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Guesses about the Secondary Cast, Like Zecora and the Cutie Mark Crusaders. If you have a guess about something else, then

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    Apple Bloom 
Apple Bloom is adopted.
This explains why there where no parents AND no Apple Bloom in sight in Applejack's flashback, why Apple Bloom is so much younger than her siblings, why Apple Bloom doesn't have an fruit-related special talent despite every single other person in the family having one, and why Apple Bloom is so desperate not to lose Applejack as a sister.
  • She's adopted, but she's a cousin. Let's just say that before they caught that tree saboteur, there was more than one tragic apple-bucking accident at Sweet Apple Acres.
  • I disagree. I think she IS Applejack and Bic Mac's younger sister, it's just that she wasn't Applejack's focus in the flashback and may have been a baby. Too young to stand along Granny Smith and Big Mac as Applejack left, or maybe not even born yet.
  • "Where the Apple Lies" strongly hints at this. In the Whole Episode Flashback, we see neither Applejack's parents OR a young Apple Bloom.

Apple Bloom's cutie mark WON'T be apple-related.
In Call of the Cutie, Apple Bloom made a fuss about thinking she'd get an apple-related cutie mark. Instead, what if she doesn't? It offers the opportunity to slip in a few words about how even though she's "different" to Applejack, Macintosh and Granny Smith, they're still all a family.
  • It may be telling that both of the "talents" we've seen Apple Bloom convincingly display (woodworking/craftsponyship in "Show Stoppers", potion-making in "Hearts and Hooves Day" and "Twilight Time") have nothing to do in and of themselves with apples or apple-products. Though, admittedly, Apple Bloom's construction talent could be useful around the farm, if that's what it turns out her special talent is, and she is studying potion-brewing specifically to help enhance and heal plants.
    • She might turn out to be really good at making things with applewood...
  • Jossed. An apple does appear as part of Apple Bloom's Cutie Mark.

Apple Bloom was affected by the poison joke.
The path she went on while following Zecora didn't have a way around the poison joke, did it? So the poison joke must have affected her, too. My theory is that it caused her to have her cutie mark seriously delayed. Additionally, she wasn't seen in the herbal bath cure at the end of the episode with the Mane Six, so its possible that it is still affecting her.

Apple Bloom will work with Rarity on something.
"Show Stoppers" hints that she has a knack for designing and organizing, talents Rarity can appreciate and put to good use. This could easily help Apple Bloom discover her cutie mark, though this could just as easily be set after she discovers her ability, as that could bring it to Rarity's attention. This could also cause either Applejack or Sweetie Belle to develop a bad case of Green-Eyed Monster: Applejack might feel slighted that her baby sister is spending so much time with Rarity instead of with her, while Sweetie Belle idolizes her sister and could get upset that Apple Bloom's getting to help while she's not allowed.
  • Alternatively, Applejack will detest Apple Bloom's collaborations with Rarity because AJ simply doesn't like Rarity's prim and proper ways; even after settling their differences in "Look Before You Sleep", AJ and Rarity are still derisive enough of one another that they're willing to crack jokes over the tension ("She won't even touch mud unless it's been imported!"). There's also the matter of Rarity's bourgeois attitude being similar to Aunt and Uncle Orange... AJ would prefer her little sis to be Closer to Earth just like everypony else in the Apple family.

Apple Bloom already has her cutie mark.
Her cutie mark is special: It's completely invisible. It signifies her ability for tactical espionage. It's so secret that even she doesn't know about it.
  • Jossed. She gets a regular (as in visible) cutie mark in "Crusaders of the Lost Mark"

Apple Bloom’s mother is really Applejack.
The Apple parents never seem to be around. In "Bridle Gossip", Applejack tells Apple Bloom she'll tell Big Macintosh on her, conforming that Big Macintosh is the highest authority figure, and that the parents aren't just off-camera. As seen in the flashback in "The Cutie Mark Chronicles", AJ's parents weren't around when she was a filly either, suggesting they died when she was still young. Significantly, Apple Bloom isn't around too. This leads to the conclusion that Apple Bloom is in fact the result of a teenage pregnancy, and they're just passing her off as Applejack's sister to avoid embarrassment. As for who the father is, well, considering Applejack's love for her family…
  • Maybe the father is just some ex-coltfriend AJ had in the pony-version of high school. Either way, it's unlikely Hasbro would approve of any hint of teenage pregnancy in the show.
    • Applejack only seems to be in her early twenties in the show (in human years), and Applebloom seems to be about eleven or so, just by how she acts and talks. Unless ponies can reproduce very early, this is unlikely, though something Applejack might do.
  • Alternatively, Apple Bloom is Big Macintosh's daughter, from a previously relationship with a mare who may now be dead.
    • But can you really see that happening to Big Macintosh?
      • Eeeyup.
    • Another possibility is that Apple Bloom is the daughter of Big Macintosh AND Applejack, they're just telling her that they're siblings in order to hide the fact that Applejack got pregnant at a really young age, and they were forced to get married. This would also account for the fact that Apple Bloom's coat is a combination of Big Mac and Applejack.
      • That, and Granny Smith accepts the way things are presented because she's highly suggestible in her old age.
      • You'd expect that someone else in the small town of Ponyville would tell her that her "big brother and sister" are actually married. Incest would be slightly easier to cover up from everyone.
    • Would the bearer of the Element of Honesty really live a lie in that way?
      • As long as others refer to Apple Bloom as 'Apple Bloom,' this might not be a problem. She can honestly say a lot of things about Apple Bloom that would not be a lie ('Do you know where Apple Bloom is?'), as long as the conversation doesn't touch on them being sisters. It is only when they refer to 'your sister' that it would automatically become a lie.
    • If Applejack is one of the older members of the Mane Six, its entirely possible that she was just barely old enough to be Apple Bloom's mother. For a young filly who is experiencing a lot of confusing emotions and changes, she may have turned to Macintosh for help. Hilarity ensues and Applejack is pregnant. Her leaving the farm to live with the Oranges may have simply been an excuse to quietly have the baby in Manehatten and come back with a 'sister.' Since there is a similar age gap between Rarity and Sweetie Belle, such age gaps could have been common enough for the idea of a sister to be plausible, allowing Apple Bloom to live a normal life.
    • It's highly unlikely that Applejack could be Applebloom's mother or Big Mac's wife, given the likeliness mentioned above about Applebloom being still being a baby offscreen while Applejack shown as a filly in the flashback.
  • Alternatively Applejack, Applebloom, and Big Macintosh are all the same person.
    • JOSSED. We've seen their parents now.

The lions didn't just happen to be there.
They wandered off while Fluttershy wasn't looking, and that's just as far as they got before Apple Bloom showed up with a whip.
  • Well… that's what "happened to be there" means. It's not like they materialized out of thin air. Sure, there can be an explanation for why they're there, but it's insanely unlikely. Especially given how often we see animals running loose (never).

Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara will eventually become friends or Friendly Rivals
Well, they'd better at least tolerate each other for the sake of the relationship between Sweet Apple Acres and Barnyard Bargains.
  • Confirmed!

Apple Bloom's Cutie Mark may have something to do with Zap Apples.
Granny Smith said she had a knack for doing it, and it's one of the things she's seen doing so far that she hasn't slipped up with. This would be a good chance for some foreshadowing, as both the bloom of the Zap Apples (which fits her name) and the fruit itself (which fits with the Apple theme) are shown pretty prominently.

Apple Bloom's talent really is potion-mixing.
She mixed the heart's desire potion in "Cutie Pox" and the love poison in "Hearts and Hooves Day," so maybe her special talent really will turn out to be potion mixing. She has become friends with Zecora, so it's very possible that she'll learn still more about potion mixing from her. She'll probably realize it when she finally makes a potion for a good purpose, using an apple blossom as an ingredient; that's when she'll get her cutie mark.
  • She's also showed talent at making Zap Apple Jam, which seems to be a related skill set.
  • That does explain why some one how probably never touched a potion before could brew them the love poison was just misidentifed but she did not mess up brewing it
  • Thanks to "Twilight Time" this theory has even more credence. In the episode, Applebloom is learning how to brew potions from Twilight.
    • Jossed

Apple Bloom's special talent is apple alchemy.
Because she can make potions and because ponies and alchemy has to be a good combo. She probably also makes her wood crafts through alchemy without even knowing it.
  • Jossed

AB is the unintentional catalyst for her parents' death.
Bear with me, this is a long one. Consider that Cherilee lived in the 80s, which would make her (if the ponies live on human year scales) in her late 30s to early 40s. One of the things that would make Big Mac a match with her is his age (figure that he's a lifelong batchelor due to being "married to his job", i.e. the farm.) thus putting him roughly 15 - 20 years older than the next sibling (AJ). By the time AJ's born, you're looking at the tail end of the potential birthing period for mares. That late birth (as well as giving birth to two big and/or strong earth ponies) could have done damage to Mrs. Apple's ability to have another kid (and having a kid that late, why push luck again?)

Thus, with that damage, figure AB to be an "oopsie." By that point, with age and the birthing canal damaged, AB would have to be delivered by C-section. Only it doesn't work out, and Mrs. Apple's a goner. Figure Mr. Apple to have a farming accident in grief, and as a result, Big Mac (with the fortunate help of their grandmother) is stuck raising the younger siblings.

  • Sad,but I like this idea. I see good,solid, fanfic material.
  • This does explain why Applejack warned Apple Bloom that she would tell Big Mac; her father died, so she latched on to her big brother and sister.

Applebloom's special talent is unethical potion-making
Seriously, first stolen ingredients, then mind control.Probably get a poison flask cutie mark.
  • Jossed

Apple Bloom's cutie mark will be a house shaped like an apple.
The viewer already pretty much knows that building and designing is her special talent, but it would be weird if the cutie mark wasn't apple-themed.
  • Alternatively, it will be an apple getting hit with a hammer.
  • Or perhaps a plank of wood with an apple on it (her special talent being working with APPLE wood, to keep in with the theme of her apple-based family), maybe crossed with a hammer.
  • Jossed

Apple Bloom's special talent is (mad scientist voice) CREATION!
She succeeded at making zap apple jam, she rebuilt a horribly unsafe treehouse with no apparent offered materials and explicitly no help, she created the most dangerous trio of living ponies in modern Equestria, she outright fabricates "facts" all the time... Basically, her talent is to Earth Ponies what Twilight's talent is to Unicorns. Her cutie mark could be a zap apple blossom, or a crossed hammer and wooden spoon, or any number of other things that are considered creation imagery in Equestrian culture. What I wouldn't give to see her get her cutie mark while using a mad scientist voice with lightning in the background... Heck, she could even be the Nikolai Tesla of post-Industrial Equestria, if the hints at this talent are building up to, not a fabrication or a zap apple cutie mark, but an "inventor of the first system to convert stored electricity into mechanical power without the use of magic" cutie mark!
  • This is now this troper's headcannon
    • Jossed

Big Macintosh is Apple Bloom's Parental Substitute
In Bridle Gossip, Applejack says "I'll tell Big Macintosh on you!" It's just like one sibling threating to tattle to their parents, and it's the first indication that Big Mac is the one responsible for Apple Bloom. Then in Ponyville Confidential the way he tells off the fillies he sounds an awful lot like an angry parent — the kind that just caught their kid doing something so bad that they're too angry to think up a punishment yet. The portrayal of Big Mac as a disciplinarian almost flies in the face of his characterization of a shy Gentle Giant, unless situated next to the following:
  • Big Mac, Applejack, and Apple Bloom's parents aren't around (whether they're dead or just otherwise occupied).
  • Granny Smith is senile and much too aged to be keeping up with little foals.
  • Applejack, like the rest of the Mane Six, is implied to be barely into adulthood. College-age at the oldest, and either way has no problems going off anytime to have adventures with her friends.

It's easy to infer that Big Macintosh is the one raising Apple Bloom, and depending on when their parents left the picture, he might even be the only parent-figure she's ever known.

Apple Bloom will get an automatic cider-press cutie mark and try to hide it from her family.
In her typical way of taking her impatience out on what she's waiting for, she'll try making a more efficient cider press and end up reinventing the Super-Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000. Her cutie mark signifies her skill at building things and desire to not have to wait so dang long for everything (one of those double-meaning cutie marks that are supposed to be rare but actually seem pretty common to me, at least among main and secondary characters), but she'll worry about her family kicking her out because of her Flim-Flam-esque-ery. At the end of the episode, she learns that it's not what you do that matters, it's why you do it.
  • When were cutie marks with double meanings said to be rare? Cutie marks with straight forward meanings seem to be next to non-existent. Probably because ponies are rarely that simple.
  • or the press scares her because she remebers the flim flam brothers
    • Jossed

Applebloom is no longer friends with Twist
The two hardly ever interact since Twist got her Cutie Mark, and considering that Applebloom got to be a flower girl at the royal wedding with only the other Cutie Mark Crusaders there, one would think she would try to get all her friends involved. But it seems Twist is nowhere in sight.

Applebloom and Applejack are half-siblings
This is why Applejack keeps referencing Babs Seed as "your cousin" rather than "our cousin".

Applebloom has already gotten her cutie mark, but due to the circumstances of how she got it, it won't actually ever show.
As we've seen before, there's a special magic surrounding cutie marks that even Twilight can't circumvent. You can't cheat to get your cutie mark. It either disappears as swiftly as it's made, or it causes you to catch the Cutie Pox, or maybe something similar depending on the situation. Whatever the case is, it's obvious that cheating at the system just doesn't work.

As many pointed out above, Applebloom seems to have an affinity for potion making. In making the cutie mark potion(presumably something she had to do without instruction or recipe), she legitimately earned her cutie mark. But because she earned it by trying to cheat, she can't/won't actually get her cutie mark to show up.

  • Jossed.


We will meet Scootaloo's parents at some point.

Pick any two background ponies you want. Those are Scoot's parents.

Scootaloo can't fly because the CMC keep pulling out her pinion feathers.
In several episodes we see the Cutie Mark Crusaders pulling out Scootaloo's primary flight feathers. Once to stir the love poison and once to tickle spike. Notice also that most of the flying pegasi have pegasi friends or live with alot of pegasi. It's possible that Scootaloo parents are non-pegasi, thus she doesn't know that losing a feather like that is bad. Likewise Applebloom and Sweetie Belle aren't pegasi, so they don't realize the harm they're doing to Scootaloo

Scootaloo is homeless and hiding it.
She's extremely resourceful and mechanically inclined, thus she can hide it well. She attends school and pretends to live a normal life, but has no parents and thus no one to teach her to fly, and why she so desperately seeks out a stand in for her family. She may now reside in the CMC clubhouse after aiding in its construction.
  • Jossed in 'Flight to the Finish'. She does have somewhere to live, as Applebloom, Sweetie and Dash find her in her room towards the end of the episode.

Scootaloo will get her Cutie Mark last.
Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom will finally figure out that you can't get your cutie mark by doing suicidal stunts, and eventually they'll find their true talents. Scootaloo on the other hand will be too stubborn at first and it will take her longer.
  • Technically, you can get your cutie mark by doing suicidal stunts - if, by performing them, you realize that they are what you really want to do and are destined to do.
    • So Scootaloo may become a 'stuntpony' if that's her calling…
    • And she will probably react very badly to getting her mark last, and treat her friends rather rudely, especially the one who gets hers first (which I think will be Apple Bloom).
  • Jossed. Scootaloo got her Cutie Mark the same time as Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle.

