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A pony so strange, she defies common reasoning. Doesn't stop folks from trying though. If you have a guess about something else, then

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     Pinkie's Past, Present and Possible Future 
Pinkie Pie is immortal, and her Cutie Mark story is, in a way, how Equestria was made.
Pinkie lived on a rock farm with her family during Discord's rule, and they were all consumed by despair. However, one day, while she was working outside, Pinkie Pie saw the defeat of Discord, and realized joy, earning her Cutie Mark. She decided that from then on, she would spread her newly found joy to everyone she met. When telling her story to the Cutie Mark Crusaders, she neither wanted to reveal her secret immortality nor be any more different from her friends, she told them that what inspired her was the Sonic Rainboom. However, being... well, Pinkie Pie, she slipped up at the end of her story and said, "And that's how Equestria was made!"

  • Adding to my original WMG, Pinkie Pie is immortal because Discord created immortal ponies in hopes of torturing them for all eternity. However, Pinkie's family escaped and made a living for themselves by working on a rock farm. Being created by Discord also explains Pinkie's reality-warping tendencies.

Pinkie Pie's Backstory.
We don't know much about Pinkie Pie's backstory. However, for the purposes of this WMG, I am assuming everything she has told us is at least mostly true (though she's an Unreliable Narrator).

Pinkie Pie was born on the rock farm to a family that is the pony equivalent of the Amish. She may have been a "throwback" to an older relative who was pink (or simialrly colored) and fun-loving. She may have also been adopted to make sure the Pies had a child, though I find this unlikely.

Pinkie was always different from her family and her sisters, Inky and Blinky. She was the oldest of the three, and just didn't fit in. However, she was deeply devoted to her family, and this is where she developed the "big sister" mentality, which is how she treats Fluttershy. Pinkie didn't just look different, however, as she didn't totally understand her family's faith. Though her parents tried to understand her, they jsut couldn't, and she was cut off even more.

Like the Amish in real life, once an "Amish" pony reaches a certain age (or gets her cutie mark), she leaves home and experiences the world, then decides wheter or not she wishes to return. Pinkie left to go to visit her grndmother, who was very similar to her in looks and personality, as well as teaching her to laugh. She then went on a few adventures, learning of the fourth wall (possibly), though not that she's in a cartoon, honing her skills, and probably training with pegasi in some forest (which explains her running and near-teleportation). She never went home, and was therefore an "orphan". Mr. and Mrs. Cake took her in after she was ready to stop her travels, happy to apprentice the sweet little pony.

As the most well-traveled pony (aside from just being Pinkie), Pinkie Pie would know of parasprites, "teleportation", or just running at pegasus-like speeds, a love of sweets, how to sing, how to laugh, and the existence of the fourth wall. The last doesn't bother her, as she just wants to put on a show, so she doesn't care that she is sharing with a larger audience.

And that's how Equestria was made.

After getting her Laughter Cutie Mark, Pinkie Pie decided to travel around Equestria to spread joy.
After her job on the rock farm was done, Pinkie Pie decides to travel around Equestria to spread joy, and her first stop was Ponyville. She gets side-tracked by the Cakes' bakery and is taken in by them as their apprentice, which is why she lives in Ponyville.

Pinkie Pie is the daughter of Courage the Cowardly Dog.
  • Let us look at all the ways this makes sense:
    • They're both pink reality warpers with an awareness of the fourth wall.
    • They both have a tendency to do a lot of laughing (albeit for different reasons).
    • As another troper pointed out Pinkie has a lot of puppy-like mannerisms.
    • It could explain her breakdown in "Party of One," she shares her dad's fear of losing loved ones.
As for how in the world a dog was able to father a pony, I will give you an answer when one comes to me.
  • Courage can shapeshift, as shown by his pantomiming events. Presumably he shapeshifted into a pony for just long enough.

Pinkie Pie lost a friend due to secret keeping in the past.
Specifically, a friend once confided in her a particularly important secret, such as one of her deepest fears or an embarrassing incident. Pinkie, being Pinkie, blurted it out during one of her Motor Mouth moments. Furious at this betrayal, her friend ripped into her and turned her back. She may also have moved away from Ponyville eventually, making it even harder to repair the friendship.

That's why Pinkie takes keeping secrets so seriously now, and why she works so hard to impress that idea upon Twilight despite how spilling the beans would have likely made things easier on Fluttershy and Rarity during "Green Isn't Your Color". She didn't want Twilight to think that just because it might have been okay in that instance that ALL secrets could be taken lightly.

  • This could even explain some of Pinkie Pie's personality beyond that episode. She took her gregariousness to extremes because deep down she's terrified of not being friends with someone, and one of the reasons her meltdown in "Party of One" was so bad was that she thought she had done something to lose all her best friends... again. (Other reasons include apparently failing at her marked talent, and the fact that Pinkie's been proven right so many times throughout the season that she never fully learned her lesson about not assuming the worst in people.)

Events of "Over A Barrel" will have negative impact on Pinkie Pie
In this episode while she was right about sharing and stuff, her way to convince others about this makes matters worse, twice.

Pinkie Pie's story in "Cutie Mark Crusaders" is true, if slightly exaggerated
She was raised by dour and serious farmers, and things were quite dull until she was inspired by Rainbow Dash's first Sonic Rainboom to liven things up by throwing her first party, thus getting her family to lighten up and earning her cutie mark. If parts of the story seem unbelievable, it's because it got filtered through Pinkie's unique mindset. (Seriously, rock farmers?)
  • She does seem to think she was telling to story of how Equestria was made...
  • Perhaps it was a quarry?
  • Sure, rock farmers. Equestria's natural background magic makes it so that, provided that there is constant supervision by the ponies, all of the environment works in harmony (no earthquakes, volcanoes, or even predation!). But that means that almost everything that nature would do has to be done by ponies instead. It's not too much of a stretch to think that somewhere, there's a demand for rocks. As for it being a rock farm, rocks may form naturally in Equestria, which would explain how dragons haven't exhausted their food supply yet.
    • gemstones are a type of rock in a way right? we know those are a foodsource for dragons.
    • If rocks and gems do 'grow' in a similar fashion to crops, then it would be perfectly natural for ponies to grow rocks for those who needed them. Instead of having quarries or mines, they have rock farms that perform the same function. And Earth Ponies probably grow better rocks than other ponies, much the same way they grow better crops. Alternatively 'rock farmer' may be used in the same way 'dirt farmer' is used in human culture.
  • With season 5's Hearthbreakers, it's 100% confirmed as true that Pinkie Pie's origin story was more or less true. Her family really do run a rock farm, which seems to be a combination of a quarry and a crystal-growing farm.

Pinkie Pie was adopted by the rock farmers.
In "The Cutie Mark Chronicles", we see Twilight's parents and Pinkie Pie's family. Twilight's parents are coloured white and blue, making Twilight's purple colour feel natural. The rock farmer couple are pale orange and gray, and their two children are pale dark blue and pale gray... alright, the orange is a little out of place, but still plausible. Pinkie Pie, on the other hand, is bright pink, which doesn't fit anywhere in the chromatic area. And in the pilot, in her song about laughter, she mentions her "Grannie Pie" - which definitely doesn't sound like it would be the parent of any of the rock farmers. Thus:
  • Pinkie Pie was an only child, and was either orphaned or abandoned early with only her grandmother left to take care of her, teaching her among other things to laugh and sing. However, she was presumably old, and thus passed away while Pinkie was still a filly.
  • The rock farmers were distant relatives of the Pie family, and Pinkie's only known relatives at the time, giving them little choice about taking her in. The boring life on the farm suppressed what her grandmother had taught her about laughing, but as it gave her a place to live and food, she felt she was in no place to complain. The way the father and sisters look at her when the bell is rung, and the door being slammed before she's even had a chance to enter the house, also makes it seem as if she doesn't quite belong.
  • Seeing the Sonic Rainboom, however, made all the laughter and related happy feelings surface again, all at once, leading to her having her epiphany and wanting to share this with her new family, and that would perhaps make them treat her better. And, clearly, it worked.
    • You all seem to forget that Pinkie is known to be an Unreliable Narrator. So either the Granny Pie thing or the whole Rock Farm thing, or even both, could be completely made up just for laughs.
      • The episode Magic Duel proves that at least the rock farm thing is true. She's probably not as much as an unreliable narrator as people make her out to be.
      • Better yet, Grannie Pie was actually the mother of one of the Cakes and Pinkie only learned to laugh after she learned to smile.
  • Seemingly Jossed; Hearthbreakers explains Pinkie Pie and Marble are twin sisters.

Pinkie's family's farm was experiencing severe financial hard times when Pinkie received her cutie mark.
The family farm was probably once a far more prosperous and happy place then it was shown in Pinkie's flashback. However, some unforeseen disaster caused it to be reduced to the virtual wasteland. What kind of disaster? Parasprites. They invaded the farm and stripped it down to just rocks. Luckily, Pinkie's party to cheer up the rest of her family somehow drove the parasprites off.
  • It's not the party, it's the music. The same music that plays during the party is the same Pied Piper tune that she used to drive off the parasprites. It was only after the party that she found out the parasprites could be controlled by it.
  • She was the one with freaky Knowledge of Parasprites, it makes sense, keep in mind even Princess Celestia didn't know what a Parasprite was.
    • Celestia? I seriously doubt she really didn't know what they were.
      • It's more likely Celestia knows what they are but has never seen one personally...or was so stressed out by her work that she didn't recognize them.
    • She seemed to know, but was about the only one, other than Zecora.
  • The theory is unlikely. Pinkie's parents both had cutie marks related to rock farming, implying that it always was a rock farm.
    • Could had been stripped down a generation or two before and the problems were so intense that they just can't grow anything until they get the soil rich enough again... thus moving rocks all day long.
    • It also could mean they're good at turning rocky terrains into farmlands. I mean, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy's Cutie Marks are only indirectly related to their talents. Twilight's is a starburst with other stars, which doesn't scream "magic talent" like Trixie's wand and magic trail does. Rainbow Dash's cutie mark isn't obviously direct to her racing talent unless you know that's what it means, and could simply mean just looking at it that she's one of many weather talents (which is why Rarity was doing that in Magical Mystery Cure and called it her destiny; she was misinterpreting). Fluttershy's three butterflies have nothing to do with her talent of communicating with animals, except that the first animals she communicated with (via screams of terror as she fell) were butterflies. It's not hard to imagine Mama and Papa Pie were gifted at turning rocky terrains into farmland, but the parasprites damaged it beyond repair when they attacked and Pinkie's family is just too stubborn to move on.
  • Jossed, according to Hearthbreakers. Rock farming is something their family has done for generations. It seems to be a sort of quarry made sustainable by Earth Pony magic.

Pinkie Pie's family really DOES grow rocks!
It's a magical universe where gems come cut and polished, available just a few inches below the surface of the ground, so why not? Also:
  • In either the second or third season we will meet her sisters as they are now, grown up.
    • Perhaps we already met one of them at the first season finale, only she wasn't identified as such yet?
  • Their names are going to be puns off of rocks, but not copied from The Flintstones.
  • They will be very strong, from hauling rocks all the time (watch out if they give you a hug!).
  • They know how to play the tuba and accordion.
    • Or a cello? *shifty eyes*
  • They might even bring their rocks into Ponyville, set up a stall next to Applejack's apple stall, and it will actually be surrounded with buying customers.
    • They'll be pet rocks.
  • The episode they appear in will feature them giving Pinkie a "party rock" that is brightly colored instead of drab grey (but not a gem).
    • Party rock here in the house tonight!
      • Everypony just have a good time!
  • The rock farm being real, the entire family having rock-based names, and the whole family being incredible strong are all confirmed. Only Maud Pie, the middle sister, has a pet rock, though.

Pinkie Pie's depressed state at the start of her story in "The Cutie Mark Chronicles" was caused by the recent death of Granny Pie.
Pinkie was obviously very close to her grandmother, whom she probably had more in common with than the rest of her family. After Granny Pie passed away, Pinkie was sent into a deep depression that only cleared when she saw the rainbow generated by the Sonic Rainboom, and was inspired to generate her own happiness and keep smiling no matter what.

Pinkie Pie's "new friend" Rocky is made of rocks from the rock farm
Pinkie may have even met him before—after all, she must have been lonely on the "no talking, no smiling" rock farm before she got her cutie mark...

Gummy was Pinkie Pie's Birthday present a year ago
...But she found him a day early (She's a good snoop, after all). This would explain why Gummy's birthday is the day before hers.
  • Alternatively, her birthday present was going to be an alligator egg, but somepony did the math wrong and it wound up hatching too early... Exactly one day too early, in fact.

Before the series ends, Pinkie Pie will lose Gummy in the stream that flows through Ponyville.
To find him, she gets the help of several ponies; they line up on the bank, and then drink (those that aren't thirsty still dangle their noses in the water). Gummy then does what alligators do naturally and comes to them (and latches onto the "winner's" nose).
  • Alternately, somepony stops to drink, and "finds" him for her, and she trots up to thank the unfortunate "rescuer".

Pinkie Pie is the way she is because of a traumatic childhood.
In the Cutie Mark Chronicles episode, she tells a story of a very traditional and strict household. Her story then takes an interesting turn where her stoic family join in her party and she explains that Equestria was established that way. The reason she says this is because the real ending of the story is too painful for her to reveal, so she automatically started telling a different story when it got to the repressed memory part.

What actually happened? She was disowned by her strict family and kicked out of the farm. She had no money and nowhere to go, but eventually she found her way to Ponyville, where they had the amazing Sugarcube Corner. She started hanging around the shop day after day, and the Cakes took a shine to her. They agreed to let her rent their loft, since she had nowhere to stay. But she didn't have a job. Or money. So they gave her a job as an apprentice. Sure they paid her mostly in sweets, but Pinkie always found ways to make ends meet. Probably as a party planner of sorts.

  • Of course, this relies on the assumption that when Pinkie says there was "no talking, no smiling," she means that talking and smiling weren't allowed. It falls apart if you take the alternate interpretation that she meant that no one talked or smiled because it was depressing as hell and no one wanted to talk or smile. In which case she's probably the way she is because antics cheered up her gloomy-ass family, which is like unto successfully draining the Atlantic Ocean, and, well, you don't fix what ain't broke.
  • Jossed: Season 4 implies that Pinkie is still on good terms with her family, as shown by her emotional connection to her older sister Maud. Season 5 makes it canon that Pinkie is still on very good terms with her family, to the point of not only being welcomed home for Hearth's Warming, but even being allowed to bring her friends along with her.

Pinkie Pie is Poor.
According to Faust, she works for the people she rents a room from, and is partially paid in cupcakes, ad this arrangement is mostly because her employers see her as family. Her room is comparatively bare. one, albeit nice, bed, a mostly empty wardrobe, some simple furniture, a table with chairs that is likely borrowed from the bakery, and not a whole lot else. She works the equivalent of a part time job mostly to keep a roof over her head.

This is not, however, a bad thing. She is perfectly happy with her life. She doesn't care that she doesn't have much, as she's perfectly happy with what little she actually has, which might explain how she manages to be so happy all the time. She is not hung up on physical possessions and being "better" than anypony else, at peace with what she is. This might explain how she can afford the balloons and the helibike in "Griffon the Brushoff," She tends not to spend her money, so she tends to have a decent bit saved up that she never actually spends, except for big parties or similar purposes.

It could be very possible that she spend a period of time homeless, and the cakes took her in when they found out.

  • If she has "a decent bit saved up" then she is by definition not poor.
    • By definition, no, but if one has to live in squalor to save money to get something better, she is halfway there.
      • But she doesn't live in squalor; her accommodations are simple, but they are far from squalid.
    • The spartan conditions in Pinkie's apartment actually make perfect sense. Aside from various biological necessities, Pinkie has absolutely zero use for privacy; in isolation Pinkie goes mad as the only voice she hears is her own, ricocheting off the insides of her rapidly-crumbling mind. Because of her pathological need to be around other ponies, she spends all her work time down in the bakery, where she can talk to customers coming and going, or at least the Cakes if there are no customers about, and she spends all her free time out on the town, chatting, playing, or partying with anyone willing to spend a little time with her. In other words, this is a place where someone sleeps, not where someone lives.

On the contrary, Pinkie Pie is actually rich, if not an aristocrat altogether.
Farfetched though it is, I can't help but propose it. What kind of name is Pinkamena Diane Pie? It completely clashes with the Equestrian naming conventions. Sounds an awful lot like a fancy aristocratic name to me. Being rich would also explain why Pinkie Pie has so much free time. Her "job" is more like a hobby for her, and she actually lives off a vast fortune she was left by her parents. Maybe that means her CMC story was a lie, though maybe it could just mean a rock farm is actually a very profitable thing to run in Equestria. That also explains how did she get the roflcopter from Griffon the Brush-Off, and where does she get the money to throw all those parties for everyone and their mother.

However, Pinkie Pie being who she is, she isn't stuck up like other fancy ponies like Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara. Therefore she never flaunts her wealth before anybody, and much prefers to remain just a normal pony... well, as "normal" as Pinkie Pie can be.

