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     Spike's Physiology 

Spike will outlive the Mane Cast and all of the other ponies.
Word of God said that Fluttershy is 22. Assuming the rest of the main six are the same age (even Pinkie, she had a birthday), Twilight has to have been born in 1989-1990. (Also assuming that the series takes place in present times.) In The Cutie Mark Chronicles, Twilight looks to be about the CMC's age, which is probably around 11, making The Cutie Mark Chronicles takes place in about 2001. As You Know, in the Cutie Mark Chronicles, Spike's egg hatches, which would put Spike at around 11 years old., yet he's still considered a baby. Which leads me to believe that 1 dragon year = 10-11 pony years. Again, assuming ponies live to be as old as humans, there is extremely slim-to-none chances that the Mane Cast and everypony else will even survive to watch Spike turn "seven". Also doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • This is kind of a give. Dragons are already known to have much longer lifespans than ponies.
  • Link to the Word of God? All I honestly remember is her saying the Mane cast are young adults, whose mentality fluctuates around 12-22, as necessary for the plot. Other than that, while Dragons are long lived, ponies in this setting are shown to be very long lived too: Granny Smith is established as being over 100 years old.
    • Where was a number age for Granny Smith given? She helped found Ponyville generations ago, but that isn't a number, and has some consistency issues.
      • Twilight said in "Winter Wrap Up" that Ponyville is at least a few centuries old.
  • In "Dragonshy," it was mentioned that dragons can sleep for as long as a century at a time. Incidentally, while Spike is called a baby dragon, the show establishes that it's more a reference to size than his age or his place in the dragon life cycle, about which practically nothing is known. He certainly isn't considered an infant by anyone.
  • Given that Twilight is now an alicorn, there's a good chance this has now been Jossed, given Celestia's own age.
    • Its possible that he will outlive everyone but Twilight. The series started with just the two of them and will end with just the two of them. Deciding to make friends despite the virtual inevitability that they will wind up losing them may be a lession in friendship in and of itself.

Spike is just a normal, run-of-the-mill dragon with normal fire.
It's not that his breath has special letter sending powers; the scrolls themselves are made to be sent to various places when set on fire. This is why Twilight's book was turned to ash in "Owl's Well That Ends Well" instead of being sent to Celestia.

As for the green coloring, Spike's diet is probably unusual due to not being wild. He probably eats a lot of copper coins [them being cheaper than gems] and nibbles on rocks if he needs a snask. Copper sulfide would make green fire in our world.

  • When scrolls are addressed to somepony and then set on fire, they're sent in the most convenient way for the receiving pony to get it - for Celestia it's her little alcove thing we see at the end of Griffon the Brush Off (not to mention she gets bobarded from above with the scrolls Spike accidental sends), and for Twilight the letters are received through Spike!

Spike is a young Eternal Dragon
Because why not?
  • It's possible he may grow up to be an eastern-styled dragon given his lack of wings and affinity for mustaches.
  • In "Party of One" it looks like Spike is able to fly (or at least float or levitate) even though he doesn't have wings, another thing usually associated with eastern dragons.

Spike is half pony.
His head is slightly pony-like, he's the only dragon we've seen with differently colored scales and spikes (like a mane), and he has a crush on a pony.
  • Maybe his mom was a naturalist who was studying dragons during mating season and she got too close.
  • He may be like a dog; his breed was domesticated/brefriended by ponies, and so they're tamer. He also doesn't look much like a full-grown dragon. At all.
  • In "Dragon Quest" the teenage dragons accuse Spike of being part pony. Granted they're also Jerkass teens.
  • Combine this with a WMG from the Twilight Sparkle page,her hatching spikes egg was the schools Kobayashi Maru equivalence and to keep it that way they used an unfertilized egg. Twilight's magical blast passed on her own genetic material and caused the egg to hatch, making Spike Twilight's son.

Spike will not grow up to be like the dragons we have seen.
Instead he will grow up to be a dragonborn. Proof for this theory? His day dream in "Dog and Pony Show", why would he imagine all that armor and stuff if he knew he would grow up to be a normal dragon, wouldn't he have just imagined himself as a dragon destroying the Diamond Dogs? As for the sudden growth in Twilight's flashback, that is just what happens when the embodiment of Magic unleashes her power. Unless of course, ponies turn into plants when they grow old. This also makes Spike/Rarity a lot easier....
  • Agreed that baby!Spike growing gigantic in 'Cutie Mark Chronicles' was Twilight's magic going haywire and not showing us what he will look like. Even if he doesn't end up like his Imagine Spot in 'Dog And Pony Show' his appearance suggests he won't look like either the cave-dwelling dragons he's met/been attacked by, or the one in the river.

Spike is some kind of special breed Astropath Dragon
Consider this: Spike is visually slightly different from other dragons we've witnessed, he breaths wierd green fire and can send communiques across great distances magically. Perhaps he's a special breed either engineered by Celestia or one that came about by some biza fluke that's specialized into an organic magical telegraph system alá the Astropaths.

This may also explain why his egg was present at Twilight's entry exam, since the ponies use the species, and possibly they need magic to be able to use the messaging talent.

Spike will grow wings.
The other dragons we see in the series (excluding Steven Magnet) resemble Spike in many ways, such as the spade tail, the ears/fins on the head, and of course, the spikes that get larger on the head. The only thing that seperates them is the wings. Spike will go through a growth spurt where he grows wings and he needs help learning to fly. He's initially clumsy and this makes him feel embarrassed, awkward, and ashamed so he runs away. But the Mane Cast finds him and they tell him they still love him and they'll help him fly. The lesson will be that friends help each other through hard times.
  • This could also lead to more screen time for Scootaloo, since she hasn't learned to fly either.
  • It could be that culturally speaking getting their wings is the dragon's equivalent of getting their cutie mark, Spike may go through an episode wondering why he hasn't gotten his yet.
    • Cutie Mark and/or Flight Ability Crusaders yay!
  • It doesn't seem like he will be getting wings both times he is shown as an adult dragon he is wingless, unless the thing about getting wings is the equivalent of getting a cutie mark is true...
  • With Season 8's "Molt Down", IT'S CONFIRMED!

Spike is the same type of dragon as Steven Magnet.
They're the only two dragons shown without wings.
  • Then again, Steven also lacks legs, is long and serpentine and is fully aquatic, and Spike has no hair, facial or otherwise. I'd say their differences outweigh their similarities.
  • Regardless, Spike grew wings in Season 8; being born wingless is the default condition among dragons.

Spike will gain at least one New Super Power.
The Meet Spike the Dragon video, released on September 22, 2011, mentions that Spike is "still discovering his dragon powers." Perhaps this will happen in one or more upcoming episodes.
  • Well, he finds a way to set off a growth spurt, which is kind of a super power...

Spike's age
Expanding on the WMG about The Mane Six. Spike doesn't age like a pony, but his mental age is around that of a 13-15 year old, given that he basically went through puberty in "Secret of My Excess," is visably more mature then the CMC, and is not that much younger than Twilight.
  • Let's do some WMG math here: An early audition script for Apple Bloom list her age as 7. Granted, this probably isn't canon, but let's just say it was. When AJ tells the Crusaders the story of how she got her Cutie Mark, she mentions she was "even younger than y'all." This means AJ was at most 6 years old when she got hers, and by extention, when the other Mane 6 got theirs and, but further extention, the moment Spike was born. Assuming the Mane 6 are all roughly the same age, that would make him 6 years younger than them. Meaning if they were 18-20 as most of the fandom suspects, he would be 12-14. BUT that's only the minimum. Since Twilight was essentially starting school when she got her Cutie Mark, she could have easily been 5 at the time. Heck, some super-smart kids start school as early as 4, and considering Twilight is pretty much a magical genius she may well fit into that category. TL;DR version: Spike's age could range anywhere from 12-16.
    • Spike identifies with teenage dragons in "Dragon Quest," suggesting that he is himself a teen.