Scootaloo and Fluttershy are related
Because seriously, that'd be adorable.
  • Impossible. FS would recognize her sister/cousin/whatever, but in The Stare Master it's as if they've never met.
    • They could be unaware that they're related.
    • (Looks up G3 Scootaloo's cutie mark) Hmmmm, that might be something.

Scootaloo is Fluttershy's sister.
Her colors are similar to Fluttershys but much darker.
  • Also, as fillies both are/were weak flyers and Fluttershy's habbit of wing-propelled running is alot like Scootaloo's wing-propelled scooting. Scootaloo's talent has been hinted at being dancing, and Fluttershy is acknowlaged as being graceful herself. It would also be cute.
    • More likely is that Scootaloo is Fluttershy's Ponyville cousin or something.
  • G3/3.5 Scootaloo did have a butterfly as a cutie mark...

Scootaloo was actually adopted by Rainbow Dash's family and thus has no blood relation with her.
  • Jossed. Dash's parents don't recognize her at all.

Scootaloo's still Cheerilee's younger sis.
Word Of Faust was that Ponies could interbreed, wasn't it? It could explain why she's such a weak flier, being half-Earth Pony.
  • Scootaloo is not a weak flier. She just can't get off the ground much, which is NORMAL for pegasus fillies (this may have been retconned as of "Baby Cakes"). In fact, seeing how fast she can propel not only herself on her scooter, but while dragging along a wagon with two other fillies AND a grown pony (who probably eats lots of cake), once she gets a bit older she'll probably be able to fly like a ROCKET.
    • The Season 4 animatic shows she should be able to fly at this age. Also, how do we know it's her wings which are propelling her? She could just be very skilled, and her wings just make her a tiny bit faster. (If it does at all.)
      • It is Diamond Tiara (not a pegasus herself) commenting that Scootaloo 'should' be able to fly, just to try and upset the girl.
      • In the actual episode, Rainbow considers the possibility that Scootaloo may never fly, meaning it is in fact, unusual, and a bit late to just be a late bloomer.

Ditzy Doo/Derpy Hooves is Scootaloo's older sister
Given what we know of her, Scootaloo sees Rainbow Dash as the cool big sister that she'd like to have; the reason for this is that the sister she does have is a not-at-all awesome mailmare with wonky eyes and a poor sense of direction. We could well have a flashback that shows us that she saved Rainbow Dash at the cost of her depth perception, ability to focus on her job and intelligible speech.

Spitfire is Scootaloo's sister.
Unlikely. Scoot might be a bit thick sometimes, but if Spitfire, a Wonderbolt, were her sister. she'd have bragged about this to Rainbow at the FIRST opportunity. There's no way that Scootaloo, being such a huge fan of Rainbow, wouldn't have learned that Rainbow herself is a fan of the Wonderbolts.
  • Perhaps Spitfire has a Secret Identity?
    • Spitfire IS the secret identity, i.e. a stage name. Her real name? Firefly.

Scootaloo's cutie mark would be a scooter.
We just haven't seen her earn it yet. Only time will tell.
  • Jossed.

Scootaloo isn't a pony.
She's actually the flightless bird greed. The reason she's been called a chicken, and a dodo is because those are two of her core medals. The third one will be revealed in season 3.
  • It's gotta be an ostrich or an emu.

Scootaloo's cutiemark will be Rainbow Dash.
  • THIS.
    • Where?! Where's the link?!
  • Jossed.

Scootaloo thought that Rainbow Dash was the Mysterious Mare Do-Well
It would explain her seemingly Out of Character moment in the episode.

Scootaloo has an older sibling — and a poor relationship with them.
Such as an Aloof Big Sister who doesn't want anything to do with her, or a Jerk Jock who gives Scoot grief for not being able to fly/keep up with her yet… or a flat-out bully. Or perhaps she's simply not aware Scootaloo resents her always being 'too busy' to spend time with her...
  • And this sibling is Lightning Dust. She's Dash's "evil" counterpart and she's definitely the kind of pony that would taunt her sister about not being able to fly and not care about her feelings.

Scootaloo's parents left her in Ponyville so she can learn to fly without too much risk.
This is actually common for pegasus foals, and it's why we haven't been formally introduced to any members of her family yet: they're back home. Their jobs keep them busy most of the time, so they can't visit as much as they'd like or give their daughter the supervision she'd require if they were up in Cloudsdale or another pegasus city.

Scootaloo was in fact, raised by chickens.
I'm kinda surprised that it wasn't brought up sooner. She isn't a chicken and she knows it, but she was abandoned to be raised by chickens. Maybe she's embarrassed by this...

Scootaloo will be a Supreme Chef.
Considering how awful Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle's cooking are. Although to be fair the former was following directions from Pinkie Pie and the latter followed her mother and did improved a bit (Although still messy.) Scootaloo will end up being the best cook of the three or at least something better. It'll be a nice twist of her Tomboy attitude.

Scootaloo's cutie mark will be a lightning bolt
But rather than linking her to the Speed Force like Rainbow Dash, it will link her to the Morphing Grid
  • Confirmed, as a lightning bolt is one of the elements appearing on Scootaloo's Cutie Mark.

Scootaloo's a Military Brat who ran away from home after getting sick of her dad's moving around.
Says it all, really. It'd be awesome if pegasus aircraft carriers existed.

Scootaloo wants Dash to teach her how to fly.
She can flap enough to propel herself on her scooter, but when it comes to really flying, she hopes to learn from the best. That's the best way to learn, right?

This is what Word of God meant by her being 'too shortsighted to learn how' — she hasn't considered that if Dash ever does agree to an impromptu lesson, she'd likely expect her to be reasonably adept at flying already. This could even set up a potential plot — imagine Dash's reaction upon learning her number one fan barely has a grasp on the basics of flight, if that! Given her penchant for Brutal Honesty, poor Scoots'd likely be crushed by her response...

  • Jossed. In Sleepless in Ponville, Rainbow Dash informally adopts Scootaloo as her little sister. The end of this episode made it very clear that Rainbow Dash is well aware that Scootaloo can't really fly yet, and she doesn't care.

Scootaloo can already fly, she just uses the scooter to go faster
On her scooter Scootaloo demonstrates both a large amount of speed and torque. She can zip around at a high rate and has demonstrated the ability to tow two fillies, an adult pony and a wagon without undue difficulty. This implies that she has well developed wings. However in order to fly unaided, Scootaloo must vector some of her thrust to keeping herself airborne, rather than pushing herself forward. Less Thrust = Less Speed. And Scootaloo is all about speed. So with the scooter she can devote 100% of her thrust to attaining a higher speed. 100% Thrust = 100% Speed, something that Scootaloo likes.
  • Doubtful. There have been numerous situations where she needed to fly for a point of pride ("Flight to the Finish") or to get somewhere she couldn't without going airborne (such as going to Cloudsdale in "Parental Glideance"). Speed or lack thereof wouldn't have been a factor there. In fact, this can probably be considered Jossed by the events of "Flight to the Finish" — Diamond Tiara's taunting clearly affected Scootaloo a great deal, and she spent the rest of the episode trying and failing to get airborne. If she could've flown, she would've.

Rather then having a big sister...
...Scootaloo will be a big sister herself. This would actually be a good thing:
  1. It'll show what her family is like and put all those rumors about Scootaloo being a homeless orphan to rest.
  2. It'll give Scootaloo an episode of character development all to herself, which is sorely needed.
  3. It's a good way to show how to react to the changes that a new sibling would bring. Something that the target demographic might encounter.

Scootaloo's parents are Earth ponies.
The episode "Baby Cakes" establishes that ponies may have offspring of another pony race if it's in their ancestry. Scootaloo has Earth pony parents, and since they don't have wings they have been unable to teach her to fly. They lived in a town that was almost entirely Earth ponies and moved to the more diverse Ponyville in hopes of having her meet more pegasus ponies who can help her develop her pegasus abilities like flying and weather manipulation.

Scootaloo has a serious obsession with Rainbow Dash.
Like to the point of spying on her house in cloudsdale whenever she can find a way up there.

Scootaloo is going to become a scientist
When she tries to fly in Ponyville Confidential, it's clear that it's her head that's dragging her down. That suggests that she's not as airheaded as most pegasi, which may impede her flying ability, but clearly marks an above-average intelligence.

Scootaloo thinks that getting her Cutie Mark will make her parents love her...and come back.
That is why she is so obsessed with getting one.

Scootaloo isn't an orphan, she just has really neglectful parents.

Scootaloo has loving parents, but they're usually very busy working.
Her mom runs a restaurant in Ponyville and is an amazing chef who loves to cook, so Scootaloo doesn't go hungry. Her dad is a toymaker and is the one who made Scootaloo's scooter. However, their jobs leave them with very little time to spend with their daughter. They still love her a lot.

Yes I'm kinda tired of the angst being piled on her.

It isn't Scootaloo that is "flying-disabled"...
It's her parents that are unable to fly and thus, properly teach the young pegasus themselves. So that's why she seeks Rainbow Dash as a flying teacher.

Scootaloo's talent will be writing.
She's gone from saying that "coming up with words is, like, really hard" to writing that Cutie Mark Crusaders initiation ritual in One Bad Apple that sounds like a thesaurus entry gone wrong. It's clear that she's developing a fascination with words, though the actual skill to use them isn't there yet.
  • Jossed.

Scootaloo is adopted.
She was adopted at an early age by earth ponies. They love her very much, but have no idea how to teach her to fly. She seeks out a sibling like relationship with Rainbow Dash in a bid to reconnect with her pegasus heritage.

Scootaloo will invent the first plane/plane prototype.
There's more than one way to fly, after all.

Scootaloo can't fly because she's used to using her wings on her scooter.
Presumably, flying and accelerating a scooter require different wing motions. Whenever Scootaloo tries to fly, her muscle memory from riding her scooter interferes with her flapping.

Scootaloo was meant to get her cutie mark back in 'Sleepless In Ponyville'.
Before the opening theme, Scootaloo was ripping through town on her scooter, looking exhilarated. She was meant to get her cutie mark at the moment her flying-scooter trick reached it's peak. Cue Rainbow Dash complementing her on her skills. This is enough to distract Scootaloo from what should have been her oncoming epiphany which would have lead to the mark. Weather either of them realize it or not, Rainbow kept Scootaloo from getting her cutie mark when it was time, and now she has to wait however long it takes to recreate those conditions.

Scootaloo can't fly because she's overthinking it
A Pegusi's flying has nothing to do with their wingspan, look at "Roid Rage"/"Bulk Biceps" his wings are about the same size as Scootaloo's and he flies well enough to be accepted into the Wonderbolts Academy.
  • This would also explain why pegasus foals like Pound Cake can fly when Scootaloo can't. Babies do it instinctively but then, as they get older, fall into the trap of the Centipede's Dilemma trying to work out how they actually do it.

Scootaloo is Pinkie's daughter.
Once upon a time Pinkie Pie met a pegasus, and they started dating. Then Pinkie got pregnant, and while Pinkie was overjoyed, the pegasus was extremely worried she would be too irresponsible to be a mother. The pegasus made her keep a strict diet and rarely let her have fun in fear of killing the baby. Once the baby was born, the pegasus put her up for adoption, despite Pinkie's pleas to let her take care of the child. Later the pegasus left Pinkie all alone, and Pinkie went into a depression for a while, never finding out the baby would be adopted and named Scootaloo.

Scootaloo is Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry's daughter from the future.
She is an orange Pegasus like Flash, and has purple hair and eyes like Twilight. For whatever reason, she doesn't know that Twilight is her mom and she's probably never met Flash.

The blue Pegasus mare who was with the CMC at the wedding in Slice Of Life is Scootaloo's mother.
Sources say her name is Helia. Apart form Big Mac (an older brother) and Zacora (basically a stranger), the crusaders would need adult supervision up on that ledge. Helia is often a busy mare and can't be around very much, so naturally she jumped at the opportunity to keep an eye on her daughter and their friends. Wedding or not, she's just happy to have time to spend with her daughter.

The above scenario seems a tad more likely in light of the whole Troubleshoes deal, with the mischievous CMC now watched by not one, but two supervisors. Also, just look at Helia, practically the picture of femininity. It's amusing to thing such a girly mother whould have such a wild tomboy for a child.

    Sweetie Belle 
Sweetie Belle has Dyspraxia.
She's clumsy and disorganized for a start, with poor attention to detail (forgetting to wash her paintbrush, sewing a costume with five legs, not knowing what a dressform does even though she must have seen her sister use one...). She's also prone to forgetting things people told her five seconds ago, along with being generally slow to catch on to what exactly is going on. She also has a tendency to wander off alone and let the others talk, and is often found daydreaming. Despite all this however she obviously isn't stupid, just... not quite processing the world around her.
  • Simpler explanation for all that: She's a child.
    • And the others seem much older than her, despite all appearing the same age. One of the easiest diagnostic criteria for Dyspraxia is falling behind their peers and remaining infantile in terms of physical and cognitive development. I've got dispraxia and she reminds me of me as a child, and as she's such a lovely character it's nice to think she could be a role model to other kids.
      • Word of God says that ponies develop faster physically than mentally; the core cast members are all roughly the same age and physically mature, but range from a mental age of 12 to 17. Sweetie Belle doesn't need to have a diagnosable disorder to wind up on the low end of the curve for her age.
      • I'm going out on a limb and say that the reason why they mature physically faster than mentally is that they live in an idealized environment. Because they haven't been exposed to the problems that plague human society, they lack the life experiences that would force maturity. Essentially, ponies live a sheltered existence. Just look at the way they freak out over natural processes like weather not being controlled or animals taking care of themselves.
    • Well they are all clearly adults (holding down jobs and living alone) and they're much harder to diagnose, as the natural formation of personality through life experience and the compensation for difficulties obscures such natural disabilities. Kids have less influences, so the effects are much easier to isolate. Of course you make a good point in that though their development is comparable to humans it is distinct, so unless we have a episode where we're able to watch her trying to catch a ball, doing large amounts of handwriting and looking at triangles on a sheet of paper in comparison to large numbers of her peers diagnosing her is impossible. Still from a simple comparison to Scootaloo and Apple Bloom she is on the low end of the curve, and it doesn't appear to be due to raw intelligence.
      • An episode showed the CMC bouncing a beachball back and forth and laughing. Initially it seems like they're laughing for no reason, but having read this entry, we can now see that it was a heartwarming moment of Sweetie Belle triumphantly doing something she didn't know she was capable of doing.
    • Going by "Sisterhooves Social", Sweetie Belle doesn't seem to have below average physical abilities as much as she is surrounded by above average athletes. Additionally, Rarity is a serious perfectionist, which just draws Sweetie Belle's occasionally clumsiness into sharper focus.

Sweetie Belle will fall in love with Spike and will Murder the Hypotenuse.
Because it would be hilarious.
  • I'd say otherwise if she plans to 'murder' her elder sister.
  • In the season two finale, Sweetie Belle dances with Spike. Should Rarity start watching her back?
    • Yes, yes she should.

