We haven't seen any Wonderbolts out of costume and there's nothing to suggest that a pony's special talent has to be flying in order to get into the Wonderbolts. It would also provide some comedic irony when Rainbow Dash finds out that her idols special talent is something completely unreleated like sewing or fishing or something. Some guesses...
  • Soarin's cutie mark is a chef's hat or something related to cooking. He clearly loves homemade pies, what if he was a chef before joining the Wonderbolts?
  • Their cutie marks are on their costumes.
    • No they don't. Those are some kind of insignia/symbol other than a cutie mark, unless you think that nearly every Wonderbolt has one of two cutie marks.
    • Well, cutie marks do repeat, but only two cutie marks for all the Wonderbolts would be a bit odd.
  • It is possible, but it's unlikely. Just about every pony we've seen has made their cutie mark talent into their career. Still, it would be interesting if it's true.
  • Jossed, at least for Soren. At the end of A Canterlot Wedding, Part 2 we glimpse his mark, and it's the same as on his suit.

Soarin' is one of the founders of the Wonderbolts.
His cutie mark is the Wonderbolts logo.

Soarin' is a major Ascended Fanboy
Again, his cutie mark is the Wonderbolts logo. It's kind of hard to interpret that as something other than "Grow up to become a Wonderbolt."

One of the Wonderbolts is Surprise from G1.
She has a yellow mane, and white fur like Surprise. They're both Pegasi, and it would go great with the "S" theme (Soarin', Spitfire..)
  • It would be hilarious if it turned out she was related to Pinkie Pie somehow…
    Rainbow Dash: Pinkie! Why didn't you tell me your Aunt Surprise was a Wonderbolt?!
    Pinkie Pie: Cause then it wouldn't be a SURPRISE! Silly pony!
  • Alternatively:
    Pinkie Pie: You never asked.

Photo Finish is actually Rainbow Dash in disguise.
As shown here.
Photo Finish is G3 Rainbow Dash.

Just like the Blue Angels are drawn from US Naval, Air Force, and Marine Corps personnel, the members of the Wonderbolts are all specially-selected members of the Equestria Armed Forces
  • In what reality? The Blue Angels are picked from Department of the Navy personnel (i.e. the Navy and Marine Corps.) The Air Force has their own stunt team. However, with the overall idea that they're an elite unit, that I can buy.
    • At least partly Jossed. The Wonderbolts recruit civilians.

The Wonderbolts came from humble origins before earning their fame.
Soarin' wasn't above Applejack's "commoner food" because he was a commoner once.
  • It's pretty likely. Being a Wonderbolt isn't about being born into fame or wealth, it's about being a talented flier with a passion for the job. Also, only Blueblood, out of ALL the ponies at the Gala, expressed strong distaste for "commoner food", and that's because he's an enormous snob. Being born into wealth doesn't necessarily mean a pony will only eat fancy food.
    • The rest of the ponies there were deliberately ignoring the cart. And when one "accidentally" tripped and Applejack helped him up before offering, he turned a haughty nose on her.
      • I don't know. Being charged for fairly simple fair when there is a catered upscale banquet not 50 feet away seems tacky. Soarin' probably just really likes pie.

The song You're So Vain by Carly Simons is actually about Prince Blueblood.
It seems to fit mostly... At least from Rarity's perspective.

Prince Blueblood will return in Season 2 as a Stalker with a Crush/Lady Killer In Love
Blueblood seems like the kind of guy who's used to having the mares fawn over him and do him favors. Rarity seemed like just another fangirl for him to exploit, but she proved to be as stubborn and willful as he. After she told Blueblood off and ran away, he'll probably become obsessed with the one woman he wasn't able to keep wrapped around his hoof and try to woo her (unsuccessfully).

Prince Blueblood's title doesn't come from his distant relationship with Celestia and Luna.
It comes from a much closer relationship with one of the G1 Princess Ponies.

Blueblood is not actually such a jerk.
He would constantly be fawned over by girls like Rarity looking for their dream stallion. He knew that they didn't like him for his personality or anything about him other than his good looks or the idea of the perfect prince. His solution is to show no redeemable qualities so the girls stop hounding him. Even the smallest nice gesture would feed into their fantasies.
  • Interesting theory, but, if correct, then his strategy is completely counterproductive. It ensures that he will drive away only those mares who actually do care about his character, and would love him for his goodness and decency. By contrast, those mares who only care that he's a wealthy prince would continue to pursue him despite his apparently poor character.
    • Not necessarily. Even giving Blueblood a little too much credit, it could be a Secret Test of Character: If the girl doesn't complain and does everything he asks, she's an extreme doormat and not worth of his time. If she just storms off, then she's a bitch that, while won't let anyone take advantage of her, she also won't say what's bothering her. When someone calls him out, bingo, perfect mate. Of course Rarity and the others had to run away before he could say anything else, and Rarity called him out a little too much.
      • At that point, anyone that manipulative is precisely such a jerk. Since when are patience and forbearance character flaws? For that matter, why shouldn't any of his dates just storm off? It's not their responsibility to point out and explain his character flaws, which are obvious anyway. If you are correct, his belief that he has the right to treat his dates in such a manipulative manner is precisely what makes him such a self-centered, selfish jerk.
      • Oh yeah... regardless of his motives for acting like a jerk, he is... well, a jerk. Even if he is trying to weed out the good from the bad, his real character showed in the moment of panic, when he used Rarity as a shield.
    • I personally think he has a "Detect Gold Digger" spell, and he trolls them like crazy.

Blueblood is Luna's son.
He's Celestia's nephew and she doesn't have any other siblings. He acts like a jerk because she gave birth to him and raised him when she was in her Nightmare Moon incarnation and therefore she encouraged his jerkassiness. Luna is very embarrassed by him now and there's a tacit agreement among the ponies not to talk about it.

Prince Blueblood is not actually a prince.
Prince just happens to be his first name, like Prince. He's just so full of himself that he acts like he's royalty just because his name is Prince Blueblood!

Prince Blueblood is actually a duke.
He's just called a prince. His situation is analogous to that of "Prince" William and "Princess" Catherine: their actual titles are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, but they are called Prince and Princess anyway, mostly just as a shorthand.
  • Come to think of it I seem to recall Lauren Faust stating that she wanted Blueblood's title to be "Duke" but apparently eight-year-old girls don't know what that means. Similar to the situation with Celestia.
    • Which was good, because apparently some adult fans didn't know what a duke was either.
      • Perhaps, but really, unless you sit down and study that sort of thing on your own, you're not likely to know what what any of it means in all its details; however, you still get the point that it's a title of some importance without being a prince or king. And if, later, you do want to know what it means, it's trivial to look up in the Information Age.
    • The funny part is DISNEY has a Duke among their characters, so if you've seen their version of Cinderella, you'd have a rough idea what a Duke is.

Prince Blueblood's cutie mark isn't just an eight pointed star, it's a compass rose.
It fits the shape perfectly, and navigation has been a royal skill in the past, e.g. Prince Henry the Navigator, from Portugal.

Blueblood will pull a Face–Heel Turn.
He will become either The Starscream, The Mole, or The Quisling .
  • Blueblood as The Quisling would be awesome, and surprisingly fitting. He might side with the antagonists as a misguided attempt at some revenge toward Rarity (or even his great-great-great etc. aunt, Princess Celestia)
    • Maybe he was/still is an informant for the Changelings? They won him over easily by promising to make him King of Canterlot after they overthrow Celestia. Of course they lied, but he's far too stupid and conceited to realize. His job is to inform the Changelings of the best time to attack, and use his attractiveness to mares to scout out potential food sources.

Prince Blueblood is fighting for gender equality
Think about what gets labeled him as a jerk: expecting his companion to hold open the door for him, make sure he doesn't step in any puddles, and pay for his food. If Rarity or any other mare went in with the same expectations, she wouldn't get called out on it. Even if a mare ended up using him as a pony shield, it would be considered funny rather than a sign of character deficiency. Clearly, Blueblood is just out to expose a double standard.
  • Though he's being a bit of a jerkass about it if that's the case- common courtesy and chivalry aren't the same thing, and insulting Applejack gained him nothing.

Hoity Toity and Spike are friends.
Hoity Toity watched Rarity's fashion shows as a favor to Spike.

We will see the Wonderbolts without their flying suits.
Or at the very least, Spitfire and Soarin'.
  • Confirmed!! We see Soarin' at the wedding wearing a suit jacket and no flight suit in a polariod with Rainbow. No Spitfire, though.
  • And confirmed for Spitfire.

Fancy Pants has a similar background to Rarity.
From what we've seen of most Canterlot High Society, anything that isn't ridiculously luxurious or hoity toity is either seen as sub-human (equine?) and a waste of space, or the ponies are incapable of an original or independent thought. However, Fancy Pants is the only pony to not only tolerate something 'country,' but actually approve of it.

It is quite possible that, like Rarity, Fancy Pants was born and raised in some backwater town in the country, but had an eye for fashion coupled with a similarly generous heart, the latter of which may have been buried by the need to fit into High Society. Seeing Rarity and her friends, he saw something of his younger self, and decided to stand up for her, since no pony did that when he was starting out.

  • I’m not sure how things work in America, but in England we have country gentry (posh people). They generally live on a manor in the middle of a field, own lots of farmland, and the smart ones will generally be very knowledgeable and respectful of the work that comes from living off the land. Due to their distance from others of the same crust they will often count many friends among the common folk as well. Fancy Pants's tolerance may well come from being from one of those families. Teddy Roosevelt (who many people compared him to) is quite a good example.

That mare with Fancy Pants? Trophy Wife.
The buck is probably rich as sin and among the highest of society. That mare has the look of some sort of supermodel with legs that go on and on and on. It has the look of a perfect superficial relationship. Hoc, ergo hoc. Of course, this being My Little Pony, that doesn't mean that there isn't some genuine affection between them. It's just a tinsy bit more shallow than usual.

Fancy Pants is less nice than he appears.
In reality he's a social Chessmaster surrounded by rank amateurs. His influence relies on everyone else making sure he's right about everything and loving every minute of it. Throughout the episode he helped buoy Rarity's reputation and rescue her from embarrassment — and why shouldn't he? He's already nailed his colors to her mast. If she looks bad at this point, he looks fallible. And at the end of the episode he was probably the only one to recognize Twilight Sparkle - the personal student of Celestia. So what he had there was an apparently close group of friends at least two of whom knew the Princess personally. Now what's the best action for keeping up his own appearances here — allowing his guests to mock them and risking the Princess's displeasure should she ever find out about it, or trusting that his guests will go along with whatever he says and using that fact to further indebt Rarity to himself?

That's not Fancy Pants's wife, that's his bodyguard.
Fancy Pants is important enough to need a bodyguard. How better to hide concealed muscle than in somepony who looks like a wife or mistress? She looks delicate but is lightning quick and skilled at martial arts, and knows enough magic tricks to incapacitate a foe at a distance. Look at the way she dashed off after Fancy Pants when he left the conversation - that wasn't "my husband / meal ticket is straying", that was "my principal needs me to cover him". Bonus points if she actually introduces herself by the name "Trophy Wife" as a cover.
  • More to the point: the fleur-de-lis can symbolize a dangerous individual (think Milady de Winter). Fleur is what you get when someone with good looks and a talent for subterfuge decides to train as a bodyguard.

The mare hanging around Fancy Pants was actually a con artist.
Which explains her lack of definite name (Fleur-de-Lis, Prize Gem, Elizabeth, etc.); they're all aliases. She's hanging around Fancy Pants because she wants his money, and to get that she needs to earn his trust. Also, she was considering conning Rarity, hence her line of dialogue ("A pony with expensive tastes, I see").

Fleur suffers from "You're Smarter Than You Look" syndrome.
She is, in actuality, a very good historian and records keeper, but most ponies look at her and see legs. And that's it. She married Fancy Pants because he not only saw past that, but funded some of her digs; in fact, she was the one who ran a background check on Rarity (and the reason Fancy Pants pretended to go along with whatever Rarity said, even though he probably knew she was lying).

Fleur is the sister/cousin of Fancypants and has a Big Sister Instinct towards him.
If Fancypants is as wealthy as he appears, his parents may have asked their niece/their daughter to look after her cousin/little brother. That could involve Fleur doing a background check on Rarity like in the previous WMG for slight different reasons.

Fancypants is a troll.
Fancypants knew all along that Rarity was a small-town mare, but quite liked her anyway, and he wanted to have some fun at the expense of Canterlot's annoying gentry and peerage, especially Jet Set and Upper Crust and their ilk. By elevating somepony less polished into the heights of Canterlot society, and giving her his full support, he forces the rest of society to bend over backwards to accept her, which he finds very amusing. It also gets Rarity the connections she always wanted, which makes her happy and thus makes him happy.

Fancypants is Princess Celestia's Prime Minister.
And that is why he is the most important pony in Canterlot. Clearly the nobility still has some pull in Equestrian Government and so has to keep up on the latest trends to secure their support. The fact he's considered a trendsetter in his own right shows how good he is at playing the Aristocracy.

Equestrian aristocrats have astronomy-related cutie marks.
At least the high-ranking ones do. If you look closely at the guests at the Grand Galloping Gala in "Best Night Ever", a lot of them have astronomy-related cutie marks. Prince Blueblood has an eight-pointed, stylized star; the guest who stumbles over Applejack's apples during the "Pony Pokey" has a reflector telescope mark; a pony who shakes Twilight's hoof too vigorously during the same song has the constellation Orion; a blue pony with a black, slicked back mane who is standing to the left when Pinkie squeals "the shiny dance floor!" who has three five-pointed stars; and, just after Applejack sings "and I'll a lot of money/ for the Apple family" during the "At the Gala" song, there is a group of six unicorns, including two identical brown ones who both have stylized suns, a dark blue one and a white one both with two small stars and a large one, and another dark blue one and a grey one with an eight-pointed stars like Blueblood's. (Most of those ponies were visible in multiple scenes at the party, not just at the points I mentioned.) And when you think about it, this makes sense: the goddess-princesses who rule Equestria are associated with the sun and moon, and have corresponding cutie marks, so it's not surprising that the aristocracy, perhaps as a sign of their relationship to the sovereign, also have astronomy-related marks. This might also connect to the guess above that Twilight is related to the princesses: her cutie mark is also a star pattern, as is her mother's (a different star pattern), while her father's is two crescent moons. At the very least, it implies that the Sparkle family is of noble blood.
  • That the Sparkle family are important aristocrats received powerful support in "A Canterlot Wedding": first, Twilight's governess when she was a foal was a royal princess, and second, her elder brother is considered a suitable husband for said princess.