  • In addition to being an apprentice to the Cakes, Pinkie is a professional party planner. Probably, at least half of those parties she's throwing for "everyone and their mother" (like Diamond Tiara's cuteceanera) were events she was paid for hosting. That would actually go some way towards explaining why she needs a second job as an apprentice baker; the money she makes as a party planner only covers all those other parties she's throwing out of her perpetual need to make other ponies happy.
  • Same guy as before. A thought occurs about the name. Mr. and Mrs. Pie are fairly drab shades, and Pinkie's sisters are likewise colorless. So perhaps they planned on just calling her "Diane Pie" if she was a girl, but when she also turned out to be a very vibrant color (perhaps a throwback to earlier generations of Pie) they felt the unusual coloration was worth commemorating, so they gave her an unusual name.

Following up on the above - Pinkie is actually an inventor, and her wealth comes from patents.
  • Her actually profitable inventions aren't the typical Gadgeteer Genius fare (though she may tinker in those), but instead new recipes for various sweets & pastries. This also ties back into why she's so adamant about the importance of keeping secrets; copyrighting recipes is a hideously murky business even in Real Life, and the candymaking business is especially cutthroat (Roald Dahl was only slightly exaggerating when he portrayed it in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), so most just prefer to keep their recipes secret indefinitely. Pinkie is no exception.

Pinkie Pie's grandmother is Surprise
If she exists and its not just Pinkie being an Unreliable Narrator. She sounds suspiciously like Surprise.
  • There's at least one fanfic that goes with this idea. Pinkie's mom does have a white-ish coat like Surprise. It could still work possibly (surly she visited her grandparents or vice versa when she were little). Pinkie being 1/4 Pegasus might also explain how she can keep up with Rainbow Dash. Maybe.
  • Another fanfic builds on the idea that Pinkie actually is Surprise, an imaginary friend Twilight created for herself when she was young. The Wild Magic burst in "The Cutie Mark Chronicles" gave Surprise a physical form, but changed her appearance and took away her wings so that she showed up in Ponyville as a pink earth pony.
  • Perhaps she tried to say "Granny Surprise" when she was little and it came out "Granny Pies", and it kind of wound up sticking as a nickname.
  • The episode with the clones confirms that her grandmother is real as that's how Pinkie knew to go to the Mirror Lake in the first place.
    • She actually cites "Nana Pinkie" as the one who told her about Mirror Lake. Presumable "Granny Pie" is one grandmother and "Nana Pinkie" is another.

Pinkie Pie forgot her own birthday because she had never celebrated it as a filly.
There were no parties on the Pie family rock farm, so Pinkie never celebrated her birthday when she was growing up. That's why she forgot her birthday, not because, or just because, she's a Cloud Cuckoo Lander.

Pinkie Pie was dropped on her head as a foal, leaving her permanently scatterbrained but fairly intelligent, regardless.
Because of this, her behavior is odd and eccentric, and leads her to do unpredictable things and come up with crazy, bizarre ideas, ranging from adopting an alligator for a pet to making up a stupid, ridiculous story about an Amish rock farm rather than telling what her childhood was really like. She has moments of intelligence, but she is still incredibly quirky and random to the point where it's hard to take her seriously. It might also somewhat explain her Pinkie Sense as well, since being dropped on her head could've done something to her nerves that causes them to overact whenever something is about to happen. Another side effect of this is that her hair goes flat and her fur goes dim whenever she gets depressed.
  • I like this theory. I think though that her brains were scrambled by the Rainboom itself; she seemed closer to it than any of the other ponies. When it frizzled her hair, it also frizzled her mind somewhat.

Pinkie Pie's Cutie Mark Story was a fake she made up as a ruse to cover up another, much more interesting and logical story about how she got her cutie mark, how she got into throwing parties, and how she got her god-like powers of breaking the fourth wall and her Pinkie Sense, and the real story is classified to only her.
Basically saying, the story we know from "The Cutie Mark Chronicles" is nothing more than a lie. When she was little, she was just an ordinary pony who had no idea what kinda pony she was or what kind she wanted to be, so she went out on an epic quest to find out who she was in a story so long and detailed that it would take up an entire novel. However, she://A) doesn't want to tell the whole story since she feels she'd bore everyone with how long and detailed it was, and that's saying something, considering how much she likes to talk and how fast she can talk.//B) Can't reveal it on her own whim, because something that happened on this journey had made it forbidden for her to tell anypony else about it.//C) Feels that it's way too personal to talk about and she's secretly nervous about having to reveal it, in spite of her talkativeness.//Or D) doesn't want to tell the whole story because it's over twenty-two minutes long. (she's saving it for the movie)//
  • If this is true, to her credit she never claimed it was how she got her cutie mark.

Pinkie is related to Mr. and Mrs. Cake.
We saw in "The Cutie Mark Chronicles" that different branches of the same family often have related names: the Oranges are kin to the Apples, and both are named for fruit, for example. It is therefore possible that the Pies are related to the Cakes. Pinkie eventually decided that she didn't want to live on the Pie family rock farm, and so moved to Ponyville, where she was taken in by her relatives, in a process analogous to the young Applejack's moving in with the Oranges in Manehattan, except that Pinkie stayed.

Pinkie is also related to Peachy Pie.
They have the same surname because they are related in some way. (Peachy Pie was the co-winner, with Sunny Days, of the "Best Dramatic Performance award in "Show Stoppers".)

Pinkie will take Sweetie Belle under her wing

Pinkie Pie is related to Discord
He did say that Laughter was his favorite element and she liked the cotton candy clouds and chocolate milk rain. And they both exhibit Reality Warper powers like appearing on a piece of glass.
  • Chaos is not evil but Discord is, so maybe Pinkie Pie is the good manifestation of chaos.
    • Perhaps a stoned Discord tried to corrupt a young Pinkie Pie, but ended up with a Phlebotinum Rebel. That's why her Cutie Mark story doesn't seem to add up. She was never a rock farmer; that was Discord's view of the situation.
    • The name "draconequus" suggests that Discord's species is related to ponies. Maybe to the point of having compatible genes? Perhaps, long ago, Discord raped a pony For the Evulz, and some of his Reality Warper genes have been passed onto their descendants.

Pinkie is the sister of Celestia and Luna.
She is using her powers to pretend she is a normal pony. she left the castle because the life there was boring...and let's face it, would you feel safe with Pinkie in charge? anyway, nobody in Equestria knows this, except Celestia (and possibly Luna), and she let's Pinkie do what she wants. she didn't tell Twilight or any of the mane six because she promised to Pinkie to not do so, and breaking a promise is the fastest way to lose a sibling's trust forever!. Also, she is the one who created the planet.

Pinkie's Cutie Mark story is half-true
Her family and farm part is true, but she changed some of the details.

Pinkie was given Gummy to teach her discipline.
Pinkie's parents are fully aware of her party-based talents, but they also wanted their daughter to learn to settle down and become more responsible. One year prior to the series, they purchased a toothless gator born the day before her daughter's birthday, hoping that caring for a newborn creature would teach her some discipline, and all under the guise that she was getting the equivalent of a puppy. Unfortunately for Pinkie's parents, Gummy proved to require a lot less maintenance than they expected, preventing the secret lesson they had planned.

Pinkie Pie is dead and has been replaced by a look-alike.
Look at this Comic Con Poster. Snips is holding his right hoof over Pinkie's head, signifying to the viewer that she is actually dead. She has since been replaced by a look-alike. Further clues can be found by playing "The Pony Pokey" backwards.
  • Pinkie's dead, man, miss her, miss her...
  • I'm afraid I don't understand how his right hoof being "over her head" means she's dead. Is this a religious thing I don't know?
    • Only if you consider The Beatles a religion.
    • Oh I see. Well, my friend probably does…
      • Ask him, there's a good chance he'll know. Then take a good look at the cover of Sgt. Pepper.
  • Listen. At the 22 second mark she says "It is over, it's not me. It is over, it's not me." confirming that she is dead and replaced.
    • And did she record that after she died?
      • This is Pinkie Pie we're talking about...
  • And it's obvious when it happened. (Though all the above predates season three.)

Pinkie Pie truly did take revenge in Griffon the Brush Off.
Pinkie Pie has been known to start parties, and she's shown in the episode to be an avid prankster & a Magnificent Bastard when she wants to be (she set up a prank that appeared to be for Fluttershy when it was actually a prank for Rainbow Dash). She said she'd take down Gilda Pinkie-Pie-style by throwing the party. This means it was a plan that involves Rainbow Dash setting up pranks, Gilda falling for all of said pranks, and losing a friend in Rainbow Dash due to losing her temper. She says it was all accidental in order to have an alibi.

Pinkie got her Cutie mark when she came out of the closet
The Story she told the CMCs was purely symbolic. She lived in a place where her true self was repressed (the image of the rock farm was really a hyper-religous cult compound with a special hatred of gays) and she always knew she was "different". On the day she saw the Sonic Rainboom, she came to the realization that the love of her family was greater than the society's hatred of her sexuality. So, she organizes a shindig to finally come out in private. At first her family is shocked, but they are overcome with joy to realize that their daughter has finally discovered who she is. They shower her with love and support. However, the townsfolk would still come after Pinkie, as they did not understand. Mr. and Mrs. Pie sent Pinkie to live with relatives far, far away where she could continue to flourish and be safe from the vengeful cult members. Incidentally, everypony already knew Pinkie held the best parties, but she could not truly earn it until she came to terms with her sexuality.

Pinkie Pie never celebrated Nightmare Night as a filly.
That's why she was so adamant that she'll never be too old for Nightmare Night and the attendant free candy: she never got to enjoy them as a foal.

Pinkie Pie will send Celestia regular "How're you doing?" letters instead of Friendship Reports
She may still send a Friendship Report if one comes up, but otherwise she would just send Celestia and/or Luna letters telling her about what's been going on in Ponyville and asking how they're doing in their daily lives. Firstly, that's exactly the kind of thing Pinkie would do if invited to write letters to anypony. She may justify it further by thinking about the fact that neither Celestia nor Luna ever receive purely social letters.

Pinkie Pie's cutie mark story is mostly true.
  • It's probably true for a given value of true. She wasn't lying, or being symbolic, or anything like that. It was merely a 100% true, face-value story of how she got the cutie mark, run through the filter of "Pinkie Pie's capacity to lucidly recall anything that happened more than a week ago". Similarly, "And that's how Equestria was made" is equally devoid of deeper meaning; it was just a demonstration of said capacity to lucidly recall things (or rather, her lack thereof).

Pinkie Pie's story in Cutie Mark Chronicles really was the story of how Equestria was made.
The rainbow blast and rainbow she saw? That wasn't a Sonic Rainboom. That was Celestia and Luna defeating Discord. Discord had turned her pink and made her how she was to cause strife within her family. He made her immortal because that's the most horrible thing he could do to a pony that loves mortals as much as she does. Discord didn't recognize her because for him, it was just an ordinary day of dolling out pain and strife. She didn't mention that she knew him because she didn't want her friends to know that she was touched by Discord. Why? Because the last time she told somepony, they blabbed it and she was run out of town. Which puts her behavior in "Green Is Not Your Color" in a whole new light. This was also why the rock farm existed in the first place. In Discord's chaotic rule, that area of Equestria had such things.

Pinkie Pie's Story was how Equestria was Made (in a way)
It wasn't LITERALLY how Equestria was made. She lives in her own little world, which she named Equestria, after the real world. When she saw the sonic rainboom, that was when said world was created in her head. The party scene with her family was when her Equestria finished forming. The reason she said that maybe she could tell the CMC the story of how she got her cutie mark is because she thinks of the story of how Equestria was made and the story of how she got her cutie mark as separate stories, even though they happened at the same time.

Pinkie Pie's Story on How Equestria was Made is completely true, and completely misinterpreted by everyone hearing it
In the MLP universe, all major natural phenomenon are controlled by ponies. Rain, clouds, evaporation, seasons, etc. Long, long, long ago, planet formation was similar. Celestia and Luna (or whomever the ruler Pony Gods were at the time) had to create the planet. Pinkie's Rock Farm was a group of ponies who had to gather the heavier bits of matter to make up the planet. It was dull, boring work, which they had little enthusiasm for and parties had not been invented yet.

Pinkie DID see a Sonic Rainboom that day, and then invented parties. Remember, Sonic Rainbooms weren't invented by Rainbow Dash, as they are legendary. Everyone just assumes it was Rainbow Dash, because everyone else was so affected by Dash's Boom. In actuality, this was a Sonic Rainboom performed by Celestia (Rainbow-like mane even) or another Alicorn God-pony as part of the process of creating the world. Pinkie sees this and gets her inspiration for parties, which improves worker productivity. So both the Boom and the party are key components about how the world was made.

Everyone assumes this it is just a crazy story Pinkie said and that the Sonic Rainboom was Dash's. Far easier to accept than Pinkie being an immortal Earth Pony who was around when the world was created.

Pinkie Pie is a descendant of Chancellor Puddinghead.
If the Chancellor really was as nuts as she portrays him in the play (rather than that being Pinkie adding her own flair to the historical character, which admittedly would be a lot like her), then there's just no way the two of them are not related - there just can't be many ponies who are that batshit insane in the realm. Clearly if someone looked at Pinkie's ancestry line, they'd find Puddinghead there somewhere...

Pinkie Pie was once a Controller.
"And then I said, 'Oatmeal? Are you crazy?'"

Pinkie Pie is adopted, and her true biological father is Sleipnir, or she is otherwise descended from Loki.
We know Loki has done it with horses before; yes, you read that right. Loki shapeshifted into a mare and was impregnated by a stallion named "Svaðilfari". In this form, Loki gave birth to Sleipnir, the legendary eight-legged horse, said to be "the best of all horses". "Sleipnir", roughly translated, means "the slippery one". Pinkie Pie can prance as fast as Rainbow Dash can fly (maybe faster), which could be a reference to Sleipnir being the best/fastest horse. And she is also a "slippery one" due to being able to twist and bend her body, and being unbound by the fourth wall. Pinkie is exceptionally fun loving and chaotic, with an odd ability to see forthcoming disasters. She even had eight legs, just like Sleipnir, in "A Friend In Deed". She's not only a servant of Loki, she is a direct descendant!

She looks and acts nothing like her family on the rock farm because she's not actually their biological family. Sleipnir ended up having a foal with an ordinary pony, leading to the birth of Pinkie. The gods realised that this foal probably had a shot at living a normal life, but it'd take some doing. She was sent to the most repressive, un-fun family they could find, hoping that the repression and her ancestry would cancel out, leaving an ordinary pony. Her parents accepted her because there was nowhere else for her to go.

Well, we all know how THAT turned out. The Sonic Rainboom blasted Pinkie back into her natural state of mischief-making, hyper-energy and FUN. The gods picked up on this, which was when Loki decided to see how much like him his grandfilly actually was. He went down in disguise and visited Pinkie. They went on a walk together, which was when Loki revealed his and Pinkie's true nature, teaching her to "giggle at the ghosties" in the process. Pinkie accepted her lineage without blinking because, you know, Pinkie Pie.

She can stand hot spice because Loki's the god of fire as well as being the god of lies and mischief, but she's good on ice because he's a Jotun. Her energy is from Sleipnir's legs and speed, and so is the fact that she can manifest extra legs herself. That may also tie in with her shapeshifting ability (manifesting fingers, altering her face to a G1 pony) which would be another inheritance from Loki. Her love of being in the air comes from her innate desire to be near the other realms. The Sonic Rainboom blasted her into her natural state because it awakened an old memory of the Bifrost bridge.

Loki and Sleipnir visit Pinkie occasionally, although they're usually in disguise. Sonic Rainbooms open the Bifrost temporarily.

It follows that her Cutie Mark Chronicles story was heavily edited, if it was accurate at all; presumably, Sleipnir is something of a legendary figure so its reasonable that she wouldn't go around bragging about being his daughter- the usual "wants to be her own person, rather than living in the parent's shadow" child-of-a-celebrity thing applies.

  • This isn't the setup for an "Okie-dokie loki" pun, is it?
    • If it wasn't before, it is now.

At the Cloudiseum, Pinkie's Pinkie Sense told her what was about to happen.
Rarity flies up to the sun? Twitchy tail! Dashie speeding up to catch up with Rarity and the Wonderbolts? Ear flop, knee twitch, eye flutter! And it'll turn out all right; there's no doozy signal.

Pinkie Pie is part Draconequus
Her chaotic personality, Reality Warper abilities, silly nature, and strange behavior are all signs that she had at least one Draconequus ancestor

Pinkie Pie is Martin Luther
Pinkie Pie starts to party after a nearly supernatural event, similar to the lightening storm getting Martin Luther started on religion. Overall, her family couldn't accept their daughter's decision to dedicate her life to partying, and so she left for Ponyville. Pinkie Pie also attempts to bring a new form of partying, one that has more in common with the poor than the aristocratic rich, and, when it does clash with the aristocrats, they rebuke it, and carry on with their lavish parties with ancient traditions. She doesn't want to topple the old form of partying until they rebuke her, shown by the fact that she is downtrodden that her form of partying isn't immediately assimilated at the Grand Galloping Gala. Afterwards, she attempts to spread her partying more forcefully, and some of the nobles even accept it, similar to the Teutonic Order's forming of Prussia and accepting Protestantism.

Pinkie Pie knew DJ-Pon3 for awhile before the show started.

Adding the the previous WMG where Pinkie as thrown out of her house for throwing a party. She met DJ-Pon3 and she helped pinkie get through a rough patch in her life. Maybe she's even a cousin or a sister.

the pony that will be voiced by "Weird Al" Yankovic will be pinkie's party mentor.
He'll be the one who trained her in the ways of party and polka because her first few parties were failures.
  • Jossed. In fact, it's the other way around. He was inspired by her example.