Sweetie Belle's special talent is something godlike.
Celestia and Luna's cutie marks match their ability to control the sun and moon, which implies that doing those things are their special talents. Thus, there is precedent for ponies having such talents.
  • It's been heavily hinted at that Sweetie Belle's special talent is singing. Doesn't sound that godlike to me. (Unless you consider the Muses...)
    • Well, it could be singing or songwriting/poetry. Did you see how fast she came up with those lyrics?
    • Rarity is excellent designing dresses, but her talent is to find gems. Just because she can sing doesn't mean that is her special talent. Then again, it is implied that for most unicorns their talent in magic is only tangentially related to their cutie-mark talent.
      • Actually, if you pay close attention, Rarity's special talent isn't finding gems, it's applying them to clothing. She doesn't get her cutie mark when she finds the gemstones, she gets it after the gemstones are on the clothing and she's watching the crowd react to her job well done (which may in turn be her special talent- seeing those clothes she makes using gemstones on stage). Her cutie mark manifests as gemstones because it's not clothing that is her talent, it's using gemstones.
      • No, it's finding gems, but it's a specific kind: her talent is finding gems for fashion, as opposed to for selling them or for putting in formal jewellery (such as wedding rings and special occasion bracelets and pendants, not things like tiaras). Note that twice in her flashback she refers to finding the rock as her destiny, and cutie marks are stated to be destiny several times in the series. Ergo, finding gems is her talent. Rarity also notes that her unicorn magic had to do with her love of fashion, so that means finding gems for the express purpose of fashion is her talent.
      • Rarity seems a great case study for this. Her talent isn't dressmaking, because although she enjoys it, she didn't feel like she was good enough at it. It isn't really finding gems either, because she has an aptitude for it, but she doesn't enjoy it. She's probably the only pony we've seen that doesn't have a transparent connection of their desires/skills to their cutie mark. It might be better to say her talent is...finding diamonds in the rough. And I don't mean literally finding diamonds in the rough, that's what Discord manipulated, but rather, taking something that's okay, or good enough, or not ready or usable, and making it shine, whether it's a simple dress, a dumb old rock, a damaged tree, a greedy dragon or a jaded seamstress. Sweetie Belle is kinda similar in a way. The things she likes doing aren't the same things that she's good at. She's a singer, but she doesn't want to be a performer. She wants to be a designer, like her sister, but she's not particularly good at it. Her cutie mark may end up being more...magic music than singer/songwriter music.
  • Jossed, unless one considers helping others find their special talents to be godlike.

Sweetie Belle's special talent is destruction.
Burning juice and reducing toast to a grey liquid goes beyond Lethal Chef into Epic Fail territory. She has a knack for creating Disaster Dominoes in both "Sisterhooves Social" and "The Stare Master", so maybe destroying stuff is her special talent, leading to her producing disintegration beams from her horn or something. This would form an interesting contrast with her sister's creative talents, and set up for a nice Bad Powers, Good Ponies situation.
  • Scootaloo ponders 'Cutie Mark Crusader Demolitions' in 'The Cutie Pox'. And how cool would a wrecking ball cutie mark be? A more fun contrast: Rarity, the dressmaker extraordinaire. Her sister Sweetie Belle, with a wonderful voice ... operating heavy equipment at a construction site.
  • Jossed.

Sweetie Belle will get her singing Cutie Mark once she gets over stage fright.
S.B.'s cutie mark will have something to do with music, but she won't get it until she lets go of her stage fright.
  • Confirmed/Jossed — her Cutie Mark does have a music note on it, but her getting it had nothing to do with stage fright.

Sweetie Belle's stage fright will be used for a different sort of lesson about patience.
Suspecting that her talent might lie in singing, her friends will attempt to force her into confronting and conquering her stage fright. This instead results in a tear-jerking Break the Cutie moment to illustrate the importance of being careful, as her friends' good intentions wind up unintentionally hurting her. (Obviously, she will not get her cutie mark from this incident, in order to avoid breaking the aesop — if her talent does lie in singing, it will come on its own, when she's good and ready, as opposed to being drawn out when she's forced into the spotlight.)

Sweetie Belle will attempt the "Want It, Need It" spell at some point.
After all, it 'works every time', right? Surely that makes it perfect for practicing her magic!

This'll be used for a dual aesop: Sweetie Belle learns not to dabble in magic she doesn't understand, and Twilight learns to be more careful about the type of example she sets.

  • The whole thing could be sparked off by Sweetie wanting lessons from Twilight and/or Rarity, only to be disappointed that she's far from a perfect spellcaster. Hence the temptation of trying out a spell that's supposed to 'work every time'.

Sweetie Belle's talent is for Song Magic
It's clear her talent involves singing, and as a unicorn she can use magic. Therefore her Cutie Mark is going to be a Installer Port.
  • Oh Celestia she's going to be a siren.
Sweetie Belle will develop an accent.
Because the rest of her family has an out of place accent.

Sweetie Belle's cutie mark will be...
...a bell, symbolizing her singing voice.
  • Jossed, although her Cutie Mark does symbolize her singing voice in the form of a musical note.

Sweetie Belle is a young changeling.
In "One Bad Apple", we see her shoot green sparks from her horn in excitement. She could be the stereotyped changeling-fleeing-from-her-own-kind, or perhaps changeling reproduction is more like RL mythology changelings, where they replace actual children when they are infants (and in the MLP world, join the Hive upon reaching adulthood). Growing up in a foster family provides all the love a growing emotion-feeder needs...
  • Unicorn magic, stated by Lauren Faust, depends on their eyecolor. Sweetie Belle's eye color is green, so that's why her magic color will be green.
    • Wait, what about all the unicorn's with magic that doesn't match their eye color?
    • Word of Faust doesn't really apply anymore since she left the show. Besides, Celestia, Twilight, Shining Armor, and Trixie all have magic that doesn't match their eye colour, and in all but Twilight's case, don't match their bodies at all. Rarity's matches only by virtue of being blue, as her eyes and her magic are entirely different shades; it actually matches her cutie mark. Only Luna and Lyra have magic the same colour as their eyes. With Trixie, it's hard to say how magic colour is picked, as Trixie's magic is pale pink, but she's a blue unicorn with a blue mane, a blue cutie mark, and purple eyes.
    • Then the Flim Flam Brothers are also Changelings?

Sweetie Belle will get her cutie mark first—and then in the following episode be Put on a Bus... she goes to Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. At the end, Dinky, Firelock, or Bloo will join the club (and possibly so will Rumble, Shady Daze, and an as-yet-markless unicorn colt).
  • Jossed. The Cutie Mark Crusaders got their Cutie Marks at the same time.

Sweetie Belle's special talent is using King Sombra's dark magic.
Just because.
  • Jossed.

Sweetie Belle's cutie mark is destined to be..., like her magic aura. Think about it: Rarity, Twilight, Celestia, Shining Armor, and Cadance all have magic that matches the color of their cutie marks. There may be more, but these are the ones I know for sure. This isn't really a wild mass guess, though, if it's canon that cutie marks match magic auras, but I haven't heard it confirmed. I don't think a green bell would look good on her flank.
  • Trixie's Cutie Mark is blue but her aura is purple/pink while Sparkler's CM is blue/white with her aura being pink. I think the eye color is probably a better indicator of aura color, but it's not a hard and fast rule.
  • Jossed.

Sweetie Belle has Anger issues
Her fights with Rarity in 'Sisterhooves Social' and 'For Whom the Sweetie Belle Tolls' combined with the revenge fantasy scene in 'Twilight Time' leave this troper with the impression that Sweetie might benefit from some sort of professional help before she develops her magic enough to actually hurt somepony.
  • These sound to this troper to be more like sisterly squabbles. Nasty, sure, but not necessarily unusual. Add in the magical ability being the norm among unicorns, and Sweetie's just a little girl who doesn't always get along with her sister. Rarity frequently comes across as successful and confident while Sweetie has her own self-esteem issues. Sweetie's bound to lash out some times, especially when Rarity has her own life and work, and doesn't always have time for her school-age sister. No cause for serious concern, I think. Mostly just sisters being sisters.

    Cutie Mark Crusaders 

The Cutie Mark Crusaders are not who they appear to be. They are really...

From the distant future. Their names are actually Apple Blossom, Melody and Firefly and they are the children of their respective 'sisters'.

The Crusaders have gone back in time to help prevent a war in the future. The ruling Princess of the time (Luna, Twilight, whoever because Celestia has passed in the war) will have sent them back in time and have placed their future mothers and everyone else under strong memory spells so everyone will believe that these three fillies have always existed and are the younger sisters of the mares who in reality will be giving birth to them in several years.

Apple Blossom: Apple Blossom, under the name Apple Bloom, is the daughter of Applejack and Caramel, assuming whatever blood-relation they may have is distant enough to not be considered insist. Caramel was killed in the war before the she was born. Apple Blossom was born alarmingly early along with a twin brother who was the spitting image of their father. He was stillborn and Apple Blossom barley survived. Applejack cherished her daughter enough to send her back in time to a safer place. This might account for the lack of parents seen.

Melody: Melody, under the name Sweetie Belle, is the daughter of Rarity and Fancy Pants. The pair had difficulty coming to terms with their romantic feelings due to the massive age gap, but eventually got together and had a single foal. Rarity knew that Melody was smart for her age and sent her back with Apple Blossom and Firefly because she would be of great help. This might account for Sweetie's being a white unicorn like Rarity when she also has a pink coated 'mother' and a (possibly) earth pony 'father'.

Firefly: Firefly, under the name Scootaloo, is the youngest foal of Rainbow Dash and Saorin. Firefly has at least two older siblings, likely all male which would explain her aversion to anything girly. She was the victim of fierce bullying because of her inability to fly and so Rainbow sent her back with the others to get her away from the bullies and possibly build up her confidence, which was dangerously low by that point. Something went wrong with the memory spell where Firefly was concerned so while her friends got to play the roles of their own aunts who never really existed to begin with, everyone is aware that Rainbow Dash has no sister and the filly has instead taken up the role of admirer. This also gives a genuine reason for her drive to be close to Rainbow; she just misses her mommy. This might account for the apparent lack of family or any home-life at all.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders are actually behind the series villains.
  • The three are actually a Terrible Trio who masquerade innocent fillies and are responsible for Equestria's mishaps. The Magnificent Bitches' motives are to live in a world where they'll be the only ones with Cutie Marks while the rest remain as Blank Flanks. Their Early-Bird Cameo is really testing on how their minion Nightmare Moon would fare. Then, they've freed Discord on purpose, hoping that he won't fail them. Finally, they've pose as Flower Fillies to lure their third minion Queen Chrysalis to control take over Equestria.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders will eventually get their cutie marks...
  • ...and they will be Twice as Fancy!
    • Confirmed. The trio finally got their Cutie Marks in Crusaders of the Lost Mark.

So what will the Cutie Mark Crusaders' talents be?
  • Apple Bloom: Will turn out to have a Green Thumb and really enjoy gardening.
    • On the other hand, every time she shows up, she has a stealth sequence. Ends up as the rogue of their adventuring party.
    • As of Show Stoppers, Bloom seems to be developing into the fix-it pony with a side of Team Mom. She practically rebuilt, repainted, and cleaned out the clubhouse all by herself and seemed perfectly cheerful doing it.
    • A jar of Zap Apple jam.
    • As of "Bloom and Gloom" it seems she would like to have a potion brewing Cutie Mark. She also showed aptitude for potion making in "The Cutie Pox".
      • In her dream it looked like an apple blossom coming out of a potion flask.
  • Scootaloo: A racer. May end up idolizing Rainbow Dash.
    • Could also be doing tricks on her scooter. She'd be the pony equivalent of a BMX rider.
  • Sweetie Belle: A mediator who may discover her talent when faced with the Cutie Mark Crusaders potentially breaking up when one of her friends gets her mark before the other two, prompting jealousy from the other.
    • She has a knack for singing. Bard, for sure, probably also the face and team leader because of her calm demeanor.
    • All Jossed. Their collective talent is helping other ponies find and understand their Cutie Marks.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders will find their talents by giving up.
  • The three of them, after an especially dangerous wacky scheme to get their marks, will finally give up. After splitting up to return to their homes, they'll each come across a seperate mopey blank flank- one of which is probably Pipsqueak. They'll try to help them find their talents, ending up crossing paths with each other without noticing (for transition's sake) and they'll gain their cutiemarks at the same time - magnifying glasses.
  • Applebloom's will be pink and have an apple in it, Sweetie Belle's will be blue and with something edible like candy or a muffin, and Scootaloo's will be green with a butterfly.
  • She'll of course be rather annoyed at it before realizing how cool it is to be able to transform from a crawler to a flier. This also ties into the Fluttershy being her older sister theory. This will ALSO make them never stop being the Cutie Mark Crusaders- they'd just find OTHER ponies' talents instead of their own!
  • Confirmed. The Cutie Mark Crusaders finally get their Cutie Marks when, after realizing how good they are at helping other ponies understand the meaning of their Cutie Marks, the trio decided that, rather than trying to look for their own unique talents, they'd instead help other ponies with their Cutie Mark problems.

The Cutie Mark Crusader's cutie marks will be (in order of appearance):
Sweetie Belle: A huge bell, almost covering her entire flank.
  • Ponyville doesn't currently have a town crier, but that doesn't mean it didn't at one time, nor that it won't in the future. She likes to sing, and she likes to sing LOUDLY! During the summer break she tries her hoof at making public announcements for the Mayor's office (and a few merchants) and finds her calling. Although she could just shout the news, singing it is more pleasant to passers-by, and allows her to keep it up longer without straining her vocal chords as badly.
Scootaloo: A wheel with wings sprouting from it.
  • Like Fluttershy, she never quite gets the hang of flying, but her hero worship of Rainbow Dash won't allow her to give up daring stunts nor "the need for speed". Not grounded, but also not able to rise above being just an average flyer, she will channel her attention to wheeled transportation. She'll become specialized to the point that other pegasus who try to duplicate her stunts will find it's much harder than it looks.
    • Keep in mind that Scootaloo has a G3 Cutie Mark we can compare it tonote ; I would be shocked if it wasn't at least SOMEWHAT similar to that... note 
    • A wheel with wings sprouting from it? She'll move to Whinnianapolis, Whinniana, perhaps. Or.. another wheel with wings sprouting from it? This time moving to Detrot, Marechigan..
Apple Bloom: An exploding apple.
  • Her friends won't abandon her after they get their cutie marks, but despite their help she'll still be a late bloomer. Although she will become well known about Ponyville as a craftspony and the go-to for repairs, her moment of realization will finally come when an attack by Diamond Dogs, buffalo, or another large group has to be repelled with stink bombs or smoke bombs that she makes herself. The experience will earn her the nickname Apple BOOM, which she will like much more than Rainbow Dash likes hers.
    • Alternatively, a stitch-work apple, after she discovers how good she is at making quilts (and then proceeds to go overboard by making a quilt that covers all of Ponyville)
    • Or an Apple nailed to a plank of wood after she rebuilds the barn all by herself after the Crusaders managed to burn it to the ground by accident.
  • Or, in a moment of Irony, she will be OVERJOYED when she gets a hammer on her flank. Perhaps with a minor name-change/nickname of Applewood.
    • How about half an apple with a hammer over it? Everypony in the Apple Clan has an apple related mark, so why not Applebloom?
  • all three is Jossed by Crusaders of the Lost Mark

The Cutie Mark Crusaders will become literal crusaders.
That is to say, they'll get Templar crosses as their Cutie Marks and then depart to the Holy Land to convert all the infidels to the Faith of Celestia.
  • Rather than templar crosses, Apple Bloom will have a red templar cross, Scootaloo will have a white Maltese cross reminiscent of the battle dress of the Knight Hospitaller, and Sweetie Belle will have a black cross like the Teutonic order.
    • Consider the following: Apple Bloom has befriended Zecora. Now why did Zecora leave her homeland (Hoofrica? Maneagascar? Senegallop?) and settle in the Everfree Forest? Zecora's cutie mark is a stylized sun, because she is a worshiper of Princess Celestia (Celestite? Celestian?), but she fled her homeland because some sort of heresy has become dominant there, and Celestians are now persecuted. When Apple Bloom learns of Zecora's backstory, she'll be inspired to lead a crusade to protect oppressed Celestians.