Prince Blueblood is actually a troll.
He's somewhat of a jerk, but only in the sense that he likes trolling. He realized he had went top far with Rarity after she yelled at him, but he was a little freaked out by her anger. The reason why he's so close to Rarity in Sweet and Elite? When he found out that Rarity was in Canterlot, he tracked her down to apologize.

An improved Prince Blueblood will feature in a future episode.
The lesson, learned by Rarity, will be that ponies change and forgiveness is a good thing.

Prince Blueblood's title comes not from any relationship to Princess Celestia, but rather to descent from Princess Platinum.
We know from "Hearth's Warming Eve" that the unicorns had a monarchy before Celestia and Luna rose to political power. Perhaps that royal family kept its titles even after Celestia took over.
  • Expanding on this, he's actually the descendant of the sibling of a consort Princess Celestia/Luna once took, making him more like their (numerous generations removed) nephew-in-law rather than whatever explanation we once got that makes him genetically related.

Prince Blueblood acts the way he does because of the environment he lives in
Most likely, Blueblood is the scion of a royal family that was deposed quite some time ago. Therefore, he has to live up to the stigma of being a prince without a throne to look forward to. Not to mention, the media's eyes are on him, his parents are pressuring him to succeed, he's being constantly harassed by shallow fillies, he's being held to an abnormally high standard... poor guy

Prince Blueblood is gay
How has this not been mentioned yet????

Fancy Pants is, in fact, of a wealthy family.
Unlike some of the other upper class ponies we see in Sweet and Élite he's chosen, over the course of his life, to be a very nice guy. Free will and all that.

Fleur is Cadence's daughter
  • Given Cadence's approximate age, the opposite is more likely to be true. Which is a good theory in and of itself.

Soarin's last name is Brony.
Some reader on the FiM staff will decide that the multiple reference name is too good to pass up, with or without permission from Amy Keating Rogers. It happened with Pokémon, why not MLP? Further support for this theory is that Soarin' is sooooo gorgeous/man-pretty, and his hairstyle's similar to Soren Bowie's, but slightly bigger, and blue.
  • That last part is Jossed; he's named after one of the writer's son.

Spitfire is married to Soarin'...
...and they have a daughter. Who is, surprisingly, a lot like RD. So when they BOTH came in top of the class at the Wonderbolt Training Acadamy, Spitfire tore herself up over what to do and made a mistake....

Fancy Pants is secretly One of Us.
I don't really have an explanation, I just can't help but picture him that way.
Fancy: "I prefer some of the finer things in life."
Spike (Deadpan): "Is that why you own those Iron Maneden albums?"
Fancy (Mildly Surprised): "How did you know about that?"
Spike: *Points* "They're sitting on that shelf, over there."

Spitfire forgot where she put the Wonderbolt Academy's Record Book and gave up looking for it
Would certainly explain why everything is a new record there.
  • Or the Academy was just recently founded, so there isn't a very large amount of records to be compared to in the first place.

Daring Do is A.K. Yearling's personal escape from reality.
OK, so Ahuizotl is evidently a threat on par with the other villains the Mane Cast have faced, but no one but A.K. Yearling is aware of him. And instead of telling anyone, she chooses to create a Daring Do persona that can stop him at every turn, then writes books about her own exploits in the guise of being a fictional character. Isn't that kind of weird?

Basically, A.K. Yearling despises the humdrum existence of an author. Once she learned about Ahuizotl and the threat he poses, she stopped him as Daring Do and realized that she could use that to get away from her lonely house in the woods. She loves the rush she feels from adventure and helping people, and the feeling that she's the only person who can save the day. This is the reason why she doesn't publicly reveal Ahuizotl's existence and potentially get help from Celestia: she doesn't want anyone else coming in and potentially ruining her escapist fantasy. (The fact that she seems to be a natural loner probably helps as well.) But at the same time she wants to brag about it, so she writes and sells books based on her adventures so that everyone knows how awesome Daring Do, and by extension AK Yearling, is. Ahuizotl and the other villains choose to go along with this, since so many of their schemes rely on anonymity and the guise of fiction helps them.

And yes, this is largely based on the Alternate Character Interpretation of Indiana Jones.

  • Adding to this: Ahuizotl and the other villains may not even be evil; perhaps they're just old friends of Yearling who improvise scenes to help her finish her stories for a cut of the profits.

Spitfire is actually a member of the Shadowbolts
In fact she's their leader, and has been for a while, even before the whole Nightmare Moon incident. Her entire Wonderbolts persona is a front. She's actually a cold, calculating chessmaster with a knack for corrupting youth and has a intense (albeit clandestine) devotion to Luna, or more specifically Nightmare Moon. Nightmare Moon was aware of their existence, and used them to attempt to corrupt Dash.

The intense Took a Level in Jerkass during Rainbow Falls was actually intentional, as she was in fact aware that Soarin' would somehow injure himself (Maybe she knew he was a sucker for the dames?) and intended to use his injury as an excuse to goad Rainbow into abandoning her team and joining the Wonderbolts, and by extension, the Shadowbolts with her cutie-corrupting speeches. She is actually a double agent, looking for potential candidates. Rainbow Dash, the fastest Pegasus in Equestria and the only pony to pull off a Sonic Rainboom, is obviously is her main target. Nevertheless, she with a multitude of others mapped out, including Rainbow's Shadow Archetype Lightning Dust, in which Spitfire took advantage of her recent discharge to convince her to join, perhaps fueling it with an intense hatred for Dash and her friends. Once she gets all her candidates, she'll sabotague the Wonderbolt's from within (provided she isn't already doing so) and make it so the Shadowbolts are the dominate pegasus team in Equestria.

When Rainbow called out the Wonderbolt team for their treatment of Soarin', Spitfire faked her apology and modesty and is now even more determined to turn Rainbow, preferably before the Games, where the Shadowbolts will make a surprise appearance and go against the Wonderbolts, her up front. Dash, during this time, may either join but repent, or refuse outright, and help the Wonderbolts defeat them, which in turn will lead Spitfire into a massive Villainous Breakdown after seeing her plan fall apart.

Fleetfoot is either aware and respects (or fears) Spitfire enough to not reveal, is in fact Spitfire's subordinate, or is simply a blissfully unaware jerk.

Fancy Pants is a Self-Made Man
The Aesop of Sweet and Elite was that you must always remember who you are and your roots, no matter how famous or successful you get. Fancy Pants likely knows this. Perhaps he grew up in a small town like Ponyville and started working from the ground up to get where he is now.

Whatever the case, this is the reason he took to the Mane Six when none of the other aristocrat ponies did: Because once upon a time, he was just like them.

Daring Do was a member of the same anti-monster agency as Sweetie Drops
The idea started purely on noting the shared logo over Daring Do's secure box-book and Bon Bon's suitcase, but it stands to close scrutiny. Daring Do is a secret identity too, A.K. Yearling being her undercover name. Unlike Sweetie Drops, though, she's still in the business of fighting against dangerous monsters (Ahuizotl certainly qualify), but with her novels offering the plausible deniability Celestia demanded.

Fleur Dis Lee is an undercover agent
Like Sweetie Drops,Fleur Dis Lee was once part of the Anti-Monster Agency,until the bugbear escaped from Tartarus,causing the agency to shutdown. Fleur was then relocated move to M16, where she was given the codenumber 007 .She often writes highly romanticize novels based on her adventures

Spitfire was named for a dragon Stormy Flare knew.

    Parents and Relatives 
Daring Do is Rainbow Dash's mother...
...and the two of them have an 'Indy & Mutt'-esque relationship, wherein Daring Do was too much of a loner to raise a family and left after Dash was born.
  • Jossed, her mother is Windy Whistles.

Twilight's parents are the type to get into "my honor student can beat up your honor student" fights.
It's not that they don't love and support Twilight. It's just that when your daughter is apprenticed to the local equivalent of God, it's hard not to brag. "Mommy, why is Daddy telling the neighbors to 'suck it'?" "For great justice, Twilight. For great justice."
  • That's assuming they're not still in therapy from being turned into potted plants.
    • Their daughter just became the apprentice to the world's resident Living God; I imagine Celestia could've easily settled any trauma they might have had, perhaps with an amnesia spell.
      • Given how excited they seemed when Celestia apprenticed Twilight, this WMG is most likely true.

The plants (and possibly the pots) that Twilight's parents were turned into symbolize things about them.

Twilight Sparkle's mother is the original Twilight.
Evidence the pink-to-white color change might be explained a bit as due aging or simply drawing style differences, that also might explain Twilight (Sparkle)'s teleportation abilties(when she explicitly mentioned she didn't know she could do that), she inherited them from her mother and didn't showed up until Nightmare Moon's incident (due being under pressure it activated instinctively, or well due being close to the Elements of Harmony it gave Twilight(Sparkle) a magic boost that allowed her to use that ability which normally would have required her being older in order to cast it)
  • Extremely likely, since Word of God said she intended to have Twilight Sparkle's mom be the original Twilight (though she can't remember if she told that to the people working on the episode).
  • A fanfic has a variation of this, where the original Twilight is Twilight Sparkle's ancestor.

Twilight's parents work a lot and have neglected their daughter.
They work as much as they can to provide the very best for Twilight, but in the process neglected her. They do care about her, though, which is why they not only applied for her to be at a prestigious school, but made time to go to her entrance exam. This is why Twilight views the Princess so much as a parental figure when every other pony views her as royal authority figure. This also explains why she ignored fun things to study, with the way her parents were, she grew up believing that work was more important than other things, including friendship.

Twilight's mom is named "Twilight" too.
She's Twilight from G1. I'm guessing her maiden name might be "Twilight Twinkle", as a Mythology Gag to the concept art.
  • Wait, does that mean her married name is also Twilight Sparkle? Is her daughter technically Twilight Sparkle, Jr.?
    • Or Twilight the Second. Maybe the name "Twilight" runs in the family?
      • As mentioned above, Faust originally wanted to make Twi a revamped G1 Twilight. When that couldn't happen, she hinted that G1 Twilight is Twi's mother. But for copyright reasons, it's widely believed that the mother is named Twilight Velvet.

Twilight's dad is German.
He seems to be a reference to a German G1 pony named "Nightlight". So why not?
  • Well, the "spa ponies" were based off of English toys and have English accents.
  • Is he from Stutegart? Or maybe Frankfurt-am-Mähne?

Twilight's Parents are Retired Badasses.
Twilight and Shining Armor are the two most powerful unicorns seen yet, and both of them have high positions in Equestrian society. Maybe it runs in the family?

Twilight's family is a military family, and Twilight is the exception.
One of the things Shining Armor was wearing for his wedding outfit belonged to his uncle, and it all looked like military garb. Maybe Twilight's family has a long tradition of joining the Canterlot guard, and Twilight's ambition to become a scholar and magician is an unusual thing for her family (although they fully supported her anyway).

Fluttershy has an Overprotective Dad.
Once we meet Fluttershy's parents, we find out that her father was a former captain of The Wonderbolts. He'll be huge by Pegasus standards and he still thinks of his daughter as the little foal she once was. He'll probably become a bit paranoid about who she has as friends and in turn, they'll be intimidated by him. However, after the course of the episode, he'll learn that she's a big pony and is able to take care of herself and relax.

Rainbow Dash and the unicorn from Robot Unicorn Attack are related in some way.
Either Rainbow Dash is the daughter of the unicorn (Firefly is the mother?), or the unicorn is Rainbow Dash turned cyborg after a horrible crash.
  • Or a night of heavy partying.
  • Given the unicorn's mane coloration, more adult build and horn, it's more likely that the robot unicorn is related to Celestia. (Now I'm getting plot bunnies about it being her king/prince/whatever after a near-death experience, rebuilt using unknown-to-Equestria technology, trying to return to her side.)
    • So, more Steve Austin or Anakin Skywalker, you think?
      • The Robot Unicorn was a scientist in Cloudsdale trying to create the legendary "Double Rainbow" but could not get the desired effect through traditiona; methods so he began ingesting the pure rainbow liquid so he could create the double rainbow himself. Overexposure caused a genetic mutation that was passed to his daughter Rainbow Dash, explaining why she has the unique ability to leave that trail of rainbow in her wake. While Dash turned out stronger from the experience before, her father became a twisted pile of pony wreckage. In an attempt to save his life, he was encased in magic armor. Unfortunately the experience drove him mad he ran away into the wilds of Equestria. Rainbow was too young too remember this. He will then return to wreak havoc on those who's lives he once sought brighten. Leading to this confrontation:
    RU: Celestia never told you about your father!
    RD: She told me enough! She told me YOU KILLED HIM!
    RU: NO, Rainbow Dash, I AM YOUR FATHER!
    RD: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! (alt: OhMYGoshOhMYGoshOhMYGoshOhMYGoshOhMYGoshOhMYGoshOhMYGosh)
  • So RU is a member of the science team that created Power Rangers S.P.D.?
  • No, no, no. The unicorn is the mother. The blue pegasus who's name I can't remember is her father. Or maybe Firefly is a guy here, and he's the father.

Rainbow Dash's mother runs a seasoning company.
After all, we know that rainbows are spicy.

The original uber-girly Rainbow Dash is the current Rainbow Dash's mother.
Because it would be a funny Mythology Gag. She would probably be quite popular in the fashion world and get along well with Rarity. Her name would be similar to her daughter's, being something along the lines of "Rainbow Dream" or "Rainbow Dawn."

Alternatively, Rainbow Dash's mother is Firefly.
Based off this picture. It would explain Rainbow Dash's personality, considering that she's Lauren Faust's interpretation of Firefly. As for the rainbow mane and magenta eyes, she could have gotten them from her father.
  • Both jossed; Windy Whistles is a pegasus.