Spike will never grow up.
It seems that from "Secret of My Excess", the size of a dragon's greed and hoard completely determine how old a dragon gets. And since Spike will not hoard again...
  • Zecora's exact words were: "A dragon's heart is prone to greed, a steady diet to make growth speed." Kind of suggests that he does grow naturally. After all, how can you speed up growth if he doesn't grow at all?
  • As per exposition in Season 8, "greed-induced bigness" is apparently a completely separate process from normal draconic puberty. Hoarding or no hoarding, there's no indication that Spike won't mature as normal for a dragon.

Spike isn't a flying dragon, he's a magic dragon.
Check it out! He doesn't have wings, didn't grow any during his greed-fueled premature maturity, and doesn't even see himself as getting wings in adulthood (in his rescue Rarity fantasy against the Diamond Dogs). Twilight Sparkle got him in a magic school (where a familiar who can someday learn magic would be helpful), so although there isn't any really solid proof, I'm calling it.
  • He might still fly someday, if he learns the right spells for it.
    • Confirmed in Season 8, after hitting "the molt" a.k.a "dragon puberty".
  • Jossed. He finally received wings in Season 8.

Spike can assume his giant dragon form at will, just with the intellect and self control he has now.
Much like Luna can turn into Nightmare Moon at will, but not be evil. I say this because…well, why the hay not?

Adding on to that...

Spike isn't really a baby dragon; He's in Sleep-Mode Size.
Spike is able to reach adult size in twenty-four hours or less with the proper stimuli, suggesting that he's reached the chronological point of dragon adulthood. Additionally, he didn't have to eat anything to fuel the majority of that growth. The other dragons stay in their larger forms all the time because they don't have friends to remind them of stuff other than greed, or give them a reason to assume the smaller, more vulnerable size.

Spike's "greedy" adult self wasn't his "natural" adult form.
The more angular, "cool" version of Adult!Spike is an alternate adult form. The "cuter" form we saw when Twilight accidentally aged him after hatching is the form resulting from natural aging, and is rarer than the greedy form due to the high willpower required to reject the hoarding instinct.
  • Spike has a form that looks a lot like the one from Cutie Mark Chronicles for a moment, while he was destroying Sugarcube Corner. That seems to imply that Twilight didn't quite turn him all the way into an adult.
  • One theory is that rather than his greed causing his maturation it was actually his maturation that caused his greed. For a dragon in the wild there are more rivals and stiffer competition than Spike faces in Ponyville. After one day he was already bigger and stronger than almost anyone else in town and could just take whatever he wanted. After that it all just snowballed and caused his extremely rapid growth and monstrous appearance. Greed is a natural thing for Dragons, it helps them survive since they can eat almost anything, require large amounts of food, and tend to use their hoard as an emergency food supply. Kind of like how a boy starting puberty gets a shot of testosterone and can cause a jump in aggressive tendencies that can become destructive if not properly cared for.
  • This is doubtful for two reasons:
    • One, the "knight" form from "A Dog and Pony Show" was a flight of fancy based on Spike's idea of what a hero looks like and, as at that point he didn't know much at all about dragons, doesn't likely map onto how draconic adulthood works. The form in "The Cutie Mark Chronicles" was due to him being transformed by Twilight's out-of-control magic — the same that turned her parents into houseplants — and may or may not necessarily reflect how he will look as an adult.
    • Two, as of "Molt Down" it appears that all dragons are born wingless and grow wings during puberty, thus making any wingless adult form inherently suspect.

Spike will continue to grow and change throughout the second season
Although at a much slower and controlled pace than what was seen in "Secret Of My Excess". His greed will still be present but controlled and instead of taking things he'll start working to earn them instead which will still allow him to grow rapidly but not nearly as fast as he did on his birthday and the final form will be far less monstrous than that see but less "cuddly" than the form Twilight magicked him into in "The Cutie Mark Chronicles".
  • Jossed. As of writing this (partway into Season 7) he still looks the same as he did in Season 1.

Spike's species can only be hatched by magic.
His species is capable of using magic, and their eggs can only be hatched by use of magic.

Spike will grow wings.
Spike grew up in the show so far through magic and being greedy and selfish. Every other dragon that we've seen so far in the show is greedy and selfish. Who's to say he won't grow up differently and possibly get wings because he's NOT greedy and selfish like every other dragon we've seen?

"Secret of My Excess" — it shows him growing up, by greed growth. But how do we know that Greed-Growth is the only way he'll grow up? It's most likely a malformed (Not formed correctly), and evil version of how he'll grow up. Now that he's no longer selfish, he may look different when he's older.

"Cutie Mark Chronicles" — that version of him was created by magic, by twilight. It seems like that was just the newborn version of him, blown up to a larger size. And besides, we didn't even see if that version of him had wings. All we saw was his feet and his head. And as for the picture on the crate his egg was carried in, it was just to show what Twilight was suppose to do with the egg (it simply showed that she was to use magic, to hatch a dragon). As shown in Dragon Quest, ponies know literally nothing about dragons. They probably had no idea what the dragon would've looked like when it hatched. It was just a guess.

He's still just a baby dragon. His wings may grow in later. Or maybe he's just a late bloomer.