The reason for the Cutie Mark Crusaders' supposed Aesop Amnesia.
Rainbow Dash has shown that she does not realize that a cutie mark is earned when a pony discovers who they are just like the Crusaders. And Scootaloo idolizes Rainbow, so she won't get it either and as the de facto leader of the CMC, Scootaloo needs to realize this in order for Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom to as well. also the Aesop the Crusaders learned in "Call of the Cutie" doesn't change the fact that they still desire cutie marks.
  • I think Sweetie Belle realizes it, Apple Bloom is catching on, and Scootaloo is ignorant. However, they're not going to say anything until all three catch on.

More Cutie Mark Crusader Cutie-mark Teasing, GO!
When helping to organize Twist's Cuteceneara, the Cutie Mark Crusaders wind up demonstrating an additional skill on top of their current ones, teasing further at their cutie marks:
  • Applebloom gives baking a second shot, approaching it in the way she'd solve practical problems like fixing up the treehouse, and succeeds, demonstrating her gift for adaptability.
  • Scootaloo get the job of fetching party supplies and delivering invitations - we already knows she's perfect for the job with her mad scooter skills, but this task also relies on her memory.
  • And Sweetie Belle, still worried about singing in public, is eased into the spotlight as she plays emcee for the cuteceneara. It helps that someone tells her beforehand that being sister to Rarity, a minor celebrony after the events of "Suited for Success", lends her a lot of credibility on the stage - which was intended to have a Magic Feather effect.
    • Who would teach her how to use the equipment? Maybe a certain different white unicorn with musical talents. One who already has a large fanbase but hasn't had a line yet.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders are a Shout-Out to The Powerpuff Girls.
Applebloom is the leader and has a bow in her hair. Scootaloo is the tomboy, and Sweetie Belle is the nice one. Lauren Faust did work on PPG, and her husband created it! Wouldn't surprise me.
  • It gets better Cutie Mark Crusaders are CMC... CMC as in Craig McCracken.
  • There are plenty of fanart in DeviantArt supporting this theory.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders will all get their cutie marks together.
Just like the members of the mane cast got their cutie marks at (around) the same time, the Crusaders will do something to trigger or have some event trigger the appearances of all of their cutie marks. For example, imagine if they had all done the "right" tasks for their talent show performance and gotten the marks afterwards.
  • Maybe Scootaloo will try to copy Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom in order to make something like this happen…
    • And perhaps while on a SCOOTER!
  • :Confirmed. The trio ended up up getting their Cutie Mark together, with the event triggering it being their change of focus from trying to look for their own special talents to helping others with their Cutie Mark problems.

Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle's Cutie Marks will be tweaked versions of their G3 ones.
Ponies typically keep their general Cutie Mark design throughout the gens.
  • Jossed.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders will get cutie marks when…
Scootaloo does a Sonic Rainboom on her scooter.
  • Okay. Now that's just EPIC!!!!!!
  • Jossed

At least one of the Cutie Mark Crusaders will obtain her mark accidentally.
As in she won't obtain it while trying out random things to 'force' her talent out, but simply while doing something she likes and enjoys. The way Twist earned her mark without intending to in "Call of the Cutie" was Foreshadowing. This will naturally cause tension with her friends, as she won't be able to explain to them how she got it in a way they can easily mimic, making them think she's holding out on them.
  • It will probably be Apple Bloom or Sweetie Belle, since they're generally more relaxed and open than Scootaloo, who is ALWAYS trying to force her cutie mark. Most likely, Apple Bloom, since it's implied Sweetie Belle will get hers when she sings in front of a crowd. Apple Bloom's talent seems to lay in construction or repair. She'll probably be helping out AJ or Big Mac when she gets hers, presumably when she can't go crusading with Sweetie or Scootaloo. Sweetie will take it a lot better than Scootaloo, who will… given her personality, fling into full jealous brat mode and un-friend Apple Bloom/mock her hammer and nails Cutie Mark.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders will get their marks at the same time… and won't notice at the time.
They will be so busy plotting their next plan that they completely fail to notice the marks' appearances. The mane cast will see, but decide to sit back and wait to see how long it takes.
  • It could be a similar event to the Sonic Rainboom, but much smaller and seemingly less impressive.
  • Confirmed. The CMC get their cutie marks at the same time, but they don't notice until Diamond Tiara says how amazing they are.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders will become Discord's Quirky Miniboss Squad.
Their fighting caused him to break free, or his breaking free caused them to fight, I don't know but to "thank" them, he'll magically age them up and cause them to go Brainwashed and Crazy.
  • Discord is sealed up now and this hasn't happened. Unless Discord comes back, it seems that this is Jossed.

One of the CMC will gain her cutie mark, and it will severely strain her friendship with the others.
There are good reasons for any of them to be the likely first, but this plot is downright inevitable.
  • The most unlikely to get her first is Scootaloo, since that will cause the biggest strain. or, if she IS first, she'll be very braggy about it and ditch her friends only to learn that hanging out with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon isn't that great and be the moral of the episode.
    • I was thinking the same, only with Applebloom being the deserter. Her friendship with Twist wasn't very genuine and she's clearly the one who puts the most importance on how her peers view her.
  • Given the amount of singing Sweetie's been doing, if her talent's related to that at all, she seems the most likely to get hers first.
    • Jossed by none of them being upset when Babs gets her Cutie Mark first, and again when they all get their Cutie Marks at the same time.

The CMC have already found their Special Talent.
Their collective Special Talent is searching for their Special Talents!The reason their cutie marks haven't shown up yet is, seriously, what would that even look like?
  • An Ouroboros
  • A blank flank
    • Interesting theory, though how would it work? It's like an oxymoron. Once they realize they have cutie marks for trying to find their cutie mark, they will no longer have to spend time looking for their cutie mark since they already have one. At that point, it would defeat the purpose of a cutie mark: to show what a pony is going to do for the rest of its life.
    • Turns out their special talent is helping other ponies figure out theor special talents, so this wasn't actually too far off the mark.

The CMC aren't as fussed about finding their special talents as it seems to the Mane Cast, they just get really fired up at the start of each new project.
Rather than persistent Aesop Amnesia, the three realize that looking for their Cutie Marks means they can goof around trying all kinds of crazy things to see what they're good at; they seem so hellbent on fleshing out their talents because they're all energetic young fillies that get excited over each new thing they try. When one or all of them gets their cutie mark, they'll probably continue behaving exactly the same way because it was doing all those random fun activities together that they bonded over, not their blank flanks.

Pipsqueak will become the fourth Cutie Mark Crusader.
He's a blank flank just like the three. It's plausible that he'll be the first boy to join the group.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders' Special Talent really is Comedy.
Most CMC episodes (especially The Show Stoppers) are comedy episodes. So yes, their special talent really is Comedy. They make us, the viewers, laugh.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders will get more members, and will eventually become an organization.
Members who get their mark will receive the honor title "Templar" and will serve as guides and advisors for younger members.
  • Except for the "Templar" part, confirmed.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders will get a "falling out" episode or similar.
It seems that every mane character has had a breakdown episode, so why not pass it on to the kids as well? It would make more sense that the Crusaders have some sort of mass falling out, since it would affect all three. Not really sure how this would come about, but would make for an interesting storyline.
  • Maybe after one of them gains a cutie mark? Or there could be jealousy over one of the trio making a new friend, or even getting In with the In Crowd somehow...

The CMC will have a redo of the theme song performance.
Except this time, it will be at a much bigger event than a talent show (can't think of any ideas for this event). And this time, they will actually manage what they are good at (A.B. designing the set, Scootaloo doing the choreography, S.B. being the lead singer). Of course, a huge portion of the episode will center around S.B. trying/being pushed to overcome her stage fright.

Each of the Cutie Mark Crusaders will have an episode where they spend more time with the other Crusaders' Cool Big Sis/Personal Hero.
Apple Bloom already had her training under Rainbow Dash in "Call of the Cutie", and Sweetie Belle obviously came to admire Applejack during "Sisterhooves Social". This theme will be continued with Apple Bloom spending time with Rarity, Sweetie Belle hanging out with Rainbow Dash, and Scootaloo getting scenes with Applejack and Rarity. Possiblities include:
  • Apple Bloom and Rarity: Apple Bloom proves more useful around the boutique than Sweetie Belle. See also the "Apple Bloom will work with Rarity" WMG above. Would likely include Call Backs to "Sisterhooves Social".
  • Sweetie Belle and Rainbow Dash: Worried about not being able to keep up with her friends' misadventures, Sweetie turns to Dash for advice and help, since her sister's busy with work. Could spark off jealousy from both Scoots and Rarity as they get closer.
  • Scootaloo and Applejack: Scootaloo sees how she competes with Rainbow Dash and tries to kickstart a rivalry with her as well. Bonus points if this includes the little pegasus baiting her by calling her chicken.
  • Scootaloo and Rarity: Scootaloo's scorn for all things "too girly" leads her to dismiss Rarity, upsetting Sweetie Belle in the process. (This could also be combined with her insulting Applejack for not being as cool as Dash, straining her relationship with both her friends and leading into an episode dealing with her hidden jealousy over their sisterly bonds.)

The Cutie Mark Crusaders will attempt to focus on cutie marks one Crusader at a time.
Eventually the Crusaders will pick up on the fact that cutie marks are very individual and, thus, decide that the best strategy is to focus on one Cutie Mark Crusader at a time. The end result will be that one Crusader being put through more abuse than they do when they work as a group.

The CMC will get their cutie marks all at once...
...but not until they find three more members. Bonus points if Pipsqueak is a member. Then some big event like a season finale or season premiere they'll show their stuff and get their cutie marks.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Maybe their special talent is finding new members for the Crusaders.

If the Cutie Mark Crusaders ever get any of the Elements, they won't have the same ones as their older sisters/role model.
After all, they're completely different characters; why would they get the exact same Elements?
  • This could even provoke some jealousy if they manage to get one of the 'wrong' elements to react, like Apple Bloom or Sweetie Belle proving their Loyalty.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders will try borrowing the Elements of their siblings/role models in hopes of earning their marks that way.
They do so fully intending to return them before they're missed; naturally, however, things don't work out that way. They also can't get the Elements to work properly for them — especially Apple Bloom with the Element of Honesty, as she gets caught up in a Snowball Lie trying to keep what they've done from Applejack.

Celestia, of course, will be aware of what happened from the start and secretly observing/permitting it to see if they are capable of using the Elements at all, as well in hopes of their learning how to embrace their unique talents.

One of the Cutie Mark Crusaders will actually be upset when she gets her cutie mark.
She'll be reluctantly trying something with the others, only to find she actually really enjoys it... but when she realizes she got her mark for it, it causes her to Freak Out due to not fully understanding that a cutie mark doesn't completely define who she is, and that she's the one who gives it meaning.
  • This actually sounds like a great episode with a good moral. It even sounds like something from a friendship report.
  • Probably Apple Bloom. She hides her mark so as to not become the next Peppermint Twist.

The Cute Mark Crusaders WILL get their Cutie Marks. But it will cause a So What Do We Do Now? moment.
Until one of the main ponies gives them the idea to help OTHER ponies without a Cutie Mark.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders will give a What the Hell, Hero? speech to the mane cast.
Let's just say the girls objected to something that the Mane Cast did something hypocritically that completely contradicts the Elements of Harmony. Perhaps they'll call them out for not allowing a mule in?

At least one of the CMC will discover a talent/calling that will surprise the Mane Cast as well.
Twilight and the others likely have their own guesses about what talents each of the Crusaders have, and are just waiting for them to figure it out on their own, expecting to deliever An Aesop about listening to the advice of those Older and Wiser than you. However, to their shock, one of the Crusaders actually will discover her calling and have it turn out completely different from what the older ponies expected, teaching them a lesson about not making assumptions or presuming to know somebody better than they know themselves.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders will get their marks in three consecutive episodes.
The first episode opens in Zap Apple season, with Apple Bloom getting a Zap Apple jam cutie mark just before the opening titles. The next episode, Granny Smith passes away in her sleep and Sweetie Belle gets her cutie mark singing at the funeral. Scootaloo gets hers in the third, the what-do-we-do-now episode.
  • Jossed. The Cutie Mark Crusaders all got their marks in the same episode.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders will have a fourth dark colored member join and then they will all get their Cutie Marks.
  • First, Sweetie Belle will get a crown Cutie Mark to represent the fact that she is a born leader
  • Next, Scootaloo will get a sword Cutie Mark for her ability at fighting
  • The dark pony will then get scales to show that they are fair in their judgment.
  • Finally, Apple Bloom will get her Cutie Mark which will be a scythe to show her ability at harvesting things.
    • Well, Babs Seed look pretty dark, so…partially confirmed?

Sometime after the show ends, at least one of the CMC will be murdered.
Somepony will never forgive Gabby Gums.

The CMC will bond with the opposite of their sisters in the Mane 6.
  • Sweetie Belle will ask Rarity for help with Magic lessons, only to find Twilight is better suited to teach her, and bond over that.
  • Scootaloo will ask Rainbow Dash for flying like her, only to learn is way too soon too fast, and be more comfortable with Fluttershy.
    • Scootaloo's not related to Rainbow Dash, she just idolizes her.
      • OP here, I know, I just didn't want to make the title too long
  • Apple Bloom will enjoy more baking with Pinkie Pie

Each of the Cutie Mark Crusaders will get pets of their own.
Right now it seems that most of the important characters (The mane six, Spike and Celestia) all have pets. Which leaves the CMC out. So what sort of pets would be good for each of the three fillies?
  • It is extremely easy to imagine Applebloom with a pet pig. She already has pigs on her farm, so it would be highly likely that a runt could be born among them. This could prompt Applebloom to take care of it and adopt it.
  • Sweetie Belle would seem like the type to own a small dog. Different from Winona in that it's a Mister Muffykins. Although I'm not sure if it would be a Pekingese, Poodle, Pomeranian or a Pug though... Extra cute and extra yappy.
  • Scootaloo's chosen pet... It'll be a baby chick. Mostly to go along with the "Scootachicken" meme. Or something different and have a duckling.
    • Or it will be the falcon from May the Best Pet Win!.

The CMC's hinted talents are red herrings.
They're things they're good at, but not things they like to do. Sweetie Belle likes singing and is good at it but hates singing with an audience, Apple Bloom is good at building things but she doesn't really seem to have a passion for it, and riding a scooter well is what Scootaloo does, but it's not who she is.

There are character reasons why the Cutie Mark Crusaders can't find their special talents.
Apple Bloom's talent is carpentry, however after we heard her friends diss carpentry in Stare Master, we can almost infer that it's considered a lame cutie mark to have. Considering the entire reason AB wants a cutie mark is so other ponies wouldn't judge her, she would intentionally avoid a lame cutie mark for this very reason.

Sweetie Belle's talent is singing. However, she'll refuse to pursue it because she's too bashful to sing in front of crowd.

Scootaloo's talent involves her scooter. However, if Lauren Faust's interpretation of her inability to fly being due to a disability becomes canon, that would mean her very talent involves the symbol of her disability. It's like being unable to walk and gaining a cutie mark in riding wheelchairs.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders will end up saving the day in one of the adventure stories.
Well, they let Spike have a turn, so why not?