Applejack's parents are deceased.
This is on the tragic side, true, but it would explain why Granny Smith is staying with three grandchildren. They're her closest remaining kin. (Assuming that Applejack's aunt Brown Betty is Smith's child-in-law's sister, rather than her daughter.)
  • Considering that Applejack warns Apple Bloom that she'll "tell Big Macintosh" on her in "Bridle Gossip", and that when Applejack is leaving home in "Cutie Mark Chronicles", only Big Mac and Granny Smith are there to see her off (and welcome her home), I think this is a fairly safe assumption; the Apple parents are, at least, out of the picture.
  • Except for the fact that Apple Bloom wasn't born when Applejack left for Manehattan. It still may be true, however.
  • We don't actually know that Apple Bloom wasn't born yet, though. For starters, because all the girls' ages are pretty fuzzy, we don't know what the age gap between the two is, nor do we know just how long ago it was that Applejack's story took place. Consequently, Apple Bloom may have been alive at that point in time but so young as to not remember the events nor see Applejack off when she left.
  • Or, maybe Applejack's mother died GIVING BIRTH to Apple Bloom, and their father (in grief) decided to abandon his family and just ran away.
  • In "the Cutie Pox" There's a picture which mimics American Gothic. it features a pink pony and a blue pony. Perhaps these are the mysterious Apple parents.
  • Possibly confirmed. One of the creators of the show confirmed on Twitter that two shooting stars seen in the "Apple Family Reunion" episode were a reference to AJ's parents, and Lauren Faust has admitted that she imagined that AJ's parents were dead but figured such a sad story wouldn't get approved.

Applejack is the daughter of G1 Applejack.
It's not a stretch. In G1 Applejack had a daughter, called "Baby Applejack". In G1 there were a bunch of fillies that came out of a magical mirror, and were essentially younger versions of the original Pony. It's not unknown for parents to name their kids after themselves. If they look too similar, than they could just tweak her coloring.
  • ..Is her dad Tex, or does the Mirror exist?

Applejack's parents are not dead, but traveling.
They're traveling the world, promoting the wonders of apples and apple products at all the different fairs, carnivals and festivals around Equestria and beyond.

Applejack's parents are alive and well, but they live in the city.
Because they're the heads of the Apple family farming franchise. Applejack mentions that the rest of her family went home to tend to their own farms after the Summer Sun Celebration, which is why they couldn't help her with the harvest; they were busy with their own. Applejack's parents live out in the city, where the corporate headquarters are, possibly all the way across Equestria, which is why they never even come to visit. They sent their underage daughter to live with her grandmother and siblings in Ponyville to help preserve the company's down-home, independent farmer image.

Applejack's parents are deadbeats.
They're both wildly irresponsible and immature. They're separated and they run from town to town, making them difficult to track. The father walked out on them early and when the mother had custody of the children, they would often be left home unattended with no food or warmth. Granny Smith just couldn't get the parents to change so she convinced them to let her take care of the kids and have them stay at Sweet Apple Acres. Granny Smith does try to get in touch with the parents from time to time, but since they're separated and running all over Equestria, they're just too hard to track, so she focuses on raising the kids right and running the farm. Granny Smith didn't even negotiate with the parents to have Apple Bloom, she was pretty much just dropped off at the farm by her mother and she may or may not have the same father as Applejack and Big Macintosh.

Applejack's papa was a rolling stone.
Wherever he laid his hat was his home, and when he died, all he left them was alone.

Applejack and her siblings have a bad relationship with their parents.
Their parents have treated them in ways that just caused their relationship to be strained. Maybe they left their children and rarely visit.

Applejack's mother is named "Sweet Apple-Acres".
Her maiden name is "Acres", but her husband's surname is "Apple", hence "the Apple Family". However, for personal reasons she stuck with her maiden name (like Lauren Faust) but kept the "Apple" name as her middle name. After she died, the farm was named after her in her honor.

Rarity's father is an Earth Pony.
We never see him without his hat, and a football cutie mark just doesn't seem fitting for a unicorn.
  • We've seen a football-themed cutie mark on pegasi, and they don't seem that fitting either (I imagine that playing football on clouds is difficult to do). I don't think talents are that closely dependent on what breed of pony you are. So I don't see why an athletic and physically strong unicorn is so strange in this universe at least.

Rarity's father is Ponyville's version of Al Bundy.
He had a promising career in school as a Hoofball player, but ended up as a women's farrier. This fits with his cutie mark and his wife's Peg-like mane-do, and means that Rarity grew up around fashion accessories since her father made and fitted horseshoes. But since this show is far less cynical than Married With Children was, he's actually quite contented with how his life turned out and enjoys helping fillies and mares find proper hoofwear, not to mention that shoeing horses is a fairly butch manual skill, with fire, and iron, and nails. Not like selling cheap high heels to ugly women.

If Pinkie was adopted, her biological mom is Surprise.
Maybe she was abandoned due to being an Earth Pony, or something. Either way, both are Genki Fillies who love pranking people, both have balloon-related Cutie Marks, and annoy the heck out of their friends? It's In the Blood.

Surprise is/was the Granny Pie that taught Pinkie to "Giggle At the Ghosties"
And she was a fun-loving Cloud Cuckoolander pegasus. Pinkie takes after her more than her parents.
  • As for why her child grew up to be so serious, her carefree ways didn't fit in with the earth pony community she married into and Pinkie's mom/dad ended up looking down on her as well.

Pinkie Pie's parents were killed by parasprites.
How does Pinkie Pie immediately recognise a parasprite in "Swarm of the Century" and how did she know that they were attracted to that particular song? In the Cutie Mark Chronicles, the music that she played at her first party was the same that she used to lure the parasprites, which brought them to her parent's rock farm. There, they destroyed their livelyhood as well as her parents (forcing her to move to Ponyville), while her sisters fled elsewhere.
  • This is further supported by Word of God that Mr. and Mrs. Cake treat her 'like their daughter', even giving her a place to live and a job (unrealistically kind, even for ponies).
  • Partially Jossed. Pinkamena's Pops hired Adult Trixie to work at the rock farm.
  • Fully Jossed, they've both appeared in person.

Pinkie Pie's biological father is the Madgod Sheogorath.
Once, Sheogorath left the Shivering Isles to take a long holiday in Equestria. There, he took on the form of a unicorn, and eventually met an earth pony who ended up becoming his best friend. Before he left Equestria, Sheogorath bestowed a gift on his friend—one of the children she would come to bear would be descended from Sheogorath. Later on, this pony would meet and marry a rock farmer, and they would have three children. The pony knew which child was Sheogorath's because it looked different from the other two. Instead of sharing the color scheme of the other two, this child was colored a bright pink. This also explains Pinkie Pie's inherent otherworldly powers and questionable mental state.

Pinkie Pie's parents are miners.
Maybe "rock farm" is just a weird way of saying "coal mine".
  • There is a mine on the rock farm, though it doesn't seem to be a coal mine. However, this doesn't necessarily mean there aren't other things involved in rock farming too.

Pinkie Pie's parents really are rock farmers.
Someone mentioned in an earlier WMG that gems in Equestria seem to grow like fungus or plants, due to their common presence. If that's the case, could certain rocks be the equivalent of apple trees? Of course, this would then make the Pie Rock Farm an orchard, per se. We already know that dragons eat gems, so maybe they specialize in dragon food and non-culinary crops (after all, apples can be used for more than just food.)

Twilight Velvet is the Author of the Daring Do Book Series
If her blindbag toy is to be believed (and if "Twilight Velvet" is in fact Twilight Sparkle's mother's name) (or if you believe in the blind bags, and by extension the toyline's, canon in the first place which isn't really a reliable source of canon since the animation and toy departments work separately from each other. Then again that's the whole point of Wild Mass Guessing after all; connecting the dots because they seem to fit even though they weren't suppose to be connected in the first place).

The card that comes with her toys states the she "loves writing stories about adventures!". Obviously that could be any adventure story that the card is referring to but the possibility that she wrote the book still exists as it is the only known adventure story that's been explored in the show so far and that the author of the book hasn't been revealed as of yet.

If this is true then it would explain why Twilight Sparkle has all of its installments (aside from being a book enthusiast) as she is the daughter of the author so she and the rest of her family would get first dibs on the book and why she has a high interest in literature in such an early age (apart from being inspired by Princess Celestia).

  • Seems to be Jossed, as the real author is shown to be A.K. Yearling/Daring Do herself. There might still be a connection there though; maybe they were in the same writer's club, or Velvet helped her learn how to write (or the other way around), or Daring let Velvet write some adaptions/spin-offs of her work.

Twilight Velvet is the Author of the Power Ponies comics.
As above - she "loves writing stories about adventures". She is a comic book writer, and only started writing the Power Ponies after Twilight Sparkle moved out.

Rarity's mother has a bluish magic aura.
Rarity's is a shade of blue while Sweetie's is green; in both cases, it's the same color as their eyes, if not the exact same shade. I suggest they inherited this trait from their mother.

Twilight's parents are supervillains.
With both of their kids out of the house, they needed a hobby. Think Senior Senior Senior, but with ponies.
  • Being Captain of the Guard, Shining Armor is usually forced to deal with their antics.
  • "We are currently holding the Princess hostage. If you want to see her again, you will follow these demands to the letter: ten million untraceable bits, and for Twilight Sparkle to sign this contract, promising that she will call her parents at least once a week."

Applejack's parents WERE traveling the world, but got lost and never came back.
They were free-spirited, adventurous types, who shared a dream of visiting faraway places and spreading their love of apples to everypony in the world. They were rarely around throughout their children's early lives, often leaving them in Granny Smith's care while they went adventuring. One day, though, they bit off more than they could chew, and went missing while traveling in some far-off, uncharted land. For a short while, AJ forlornly held onto the hope that they might come back, but after a few years, she wrote them off as dead and moved on. They're still out there, thought, either trying to find their way home or staying where they are due to some mysterious, higher cause.

Snowflake is Scootaloo's father
They both have small wings, an energetic attitude, and a love of speed. It would also explain why he was playing with them in the "Hearts as Strong as Horses" montage.

Fluttershy's parents are a famous seamstress and former Wonderbolt.
If Fluttermom is a seamstress/designer that would explain why Fluttershy has a "freaky knowledge of sewing". She learnt it from her mother. Perhaps when Fluttershy asked for "French Haute-Couture" she was actually asking for clothing done in the style of her mother, the famous Cloudsdale designer, French Haute-Couture? Flutterdad is a boisterous former Wonderbolt who was forced to retire after a work-ending injury he gained rescuing one of his team mates. He's often oblivious to Fluttershy's inability to fly like he did, and dyes part of his mane and tail pink in his adoration for his daughter, a quirk he just can't get his wife to do ("Orange and pink just don't go together, Thunder Flare..."). Fluttershy's bedtime stories used to consist of her daddy's "glory days" stories. Both of them love their daughter to bits, and are extremely proud of her; her shyness was developed because they were always showing her off as 'the cutest little filly in Equestria'.

Pinkie's sisters don't have straight manes
Who's to say Pinkie is the only one who can get curly hair? Alternately they have vastly different manestyles from fillyhood.
  • Jossed for Maud at least.
    • Jossed for Limestone and Marble as well.

Maud Pie is Autistic/High-Functioning Aspergers.
It's almost as if the show's writer intentionally designed Maud with several identifiable traits found on the autistic spectrum. For instance:
  • Blunt, and sometimes inappropriate, honesty ("It tastes like apples.")
  • Desires comfort items (a rock she named Boulder)
  • Isn't very social/never initiates conversation (Maud's first meeting with the rest of the Mane Six)
  • Doesn't understand sarcasm, jokes or figures of speech ("It doesn't talk, it's a dress.")
    Maud: I like this one. (Holds up a dirty dishtowel)
    Rarity: (*laughing*) Pinkie Pie didn't tell us you were so funny!
    Maud: (*blinks*) What do you mean?
  • Ritualistic/Unusual behaviour patterns such as rocking, sniffing, fluttering fingers, etc. (she sniffs both the sedimentary rock and the jewel she mistakes as an apple spice muffin)
  • Extreme interest in only one or two things, and indifferent to everything else (She knows everything about rocks, to the point she's written thousands of poems about them.)
  • Fascination with watching/initiating spiral patterns (she rolls Boulder on her hoof while talking with Pinkie on the train)
  • Spontaneous/random comments made during unrelated conversations/situations ("Hmm...sedimentary.")
  • Unnecessary emphasis/stress on certain words and constanants (listen to how she stresses her 't's)
    • Jossed by the episode's writer at a fan convention. Unless...

The show's writer is lying about Maud not being Autistic.
Which makes perfect sense when you think of the reason why: the writers and Hasbro know, all too well, (*cough*Derpygate*cough*) what happens when they introduce a character with a supposed mental condition unintentionally. Imagine the outcry of the sensitive fans with autism/High-Functioning Asperger's, not to mention the massive amounts of new ammunition against the Bronies by the trolls/haters of the show, if it were made public that Maud Pie was intended to be autistic. So yeah, Hasbro is at least learning from its mistakes.

Goldie Delicious will not appear in the show again.
She had the feel of a one-off character, like Gilda. One there to serve one purpose and one purpose alone, and there's the fact that she never came to an Apple Family Reunion before, either (if she wasn't intended to be a one-off character, they could have had the information with Apple Rose or Aunt Applesauce; instead they chose to introduce a new character). If she does appear, it will be just as a one-off gag. Also, there's the One Steve Limit, with AJ's cousin Golden Delicious to consider (who is not the same pony). Her hoarding will never be dealt with nor come up again in-show.
  • She did appear in "Filli Vanilli", but it was as a one-off gag.
    • Jossed. She appears twice more in Seasons 7 and 8 respectively, and her hoarding is seen worse than ever by "The Perfect Pear".

Spike's mother is still alive.
She will not be happy to find out that someone stole her egg. Or that her son has been consorting with ponies.

Maud was created by magic, and her family's memories of her are really illusions.
Similar to Dawn in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Maud wasn't really born into the family. She was created by magic and the memories of the Pie family were altered so they believed she was there all along. Hence why she doesn't appear in Pinkie Pie's story about her cutie mark, yet shows up in a photo from that event.