Pinkie Pie is related to, if not the "daughter" of Joel Robinson.
Think about it: Both of them have an upbeat attitude towards everything, is kind to their friends (even when they don't deserve it), love throwing parties and singing songs out of nowhere, are addicted to sweets/baked goods (Joel's waffle obession in Viking Women & The Sea Serpent), become depressed when things go wrong and are not all there in the head. This might be an explanation for how Pinkie got the Candycopter and the Party Cannon...her father invented them for her! Similarly, maybe Joel's occasional freakouts are his version of Pinkie Sense.
  • And for those of you who are wondering how a human fathered a pony, just remember that Gizmonic Institute WAS a science laboratory and that Pinkie could be an experimental organism in an attempt to create new creatures. She made up the whole "rock farm" story just to keep her true origin under wraps.
    • There's also the fact that Gypsy wanted a pony for Christmas...maybe Joel made her as Gypsy's Christmas present?

Pinkie Pie is Smart Cookie and has always been the Element of Laughter.
Being an Element of Harmony grants some level of immortality. Her tale about her cutie mark leading to "And that's how Equestria was founded" was true because she was there. When offered a part in the Hearth's Warming play, she jumped on the opportunity to make fun of her old boss.

Pinkie Pie has a long-lost brother named Clyde.
This is almost self-explanatory. Note that this even explains Pinkie's knack for getting to a place ahead of somebody trying to avoid her, as well as her issues with people changing their minds after she's decided they "made a promise" (both are approximate translations of the ghost's AI). This also explains why we haven't seen Clyde, as he'll stay off doing his own thing in some obscure locale until a main character finally stumbles across him.

Pinkie procured the crystal flugelhorn during Swarm of the Century.
The reason we didn't see it is that she didn't have room for it.

One of Pinkie's cousins is a soiree pony.
His talent is only used once each year, when a cocktail party is hosted (NOT THROWN!) to celebrate a successfully mediocre or unsuccessfully mediocre rock harvest. Up until the grand Galloping Gala (and even afterward, to a degree), Pinkie didn't realize that was an actual type of party, and not just her cousin's eccentricity, which is why every party she throws is at least loosely based on the pattern of a six-year-old's birthday party or a New Year's Eve party regardless of the setting. After the sonic rainboom, she probably didn't even connect the impromptu party she threw with the yearly soiree. If he ever showed up on the show, he would, of course, be voiced by Kelsey Grammar.

Pinkie Pie's pet baby gator is toothless because of her Rock Farming.
Once upon a time, Gummy had teeth. Then Gummy tried to bite Pikie Pie, who had a rock on hand. So now Gummy is toothless.

Pinkie Pie's family really did have a rock farm, but it doesn't work the way you think.
It actually functions like a giant version of a rock garden. The farm doesn't produce new rocks. It produces karma. We just don't see this because Pinkie is never near the "fields" in her flashback.
  • Jossed. Hearthbreakers in season 5 shows that the rock farm is real, and it functions more or less as a sort of sustainable quarry.

Pinkie has never had lemon poppy seed cake and would be reluctant to try it.
She tells Applebloom cupcakes are made with "something sweet, not sour" while the filly balances a lemon on her nose. Pinkie also has bad memories of Applejack's lemon juice muffins. (which also included potato chips, soda and earthworms) Even properly made lemon poppy seed muffins might make her cautious.

Pinkie's family name originally wasn't Pie
Her ancestors actually once spelled Pye; like in pyrite, to keep with their rock farming heritage. However, at some point in history, their name was accidentally misspelled as Pie, and it just stuck.

That actually wasn't the real Pinkie Pie who wasn't sent through the mirror
  • As her clones kept cloning themselves, each clone had slightly different genetics. One of them was a bit more caring and a bit more tolerant to boredom. More than the real Pinkie Pie.
  • Maybe the last remaining Pinkie Pie was neither the real one nor one of the clones from the pool. Maybe it was a changeling that took advantage of the situation.

The first Pinkie clone to be created was the last to be killed
She showed the most stability. She seemed much more sentient than the others; she had various emotions, could make decisions, could rationalize. The last Pinkie seemed nervous during the test. I get the feeling she was just a more ignorant, hyperactive version of Pinkie compared to the shallow, one-emotion copies.

At last one Pinkie clone was not sent back into the mirror lake
In some episodes Pinkie is caring, wanting her friends to be happy, in other episodes, she is just stupid, wants to have fun while making other ponies cry an even is a little bit a jerk (for example in Filly Vannilly). Maybe that Pinkie is a clone from the original one, still causing havoc in Ponyville.

Pinkie is part crystal pony.
When she's sad, her coat becomes dull and her mane and tail go flat. When she's happy, her coat gets brighter, and her hair pops up, similar to the Crystal Ponies. The effect is more subtle- her coat doesn't appear jeweled, it just becomes a brighter shade of pink- but it's still similar.
  • Pinkie's coat isn't changing color, she's just in different lighting conditions. The point about the hair is true, but might be an ability of all ponies.
  • With the rock farm of the Pie family being confirmed as canon, this WMG takes on more weight; note the large crystals scattered around the farm. We've seen crystals like that before: back in the Crystal Empire. And note also the Apples' confusion and uncertainty through that episode; they're pretty traditional Earth Ponies themselves with a long, long history, and they still find the rock farm and its customs (like eating rocks and soil) alien and confusing. Even with the explanation that the farm is basically a sort of magically sustainable quarry, it seems very odd for Earth Ponies to run such a thing, considering they're normally explained as connected to plants and animals than literal earth. Perhaps the Pie family descends from Crystal Ponies who fled Sombra's rule over a thousand years ago, and who turned their innate magical connection to minerals into a family business in order to survive in Equestria?

Pinkie is a ghost.
It would explain how she can defy physics, teleport, fit into spaces nothing of her size normally could, and how she can access Hammerspace. I'm pretty sure 'Granny Pie' taught her about the 4th Wall when she was still alive, and she just stuck with it. The 'unfinished business' keeping her in the mortal realm is her need to spread happiness and laughter.

Pinkie's grandmother told her about the everfree forest
It would actually make sense since Pinkie instantly recognized the Parasprites and knew about the legend of the Mirror Pool because of a rhyme her grandmother once told her.

Pinkie Pie will become a Princess.
With her ability to spread joy and smiles, no one deserves the position more than her.

Pinkie Pie appears in Dwarf Fortress.
I mean, when you dig through raw adamantine, you can unleash dangerously high amount of fun ( a.ka demons). Of course, the Toady One doesn't have the copyrights to this character, and Pinkie Pie would be incomprehensible for that world anyway, let alone ASCII system.

Pinkie Pie will be the mother of animation in Equestria.
That is, she'll try her hoof at making her own cartoon. Cartoons can bring smiles to children right? Whether it'll be good or not is open to interpretation.

In Magical Mystery Cure, Pinkie was speaking with her natural accent
No other pony took on the others accent

Pinkie Pie is in charge of Equestria.
Wholly stealing and knitting together entire WMGs, Pinkie Pie is directly related to Loki somehow or other. Pinkie Pie is in charge of dealing with all of the horse-related things the Norse mythology has generated over the years and a good deal of things besides. She actually did create Equestria, at least from the small rock farm platform that Pinkie grew up on. The initial rainboom wasn't Dash, it was some unrelated event well beforehand. Equestria happened to be the haven of a lot of mythological horses, even those from other mythologies. Some of them forsook the dangerous other worlds and settled down permanently. From this, pegasi, unicorns, and the loose composite of physically-normal-seeming horses that became Earth Ponies popped up. Pinkie Pie has had many names over the years. Celestia and Luna are actually the horses that originally pulled the sun and moon around in the sky, but Pinkie Pie managed to manipulate the unicorn sun/moon manipulation into something that allowed the princesses to not have to be chased by wolves 24/7, in probably the same way pegasi weather manipulation stems from the Vanir gods' weather manipulations. Discord is an outer chaotic force that wants to take at the very least Equestria for his own ends, and Pinkie Pie has strict orders to keep him from blowing up part of the natural order. To this end, the Elements of Harmony were located/created/whatever by someone (probably the princess sisters), of whom Pinkie Pie was a pre-destined user of, and at least always has marginal access to Laughter. The other users assembled primarily when needed. Pinkie Pie's powers are explained by the fact she's the daughter of a god, not to mention has 1/6th of a superweapon artifact's power available at any second. She could be corrupted by Discord due to the fact that Pinkie Pie was fine with Discord's little mass chaos until it got to her personally, at which point she was too connected to the ailing Equestria to force him out without help from friends.

Pinkie Pie is a valkyrie for the new equivalent of horse Valhalla
After Ragnarok, some horses were eking out a meager living on what once was Asgard. After Lif, Lifthrasir, et cetera were unsealed from wherever the hell they were keeping everything, Pinkie Pie got cheerful and stuff and started gathering the souls of all the mythical horses from the history of the previous world (She's related to Sleipnr, therefore Loki, and therefore Hel. She can do things like that.) into what once was Asgard, rebuilding it in the process. Celestia and Luna are the horses that formerly pulled the sun and moon, and since the new sun and moon are direct children of the old ones, they can just poltergeist-ly push them across the sky with magic. Unicorns=unicorns, Pegasus=pegasi, inanimate object horses and such = Crystal Ponies, and all the slightly magic but normal-looking or just plain valiant horses = Earth Ponies. The early society was modeled after Asgard, but once malevolent things were cleared out, a warrior society was no longer needed and the pegasi warrior order disbanded eventually. Since Pinkie is a valkyrie and fetching the soul of every noble horse that dies for whatever for it to promptly be reborn into a loving family in Equestria, she has to come and go as needed, and all sorts of magical powers and equipment gathered over the years of picking up horse souls allow her to do seemingly impossible feats.

Pinkie Pie IS Equestria's soul/spirit/Axis Powers Hetalia -style representation
That's why her Cutie Mark story ends with how "And That's How Equestria Was Made!", because it occurred about the time the place either was manufactured, became an effective and definite nation, or both. Most of her reality-warping is because she can simply manipulate the world around her to some extent because she IS it, such as banishing the tree-illusions in Everfree because the forest is part of her. Teleporting and such is primarily because she's just a representation and can be moved around at will. She's casual with the princesses because 1. The leaders just want to have a casual friendship with someone, and Pinkie was available 2. They're in on her being the effective country they're ruling and 3. She's Pinkie Pie, and if anypony is going to be overfriendly with royalty it'd be her. She was discorded with a simple mind break of things that loosely represent both Pinkie and Equestria's ponies in general because Discord had already broke the entire physical area and inhabitants, and Pinkie was simply the last straw. She's part of the Elements because they've been affiliated with Equestria so long picking up Pinkie was simply a matter of selecting someone who would siply take more effort to die in case of emergency.

When Pinkie dies, all Ponyville will go into mourning.

Pinkie didn't notice her Cutie Mark at first.
Because she was too busy partying. To this day, she thinks that she didn't get her Cutie Mark until much later.

The reason Pinkie is so out of character in Season 4 is she was replaced by a changeling who doesn't understand how to act like her

The reason Pinkie knew what to do with Parasprites is because Parasprites are why her family works on a rock farm.
As a Season 4 episode is implying Pinkie and the Apples are related, perhaps originally, Pinkie's family harvested fruit crops, too, with her parents' cutie marks actually representing the way they can turn a rocky area into adequate, even superior, farming grounds (after all, your special talent is doing what you love, your passion in life, and Pinkie's father sounds awfulun about moving the rocks to the south field. If his special talent was rock farming, one would think he'd be enthusiastic). Considering that the Apples are also related to the Oranges and Turnips, as well as the Peaches, perhaps the Pie family originally harvested limes (Pinkie's family being descended from Key Lime Pie, Pinkie's Granny Pie). Pinkie has a sister officially called Limestone (Inkie, to the fandom, I believe), and perhaps she was so named to stand as a middle between the family's life as lime farmers and rock farmers. When Pinkie was a little filly, too young to really remember much and kept inside anyway, her older sister accidentally brought a Parasprite to the farm. She had been picking limes too close to the Everfree Forest, or perhaps dropped one and went to get it, wandering too close, and a Parasprite found its way into her tail, like a burr, and was brought back to the farm. It began to devour every lime in sight, multiplying each time, and eventually got into the house, eating all their food. Pinkie Pie remembers this, as it was a traumatic event, though something her Granny Pie eventually helped her overcome by teaching her to laugh. She can also remember, distinctly, the way the parasprites were taken away. Despite this, the family was left with nothing to harvest but rocks, the soil all but ruined. After the incident with the Parasprites, there was no talking, no smiling, no laughing, because all of it reminds her parents of being lime farmers. Shortly after the incident, Limestone was born, and named for both the past and the future of the farm.
  • Jossed: Season 5 confirms that the rock farm has been around in its present state for generations, as it's basically a quarry with magically replenished minerals.

Pinkie Pie's older sister mentioned in her Tie-In Novel is Surprise.
Rather than Surprise being her gran, Surprise is in fact Pinkie's strange sister.
  • Jossed: Pinkie's weird older sister is the eccentrically dull Maud Pie.

It's not just a consistency error that Maud Pie is in the picture in Pinkie Pride.
It wasn't a photo, it was a painting they had done to celebrate how they were happy for the first time in a while. Maud wasn't there because she was sick in bed or something, and she was added to the painting so she wouldn't feel left out.
  • It could have been a photo due to Fridge Brilliance concerning Maud's character: unless properly motivated, she is very, very slow. It took her much longer to actually get to the grain silo than the original scene lasted.

Pinkie has non-horse ancestry, possibly from a springbok.
The "bouncing with all four legs leaving the ground simultaneously" gait is called "pronking". Equines do not pronk, but gazelles, sheep, alpacas and some deer do. Springboks in particular pronk frequently when they feel playful.

Pinkies friends don't actually have a problem with her singing.
The only thing that annoys them about it is her tendency to do it during the worst possible moments.

Pinkie secretly wants to join the Pony Tones
Pinkie loves to sing and wants to join the Pony Tones, but she never felt confident enough to talk about it directly because her songs sometimes get flak ("Over a Barrel" for example). Sometimes Pinkie sings randomly hoping she will be scooped up by Rarity.

Pinkie's behaviour during "Filli Vinilli" was caused by jealousy about Fluttershy getting recruited instead of her. Whenever Pinkie talks about other ponies feeling jealous she is unconsciously talking about herself.

Pinkie: Everypony staring at you, judging you, jealously noting how they could be way better than you? Why wasn't it them? Why wasn't it them?

She's in denial about her jealousy and projecting it onto an imagined hostile audience (similarly to "Party of One", when she was in denial about her anger and projecting it onto inanimate objects).

Pinkie Pie is a Looney Tunes character created during The Golden Age of Animation.
Credit where it's due. But seriously, this makes perfect sense, Offscreen Teleportation and general law of physics-defying aside. Who Framed Roger Rabbit revealed that characters from this era rely entirely on Rule of Funny, and their purpose in life is to make people laugh. What's Pinkie's Element of Harmony again?

Pinkie Pie's family and Applejack's family weren't connected until Twilight cast Starswirl's spell

The exercises from Pinkie's childhood flashback were intended to develop her Rock Farmer magic
Even if one accepts that "rock farm" is just a Pinkism for "quarry" note , the flashback of Pinkie's childhood labors seems really pointless. Unless one takes into account that the rest of the family displays some very common traits: they all have Super Strength, they're all capable of ingesting rocks to the point of actually enjoying them, and they have a distinctive affinity for understanding rocks. It seems logical, then, that the exercises little Pinkie was doing were intended to help her learn how to focus her Earth Pony magic into the connection with the stone that all rock farmers are supposed to have. However, when the Rainboom lit up the sky and Pinkie realised her drive & talent was to make ponies laugh, she never developed her powers in the way the rest of her siblings did.

This suggests another WMG: Pinkie displays the strange powers she does because she has developed a massive reserve of magical power, but she channels it all through her special talent, rather than through her work the way normal Earth Ponies like the Apples or her family does. In essence, her Cutie Mark is supercharged.

[[WMG: Pinkie Pie and Discord are the last of their kind.Pinkie Pie was from a colorful planet that inhabit a race of earth ponies that possessed the ability to defy the laws of physic in a cartoony fashion,Break The Fourth Wall, and sense coming danger and were rivals to the draconequus race. One time a major war broke out between the them, which cause the extinction between the two races as well as their utter destruction of their planet. Fortunately Pinkie Pie's [[Franchise/Superman real parents put their infant an spaceship and sent its coordinates to a blue planet where it landed on a farm]] while Discord was exploring other worlds and time periods, complete unaware of the tragic event that took place.

[[WMG: Pinkie Pie is from Wonderland.That explains her whimsical and logic defying nature.

Pinkie was born on Mardi Gras (or at the very least, the Equestrian equivalent of it)
We all know that Pinkie has a knack for throwing parties. And she revealed in "Three's a Crowd" that she was born on a Tuesday. Considering that that Mardi Gras is one of the biggest celebrations that happens on a Tuesday, this doesn't seem all that surprising.