The "Cutie Mark Crusaders" will one day become a legitimate support group.
When the CMC and Babs Seed are adults, one or more of them will fully develop the "Cutie Mark Crusaders" into a serious support group for fillies and colts who are late bloomers with their Cutie Marks. Things like Hobby Days to give kids different things to try in pursuit of a Mark, or counseling if they're being bullied. They could even help kids with the opposite problem, bullied or singled out because their Cutie Marks came first.

The Crusaders will get some sort of joint cutie mark.

Sorta like how Flim and Flam have cutie marks that are practically made to go together, the Crusaders' friendship will be a vital element in whatever it is they're meant to do in life.

  • Confirmed. The CMC's Cutie Marks have the theme of a "badge" design that's the color of their manes, with a pair of symbols representing each Cutie Mark Crusader's respective traits appearing inside of their respective "badge".

Not in the show, anyway. They can't, because their purpose IS to try to find their Cutie Marks. If they got their cutie marks, they'd no longer be the CMC and thus, have less purpose in the show. However, as it stands, their episodes are growing far and few between (As of this writing, post-Pinkie Apple Pie, there has been only one CMC episode in S4, and it sounds like only one of the currently revealed episodes could be a CMC episode, based on what is known about the rest of the named episodes which as of this writing, which is up to "It Ain't Easy Being Breezies". The episode that probably most fits as a CMC episode is "Filli Vanilli", as the other episodes all appear to be Mane 6 episodes (either by title alone or by what little is known). It's obviously getting hard to think of things for the CMC to do to earn their cutie marks (something that hasn't really been a core part of their episodes since "Ponyville Confidential"). The problem with them not getting their cutie marks, though, is it's really hard to tell kids to embrace who they are, if the ones who are supposed to be doing the embracing never actually do so, either. They will come very, very close (see the theory on "Filli Vanilli"'s plot for an example), but never actually get them, because Status Quo Is God.
  • Jossed. They finally get their marks in Crusaders of the lost mark.

Apple Bloom and Babs Seed will get dream visits from Princess Luna in future episodes.
Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle have.
  • Confirmed for Apple Bloom. S5's Bloom and Gloom is about exactly this.

The CMC will continue after the fillies get their cutie marks
Just not with its original purpose of helping the three get their cutie marks, they will instead branch out into helping others in getting and understanding their cutie marks. The lessons that other characters have tried to get through to them appear to be the standard ones about 'growing up' that any filly or colt is expected to learn at some point.

But these girls, who have put so much effort into their search, will take these lessons to heart. And when they get their marks, they will take their 'crusade' further than before (within reason, they are still kids), teaching others about cutie marks and what they can mean to the pony who has them. To some extent, the CMC have been a parallel group to the Mane Six, and now the older ponies have received a quest of their own, it makes sense that the younger three find a new and somewhat-similar purpose; to teach people about the magic of...cutie marks.

  • Confirmed! Their true special talents were to help others either discover their own talents or remember what their cutie marks actually meant.

The two Manehatan Cutie Mark Crusaders will join the Ponyville Cutie Mark Crusaders

"Bloom and Gloom" mentions that they are currently without leadership and, if she followed Applebloom's example, the Manehatan Cutie Mark Crusaders club was housed in her house.

In her next apparition, Babs will have shaved the fur that forms her cutie mark

Well, her cutie mark is a pair of scissors, and is specifically hair-related. Beyond this, the theme of the episode that introduced it is insecurity about cutie marks, and Applebloom removed hers in her nightmares more than once. And as "Ponyville Confidential" shows, cutie marks are formed only of fur.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders are going to return to their "list of possible cutie marks"

Their modus operandi until now was basically to do a different thing every day - and in "The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows", they already showed signs of boredom - and nothing prevents them from doing a different thing every day for fun, instead of to gain cutie marks.

each of the Cutie Mark Crusaders will have a post-cutie mark episode that adresses the same fears as their Princess Luna episodes

Applebloom already had one.

The Cutie Marks of the Cutie Mark Crusaders do not symbolize what they think.

It is really weird that they have the talent of helping others gain their cutie marks if they had not guessed correctly their cutie marks in more than three seasons (in-universe, more than an year).

The Cutie Mark Crusaders (and the other foals their age) are the equivalent of middle or high schoolers by the later seasons, rather than elementary school kids.

It’s a common assumption that getting a Cutie Mark is more-or-less equivalent (or at least a parallel) to the onset of puberty, at least from a cultural point of view (in that, at least, it's a mostly physical change that marks the shift from being a child to starting to become your own adult), with the Crusaders being “late bloomers” who got theirs a bit later than usual. Combined with this is the fact that, as shown in “The Fault in Our Cutie Marks”, the Crusaders seem to have a lot of freedom in running their Cutie Mark counseling group, implying that they’re considered mature and competent enough to run their own organization outside of school and to do it well enough to be worth listening to. Finally, the same episode shows that their class is in the process of learning pre-calculus, something not generally taught before at least middle school age or so. All in all, this points to them having aged at least a bit since their first appearance — if they were (the pony equivalent of?) nine or ten or so in their debut, they’re probably closer to thirteen or fourteen by now, call it fifteen at the highest.

     The Apple Clan 
Eventually someone in the Apple family will fall in love with a pony from a family that grows oranges.
Just because the romance would be incomparable.
  • Not sure if this makes this theory Jossed or confirmed, but we now know that Applejack has an Aunt and Uncle Orange.
  • Well it turns out their mother was a Pear, so inter-fruit relationships confirmed?

"Granny" Smith is actually the Apple Family's godmother.
A Godparent is any relative that has entered in an agreement to adopt the children of a family member in the event the children become orphaned. In Cutie Mark Chronicles, even as children, Applejack and her brother are living with Smith, and Applebloom couldn't have been born yet.It could be very possible that Applejack, Big Macintosh, and Applebloom are all from different parents, and may not even be related by blood. Fortunately, they are all Happily Adopted and do not consider blood relation making a bit of difference in who they are to each other.

Granny Smith was her generations's version of Pinkie Pie.

Every generation has its version of Pinkie Pie. EVERY SINGLE ONE. They tend to manifest their 'crazy' in different ways and, every once in a while, the world throws an additional curveball by giving them a Male Pinkie Pie. Granny Smith was simply the Pinkie Pie of hers. Her crazy actions all have a purpose, and the ponies of her generation understood them in much the same way the other mane characters understand Pinkie Pie. However, because the current generation doesn't understand her, they just assume she's getting old and senile, rather than someone who knows exactly what she's doing.

Big Mac will eventually bake cupcakes with Pinkie
And like his sister's they will be BAD.
  • How bad will they be?
    • Bad enough to free Discord, give Nightmare Moon her own body, and kill Celestia.
  • IIRC, Applejack's "baked bads" were because of fatigue.
  • Alternatively, they will be scrumptious. Two reasons why this would be: one, it would be funny, and two, it'd strengthen his position as The Smart Guy of the Apple Family.
  • Just to be clear: Are we talking about making cupcakes with Pinkie Pie, or making Cupcakes with Pinkie Pie?
    • Maybe Pinkie and Big Mac eventually discover that they share a hobby?
      • I just had an idea for a fanfic involving Pinkie Pie being a pie-maker and Big Mac being a barber.
  • Wait... Are we talking about making cupcakes... Or cupcakes?
    • All of the above?

Granny Smith is Really 700 Years Old
She witnesses Luna's Face–Heel Turn and (possibly) was the user of the element of honesty when Celestia sealed her sister.
  • There might be something to this, if we can ever sort out the scrambled timeline. Twilight says in "Winter Wrap Up" that Ponyville has existed for hundreds of years, but "Family Appreciation Day" gives the impression that the town was founded only about three generations ago. If Twilight is right, then age and memory loss have turned Granny into something of an Unreliable Narrator.
    • We don't know how long a generation is in Pony years.
  • Alternatively, Granny Smith is an alicorn and Celestia and Luna's older sister. She was the first to become an alicorn by discovering certain types of Earth magic, like making apples stronger and healthier. She really did found Ponyville. She never wanted to be a princess and used magic to live as much of a normal life as possible, using an illusion spell to age properly and die when the time came, moving to another area when her current 'life' was over. She is Applejack's grandmother, but also a distant ancestor. Because of this, she is also Granny Pie, Pinkie Pie's grandmother, but no one knows except Granny herself. She will 'die' as Granny Smith when Celestia and Luna official retire so she can finally be with her sisters again. I love this theory. Granny Smith deserves this story.
    • All of the strange rituals she does with Zap Apples are magic. She's using alicorn-level Earth magic to create Zap Apples. The 'flashback' of her discovering them was true, except it happened much further back in time and caused her to ascend, becoming the first alicorn.

Big Macintosh will (somehow), at some point, suffer from Cutie Mark Failure Insanity Syndrome.
Mostly because this poster is curious and thinks it'd be funny if it happened.

Big Mac's name is really Big McIntosh
Big Mac is a member of the apple family. As such, it would seem likely that he would be named after an apple than a computer. There's no apple called a Macintosh, but there is one called a McIntosh or McIntosh Red. The fact that he's red would be more evidence for this.
  • They seem to have gone with "Macintosh" for some reason.
  • Possibly nothing more than "Well, 'McIntosh' just sounds too Scottish for this character". (Fan speculation about an actual "McIntosh" branch of the family existing somewhere in the setting is hereby cordially invited.)
  • Isn't McIntosh pronounced Mackintosh, like the coat, the computer, and the pony? That's how everyone I know has always pronounced it (or at least everyone I know who's said it in my presence). I thought it was obvious that he was named after the apple variety (with maybe a Stealth Pun toward a certain American fast-food chain's signature sandwich), but they just spelled it that way (the way it sounded).
  • Both spellings seems to be canon for different merchandising: Mcintosh Macintosh

Big Macintosh is a Retired Southern Fried Science Hero.
Not only is he one of the smartest and strongest ponies in the show, but he managed to pull off a Herd-Hitting Attack when covered by a Dog Pile of Doom. Am I the only one who thinks he's done this sort of thing before? He was probably Equestria's equivalent of Gordon Freeman (after all, they both barely talk) - who decided he was getting too old for this and settled down on the family farm.
  • Macintosh is the Equestrian equivalent of Nikola Tesla in an alternate Steampunk universe.
As for his field of study? I'm invoking Rule of Funny and guessing he was a computer scientist... Big Macintosh, anyone?
  • Did Big Macintosh ever display unusual intelligence?

Big Macintosh secretly collects dolls
Why else would he be the one to take Twilight's old doll?
  • He's a Brony!
    • Alternately, Big Mac keeps the doll because he had one like it as a colt and lost it, and deep down he's a sentimental guy. But it is definitely a reference to bronies and their inner desire for cuteness.
  • Because it smells like. . . . her.

Adding to that...

Big Macintosh was unaffected by the "Want it, Need it" spell.
Why was he fighting so hard for the doll, then? Because a stallion has needs.

Granny Smith is Applejack, Big Macintosh, and Apple Bloom's mother.
Every assumes that Granny Smith is their grandmother because her name is Granny Smith, and because she is visibly old and frail, but there is the problem that we've never seen the intervening generation, i.e., Applejack, Big Macintosh, and Apple Bloom's parents. But presumably, Granny Smith is called Granny Smith because that's her name: she's named for a variety of apple, as are many of the Apple clan, and presumably that was her name even when she was a filly. So it's possible that she is the mother, not the grandmother, to the Apple family; if so, it seems likely that she was widowed not very long after Apple Bloom was conceived. As to why she appears too old to be their mother, perhaps she foaled late in life, or perhaps she is simply prematurely aged. After all, running the farm is clearly demanding physical labor, as is raising three foals.
  • The strain of being an older pony while she was pregnant with Applebloom could have contributed to her hip problem.
  • Jossed now that we have seen their parents. Granny Smith is their father's mother.

The reason why the Apple Clan tend to be late bloomers...
Cutie marks are created by a pony discovering their special talent and knowing what they want to do with their life. Members of the Apple Clan have an obvious path set out before them from birth — but that doesn't mean they know whether or not they want to dedicate themselves to that as their life's work. That's why it generally takes so long; they're not sure yet if they want to follow the family's tradition. Apple Bloom's attempt failed because she was doing it for all the wrong reasons, having no real conviction behind her decision to help hawk apples beside earning her mark.
  • Might be kind of confirmed as of "Cutie Mark Chronicles"; Applejack tried living a "sophisticated" life in the city as a filly, realized it wasn't for her, and made up her mind that she did want to carry on the family tradition after all.

There will be a Trottingham branch of the Apples, with Bramley being one of them
We've established that Trottingham is in an area meant to be a Britain expy, and there are Apples everywhere, so combining the two makes sense. Bramley would be an ideal name, since it's a very British variety of apple (and several British towns). I imagine they would have the Lincolnshire/Yorkshire farmer accent (the closest British equivalent to Applejack's).

There will come a time where we'll learn to never mess with Granny Smith.
I've noticed that they've been giving her plenty of screentime, but most of those instances tend to make fun of her age. If there is one thing that the show is good at, it's showing character's Hidden Depths. At some point, her family will be in danger and Granny will have to lay down the law, or do something awesome. It will then be glorious.

There will be a "Fountain of Youth''-esque episode and it'll show Granny Smith when she was younger.
And she'll be beautiful in her youth.
  • There wasn't really a Fountain of Youth episode, but we do see Granny Smith when she was younger.

Big Macintosh is capable of using Haki or some other form of Ki Manipulation
Based solely off of his epic repulsion of that dogpile of ponies.

The Apple Family are all carriers of the Cutie Pox Syndrome in latent form.
And usually, it never develops, but does interfere with them getting their Cutie Marks, which is why they are all late bloomers. Applebloom accidentally activated the full blown pox.

Granny Smith was quite Badass in her time
  • I'd say that harvesting Zap Apples, dealing with dangerous bees and timberwolves and founding Ponyville in the process is as Badass as it gets, so Confirmed!

Granny Smith's name when she was younger is Annie Smith.
It sounds generic, I know, but think about it. It wouldn't make sense for a young filly to be called 'Granny', so it's likely she had a similar sounding name when she was young that became 'Granny' as she grew old. Plus, 'Annie' is a good Shout-Out to the novel Anne of Green Gables, which Granny Smith in her youth resembles with the twin pigtails.
  • Well, the "real" Granny Smith (ie. the apple) is named after a "Maria Ann Smith". So you may be onto something.

Granny Smith technically isn't part of the Apple family.
Granny Smith's story refers to her family (her parents and siblings) as "the Smith family", so she was a Smith when she was young. Filthy Rich addresses her as "Mrs Smith", which suggests that she didn't marry into the Apple family. Rather, her husband married into the Smith family and took the Smith name. They then had a son or daughter who married an Apple pony and became part of the Apple family, which is why Applejack, Big Macintosh and Apple Bloom are Apples rather than Smiths. It's not uncommon for people to refer to their two grandmothers and grandfathers by their last names to distinguish them (such as "Grandpa Jones and Grandpa Black"), so Applejack probably had a "Granny Smith" and a "Granny Apple" when she was young. She lives at Sweet Apple Acres and is the local Apple kids' only close relative, so she's considered part of the Apple family, but she isn't actually one by either blood or marriage.
  • Alternatively, her family became known for apples because of her Zap Apples, and Filthy Rich called her Mrs. Smith because Smith is her last name. Surnames don't seem to really exist in Equestria.
    • "The Perfect Pear" seems to joss this. Granny Smith was always an Apple.