  • So... Growing up differently will make him look like all the other dragons?
    • What I mean is, his look when he was Greedy was simply a malformed (Not formed correctly) version of how he'll look when he's grown up. Now that he isn't greedy anymore, he'll grow up naturally. Meaning that he'll grow up like all the other dragons, with wings. It never said anywhere that dragons only grow up by practicing greed, but only that it accelerates their growth, and turns them into mindless beasts. None of the dragons we've seen act like that. The adults we saw in DragonShy and Owl's Well That Ends well could speak English (unlike Greedy spike), and weren’t necessarily greedy, but protective of their hoards. The dragon in DragonShy was being complimented by Rarity, only to find out she only wanted to steal his belongings. And the Dragon in Owl's Well That End's Well, was simply being territorial. Seeing another dragon in his cave, eating his food would set off his instincts. As for the teenage dragons, they were simply jerks. They weren't greedy at all, and yet it shows that they've grown. Also, Spike's grown since the Cutie Mark Chronicles, and yet didn't do it by being greedy.
      • The teenage dragons were acting pretty close to how teen Spike was, if less focused on hoarding. Adult!Spike was capable of understanding the ponies, and reacted more calmly the dragon from DragonShy, as he only defended himself with minimal force, and only after the Wonderbolts cut his spikes/spines/frills off. He was also talked down without Fluttershy's stare being used on him. We don't know how the two adults obtained their hordes, but all reactions imply that it was the same way that Adult!Spike got his. Finally, accelerating his growth doesn't mean, or even imply, that he would grow up malformed. All evidence points to Spike's growth in Secret of My Excess being sped up, but not taking a different path.
    • While Adult!Spike was capable of understanding the ponies, and reacted more calmly the dragon from DragonShy, that dragon could fully speak English along with the dragon in Owl's Well That End's Well. Adult!Spike, couldn't even speak. Which is why I thought that perhaps when Zecora said, “he'll turn into a monster,” that his Greedy form was a more monstrous result of a grown dragon practicing too much greed, which resulted in him losing his ability to talk. The dragon from DragonShy was only hostile because a certain Rainbow colored pegasus kicked him and screamed at him to get out, while he was sleeping. I'd be angry too. Besides, since the form in The Secret of My Excess was an accelerated form of a dragon when they practice too much greed, their form would be more monstrous. I feel that a dragon grows up normally, by practicing greed a little bit every day. It takes time, which makes it longer for them to age, but they eventually grow up. They still become greedy, but do are much less than they are through Greed Growth. And so become standard dragons with wings.
      • Why do people assume that adult Spike was incapable of speech? Adult dragons just don't seem to be big on talking. While the Owl's Well dragon spoke without prompting, the Dragonshy dragon had all of two lines, both after Fluttershy stared it into submission, and the adults from Dragon Quest were never even implied to say anything. The first episode in the series also established that dragons speak so rarely that most ponies aren't even aware that they can talk. After he reached full size, Spike just plain didn't have anything to say. Going silent for five minutes doesn't mean that a character has lost the ability to speak.
      • Zecora did say that he would turn into a monster, but every dragon with more than ten seconds of focus has shown some monstrous behavior. The red and green adults' had violent tempers and the teens were, well, teenagers. Even aside from the question of how literal that statement was, an adult dragon being referred to as a monster is hardly strange. A well behaved adult would be the oddity.
      • The teen dragons from Dragon Quest showed worse behavior than Greedy!Spike. Some of the background ones without a speaking role might have been nicer than the foreground ones, but that wasn't really shown. Garble and his gang had wings, but no sign of restraint. That doesn't seem to imply that wings come from good behavior.
      • The wings may not come from good behavior, but just grow in naturally overtime. What I think is that, dragons grow a little bit whenever they are just a little greedy. Or maybe greed isn't involved at all with how a dragon grows, but can accelerate the growth process, but like I said before, that growth process creates a malformed, adult dragon. All dragons will grow their wings overtime, but for some it takes longer. Spike is simply a late bloomer. Garble teases him about not having wings, because he can't remember a time he didn't have them. His memories of being a baby, are distant, and long forgotten, and so doesn't remember when he didn't have them.

Spike's lack of wings is the outward sign of a serious congenital birth defect.
And he's going to develop serious health problems as he gets older.What? You were all thinking it, I'm just saying it.
  • I think spike is just a late bloomer, or maybe since he's a still baby they'll grow in over time.
  • Jossed. All dragons are born wingless — wings are grown during puberty through a process called the Molt, and Spike grew his own wings when he molted in Season 8.

The reason that Spike grew up so quickly in "Secret of My Excess" is because...
He usually isn't growing up at all. Because of that, when he started to act true to his dragon nature, his dragon desires and dragon growth spurts all hit at once. If he was acting more dragon like all of the time, he would be growing at a more consistent rate, and would have reached adulthood more gradually.

Spike is actually a dinosaur, not a dragon.
Thus explaining why he's never going to grow wings.
  • Because dinosaurs with draconic abilitiesnote  make more sense than a wingless dragon.
    • Well, he discovered by accident, maybe as a baby, that gemstones give him firebreathing abilitiesnote . The lave thing is a power that Twilight gave him (through magic) just in case.
  • That also raises the question of how in hell a dinosaur got there and why it looks nothing like a dinosaur. Besides, there are plenty of dinosaurs with wings.

Spike is part changeling.
Queen Chrysalis uses green fire to teleport stuff. Spike also uses green fire to teleport stuff. Coincidence? Probably, but where's the fun in that? Shapeshifter ancestry would also help explain why he could grow up and un-grow up so quickly.
  • The comic book has Chrysalis send something through his flame, making her the only entity besides Celestia to do so. Maybe the process uses changeling magic?

Spike is unable to drown.
While we don't really know how well he swims, I would not be surprised at all if Spike was able to stay underwater almost indefinitely.
  • The dude's got a bunch of reptilian traits, he can probably swim like a crocodile.

Spike was a science experiment, conducted by a yet unseen villain.
Celestia obtained his egg, after defeating said villain.

Spike doesn't have wings, because he was born prematurely.
Twilight accidentally hatched his egg, before his infantile body was finished developing.
  • Jossed. All dragons are born wingless.

Spike really is a runt.
That is, he's abnormally small for his age — possibly something equivalent to congenital dwarfism or some other form of inhibited growth. A dragon his age should be around the same height Smolder is. This may also have resulted in his going through his molt later than normal — dragons likely molt a few years earlier than Spike did. As such, even as a fully grown adult, Spike will remain unusual small — while stilly plenty big by dragon standards, he'll always remain much smaller than Ember, Smolder, Garble and the rest even when they'll all be full-sized adults.

     Spike and Twilight/Spike's hatching 

The test was a Kobayashi Maru.
Spike wasn't supposed to hatch, it was a test to see how students deal with failure. The fact that Twilight succeeded made her the protege.

Spike does not look like a normal dragon because of Twilight.
Twilight did know how to hatch an egg, but simply did not have enough brute force at the time. She did not, however, know what a dragon hatchling looked like, and when she did have enough brute force, she just enlarged the embryo form instead.
  • During Twlight's test there is a poster stuck to the side of the table holding Spike's egg, and the picture on it is of a dragon which could reasonably be - spikes, lack of wings - a older example of whatever Spike's breed is. If we had seen the judges' reaction to Spike, that might have told us what they were expecting and whether he looks the way he should.

Spike's species imprint on the first living thing they see when they hatch.
In Spike's case, it's possible that he's imprinted onto unicorns, such as his closest friend, Twilight. Hence why he also has a near-obsessive crush on Rarity (another unicorn). He's been wired to see unicorns as potential mates.
  • Also, it could be assumed that the first living thing Spike saw was either Twilight or Celestia. Twilight may even be more probable since Celestia is a Unicorn Pegasus.
  • As of "Cutie Mark Chronicles", we get confirmation that Twilight probably was the first creature Spike saw - hell, she was the one who hatched him!

Spike's mom is Twilight
She gave one of her ovum to Celestia who impregnated it with dragon seed and gave the egg to Twilight. Explains why he's purple.

Spike was born from a fake egg.
Going with Unwinnable Training Simulation based WMG in the Twilight Sparkle folder on the Mane Characters page. The egg in Twilight's entrance exam was fake, but Twilight turned it real with magic. Making this an Achievement In Ignorance.

One of Twilight's duties is studying Spike.
Secret of My Excess made it painfully clear that nopony native to Equestria knows much about dragons or the dragon lifecycle. Twilight didn't have any books that she could consult, didn't try asking Celestia for help, and went to a pediatrician and a veterinarian as well as Zecora. Additionally, Fluttershy wasn't even aware that dragons could talk before meeting Spike.

As Celestia is too busy to watch Spike full time, as soon as she completed a few preliminary studies to make sure that he wasn't a serious threat, she entrusted him to the care of her most trusted and faithful student for care and observation. Presumably, some of that royal business that Spike returns to Canterlot for is to be examined by Celestia herself.

  • That makes a lot of sense. The only one in Ponyville who knew anything about dragons was Zecora, a zebra from a faraway land. We haven't seen another baby dragon in the series yet, which implies that they're VERY rare, and if they're going to be raised by a pony they're not going to be raised by just anypony.