Holder's Boulder is a fossilized dragon egg
It looks like an egg and was found in a dragon's nest, but the Pie family insists that it's a rock and being rock farmers, it seems likely that they'd know the difference. Therefore, it could be that Holder's Boulder is both a rock and an egg, as a fossilized egg would be. Additionally, there's nothing implying that fossils don't exist in Equestria.

All of Pinkie's sisters have Stock Super Powers
Seeing as we already know that Pinkie has Super Speed and limited reality warping and Maud has Super Strength, it seems likely that Marble and Limestone have superpowers of their own. The question is, what are those powers?
  • Limestone probably has an Unstoppable Rage thing going when she's extra ticked off (as opposed to just baseline cranky like she usually is), while Marble might have soothing Emotion Control abilities to go with her shy, sweet nature.

All of Pinkie's family have the same abilities.
  • Considering how maud demonstrated off screen teleportation and even has her own version of Pinkie sense in The gift of Maud Pie, it wouldn't be surprising if the other sisters and the parents have those abilities too.
    • This is already verging on confirmed in The Gift of Maud Pie, considering Pinkie Pie says it "runs in the family" after Maud displays her Maud Sense you mentioned.

Maud developed an interest in fashion and/or wears clothes because she lives in Manehattan.
Manehattan is one of the few places where almost all ponies wear some level of clothing. Considering the high-fashion nature of the real Manhattan, it wouldn't be difficult to imagine a young woman from a small farm who moves to the city to pursue a Ph. D in Geology —> A young mare from a small farm who moves to the city to pursue a Rocktorate, being influenced. Her mother and father also wear clothes, but none of the other Pie daughters do on a regular basis. Considering her personality and the fact that clothes are probably more of a detriment to working with rocks than a help, it would be difficult to imagine her having developed an interest in wearing clothes without some sort of external influence.

There is tension between Limestone and Maud Pie.
Limestone is the oldest sister and runs a very tight ship in terms of the farm. Maud is pursuing the Equestrian equivalent of a Ph. D in Geology and wears clothes in a world where many characters don't. Considering that it's unlikely that Limestone has had education beyond compulsory education note , it's possible that Maud has learned things in school that contradicts what Limestone has learned in her experience, or straight-up doesn't know, which Maud shares in the best interest of the farm, trying to override Limestone. Limestone might have some resentment toward Maud for pursuing a fancy degree, wearing clothes (which are more of a hindrance to working with rocks than a help,) and coming to the conclusion that Maud thinks she's better than Limestone and/or the whole family.
  • Except that, Limestone isn't the oldest, according to Word of God. It's Maud.

Limestone and Marble's middle names start with the letter 'D' like Maud and Pinkie's do.
Also, since Maud and Pinkie's middle names, Daisy and Diane, are two syllables and five letters long, the same is true for Limestone and Marble's. They also have the second letter as a vowel. As Word of God says that Maud is the oldest, their parents decided to go in order of vowels. Therefore Limestone's middle name is either Debra or Della and Marble's middle name is either Donna or Doris.

Night Light has a twin sister
Her name is Nachlicht

Zephyr Breeze has ADHD.
He has ADHD-I (inattentive type) or possibly -C (combined inattentive and hyperactive.) It's made worse by his enabling parents, and he has failed many times at higher expectations held by others. He uses a wide array of compensatory mechanisms to get around tasks rather than actually doing them. He thinks he will fail because he often has in the past, but this has been chalked up, as it is in the episode, to him "not trying" or "being lazy." This troper has ADHD-I and has difficulty putting 100% into tasks for the same reason Zephyr cites for always quitting (in S 6 E 11:) Not wanting to give your all but still fail.

Velvet, Mrs.Shy, and Rainbow Blaze are the last of their kind

  • Velvet was from a race of powerful unicorns known as the Celestial Ponies that once live in a valley known as the Unicorn Range.They possess unlimited abilities, such as mastering every form of magic and copy spells from mere observation. Until one day a tyrant named Jumong, ruler of Unicornia, with his army of super soldiers invaded the kingdom, fillynapped all the unicorns and its citizen. The unicorns were being held inside a research facility, where the empire used an device called Unicorn Drive to absorbed them off all their magic, using it for nuclear weaponry, infusing their soldiers to make them more powerful, etc. This sinister act drive most of the unicorns into extinction, except Velvet, who was able to escape the empire and go to Canterlot to warn Celestia about the king’s nefarious deeds and was soon overthrown by Princess Celestia and banished to Tartarus. All of the remaining unicorns were now freed from years of tyranny. Sadly to due to the side effects of the Unicorn Drive, most of the freed ponies died a few years later due to the machine draining most on ponies’ lifespans, including most of Velvet’s parents. Celestia then took the young unicorn under her wing and enrolled into magic kindergarten, years later she would eventually met a grayish azure pony named Night Light.

  • Rosey(Assuming that's Mrs.Shy's real name) was from a race of fairy-like pegasi known as the Flutter Ponies that once resides in Flutter Valley ruled by her mother, Queen Rosedust. They’re are ponies with tiny bodies, curly hair, longer legs than regular ponies and fairy-like wings. The Flutter Ponies may appear delicate, but in truth, they possess a powerful ability called the Utter Flutter, which allows them to blow away everything in their path by flapping their wings in a rapid speed. They are rarely seen, preferring to live in seclusion, usually in Flutter Valley in order to avoid wars and are also very shy, down-to-earth (figuratively and literally) contrast to the cloud-borne pegasi from Cloudsdale. One day they were invaded by the Changelings, where most of the flutter ponies were drain of their “love” while Rosedust battled Chrysalis. The fight ends with Chrysalis slaying Rosedust and taking the queen’s crown as her own. Only a rose-headed Pegasus manage to escape the carnage and warned Celestia. Unfortunately the shape-sifters were gone by the time Celestia came, so the sun princess took the yellow pegasi to the Cloudsdale Orphanage. Eventually she was adopted and enroll into the Flight School where she met an light-greenish pegasus.

  • Rainbow Blaze was from a race of multi-color hair pegasi known as Rainbow Ponies, that once live in a empire above the clouds called Angel Island. Like most pegasi, they can walk on clouds and manipulate the weather, but also possess another ability:Absorbing weather elements such as electric,heat,aero,water, and other forms of elemental energy through physical contact , and use this gift to control and create rain, hurricanes,blizzards,hail,droughts,thunder,gale,heatwaves,cyclones,tornadoes and other forms of storms and weather through telekinesis ( or in this case Atmokinesis) and even change the pegasus’s skin color depending which element they use(Ex. If the user is using lightning, they turn yellow (or blue), red if using heat, green if using wind) even increasing their speedup to Mach 6. Most Rainbow pegasi dream of doing the legendary “Sonic Rainboom” many have tried, many have failed. When Angel Island was at war with Pearl Island, its ruler Emperor Cronus and head scientist Dr.Sprectra together made a unthinkable move to win the war: By putting all of the Rainbow Pegasi in the Rainbow Research Facility factory put them in a device called the Pegasus Drive.The Pegasus Drive is design to absorbed the color as well as the weather magic of the pegasi and stored the essence inside nuclear weapons such as SR Bs (sonic-rainbombs) or missiles and Emperor Cronus decided to use this newfound weaponry to win the war . During the midst of the battle in Pearl Island, an atomic bomb was drop in the heart of Pearl Island and BOOOM!! A colossal mushroom cloud emerges from the ground and was changing into many colors from red to violet. The bomb nearly wipe all of sky island’s citizens, soldiers, and even AI’s(Angel Island)s pegasi that were fighting in Pearl Island. The test was a success and the AI won the war. Even years after the won was over, the empire continued to take magic from the multi-colored pegasi in order to make weapons of mass destruction and sell them to the black market, renewable energy sources for powering the empire, even going as for to cast a mind-controlled spell on the pegasi and brainwashing them into becoming suicide bombers and stormcasters. Dr. Spectra eventually used the magic as an energy source for a flying weather machine called “Indra” that way Angel Island can create rain, snow, and other forms of weather for Equestria without the need for pegasi. This went unnoticed for years until a 20-something year-old persian blue pegasus named Rainbow Blaze manage to escape the facility unnoticed and warned Celestia about the empire’s horrible crimes. The princess eventually called upon the Royal Guard and the Wonderbolts led Captain Firefly and Lt. Stormy Flare to save Angel Island from Cronus’s tyranny. A battle broke out between the two nations which lasted for days. Cronus was eventually defeated and arrested for his crimes, Spectra tried to escape but was corned by Firefly and her men. Refusing to give up without a fight, Spectra drink a potion which transform her into colorful mythical bird that resembled the Garuda, and granting her powerful weather magic. The scientist zoom to the sky to make her escape but not before conjuring up a black thunderball and hurling to the sky island with the intent of destroying any evidence relating to the illegal use of draining the pegasi's magic for evil purposes.Celestia manage to teleport the inhabitants to Cloudsdale before the thunderball of death hit and completely erased Angel Island from existence. The princess then zap Firefly and Flare with with her magic in order to boost their weather powers, and transforming, Firefly into a white Pegasus with a floating mane of cooler colors and Flare into a golden pegasus, with a floating mane of flying, warmer colors, with this they now has the power to defeat Spectra once and for all. The Duo begins to create Their famous Double Rainboom. Spectra looks in awe at the rainbow trail that is created, but is distracted to not realize that the Storm Duo was zooming towards back at her. Unable to react in time she is soon finished off by the Gold Duo’s Buccaneer Blaze of Glory, causing the villainess burst into flames and fall from the sky. She along with Cronus were banished to Tartarus. The Rainbow ponies that Celestia manage to save now reside in Cloudsdale for the time being, unfortunately due the side effects of Pegasus Drive, most of the colorful pegasi died months later since the machine robbed them of their lifespans, making Blaze the last rainbow pegasi.Soon Celestia enrolled Blaze to Wonderbolt Academy where he would met the pink-blue-hared pony that help rescue his kind from further doom.

Ocean Flow gave birth to Silverstream on Mount Aris, but Sky Beak gave birth to Terramar in Seaquestria.
There's a reason the trope is called Mr. Seahorse.

Bright Mac and Pear Butter were killed by Timberwolves.

     Historical Figures 

The characters from the Hearth's Warming Eve play were not actually very much like they were in the play
There is a lot of improvisation, ad-libbing, and modifying of roles to fit the actors in a traditional Hearth's Warming Eve play, as hinted by Spike's hamming up the narration to the point of irritating the audience. The mane cast's improv, ad-libbing, and modifications naturally made the characters more like themselves, whereas historically they may have actually been fairly different. Most likely, the overall message of the play is seen as more important than historical lessons, so nobody really cares much how accurate it is.

The characters in the play were all Composite Characters.
It seems most likely that the Hearth's Warming Eve Pageant was an abridged and simplified version of real events. Plus Equestria being founded by 6 mares wouldn't obviously work. It seems more likely that each character was a composite of various figures in Equestrian history: Commander Hurricane represented the Pegasi military, Princess Platinum was supposed to be the Unicorn aristocracy, Chancellor Pudding Head was the Earth Pony goverment. Their advisors were supposed to represent the various layponies and possibly their clergy, scholar, peasant and artisan classes. It's also possible that the characters' personalities were also molded to fit the actors playing them.

Every generation, a few Earth Ponies become Cloudcuckoolanders. Chancellor Puddinghead was one.
It is possible that in each generation of Earth Ponies, a few will become cloudcuckoolanders when they obtain their Cutie Marks. It is from this pool that the Earth Ponies elected their Chancellor, as their off-the-wall advice might be useful at times (this is presuming that the Chancellor was not the ultimate ruler of the Earth Ponies, but an adviser of sorts). Chancellor Puddinghead was one of these ponies. So is Pinkie Pie.

Each of the main characters in the play are direct ancestors to each of the mane cast.
That's why Celestia chose them to play those characters: Generation Xerox is in effect, so only the mane cast would be able to play their ancestors to the best of their abilities.
  • According to Trollestia all of Equestria is descended from those six. because her father, the king, died in the blizzard. Naturally, they couldn't just say that, what with there being young fillies and colts watching in the audience, after all. As for why she's not Queen Platinum: Platinum is basically Rarity turned Up to Eleven. Going by "Princess" because it's prettier or cuter sounds a lot like something Rarity would do, right?
  • Who says she ruled as a princess? She was the representative who was negotiating on behalf of her people, and part of the scout team who discovered Equestria.

Private Pansy...
Was a badass magnificent Blood Knight with Nerves of Steel and Brass Balls.

And Fluttershy was just a bad actor.

: Private Pansy was just a Punny Name made up for the play
His/Her real name was Private Panzer, and probably was a Mighty Glacier Gentle Giant Martial Pacifist Reluctant Warrior blue Poni counterpart to the Lightning Bruiser Hot-Blooded Colonel Kilgore Blood Knight red poni, and because Defeat Means Friendshipor at least summission or some I Owe You My Life incident s/he ended up being Huricane's Dragon against his/her will, wichi may explain why s/he "really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really dislike(s) her. "

Commander Hurricane was male
Suggested by how Pansy keeps referring to Hurricane as "Sir". Rainbow Dash was simply cast as the most tomboyish of the mane six.

The Les Yay between Princess Platinum and Clover the Clever was intentional in-universe.
In preparation for the role, Twilight spent several long nights studying the historical basis of the play. In her research, she learned that many scholars had speculated that Platinum and Clover had been involved, though no serious evidence was ever found. Twilight wanted to incorporate this into the play to show off how much work she'd done, and worked alongside Rarity to create a performance that could be interpreted as Les Yay if you turned your head and squinted.
  • Try watching that episode again without Yuri goggles on.
  • Do they ever state what gender the original Clover was?

Alternatively, Clover was a boy, had a thing with Platinum and...
...their children were the ancestors of Twilight Sparkle and Rarity. This would make Rarity and Twilight distant cousins and would mean that Rarity is very likely part of an old royal lineage. You can practically hear Rarity squeeing in the distance...

Alternatively again, Clover the Clever is a Gender Bender.
The Journal of the Two Sisters states that Clover was a mare. Princess Celestia And The Summer Of Royal Waves, on the other hand, addresses Clover as male. Either this was an oversight by the different authors, considering the Loose Canon, or Clover created a gender-bending spell between the points the two books take place.