Pinkie’s friends only keep her around so they can use her when it’s convenient
Many times when she’s around, they are visibly annoyed at her antics. However she gets things done for them such as being an Element bearer, annoying Applejack into telling them why she won’t come home, pretending she’s under the effect of powerful magic in a duel against Trixie, and eating the muffins in Starlight’s village so nopony else has to. To further support this, after Pinkie helps overthrow Trixie, how does Twilight thank her? By ignoring her missing mouth and going straight to the show, even though she could easily have fixed it. Poor Pinkie never realizes she’s being used and thinks that the other five are genuinely her friends.

Pinkie bought fireworks from Trixie because no other option was available
After Trixie singled her out by leaving her mouth missing in Magic Duel, this act that can’t be explained by the Alicorn Amulet’s corruption is never brought up again. Doesn’t it seem odd that Pinkie would be perfectly fine with her after that? Who knows, maybe she even went in disguise as somepony else.

Pinkie will get at least one of the following:
  • An episode with Fluttershy but nopony else.
  • An episode with the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
  • An episode where she is the only member of the Mane Six with any kind of appearance.

     Pinkie's Powers and Abilities 

Pinkie Pie has a Sylladex
.This is how she carries incredibly large items (such as her party cannon) with her all the time.

Pinkie Pie has an insane amount of sheer willpower.
It's got to take a lot of willpower to regularly defy physics, right?

Pinkie Pie is NOT a unicorn. She's just a regular Earth Pony with strange magic.
Wordof God states that all ponies have some form a magic, not just unicorns.Unicorn magic is just the most direct and external. Pegasi magic is limited to walking on clouds.It was stated that Earth Pony magic was the ability to grow crops... but no one said it was limited to just that.Pinkie Pie's magic is probably related to her talent: Laughter.She can manipulate time and space and even predict the future: But only as long as it is funny.

Pinkie Sense works the same way as Comed-Tea
When something is about to happen, it causes Pinkie to twitch, just as when something funny is about to happen, you feel an urge to drink Comed-Tea. Alternatively...

Pinkie Pie's "Pinkie Sense" is a ruse; she's hiding her Reality Warper powers behind them.
Or she has not yet learned to fully control her powers yet, and now even the littlest twitch can set something off. We have data on the correlation between her tail twitches and falling objects, but not on the causation involved.

Based on the previous WMG: Pinkie Pie is Equestria's version of Haruhi Suzumiya (or maybe she even is Haruhi).
  • Makes perfect sense to me. She probably has abilities somewhere along the line of Anthony in "It's a Good Life" and those powers may extend to mental manipulation of everypony around her. Those trees that stopped being scary? Yeah she changed those too. And her apparent teleportational ways and her Pinkie Sense are all a part of it. She was raised on a sad dismal rock farm in the middle of nowhere because her parents and sisters knew of her gifts and the threat that could come from her being... overstimulated. So they tried to give her as sombre and dull a life as possible... until the Sonic Rainboom. That moment of "are they angry? Are they sad? Oh no I think I made them sad... no, wait, they're HAPPY! Yay!" we saw in Cutie Mark Chronicles when they discovered Pinkie had thrown them a party was in fact their innate terror that she was about to unintentionally unleash her abilities giving way to their falling under the spell of her abilities. She wanted them to be happy, so she subconsciously willed them to BE happy. And she's been unknowingly messing with people's brains ever since. This will probably manifest at the Grand Opening Gala, where she realizes what she's capable of and pulls a Haruhi. at which point the world will go kaboom.
  • "And that's how Equestria was made." She already knows about her powers, but is deliberately suppressing them.
  • The reason she assumes a darker hue when she's upset is due to the influence of Closed Space.

...Was My Little Pony more or LESS fun before I became old enough to come up with this stuff?

  • No, she is Haruhi. See, what happened is that in Haruhi's universe, there was no Pinkie Pie. Then Haruhi watched MLP:FiM and became a brony. In her completely incontrollable urge to hug Fluttershy (because we all know how Haruhi is about moe), she warped reality so that she was inserted into the story as a mane character. And thus, we have Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie Pie is a god-pony throwback.
Fluttershy has a connection to the earth and animals, an extremely strong one, even though she's an pegasus pony and those are earth pony abilities. Pinkie Pie is an earth pony with god-pony abilities.

Pinkie Pie is an alicorn, if only by traits.
Pinkie Pie displays clear abilities of all 3 pony types.
  • She is excellent with cooking, used to work on an earth-relevant farm (The rock farm), and is obviously an Earth Pony physically for now. Thus, plenty of Earth Pony magic.
  • In her concept phase, she was a pegasus. This traveled over to her main form as increased speed to the point of teleportation-tier events, but not always. Thus, a bit of Pegasus magic.
  • Pinkie displays insanity traits on the level of 'Twilight Is Currently Disturbed' whenever she goes Pinkamena crazy, has the ability to do things that simply must be excused as either magic or flat-out Reality Warping, and there are WMGs Pinkie is a unicorn. Thus, at least a tad of Unicorn magic.
  • To summarize, Pinkie is an alicorn as temporarily Earth Pony, such as Fluttershy is permanent Earth Pony as Pegasus, and Cadence is Unicorn as a cerapter (Not alicorn, not enough Earth Pony and only enough Pegasus for the wings but not the body type), and Pinkie might end up going Alicorn if the Elements Of Harmony all undergo promotion. Derpy will probably end up as an alicorn at some point just for the lulz.

Pinkie Pie's apparent Reality Warping powers are related to the Element of laughter.
Think about it. Whenever Pinkie's powers seem to activate, it's mainly because of Rule of Funny. She could be subconsciously (or on purposely) using it's powers whenever it would be funny or when chasing someone.
  • Hm, perhaps it's like a Roger Rabbit thing where they can do anything as long as it's funny?

Pinkie Pie is a Law of Physics
Equestria is strange by our standards, and some incredibly powerful unicorn or alicorn created a law of reality that there must always be parties and fun. Since it was magically induced, and not getting anything done by just being there, it descended to earth as Pinkie Pie, who, due to her status as on of the Rules, and an important one at that, she is able to bend other laws of physics to get her purpose done. She is the Law of Laughter.

Pinkie Pie is a equine abomination
Idea comes from this fanfic that tries to explain her teleportation ability. But seriously, think about it.
  • As an expansion, she, her entire family, and quite possibly a significant chunk of the pony population are actually eldritch horrors that are convinced that they are ponies. While these un-ponies have phenomenal power, none of them can consciously use it, and most of them are only able to use it to appear as actual ponies. Pinkie, however, has much greater (though still unconscious) access to her power, using to teleport and fit into impossibly small spaces. May the Sisters help everypony if Pinkie were to discover her true nature...
    • So any pony with one-of-a-kind abilities may be one of these? Then let's add Fluttershy and The Stare to the list of such beings.
    • How about Rainbow Dash and her Sonic Rainboom? Or Twilight and her freakish knowledge of magic?

Pinkie Sense is linked to her awareness of the fourth wall.
We actually saw it right when she first appeared; it's why she reacted the way she did when she met Twilight, because it clued her in that Twilight was a newcomer. The reason it was going off so much in "Feeling Pinkie Keen"? It was warning her this was a comedy episode. (That, or that the klutzy mail pony was making lots of deliveries that day...)
  • This is why she is so kind to Flutershy. She is aware they have the same voice actress.

Pinkie Pie's Pinkie "Sense" CAUSES things to happen (rather than warning of things that would have happened anyway).
Earth pony magic is the most subtle kind of magic. If Twilight had analyzed Pinkie's abilities correctly, she would have discovered that Pinkie unknowingly casts luck spells, mostly bad luck spells, on anyone she's worried about while in a superstitious phase. The twitches are merely shocks from the flow of magic power.

Pinkie Pie is a unicorn
Only that for some reason her horn is not normal. As such, neither she nor anyone else knows of this. This explains some of her weirdness.
  • Invisible pink unicorn, to be exact. Her horn is invisible, as the true power of Creation should remain.
  • She's a godpony/alicorn in an earth pony body for some reason. The way Fluttershy is an earth pony in a pegasus pony body. No one will notice anything any more odd about Pinkie Pie than they do already until it turns out she got the immortality ability as well...
  • Her various feats are the obvious evidence, but this may also be the cause of her failure at cooking, usually a talent of earth ponies.
    • Not quite! The baked bads were AJ's fault, not Pinkie's. AJ's tired mind screwed up the recipe instructions as they were read off. Pinkie is actually a very good cook.
  • Pinkie is actually a unicorn with her horn ground off!
    • No, she's a unicorn whose horn is an "innie." Which also explains a lot about her mental state.

Pinky Pie has unicorn blood.
Related to the above, some ancestor was a unicorn, she can do the things she does because of the blood but she doesn't know how or why.

Pinkie Pie literally has unicorn blood.
Gummy probably had teeth at some point, and taming an alligator, even a tiny one, can't have always gone smoothly. Thus, young Pinkamena Dianne Pie had to go to the hospital and recieved a blood transfusion... But there was a mix-up, and blood from a unicorn donor was used, leading to Pinkie Pie's strange abilities. She has more control over her natural magic than the average earth pony, but not the same degree of control, and, more importantly, not the same kind of control that a unicorn would have.

Pinkie Pie is a unicorn and knows it.
She made her horn invisible deliberately. As a shameless manipulator, doing magic right in front of people while suppressing their curiosity about it is one of her favorite pastimes.

Pinkie Pie is actually a unicorn, but with no horn.
If you imagine that a horn acts like a kind of wand ("directing" the magic, so to speak), this actually makes a lot of sense. Because she has no horn, Pinkie's magic comes out in sporadic, uncontrollable burts. This would explain her Pinkie Sense, teleportation, 4th wall abilities and even her personality, to some extent. If her magic is constantly going haywire, it'd probably make her a little crazy and random, too.

Pinkie Pie doesn't consciously realize her Reality Warper powers
She subconsciously uses them whenever it would be funny. Seriously, why else would she try to disguise herself as a bale of hay while tailing Twilight when she can just pop out of random objects like when she chased Rainbow Dash in the same episode?

Pinkie Pie's Teleportation abilities were given to her by Twilight Sparkle
We all know that Twilight Sparkle is not very good at controlling her powers, as seen in "Cutie Mark Chronicles". We also know that she may have powers unknown to unicorndom...kind...whatever. If one were to recall the first meeting between them:
Pinkie Pie: GASP!!!

That exasperated gasp was a reaction to the feeling of Twilight accidentally giving her powers. Pinkie Pie now shared Twilight's teleportation ability and used it often, but didn't want too much attention drawn to herself, so she came up with an alibi to cover up her gasp and explains it to Twilight at the party. In extensive detail.

Pinkie's mane is a Bag of Holding
it only works when her hair is all curly. She keeps all the necessary party supplies in there. Except for the cake, which she usually eats anyway.
  • Why didn't everything fall out when her hair went flat in "Party Of One" and briefly in "Best Night Ever"?
    • Well, she has no reason to pull out party supplies when she's in such a bad mood.

Pinkie was born a pegasus.
She can run as fast as Rainbow Dash can fly (extreme speed being associated with pegasi), and she has none of the strength and endurance of the series' earth ponies. She was one of the only earth ponies on the weather team in Winter Wrap-Up. Hell, she was originally designed as a pegasus.Her parents are both earth ponies, but Word of God states that it would be possible for earth ponies to birth another species, and vice-versa. Pinkie's parents might have clipped her wings because they needed an extra hand around the rock farm, and pegasi are not well-suited for agriculture.
  • Yikes. Two points:
    • First, clipping a bird's wings just means trimming the ends of the primaries so that the bird's aerodynamics are messed up and it can't fly. It doesn't hurt the bird at all, it just kind of annoys them because, well, they've been robbed of their main mode of locomotion. Presumably the same would apply to pegasi. Pinkie Pie has no wings, so if she really was born a pegasus, her wings have been removed altogether.
    • Second, that's not how biology works. If she were born a pegasus, removing her wings wouldn't make her an earth pony; she'd just be a dewinged pegasus, with the same natural physique as a pegasus. She'd be just as unsuitable for farming without wings as she would be with them, so removing her wings would serve no purpose except to be needlessly cruel.
      • And animals don't need to be woken from hibernation by ponies, and birds find their own way back after winter. Our rules do not apply here.
      • I could try to argue why pony biology might actually not work like that, but that would be missing the point: are you really going to claim that mutilating your child (for any reason) is not needlessly cruel?
      • There is an MLP fanfic (yeah, not-canon but work with me here) that posits the existence of a rare birth disorder creating "wingless pegasi". They have the same cloudwalking and other abilities of normal pegasi but have no wings or flight. Perhaps Pinkie is suffering from a similar condition?

Pinkie Pie knows and taught the others the Riddikulus spell during the pilot.
As Professor Lupin mentions, the key to the spell is laughter; turning your fears into something so ridiculous it's no longer scary. What could possibly help distract from your fears more than a random song-and-dance? Now consider what element Pinkie Pie represents.

Pinkie Pie is actually a horrible cook.
The only time we've actually seen her cook anything were the "Baked-bads" with Applejack and the "Cupcakes" with Apple Bloom. Otherwise, she's just eating or serving the food. Since Pinkie Pie didn't catch the obvious mistakes happening in both instances, it seems her instincts with cooking are a little off. She's also not terribly picky about what she eats, since she could tolerate Apple Bloom's "cupcakes" while the chef herself could not. Pinkie Pie is probably more the manager of the party venue side of Sugarcube Corner, since Twilight seems to have deemed the library off-limits to parties. The Cake couple have probably prepared all of the food she's served until now.
  • She may be the janitor.
  • It might be because she's still learning. It seems that Pinkie Pie works at Sugarcube Corner as a party coordinator and apprentice baker. Though Pinkie's strange tastes, odd personality, and bottomless stomach probably means someone has to keep an eye on her while she works, which is why Mr and Mrs Cake were worried about Pinkie Pie handling the shop unsupervised.
  • You can actually see her top some icing on what seemed to be newly baked, normal-looking cupcakes in "Green Isn't Your Color". So either she may still be an apprentice, or she made those cupcakes all by herself, showing that she's a rather good cook if she's doing it on her own.

They're not (always) teleporting, they're just in different places. Their eccentric personality perfectly covers any accidental inconsistencies. (Possibly Jossed by Party of One.)
  • There still could be more than one Pinkie, from different times or dimensions. They're completely unaware of one another because they will never meet
due to the embarrassment that usually causes.
  • possibly confirmed by 'smile,smile smile' where we see two of them meet. They must occasionally see each other(pinkie pie is not worried about preserving any timey wimey ball)
    • This would help explain why she always wants to spend time with her friends. It looks like she's with them all the time, but each individual Pinkie Pie is hardly spending any time with them at all.
    • Well, if it wasn't true when this was written, it is now...

Pinkie-sense was an elaborate prank on Twilight.
Possibly with Celestia's help in setting up the apparently impossible predictions. (Theory from jamesbondkid2001.) When the hydra appeared, she quickly adapted it to get Twilight to the bog without having to explain how she knew what was happening; then adapted it again to give Twilight the confidence to make the jump.

Pinkie Pie cannot just predict the future, she can actually see the future.
I believe that many of her problem solving skills actually comes from her seeing the actual future, and that the Pinkie Pie Sense is only a side effect of this ability. As an example, in "Swarm of the Century" the reason she already knows about the parasprites and how to get rid of them is not because of her knowledge of foreign matters, but because she can see herself getting rid of the parasprites by polka music in the future. Another example is her ability to find the right books at the right time, which can also be explained by her ability to see the future. She also knows that Twilight is following her in "Feeling Pinkie Keen".

Precisely how she does this I do not know. But it only seems reasonable that Earth ponies also have some special abilities, like the pegasus-type ponies ability to fly and walk on clouds, and the unicorn pony's ability to do magic, even though it is only a few who have this ability.

For reference see the Doctor Who mini-episode Time Crash in which the tenth doctor solves a problem by remembering being the fifth doctor seeing the tenth doctor solve the problem (its not as confusing as it sounds). This also happens in Bill & Ted. Bill and Ted knows Rufus' name by being told by their future self. Not exactly the same, but close.

As a Development Gag Pinkie will temporarily be given Fluttershy's wings
  • She will then be covered in flour (ala "Baby Cakes") and get banana pudding stuck in her mane...
Pinkie Pie's reality-warping powers are highly limited, and only function when it would be funny.
This is related to the Roger Rabbit comparison above: Pinkie can only bend reality when it would be funny. When it would be funny, she can, for example, keep pace with Rainbow Dash despite only hopping along at an apparently much slower speed. By contrast, in "Feeling Pinkie Keen", when they were running from the hydra, she was not particularly faster than the others, nor was she otherwise able to use her Reality Warper abilities to get away. Why? Because it wouldn't have been funny. In fact, to take this a step further: all of Pinkie's abilities stem from her ability to see through the fourth wall. Having done that, she knows that she is a cartoon character, and therefore knows that her world operates according to Cartoon Physics. Her unusual abilities are, after all, completely normal for a cartoon character.

Pinkie Pie has more magic in her than other ponies.
This is related to another theory I have that all pony species have magic in them, with unicorns being the only ones able to control it directly. Word of God partially confirms this by saying that earth ponies bless the land and tend to be better with animals that most ponies. (with Fluttershy being an oddball) As with unicorns, it may be possible for some earth ponies and pegasi to have more magical ability than others. Pinkie Pie has far more magical ability than most earth ponies, and maybe even more than many unicorns. This is shown in her Pinkie Sense, her fourth wall breaking abilities, and her ability to seemingly pop up out of nowhere. Like unicorn magic, her magical abilities connect directly with her cutie mark, since she mostly uses them to make people happy. Even her Pinkie Sense does that, people are happier when they avoid bad things.
  • The overall theory is confirmed by Word of God; pegasus cloudwalking and weather control is a form of passive magic, and earth pony magic is even less obvious, but they have a deeper connection with the earth and nature, and are in general stronger and have more endurance than similarly-built unicorns or pegasi. Fluttershy, as a pegasus whose specialty lies within the earth pony domain, is indeed a bit of an oddball.