Spike is only with Twilight because she's the one who hatched him.
Dragons must be very rare in Equestria, seeing as how so few ponies know anything about them and we've yet to see a single other baby dragon in the series to date. As such, if a baby dragon were to go into the custody of a pony, it wouldn't be given to just ANY pony. The reason Spike is with Twilight is that she was the one who hatched him, so he has a special emotional bond with her. Not a maternal bond, but still a very strong, unbreakable bond. As a result, Spike was sent to live with her, if partially for his own sake. Without her, he could go into a deep depression, which could also explain why he was so quick to run away the moment he felt "rejected" by her in Owl's Well That Ends Well.

Spike sees Twilight as a sister.
Word of Faust has confirmed, it was Princess Celestia who raised and trained Spike before he ended up living with Twilight Sparkle. However, she felt that they both belonged together seeing as it was Twilight who hatched him. This would explain why during the beginning of winter wrap up he said,"You're not mommy," to Twilight. Because he saw Celestia like a mother figure. But Spike does care about Twilight. Like in Owl's Well That Ends Well, when he runs away because he thinks Twilight doesn't love him anymore. He was also going out of his way to frame Twilight's pet owl, who was being favored by the girls at the time. It's like a child being jealous of the new baby, and Spike wanting the attention from his family (twilight). Also, Celestia wouldn't just give a young mare, a kid that she barely knows. Unless they had a special connection. Just like in the The Cutie Mark Chronicles, it has been confirmed that friends may have a special bond that they may not even know about yet. In Secret of my Excess, it was shown that Twilight is the only one who gave Spike presents for his birthday back when they were in Canterlot together. Confirming that they only really had each other when they were little. It should also be noted that in Baby Cakes, Twilight states that she knows what babies need, in order to be properly taken care of. Now she was only a little filly, but in her spare time, she probably helped Celestia raise Spike, sorta like how a big sister would help the mom take care of the baby.
  • The show may change the idea for Spike's background. This idea was by Lauren, and seeing as she sadly, is no longer a major part of making FIM episodes, this may change. She said herself, the show may treat it differently.
    • In Cathy Weseluck's interview, she states that Spike does seem to share a big sister-little brother relationship with Twilight (she didn't outwardly say it, but it was heavily implied that she meant Twilight)
  • See also this comic.

Spike has no parents, and was created by magic.
Princess Celestia had sensed the Element of Magic in Twilight Sparkle, and so made a change to the entrance exam. Celestia wanted to make the exam more challenging for Twilight, and so picked a challenge that required using a large amount of magic. The new test was bringing something to life. Dragons are tough creatures, due to their thick scales, and thus more resistant to magic. Which would make hatching a dragon, more challenging. However, Celestia knew that dragons are very protective of their babies, and refused to steal a child from its parents. And so, she created a dragon egg with her magic, for Twilight to hatch in the entrance exam. And raised him, with some help from Twilight of course.

Spike is giving Celestia reports on Twilight's behavior.
With express orders to contact her when it looks like Twilight will do something dangerous. He might not have been doing this since the beginning of the series, but certainly since Lesson Zero. That's also why Celestia was waiting in the Starswirl section of the archives in It's About Time.

Twilight Sparkle didn't actually mature Spike to adulthood when she hatched him.
Rather, Spike matured to that size as a reflexive defensive to the uncontrolled magic she was throwing around. Should Twilight go into another uncontrolled meltdown while standing next to Spike, he'll take a more combat capable form again.

The season 5 finale was secretly Spike's It's a Wonderful Plot.
Erasing the rainboom from history caused all manners of Bad Future for Equestria. But this is not because it destroyed the magical bond between the Mane 6. It is actually because Spike's existence, brought about by a rainboom powered Twilight, is really really important.
  • Well, seeing that, as of the end of Season 6, he's responsible for the installment of three different heads of state (Cadance, Ember and to a lesser extent Thorax), there might be something to this.

     Spike and Rarity/Romantic interests 
Before he met Rarity, Spike had a crush on Moondancer.

Rarity is not Spike's first cross-species crush.
In episode one, Spike was seen carrying a present. When Twilight asked him what it was, he says it was a present for Moon Dancer. A few minutes before, an unnamed pony invites Twilight to a party Moon Dancer was throwing in the palace courtyard. Assuming that renting the palace courtyard isn't something just anypony can do, along with how quickly Spike falls for Rarity, it could imply that Moon Dancer was a noble, and Spike just has a thing for regal ponies (possibly a subconscious reaction because of their access to jewels).

Spike will ultimately win over Rarity...
By polishing his scales. Have we ever seen Rarity not enamored with something she can admire herself in?

Spike's crush on Rarity is just a "crush" and won't grow into anything more.
While it's been revealed that Rarity herself knows about Spike's "romantic" feelings for her, it probably won't evolve into an actual relationship. Spike is a youngster of a different species, and Rarity would prefer their relationship to be the way it always was. This would fit right in with a cartoon about friendship aimed primarily at children.

Rarity does want Spike
Rarity will bide her time and test Spike's feelings for her to make sure they're more than just a crush and mold him into the perfect gentleman. If she can then get him to grow to a manageable size, she'll have the perfect boyfriend. Well, aside from him being a dragon and her being a pony.

The Fire Ruby that Spike gave to Rarity will become a Chekhov's Gun
Spike mentions that he's been aging the ruby in preparation for eating it. Since he gave it away rather than simply eating it, it will continue to grow and store energy that will later be used to temporarily transform Spike into an adult dragon that is not as monstrous as his "greedy" form but even more powerful. It may even be able to unlock a mysterious seventh Element of Harmony: Love.
  • More poetically, it's a symbol of his generosity.
    • It's more a symbol of his love for Rarity than his inherent generosity, Spike is a nice guy and all but I doubt he would have given the gem to Applejack or Rainbow Dash if they'd shown any interest in it.
      • Probably, but it is explicitly said that he would only change back with a great act of generosity, which was fulfilled with him remembering how he had given the ruby to Rarity.
      • No it isn't, in fact they have no idea how to change him back, just that they need to try and curb his greed to stop his growth. Remembering how he gave the Fire Ruby to Rarity purged his heart of greed which is why he changed back to his chronological age. They didn't know that would happen.
  • It already was a Chekhov's Gun inside the episode. It's not likely that the creators will implement that kind of episode-to-episode (or, now, season-to-season) continuity.
  • It sort of acted as this in the second IDW comics arc; it helped Spike confirm that Rarity was not herself when she didn't recognize it.

Spike's crush on Rarity started with her cutie mark.
Seeing as how he's obsessed with gems (being a dragon and all) Rarity's cutie mark was initially the main reason he developed a crush on her, though that was a subconscious reason. Over time, he did start liking her for other reasons, though.

Spike and Rarity will have kids.
Despite their difference in age, Rarity will realize Spike's feelings, and overtime return them. As shown in past episodes, he is a different breed of dragon. And so he'll grow at a different rate (much faster than other dragons), and have different appearance than other dragons too. As time goes by, and he grows older, he and Rarity will decide to have kids. Ponies and dragons can in fact breed. They can give birth to an animal called a kirin. Kirins are descended from pony/dragon hybrids.

Spike lost interest in Rarity.
At the end of "A Canterlot Wedding Part 2" we see him dancing with her sister, Sweetie Belle. Maybe he decided that being with someone closer to his age would be a tad less squicky?
  • At weddings the ring bearer, which is Spike, dances with the flower girl, which was Sweetie Belle (well, one of them anyway)
  • During The Cutie Pox incident when Twilight gets Rarity's hairstyle Spike fawns over her and completely disregards Rarity, who's standing right there! Guess he just REALLY liked her mane...
  • Might also have something to do with Rarity treating him like a "cute little boy", instead of an equal lover, in Dragon Quest. Spike... didn't really appreciate her compliments in that episode. Perhaps with this "awkward aunt" act Rarity is trying to slightly shake off Spike's adorable, but potentially troublesome crush.
  • Jossed, as of the episode "Spike At Your Service," he still seems to have a crush on Rarity.