King Sombra is Starswirl the Bearded.
Starswirl became corrupted when he gained so much power, but had no restraint because he had no friends to guide him down the right path.

The founders of Equestria featured in the play were just important figures.
They played major roles, but weren't the sole founders.Bonus Guess: The founders actually looked nothing like the ponies playing them.

All the original founders were male.
Most of the cast save Fluttershy keep their manes tucked in their costume in some way (or pinned up, in Rarity's case, since even out of costume her mane's main part is missing). This is the poor-man's way to emulate short hair if a girl is playing a boy on stage without cutting it. Princess Platinum was actually Prince Platinum. Rarity pinned her hair up, momentarily forgetting that in the pageant, Platinum is a girl, because Twilight being Twilight would prattling on about the actual history where all their roles were that of boys. Fluttershy has such a long mane and tail they just didn't bother trying to make her have a shorter mane; alternately, Private Pansy, like Prince Platinum, was switched over to being a female in the play to appeal to more girls. Private Pansy also wasn't quite as wimpy as played by Fluttershy, or wimpy at all; he was a 'pansy' because he was a Actual Pacifist in a heavily militant society. Pansy was somewhat subjected to Adaptational Wimp and Flanderisation due to Values Dissonance; otherwise his Meaningful Name would be lost on the new generations.
  • Likewise, Prince Platinum was more like Prince Blueblood in his mannerisms and actions and more of a jerkass than he was portrayed as Princess Platinum. Commander Hurricane was much more Blood Knight than he was portrayed in the play, but that was likely due to being a Compressed Adaptation of the actual history and the fact that the play WAS toned down a little for foals. He was, however, more or less the same. Chancellor Puddinghead was probably toned down from his original barmy state so his scenes didn't drag or stick out too much, and to help contrast it, Smart Cookie was made even more dry and sarcastic than he originally was. Clover the Clever was not as much of a soft-spoken Actual Pacifist as he was portrayed, but to make him more sympathetic and easy to see right in the play, he was made into a calm, placid, all-knowing unicorn prodigy.
  • Horses and ponies are matriarchal creatures, so I doubt it.
  • According to The Journal of the Two Sisters (which has conflicted with show canon on occasion, so take this with a grain of salt), Commander Hurricane was a stallion, whereas the other five founders were mares. Then again, Princess Celestia And The Summer Of Royal Waves also has Clover as a guy.

The fates of the founders...
  • Princess Platinum took over for her father when he died and became Queen of Equestria. She had no children, but allowed Celestia and Luna to take over after she passed on. She either died before Discord took over or was killed by him.
  • Clover the Clever went on to become an accomplished Seer, and eventually obtained omniscience. She informed Celestia and Luna of the Tree of Harmony during Discord's reign.
  • Commander Hurricane lead Cloudsdale into battle against various enemies who sought to harm Equestria. Likely died heroically in battle at some point.
  • Private Pansy was promoted to her superior's second-in-command. Retired early.
  • Chancellor Puddinghead regain a bit of her sanity and ran rural Equestria for a long time before her death. She and Clover the Clever lived the longest and she died asking Smart Cookie to take over for her, not realizing that she was speaking to the long-deceased Smart Cookie's many times great granddaughter.
  • Smart Cookie continued to act as Puddinghead's secretary, enjoying it this time. Her lineage eventually gave rise to the Apple Family.

Sunburst is a younger Star Swirl the Bearded.
They both wear a star-covered cloak and Sunburst's beard looks as similar to Star Swirl's as the length difference allows. Sunburst also took interest in the fact that his friend traveled through time. It is also implied that Celestia knows that there's more to Sunburst than meets the eye. Star Swirl has a different cutie mark in the merchandise (we haven't seen it in the show yet thanks to the cloak), but then again, he did create a spell that alters cutie marks, Starlight could end up using her own experience in cutie mark magic to help him change it, and the merch isn't necessarily canon anyway.

     Fictional Characters 
The Power Ponies were inspired in-universe by the founders of Equestria.
Both groups seem to match the mane six suspiciously well. There could be any number of reasons why the mane six resemble the founders (reincarnation?), but the author of the Power Ponies comic could be taking inspiration from the six founders for the characters' personalities and skills. The homage could be direct, or the founders could simply be archetypical figures in Equestrian culture.
  • Wait, what? Since when did we were told that the Power Ponies looked or acted anything like the Mane Six? We've never seen what the Power Ponies act like.

Mistress Marevellous's parents are dead. The Mane-iac killed them.
Because she's Batman, and also Applejack.

Owlowiscious is aware of the 4th wall.
At the end of the episode, we see him wink at the audience. He doesn't have any of Pinkie's powers though.

Gummy is actually a secret agent.
Gummy may seem like a simple alligator who doesn't do much right? WRONG. He just as to don a Nice Hat and he suddenly jumps a few anthromorphic levels, but he tends to disappear and then reappear at random intervals. This explains why he isn't usually seen with Pinkie. Where does he go and what does he do? Nopony knows.

Gummy staying with Pinkie isn't just Rule of Funny.
The revelation of Gummy's philosophical thoughts and existential crisis have some serious implications for their relationship. He chooses to stay with her because he wants happiness in his seemingly meaningless life. Who better than Pinkie - the embodiment of laughter itself - to bring joy to someone with such a bleak outlook? Pinkie lives for making others happy, and just might be the only thing keeping Gummy from Jumping Off the Slippery Slope and going full-blown Straw Nihilist. With enough friendship lessons, he might end up as an Ubermensch!

Bon Bon has a Pomeranian and Lyra Heartstrings has a black cat as pets.
Nothing in the show suggests this, but these kinds of pets seem to fit well enough.

Other minor/background character's pets:
  • Derpy - Fanon usually gives her a chameleon.
  • Doctor Whooves/Time Turner - a (robot?) dog
  • Lightning Dust - either a Peregrine Falcon (the fastest-flying bird), or a hare to contrast with Dash's tortoise
  • Glida - a falcon or eagle
  • Diamond Tiara - one of those tiny annoying yappy dogs
  • Cadance - a pair of lovebirds
  • Zecora - a meerkat
  • Cheerilee - some type of butterflys/insects, or hamsters since they are often found in classrooms
  • Bulk Biceps - something tiny and adorable (a toy dog maybe?)
  • DJ Pon-3 - a bird that can imitate sounds, like a Mynah or a Lyre bird
  • Octavia - a purebred cat (who chases DJ Pon-3's bird)

Twilight Sparkle has developed a spell to understand animals.
Since she figured that it would really have helped with the Manticore and other beasts if she could understand what was all the fuss about. This is how she is able to understand Owlowiscious' "who"s.

Alternatively, Owl language is an actual language.
Owlowiscious seems pretty intelligent, possibly even sentient. Perhaps the same goes for all owls, and maybe Twilight's library has a book that allows one to self-teach Owl language, with all the distinct intonations of "who". Knowing Twilight Sparkle, she decided to learn it, just in case. And what do you know, it came handy!

All the other competitors were trying to help Rainbow Dash all along.
Look at that boulder pinning her wing. It's huge! Rainbow Dash is one of the strongest ponies in town, and she couldn't move it. So adding the efforts of a falcon and a bat isn't likely to budge it either. So instead of hanging back and being useless, they all flew for the finish line as fast as they could, knowing that the sooner they finished the race, the sooner Dash's friends would notice she's not with them and mount a rescue expedition.

Opalescence is a tom.
That's why Opal's so surly all the time, and puts up with Rarity's crud less and less: the poor mare's convinced her darling cat is as much of a girl as she is, when he really isn't.

Alternatively, Opalescence is constantly pregnant.
This could also explain her catty behavior. The "Puddy Tat" from "May the Best Pet Win" might even have been one of her kittens.

Winona and Apple Bloom are the same age.
On the cover of a photo album in "Ponyville Confidential" Winona as a puppy is seen with Apple Bloom as a baby.

What happened to the other pets in "May the best pet win"?
Just some theories
  • Sweetie Belle eventually adopted that kitten
  • The Owl was given to a library pony in some other town.
  • the Toucan was given to the owner of a Canterlot nightclub, the Flamingo was given to one of the dancers who worked at the club.
  • the hummingbird and the three bugs all got jobs in the ponyville flowershop.
  • The Eagle found a home in Fillydelphia with a mare by the same of Stars n' stripes
  • The bat was given to princess Luna as a gift.
  • The Falcon found a home with prince Blueblood.
  • The ducks stayed with Fluttershy. They already had a nest together, and didn't want to leave.
  • The Bunnies also stayed
  • The seal realized that an aquatic mammal should not live in a forest, so he headed on over to the beach and met a seapony who adopted him. The Otters however, stayed behind.
  • The Flying squirrel stayed in his tree.

Owloysius is really a space alien working undercover.
He DID appear right after a meteor shower.
  • This could explain why he hasn't appeared in Season 5 yet. After Twilight's library was destroyed, he returned to his home planet to report what he's learned.

Fluttershy taught the eagle to imitate a red-tail.
She can teach a hummingbird to sing, so why not?

Angel was recovering from something during Putting Your Hoof Down.
He was still sore, and that's why he was nastier than usual.

Peewee will never be mentioned again.
Remember the other pets that were adopted during the show? Owloysius was introduced in Season 1 and never mentioned again until „May The Best Pet Win" to show us that RD was the only one without any pet. Then at the end of the episode RD adopted Tank who also disappeared right afterward. So what are the odds that Peewee will share the very same fate?
  • To be fair, Owloysius is a nocturnal creature, so, unless otherwise, they have the excuse he is actually sleeping during the day. With the anachronistic order of the episodes, Tank might not be adopted yet in any given episode.
  • There were epsiodes like Luna Eclipsed which took place during the night, but still no Owloysius. They don't even make any references to him. It's like he doesn't even excist outside of those two episodes mentioned above.
  • Have you guys ever heard of The Law of Conservation of Detail? Just because the characters are not mentioned, doesn't mean that they suddenly don't exist and are not going to be mentioned again.
  • Confirmed, as of Just for Sidekicks Peewee has been returned to the wild.
    • But the never mentioned again part is jossed, as Peewee shows up in Molt Down.
Opalescence and Winona ate a few parasprites in Swarm of the Century.
Not enough to make a difference, but parasprites are obviously meant as food for larger critters...

The pets can speak
They just don't.

Pets, and other 'non-sapient' species, speak a separate language from ponies
Either they speak in Animal Talk or they speak legit languages but aren't fluent in speak the language the ponies speak. Averted with Angel who is possibly mute or otherwise doesn't speak any language even to other pets; he just signs.

Angel is a Changeling
Based on a suggestion from the Fluttershy WMG section. Some theories as to how he ended up where he is now:
  • He got mode locked into a bunny and was severely weakened by not understanding his new form, and Fluttershy found him and nursed him back to health.
  • He disguised himself as a bunny and tricked Fluttershy into taking him home with her so he could spy on Ponyville, but Fluttershy's kindness and love caused him to do a Heel–Face Turn.
  • He was a lone Changeling who either got kicked out of his herd or ran away, and Fluttershy found him and took him in. They decided it was better for him to disguise himself as a bunny so that nopony else would find him and try to attack him. May be Jossed by the fact that it looked like nopony in "A Canterlot Wedding" knew about the Changeling's existence beforehand (except the pony who got attacked and replaced by one).

Gummy has a genetic defect that prevents him from growing teeth.
Alligators grow back lost teeth up to 50 times. Assuming there's not some truly shocking animal abuse occurring, the only reason Gummy would be toothless would be that he never had any. This would also explain how he wound up as a pet, since he probably wouldn't survive in the wild with such a condition.

Angel is mute, even by bunny standards.
That's why he has to play charades whenever he's got something to say, even for Fluttershy, who's supposed to understand bunnys too.

     Background Ponies 
Vinyl Scratch/DJ PON-3 is related to Rarity.
She's either her Cool Aunt or possibly her particularly youthful mom. They look vaguely similar, they're both unicorns (as is Sweetie Belle), and they're both artists.Also, it was implied in the pilot episodes that Pinkie and Rarity were friends before those events, which wasn't true of everypony. Pinkie doesn't seem to be the type that Rarity would hang out with without a mutual acquaintance, sure she'd go to her parties and maybe chat on occasion but that would probably be it. But if Rarity closely knew someone, like say a DJ Mom or Aunt, who would likely be on close terms with the main party-thrower of Ponyville then that's a different story. This would also explain where Sweetie Belle and Rarity's musical talents came from.
  • Partially jossed. We've seen Rarity and Sweetie Belle's parents in an episode.
  • How exactly do the pilot episodes imply that Rarity and Pinkie Pie were friends before the events? Sure Pinkie knew everypony in the town, but that didn't stop Rainbow Dash from finding her downright annoying until "Griffon the Brush-Off".
    • Pinkie says she's friends with everypony in Ponyville, which most likely means everyone who lives in Ponyville. RD is actually from Cloudsdale, meaning she's not from Ponyville, she just visits. A lot. Exact Words can be used to imply Pinkie and Rarity were friends, however loose their bond was, before the show began. With RD, it's not that much of a stretch to say they'd only met once or twice beforehoof. Enough for RD to consider Pinkie a friend (ish) but not enough to find her annoying. The same can be said for Rarity.

In the first season, we didn't see the true mane color of Vinyl Scratch aka DJ P0N-3.
She's a performer, and has to be entertaining. Since ponies usually don't wear clothing, her variation of wearing a wild costume is to just wear a different wig during each of her gigs. If we see the inside of her home/studio, there will be several wig stands, each with a different style sitting on it. What IS her correct mane color? You'll have to catch her when she's not behind a turnstile, setting up, or breaking down in order to find out.
  • Could tie in with the above mentioned "Scratch is related to Rarity" theory above and reveal that without her mane-dye/wig and shades...she looks exactly like Rarity (with a different cutie mark)!
  • What would give you that idea?