Pinkie Pie is omniscient
She simply loves to mess with us in any way she can. Her Pinkie Sense? She read ahead in the cosmic script and knows when to expect incoming slapstick. Being afraid of Zecora and Luna to the point of hysteria? Nah, she knew they were benevolent all along, but she liked the way the plot was going. Her creepy scene in "Party of One?" Just another prank on the viewers, made possible by going completely out of line with how pony psychology was portrayed so far. Discord? She let herself be corrupted, and enjoyed every minute of it.

Even if she's Obfuscating Stupidity, Pinkie Pie knows everything about her universe - past, present, and future. She knows when to advance the plot and when to let it be. And since she knows what's coming, nothing can really surprise her, and nothing can truly upset her. So why not just sit back and enjoy the party?

Pinkie Pie has Super Speed
However, she can only use it for short bursts, thus explaining her Offscreen Teleportation
  • At least partially confirmed - she's able to keep up with a flying Rainbow Dash.

Pinkie Pie is a ninja.
She can't actually teleport or anything, she just creates the illusion that she can because she's so stealthy, much like Real Life ninja created and deliberately fostered the myth that they had supernatural abilities like teleportation and invisibility, while it was really all just tricks and illusions. For example, when she appeared in the mirror in "Green isn't your Color," she was actually just standing somewhere out of sight in the room but where her reflection appeared in the mirror; alternatively, she had simply tunneled through the wall, removed the silver backing from the mirror, and was looking through the glass.
  • Alternatively, she's the other kind of ninja, and her powers are exactly as supernatural as they seem. Her offscreen teleportation is her using the body flicker technique, she used shadow clones to overlap herself when she sang in "Call of the Cutie Mark", "Pinkie Senses" are some kind of Kekkai Genkai (an Earth/Air combination that lets her sense incoming objects from minute air currents and ground tremors?), etc. The main character of the show is a wizard with a dragon familiar; why can't there be mystic ninjas? Rock farm my ass; she was raised in the Village Hidden in the Quarry.

Pinkie Pie predicted Discord.
There is a common Mondegreen about Pinkie Pie's no fear song from the second episode, it is that instead of "Giggle at the ghostie" she actually said "Giggle at the Goatse", many people blow this off, but if she really said that it was actually meant to be spelled Goatsy. A year later we meet the darkest villain you could possibly imagine for a show like this, Discord, who has the face of a goat, she could have used her Pinkie senses to predict Discord who she saw as a Goatsy, so she laughs off the evil!

Pinkie Pie is related to Discord.
She thrives on chaos, she doesn't have to bend to the laws of reality, she's a reality warper, and she actually enjoyed Discord's reality. To explain all of this, she's a demi-goddess of chaos.
  • She's Discord's daughter. Discord went back in time after being freed/foward in time before being freed, had some crazy sex with Pinkie's mom and thus gave birth to Pinkie.

Pinkie Pie is the only mane character who can pilot the hot air balloon.
Every time we see the hot air balloon in the show, Pinkie Pie is in it (not counting the opening credits, which don't seem to depict actual canonical events). She flies it by herself in "Fall Weather Friends" and "Party of One", and is one of the ponies in it in "The Return of Harmony" and "Sonic Rainboom". Considering her aerial exploits in "Griffon the Brush-Off", she may actually have some aviation experience, and is probably the only mane character with an aviation licence, if such things exist.

Pinkie Pie has a sort of sinister trick up her sleeve for when her laughter plan doesn't work.
At the end of "Giggle at the Ghostly" just before Pinkie laughs the final trees away, she says/sings, "And tell that big dumb scary face to take a hike and leave you alone. And if he thinks he can scare you then he's got another thing coming and the very idea of such a thing just makes you wanna laugh". When Pinkie' s laughter tactic doesn't work, she secretly has some other, more sinister plot up her metaphorical sleeve, and thinking of that more sinister plan makes her laugh anyway. It's unknown, however, what exactly that other plan is...

Pinkie Pie hops around everywhere she goes because it's dangerous for her to run at full gallop.
When she goes full speed, she can keep pace with Rainbow Dash without any apparent problem. However, perhaps because she's an earth pony, she's more vulnerable to friction on the ground than a full speed pegasus pony. This may also be why she doesn't participate in the Running of the Leaves. She'd win. Easily. She knows it, and does other tasks like the commentating because they're more enjoyable than a contest she couldn't possibly lose.

Pinkie Pie has Fairy God Parents.
Hear me out, what if when she was hit by the Sonic Rainboom, she also got fairy god parents. Remember, fairy god parents only come to depressed or sad children to make them happy and get them through life, so it could be that it's the same with Pinkie Pie. Furthermore, she seems mentally frozen as a young filly, and since you have your memories erased of your fairy god parents when you become a teenager, it could be that Pinkie Pie is continuing to act like a filly in order to keep her fairy god parents. Adding onto that, the reason she keeps them is so she can throw parties more easily and act cartoonier as a whole (that's not actually her doing those things, she's wishing for them). The reason we don't see her fairy god parents is because while The Fairly Odd Parents is set from Timmy's perspective, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is mostly from Twilight's point of view, so we don't see Pinkie Pie's Cosmo and Wanda, and aren't allowed to know that they exist according to Da Rules. Also, this is just a coincidence, but both Pinkie Pie and Timmy Turner are colored pink with blue eyes.

Pinkie Pie's Pinkie Sense doesn't work the way it's depicted in "Feeling Pinkie Keen"
She can actually predict the future internally, but nopony ever believed her. Then she was exposed to one of the many old people that claimed that an ache in the knee or certain twitches in their bodies meant that something would happen. So Pinkie Pie developed the twitches and combos she has so that when she knows the future, ponies are more likely to believe her. And it worked.

Pinkie Pie is powered by Smiles
"Come on everypony, Smile, Smile, Smile; fill my heart up with sunshine, sunshine, all I really need is a smile, smile, smile; from these happy friends of mine"
  • What other creatures in the MLP mythos are powered by emotions?

Pinkie Pie is a ghost
She died traveling to Ponyville from the rock farm, but her desire to make friends kept her tied to the world. Her bizarre powers? Normal ghost properties. Her complete 180 in Party of One? Without her friends' affection (as far as she was aware), the deserts of Saturn started intruding into her perception of Ponyville. She was convinced she'd very soon never be able to leave Sugar Cube Corner again, and decided to wait for the inevitable.

Pinkie Pie is a succubus
She is trying her hardest to become closest with her friends. One day, she will eventually steal their souls. When she is getting closer to her goal, she is normal Pinkie, although she goes insane when she is failing.
  • Alternatively, Pinkie is just ''not evil enough'' to steal their souls, and all her antics and craziness are just her using her demonic powers to become close as possible with everyone, especially the other mane 6. She's doing this because she's planning a Heel–Face Turn after revealing her true nature...however, this hinges on Pinkie's friends vouching for her to Celestia. Without this, Celestia would simply kill Pinkie, or send her back to hell.

Pinkie Pie forgot about her Pinkie Sense
Between Feeling Pinkie Keen and The Mysterious Mare Do Well, there is no mention of Pinkie Sense, nor any indication that Pinkie Pie even has Pinkie Sense at all. It's possible that Pinkie Pie simply forgot about it (she has forgotten her birthday, after all). It becomes a case of Remembered I Could Fly during The Mysterious Mare Do Well, when the Mane 6 minus Rainbow Dash develop the MMDW persona (which is only an implied event, since the whole episode is from RD's perspective). Presumably, they discussed who would actually do stuff in costume, and someone recalled Pinkie Pie's Pinkie Sense. By extension, it's possible Pinkie Pie may only be able to use Pinkie Sense when she's thinking about it.
  • "It's About Time" and "Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 1" both have Pinkie Sense.

Pinkie Pie is the living embodiment of the Fire Of Friendship
The Hearth's Warming Eve carol mentions laughter and singing, and these are the two things Pinkie is best known for. She's also constantly surrounding herself with friends, and we've seen what happens when she even thinks she's been rejected by them.looking at theese picture of the fire of friendship and pinkie pie's color palettes are amazingly similar, since its canon that you need one of each pony race (earth,pegasus, and unicorn) maybe some friends of those races visited her house (either before or after pinkie mother gets birthed or conceived her), and through an accident said pinkie pie turns into personification of the fire of freinship.

Pinkie Pie is related to The Sandman Delirium
  • Well, "Delirium" was once "Delight", and there's convincing argument for both in Pinkie.

During "Smile Smile Smile", happy-Pinkie pulling her sadder self out of a dark pit is her redemption for Cupcakes.
Sad-Pinkie in the pit was the part of her that became depressed and sad about everypony always associating her with cannibalistic cupcakes and murdering ponies because of the fanfic. "Smile Smile Smile" has Pinkie pulling herself out of the pit saying "Don't worry, we know you aren't a murderer. You can be happy now!" That's also why there were so many fourth wall breaks in the episode - Pinkie wants us to remember that too.
  • This Troper did think that the song seemed like an (amazing) attempt to joss Cupcakes.

Pinkie Pie has extra magic because Pinkie Pie has extra friendship.
We've seen the equation: F = Ma, Friendship is Magic. We've seen repeatedly that this is literally the case. So it's obvious why Pinkie Pie has more magic than is normal for an Earth pony. She's best friends with everypony in Ponyville, and anypony she can manage outside of it too. With so much friendship inside her, simple mathematics dictates that she has a massive pool of raw magic inside her, too. And magic leaks. That's why her friendship is so infectious!

Pinkie Pie is the Composer of Equestria.
Pinkie Pie is the Joshua of their world- Celestia is just a figure head, Pinkie Pie is really the one in charge. Think about it- She has an awareness of the Fourth Wall, she can move faster than Rainbow Dash (who can move fast enough to create a freaking Sonic Rainboom!), and she can apparently defy the laws of gravity and freeze herself in mid-air. Yet she's an Earth Pony! Suspicious, no?

the other members of Pinkie’s family also have precognition
  • Pinkie’s great-great-grandfather was a unicorn named “Crystal Ball” a powerful fortune-teller. His abilities were passed down though Pinkie’s mother’s side of the family. Blinky pie has incredibly powerful precognitive abilities, even greater than Pinkie. Inky pie however, does not. Mama Pie has these powers as well, but she tries to keep them subdued since they caused her a great deal of trouble in the past.

Pinkie has unintentionally forced the guilty parties of MMMysteryOnTheFriendshipExpress to eat the desserts via Compelling Voice
Her Food Porn descriptions had affected their minds so much that they snapped and couldn't resist the desire to gobble them here and now. This is especially true for the bakers.

Pinkie is a disguised Changeling.
She doesn't know, of course, she's had odd powers her whole life so she never really questioned them. It's the reason for her different color compared to the rest of her family, as well as her weird behavior. Like all Changelings, she feeds on love- except the love her friends and the Cakes have for her is really directed at her, so it's given rather than stolen and feeding on it has no negative effects. Her breakdown in Party of One was her survival instincts kicking in.
  • Alternatively, Pinkie Pie is fully aware that she’s a changeling. She made the decision to live out the rest of her life disguised as a pony because she preferred the pony life style to the changeling way of life. However, for her to be able to keep up her appearance at all times she needs to feed off of more love than normal. This is why she strives to become friends with everypony in Ponyville and why she panicked when Cranky Doodle wouldn’t become friends with her (she needs all the love she can get). Pinkie Pie being a changeling would also explain why during the finale, when one of the other changelings copied her she said “I’ve seen better”, because she actually has seen better done by other changelings when she still lived among them.
    • Look at "Party of One" or the Smile song segment, and it's very obvious. She isn't even trying to hide it.
    • Its a compelling theory, but there's a sticking point; Queen Chrysalis has no interest in or need for normal food. Everything apparently tastes like ash to her, like a vampire trying to eat people food. But Pinkie Pie is the biggest eater on the cast.
      • She's overcompensating.
  • Combining this with an above guess, Pinkie is a group of changelings. Usually, they work in shifts to avoid undue suspicion, but they'll occasionally team up for her The Cat Came Back shenanigans.

Pinkie has the Wishsong
Her strange, reality warpingness is most evident when she sings...

Pinkie is a Gadgeteer Genius.
All those crazy inventions that she uses? She made them herself. The reason that she can find details that Twilight can miss is because she is every bit as intelligent, though she doesn't always apply that intellect as well.

Pinkie Pie is a robot.
Her ability to sense the future and when she's being watched from beyond the fourth wall is the result of her extensive environmental tracking and detection systems. Her ability to keep up with Rainbow Dash and appear nearly anywhere without warning is thanks to her advanced mobility options and tireless metal muscles. Her photographic memory and technical skills are courtesy of her computer brain. Finally, her imperfect understanding of pony behavior is because the programmer didn't have much in the way of people (pony?) skills. Her primary function, obviously, is to make ponies happy.

The ponies that appeared to be her parents were her creators, and her younger sisters were more lifelike, but less powerful models. She is vaguely aware of being a robot, or at least vastly different from normal ponies, but has been programmed to not reveal this and at least try to fit it.

Pinkie Pie is a Sidereal Exalt.
Equestria is her semipermanent vacation spot. Whatever faction she was on, she had to do some pretty awful things, and can't always handle the memories. So she went looking for a more idealistic reality where genocide would never be a practical solution, found one, and wrote herself into it, becoming a pony due to that being the local default form for sapient life. The local gods either don't know about Exalted or would rather pretend not to, so she doesn't have to hide what she is quite so much as usual.

Pinkie Pie's cutie mark isn't balloons.
It's three pocket universes over time, starting out as singularities (strings) then expanding into full-fledged universes after their big bang events. This represents Pinkie Pie's real special talent: warping space-time and slipping between universes.
  • Even better. Pinkie's cutie mark is two blue and one yellow balloon; she's a quantum selector, picking the outcome of chaotic states. Her special talent is conscious collapse of quantum waveforms.

Pinkie Pie's cutie mark reflects her Reality Warper powers
Pinkie Pie's cutie mark isn't necessarily about parties, but about surprises, both in her ability to give them ("teleportation") and her affinity for taking them (Pinkie sense). Based on a number of precedents, cutie marks are indicative of a pony's special and unique talent. No pony is quite like Pinkie, who has all sorts of reality-bending abilities which she uses to surprise people. To cite just one of these particular abilities, many characters have attempted to run from Pinkie, but she seemingly teleports over to them to surprise them, hiding in food, sponge buckets, right under their feet, and even in the far side of a mirror at one point. It's not really magic per se, at least not any more than Fluttershy's obedience stare or Rainbow Dash's sonic rainboom are magical.
  • Naturally though, Pinkie's "surprise" talent is often used to throw parties and play pranks.

Pinkie Pie's obtained her powers via The Monolith.
One day, Pinkie was working on the rock farm when she saw a strange big black rock that was wailing. Of course, it actually was The Monolith and the advanced aliens inside of it decided to bless her with her abilities, seeing potential for this creature to cause peace and spread happiness and joy. Her odd behaviour is her mind being somewhat warped from her travels inside the infinite void that she had to go through to get to the interior.

Pinkie Pie knows the events of every episode before they happen
She just acts out otherwise because its fun, because it fits the narrative, and because it'll all be fine anyway. She only ever slipped up once, on Nightmare Night. The primary way she uses this foreknowledge is by writing, practicing, and choreographing situationally appropriate songs.

Pinkie's Power is Fueled By Calories

Surprised no one mentioned this before. Pinkie is a Big Eater but doesn't seem to be fat. Being a Genki Girl only explains so much, the excess calories must power her abilities.

Pinkie is a special type of earth pony.

Pinkie pie is a special ‘breed’ of earth pony. They adapt either to optimism(poofy hair,light colours) or else pessimism(Strait hair, dark colours) and she was most of the way to pessimism until the sonic rain-boom happened and her innate optimism was once again ignited and in party of one her mind and body were re-adapting for pessimism.

Pinkie Pie is an alien.

But, of course, she is unaware of it. Her species feeds off of joy, though unlike Changelings, this doesn't harm those she uses as a food source. Also, due to her outer pony form, she can eat just like a normal pony can, but it doesn't truly sustain her, thus why she can eat such ridiculous amounts of food.She was adopted by the Pies in her "foalhood", after having accidentally come to Equestria. Due to the unnatural lack of joy on the rock farm, she was weakened significantly out of hunger. This was why she was struggling just to push a pebble in the flashback. When the Sonic Rainboom occured, it awakened her inner alien, and she began to feed. She figured out how to spread the sweet joy that had strangthened her once more.All of her bizarre powers are thanks to an overloading of joy in her body, which enables her to do truly ridiculous things. The exception is her Pinkie Sense, which is merely a sixth sense inherent to her species.In Party of One, she once again was subjected to hunger. When she deduced that her friends hated her, she was weakened by the lack of joy, and thus reverted to her straight-maned form. But her alien wasn't ready to give up, so she's tried to host a party with new friends. The inanimate objects she gathered didn't work, but the alien, under the Placebo Effect, was convinced that they did. When she was taken back to a real party, the joy fed her once more.