     Spike's Origins 
Spike is a hybrid dragon.
In the show, we see few different types of dragon species, and it wouldn't be too unreasonable to believe there are a few other different species as well. Spike is a crossbreed between two different dragon species, a huge taboo in the dragon world. Either his egg was abandoned and then picked up by Celestia, or his parents gave him to her so he can grow up in a safe, accepting environment. Had he stayed living with dragons, he would've been tormented constantly for being a hybrid, or perhaps even killed for it.

Spike comes from a far away place where dragons are hunted.
In this place, dragons are feared and hated. Often they are killed on sight, and while strong, they are too few in numbers to fight back for the long run. Princess Celestia takes in refugees and eggs smuggled into Equestria, but since the journey is long and dangerous and since everyone in that land is out to kill dragons, very few actually make it. Spike's egg was smuggled in by a benevolent pony after all his relatives were killed, which is why he's being raised by ponies.

Spike being raised by ponies because of a pact between the Dragons and Princess Celestia
Sort of like how Highfather and Darkseid switched sons to prevent war between them.

Spike is the King of Dragons.
His egg was given to Princess Celetia for safekeeping. As seen in the previous WMG his egg was never supposed to hatch (dragon's eggs will hatch naturally in their own time, but it takes several years). Spike was essentially born premature. He was eventually passed to Twilight Sparkle because of her great knowledge and the care she took in her studies reflected the level of care she also put into raising Spike. Spike is being groomed to move the Dragons away from their solitary lifestyle and to a more centralized form of government with greater socialization and less fighting amongst one another. Notice that Spike doesn't seem to regard Princess Celestia with much more respect than he would any other Pony and he is one of the few (only?) characters who is shown not bowing to her, this is because he is not one of her subjects, but her equal.
  • Jossed. The Dragon Lord isn't a hereditary title, though Spike held the position very briefly.
Spike is a prehistoric dragon.
His cute little purple-and-green egg wasn't fake: it was a fossil. To revive him, Twilight Sparkle unconsciously used the ancient amniomorphic spell- a spell that the mighty Star Swirl himself invented. Effectively, this makes Spike the Last of His Kind.

Spike's parents...
Are Spyro and Cynder.

Celestia fought, and possibly killed, Spike's mother.
Given how protective a dragon is of their horde, they probably don't leave their eggs just lying around. From the reactions of various ponies, dragons are known to go on the occasional rampage, and from the power even a non-combative dragon has displayed, Celestia is one of the few entities that could fight them. So, after a dragon either died or fled, she left her horde behind for Celestia to examine, complete with an egg.Whether Spike knows about this, and how he would react, are yet unknown.
  • With the exception of the teenage dragons, the dragons in MLP haven't been portrayed as being particularly social creatures. If they're strongly based on reptiles, which they at least moderately are, it wouldn't be surprising if they literally did essentially leave their eggs just lying around. A lot of reptiles will lay their eggs in an environment that can support them, and then just leave the young to fend for themselves. This would make sense for territorial and greedy dragons. The teenagers can be explained as a necessary step in the development of a sentient species, and understandable given their territorialness and seeming vast amounts of testosterone.

Spike's species is from a land far, far away from Equestria, possibly Zecora's homeland.
In the Great Dragon Migration we see in the episode "Dragon Quest", we only see ONE other wingless dragon. (the one with the huge tail) The other dragons even point out that he has no wings and question his dragon-hood because of it. Twilight knows his egg was found, but not who found it and where it was found. The lack of wingless dragons at the migration could imply that his species is not native to Equestria, rather, it is a rare species that is found far, far away. Zecora was the only creature in Ponyville who knew anything about dragons. So, Spike's species is from Zecora's homeland. His egg was stolen by a travelling merchant who hoped to sell it in a faraway place. Somepony found the egg at a market in Canterlot and was unable to identify what type of dragon egg it was. Intrigued, the pony bought the egg and brought it to Celestia in hopes that she or her students could figure it out.

Spike and Princess Celestia seem to have some kind of special connection, as they can send scrolls to each other, but Twilight, who's special talent is magic, can't send scrolls to either. Spike's egg was also kept in Canterlot, in Princess Celestia's private school, far from any dragons, raising the question of just who's egg it is. The cart it was kept on had a picture of a wingless dragon, showing that they knew something about what Spike would look like, possibly a drawing of Celestia's old partner. Obviously, his pony traits are recessive. How do a dragon and a pegasus unicorn make a baby? Well, when a horse and dragon love each other very much...
  • Actually, Lauren said that she simply sent the egg out for twilight, to test her and see if she was the element of magic. So it's implied that Celestia had gotten the egg, just to test twilight (where she got it from, is still up for debate). And the whole "fire sending scrolls" thing was simply something she taught to him, it's not because of a bond. Dragons can belch powerful flames, so she used this trait as a way to send and receive scrolls. Though it is true that Celestia MAY have raised him for some time, making her practically his mom, before pawning him off to twilight. And that even she didn't know much about dragons, let alone see a baby one. So she couldn't have really known any dragons, since her whole reason for raising him, was to learn more about dragons, and how to raise one. Though Lauren said that this concept was never officially added into the show yet, so the writers may change his backstory (and judging by the route dragon quest took, no one is really sure at this point...)
    • Princess Celestia had been using her egg to test her more promising students because she was unable to hatch it herself. She doesn't know much about dragons because her affair with a dragon was a one night stand, and after he failed to call back, hell if she was going to more dragons for help. The fire mail trick was one of the few dragon abilities that she knew about,note  so she taught it to Spike that way she'd always be able to keep in touch with her son.
    • Garble's reaction to Spike's fire mail implies that it is a dragon ability, but we've never seen any ponies use it, or seen Spike use it to contact someone other than Celestia, which implies that Celestia is the only pony that can use it, which raises the question of why only she can do it.
      • Actually when you see him belch up a scroll, all the other dragons sound confused. While dragons can belch up flames, they don't seem to send letters with it. Also, Lauren said that he was taught by Celestia to do that letter-sending flame, so he can send to her what twilight learns on friendship. Although she didn't know that, that was what it was for at the time. She mainly taught it to him, having a feeling that one day it would come in handy. So basically, it's a learned skill: how he sends letters, and who to send them to. He's only learned how to send letters to celestia, he's never tried to send letters to anyone else. And celestia seems to be the only one who has strong enough magic to send letters to spike back. But it's mainly for sending letters and replies to twilight, or just spike (sending him his own ticket to the gala, and presumably a letter telling him to come to canterlot for business).

Spike comes from a long line of Guardian dragons
Spike comes from a rare breed of dragon who leave their children in the care of other species. The kids will grow up and eventually protect the ones that raised them. This would explain why adult Spike doesn't have wings; it makes him less threatening and more dependent on the species that's raising him and may only grow wings when it's time to breed. Usually they wouldn't leave their young with ponies due to their much shorter life span and they are such push-overs compared to most species. However, they probably make rare exceptions…
  • This would, in fact, explain why Celestia won't tell Spike where he's from. If Spike knows, then Twilight will eventually know, and she'll eventually start to question why she's important enough to be an exception. Probably the thing that'll make her suspicious of whatever Celestia has planned for her future.