Aunt and Uncle Orange are also Diamond Tiara's Aunt and Uncle.
Because of their surname, she isn't aware they're related to the Apple Clan. If she found out, she'd be mortified.
  • I don't see any proof to surport that.

Big Macintosh will be a Sixth Ranger
He's getting more and more screentime.
  • Well, he seems to trade on-and-off with Spike for The One Guy slot in season two. Maybe season three will see a full promotion.

There's a special business deal between Sweet Apple Acres and Sugarcube Corner.
The apple farm regularly supplies ingredients for the bakery, and in exchange Applejack is contractually obligated to advertise for them, which is why she calls everyone "sugarcube".

Sweet Apple Acres is actually quite profitable.
One might get the impression from "Ticket Master" and "Best Night Ever" that Sweet Apple Acres is a struggling farm, but actually it's quite profitable. It's just that Applejack and Big Macintosh plow almost all of their profits back into the business. They are constantly making capital improvements to the farm. In "Feeling Pinkie Keen," Applejack mentions having just installed a new apple cellar, and then in "Lesson Zero," Applejack is having Rainbow Dash demolish an old barn to clear space for a new one. Even in "Ticket Master," Applejack's highest priorities for the profits she dreams of making from the Gala are to repair a barn and to replace a plow.

The Apple family is actually very wealthy
Considering that they founded Ponyville (and probably Appleloosa too), prop up Diamond Tiara's family, and some of them are well-known Manehattan socialites, it seems obvious.
  • Though most of their bits are probably distributed across The Clan and tied up in their towns and farms. Mostly the disaster prone Sweet Apple Acres.
  • I'm skeptical about this, I think the Apple family (or at least the Ponyville branch) might be potentially rich, but they're held back by poor business sense. The Flim Flam brothers showcase how easily they can be goaded into bad business deals (they pretty much gave them their southern field for free, which the brothers were destroying in their competitiveness). And they take time off during the day to sell their cider and failing to meet demand when they could just hire someone to sell the stuff for them (or get Filthy Rich to do so like with the Zap apples) so they can concentrate on making more. And Applejack had prepared a large amount of food that pretty much went to waste because she didn't bother to check what kind of party the Grand Galloping Gala was, not realizing the clientele was pretty exclusive and the party itself was catered.

The Ponyville Apples are not good businessponies.
Whether from lack of experience, senility or genuinely poor business acumen, the Apples don't seem particularly business savvy. That's not to say they're idiots, but they are hesitant to call in for help when needed (Applejack nearly worked herself to death in Applebuck Season), do proper research into prospective markets (Applejack made a huge amount of common foods that anypony could buy at one of potentially dozens of bake shops in Canterlot and tried to sell it at a catered event, which ultimately went to waste), they don't make enough product nor adapt their production schedules to allow themselves to build up a surplus (their cider is quite vital to the survival of the farm but they constantly run out and potentially alienate their customers), and they let their family honor sucker them into a bad deal (they let the Flim Flam brothers harvest their southern fields with zero recompence). That's not to say they're complete failures, but they do make obvious mistakes and suffer for it.

Or they only make money off Cider and Zap apples, and one of those comes just before tax season
The Apples still hold two monopolies, one that appears to be a monopoly for ALL of equestria (the Zap apples). They sell everything else at either at cost, or they sell it at a loss, because of an over filled Apple Market. The Apple Family is all across Equestria, and since Earth Ponies magic is to grow food (they can even make viable Apple orchards in the DESERT), all food prices are VERY low. This is similar to farmers before and at the beginning of the Great Depression, where farmers were struggling, since they simply couldn't sell anything for a profit due to over comptetion from other family farms). Zap Apples and their special cider are the only thing making them money, and either A. the profits only barely outweigh the constant loses they take or B. they have the misfortune of tax season landing right after one of those harvests.

Big Macintosh and Cheerilee will get married.
However, due to scheduling issues, it will be the exact same day as Princess Cadence and Shining Armor. The episode will focus on Rarity being torn between being with high society and being with her friends.
  • That's already been done though.
  • By now Princess Cadence and Shining Armor have been married and there's been no further hint about Big Macintosh and Cheerilee. Doesn't rule anything out for the future, of course.
  • They will get married, but it will not be as a season ending episode. It will be a slice of life episode and later episodes will deal more with the effort it takes to keep a sucessful marriage going and how it changes the group dynamics. Apple Bloom won't get away with anything at home because her teacher is married to her brother. But at school, anything good that happens to her will be attributed to favoritism (because their teacher is married to her brother). Even if no actual favoritism occurs, the perception that it is happening will put a strain on her relationships with the other students, particularly the other CMC's.

Big Macintosh and Cheerilee had been secretly dating all along.
Their awkwardness at being thrown together by the Cutie Mark Crusaders was over not wanting their secret relationship to become public knowledge yet.
  • Neither appears at the wedding in the second season finale despite the large number of Ponyville inhabitants in attendance. They used everyone going out of town for the wedding as an opportunity for some alone time together without anyone finding out. A third season episode will center around them trying to keep their relationship a secret because they don't want to be pressured by anyone.

Big Macintosh and Cheerilee used to date, but broke up long before Hearts and Hoves
They are on friendly terms but know they aren't right for each other. This made the Crusaders' attempts to hitch them extra awkward. They didn't confront the fillies immediately when it became clear to them what was going on, because it would have been kind of rude to do so without being sure whether the other wanted the story to be told or not, and they never got a chance to meet in private and discuss their approach before they drank the potion.

Braeburn will return
Since he's become such an Ensemble Darkhorse, they might realize this and bring him back in some fashion, maybe in Season 3.
  • Confirmed in the episode Apple Family Reunion (season 3, episode 8). He had no speaking role though.

Discord (unintentionally?) helped Granny Apple
Under Discord's influence, Big Mac acted like a dog, Apple Jack a liar and Granny seemed to be tap dancing. Very energetic tap dancing. Now since Apple Jack was saving up to replace her hip at season 1 and at season 2 Granny could dress up like a bunny and hop over water pails, its quite a change.
  • Unless of course, Apple Jack did manage to save enough to get Granny's hip replaced.
    • She did get the roof and the plow replaced, so why not? (New plow seen in Pinkie's "What My Cutie Mark Is Telling Me" segment).

Granny is going senile and its hurting the Apples.
She's losing her sharp wits and sprit of adventure/experimentation to the point of near disasterous business decissions but since the Apples respect her, they follow along come what may.

An Apple clan relative will appear for a Always Someone Better plot.
Such as somepony who's got better business sense than Applejack, or a filly/colt Applebloom's age who recently earned their cutie mark.

A City Mouse relative will visit Sweet Apple Acres.
However, in a mirror of AJ's plot in "The Cutie Mark Chronicles", they've assumed that The Simple Life Is Simple and that country living is better than the big ol' city. This would frustrate the heck out of Applejack, who feels that they're insulting her way of life, leading to An Aesop about the dangers of making assumptions the way both of them did.
  • We have Babs Seed visiting from Manehattan in "One Bad Apple." Though the plotline for that visit was something completely different.

Granny Smith isn't named after a type of apple.
The breed of apple is named after her. As suggested above, Granny isn't technically part of the Apple family, she's part of the Smith family, so when she was born she wasn't given an apple-themed name. But she grew up to be a world class expert in apples, including being the one who discovered the secrets of cultivating Zap Apples, so she's quite famous in certain circles. So when a breed of apple was discovered or developed that just happened to be the same green color as her hide, naturally it was named in her honor. This also explains why the naming theme only works because she is "Granny". Unless she was actually born as Granny (unlikely), then her Punny Name made no sense until she became a grandmother. But if we assume the breed of apple was named after she was already known as "Granny Smith", then it makes sense.

Big Macintosh is named after the computer.
"Big" is just his nickname (because, surprise surprise, he's big). A McIntosh, as mentioned earlier, is a type of apple (and a red one, at that), but his name is specifically spelled with a 'Mac'... which is a computer produced by Apple. Which gives his fancy mathematics a whole new meaning.

Big Macintosh's yoke is a Power Limiter.
When it comes off (possibly after a villain hurts a child), it will break the floor.

Big Macintosh is the Earth Pony equivalent to Twilight Sparkle.
Related to above WMG, Macintosh's Earth Pony magic is as powerful as Twilight Sparkle's unicorn magic. Unfortunately, he never had a teacher to help him control it. Not wanting to accidentally hurt anypony, he developed the yoke as a power limiter. The only ones who know exactly how powerful he is are him and Granny Smith, who helped him build the yoke. Applejack and Apple Bloom have a vague idea how powerful he is, but have never actually seen it in action. He's never taken it off before because he's never needed to. The Mane Six have always been up to the task. If there is a time when they can't, the yoke will come off, resulting in said floor breakage. After giving the villian a "World of Cardboard" Speech, Macintosh will then proceed to unleash Tranquil Fury, much to everyone else's astonishment. Once the battle is over, Macintosh will then quietly put the yoke back on, cleans up after the battle and goes back to being regular old Macintosh.

Villain: "I have defeated your friends. There are none who stand with you. Do you truly think you can defeat me?"
Macintosh: (Yoke hits ground) "Eeyup".

  • Bonus points if afterwards, a rather freaked out Discord says, in complete seriousness, "That guy has officially topped the list of individuals who absolutely terrify me." And Celestia and Luna likewise reply, "Ditto."

Grandpappy Apple (Granny Smith's husband and Big Mac's, Applejack's and Applebloom's grandfather) founded Ponyville's school.
Nothing really suggests this, but I like the idea that he was one of Ponyville's first teachers. He could have also been Cheerilee's teacher.
  • But then Rarity would be in her class since their the same age, along with Applejack, and she'd have told Applebloom atleast once during the Family Appreciation Day so she wouldn't feel bad about taking Granny Smith to speak infront of her class.

Babs Seed is the daughter of Aunt and Uncle Orange.
It's not confirmed, but it only seems logical. They're AJ's aunt and uncle, and since Apple Bloom is her sister, hers as well; any child of theirs would be her cousin. Futhermore, they live in Manehattan, where Babs is from. QED.
  • I would've guessed grandaughter. Applejack lived with the Oranges as a filly. About a generation of time has passed between then and the present. If the oranges had children they would have grown past Bab Seed's age and could logically have their own children by the time of the show.
    • Jossed by the writer of "One Bad Apple" - someone on Equestria Daily asked the writer this same question, to which they replied "Not that I know of". It thus can be assumed that Babs is part of yet another branch of the Apple family, the Seed family, and both the Seeds and Oranges just happen to live in Manehatten.
      • That's more a shrug. If they weren't her parents, the writer would have said no. "Not that I know of?" means that she didn't know, and that it likely hasn't been pinned down yet.

Hayseed Turnip Truck married into the Apple family.
Other than being a bit (OK, more than a bit) countrified, he doesn't seem to have much in common with the Apples. He might've married a mare from the Apple family and came to the reunion with her. It would also explain one of the reasons why there's more ponies coming to the reunion. The family's gotten bigger over the last couple of years due to marriages and perhaps new foals being born.
  • Depends on how canon you feel the comics are, if you believe them He's single, has a huge crush on Rarity and became a successful businesscolt.

Applejacks parents aren't dead.
They were abducted by aliens. They escaped the mothership, but the escape pods malfunctioned and now they are stuck in Equestria's orbit. Due to the relative passage of space time, to them they have only been up there twenty minutes, but it has really been ten years on the surface.
  • Or they were indeed changelings. Their love was so strong, a changeling patrol found them and took them to Chrysalis. They were kept in cocoons so their love could be harvested for years. They're still alive, but Chrysalis told no one where her secret 'food' stash was before being overthrown. Thorax might stumble upon them while renovating the hive someday, letting the writer's finally bring AJ's parents into the show and actually being able to tell everyone what had happened, beyond simply implying they're dead.

Big Mac's harness (or whatever it is) is actually meant to weigh him down
If he takes it off, he'd be moving too fast for any earth pony to catch up to him.

Big Mac's a genius, and is, in fact, smarter than Twilight.
But he prefers to live a quiet life. The only reason he doesn't talk much isn't just because he's shy, it's also because he's afraid he would let something slip that shows his intelligence, and that he wouldn't be left alone because of it.

Applejack's parents aren't dead.
They are, however, horrible ponies. Criminals, abusive, neglectful, something that caused their kids to be transferred to the care of their kids' grandmother. Possibly after Applebloom was born, Applejack's parents got into deep gambling or substance abuse debts, and had to give them up. Applejack lives her life the way she does because she doesn't want to live up to their example.
  • No real point to this WMG beyond dark for the same of being dark.
  • Jossed by "A Perfect Pear".

Big Macintosh is a Big Little Brother.
Despite his size, he's actually younger than Applejack. Evidence:
  • Whenever the subjects of Sweet Apple Acres comes around, everyone acts as if Applejack is the owner, or the one who will inherit it(With Granny as the owner). Never the three sibling are referred as owners (Unless is "The Apple Farm").
  • Applejack appears in the flashback of Apple Family Reunion while Big Macintosh doesn't appear, nor is mentioned at all. Applejack is also put in charge of the reunion.

In the "Babs Seed" music sequence, the background that is lozengy sable and or (black and yellow) with apple seeds countercharged... actually the Seed coat of arms.

Babs is older than the CMC
Her human counterpart is a bit older than them in Equestria Girls and her voice is pretty deep compared to the others. Babs is older than the others, say if they're 8 to 9 she's 11 to 13.
  • To be fair, the comic also shows human Babs being older than human Applejack, her being a sophomore and AJ being a freshman.

Big Mac is a drag princess
In his dream sequence, he is a princess. In Brotherhooves Social, he dresses up like a mare. He seems to LIKE ALL THIS. He shows no inclination to actually BE female and likes mares, but he just likes looking pretty and wearing dresses/looking like a princess sometimes.
  • Alternatively, he might be transgender, but is in the closet.

The Apple Family are descendanted from ninjas

Bright Mac and Pear Butter contracted a similar disease to Swamp Fever.
Those two intertwined trees in the orchard aren't the ones that sprouted from the seeds the Apple parents planted — they are the Apple parents. It is canon that there are sicknesses or stimuli that can cause ponies to transform into trees — it's not a huge leap to assume that a similar disease, perhaps reacting oddly to the inherent magic of earth ponies, could cause a similar transformation. Similarly to how there was no known cure to Swamp Fever, there likely wouldn't be a cure for any theoretical related sicknesses lie the one they contracted. So one day, they went into the orchard, embraced each other one last time and waited for the disease to finish their transformation.

The Season Eight opener will occur around Big Macintosh and Sugar Belle's wedding, and the finale the announcement of their first foal.
Chrysalis is coming for vengeance, and the wedding would be a great opportunity to strengthen herself. And a foal in the finale would then make a bookend for the season.

A member of the Apple Clan was the Equestrian equivalent of Johnny Appleseed.
After all, John Chapman aka Johnny Appleseed traveled around part of the United States planting apple orchards. It makes sense that there is an Equestrian version of him named Jonagold Appleseed (Jonagold being a type of apple) from the Apple clan that traveled around Equestria planting apple trees. He could also be the reason why the clan is spread out all across Equestria, as members decided to move to the places where he planted apple orchards in order to help tend them.

Zecora had a run-in with Applejack in the past, which is why Applejack's so scared of her.
Like say, they met when they were fillies and something unintentional on Zecora's part happened between them that left Applejack horrified of her.

Zecora has lost family or friends to crocodiles.
At the time this guess is being made, we have not seen her with Gummy (Pinkie Pie's small, toothless pet alligator). If we see an episode where she sees him for the first time, she will react badly, and if we don't it will still be clear she is not very keen on him.