Pinkie is an Alien Robot.
Combining two of the above guesses, Pinkie was born from a malfunctioning stasis pod. It scanned the Pie parents, making her their daughter, after a fashion, but left her data tracks completely blank, and as long as she stays in beast mode, she can survive off of organic food. She still has yet to learn that she's a robot, never mind how to transform, but her transformer body still results in odd body language from time to time. Her toon force abilities are standard to the more comedic Beast Wars characters.

Pinkie's abilities are somehow related to The Mask
This is how I envision it:


Now, one upon a time, There was a young filly named Pinkie Pie, born not to two usual parants but to one under theinfuence of a mystical artifact that somehow got into the universe (or possibly created by Discord, we may neverknow). Her parents sought to hide her gift, fearing that something may go horrbly 'horribly' wrong. Overtime her gift swiched off, she ajusted to life on her parents rock farm almost "taking off" the mask andforgetting all about it (including her parents).But, upon that fateful day of the sonic rainboom, the world of colour, zaniness and antics opened back up to her,she "put the mask back on" if you will, and we all know what happened from then, explianing all the weird"reality-warping" stuff Pinkie does.

  • And just look at the structure of how she pulls the warping off, very similar to The Mask hm?

Pinkie Pie will get her cloning ability back, but she won't need the Mirror Pond for it anymore

Pinkie Pie is the true Goddess of Equestria.
Hear me out here, there are certain elements towards Pinkie Pie that need to be addressed.

-Pinkie is constantly breaking the fourth wall, something not even Celestia can do. As well as defy gravity, perform hammerspace. She knew what Parasprites were despite no-one else in Ponyville, not even Celestia "The most all knowing character in the show" knew what they were. Not to mention she was the only one who knew how to get rid of them.

-When Discord returned she thought of it as a big joke, it never phased her in the least until he manipulated her, though even then knowing her unpredictable nature she likely knew what he was doing and in fact pretended to be corrupted to play along with him.

-Her laughter song in the second episode. The monsters literally disappeared because of laughter. How did she know that Luna's magic would be affected by that? And perhaps they vanished not because she was laughing but because she used her own magic?

-The "Cheerful and Laughter" persona may be a front, she may in fact be a wise mature Goddess and "Pinkie Pie" as a character is who she disguises herself as.

-Her Pinkie sense, that is not earthly...

-"Party of one" shows her mental breakdown, though remember "She most likely knows she's in a cartoon" so she probably considers herself nothing more than an actress to entertain us, which was why she was doing that. "Invisible cameras"

-Discord ruled before Celestia and Luna did, but they said it wasn't always Chaos. So who ruled before him? In other words who is the "true ruler"?

-If my theories are correct than the character Puddinghead that Pinkie played in the pagent might in fact have been "her" since the two characters are completely identical character wise. Not just because Pinkie played her.Pinkie may have been around in different personas throughout the beginning of history.

-Pinkie Pie may have made up her Cutie Mark backstory, maybe her Amish family never existed.

How do my theories sound? The goofy silly character is probably just to throw everyone off when in fact she is the "true goddess" of Equestria.

I wouldn't doubt she knows other Gods. Where else would she have gotten the catchphrase "Okie Dokie Loki" she probably says that to Loki at every "God Party"

Pinkie Pie is a moderate Wiggin' Specialist.

-Wiggin' specialists confuse or outdo their opposition in battle, which is exactly what pinkie often seems to do with her pep and seemingly infinite bag of tricks.

-Much like bobobo and other wiggin' specialists, she does absurd, random, or nonsensical things.

-she occasionally brings up special abilities or does things, and than doesn't later, or does several episodes later.

-She can spawn items from nowhere and vastly confuses the logical-minded.

-She has the most strange look of most of the ponies, and can seemingly transform it based on her attitude.

Had Twilight's reaction to "Betcha can't make a face crazier than THIS" been slower, the Pinkie being addressed would have responded with a Newborn Cuties face.

Pinkie Pie may have made Recusants of herself by using the Mirror Pool
just going with the idea of the Pinkie Clones being shallow and one-emotion made apart from the original Pinkie Pie, it's possible that they were Hollow and empty on the inside; just empty shells ready to be filled with something, perhaps a piece of a heart. it was never stated out right that Recusants are only made by filling the empty bodies of others with a piece of their own heart, One could easily use the Mirror pool to clone hollow bodies of themselves and fill them in with the appropriate pieces—the only draw back is that they still retain a one-emotion at their core, and the more there are of them, the more chaotic they are, and they may make many more of themselves before someone has a chance to fill them all in order to control them, so it can get extremely out of hand if someone doesn't consider the consequences.

Pinkie Pie will come back from the dead
And she will be My Little Pony's Brook.

Pinkie is part changling
Here me out here. For this theory to work, firstly, my theory for Changelings is that instead of being born the way ponies are born, they actually reproduce by kidnapping foals early in their life. The foals then slowly turn into a changeling as they live alongside them and absorb their changeling magic.Pinkie was kidnapped as a foal and spent several years with the Changelings, but somehow managed to escape and make it back to Ponyville. The experience left her with an unsettled mental and emotional state, a form of PTSD. Because of how much time was spent with them, however, it left her with large traces of their magic, explaining why she's able to do the things she does.Finally, for proof, remember how in Canterlot wedding, she asked the changeling to turn into her, and then said she'd seen better? That wasn't just a funny Noodle Incident line; She actually HAD seen better because she'd grown up with the changelings!

At least some of Pinkie's powers are a combination of Achievements in Ignorance and The Rainmare
Whether or not one believes that Pinkie has any diagnosable human mental disorder, it's not too far-fetched to argue that her brain simply doesn't work like most other ponies'. Her highly unconventional means of perceiving and interacting with the world has its downside, but it lets her access some abilities that most earth ponies couldn't. Either because normal ponies know that this sort of thing is impossible and never thought to try, or because her particular mental state lets her understand the forces involved better than a normal neurotypical earth pony could. Or some combination of the two.

Pinkie Pie is a Transformer.
Well, mare does make that signature noise in "Equestria Girls". She might not have been disguised, but her body thought it was because of how she was contorted, hence the sound.

Pinkie's party cannon...
Is based on the same principles as an air gun, rather than a normal cannon. (Less WMG and more based on what we've seen of its capabilities, but still just a logical theory.)

Pinkie's so hyper not because she eats so many sweets, but because she takes Weapons-Grade sitmulants.

Pinkie's abilities are Power Born of Madness.
Ponies, to an individual, have some degree of magical affinity. However, unicorns are the only ones able to actively tap into it. Magic itself seems to have a mind of it's own, as seen in the episodes where Twilight's spells backfire. Now, Pinkie is confirmed in Party of One to be completely sodding bugnuts. Magic responds to her mental illness, allowing her to use it in a more unicornesque fashion.

Pinkie, and possibly all "party ponies" (like Cheese Sandwich and Party Favor) can unconsciously tap into chaos-based magic like the kind Discord uses.
This is how they seem to bend reality and have special sense powers. And this is why Discord is wary of Pinkie - he can sense magic (as seen in Twilight's Kingdom) and he's not used to ponies having the same kind of magic as him. It may only show up in certain Earth ponies because they don’t have as obvious an outlet for magic as Unicorns or Pegasi.

This is partially based on the fact that only Cheese, Pinkie and Discord have ever shown the power to break the 4th wall enough for a live-action cutaway gag (Cheese and Pinkie during the Goof-Off and Discord when trying to throw Tree Hugger into another dimension).

     Pinkie's mental state 

Pinkie Pie is actually the smartest pony in the group
Look at the facts, she designs and builds a functional helicopter, a Party Cannon, and she instantly recognized Nightmare Moon's illusions. Face it, she knows more than she lets on, and is much more intelligent than we think.

In relation to the above WMG, Pinkie is using Obfuscating Stupidity to not be alone.
She used to be just like Twilight, but couldn't stand it, and discovered that if nopony knew she was intelligent, they wouldn't be intimidated by her.
  • I wouldn't say just like Twilight, as she's clearly an extrovert, while Twilight is an introvert, but she's seems to be much more socially awkward that she acts, and she's clearly very intelligent. It seems she says nonsense for the sake of getting a reaction out of her friends, not because she is actually air-headed.

Pinkie Pie's brain:
After Robin Williams dies he becomes Genie from Aladdin, and his container is Pinkie Pie making him her brain, Aladdin takes place 10000 years after his human death and by that time Pinkie Pie somehow turned into an inanimate lamp.
  • Where did you get what you're smoking and how can I find it?

Pinkie Pie is a functional schizophrenic.
She's medicated, so she just appears a bit... eccentric most of the time. Just look at the episode where she's talking to the objects. This'd also explain why she's so hyper and likes to be around people all the time - because it distracts from her delusions/hallucinations. However, it still comes out even when she's around people, hence the weird things she sometimes says.
  • I thought meds were supposed to make you dull and stupid. Though the typical antipsychotics used in schizophrenia treatment can cause Parkinson's like symptoms and tremors, which could explain her "Pinkie sense".
    • Atypical antipsychotics on the other hand cause diabetes. So I doubt Pinkie Pie is on those.
    • This is actually a myth that they "make you a zombie". Sure, it can for some people, but not all.
    • I diagnose her as having mania actually. She has a short attention span, a relentlessly upbeat attitude, endless amounts of energy and to quote the gods of wikipedia, "Mania varies in intensity, from mild mania (known as hypomania) to full-blown mania with psychotic features including hallucinations, delusion of grandeur, suspiciousness, catatonic behavior, aggression, and a preoccupation with thought and schemes that may lead to self neglect.".
      • This makes sense.

The REAL reason the Mane Cast was gathered was to keep Pinkie Pie in check
Defeating Nightmare Moon was just a side benefit. We've seen how unhinged Pinkie can get when she's unhappy over snubbed invitations and friends acting oddly, and how quickly she was cheered up upon realizing her friends still liked her - imagine if something huge went wrong, and she didn't have any friends to make her feel better. The other protagonists are there to keep her her happy, goofy, relatively harmless self, so she doesn't, say, go on any crazed murder sprees.
  • All it takes is one gory fanfic and one episode with a bit of innocent madness to get everyone on the internet to pronounce Pinkie Pie a barely-contained psychopath! My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is ruined! FOREVER!
    • Cupcakes Pinkie Pie. Nothing else needs to be said.
  • What's she going to do? Start randomly throwing parties for everypony?
    • Somepony you've never met is throwing a party in your house for no apparent reason. There's nothing to suggest that ponies can't have heart attacks, so at the very least, she'd be a danger to the elderly and unhealthy. Plus, she has a party cannon, which is probably capable of at least minor property damage if misused. Pinkie Pie could easily be very disruptive without any malevolent intentions at all. (Heck, she occasionally manages to be incredibly disruptive even when she's surrounded by her bestest friends ever and being super happy. Imagine how much of a ruckus (or fracas) she could cause if she was really starved for attention.)

Thanks to Rainbow Dash, we don't have more Cupcakes crazy Pinkie.
If Pinkie would be left alone with her new "friends", sooner or later they would suggest her to kill other ponies.

Pinkie is just a normal, eccentric pony
Seriously guys, she's a little eccentric, but functions normally in society. She is a bit scatterbrained, but she's clearly very intelligent. The more intelligent a person is, the more eecentric they often are, so Pinkie is like this due to her high intelligence.

The events of "Cupcakes" are partially cannon.
The events in "Cupcakes" are cannon, but not directly. Instead, they follow the string-theory idea, the deciding moment in the timeline being when Pinkys hair pops back up after realizing her friends don't hate her. In the universe where Pinkys hair pops back up, she returns to normal, suppresses her mental disorders, and MLP FIM continues on the episode timeline.However, if Pinky had somehow not been reached in time, be it through a different presentation by Applejack, having Pinky prematurely see the party and causing her never to return to Apple Farms and speak with her friends again. Or that she simply refuses to believe that the party was for her. The event would lead to a permenant psychological festering, enhancing Pinkys disorder.But however it is theorized that Pinky chooses not to believe her friends, her hair never pops back up. (Acting as a physical manifestation for Pinky's broken spirit.) No longer trusting living ponies, she becomes a social recluse. She takes up permanent residence in the Cake's basement, and allows her disorder to cause the inanimate objects to continue talking to her. Eventually, they take the "Silence Of The Lambs" approach and somehow she convinces herself that she must number/murder/cook every pony in the town.This of course goes on until Rainbow Dashe's name comes up, Pinky then invites Rainbow over to "make cupcakes" and rainbow, believing that this is a sign that Pinky is returning to her normal mental faculties, gleefully accepts.At this point, there are many "spin off, spin offs" which can also be explained with the utilization of string theory.

Pinkie Pie is incapable of going Cupcakes on anypony. Ever.
I'm not going to offer some huge essay. Just listen to 'Smile, Smile, Smile'.Pinkie Pie would never hurt a soul, let alone murder anypony, ignoring every tortured cry for release.

Pinkie Pie is a paranoid schizophrenic, bipolar xenophobe.
This WMG has numerous supports.

1. Bipolar: She can change moods at a drop of a hat with even the slightest trigger. While Pinkie's manic depressiveness is less severe than most other cases, she shows the common signs. Take, for example the episode Party for One. When Pinkie Pie's second party was neglected by her friends, she forewent the conclusion that her friends hated her and didn't want to come to her parties anymore. This also ties into her...2. Paranoid Schizophrenia: When Pinkie came to the aforementioned conclusion in Party for One, she underwent an extreme mood swing into complete paranoid schizophrenia, thinking that they were up to something behind her back. She also began to have wild hallucinations, such as believing that her "new friends" (in reality an assortment of random household belongings) were actually sentient, even going so far as to give them voices and personalities without even showing a sign of connection with reality as an effect. She also is very strange about meeting new people, meaning that she has a case of...3. Xenophobia: The fear of new things. When Twilight Sparkle first entered Ponyville and attempted to strike up a conversation with Pinkie Pie, Pinkie made a very loud and overdramatic gasp before running off elsewhere. Although she did later explain herself (she claims to know everypony in Ponyville and that meeting Twilight startled her), one has to wonder why she had such an extreme reaction and why her explanation seemed less like telling the truth and more like an attempt to cover her own ass

While it is possible to chalk all of this up as Pinkie being a nutcase, the similarities to these real-life mental conditions was too glaring to not notice. Thanks goes to my mom for discovering all of this through conversation with her.

  • The xenophobia example is too much of a stretch with flimsy reasoning. Actually I'll argue that what appears to be xenophobia is really Pinkie "following the herd". She's more of the welcoming type that can easily be persuaded otherwise. This can be tied in to the other two conditions listed by the above theory, but not obviously the third.
  • Out of all mental disorders she fits "histrionic personality disorder" the best, Exhibitionist behavior
-Constant seeking of reassurance or approval-Excessive sensitivity to criticism or disapproval-Pride of own personality and unwillingness to change, viewing any change as a threat-Inappropriately seductive appearance or behavior-Using somatic symptoms (of physical illness) as a means of garnering attention-A need to be the center of attention-Low tolerance for frustration or delayed gratification-Rapidly shifting emotional states that may appear superficial or exaggerated to others-Tendency to believe that relationships are more intimate than they actually are-Making rash decisions.

The entire story takes place in Pinkie Pie's head.
She's still on the rock farm, harvesting rocks. But in reality, her parents are much more stern ("Stop lollygagging, there's work to be done!", "You don't get to eat if you don't earn your keep", "Why can't you be more like your sisters?"), her sisters bully her mercilessly ("Hey loser, I think there's some pebbles over there you'd be strong enough to lift!), and Pinkie Pie isn't even her real name! She heard tales of five great heroes who vanquished the eternal night, but would never have a chance to meet them, so she began to make little fanfics for herself. In her mind she could escape to a world where she worked in a colorful bakery with two kind parent-like figures, host all the parties she wanted, and hang out with her idols. Her reality-warping is a side-effect, she's not the best storyteller and she often forgets her character is supposed to obey the laws of physics. "Party of One" occurred after a particularly savage verbal assault by both her sisters and her parents. Later, her mother apologized, so she changed the plot of the story since she was feeling better.
  • ...You really are a killjoy, you know that?
    • The exact same theory had been used for Harry Potter, it's not uncommon for an abused or troubled child to escape into his or her own little world.
Pinkie Pie is just Pinkie Pie, and all attempts at explaining how or why are doomed to failure.
This is not Wild Mass Guessing, this is canon.

Pinkie Pie's mane straightens when she is not happy with her life in general
Think about it. When she lives on the rock farm, she is not happy and has no real hope of it getting better anytime soon until she sees the Sonic Rainboom, which is when her mane curls up for the first time. When she thinks she lost her friends, her mane straightens again (and she goes insane from the horrible loss).Any other time she's not exactly happy it's for temporary, not life shattering reasons; she never gives up hope or anything. She is still happy with her life in general, and that's why her mane stays the poofy, curly mess that we all know and love.