Related to the above, Vinyl is an albino
Perhaps jossed by her glimpsed canon eye color, but it is still reddish so I'll roll with this. She dyes her hair/wears a wig, her shades are there both to look cool and to protect her light-sensitive eyes, her coat color is a very dull yellow because there's no melanin in it, etc.
  • This is actually unlikely since horses actually cannot be albino and live very long. For some reason, albino horses tend to die in less 72 hours after birth, so it probably isn't possible that Vinyl has albinism.
    • Of course, it isn't possible for horses to talk, use magic and hold things with their hooves, either.

Vinyl Scrath is a Decepticon collaborator.
Her glasses are really a Minicon in disguise. She is secretly working to release Discord, or as the Transformers call him, The Fallen.
  • Alternatively, she's a genderbent Soundwave in Beast-form.

Lyra Heartstrings only came to Ponyville because of Twilight Sparkle.
If you watch the first episode, Lyra originally lived in Canterlot just like Twilight, and appeared to know her in some capacity given the ignored wave she gave her as Twilight was headed back to the library. But then when Twilight gets to her new home and Pinkie's thrown her a surprise party, Lyra's there with everypony else, and stayed in Ponyville instead of going home after the celebration ended. It's possible Lyra was a unicorn that knew about Twilight's immense magical power, and either wanted to be friends with her or had a mild crush on her. As such, when Twilight left, Lyra went to Ponyville herself, already planning on going there anyway for the Summer Sun Celebration but also hoping she could approach Twilight in a different setting. This never really got off the ground, whether because Lyra was too shy to go up to her directly or some other reason, but Lyra still remained a figure in the background for Twilight's life. However, at the party, she met Ditzy Doo and hit it off with her almost immediately. Then Ditzy introduced Lyra to her friend Bon Bon, and The rest is history. Lyra still might be Twilight's biggest unknown fan, however, which might explain why she always seems to be around when Twilight's doing something interesting.
  • Does that also apply for Amethyst Star/Sparkler and Minuette/Colgate? They were in Canterlot too when Twilight was, and were seen in Ponyville since.

Moondancer is the G1 Moondancer.
They're in Canterlot. G3 Moondancer was an Earth Pony, but Canterlot is inhabited apparently almost exclusively by Unicorns. It could be a Mythology Gag for older bronies, since anyone who doesn't know of G1 would just assume it's the newer Moondancer.
  • Given how many other G3 ponies were given wings or horns for their G4 update to even the numbers, G4 Moondancer might also be a mixture of the G1 and G3 versions, with G3's colors but a unicorn horn again. It would be a similar case as Twilight Sparkle, inspired first by G1's Twilight but colored like G3's Twilight Twinkle.

Expanding on a previous guess, many of the background ponies have families with Strong Family Resemblance.
This would provide an in-universe explanation for them appearing multiple times in the same scene.
  • Plausible. Consider also that the only defining physical characteristics of the ponies are their race, gender, color, eye color, mane and tail, and cutie mark. There are only three races, two genders (though there aren't many male ponies in the backgrounds. Or anywhere else), and a finite number of colors, so it should be expected that in a large crowd there should be some ponies who are identical save for their cutie marks and perhaps mane/tail style. But if you took a group of people and reduced them down to gender, hair color, eye color, and skin color you would get a lot of duplicates too, so this isn't entirely unrealistic.
    • Would this make Pinkie Pie a Chocolate Baby? (Or potentially adopted, at the very least?)

Octavia's childhood nickname is "Octie".
As such, Pinkie and the rest of their family refer to her as "Octie Pie".

Rarity is Bon Bon's Sitcom Arch-Nemesis, but is completely unaware of it.
Bon Bon does take advantage of Applejack's willingness to give her free apples in apology for Apple Bloom's behavior, but that can be chalked up pretty easily to being mad about Apple Bloom trying to force apples on her for extra money. Less understandable is how she says she's never heard of Rarity, despite the fact Ponyville isn't terribly big and Rarity is one of her neighbors. It's possible this was just Bon Bon pushing Rarity's buttons because she doesn't like her for one reason or another. Rarity never talks to Bon Bon, so she's completely oblivious to this.
  • With Slice of Life we learn that Bonbon is ex-Black Clops after a botched mission nearly caused a Broken Masquerade or something. Perhaps Bonbon is jealous that Rarity gets to go on adventures while her service record is officially denied? -woggs123

Carrot Top is Equestria's answer to Bruce Lee.
Her official name is Golden Harvest. Why else would she be so badass in "Over a Barrel"?

Bon Bon is a voice actress.
Her voice is different in all of her appearances. Maybe she's doing some method acting, or possible just doing it as some kind of practice.
  • Seconded. Recall in "Putting Your Hoof Down" when she and Cherry Berry were talking about showpony business being tough, and then consider the fact that she has a different voice in her various appearances. Also, consider her cutie mark. What if they aren't actually bon-bons, but lozenges? Why is her name Bon Bon, then? We gave her that name.
    • Jossed in "Slice of Life". Perhaps the voice changing was part of her cover.

Bon Bon is Soulcatcher.
Her voice constantly changes, each time sounding like someone else's voice. Soulcatcher has many, many voices. Bon Bon's just using what she feels to be the most appropriate voice for the occasion.

Or Bon Bon is one of those ponies with Strong Family Resemblance mentioned above.
Two of the voices we heard are her mom and grandma.

Lyra's real name is Heartstrings.
But she goes by her nickname, Lyra, because it's a human name.

Lyra Heartstrings is a fan of the Daring Do series.
However, she only really reads the books for Ahuizotl, as he's her favorite character. Hands and everything.

The "Jelly Pony's" name is "Smucker".

Nocturnal Ponies.
In "Hurricane Fluttershy" there is a dark-blue pegasus with an Orion cutie mark, which indicates that his talent has something to do with appreciating the night sky. Has Princess Celestia been subtly preparing for Luna's return by guiding some ponies to prefer the night?

In a future episode, Octavia will talk.
And will be voiced by Grey DeLisle and another pony will be voiced by Cree Summer, add in Twilight Sparkle and it will be a little reunion of the three.
  • Possibly confirmed! Grey DeLisle recently tweeted that she's working on a "super secret pony project", and mentioned that her character's color is grey. Many think it's Derpy, but considering we had rumors a while back about Octavia getting a song, combined with Ms. DeLisle's incredible singing voice...
  • Though she could just as easily be voicing Pinkie's sister who everypony thought was Octavia, since Pinkie's family is confirmed to appear in S4.

The Lyra in Canterlot is the real Lyra.
And the one in Ponyville is actually a Changeling!
  • I guess that also applies for Twinkleshine, Minuette, Lemon Hearts, and Amethyst Star?

DJ PON-3 is a vampire.
Pale, possibly red eyes, appears at the appropriate kinds of parties, we've never seen her in daylight.
  • Wasn't her Canterlot Wedding appearance during the day?
    • Vamponies can go out in the day and survive, but they feel extremely hot and very uncomfortable as a result. So, they usually just stay indoors and come out at night, hence the myth that they die in the sunlight.

Nurse Redheart's name is actually Nurse Sundance.
This is based on how Nurse Redheart's appearance seems to be based on the G1 pony Sundance.

Lyra wants Twilight's FRIENDSHIP
In her very first appearance she gives Twilight a friendly wave and looks disappointed when Twi just runs by and ignores her, we all know Lyra shows up almost everywhere Twilight does, and her toy in the wedding line, where everypony else has wedding gifts, Lyra comes with a picture of the Mane Six. Clearly, Lyra is Twilight's FRIENDSHIP stalker!

Lyra is not obsessed with humans
She's obsessed with Minotaurs. They are an actual known quantity in Equestria and hands and sitting upright can be applied to them.
  • That barely makes sense since the whole joke behind Lyra's obsession with humans is that she is a fictional creature herself (She's a unicorn). If things had to exist in order for people to be interested in them, we wouldn't have fiction would we?

Bon-Bon is a Changeling
.This would explain why she has so many different voices.

Doseydoats' (Dozy Doats? Dosey Doats?) mother is named Mairzy, and she runs a cereal farm.
It just makes sense.

Lyra and Bon Bon are NOT in a lesbian relationship
They're just really good friends who joke around with each other as if they were after a conversation where Bon Bon accidentally made it sound (vaguely) like she was proposing to Lyra (Bon Bon was talking a celebrity pony like Blueblood and how she dreams of Blueblood asking for her hoof in marriage), and they turned it into a inside joke/running gag of sorts.

Lyra is gonna be a major character in Equestria Girls.
If the new show is influenced by the fandom enough, this could happen.

The Other Mane Six are a backup team created by Celestia and will be bound to a different set of Elements

Celestia is too smart to put all of her eggs in one basket, so there is a second team consisting of the Other Mane Six in case the regular Mane Six aren't able to handle it. In addition, they will have different elements.

The breakdown is as following:

Vinyl Scratch – Dynamisim

Octavia – Elegance

Bon Bon – Empathy

Lyra – Imagination

Dr. Hooves – Innovation

Derpy – Perseverance

They will have at least one episode dedicated to them, with the Mane Six showing up at least once in the form of Funny Background Moments.

Colgate was sent back in time to prevent a Bad Future.

Namely, a bad future in which poor dental hygiene has caused a gingivitis epidemic that killed millions of ponies. Now Colgate, as ponykind's last hope of survival, must Set Right What Once Went Wrong and promote tooth brushing and regular dentist checkups to all ponies everywhere, thus saving Equestria!

Lyra is a human who got trapped in Equestria
Lyra was just a normal human girl who somehow got sent through the portal to Equestria. She was too busy trying to figure the world out until the portal closed off, and never figured out she could go back through in thirty moons.

The Nurses wear fake cutie marks as part of their uniform.
Their real cutie marks may or may not be related to their profession.

Caesar is Ramón Salamander.
Note his resemblance to Patrick Trotton from Sweet and Élite.

Lyra and Bon Bon are twin sisters, not lovers.
That's why their colour schemes compliment one another so well (Word of God's reason why they get put together in the background so much): they're twin sisters. They get along more like best friends than the usual siblings and are really close despite being as different as their colour schemes, and most people aren't aware they're twins because Lyra's a unicorn and Bon Bon is an Earth pony, and instead think they're just best friends or even lovers, especially because they live together. They don't directly associate with anypony else that much outside being around them, though Bon Bon does work with more people and Lyra does travel (presumably for music reasons), so they're seen as slightly creepy, especially Lyra with her apparent human obsession (which more manifests as a desire to play her lyre like a human). The only pony who knows the truth is Pinkie Pie, because she knows everything about everypony.

Lyra isn't obsessed with humans.
She had a crick in her back and she was trying to fix it, and she doesn't use magic to play her lyre out of preference.

Octavia and Fiddlesticks are sisters, and their parents are an Apple and a Pie.
That's why Octavia resembles Pinkie's sister. She didn't go to the reunion because she's not as close to the Apple side of the family - maybe their parents are divorced and she grew up as a Pie while her sister grew up as an Apple. Either Pinkie and Applejack didn't know about this, or they didn't consider it as them being properly "related".

Fiddly Faddle and the pony known as "Symphony" are the same pony.
First, who am I talking about? Using the names on the wiki's list of ponies, list of earth ponies, and list of earth pony mares, Fiddly Faddlenote  is the violinist mare in "Sweet and Elite" (she's to the far left at first, but can later be seen to the far right for a moment before Rarity obscures her). Their coat colors and eye colors seem pretty much the same and share a basic design with Octavia. Their manes are different colors and styles, but that could be the result of dyeing it (my guess is that the blue is real, while the purple is fake). Their cutie marks are different, but if we assume cutie marks can be obscured, that's no treble — I mean, trouble. (In keeping with FF being the real and Sym being the persona for the benefit of the Canterlot elite, the treble clef would be real and the mirrored eighth note real.)

In real life, many fiddlers have classical training (although it's less common for classically-trained violinists to play folk music), so it's certainly conceivable. Also, a number of said elite seem to be the sort that she'd have to disguise herself for in order to be accepted.

That's not Bon-Bon/Sweetie Drop's real cutie mark.
Her real cutie mark is a rope and grappling hook. Her special talent is being able to use it to silently drop in places. (Hence the name Sweetie Drops) When she went undercover, she painted over her cutie mark like Starlight Glimmer did and disguised herself as Bon-Bon, a simple candy maker.

Celestia originally planned to have an all-unicorn Elements of Harmony team.

"The Fall of Sunset Shimmer" from the comics clearly implies that Sunset and Twilight's friends from Canterlot could have been the Mane Six if Sunset hadn't turned to evil. This version of the Elements of Harmony would have been composed of:

  • Sunset Shimmer — Magic
  • Moondancer — Kindness (has Fluttershy's hairstyle, says Sunset "wasn't very nice")
  • Lemon Hearts — Honesty ("She's right full of herself, that's what!" is something Applejack would say)
  • Minuette — Loyalty ("I'm awesome" is something Rainbow Dash would say)
  • Twinkleshine — Generosity ("Really exquisite" is something Rarity would say)
  • Lyra Heartstrings — Laughter (by process of elimination)

However, Twilight's friends ended up getting redefined personalities in "Amending Fences". In this interpretation, the Elements might have been set up like this:

  • Twilight Sparkle — Magic
  • Minuette — Laughter (has the most in common with Pinkie)
  • Moondancer — Loyalty (feeling that Twilight betrayed her screwed up her entire life)
  • Lemon Hearts — Generosity (is Celestia's event planner)
  • Lyra Heartstrings — Honesty (was really upset when Bon-Bon admitted to being a secret agent)
  • Twinkleshine — Kindness (by process of elimination)

Bon Bon blames herself for Donny's death.
She's the reason the bugbear came to Ponyville.

Lyra was abducted by the Aen Elle
And helped Ciri escape. She's basically a magical alien abductee, where the aliens are vaguely human. Pinkie Pie (and maybe Derpy and the Doctor) know the truth, not that it helps. As an ex-mare-in-black Bon-bon might believe her, at least enough to not laugh her out of their house. Even Twilight, post-Equestria Girls, thinks Lyra should lay off the cider; her descriptions of the two-legged world are completely wrong. Lyra might even play Elven and Human music as a way of venting frustration since nopony believes her.

The Background Six will sing a We Are Number One parody called "We're The Background Six".