Spike is a guinea pig in an experiment to test an indoctrinated dragon's suitability for living in pony culture.
Mature dragons have been shown to be disruptive ("Dragonshy") if not outright destructive ("Secret of My Excess") to the lives of ponies, while dragons that are prevented from engaging in the hoarding that enables them to mature are kept in a manageable diminutive state. As has been established in "A Bird in the Hoof", Celestia loves all creatures great and small, but as any sane ruler would tell you, the needs of the people come first. Regardless of how Celestia learned of the maturation process of dragons in the first place (Zecora knew of it, so there's no reason Celestia wouldn't as well), if stunting the growth of dragons by civilizing them and subordinating them to capable, trustworthy ponies (such as Twilight) from birth is for the protection of ponykind, then it shall be done.

It has never been officially explained how Celestia obtained the egg Spike was hatched from for Twilight's test in "Cutie Mark Chronicles", so it can safely be speculated that the egg was retrieved (by whatever means necessary) for the purpose of this experiment with the long-term goal of decreasing the threat of dragons to ponies within a few generations. The mature Spike's rampage in "Secret of My Excess" may very well have served to cement the necessity of indoctrinating dragons in the eyes of the citizens by reminding them of the danger that uncivilized dragons pose first-hand.

Spike's eventual rejection of his "dragon-ness" in "Dragon Quest" is fairly solid proof that the experiment is a success; the point is further driven home by Spike proclaiming his intent to teach his adopted phoenix Pee-Wee how to "be a pony". With these developments, it can be assumed that Celestia will be justified in incorporating the hatching of dragon eggs as a regular part of the entrance exams in her School for Gifted Unicorns, thus paving the way for other "ponified" dragons to make their appearance in pony civilizations.

As for how a "ponified" dragon such as Spike is supposed to age over the years if they are not allowed to physically mature, this brings to mind the case of actor Dick Beals, who, due to a glandular issue, retained his childish proportions and voice well into his elderly years. Who is to say that Spike and other dragons in his scenario wouldn't go through a similar process?

  • There is one problem with this theory, which is that Celestia never warned Twilight about the effect that hoarding would have on Spike. Since one minor mistake could undo all the work put into raising Spike as well as endangering crowds of ponies, it is unlikely that Celestia knew that detail of dragon growth. Spike being raised as a deliberate attempt to indoctrinate dragons with the pony lifestyle is still plausible, though.

Spike's mother is Pinkie Pie.
I'm surprised no one noticed that when Pinkie Pie lays an egg when dressed like a chicken, it looks just like the egg Spike was born! She used Time Travel or something to put him in the past.

Spike's mother and Celestia were friends.
But then, Spike's mother died, and her last wish was for Celestia to raise Spike.

Spike is Equestria's tarrasque.
He is an earth dragon, the only one in this world and yet another menace upon it. Celestia knows this and is nonetheless trying to make him a force for good.

Spike's parents were nobody.
They were filthy opportunists, who sold him off for gems. They're dead, in a pauper's grave in the Dragon Lands. He has no place in this story. He comes from nothing. He's nothing. ...But not to us.////Shout-Out aside, this fits the meta-narrative. His attempts to learn of his origins in "Dragon Quest" and "Father Knows Beast" have only yielded disappointment and made him realized his adopted family was his real one. The writers have admitted to not knowing what to do with him and preferring to focus on other characters. He has no important past because there were no plans for him, his importance comes from what he's done at present. His parents and past are irrelevant.

     Where does he go? 
Spike is a secret agent
The reason he's not seen when he should have been in episodes like "The Last Round-up" or "Read it and Weep"? He was fighting Doctor Hoofenshmirtz while the mane 6 were off doing their own adventures.

The reason Spike hasn't been seen much in Season 2 is...
Because he's also a diplomat to dragon lands for Celestia. He hasn't shown up much this season because he hasn't had much TIME to show up.
  • Interesting theory, but Secret of my Excess, pretty much proves that ponies don't know anything about dragons. So they probably don't interact with ponies, let alone with a baby dragon raised by ponies. Also, if DragonShy and Owl's Well That Ends Well are anything to go by, it shows that dragons keep to themselves, and live in separate areas. I doubt that they have a form of government. They seem like the kind of species that are loners. I always felt that Twilight was just overloading him with a lot of chores to do. He, being the nice guy he is, would help with no complaints. But this would cut into his time with his friends, and Twilight wouldn't really seem to notice it. she'd be too busy either studying, or going on many adventures with her friends. Eventually she and the others would find out about how lonely he can get at the library, and will attempt to spend more time with him. Which will lead to him being more active in season 3.
    • In "It's About Time", he says that Twilight's adventures give him time to catch up on his sleep.

Spike has his own friends, who he regularly hangs out with.
Because it would be weird for a guy to always hang around his older sister's friends, and he doesn't get that much screen time. When we don't see him, assume he's with his own friends. I don't know who, so let's just say Snips, Snails, & Big Macintosh.
  • It does seem to make sense, since it's shown in The Secret Of My Excess that he has enough friends that he could get tons of gifts from, when he turned greedy. It's shown that he knows a colt called Lickety-Split (similar to the g1 pony from the movie). We've also seen that the cutie mark crusaders have interacted with him before, just offscreen. We probably just don't see him hang out with them much, since he's practically married to his work, and seems to have fun hanging out with the mane 6 much more. Sure it may seem weird to hang out with a sister's friends, but many siblings do that often, and the mane 6 seem to enjoy having him around. They don't seem to be complaining.
  • It's not THAT weird that he hangs with Twilight's friends, whom are his friends, too. My younger brother and I share several common friends. With a friend like Pinkie Pie, he probably at least KNOWS enough ponies who are naive enough to give him stuff for his birthday just because he announces it is. He directly refers to the Mane 6 as his friends.

Spike hangs out with the CMC off-screen often
That's why he doesn't get "invited" to anything. He has his own stuff going on.

Spike isn't seen much because he goes to school
Considering the fact that he's still treated like a child, when twilight and spike moved to Ponyville, he was enrolled in an elementary school, like the one the CMC are in. However, because of his busy schedule, helping in the library,he has to go to school at a different time, which is why we don't see him in class with the CMC. Or perhaps he goes to another school in Ponyville (it's never stated that there's only one school there, and then goes back to the house to do chores. There's also the possibility that Twilight home-schools him, and has him do homework at the treehouse.
  • It's possible he goes to the equivalent of a junior-high school, the CMC are in what appears to be an elementary school and he's older than they are.
  • Spike having the time to attend school off screen seems unlikely. He has a full time job assisting Twilight, to the point that he doesn't even have weekends off most of the time. It seems more likely that he finished whatever school Equestria requires before he was given the job as Twilight's assistant.
  • Assuming that he's been with Twilight full time since he hatched, that means that he probably attended the same classes, or at least the same school, as Twilight did. Take that as you will.

When Spike's not hanging out with the Mane Six, he's busy managing the library.
Since we rarely see Twilight acting like a librarian, and it seems unreasonable to close the library every single time Twilight goes out/is away on business. He's certainly competent enough.


Spike is a stealth Audience Surrogate.
Expanding on the fridge entry regarding the Gala and Spike's response (he claims not to enjoy such "frilly, frou frou nonsense", yet giggles excitedly when the others are out of earshot), Spike's personality resembles a typical male viewer of the show. He snarks about the characters, doesn't want to be involved in fashion or other girly stuff, and all around feels out of place. Yet it's clear that he has a lot of fun as a whole, and wouldn't have anything any other way.