Pinkie Pie smiles and laughs all the time because, secretly, something deep down is causing her to be afraid of everything.
Inspired by this picture. Not to mention, according to "Giggle at the Ghostly", her grandmother told her to "laugh to make things disappear". Now what does Pinkie Pie do all the time? She smiles and laughs. Perhaps, secretly, there's some sort of thing that is causing her to really be afraid, but she attempts to hide it. What if Pinkamena, from the old rock farm days, had been so depressed that she became a Split Personality for Pinkie since then. So while there are quite a lot of times when she is happy on her own, there are times when she smiles because she's being forced to by Pinkamena, to hide the fact that she's actually afraid, and laughs to try to get her depressive side and her fears to disappear.
  • She was giggling too hard to stand after her Mind Rape was cured, but she was on the verge of hysterical sobbing when she was being broken. A Split Personality might not even be involved and she might not be afraid of everything, but that is certainly her main tactic for dealing with things that frighten her, and the writers can't have forgotten that.

Pinkie Pie is medically psychotic, but she's never been officially diagnosed.
Not Hollywood psychotic, like Cupcakes Pinkie, but really, legitimately psychotic, which is defined simply as "a loss of contact with reality". Some of the smarter ponies, like Twilight, suspect it, but for a number of varying reasons (up to and including "every time we take her to see a shrink she gets distracted and wanders off before we even finish filling in 'patient name' on the paperwork") she's never been actually tested, and as Swarm of the Century demonstrates, it's nearly impossible to tell the difference between Pinkie when she's lucid and when she's having an episode, which has led to the widespread "Pinkie's just being Pinkie again" dismissal. She's not a danger to herself or others, so no one actually minds letting her roam freely, but her friends and the Cakes still prefer to take a "better-safe-than-sorry" tack, and try to avoid letting her roam unsupervised if at all possible.
  • What is the evidence that she has lost contact with reality? As a general rule, she always seems to know where she is and what's going on around her. She seems to have had a psychotic episode in "Party of One," but one episode does not a psychotic make. Remember, psychosis is the persistent or chronic loss of contact with reality. She's odd, and she definitely trots to the beat of her own drummer, but she seems capable of recognizing reality.
    • I could write a whole tropes page just for things that say "Pinkie Pie is operating on a different level of reality than the other ponies" so I'll try to keep it brief. First, think about the inverse of your statement too. She's not such an extreme case that she's constantly unaware of everything every second of every day, she could probably manage without supervision if she were on meds. But just because she is, on average, aware of her surroundings, doesn't mean she's completely in touch with reality all the time. Second, disordered thinking. Conversations with Pinkie Pie go funny places because she's changed topics while you were mid-sentence, and Applejack's odd substitutions to the "baked bads" make perfect sense to the pony sitting there staring at the recipe and listening to the strung-out cowgirl trying to suss out what she's asking for. Lastly is cues from the other ponies. People who "trot to the beat of their own drummer" still have patterns you pick up on after a while, which is not something I see happening with Pinkie. When Pinkie rushes off demanding a tuba in Swarm of the Century, the other ponies indicate that this is just par for the course for Pinkie, and it's best to let her do her own thing while they deal with the actual crisis. So even though Pinkie knew exactly what she was doing, being demonstrably lucid is a novelty (that is to say, again with the inverting your statement; is she really in touch with reality? Perhaps. Can you prove it? Perhaps not).
      • When is she unaware of anything going on around her? In "Swarm," she was completely aware of what was going on, and understood the situation; she just wasn't able to communicate what was going on to her friends. If she is psychotic for not paying more attention to what Applejack was doing in "Applebuck Season," are all the other ponies who relied on Applejack sight unseen in that same episode also psychotic? The whole point of the episode was that everypony trusted and relied on Applejack implicitly. Pinkie's thinking is somewhat disordered, but not to the point of psychosis. She just has unusual priorities. And you are engaging in the fallacy of argumentum ad ignorantiam. The burden of proof is on the positive: you must show that Pinkie is psychotic; I don't have to prove the negative claim that she is not psychotic.
      • Sorry, I wasn't clear; I wasn't asking you to prove she wasn't. I was saying the evidence is apparently ambiguous (since we're both clearly getting entirely opposite messages from it) and it doesn't look like we're going to change each other's minds. It's probably best if we just leave it here; this is Wild Mass Guessing, not The Other Guy Is Wrong And He Must See That.

Pinkie Pie is the way she is because of the Sonic Rainboom.
(Theory from Youtube)The reason she's so odd is that she was directly exposed to the Sonic Rainboom as a young filly. All of the Mane Six, excluding Pinkie Pie, were somehow protected partially (by being indoors, by being in a forest), but Pinkie Pie was in a wide open field.
  • How do you explain the fact that Rainbow Dash seems perfectly fine?
    • She was never actually hit by the Rainboom effect. As the source of it, she was ahead of it and/or above it. Or she was just in the eye of the storm somehow. (Or she wasn't immune, but it had a different effect on her entirely.)
  • Rarity was on top of a cliff, exposed to the elements, so it would have affected her, too. And also, what about Dash's second Sonic Rainboom at the Best Young Fliers competition?
    • Rarity had a huge (gem filled) rock to sheild her and the second Sonic Rainboom may lack something from the firt, like being the event that triggered Dash's Mark. HAD this been transforming Sonic Rainboom, and had it been done near the packed stands....Nightmare Fuel.
Every generation, a few Earth Ponies become Cloudcuckoolanders. Chancellor Puddinghead was one and so is Pinkie Pie.
It is possible that in each generation of Earth Ponies, a few will become cloudcuckoolanders when they obtain their Cutie Marks. It is from this pool that the Earth Ponies elected their Chancellor, as their off-the-wall advice might be useful at times (this is presuming that the Chancellor was not the ultimate ruler of the Earth Ponies, but an adviser of sorts). Chancellor Puddinghead was one of these ponies. So is Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie is a cannibal
In the song "Evil Enchantress", she says "Then she'll gobble you up in a big tasty stew!". Why would Pinkie Pie refer to a pony soup as tasty unless she finds ponies flesh delicious?

Pinkie is canonically mentally disabled
And I don't mean "well maybe she has mild Aspergers like half the other ponies.". No, I mean she is truely mentally disabled ( not mentally retarded, just disabled, and the disability is rooted in her brain), the other ponies know that she is disabled, and some of the writers are writing her as disabled. As for she has, I say it's a mixture of severe hyperactive ADHD and mild Autism or Schizophrenia. I mean, if she wasn't legally disabled do you think there would be any way she could get away with the things she does, and that the Cakes wouldn't have fired her? Also, in the Baby Cakes episode Twilight says "Some ponies just aren't meant for that type of responsibility", and Pinkie gets extremely offended.
  • This troper's cousin has Williams Syndrome, and if she'd ever be turned into a cartoon pony, she'd pretty much be Pinkie Pie. Traits common in WS includes social disinhibition, hyperactivity, and often a great love/affinity for music.

The entire series is just a hallucination that Pinkie is having.
All that sugar she ate gave her brain damage. Right now she is in a mental hospital imagining herself with the friends she's always wanted, and going on weird adventures with them. One day she will wake up in the real world, and be disappointed that her life was fake.

Pinkie is racist against pigs.
As we know, hooved non-ponies are sapient and possess the power of speech. These include mules, bison, cows, sheep, and presumably pigs. When Twilight Sparkle called Applejack a stubborn mule, she immediately clarified "no offense" to a nearby mule, not wishing to offend it. This implies that hooved non-ponies are also able, and possibly known, to be offended by off-colour comments. All things considered, isn't Pinkie's "Oink Oink Oink" song from the episode "Baby Cakes" a bit racist? No wonder the Cake twins were offended; combined with her pig snout mask, it's almost like the pony equivalent of Black Face!
  • The "Oink Oink Oink" song was a potshot at the kind of music in very young kid's programming, which is overly bright and very simplistic and repetitive. The kids more had 'what the fuck is this' faces before crying than 'What the Hell, Hero?' faces. They looked more confused than offended. It also seems to be the kind of song that all little foals hear, like Old McDonald. For all we know, the song was composed and written by a pig, and/or is part of a larger song about other animals found on a farm.
  • And Lauren Faust even stated that pigs lacked sentience

Pinkie wasn't going insane in Party of One.
At least not further that she normally is, she was extremelly angry at her friends, but also was getting extremelly bored, she set up the whole object party so she had something to do until some job at the bakery or something else appeared to take her attention, her spasms actually where her Pinkie senses trying to alert her that things wasn't what they looked like, which she was shuggering then off and ignoring then as much as possible due to her emotional state.

Pinkie is literally addicted to smiles and/or friendship
When she thought her friends weren't being her friends in Party of One, she went into 'withdrawal'. In A Friend In Deed, she was desperately trying to get her 'fix' from Cranky.

Pinkie must feed off smiles to survive.
They are her sustenance. If she isn't around enough smiling people, she will die, which is why she wants as many creatures to smile, especially when they see her. She FEEDS off their smiles.
  • Alternatively, and explaining her reaction to C.D.D. frowns are poisonous to her
  • It's more of a psychological/emotional hunger than a physical hunger ("Come one everypony, smile smile smile! Fill my heart up with sunshine, sunshine!"). She won't die if deprived, but it certainly makes her life a LOT less enjoyable.
  • Well, we know there are creatures, that feed on emotions. Yes, this troper is looking at you, changelings.

Related to the above two, Pinkie is actually a Windigo
but when she was born, something weird happened that caused her to become a reverse windigo (As in, feeding off friendship and causing sunshine, rather than hate and blizzards.) That, or windigos can feed on one or the other. The ones in Hearths Warming Eve wanted to feed on hate, and Pinke wants to feed on love.
  • Maybe hatred is more filling and nutritious and easier to breed, but happiness is tastier and more sustainable to farm mass amounts over the long-term. Kind of like simple stew versus cupcakes; kill a rabbit and boil its meat, and throw in some foraged peas and carrots, and you've got a nutritious, filling, but bland one-time stew, but if you take the time to plant wheat and sugarcane and raise chickens, you can make cupcakes whenever you want.
  • the "living embodiment of the Fire Of Friendship" thing about pinkie in the above tab my cuase a windigo to transfrom into one, thus we have pinkie pie.

Pinkie Pie's Companion Cube squad in "Party Of One" were alive all along.
They were controlling her brain, and feeding off her sanity. If Rainbow Dash hadn't shown up, she would have totally lost it, rolling on the floor while mumbling gibberish and foaming at the mouth, while her "friends" wait for their next victims...

Pinkie's cheery demeanor is false.
She's fully aware of all her jokes and her attitude. Everything is an elaborate ruse to spread amusement, laughter and joy to those around her. Her "Pinkamena" state is her true self, the actual pony behind her facade.

Because of a traumatic event in her childhood (left out of the "HOW EQUESTRIA WAS MADE") story, she had to keep a cheery attitude in order to stay strong for her family. And then the attitude stuck.

She's smart. Manipulative. Does not want anyone to see her true self. When she's abandoned, she realizes that she really doesn't need her ruse. She realizes that it's not working. And then she gets lonely...and then she has a party.

She's never been happy. She just acts like it for the sake of others

Likewise when she's Discorded; she's not really miserable. She just prefers that others suffer in that state.

Pinkie does confetti.
I mean, ALOT of confetti. Seriously.

Pinkie sees world throughPyrovision.

Pinkie Pie loves nothing more than spreading love and joy to the land of equestrian and will always strive to make her friends as happy as she can. Unfortunately, this beautiful magical world of sunshine, rainbows, and love is a complete illusion created by the Pyroyision Goggles she wears. Though she believes she is playing with her friends, she is really a flamethrower-wielding maniac who violently and painfully murders everyone. This brings disturbing implications to her song and the whole episode in general. It also dits in with her popular depiction as the pyro in TF2/MLP crossover art.

Pinkie Pie is depressed, and feels her only purpose in life is cheering up others.
Maybe I'm just conditioned to think any happy song sung by Pinkie has dark undertones, But there are some bits in "Smile Smile Smile" that could be taken to mean this; most notably: "But there's one thing that makes me happy, that makes my whole life worthwhile". While this could be a Pinkie-ish exaggeration, it could... not... be...

Pinkie Pie is suffers from depression or has suffered from it repeatedly in the past.

See above, but this can be inferred from her songs.In the "Smile Song", the line: "It's true some days are dark and lonely" suggests Pinkie is very familiar with depression.Honestly, I think Pinkie Pie has battled with depression all her life, from when she was a filly to now. It's quite evident she has no real friends other than the mane six and she is terrified of losing them as friends. Also, she represents the element of laughter, but this isn't simply laughing at parties - it's the ability to keep her head up when life gets her down. It's having the strength to move forward. This is evident from Pinkie Pie's first song: the "sun going down" is a metaphor for life being extinguished, similarly for how Pinkie's "life" is sucked out of her in party of one and the room becomes dark as a result. This is the "sun going down". Likewise, the "darkness and the shadows that always made [Pinkie] frown" are metaphors for black feelings of depression which can be overwhelming. "Hiding under the pillow" is withdrawing from society and becoming reclusive, as people with depression often do. But at some point, she must have had someone (Granny Pie) to say "Pinkie, you gotta stand up tall" and encourage her to come out from her depressive episode. On the surface it's about laughing away your fears, underneath its about having the strength to keep going even when everything feels hopeless.Pinkie didn't have a nice childhood, but to be honest, neither did Fluttershy, and Twilight's parents seemed quite cold and aloof. It's interesting how these three characters can all be said to suffer from some form of mental health problem. Pinkie has traits of bipolar disorder as well as schizophrenia, low latent inhibition and borderline personality disorder. Twilight has traits of OCPD and asbergers and fluttershy has anxiety disorder. MLP is a flagship for mental health problems - I just love the way it deals with them in such a mature and understanding way. It totally normalises them and makes it seem that having them is okay, as long as you have friends to help you through them. As someone who has battled with depression for years, it's a very comforting message.

Pinkie is magically bipolar... literally. As a power.
Her flat-haired Pinkamina form is different from her poofy-haired Inky Pie Discorded state; Pinkamina is depressive whereas Discorded Pinkie is just as energetic and easily-riled as Party Pinkie. Had Discord discorded her as Pinkamina, she probably would have turned into a less-shy Fluttershy on the outside: cheerful but not outspoken or energetic, and with high internal self-esteem. This power was activated in a way similar to how Twilight's magical ability was unlocked, and at first uncontrolled, by the Sonic Rainboom. Pinkie just took until the series to learn to control it, after the initial burst required to get through the magical inertia that was holding her back.
Her cutie mark indicates not only her status as the party pony, but also her duality of being: An inflated, happy-context-but-strained-self balloon versus an unfulfilled, possibly even kind of pitiable uninflated/deflated balloon. I actually wasn't sure whether to put this under "powers" or "mental state", but played with the wording to see which it fell into more easily, and put it here.

Cupcakes was a sugar-high-induced nightmare of Pinkie's.

Quite possibly after the party at the end of Party Of One.

Pinkie is a lunatic
As in, her mental stability waxes and wanes with the movement of the moon. That's why some days she seems perfectly functional and others, she's obsessive to the point of criminality.

Pinkie is a Heroin Addict and the Cakes babies actually died years ago.
Well why else would she not be seeing Baby's crawling on the ceiling? She is insane and has Pinkie Sense because of Heroin Withdrawal symptoms


     Pinkie and the 4th wall 
Pinkie Pie is a Time Lord.
She manages to appear out of tiny spaces in "Green Is Not Your Color", and practically teleports around Ponyville. All of the things from that episode are her TARDIS.

Pinkie Pie is a TARDIS.
From the scene where she eats a cake larger than herself she's definitelyBigger on the Inside, and as the above guess notes appears to randomly teleport around theplace and seemingly warps space and time. Also, her personality and powers, especiallyPinkie Sense, remind me of the The Doctor's Wife, especially her trouble with tenses.

Pinkie Pie is a Time Lord's Companion.
I'm not convinced she herself is a Time Lord...but I could easily see her as a companion. And hey, there's already a pony in Ponyville who many think is the Doctor.
  • Doctor Whooves chose her as his companion because her cheerfulness helps him deal with the tragedies he has faced, and her bizarre personality helps her handle the terror of travelling time and space and fighting monsters.
  • Any time she teleports it's because the Doctor just dropped her off. She isn't certain how much "real time" has passed, so she doesn't notice how odd this seems to everypony.
  • We don't see them interact because Doctor Whooves insists she not reveal her connection with him, lest his enemies target her. She takes this responsibility very seriously, explaining her fixation about keeping secrets.
    • Likewise, her fixation with keeping promises.
  • Her many travels explain her knowledge of weird things like Parasprites (who may be aliens; even Celestia doesn't recognize them, and she's 1000+ years old).
  • Exposure to the Time Vortex has made her temporally sensitive; she sometimes gets flashes of the future, thus explaining Pinkie Sense.
  • Pinkie was left behind at one point by the Doctor, in a manner similar to Amy Pond. This gave her abandonment issues, and she freaks out when her friends seem to be ready to abandon her as well.
  • Pinkie has been to all sorts of weird planets, so she is not bothered by things like chocolate rain from cotton candy clouds. She's seen far stranger things.
  • And at some point she travelled back in time and actually did create Equestria.
    • She may actually have been the actual Chancelor Puddinghead.