     Doctor Whooves and Companions 
And the Doctor Whoof companions (curent,past or future)are
  • Derpy - popular fanfic companions (she can be somepony like Rose or Donna)
  • Twilight Sparkle - another companion from fanfics
  • Pinkie Pie. See her own WMG page for why.
  • Rarity and Fluttershy - just look at part when they are singing in Winter Wrap Up with Doctor Whooves, it must be some connection.
    • Fluttershy's case may go deeper; look at her part of at the Gala, she's propably the companion of 5th Doctor, probably (jugding how they look at each other) romantic relationship
      • Fluttershy might also have traveled with the Tenth Doctor. She fears her own shadow because she knows of the Vashta Nerada. She might actually be the Ponyverse's version of Donna Noble.
    • Four words: Rarity vs. giant crab.
  • Colgate/Romana - fellow Time Pony.
    • Colgate could be the Ponyverse's version of Susan Foreman.
  • Rose/Roseluck - Should be obvious.
  • Ms. Cheerilee - Regardless of how her relationship with Big Macintosh goes, The Doctor has nothing but time to wait. In "Hearts and Hooves Day", he wasn't too splashy, he was just too in-the-past-y, and he knew he had to do something to disqualify him from being chosen and risk a change to the timeline.
    • Plus, remember Ian and Barbara were schoolteachers.
  • The Great and Powerful Trixie - A pony equivalent to Donna Noble. Met the Doctor, traveled with him and saved the universe a time or two, but due to the situations that developed had to have her memory of those events blocked, removing all her development she had gained traveling just in time for "Magic Duel".
  • Pipsqueak - As an adult, of course, as an equivalent to Rory Williams. Given all the Pipsqueak will be a badass guard WMGs below it's easy to picture him as a pony Last Centurion. Not sure who his Amy would be, though I know Dinky's a popular pair-up.
  • The tourist pony from "Games Ponies Play." Her dialogue suggests she likes to travel, and her claustrophobia could be diminished courtesy the TARDIS extra-large interior. Plus she sure can run.
  • Zecora, and one of the trips was to the time of the cutie pox epidemic.
    • In light of her understanding of time travel, definitely.
  • Scootaloo / Amy Pond - Due to her status in fanon as an inconsistent orphan. Her lack of parents come from the cracks in time, but if and when canon eventually reveals them, we'll know that the Doctor completed Big Bang 2.
  • Star Swirl the Bearded, and he stayed in the past.
  • A flashback in The Perfect Pair implies Dinky to be Gillian.

Doctor Whooves isn't the Doctor....
He is actually Doc Brown from Back to the Future! There are several possible reasons for this. Firstly, the mane is actually brown, so that suits the name, secondly, his voice actor does have far more of an american accent and does quite old, especialy compared to either of the most recent Doctors. Think of the fan-fic possibilities!
  • Then where is Marty McFly, and how did the Doc become a pony? Maybe Marty went a little too far into the past with the DeLorean and altered the flow of evolution so that ponies and not humans became the dominant species? Hmm, now we need a Fanfic in which Marty and Pony!Doc Brown try to restore the original timeline while the Mane Six try to stop them to save Equestria!

Doctor Whooves is The Doctor from the Doctor Who universe
His perception filter now affects us because we're not watching Doctor Who, in which the audience, theoretically, travels with the TARDIS, making him appear to be a pony. Also he has died since visiting Ponyville, sometime between Winter Wrap Up and The Sonic Rainboom, and regenerated from an earth pony into a pegasus.

Dr. Whooves isn't the Time Lord, he's the companion
Which means DERPY is the real time lord!

Dr. Whooves and Discord have fought each other many times over the course of Equestria's history.
It's only natural to come to this conclusion since these two characters are heavly asscoiated with 2 of the most famous works of science fiction. Fanfics based on such clashes is inevitable.
  • Then why isn't Dr. Whooves helping the mane six against Discord now?
    • Because he isn't yet an official character, due to the majority of the series having been made before the show crew caught onto the fandom and memes. Just give it some time.
      • Which is the Doylist explanation. Watsonian explanations include "fixed point in time", "wants to give the girls to grow and learn and is secretly on the sidelines in case all six of them fall", "is elsewhere by sheer dumb luck", "is else when by sheer dumb luck", and "is out and about trying to mitigate the damage all the Chaos Storms are causing while the Elements head to the source".

Dr. Whooves ISN'T a literal incarnation of his namesake.
At least not canonically; if he were ever to have a real role in the show, it would be quite impossible for his portrayal to be the same as it is in fanfics, due to the obvious copyright issues. As a nod to the fandom, though, he would still at least be an Homage to/Expy of the actual Doctor, in the vein of Professor Paradox
  • Jossed by his voice actor, who confirmed he played Doctor Whooves with the view that he is in fact the Doctor.

Romana/Colgate is actually a pony version of Romana III.
Yes she is third version of time lord companion of The Doctor. That version will show up in future episodes. And she will be somehow related to toothpaste.

Dr. Whooves is actually a TARDIS rather than a Time Lord.
We all know that TARDISes are living entities capable of taking on all manner of shapes and forms. Their Chameleon Circuits, upon first arrival in a world, analyze everything on the planet within the first nanosecond and adjust their form to blend in. And what blends in more perfectly on Equestria than a pony?

This is also how he was able to grow wings for the Best Young Fliers competition; a simple adjustment to the appearance. As for how nopony noticed this sudden change? 2 words: Perception filter.

Hourglass Cutie Marks do not depict Time Lords.
They depict Time Lords and companions. Dr. Whooves is a ponified Time Lord, but he's got a large number of companions, past present and future that hang out in Ponyville.

Doctor Whooves is the real first incarnation of the Doctor.
All of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic predates (as well as after and alongside) the events of Doctor Who and one day Doctor Whoof will regenerate into William Hartnell.
  • Jossed by a conjunction of The Deadly Assassin, The Name of the Doctor, and the 2013 Christmas special.

That isn't The Doctor
He's merely the guy that plays him on TV.

Doctor Whooves is really the Tessalecta, being piloted by The Doctor

Doctor Whooves will eventually be seen with a female pony whose cutie mark is an explosion.
She will have two saddlebags; one full of some strange cans and the other with a baseball bat sticking out.

Fleur de Lis (Fancypants' escort in "Sweet and Elite") is actually Susan Foreman, the Doctor's granddaughter.
This may be a bit far-fetched, but Fleur de Lis' Cutie Mark are three heraldic lilys. The origin of the name Susan is the Persian word sousan, which also means lily.
  • Except that Susan actually comes from the Hebrew name Shoshannah, meaning rose.

Doctor Whooves got first place in the Running of the Leaves
Why not?

Doctor Whoof is a doctor
We know this show has a habit of subverting expectations with shout outs. So Doctor Whoof isnt based on The Doctor but The Doctor

Doctor Whooves and his Pegasus lookalike in Sonic Rainboom are half-brothers.
Their father was a notorious Don Juan.

Rainbow Dash has never called anypony "Derpy". Only the Doctor, Ditzy herself, the Silence and a few other ponies remember otherwise.

Doctor Whooves is under the effects of a Chameleon Arch.
He didn't believe it when Twilight told everypony about time travel, and he RAN from the Changelings. Obviously, he's Not Himself. The answer? Chameleon Arch! Derpy has his watch, which has been enchanted so even she can't lose it.
  • Wait, are you saying the Doctor wouldn't run? Running is what the Doctor does best.

Doctor Whooves isn't the Doctor...
...He's the Corsair. He's been known to regenerate into a different gender from time to time, why not a different species? The tattoo he always has is on the bottom of his hoof or something, where it's not too noticeable.

Doctor Whooves is really The Doctor, but he uses the pony alias 'Time Turner' around most ponies.
]Thus his enemies like the Daleks and Weeping Angels won't be quite as alerted - he only reveals his true self as The Doctor to his close companions.

Pegawhooves isn't another regeneration or a different pony.
He's just normal old Doctor Whooves X, wearing his TARDIS as a pair of wings. Maybe "Time Turner" has a Pegasus identity so he can spend time in Cloudsdale without garnering suspicion.

Doctor Whooves' TARDIS is Derpy Hooves.
Unlike when she got turned into a human, she's no less clumsy than when she was a police box. Assuming Derpy and Ditzy are the same character, her daughter could still be her daughter, or the doctor's daughter, or both.

Time Turner is the Doctor under the influence of a Chameleon Arch.
I wish that I could take credit for this theory.

"Time Turner" is the name of a medical supplier in Equestria.
A companion gave the Doctor that alias as a Line-of-Sight Name.

Time Turner is an alias the Doctor uses
Of course, it's yet another of Ten's habit of referencing media, once again making a reference to Harry Potter. John Smith won't cut it in Equestria, so he elected to use a name that would fit right in and fit him- the Time Turner, a device that lets someone go back in time.

Time Turner isn't a Doctor
He's just a big fan of the pony equivalent of Doctor Who. He and the other "Doctor ponies" are a part of a fanclub.

Time Turner/The Doctor has saved Equestria countless times...
...Except nopony knows it, due to the fact that time travel was involved in every single instance. He always takes care to reset things to how they originally were, so as to keep ponies in the dark as to his work and prevent causing a panic. The Princesses, though, are aware of his good deeds (perhaps due to their powerful magic granting them a Ripple Effect-Proof Memory), and help him as best they can, while still making sure his work remains a secret.

Derpy Hooves is Clara Oswin Oswald.
Hair color aside, it somehow fits. She appears in different places, at different times, yet she always seems to be the same pony.
  • Both love baked goods (muffins & souffles respectively) and have also had the same response to the TARDIS.
    It's smaller on the outside!

The reason Doctor Whoves has blue eyes when Ten has brown eyes is because Doctor Whooves is also Donna Noble.
A mistake happened when they were forced over to this new dimension; maybe they were touching? However slight, and the powers that transformed them from human-like to pony mistook them for one entity. The Doctor, as the superior being, was the one who was physically reincarnated, except for his eyes. Eyes are the window to the soul, and Donna was often good at seeing into a soul quicker than the Doctor, particularly his own. Plus, the Doctor sometimes trusted Donna's judgement over his own (Fires of Pompeii anypony?) So, Doctor Whooves got her eyes. They exist together inside his mind as something like schizophrenia and once in a while, a split personality. The Doctor is always concerned, because he worries what will happen when Donna's human mind comes in contact with his Time Lord mind. He need not worry though, because his mind, save for his immediate thoughts, is entirely separate from hers. He can still be seen arguing with 'himself', though.

Doctor Whooves isn't actually The Doctor...
...But is actually a reincarnation of The Clock King, keeping his obsession with time and punctual schedule. Naturally, he started panicking once he heard about the Mysterious Mare Do Well...

There are two Doctor Whooveses
The one we see in "Slice of Life" is a normal pony. The traumatic event he mentions involved The Doctor. Fascinated by this time traveler who shares his face, he devoted his life to science in order to better understand the events he witnessed.

The entire "battle" between the Buffalo and the Apple-loosians was staged. Mostly.
Both sides got the message behind Pinkie Pie's bizzare and narmy preformance, but agreed that it was lousy. Perhaps they also agreed stage a dramatic showdown at high noon and not tell the ponies (as well as Braeburn and Little Strongheart for some reason) about it. It also seems unusual that they would use Pies as ammunition. However, perhaps the Buffalo got a little carried away with their stampeding…

The Royal Guards will appear a lot more often…
…as Red Shirts.

Most (if not all) of the disasters in "The Mysterious Mare Do Well" were the result of an elaborate conspiracy.
The mastermind was either Derpy, Amethyst Star/Sparkler, or the Mayor.
  • It was all an elaborate insurance fraud set up by all three of them. Mayor Mare planned it out, while Derpy covertly damaged the dam and tampered with the construction site machinery. Sparkler ran interference in case Rainbow Dash would need to be distracted.

Some ponies will get A Day in the Limelight.
  • Derpy/Ditzy: Mostly for the fans.
  • Doctor Whooves: The entire episode will be an Affectionate Parody of Doctor Who.
    • And it will be awesome.
  • Prince Blueblood: Revolving around him going to Ponyville for a day. Humiliation Ensues.
    • Maybe Celestia decides that Blueblood is too much of a good-for-nothing waster, cuts his finances and sends him to Ponyville to teach him some decency and humility.
  • Trixie: Perhaps even getting a legitimate victory.
    • Well, "legitimate victory" might not quite describe the events of "Magic Duel" — but it's very much all about The Vengeful And Power-Mad Trixie, so it counts.
  • Gilda: Why not?

The Mare Do Well will reappear as a separate character
Another pony dons the costume, but out of purely selfish motivations. Either out of a selfish desire for heroism or to outshine the mane cast on purpose (Trixie would actually be perfect for that I guess…). Either way, unlike the Mane Cast, this one will cause disasters for herself to handle.

The Mayor will try to become Mare Do Well.
Because it would be very funny.
  • Bonus points if she discovers that despite not having the raw power of the 'original' it's actually something she's good at.

There will be an Anti-Mare Do Well.
Mostly because of this picture. A suggested name for the culprit is "Ne'er Do Well" (like in the comments).

The statues in the Sculpture Garden are made from cannibals and rapists.
Hence Discord's line about turning ponies to stone.
  • Given that they represent certain virtues, you'll probably have to include warped versions of said virtues. Victory, for instance, should belong to a War Criminal.
  • Also, why wouldn't Celestia just have them executed in that case?
    • same reason she didn't execute Discord or Nightmare Moon. maybe execution is illegal in equestria?
      • The reason those two were trapped was because they were immortal gods, so killing them would be impossible.
  • Why would she turn them into stone instead of throwing them into a prison? In a prison they eventually die. As a statue, they are trapped at the same spot, unable to move but still conscious for all eternity. Sure it’s hard to feel sorry for rapists or cannibals but Celestia doesn’t strikes me as the kind of ruler who would torture anypony, not even the worst scum.
    • Kill a cannibal pony, you get cannibal pony ghosts. Lock 'em in stone for all eternity, you get festive decorations.

Miss Jubilee is an Expy of the G1 pony Cherries Jubilee.
  • Possible...