Spike is somehow related to Spyro the Dragon.
Ancient ancestor maybe? With the events of the spyro games taking place long after the ponies too, have been wiped out as the humans were before them?

Spike isn't "Spike's" real name.
Dragons never reveal their True Name. So Spike is a nickname of sorts. If anyone does know his real name, Twilight might.

Spike will be given a male pony friend.
Who he refers to as his "brony".
  • Sort-of confirmed. As of "Dungeons and Discords", he's been hanging out with Big Mac and Discord, although he doesn't use any specific nicknames for them.

Spike has serious species identity issues from being raised among ponies.
He has a crush on a pony, and in his imagine spot, he rescues Rarity as a KNIGHT, a dragon's natural enemy.

Hoity Toity and Spike are friends.
Hoity Toity watched Rarity's fashion shows as a favor to Spike.

Spike's singing voice is ridiculously sexy.
He's the only Mane character who hasn't sung yet (well, except in "Equestria Girls", but that doesn't really count), one of his episodes will revolve around how he has a really good singing voice (dubbed by a guy). Possibly in a Whole Plot Reference to the story of the Nightingale.
  • Even if it does count.
  • Evidence in this video and this one.
  • He sang the Failure Song with Twilight in The Crystal Empire. It wasn't particularly sexy, but if it's any consolation, he does seem to have some pretty awesome ballet skills.

Spike absorbed some of Discord's power while 'borrowing' an Element of Harmony.
Because in the episode immediately subsequent, he's a bit more aware of the fourth wall than usual, rolling away backgrounds and flashbacks to say the least.

Spike will be given a Henshin Hero transformation.
In keeping with the Mane Cast's Magical Girl transformations.
  • Voiced by Steve Blum?
  • Well, in the Guardians of Equestria comic, he does temporarily go into "big dragon" form because of a spell. Maybe they'll make it canon in the show sooner or later?

Spike's magic fax-machine ability isn't natural to his breed of dragon.
Rather, its a side-effect of the massive overload of magic Twilight used to hatch him and transform him by accident.
  • Or he's been magic'd by Princess Celestia.

Spike will be granted his own special Cutie Mark.
After an episode where he feels ostracized and left out because Dragons don't have cutie marks. Either Twilight or Celestia will use their magic to grant him one of his own after proving himself in some fashion. Ideas for his mark are:
  • A burst of green fire
  • A scroll in engulfed in green flames
  • a stylized green dragon
  • A dragon's wing
  • A microphone (he does love announcing...)

Spike's adult form will appear again at some point, but in a completely different fashion
Either he somehow gains the ability to transform into it (not at will, but if certain circumstances are met) or the group will face a threat, possibly the next Big Bad, that forces them over the Godzilla Threshold and Spike willingly invokes it to save the day, the group having to talk him down afterwards.
  • Alternatively, Spike ATTEMPTS to invoke this growth spurt again to try to help them, but can't because there's no greed in his heart, only a desire to protect the ones he loves. But this will result in him taking on a third, different adult form born from the Power of Love and Power of Friendship it may or may not also involve the Elements of Harmony empowering him.

Spike will be the next bearer of the Elements of Harmony
It's pretty much know that dragon have very very long lives, and Spike shouldn't be an exception of this: He will outlive everyone in Ponyville. He has shown several ways in which he embodies several of the elements already, more explicitly:
  • Friendship/Magic: He has been Twilight's best friend since he was born, and is the only one who has a direct line with Princess Celestia. Whether if it's his own fire or the parchments that are enchanted is irrelevant: He's the only one who has that magical task.
  • Loyalty: "Congratulations, you're the new Rainbow Dash". Plus, like said before, he has been at Twilight's side from birth.
  • Generosity: In "Secret of my excess" He managed to suppress his greedy dragon nature by remembering an act of generosity he had towards Rarity.
  • Honesty: In "Owls Well that Ends Well" He learns the harm of lying, and often tell the other ponies exactly what he thinks
  • Kindness: Spike is always helping out the ponies with one project or another, even if the task is menial, like using his fire-breath to cook cakes and re-heat things and shows great concern for Fluttershy when she's missing in "Feeling Pinkie Keen."
  • Laughter: While his sense of humor is less bubbly and more wise-cracking Spike is still a funny guy who often manages to find humor even in bad situations
    • Since Spike seems to embody all of the elements of Harmony there may even be a time where he's tasked on taking them all on and combining them with his dragon powers to save Equestria.

Spike didn't get along with the Dragons from Dragon Quest because they're a different type of dragon
It's implied that spike may be a wingless type of dragon. However, he didn't know that he may be a wingless dragon, and simply joined the winged dragons in hopes of fitting in. But really, he is a type of wingless dragon, and would get along much better with his breed of dragon, having much more in common with them, and it being easier to live with them.
  • Perhaps Spike is a type of Cloud Serpent? A picture of Gold Cloud Serpent: . Both are wingless 'dragons' even though Cloud Serpents usually represent types of magic (ie, Wisdom, Harmony, Hope, Darkness, Shadow, Celestial patterns, etc) and when young, they DO look similar to Spike, except they already have large horns and "beards".
    • Some, such as Mother of Cloud Serpents, Yu-lon, Element of Wisdom, have a slightly chimeric look. She has fur, like mammals, claws that look more like mammal claws, and less scales than you would expect on a true dragon/Cloud Serpent. I think Spike might be some sort of descendant of Yu-lon x Real Cloud Serpent. Yu-lon's own children... are more of a 'wat' since she seems to mate with either a bird or a tiger, to produce even more messed up things.

Spike will be a Fire Fighter / Emergency Disaster Relief Worker.

And will look like the above image.We've already seen Spike take a diving leap off a cliff into lava and belly flopping on it painfully before sinking into the lava and coming up only slightly stunned from the fall. A feat other young dragons consider extremely though.He's likely very resistant to fire, tough, and if he can figure out a way to use his Letter Sending Fire Breath to work on ponies needing emergency EVAC, would make a geat Fire and Rescue Dragon.

If they DO have a Rule 63 episode, Female!Spike will have a male voice actor.
An inversion of how Male!Spike has a female voice actor. Maybe it'll be Charlie Adler, who voiced G1 Spike and has done female voices before.
  • I actually think that they'll just stick with Cathy Weseluck. Not only is she already a female, but she's done other voice work too.
    • But that wouldn't be as entertaining. Gender swapped Spike would probably have a really deep voice, and make fun of male Spike for sounding like a girl.
      • Male!Spike "sounds like a girl" because he's still a kid. Young boys are often voice-acted by ladies.

Spike is unstable, and is about to snap
When I say unstable, I mean that he is harboring anger inside of him, caused by the mane 6. Sure the other 6 ponies care about him, but they do definitely take him for granted. On many occasions they hit him, insult, or just laugh at his misfortunes. And it doesn't help that they tend to ignore him (grand galloping gala) or not take him on many adventures. Eventually this will all take a toll on him, and he'll finally snap. Resulting in a enormous "The Reason You Suck Speech" to all the mane 6.

Spike is the Dragon's soul who inhabits the body of the Dragonborn
In many of Spike's fantasies he sees himself as a hero, by being sent to Skyrim his wish was finally granted.