Zecora did steal Pinkie Pie's song.
Or so it appeared to Pinkie. The nursery rhyme Zecora was muttering just so happened to be about an evil enchantress that does evil dances and eats little children. Pinkie, who understands the Zebra language through her reality warping powers, decided she must have stolen the idea from her.
  • Or, alternately: the nursery rhyme is something entirely different that just so happens to mention witches, dancing, or boiling things (perhaps the zebra equivalent of "double, double..."), and Pinkie jumped to conclusions.

Zecora is a recluse or outcast from zebra society.
Zebras are herd animals which live on open grassland. Zecora lives by herself in the Everfree Forest. It seems unlikely that this is normal behaviour for zebras. She may not fit in with her own race any better than she does in Ponyville - otherwise, why would she keep hanging out in the forest and trying to go shopping in Ponyville rather than simply returning to her own home?

Zecora will get a song.
And as implied the rhyme scheme will be amazing.

Zecora's special talent is being a Magical Negro.
More specifically, her special talent is giving advice to non-zebras. If the theories about Cutie Mark Failure Insanity Syndrome are accurate, she may have suffered a case offscreen after the parasprite debacle.
  • You sure zebras even have "special talents"? She seems to have a tribal tattoo in place of a cutie mark.
    • It could just be a tribal symbol often associated with whatever her talent was, there's nothing to indicate that it's not a Cutie Mark.

Zecora's special talent is being an herbalist and chemist.
Her cutie mark is a stylized sun in a spiral or swirl shape. The swirl represents the mixing of ingredients to make a potion, while the sun represents the fact that she uses plant-based ingredients, because plants get their energy from the sun through photosynthesis.

Zecora moved to the Everfree Forest because it is the location of some of the most exotic and potent plants in the world.
Think about it: if you were as gifted an herbalist and chemist as Zecora, the Everfree Forest would be your World Series, or your moon landing. The place is clearly a veritable pharmacopeia of rare, exotic, and potent plants, most of which would be found nowhere else, or hardly anywhere else in the world. That's why she left her homeland to live in the Everfree Forest. She specifically settled near Ponyville because it's a settled community at the edge of the forest, so she'd be able to purchase other supplies and have social contact.

Zecora's rhyming is due to her Translator Microbes.
Zecora can't actually speak the Equestrian language fluently - she's a skilled alchemist but a lousy linguist. So she uses some kind of herb or potion to give her the gift of tongues, but it has the side effect of making her speak in rhyme. When she's among her own people, she doesn't need the potion and hence can talk normally.

Zecora and Princess Celestia are somehow linked.
After all, Zecora's cutie mark is a stylized sun.

Zecora speaks in rhyme as a show of respect to others.
It's part of her homeland's culture. In order for her speech to both rhyme and still get her point across, she'd have to put a little more thought into what she says. Her literally poetic speech is her way of saying "I respect you enough to really consider what I say."
  • It steems from the Zebra's interaction with the Rhino's.
    • Rhino: Scopo trono frojo kofo todo. Zecora: Nobo hosho koro toso. Bokatosa fopapapajo. Maho.

Something terrible happened in Zecora's homeland and she's in Equestria to look for a way to fix things.
A brutal dictator with magical abilities took over her homeland and put a spell on the creatures to force them to work for him. Zecora was one of the few lucky enough to escape. For having such knowledge in spells, cures and remedies, others in her homeland help to get her to Equestria because they see her as their last hope. As mentioned above, the Everfree Forest is home to all kinds of strange and magical plants, so she's living there while she looks for a cure. As looking for a cure to a spell that no creature really knows about could take a lifetime, she's settled down in a home. She can't get much help from the citizens of Equestria because they know so little about certain magical things outside of unicorn spells. Look at "The Secret of My Excess", not a single pony outside Zecora even had the slightest idea of what was going on with Spike, and there's so little knowledge about the plants in the Everfree forest that not even Twilight could find much information on them.

Zecora will have a larger role in season 3.
Zecora was intended to be sort of a second mentor to Twilight, but it didn't come to pass. Seeing as how she has been appearing more often in season 2, it's not unreasonable to assume that her role could expand. Her main role in the show is already to help the characters out with magical issues they know little about, and Twilight can learn a ton of things from Zecora that she can't learn anywhere else, not even from books.
  • She plays an important role in Magic Duel.

Zecora is somehow affiliated with ZigZag the Grand Vizier.
They're both fairly mysterious characters with magical connections, and they always speak in rhyme for no explained reason. While Zig Zag was dead long before the rule of the ponies, Zecora found some old manuscripts of his and started practicing some of his techniques, which involved speaking in rhyme.

Zecora speaks in rhyme as a way to get in touch with magic.
In "Family Appreciation Day", Granny Smith talked about how all these crazy little things can influence magic in the Earth. By speaking in rhyme all the the time, all kinds of magical properties in plants and potions are unlocked.

Zecora currently has a poison joke infection that makes her talk in rhyme.
She likes it though, which is why she never tried to fix it.

Zecora is actually a Zebroid.
It's extremely odd how they gave Zecora a "Little Pony" character design despite supposedly being a different species from the other pony characters. Much like donkeys and horses can breed with one another, zebras are also able to breed with other equines of different species and produce offspring. Perhaps Zecora is actually one such example. Either her mother or father is a pony. She inherited the same build as a Little Pony and even a cutie mark like a pony. It might also explain why her stripes don't cover her whole body and her small size.
  • She might just be a mountain zebra. They're smaller than other zebra species, about the same size as ponies, in fact. Also, the fact that a zebra has a cutie mark is no stranger than the fact that ponies have cutie marks. That's apparently just something common to equines in this world. Consider also that the mule we saw in "Applebuck Season," despite appearing to be an adult, did not have one. Since a mule must have a pony or horse ancestor, and if you are correct that pony hybrids with other equines will also develop cutie marks, that would lead us to expect an adult mule to have one. More likely, then, is the explanation that something about the hybridization process blocks the formation of cutie marks, which would mean that the fact that Zecora has one militates against your hypothesis. As for her stripes, all zebras have different patterns; that's not dispositive. Most zebra/horse hybrids only have stripes over certain parts of their bodies, and have more horse-like coats elsewhere, which is not the case with Zecora.
    • But she looks more like a plains zebra.

Zecora can glow in the dark.
Well, her new toy apparently can so it might be possible that she can as well.

Zecora's illusion dust isn't magical. It's a hallucinogenic compound
We have no evidence that Zecora can directly manipulate any magical field. However she seems to be able to cause illusions with seemingly magic dust. Perhaps it isn't magical, rather it is a non-addictive hallucinogenic compound. There is no magical illusion, it's just all the ponies tripping. Zecora has had training to both resist it's affects and guide the hallucination for those affected.

Zecora was exiled from the zebra homelands for her constant rhyming.
The occasional rhyme can keep speech from being plain,But an excess will drive anyone around insane.

Zecora know slight of hand and other illusions.
That would fit with how she helped Twilight defeat Trixie.

Zecora isn't black, she's biracial.

Mainly because it'd fit more with her black-and-white colour scheme.

Zecora was destined to be her tribe's leader.

Well, she's a sort of Parental Substitute Substitute to Twilight in lieu of Celestia, she's an excellent teacher and her cutie mark looks kinda like tribal symbol, suggesting that her talent relates to her tribe. She was destined to be the leader but some people thought the title should be passed hereditarily and Zecora buggered off to live alone in Everfree forest so there won't be a civil war between her supporters and the supporters of the other leader. (I most certainly did not borrow this idea from Goblins)

Zecora will eventually subvert a rhyme.
If not for Rule of Funny.
(Zecora and someone else are surrounded by hostiles.)
Zecora: "It would seem to me that we need a lot of luck, otherwise, I'm afraid we're totally in trouble.
Other Character: "...Hey, that didn't rhyme!"
Zecora (Deadpan): "So sue me."

Someone will try to trip Zecora up.
Whether it works will depend on Rule of Funny.
Zecora: Why does every pony try to trip me up with "orange? Have they not considered combining words like "Door hinge"?
Zecora: No pony before has asked me to rhyme purple. If anyone will, I'd guess that young Derp'll.
Zecora: Thank you, Miss Rarity, for this necklace of silver!/In return perhaps this magic quill fer/writing on fabric will possibly do;/I hope that its charm will be helpful for you.

Zecora is half-Zebra half-Unicorn
That's why she has a Cutie Mark and can use magic.
  • Zecora's magic seems largely potion-based. What she does can be replicated by Earth Ponies, if the thing Apple Bloom used to get the Cutie Pox is any indication.

All zebras Zecora included use magic without horns or a magic color
A blink and you miss it moment in "Magic duel" Zecora moves her hoof over her cup that Twilight had just knocked over and it was compleat refilled with the whole mess cleaned up.
  • Considering what she taught Twilight in that episode I'd guess it was a slight-of-hoof trick.

In the wake of the Season 4 premiere, Zecora is now homeless.
I think this is very unlikely, the show being what it is, but I might as well throw it out there.

Zecora lost her house during the forest rampage. She needs to rebuild or get a new one, and that's probably going to take a while. There might be an episode where she has to room with one of the Mane Cast for a few days.

  • Zecora's home is shown intact in "Filli Vanilli", so this one's jossed.

Zecora is the last zebra alive.

Several years ago a horrible magical disaster whipped out the entire zebra population except for Zecora. Since their homeland is very far away from Equestria the Ponies don’t even know what happened and Zecora doesn’t want to talk about it because it brings up all the bad memories.

Zecora lives in the everfree forest since it is close to her actual homeland.
That way, she can go to her homeland whenever she wants to.

For a time, Zecora lived among Grundles.
In Generation 1's My Little Pony: The Movie (1986) we meet the Grundles, troll-like creatures who lived homeless after their original kingdom was destroyed by the Smooze. Their speech is peppered with rhymes, though not to the same degree as Zecora. Zecora could have lived among them and been inspired by their speech (or perhaps it was from them she learned Equestrian to start with)

Zecora is familiar with time paradoxes like the one in "The Cutie Re-Mark".
She's seen this before. Eleven times, as a matter of fact.

     The Cakes 
Carrot Cake is Tiger of the Wind.
My Mom said it.

The Cakes are good friends of the Pies.
Related to the "Pinkie suffers from psychosis" WMG on the Pinkie page. Since they don't leave Pinkie unsupervised, naturally they wouldn't let her travel alone either. So if Pinkie wants to go home to the rock farm for a visit, one or both of them is going to have to go with her. So they've gotten to know her parents fairly well, and enjoy their visits to the country.
  • Alternatively, the Cakes are distant relatives of the Pies. Think of it: Cake and Pie...

The Cakes don't live in Sugarcube Corner; they normally keep their toddlers at home with a nanny while they run the shop.
Obviously, we've not seen mention of the Cakes having children, beyond treating Pinkie as one of their own. Sugarcube Corner only has the garret but appears to lack any other residence, implying the Cakes live elsehwere leaving the garret for Pinkie. Thus, by having the tykes stay with a nanny while they run the shop seems like a perfectly reasonable system. And perhaps why the Cakes aren't always frequent in Sugarcube Corner as they are at home tending to their twins.
  • Following this, the plot will initiated when the Cake's nanny has to tend to her own business, and they either can't find a babysitter or Pinkie overhears and offers (read: foists) her services to them.
    • Partially confirmed: Pinkie was their last choice for babysitter (from the other Mane Six)
      • However, this seemed to be guessing that the twins had already been born.
  • "Baby Cakes" establishes that the building does have an upper floor between the shop and Pinkie's living space, and that the twins' nursery is up here. You don't go setting up a room like that (and stocking it with plenty of toys and diapers) unless you mean for it to be used on a regular basis.

Celestia is the "Father" of Pound and Pumpkin Cake
She used her Unicorn powers to impregnate Mrs. Cake. This explains how a pair of twins can be a Unicorn and a Pegasus. It also explains their extreme power at such a young age, especially compared to Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. Mr. Cake is either in denial or being coerced, you can see it in his reaction.

There's no infidelity involved between Mr. and Mrs. Cake
They just have closer ancestors with Pegasus and Unicorn blood than Mr. Cake is aware of. Whether or not those involved infidelity is up for debate.
  • Alternatively, Mr. and Mrs. Cake were infertile, and opted to take some experimental magic fertility treatments. It worked, but ended up accidentally expressing the traits of the other pony races.
    • Alter-Alternatively, They solicited donors and the hospital screwed up and instead of Earth, they gave them Pegasus and Unicorns.
      • Unlikely, it wouldn't make sense for them to mention their family history if they used donors. A better explanation would be that they attempted in-vitro but someone screwed and added pegasus and unicorn to the mix instead of Mr. Cake/Mrs. Cake.
      • Not necessarily, if Mr. Cake felt embarrased about his(and/or his wife) infertility, he would come up with an hard to verify family story. The hospital screwing up whatever the technique used, however, seems to be the most likely explanation.
      • According to the "Ponies" section on the Settings WMG, is that all ponies have Earth, Pegasus, and Unicorn ancestors on their past. Applejack and the rest may not know it because they never mated before. So it's perfectly normal for say a Brown Earth Stallion and a Gray Pegasus Mare to have Lavender Unicorn Filly.
    • Or, yanno... Maybe they're swingers in their free time and there was no infidelity because Mr. Cake knew what was going on and was okay with it.
      • Then what breed was the biological father?
      • Kinda squicky, but there might be two biological fathers. Two eggs were released by Mrs Cake's ovaries, she then slept with a Pegasus and a Unicorn in rapid succession(possibly at the same time). End result is each egg got fertilized by a different stallion's sperm.
  • Pumpkin fits; she's a throwback to her dad's ancestor (and takes after her dad to begin with). It's Pound who's the dodgy one; he doesn't look much like either parent. Which suggests that any infidelity that happened was likely (but not necessarily) on the part of Cup's mother.
    • Or he takes after one or more of his grandparents. Genetics isn't just "take looks from both parents and mix'n'match."
      • To clarify: what I was suggesting was that Cup's biological father is a pegasus. She's simply unaware of the fact (or at least was as of the birth of the twins).

Pound Cake's ability to fly is only because he's small enough for his wings to lift him.
Looking at Scootaloo for example, it's most likely that pegasus wings grow at a smaller rate than the rest of their bodies. It's most likely that as Pound Cake grows up, he'll end up with limitations similar to Scootaloo and have to relearn how to fly as his wings grow.
  • Except in the same episode we see he is able to lift and drag Pinkie Pie off the ground. Indicating that those wings are capable of supporting the weight of both a one month old toddler and a more or less fully grown pony at the same time.

Pound Cake's Cutie Mark will be strength-related.
The kid BROKE a metal water faucet! A FOAL broke metal!

Pumpkin Cake will become a chef, with pumpkin-related specialties
Since only Earth ponies can actually grow things, maybe there's still a way a pony of a different race can work around this. Why not by preparing the food?
  • It's never said that ONLY Earth ponies can grow things, they're just much better at it because they "bless the land". And there are always exceptions, look at Fluttershy, for example. Pumpkin Cake might still be able to grow things, particularly if it's in her special cutie mark talent.

Pound and Pumpkin Cake will eventually become heroes of Equestria.
They've demonstrated that they have incredible ability and while the future is still unwritten, there's the possibility that they're destined for something... Or at least be a Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle in the making.