The pony who barked like a dog in "Read It and Weep" acts like she does thanks to leftover damage from Discord.
  • Remember Big Macintosh acting like a dog-mole? It seems the World-Healing Wave didn't quite fix the whole world...

The barking pony's talent/destiny is not insanity
Despite her cutie mark being a screw. She sold screws and other hardware fixtures before going insane.
  • Righty-Tighty was once known for her ability to keep cool under stress, which was actually quite useful in a construction foremare. Unfortunately...well, see previous WMG. Poor filly never snapped back.

The funeral briefly seen in "Hearts and Hooves Day" was for the cancer pony from "Read It and Weep".
He didn't make it... :(

That mule in "Applebuck season" was Matilda's son
At some point she got tired of waiting for Cranky and there don't really seem to be any other donkeys in Ponyville.
  • And yes, I do know that the offspring of a stallion and a jenny is technically called a "hinney" but what's the difference?

Cranky Doodle Donkey is Tommy Westphall
He's got the snow globe. And boy oh boy, the implications...

The Screw cutie marks aren't their real marks.
When somepony goes insane enough to be institutionalized for an unknown period of time, a patch with a false cutie mark is placed over their flank in order to afford them some anonymoity. That cuts down their chances of being recognized, so once they recover, there's less chance of dealing with the social stigmata of being seen as "that crazy pony".
  • Alternately, if you're too far gone mentally, your mark will actually change on its own as a sign to the world that you need help.

The bald yellow stallion from "Read it and Weep" doesn't have cancer.
That's just Curb Stomp, Poneyville's resident skinhead; his Cutie Mark, had it been visible, would be a pair of crossed hammers. He landed in the hospital after having the crap kicked out of him by a couple of bulls who took offense to his views on pony supremacy. As for the whole "stealing my slippers" thing, he was recovering from a concussion, and a bit confused. (Besides what won't a zebra steal, other than your job? And the llamas are sneaking across the border to steal those. Am I right or am I right? Horse Power!) Watch out for Curb Stomp in his upcoming Day in the Limelight episode, Equestrian History X.note 

Crackle is a Retired Badass.
Crackle isn't a teenager, but rather an old and unusually small but fierce dragon who has spent a lifetime terrorizing Equestria and other communities. The teenagers don't take him seriously because he's old and doesn't do much of anything anymore. Rarity's costume was designed after an old painting she had seen in Canterlot, painted in the days when Crackle was a menace to Equestria.

The Mule is going to snap
There's only so long someone can be the butt of racist terminology.

Crackle is actually a mutant dragon. Specifically......
She's living proof to other dragons why COUSINS SHOULD NOT HAVE KIDS WITH EACH OTHER. Even among all the teenage dragons, who each have an unique design, Crackle has a Non-Standard Character Design, with having eight legs, bulging misaligned eyes, morbidly tiny wings, and covered in growths with eventually harden into cysts that can be functionally counted like the jewels that are very commonly dug up in Equestria. Due to dragons beings extremely powerful, immortal beings with probably massive amounts of latent magic with drastic growth spurts if their natural greed kicks in and goes unchecked, their genetics is all sorts of wonky and any sort of major deviation from a normal sequence can end up with something truly drastic, making dragons far more susceptible to birth defects and thus far greater taboo about incest than other races. However, from Garble's rather casual reaction to Rarity's disguise after being reminded by another dragon about Crackle, it can be shown that while incestual relationships are considered taboo, it still happens on an uncommon scale.
  • Relationships between cousins aren't really that bad. At least in humans; the risk of birth defects in a child from first cousins is about the same as the risk for a woman having kids after 35.

Steven Magnet is Spike's father.
They both are purple, wingless, have a fondness for mustaches and Rarity. Possibly Steven had a relationship with Spike's mother which ended badly (possibly with the mother realizing she was The Beard). Spike's mother gave up the egg for adoption/abandoned it and never told Steven.

Joe's full title is Donut Pony Joe.
He's called "Pony Joe" in his first appearance and "Donut Joe" in his second appearance, so perhaps these are two shortenings of the same thing.

His cover is a donut chef.
  • He was probably working with the same organization the Bon Bon/Sweety Drops did, as mentioned in the 100th episode.

No, it's Mulia Mild who really is, or was, the super spy!
Because she's obviously an expy of Julia Child, who was a member of the OSS during World War II. So Mulia was an agent of the Office of Strategic Stallions, which was led by Wild Bull Donovan. After the war, it became the Canterlot Intelligence Agency, and Mulia became a chef.

Pinkie Pie was half-right about all three rivals chefs.
Donut Pony Joe is indeed a super spy, but the stale beer and leather jacket kind, Mulia Mild is a ninja, who does her work by infiltrating as a caterer, and Gustav is a villain, who runs his criminal empire out of his kitchen. Usually, none of them would risk their cover by engaging in such ostentatious activities, but it was an odd trip.

The white pegasus in Hurricane Fluttershy is on steroids
He's overly buff for a pony, has crazy eyes, and his wings are tiny (think of the wingboner meme and what steroids do to the privates)
  • I'm pretty sure this or something similar is canon. But what type of Steroids would exist in a world of magical ponies... Unicorn magic perhaps, or the type of herbal remedies Zecora makes?
    • It's testosterone, there's thousands of natural sources of it.
      • Combining one of the side-effects of steroid abuse, the tiny wings and the "wingboner"-meme... it fits.

The "population of ponies back in the paleopony period" that was afflicted with true Cutie Pox are the ancestors of the ponies of Sunny Town.
That would explain why the town is so paranoid about cutie marks that they kill anypony that gets theirs. There were ponies long in their past that experienced Cutie Pox first-hand, so over time the story got twisted so that they thought it was a curse. The writers have given us a potential canon explanation for Story of the Blanks.

All the other statues are in the same situation as Discord.
In other words, all the stone statues around Discord were also stone ponies.
  • And given the way Celestia seems to rule, they deserve it!

Screwball and the Koopaling trophy stone ponies were Discord's children or creations.
Screwball came about because of Discord's existence, either fully-formed (if she was "born" during Discord's Return of Harmony reign) or Really 700 Years Old (if she was born before or around the time Discord was Taken for Granite). The stone ponies in the one statue could have been a group of ponies like Screwball, but designed to further Discord rather than goofiness and generic chaos (they likely couldn't get along at all). Inspired by but not necessarily in the same continuity as this duet between Screwball and Discord's statue.

Screwball and Screw Loose are the same pony.

Ms. Harshwhinney was going to give the Equestria Games to the Crystal Empire no matter what.
Let's face it, the crummy treatment she got would probably make anyone hate the place. Almost on par with with Homer and New York. Hearing the tour that was obviously meant for her by a random rube changes her opinion? Bah! She was probably instructed by Celestia to just give them the games as a way of welcoming them into Equestria.

Snowflake and Big Macintosh are related to royal guards…
This one's a bit difficult to categorize, as it deals with guard ponies as a whole, a minor character, and a supporting character, but…Royal guards have been selectively bred for generations for "pure" coats, superior physique, stoicism, and a behavioural propensity for obeisance and enthusiasm.Snowflake comes directly from royal guard stock, but random mutation resulted in several traits expressing too strongly; thus his white coat, musclebound appearance, constantly excessive passion for everything/anything, catchphrase of Yeeaah!! (and saying almost nothing else), as well as how easily cowed he is by Spitfire (instinctual respect for authority, without royal guard training to respond properly).Somepony in the Apple family once married a royal guard, whose traits have(weakly) exhibited in Big Macintosh; thus his superior physique, and catchphrase of Eeyup (and saying almost nothing else).

Private Pansy is a nickname.
Her real name is Panzerschreck.

Coco Pommel is part of a benevolent secret society that hands out macguffins to worthy ponies.
Popular opinion seems to be that the spool will end up being important somehow. The thing is, if it's so important, then what business did Coco have carrying it around?
  • Incidentally, Zecora is also part of this society.
  • It's not important by itself, it's important because of what it represents. Any spool of thread would have worked just as well.
  • If this is true, then we can add Spitfire and Cheese Sandwich to the Sacred Order of Rainbow Macguffins.
    • As well as Seabreeze.
      • And Siver Shill. And Scorpan/Discord?!

Cheese resents his neglectful guardians from when he was a colt.
The snooty looking mare who pops up very briefly during Cheese Sandwich's intro song was his mind's image of his former caretaker from when he was a colt, and the reason he was so hostile towards her (albeit in his own silly pie throwing way) was because she was abusively neglectful. So neglectful that she never even searched for him when he ran away from home, as shown later in his flashback.

If the Equestria Games Griffon Team get speaking parts, the grey female, Irma, will be voiced by Grey DeLisle.
Because it would be fitting, considering she married one Jared Griffin in late June 2012, taking his name as her own.

With the exception of Seabreeze, all the Breezies staying at Fluttershy's were juveniles.
Which is why they weren't taking the situation as seriously as he was.

The guard ponies all look alike because of a glamour spell cast on their armor.
There isn't some crazy guard breeding program in place, it's just part of the uniform. At some higher rank they don't have to wear the glamour anymore which is why Shining doesn't change and some of the other guards (like Flash Sentry) don't look like all the others.

Shining Armor took some of his guards with him while moving to the Crystal Empire, and Flash Sentry was one of them.
That's why Flash is a normal pony when all the other guards were crystal ponies, he's not from there.

Bulk Biceps is a pegasus Saddle Arabian.
Hence why his head looks more like an actual horse than the other stallions.

The Smooze here is just a portion of the G1 Smooze that disconnected from his parent.
Why else would it have the same magic-immune powers yet seems less of a threat? The smaller the G1 Smooze divides, the nicer its parts become. This Smooze simply hasn't yet returned to its parent, which still exists somewhere else.

Grampa Gruff was at the palace when Arimaspi AKA the giant goat cyclops attacked.
One of the guards has a scar over his eye like Gruff did.

Stephen Magnet the sea serpent is really the violet head of Welcome to Night Vale's Hiram McDaniels.

Some spoilers for Welcome to Night Vale to follow. Hiram McDaniels is a former candidate for mayor who, upon losing, tried to overthrow the chosen mayor of Night Vale. He is also a literal five-headed dragon. Revealed in episode 70-B, "Review", is that of Hiram's five heads, its effeminate violet head was against the others' plans, and did what it could to act against them. In the aftermath, Hiram is arrested with plans to be put on trial, and steps have been taken to consider the fact that the violet head is not a party to the others' crimes. This will ultimately result in the violet head being separated from the rest of its body and sent to another realm as part of a witness relocation program. In doing so he will discard his old identity of the violet head of a literal five headed dragon and take up the identity of sea serpent Stephen Magnet.

Saffron Masala and Corriander Cumin are from Saddle Arabia

Trixie will become Mega Man X.

She's blue, has "X" in her name, and anything you can do, she can do better. And her father is Dr. Moonlight, a powerful but retired wizard-scientist who hid upgrade capsules everywhere for her daughter.

Zesty Gourmand has a sensory disorder that leaves her with hyper-sensitive taste buds.
This is why she'll only eat food that other ponies would find bland; to her, it tastes normal while the flavor of normal food is overwhelming. And it would have had to develop later on somehow, rather than her being born with it, in order to explain how she was able to become such an influential food critic to begin with with such a limited acceptable palette. An Inverted Sense Loss Sadness left her bitter that she was no longer able to enjoy foods that other ponies still could without trouble, so she leveraged her power as a food critic to shift every restaurant into something she could eat at without trouble, regardless of what other ponies thought. All the talk about subtle-tasting foods being an art form was just a cover story because she's self-conscious about her condition and could be afraid of losing her job over it(why would anyone listen to a food critic with a malfunctioning sense of taste?), while having the additional perk of having the food come across as high-class and elite despite the lack of flavor because of the supposed difficulty of making it, allowing it to still remain somewhat acceptable to the high-society Canterlot ponies and allowing her to keep her reputation as a critic despite her unappealing taste in food. This also explains why she would rather shun the now-popular Tasty Treat than try the food—if she's really concerned about her job and reputation, then that was a lose-lose-lose situation: either her reputation takes a hit from her stubbornness; she tries the food and can't hide her discomfort, outing her condition and therefore her unsuitability as a reliable food critic; or she tries the food and manages to fake a good reaction for her reputation's sake, but would then be expected to try similarly-flavorful restaurants and give them similar judgments, dooming her to aggravate her condition to keep her job. Option A just struck her as the lesser evil—if nothing else, she went out with a little bit more dignity than Option B without the recurring discomfort of Option C.

Admittedly, this theory doesn't explain why she demanded that every other aspect of the restaurants(decor, attire, presentation, etc) be identical instead of just the food.

The dragons seen in the Flash Magnus segment of "Campfire Tales" are Torch and Ember's mother.
As seen in this screenshot, one of them looks exactly like Torch, just without his armor and crown. While it could be due to a Reused Character Design, something the show has used before, I find this a bit unlikely — even when the show did this before, the colors of the reused models, at least, were changed, as with the reused and recolored dragon model in "Dragonshy" and "Owl's Well".

As such, my guess is that the blue dragon really is Torch in his younger days centuries in the past. By extension, the green dragon would his partner and Ember's mother. This is assuming that, as it seems that dragons in the show are normally antisocial/solitary creatures that do not seem to like other dragons in their lairs, they would need a strong reason to live in the same cave as another dragon, like the two in the segment were shown to do.

Neighsay has little to no magical power of his own.
The most we ever see him doing with his own magic is telekinesis, and that's standard with every Unicorn ever. The two more specialized spells—Thinking Up Portals, and the Lockdown spell he used on Twilight's school—were shown to be done with the aid of his amulet.

In "School Raze", he's surprisingly adept at using his hooves to manipulate objects for a race that normally doesn't need to do this, enough that it's easy to suspect he's had to do this before, like if his magic was exhausted. In addition, when everyone's magic is returned, we only see his magic returning to his amulet, none to his horn like with the Unicorns and Alicorns. With this in mind, it's possible that even the limited telekinesis we see is done with power taken from that amulet, and he wasn't using that later in School Raze because he was trying to conserve its remaining magic. (This could be the same reason why he unchained the Student 6—you can see him deactivate the chains right before Sandbar closes the door—because keeping the chains on would be a constant magic drain which he didn't think he could afford.)



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