Spike will have an episode where he asks to be turned into a pony.
And he will be absolutely adorkable, If My Calculations Are Correct. Thanks to all the Fridge Horror people have had about dragon lifespans, "The Secret to My Excess", and Spike's experience of feral juvenile dragons' apparently typical behavior, he may request that Celestia or Twilight turn him into a pony, only to realize that he's not meant to be a pony, but should be a shining (or at least only mildly scuffed, too much expectation of responsibility can be bad for Spike) example of what dragonkind could be as he grows up.

Spike is suffering from psychological issues where he feels compelled to help people
Spike has spent a good portion of his life defining himself as "Twilight's #1 assistant." He grew as a lone dragon in a world filled with pony's, beings that not are only different species but creatures from a different family, who walks and eats in extremely different ways. Isolation was inevitable, made worse by Twilight's own unwillingness to make friends and (possibly) being raised by the Princess. Spike spends a lot of his friends serving them.

After the events of "Secrets of My Excess" and "Dragon Quest," Spike was scared by his own species destructiveness/assholeness making, him come up with the "dragon code" to avoid greed and live a life of servitude, to avoid greed and never become the dragon he truly is. Spike is becoming more of a doormat than Fluttershy, yet no one notices there is a problem, or knows the alternate is him going Godzilla.

  • He could be trying to help people more to curb his greedy side without it being some kind of "psychological compulsion". Just saying.

Spike will become a Princess.
Depending on how the title works. As an long lived being of great power, he was sent to work for Twilight Sparkle to prepare him for his eventual adoption and ascension by Celestia and his role managing Equestria for centuries to come. As the only long lived member of the mane cast, he's the only one that will live long enough for Celestia to think he'll be worth training as a co-ruler.

Spike's middle name is "Spiegel".
Just so his full name could be Spike Spiegel Sparkle.
  • ...Since when was Spike's last name Sparkle? Heck, since when was Sparkle Twilight Sparkle's surname? For all we know, her surname is actually Twilight, or maybe Armor. And since when has Spike even maybe been adopted by Twilight?
  • For that matter, there's been no real indication that surnames (and by extension middle names) are even a thing in Equestria outside of certain very specific cases. If anything, the show's been implying the exact opposite.

"Spike At Your Service" actually took place much earlier, chronologically.
Much of his incompetence in the episode is at things he's been shown to do just fine in other episodes, such as baking. Of course, if he hadn't learned how to do these things yet, there's no way he would know how to at a moments notice. The reason why he never brought up the dragon code after many of the times he's been saved in earlier episodes is because this specific time was actually the first time someone saved his life, thus his extreme reaction of not taking no for an answer. Since at the end it was pretty much decided "Don't take this so seriously", it hasn't been brought up again.

Princess Celestia planned on Spike wielding the Elements of Harmony together with Twilight Sparkle.
Spike was brought up alongside Twilight Sparkle, supporting her like she was his own flesh and blood. He was something of a social animal, being kind to strangers and trying to get Twilight to socialize. Most importantly, he was with Twilight Sparkle all the time, making him the one person that Celestia had any reason to believe would accompany Twilight Sparkle into the Everfree Forest to confront Nightmare Moon.

Princess Celestia was planning on two wielders for the Elements of Harmony, the way that she and her sisters wielded them. Spike the dragon, a potential powerhouse with a loyal heart, was raised alongside Twilight Sparkle so that they both would have a strong connection with at least one other person, and so both would know the magic of friendship needed to awaken the Elements.

Then Twilight left him behind without even explaining where she was going or what she was doing. While Celestia was happy that Twilight made more friends, she's still kind of annoyed that Twilight ruined a plan that she'd been working on since Spike was hatched and Twilight got her cutie mark.

  • So that's why she only sent two tickets when she obviously had more.

Spike was raised on a meat diet.
Would you expect a dragon to be able to digest plant matter? We've seen dragons try to eat meat, so starting Spike on a diet of chicken, fish, and ham is more likely than trying to get him to eat hay.
  • But in The Ticket Master, he ordered extra-crispy hay fries for himself and actually says he doesn't mind eating grass, though he wishes the cafe they were at served gems. As far as the series has shown, gems are not only his main diet, it's every dragon's normal diet, and there's plenty to go around in Equestria for them to chow down on. And even if their weren't, Spike really can eat grass (or at least cooked grass) without problems, and don't forget the abundance of sweets that he can eat too. It's probably safe to say he's never touched meat in his life, and any other dragon would most likely only do it out of serious starvation or just being a teenage jerk (Though IIRC, Garble never specified what he wanted to do with the chicks beyond taking them when he & his gang couldn't smash the eggs. But even if he really did plan on eating them, that just seems to me more like a rebellious thing than a diet thing).
    • Spike eats pony food now, but that doesn't mean that he's eaten it his entire life. As far as gems go, we know that he mostly eats pony food with gems being a treat rather than staple. The teenage dragons considered gems a party food as well, and only one of the adults had a large stash of gems. The other had a variety of valuables in his horde, with gems only being part of jewelry. And only Rarity can find gems easily, with everyone else needed to mine for them, so they aren't super common. The teenage dragons tried to eat the phoenix chicks, the green adult tried to eat Spike, and the ponies have mentioned dragons eating ponies, so the ponies that raised Spike would have reason to believe that he's a carnivore without much reason to believe that he can digest plant matter. Meat is easier to digest than plant matter, after all. Heck, would Celestia even know that dragons eat gems?

Spike's cutie mark is/would be the design on his collar from My Little Pony: Equestria Girls.
Okay, everyone in the Equestria Girls world wore a personalized design somewhere, which were the cutie marks of their pony counterparts. Spike's dog self had a collar with a heart symbol on it, the same way that the other characters had their cutie mark design on them.

So, if he was a pony, his cutie mark would be a heart symbol in a golden circle.

Spike is intended to be the little brother that every little girl wishes they had.
Let's assume that Twilight, as the main character, is intended as the surrogate for the main target audience: little girls. Now let's review Spike.

1) He's a baby with Twilight as his sole guardian. (He's a baby, so he can't exert himself too much and is dependent on his older, more mature sibling. Twilight also has the authority and power to discipline him if necessary.)

2) He's Twilight's hard-working assistant. (He's willing to work for you with little fuss.)

3) He's a fairly nice guy who shares a lot of the girls' interests. (Girls would be perfectly willing to hang out with him.)

4) When he does something wrong, he's usually punished fairly quickly for it. He is also frequently the butt of jokes. (An annoying little brother gets karmic retribution. Also, kids can be real brats, so watching Spike suffer is funny.)

5) He's a dragon, a separate and mysterious species. (Boys are weird.)

I'm not trying to say that all kids think this way, or that Spike isn't a good character. I simply think that his underlying fantasy is something kids would find appealing. Also, I think a lot of the weird ways he gets treated make more sense if they're viewed in this light. (Seriously. He sleeps in a dog bed. It's cruel, but you probably wished you could make your brother do that too.)

Spike is a Digimon.
Isn't it obvious? We've seen his Champion form (a bigger dragon) and his Mega form (a knight), so there must be a cyborg dragon in between.

Spike can send mail because Twilight Sparkle is stingy
She doesn't want to spend bits in stamps, so she taught him to send letters with his fire.

Spike will become Equestria's ambassador
Think about it: He's a hero in the Crystal Empire (Which is clearly its own nation rather than a Equestrian territory), helped install the current Dragon Lord, and close personal friend of the Changeling King. Spike is really good at making friends in high places (or will soon be in high places), so whenever Celestia needs to deal with any of these nations, Spike is surely the one she'll call.
  • Confirmed. As of "Triple Threat", he's apparently Equestria's official Friendship Ambassador to the dragons.


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