Regarding Pumpkin Cake...
I predict that, because of her unusual magic skills (teleportation, levitation, and self levitation, among who know's what else), I predict that Pumpkin Cake will soon become Twilight's own student and eventuall successor as the Element of Magic.
  • The episode did establish that baby unicorns often have random and sometimes powerful bursts of magical ability. I'm not disproving your WMG here, I'm just saying that what Pumpkin was doing wasn't out of the norm for baby unicorns.

Twist is Mr and Mrs Cake's daughter.
A talent for making tasty treats could run in the family, especially when she gets it from both sides. We see Twist's house in Call of the Cutie, but there's no indication that Mr and Mrs Cake live in or above their shop (and living directly underneath Pinkie Pie would be rather trying), so that might have been the Cake residence. Finally, making more than a few types of candy isn't actually something that can easily be done in a home kitchen, but as the Cakes' daughter, she'd have access to Sugarcube Corner's professional equipment, such as the machine that tried to eat the CMC in "The Show Stoppers".
  • Seemingly Jossed by the events of "Baby Cakes," as it is strongly implied by that episode that Pound and Pumpkin are their only foals.
  • With above in mind, maybe Twist is either Cup's or Carrot's niece.
  • Maybe the sweets talent implies she's Bon Bon's younger sister? She does have the same coat colour as Bon Bon.

There will be in-universe speculating about Pound and Pumpkin's potential cutie marks.
Likely involving the Cutie Mark Crusaders making their own theories up, with at least one completely off-the-wall and random idea.

Twilight will get her turn looking after the twins.
Simply so that everyone will get to see her coping with Pumpkin's Wild Magic. (And given her tendency to try and replicate the results of any spell she sees in later episodes...)
  • Ms. Super OCD, looking after babies, who are inherently chaotic? This I want to see!
  • This would also be a nice follow-up to her unintentionally insulting Pinkie by implying she couldn't handle the twins.

The Mane Cast will get asked to help teach the twins.
In a nod to fandom speculation, Dash will initially call Pound a prodigy, while Twilight is less eager to label the babies as super-powerful without ample proof and attribute it more to magical surges and typical growth.
  • Dash's praising Pound would probably make Scootaloo jealous and eager to prove herself...

Pumpkin Cake will develop magic akin to Pinkie Pie's powers.
Learning by example, even though nobody really fully understands what exactly that example is, only the results. Including om-nom-nomming on the Fourth Wall.

Adultery was involved in the production of Pound and Pumpkin Cake.
But not by Mrs. Cake. Rather, there was adultery committed in previous generations of the family, on both sides, an uncertain number of generations back. As a result, unicorn and pegasus DNA was introduced into both sides of the family, but was never expressed because both genotypes are recessive to the earth pony genotype. But, when Carrot married Cup, they produced a unicorn and a pegasus as a result, because both were carrying unicorn and pegasus DNA.
  • Still say it was Cup's mother and a pegasus. Unless it happened more than once. Which might explain why the twins are such precocious little scamps.

Pound Cake will grow up to be the official caterer for Wonderbolt functions.
His repertoire of recipes will be quite different from the folks', for obvious reasons.

Pinkie will find herself in a prickly situation thanks to poor schedule mangement.
In short, she'll promise to help one of her friends with something, only to realize later she'd already promised to babysit the twins on that same day. Unwilling to break either promise, she attempts to juggle all her responsiblities at once. Rather than running back and forth, she could simply the twins with her when she goes to meet her friends. However, she may not think to get permission from the Cakes first, or from her friend, who might not appreciate having the foals there... or the twins simply raise more havoc than expected.
  • Or she uses a magic pond to duplicate herself.
    • Oh no, I think that one falls firmly into "never doing that again" territory.

Mr. and Mrs. Cake are siblings
It's quite convenient for Cup to not originally be part of the Cake family, given her first name, cup cakes cutie mark, and frosting hair. Incest increases the chance for offspring to display recessive traits, which as demonstrated by the Cake kids, includes being a unicorn or a pegasus.

We also don't actually know that Equestria has a tradition for changing names with marriage upon, or has an incest taboo (not that we're likely to find out about the later).

Pound Cake will be Rainbow Dash's protegé in the future.
He's got to learn controlled flight at some point, and his parents can't teach him.

Mr. and Mrs. Cake are Sea Swirl's uncle and aunt.
Mrs. Cake's maiden name was Chiffon Swirl, and they're the same generation as Bright Mac and Buttercup...

Cheerilee is a Magnificent Bastard who's plotting something behind the scenes of season 2
Don't know what she's plotting, but every time she has been seen or mentioned, things start going down hill for the episode's main character(s). Alternatively, she could just be a Troll, one that could possibly rival Discord.
  • Return of Harmony: Brought her class to the Royal Canterlot Garden for a field trip. The Cutie Mark Crusaders fight in front of Discord's statue, which eventually lead to his release. Someone even posted a comic of her reaction to his defeat.
  • Lesson Zero: Twilight always had Super OCD. No doubt about that. But it seemed like her typical Super OCD for the first few minutes. However, after Spike goes over the fact that they returned Cheerilee's blackboard to her, Twilight's Super OCD is turned Up to Eleven in the cupcake scene at Sugarcube Corner and just escalates from there.
  • Luna Eclipsed: Pinkie Pie mentions at the beginning of the episode that they passed by Cheerilee house while Trick-Or-Treating. Pinkie Pie then goes on to make Luna's attempts to adjust to Ponyville harder.
  • The Cutie Pox: Not the original poster, but I found it suspect that Cheerilee would on a whim cancel classes for the day and indulge Applebloom's showing off, triggering the full blown syndrome. What IS this pony playing at!?
  • Secret of My Excess: Cheerilee learns of Spike's birthday and conveniently has a present ready for him. Well, she is a friend, right? Why wouldn't she give him a present? Well, first off she didn't know it was his birthday(Or did she?), but was able to pull a present out of her grocery bag! Why on earth would a pony have a hat(A hat that fits a baby dragon, mind you) in her grocery bag? Should it come as a surprise to any of you that her present was what sent Spike into his greedy, destructive growth-spurt?
  • Family Appreciation Day: Cheerilee telling Apple Bloom that it's her turn to bring in a family member on the day Big Mac and Applejack will be harvesting the Zap Apples. Might seem like a coincidence but if you look at her list, Apple Bloom is at the top of the list while Diamond Tiara, the last filly to go, is at the bottom of the list. Either Cheerilee doesn't follow her lists from top to bottom or she did this on purpose.
  • The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000: Did she join the complaining or did she persuade the crowd to second Caramel's complaining?
  • Hearts and Hooves Day: The Cutie Mark Crusaders are an adorable Spanner in the Works, delaying The Plan.
    • Alternatively, their meddling unknowingly gave her Big Mac as an ally.
  • Ponyville Confidential: If Cheerilee had actually been keeping a closer eye on her students, then the entire kerfuffle that the Foal Free Press caused would have been averted. It takes a special kind of ignorance to absentmindedly let a school newspaper go so out of control as to publicly humiliate a great number of town citizens, most of whom shouldn't even be involved in the school itself, including The town's mayor. It's only until the CMC wrote a public apology and everything else died down that she managed to come back and do something about it... Promoting one of the instigators to editor-in-chief.

Cheerilee is still Scootaloo's sister like in G3.
Cheerilee is implied to be about the same age as Rarity in "Cutie Mark Chronicles" and Rarity has a little sister. We didn't know Sweetie Belle and Rarity were related until "The Stare Master", so the Cheerliee & Scootaloo relation has just never been brought up on-screen. As to why Scootaloo doesn't look up to her big sister like her fellow crusaders, it might be because Cheerilee is a school teacher and therefore not "cool". Word of God is that Ponies can 'interbreed', so they could still be sisters despite the fact Scootaloo is now a Pegasus.
  • There is also the fact that Cheerilee isn't a pegasus. Scootaloo would want to look up to somepony that would know the pleasure of embracing the sky.
  • Fridge Brilliance: This would also explain why Scootaloo doesn't attend the same school class as Applebloom although they're the same age. She's just in another form group or something, because she can't be taught by her own sister.
    • This portion may have been Jossed in season 2 episode 1, it shows all the CMC on a class field trip together. Still, Cheerilee could still be an older sister though.
      • Depending on how Equestrian schools work, this could still fit. Maybe all the class groups went on the same field trip and having Cheerilee was the only older pony able to take charge that day (certainly the only one visible), making it an acceptable break from the "not being taught by a relative" rule. Stuff like that used to happened in this troper's school from time to time.
      • Cheerilee could just have been in charge of that group of students. One of the chaperones.

Cheerilee will become a Sixth Ranger
In season 2, her screentime has been increased sharply. She has also been woven subtly into the mane cast's lives:
  • In "The Cutie Mark Chronicles", it is implied that she used to be a classmate of Rarity.
  • In "The Show Stoppers", she is seen hanging out with Twilight.
  • She's the CMC's teacher...
  • And possibly Big Macintosh's girlfriend in the future.
This has all been carefully set up so that when she eventually joins the group, it will feel completely natural.

Cheerilee and Big Macintosh are not romantically involved with each other, but might become good friends.
Kinda in the same way that Spike and Rarity are portrayed. Whether they'll be Platonic Life-Partners is still up in the air.
  • It was actually implied that they've been friends, to at least some degree or another, for some time (possibly since they were foals; IIRC, they're of an age). Even if a genuine attraction isn't developing now that the "love poison" has worn off, they seem to be close enough to scheme with each other now.
    • Big Mac would have to be older than Cheerilee because he's a few years older than Applejack, since the Mane six are implied to be the same relative ages (give or take a year or two) and Cheerilee is shown in Rarity's class when they were both fillies. Now the age difference doesn't have to be all that great, it could be as little as two years or as great as the age difference between AJ and Applebloom (in AJ's flashback young Mac is seen with a build comparable to that of some full-grown ponies, although that may just be because he's, well, big.

Cheerilee and her parents are from the southern hemisphere.
That's why her birthday is so offset from others' (remember these are ponies, not pony-shaped humans). Why doesn't she have a different accent despite coming from another part of the world? They moved to Equestria when she was still a foal.

    The Wonderbolts 

Spitfire was only recently promoted to being the leader of the Wonderbolts.
A lot of people were wondering why Spitfire is mostly chill in "Best Night Ever" and then acts more hardass in "Wonderbolt Academy" and then acts like a jerk in "Rainbow Falls". The explanation is simple: Between season one and season two, she was promoted from being a regular Wonderbolt to being the captain, and she hasn't grown into the role yet. It would explain why she acts how she does in each episode where she appears:
  • In "Best Night Ever" she's still a regular Wonderbolt and as a result is nice to Soarin' and RD because she views them as peers. She doesn't have any real responsibility, so she's relaxed.
  • In "Wonderbolts Academy", she's been promoted, and isn't quite used to filling the role as head of the academy. The reason she isn't aware of all the goings-on is because she isn't used to a position of authority and overcompensates as a result.
  • In "Rainbow Falls", this is her first time leading the team in the Equestria games, and as such she goes overboard in her efforts to make her team as good as possible. She's more jerky towards Soarin' both because she's now technically his superior and because she's overly focused on her responsibility to the team as a whole.

In short, she's a nice-at-heart pony who got promoted to a position she wasn't quite ready for, and we see her while she's still in the process of learning exactly how to fill that role.

  • "Parental Glideance" supports this — going by the flashback, Spitfire and Soarin' aren't that much older than Dashie herself.

Spitfire's Embarrassing Nickname is not suitable for children.
Hence the unreveal. It probably involves an expletive.

    Cheese Sandwich 
Cheese Sandwich's berserk button is bad spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
"I hate these word crimes..."

Sunburst is related to Sunset Shimmer.
Their names are similar, as are their colors, and they were both former students of Celestia's.
  • Fairly certain Sunburst was never a direct student of Celestia, he just went to her School for Gifted Unicorns.

Sunburst is a younger Star Swirl the Bearded.
They both wear a star-covered cloak and Sunburst's beard looks as similar to Star Swirl's as the length difference allows. Sunburst also took interest in the fact that his friend traveled through time. It is also implied that Celestia knows that there's more to Sunburst than meets the eye. Star Swirl has a different cutie mark in the merchandise (we haven't seen it in the show yet thanks to the cloak), but then again, he did create a spell that alters cutie marks, Starlight could end up using her own experience in cutie mark magic to help him change it, and the merch isn't necessarily canon anyway.


Thorax was always a king changeling

Which is why he unlike the other changelings being controlled by Chrysalis he was not evil when he came out of his cocoon, he was a rare royal changeling birth.

Thorax's clutch was a result of genetic experimenting by Queen Chrysalis
Thorax and Pharynx, who we know were hatched from the same brood, share a number of characteristics that set them notably apart from how every other changeling has behaved and/or been portrayed in the show:
  • They are the only changelings to have unique color schemes as common drones: instead of the light blue eyes, teal crest and dark blue carapace every other changeling shared, Thorax had a green carapace, while Pharynx had a purple carapace, lilac eyes and a red crest.
  • When the other changelings shapeshift (save Chrysalis, and she's far from a typical changeling) they take forms equal to or close to their own in mass, and they've never changed shape except to infiltrate or to confuse enemies. When going into melee, they always keep their natural forms even when fighting opponents that that's not sufficient against. This is most evident in their invasion of Canterlot in "A Canterlot Wedding" and when they're fighting the Maulwurf in "To Change a Changeling". There have been only two exceptions: Thorax turning into a large bear to fight Ember and Pharynx turning into a huge armored arthropod to intimidate other changelings and later to fight the Maulwurf.
  • Finally, they're much more independent-minded than other changelings. Their stories both focus heavily on them stubbornly doing what they think is right despite receiving ridicule and hostility from the other changelings. By contrast, the other 'lings are a much more uniform lot, and seem to be very prone to "going with the flow" if the speed and ease with which they all go from being soldiers to being peaceful hippies is any indication.

Now, the actual WMG: Chrysalis had planned her invasion of Equestria (and of a whole lot more if she had won, knowing her) for a while, and wanted a better force than the one she had. Changelings, as it stands, seem to have serious issues with herd mentality and lack of independence. This is fine for minions and henchmen, but a full-scale war and invasion requires soldiers who can act on their own in the field. As such, Chrysalis decided to run experiments on her egg clutches in preparation for the coup, with the intention of creating more independent soldiers who would be able to take initiative in chaotic battles or campaigns. Pharynx was one of the more satisfactory results (hence being head of patrols), while Thorax is a case that has Gone Horribly Right.

While she was at it, Chrysalis also decided to give her new minions the ability to change size as well as shape. While being unable to change your size is no handicap when you only need to pass as a pony, being able to become an armored behemoth the size of a tank can be much more useful in pitched melee. As for the colors, that may be an accidental side effect, a way for Chrysalis to spot her "experiments" at a glance, or the first possibility adopted as the second.

Thorax originally was a Changeling spy, but came down with Stockholm Syndrome.

He was originally sent to spy on Cadance, but he ended up taking a liking to the local populace and tried to fit in, but failed until Spike came along. Chrysalis is on her way for an invasion attempt, but she's going to have a nasty surprise when she sees Thorax sided with the ponies.

Princess Ember will look Very Different after Season 6

When she first appeared in "Gauntlet of Fire" she looked like this. However, that was before she became the Dragon Lord, and technically became owner of everything in the Dragon Lands. The show has shown that dragons grow and change when they gain treasure, so when we see her again, she'll look more like this: [1].

  • Jossed. Ember appeared again in "Triple Threat", looking the same as in "Gauntlet of Fire".


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