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The new students are all going to be expies of the Mane 6 to some extent.
Judging by the previews...
  • Silverstream (the hippogriff) is one for Pinkie Pie, being a high-energy Genki Girl.
  • Ocellus (the changeling), if her design didn't make it obvious, is one for Fluttershy.
  • Either Smolder (the dragon) or Gallus (the griffin) is one for Rainbow Dash; Smolder's one line known so far has her using the word "cool", while Gallus' feathers resemble the Wonderbolts uniform.
  • No idea on whether Yona (the yak) or Sandbar (the token pony) will fit this mold yet.

Ocellus is a royal changeling.
Her design is very different from those of the other changelings — her slight body shape, large head and fin/crest on her head and neck are unique in the hive, unlike the other changelings who all use very similar variations of the same model. This could be, admittedly, simply due to her being a main character in need of a distinctive model unlike the ones copy-pasted for the background crowds, but even in that sense her design is very unusually divergent from the usual changelings' appearance: even pre-ascension Thorax and Pharynx used the same model as all the other changelings, simply with the colors changed.

So far, the only changelings who have shown the degree of physical uniqueness that Ocellus displays have been Queen Chrysalis, King Thorax and post-ascension Pharynx — the "royals", more or less, of the changeling species.

Ocellus is terrified of Derpy.
This is because of the accounts by Shell Shocked Veterans of the Canterlot invasion.


Smolder's brother, as mentioned by her, is Garble.
Or at the very least, they're related. It would also make Smolder's friendship with Spike interesting (as well as ironic).
  • Confirmed.

Gallus is possibly the first sign of non-magical creatures evolving.
Being a griffon, Gallus' color design just bothers me, because no other griffon we have seen has been such a bright vibrant color. All previous griffons we've seen have had pretty realistic colors, which tends to be common for species that aren't magical (Yaks and Mules etc...). Perhaps with how many times the elements have been used across Equestria some species are possibly adapting to use magic as well, in a very slow evolutionary way. This obviously depends on how old Gallus is, or when he was born, but it's the only reason I can think of as to why he has such a bright pastel color. It would also explain why Yona does not, as evolution doesn't happen instantly.
  • One way or the other, it's worth noting that three griffon athletes seen in the background in "Equestria Games" were as brilliantly colored as Gallus is — one was a solid purple, one cyan with teal wings and head and one salmon pink with maroon details.

Gallus and Gilda are Siblings or cousins.
Gallus calls Gruff "Grandpa" as well. And given I doubt that's just a title in the Griffon community, it could be sensical that he is actually his grandson as well. Plus he's heard about Rainbow Dash from Gilda, so that does imply they are rather close.

Gallus is part hippogriff.
While he's definitely still a griffon, he has some hippogriff in him. Think about it. He's unusually colorful, and the colors of his head match the colors of his body (unlike other griffons), just like the hippogriffs. He also seems to have ears, which none of the other griffons have, but the hippogriffs do! We never see his parents or any of his family, even he implies to not know anything about them, so a reveal of him having a hippogriff relative wouldn't be that far fetched. His light ship teasing with Silverstream in a couple of moments in season 8 is actually foreshadowing this.

At some point before the end of Season 8 or Season 9, Yona will drop the Hulk Speak.
At least partially, as a sign of the general cross-species cultural exchange the school is meant to foster, she will take to conjugating her verbs and/or referring to herself in the first person.

Sandbar is from Applewood.
With his surfer accent, I thought it would be obvious.

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