Pinkie Pie is the Equestrian Equivalent of River Song.
She seems the one most likely to be the Equestrian equivalent River Song.
  • Her hair is super curly and wild.
  • She is very omniscient.
  • Her Pinkie Sense could be a watered down version of the back to forward that she experiences because she knows what's coming. She was already there. Her body just harnesses that into movements so she can actively warn her friends of coming experiences and have them believe her.
  • Going on the WMG above — She teleports and randomly pops in because the Doctor has just dropped her off and she doesn't know what version of friends she has at that moment. Her random non-sequitors are little tests. Depending on how her friends react is where she is. By Season Two they would barely bat an eye while the scene would literally stop in early Season One.
  • Part of her is a possible psychopath and it could explain why her family looks nothing really like her. The Silence brainwashed them into raising her. They raised her in sadness so they could mold her into the perfect weapon to kill the Doctor but the Sonic Rainboom allowed her to see happiness and the hold on her was severed.
  • The killing of the Doctor does happen. But because she is an Element of Harmony, Celestia cannot allow her to stay in a prison. (Plus, Celestia would probably know he isn't dead) Instead she is on a sort of "Friendship Probation" where she spends her days with her friends and her nights in a cell that's built into Sugarcube Corner. They have a Perception Filter around her room so that her sentence doesn't affect the twin Cakes.
    • Her nights, of course, are really spent with the Doctor. Celestia really doesn't care.
      • As for parents? I'd guess Lyra Heartstrings and Bon Bon. She had to get bipedal experience and extreme candy love from somewhere. Plus, they seem the most like Amy and Rory in my mind.

Pinkie Pie is the Equestrian equivalent of Clara Oswald.
What other pony would be suited to Clara's moniker "The Impossible Girl." She has also demonstrated the ability to exist in two places at once. It is this which prompts the Doctor's interest in her to begin with and can even go along with the above WMG that Pinkie is the actual Chancellor Puddinghead. That was the Pinkie Pie of that time period.
  • Building on this, Pinkie Pie is the Equestrian equivalent of Clara Oswald, but the Pinkie Pie that travels with the Doctor is not the Pinkie Pie that lives in Ponyville. That Pinkie is one of the doubles spread across time and space. Certainly puts "Too Many Pinkie Pies" into a whole new perspective.

Pinkie Pie's oatmeal comment stemmed from hearing about this drink recipe.
Because it's crazy.

Pinkie Pie's sudden appearances in "Green Isn't Your Color" are just Twilight having hallucinations brought on by her guilty conscience.
  • Or it might just be Pinkie Pie flexing more of her Reality Warper talent.
  • Personally, I'd go with the first one, because close to the end of the show — just after Twilight Sparkle blurts out Spike's "secret" about Rarity — Pinkie Pie appears inside a mirror (the glass is visible, and she is not anywhere else in the room). Although she does seem to ignore physics more often than the other characters, she has not shown anything this extreme on an ongoing basis.
    • I second this. But only the part concerning the mirror.
  • Also, at the spa when Pinkie Pie suddenly pops up from a bucket of sponges, but does not completely hide when she goes back down, Twilight notices but Fluttershy doesn't (I have not seen a basis for a Weirdness Censor among the characters, yet).
    • Go watch that scene again. Fluttershy noticeably jumps and is shocked when Pinkie pops out.

Pinkie Pie once broke through the fourth wall...
And went mad from the revelation. But, instead of the usual gibbering insanity, she realized that, if she lives in a cartoon show, she might as well enjoy every moment. And this led to her being... her.
  • Or she could be just repressing her memmories of the Beyond.

Pinkie Pie and Deadpool have some sort of connection.
Think about it. Both are completely random and ridiculously energetic, both can teleport (Offscreen Teleportation for Pinkie), and they both are aware of the fourth wall. Granted, it's never stated that Pinkie knows she's in a cartoon, but so far, she's the only one to take advantage of the classic abilities of cartoon characters.
  • Deadpool was given Wolverine's healing factor, which ended up driving him insane and giving him his trademark attitude; similarly, Pinkie Pie's Reality Warper talents may have been the result of a spell that has since eroded her sanity. Furthermore, her hair appears to be sentient, and there's a connection between its poofiness and her mood...combine this with the WMG about the Element of Laughter above, and this is what you get: a magical ability allows Pinkie Pie to distort and abuse the cartoon physics of her world, but only when she's happy; her mane is poofy due to the magic's influence, and it also drives her insane so that her capacity for negative emotions like sadness or fear are diminished.
    • She spent a good portion of "The Last Roundup" gibbering about "cherry-changas". Or should it be "chimmi-cherries"? Either way, that can't be just a coincidence.
  • They don't hang out because Pinkie doesn't really approve of Deadpool's violent lifestyle.

Pinkie Pie is Inspired.
Some of her wonders include the flying machine from Griffon the Brush-Off (which suffers from Havoc when Gilda touches it) and her cupcakes - which are normally safe due to being constructed In Pill Form, but get messed up whenever a mere mortal tries to help make them (like Applejack in the infamous Baked Bads scene). Her Pinkie Sense is actually an internalized Apokalypsi wonder (thus, when Twilight tried to use mortal science to figure out how it worked, all the bad stuff it predicted started targeting her, due to Havoc). The reason why she's able to ignore the laws of physics and even the fourth wall? It's her Unmada Field, which causes her to subconsciously warp reality in the area. Her catalyst is almost certainly Staunen; her Breakthrough was triggered when she saw Rainbow Dash's first Sonic Rainboom.

And as a side note, for those of you who've read "Cupcakes"; it's actually the story of what would happen if Pinkie Pie fell prey to Illumination.

  • Then what is Twilight? A Mage? A Genius in denial?
  • Genius in Denial. Her spells are internalized 0-size wonders.

Pinkie Pie is whatever Kenneth from 30 Rock is.
Both came from small, dull towns and moved into the big city. Both claim to have been around for a lot longer than they look but have the mentalities of children. Pinkie Pie was born before Equestria was the land it is today. She actually invented joy and parties and colours after the Sonic Rain Boom passed through time itself.

For some reason, she's as young as ever and still hanging around throwing parties.

Pinkie Pie is a Spice addict
Let's see, precognition, space folding, and blue eyes. Maybe the Cakes should switch to a different brand of cinnamon.
  • "Giggle at the Ghosties" might just be her version of the Bene Gesserit litany "Fear is the mind killer".

Pinkie Pie is a Devil Fruit user
Specifically, the Party Party Fruit. How else can she make parties so quickly? And, on the subject of One Piece...
  • not quite jossed, but severely questionable, as of "Sweet and Elite", in which it's revealed she has a Party Cannon.
  • Completely jossed as of "Too Many Pinkies", where its revealed she can swim.

Pinkie Pie is a Haki user
Or at least Kenbunshoku Haki, you know, the Color of Observation? Maybe her Pinkie sense is Observation Haki manifesting itself in an odd way. In addition, she was able to follow Twilight around somehow and pop out out of nowhere. She used her Haki to figure out where Twilight was going and then use super speed (hey, it's Pinkie Pie. Stranger things have happened) to beat Twilight there.

Pinkie Pie is somehow related to Kirby
There are quite a few similarities between the two characters. Both are pink jolly adorable creatures with unexplainable abilities, huge appetites, love to dance and have a touch of Eldritch Abomination to them. Should the two ever come into contact with each other, it would spell doom for both universes.

Pinkie Pie is somehow related to the Mystery Man.
They both constantly break the Fourth Wall via Offscreen Teleportation, staring directly into the viewer's eyes, etc.

Pinkie Pie, especially her Cupcakes version, is somehow related to Pink.
"Crazy! Over the Rainbow, I am crazy! ... BREAK DOWN THE WALL!"

Pinkie Pie is heavily inspired by Pinky and the Brain
Her behaviour is just as crazy as Pinky's, and her way of thinking is also quite similar. Considering the era in which the show's creators grew up, they're bound to have watched Animaniacs as kids, and when given a character name of Pinkie, the crazy lab mouse sprang to mind as a template from which to work. At least one viewer has noticed the similarities and edited together footage from the show with the Pinky And The Brain theme. It's somewhat spooky how well it works.
  • Jossed: Lauren Faust has gone on record saying that the ponies' personalities are based on her play-time personalities of the dolls.
  • Also they were already adults by the time that Animaniacs was on; Faust wrote and drew for her husband's show The Powerpuff Girls, which debuted only five years after Animaniacs.

Pinkie Pie is the Ponyverse's version of Rose.
They are very similar characters. And they even share the habit of appearing randomly out of nothing.

Pinkie Pie, aka. Pinkamena, is the reincarnation of Kamina.
A Reality Warper who cheers others on even though they think he's nuts, makes lots of friends, is incredibly determined, and broke out of a drab grey world through the fourth wall (er, ceiling) to do the impossible.

Pinkie Pie will get a song based on a Sweeney Todd Song
Why? Precident mostly. In season One, there were two songs based on Sondheim songs, Art of the Dress and At The Gala, so having more Soudheim songs from other shows should be expected, including one of his more famous one. Should the production team be allowed to introduce more Magical Girl tropes as it's suspected for Season Two, there eventually will be a time when things go horribly wrong, leaving Pinkie Pie the last one able to fight, the others all captured or some other safe but creepy fate. As the resultant despair goes completely against Pinkie's Element, Pinkie begins to break as she did in Party Of One, bringing back her Split Personality, Pinkamina Diane Pie, her dark, gloomy and utterly psychotic side. Pinkamina then goes into a little diddy of what she'll do when she gets her friends back. Why would they go with this? Well, the staff has shown to pay a great deal of attention to the fans, and have influenced their characterizations before. Therefore, this would be the best way to incorporate a few elements (AKA: The Crazy Psycho, not the mass murder) of Cupcakes into canon in a way that won't derail Pinkie, or traumatise the target audience (or the periphery for that matter).
  • I can see her singing a version of "My Friends"... with Spike to sing along in a way to comfort her. They're my friends TOO, Pinkie Pie. It's just me and YOU Pinkie Pie. Oh, Pinkie Pie, We'll FIND them Together

Pinkie is a "Forbidden Child."
This post (and the subsequent ones) detail the reasons perfectly.

Pinkie Pie is a Q
Think about it. How else could she teleport around and manifest things out of nowhere like she does?
  • Which makes any intersections between her and Discord (who is Really Q (Really!))rather interesting.
  • If she's not Q, she might be whatever Trelane from the Squire of Gothos was... or Lucien from the animated series.
  • There is precedent. Amanda Rogers from True Q was a Q who had no knowledge of her true nature even as she unconsciously exercised her reality-warping powers.
  • Specifically she's q

Pinkie Pie Is Lord English
We know she has Offscreen Teleportation , a confirmed ability of the First Guardians, probably one of English's as well. She's not quite sane and really what sort of Omnicidal Maniac Is. Lastly, she may have utilized time travel to create Equestria to her liking after being inspired by the Sonic Rainboom, just to ensure she'd see it in the first place.She is also, clearly, already on the show.

Pinkie Pie is a tactical genius.
Though she can't hide Baneblades and Titans behind lampposts, she can move incredibly fast between her hiding spots. "So there Rainbow Dash was, she'd just flown across Ponyville as fast as possible, and hid from Pinkie in the bell of the school. Just as Rainbow Dash was catching her breath, she realized that the bell clapper is Pinkie Pie! How the hell did she do that? Just a second ago she was on the other side of Ponyville in a barrel, she would have to have been some kind of tactical geni-PINKIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

Pinkie Pie is Touched.
Explains her ability to see the fourth wall and her crippling depression. The reason she is always so upbeat is to prevent other people from becoming Touched like she is. (This Troper threw together a fanfic elaborating this concept.)
  • Link please so we can enjoy too.

Pinkie Pie will eventually become a creative consultant for Hasbro.
Pinkie will eventually figure out that the show can't last forever, so she'll decide to do the next best thing: ensure that future generations of the show all star her and her friends as characters, with minimal changes to their personalities. Like say, she'll veto any efforts to give Rainbow Dash the ability to dress in style. This way, they get to be friends forever!

Related to an above post, Pinkie Pie is actually her universe's version of Deadpool
She's basically a benevolent version of Deadpool, the Sonic Rainboom allowed her to see past the fourth wall and she understood everything about her future. Realizing she was an Element of Harmony, effectively a superhero in her universe she dedicated herself to heroics. So she knew she could use her knowledge of the fourth wall to help save the world and have fun. This led to her cutie mark through an "Always look on the bright side of life" mentality. Using her newfound powers she spreads smiles to Equestria, in her own special way. Her powers also can spread smiles across the fourth wall. Making her one of the most powerful ponies in Equestria, because she has the power to manipulate emotions across dimensions.
  • So wouldn't this make her closer to being her universe's version of Ambush Bug? (Especially if you're thinking of the Brave and the Bold version...)

The entire show is merely the imagination of Pinkamena, a deranged human in an insane asylum, as her way of coping.

Pinkie Pie is a /b/tard...
...though, she's not a troll. She seems to exemplify randomness, so it seems apparent that she'd fit in there. That also said, she could very well be aware of the Chocolate Rain viral video, and therefore, appreciated the cotton candy clouds that rained chocolate milk because of that...and the fact that young girls like cotton candy and chocolate milk usually anyway. It works for both the primary and periphery audience either way.
  • So wait, does this mean that Pinkie Pie is responsible for introducing My Little Pony to 4Chan and creating the brony community? Holy crap, that's awesome.

Pinkie is on Rumspringa
Her age is never stated, but Rumspringa is typically between sixteen and eighteen years of age.

Pinkie is the series' requisite Slayer
This is shown by her psychic abilities and the fact that she's so fearless in the face of dangers that scare other people.It would also explain the whole "why does she have magical powers as an Earth pony" thing. It's because she's not just any Earth pony, she's the Slayer.

Pinkie Pie is part puppy.
Check these out.
Pinkie Pie is actually someone outside from Equestria
1)Disguise as pony

2)Get in Equestria

3)Met everypony



  • Given that this is Pinkie Pie, step 5 is more likely to be PARTY!

Everypony can break the fourth wall, but it's considered rude to do so.
Pinkie Pie however, is blind to social convention and thus breaks the fourth wall and abuses Cartoon Physics whenever she feels like it. Applejack could, but doesn't because "that ain't the way we do things in Ponyville". Rarity thinks that breaking the fourth wall is unladylike, Twilight thinks that breaking the fourth wall will disappoint Celestia, etc. The ponies at the Gala objected to her performance of the Pony Pokey, not because the song itself was inappropriate, but because she was breaking the fourth wall, and "this is not that sort of party".

Pinkie taught the Cakes about the fourth wall.
Notice that when Mr. Cake explains how he and Ms. Cake (who are both earth ponies) gave birth to a pegasus and a unicorn, he says, "That makes sense, right?" while looking around nervously. He was watching the audience to see if anyone called shenanigans. He knows there are few things dangerous as nerd rage.
  • If so, he may also be aware that the real reason the twins are a pegasus and unicorn is Rule of Funny and to maximize the amount of trouble they can get into. But he can't exactly explain that to the others, now can he?

Pinkie Pie knows of them
They who see the grand Consciousness lose their wits in their quest for truth. That wich heralds the end of times shuts the cries of the thousand stillborn from their mind. For reality to twist in synch with their thoughts, and the fabric of order shall fall appart.

Pinkie is only pretending to break the fourth wall this whole time.
She's really playing a game where she "breaks the fourth wall". However we never get to see her "failed" attempts, only her "successes".

Pinkie hangs out with other Fourth Wall Observers offscreen, and picked up her "Pinkie-isms" from them.
For example:

Zany personality? Weekends with Deadpool.

Outpacing Rainbow Dash on foot? The Scout trained her to run at ludicrous speeds.

Party Cannon? Team Rocket helped her build it. (Pinkie probably got the idea after she got blasted off in the midst of a party.)

Pinkie believes that everypony else who knows about the 4th wall was simply taught by her, so to find somepony else who knows about it is startling.
That's why she looked confused when Iron Will gave the audience a thumbs up: since she had never met Iron Will before, she's confused as to how somepony else knew about the 4th wall without being introduced to it by her.

Pinkie can't farm anything besides rocks.
The reason the apple farm died so quickly in her care was that she tried to use the same techniques she learned on the rock farm, which obviously don't work for apple trees. She probably didn't even know what the water chute was for in the first place, let alone how to fix it.

Pinkie is a Planeswalker
A couple fan works paint pinkie as such, and she might not respect the bounds of equestrian reality because she has been beyond them.

The Pies are the Equestrian answer to the Pennsylvania Dutch.
Having talked with a friend on IRC about some fics and recently watched Maud Pie and an episode of Good Eats, it made me realize that the Pies aren't Equestrian-Amish, they're the Equestrian answer to the Pennsylvania Dutch. Pinky's skills at desserts definitely scream of the Pennsylvania Dutch's culinary fame.

Pinkie's ordeal in "The One Where Pinkie Knows" was a Secret Test of Character.
It was set by Shining Armor and Cadance to determine whether she would be a good nanny for their royal infant. All the Contrived Coincidences that put her into contact with ponies who would strain her resolve were set up by the couple, with the assistance of the Cakes, to see if she could be trusted with confidential matters in the future.

"Pinkie Saw Something She Shouldn't Have" theory #1,273
Except instead of going crazy, her vision was a case of The World Is Just Awesome and granted her enlightenment powers. She isn't crazy at all, she's the only one who's truly sane. And she's milking it for all it's worth.

Pinkie Pie can breathe helium
In "A Flurry of Emotions", Pinkie Pie takes a deep breath, blows into a balloon, and rises with it into the air. Regular balloons don't usually rise when inflated by breathing into them, so what if Pinkie can exhale helium at will? It would certainly explain why her voice is so high-pitched all the time.

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